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09x02 - The Bridge
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Justin. Clean that up.

Previously on "The Walking Dead"...

I don't wanna be the one leading these people anymore.

We're all gonna pitch in and make sure that Sanctuary has what it needs.

I need your help fixing the bridge.

If the Sanctuary needs food, I'll give it to 'em.

But they provide most of the labor on the bridge for us.


I made this decision.

But this is not the beginning of something.

I don't want to go through it again.





It's been a while since we had one of these talks.

Don't say it.

I know.

I'm the one who does most of the talking.

I'll try to keep it short, but you're up late anyway, and it's past time I get you up to speed.


Today was day .

And things are really taking shape.


It wasn't that long ago we were fighting just to stay alive.

But it's not like that anymore.

We're building.

We're growing.

We're still ready to deal with this world on its own terms.

But we're not letting it define us anymore.


- Here you go.
- Thank you.


We're getting back a piece of who we used to be, how things were before all this.

It's all happening.

We're not just fighting to survive anymore.

We're making a new beginning.


You should be proud, Henry.

The work you've done here.

Someday you'll cross this bridge with your grandchildren and tell them the story of how it was built.

I'm not gonna bore my grandkids telling them a story about a bridge.

[CHUCKLES] It's not just a bridge.

Roads are the lifeblood of civilization.

Rome rose and fell with its roads.

Without this bridge, there'd be no trade.

Bullets from Alexandria, grain from Hilltop, fish from Oceanside.

This boring structure connects us all.

Be proud.

And be back in an hour to pack.

We're going home.

Hey, you forgetting something?


- Thanks.

Uh, one other thing.

Did he get taller?

I think he's taller.

He'll be off to college before we know it.

If the Kingdom didn't need me and Henry didn't have school,

I'd stay here to drive in the last nail myself.


That'd be the only reason you'd stay?

There might be one other.


Sanctuary's not ready yet.

So I'll be heading back there after.

I thought that might be the case.

- But it still doesn't mean...
- I know. I know.

Fairy tales end with heroes living happily forever, but in the real world, in this world, it's about finding the small moments... and getting to have as many of those moments as possible.

This is just goodbye for now.

I'm not giving up on the fairy tale.

Hell, no.

In regards to our makeshift levee upstream, given the current rate of spring runoff, I'd put its expiration date at another six to nine days.

After that, it's slam, blam, sayonara cofferdam.

How fast can we have those supports ready?

Well, ditto on the six to nine, but if we boost our juice and shed the lead, I think we can beat it.
- Good.

I'll talk to the foreman, make sure we do.

Scouts got back.

"Horatio's" gonna pass us by, but it'll be close.

- We got a head count?
- and change.

What, you think we should push the blasting?

Nah. If we wait, we'll wind up drawing that other herd.



And that one's five times as big.

- We got the sirens in place?
- Hell, yeah.

Then we blow the rockslide.

If the herd comes, we'll redirect.

All right, I'll let 'em know.

Anything on those walk-offs?

As of head count this mañana, we're down one more Savior.

That's six in the past month.

[SIGHS] I'll talk to Carol about it.

Roger that and Wilco.


You're lucky it's not infected.

Next time, come see us right away.

I know. I just felt stupid.

Peeling a potato's a pretty dumb way to end up in the infirmary.

Yeah, well, it's an even dumber way to get gangrene.

How's the star student doing?

Ready to take on anything.

Good. She's gonna get her chance.

I'd like you to head back home.

There's a bug going around.

Okay. I'll head out with the next escort.

Wait. He's leaving?

- Ow!
- Sorry.

Uh, it's fine.

[CHUCKLES] I-I've got this.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah, I know.

My final line item is foodstuffs... Or lack thereof.

Alexandria is stretched wafer-slim supplyin' grub to both the camp and the Sanctuary.

Meaning our wafer-slim pickins are getting wafer-slimmer by the day.


Michonne's on it.


Whoa, whoa!


- Easy.


Good boy.



You came out alone?

From Sanctuary, yeah.

You find out anything?

They're saying they sent the ethanol out last week, like they promised.

Well, it's still not here.

Yeah. Jesus mentioned that.

- I don't know what happened.
- They could be lying.

I don't think they are.

Maybe the guys who made the delivery were taken down by walkers or they went AWOL, but... we need the food.

I was hoping you might send enough to tide them over while we figure this out.

JESUS: We could do it.

We have the surpluses.

Yeah, but for how long?

Till we get that fuel...

...that tractor's not moving... which means the big fields don't get plowed and the yield comes in short.

What about the plow we brought back from the museum?

I need a blacksmith to fix it, and I don't have one right now.

How long is Earl gonna be locked up?

I don't know.

I haven't decided.

First time we've had to deal with something like this.

It might be time, then, to start talking about making some rules.

Do you think he'd ever do something like this again?

I didn't think that he'd do it the first time.

Well, you didn't hang him like you did Gregory.

There must be a reason for that.

So, should I let him walk like nothing happened?


I hate what he did to you, to Enid.

But if keeping him locked up means that the crops don't get planted, then it's not just him that gets punished.

Uh, Hilltop will be fine.

Until that ethanol shows up, we're holding on to our surpluses because we're gonna need 'em.


It's a long ride back to Alexandria.

You're welcome to stay the night here if you'd like.


I will.

Come on.

I'll get you set up.





So, I go in after her nap and pick her up, and the diaper just explodes all over me.

Sounds like good times.

Oh, the best. You'll see.

- What?

You'd be a great dad.




Thanks, kid.



- Thanks.

Easy there, buddy. I'm still thirsty.

No. No. There's not enough. You can't.

- Give it a rest, kid.

Back off.


Ahh. Hey, man, it's cool.

I got my ass handed to me by a kid one time, too.

Of course, I was at the time.

Hey. Kid's just doing his job.

Get back to work.

I don't need your people telling me what to do.

You're not my babysitter anymore.





I've been schemin' and dreamin' 'bout padding out our pantry via repurposing expired canned goods and condiments.

By boiling old ketchup and cooling it with new cukes, I bet we can produce us a passable gazpacho.




Hey! Hey! Break it up!

Break it up right now!


I said enough!

I said enough. Enough.


Go back to work.

So, that asshole just gets a free pass? Is that it?

It's just a few more days.

I don't like it, either, but we're in a rush to get that work done.

He's strong.

The Saviors are over half the workforce, and we've had too many walk off already.

Yeah. 'Cause that's who they are.

Some of them ain't ever gonna fall in line just 'cause you say so.
- Daryl's right.

These people have never had to live together.

And we can't expect them to just forget what's happened.

It hasn't been easy. I know.

It won't be, not for a while, but it's not about forgetting.

It's about moving ahead, all of us, together.

We keep doing that, they'll see we're all on the same side.

Are we, though?

Are we on the same side, Rick?

Well, you tell me.

Thing is, man, I've been tryin' to.

But you don't seem to want to hear it.

Daryl. [SIGHS]

It's complicated.

It's been different since Gregory, maybe since before that.

You should talk to him.

And say what?

I get what you're trying to do here, and it's the right thing.

But maybe for some of them, they're just not ready for it.

TAMMY: You can't just keep him from me like this.

She won't even say how long he's in there for.

Why won't you help me?

JESUS: I can't let you go down there, not without Maggie's okay.
- He's my husband.

You have to let me see him.

Of course you're going to see him, but we can't do this today.

So, if not today, when?

I deserve a damn answer.

- Tammy, please. I'm not...
- No. Tell me.

Tell me when I get to see my damn husband!

Tammy, I'm sorry.

Look, my boy is dead.

My husband is locked up.

Nobody even talks to me anymore 'cause they don't know what the hell to say.

I don't have much, but I've still got rights.

Are you gonna take those away from me, too?

He tried to kill Maggie.

He tried to kill her, Tammy.

Just give her a little bit to figure it out.

All right. All right.

But you tell her that I am not moving until she lets me in there.

You go. Go ahead and tell her that.

I got no one else.

I got no place else to be, okay?



Are you gonna talk to her about it?


She'll do what she wants to do.

But what do you think?

I think it's not my call.

But do you agree with it?


I don't know if she hanged Gregory for everyone or for herself or both.

But I'm not against a grieving mother seeing her husband.

Then you should talk to her.

She trusts you. She listens to you.

And I trust her...

her instincts, if not her every decision.

No one's right all the time, not her, not me, and not you.

That's why we need to build something that's bigger than any one of us.




Higher, lower?

Lower maybe.

Like this?


That's her.

You're very talented.

Take it from the half-blind art critic.

I like doin' it.

It feels intimate, like I'm one of you.

You are one of us.

Thanks to you... and Rick and Morgan.

You're the ones that reached out to me.

The others... Mnh.

The others will come around.

Nobody trusted me at first, either.

I gave them good reason not to.

Same here.

Believe me.

But then Rick reached out to me, too.

He's, uh...

He's good like that.

He's not the only one.

Well... that's my job... Being there.

MAGGIE: Maybe we can vent that trailer or move the school outside till the heat wave's over.

I'll let Bertie know.




Thank you.

Twins drop off another letter from Georgie?

No. I was just reading one of the old ones she sent.

Thinking about how much she's done for us, how much is still left to do.

You thinking about joining her?

You know she'll never get tired of asking.

I like her ideas, but not that much.

I'll bet she's got a killer record collection by now.

I'm plenty busy building a future right here.

Aren't we?

Aren't we?

What're you thinkin'?


Tammy Rose.

She's been asking to see Earl for over a month now.


You think that's unfair?

I think some decisions are too big for one person to make.

But that's why we used to have laws.

You've been talking to Michonne.

She's not wrong, Maggie.

Negan. Gregory. Earl.

You won't say it, but you think I'm wrong about them.


I think you're a good person.

And good people can disagree.





I've been tryin' to see you.

Every day, I've been tryin' to see you.

Oh, it's okay.

I'm okay.

They're treating me fair.

It's more than I deserve.

Don't say that.

Well, it's true, though. It is.

years sober.

I brought shame to you and Kenneth's memory.

I-I didn't mean to.

Earl, you made a mistake.

You... You lost yourself.

But... But you came back.

You're here now, and I forgive you.

You hear me? God forgives you.

Oh, Tammy.

It's not your forgiveness I need.

I just... I miss him so much.

Me, too. Me, too.

Oh, baby, I miss him.



Maybe we should be farther back.

It's fine. Trust me.

Would you trust me?

After you sliced my face open with a knife? Not really.

Fire in the hole!






I never figured when I asked you to build these cells you'd be the first person I'd have to stick in one.

Tell me about the drinking.

What do you want to know?

I want to know how you got here.

I started drinking right after I quit smoking.

How's that for ironic?

It wasn't something that got out of control.

It was always bad.

I was drunk the day Kenneth was born.

Hell, I can't even remember the first time I saw him.

I joined A.A. after that.




When Kenny was , me and Tammy were barely making ends meet.

I guess the stress of it all got to me.

I don't know.

I was on my way to pick him up from the sitter's, and I saw the sign for McDuffy's off the highway.

The sitter could smell the whiskey on me.

She told me.

She didn't want to hand him over.

She tried to grab my keys.

I wouldn't give her a choice.

I took my son, and I put him in the truck.

The next thing I remember, I was pulled off the road and Tammy was there.

I called her, I guess, and told her I was drunk.

And she came to pick us up and take us home.


I thought for sure she'd be gone after that, but she stuck around.

She said I was sick... that we swore to stay together no matter what and that's what we were gonna do.

I never took a drink after that.

I wasn't even tempted.

At least, not until...

Well, you know the rest.

Thank you.


Maggie, wait.

Why did you hang Gregory and not me?

I mean, I was drunk and I was weak, but what I did to you was in me.

Gregory didn't make me do anything.

You think I made a mistake?





TARA: Mother Goose, this is Eye in the Sky. Come in, please.


- "Mother Goose"?

Yeah, no offense, but your call signs suck, so we can do better.

ALDEN: Rick!

Tara, you got something to report?


Yeah. "Horatio" just hit its mark, right on schedule.



Let's do this.

TARA: Copy that, Mother Goose.

Piper One, crank it up.


Copy, Eye in the Sky.

Piper One is a go.




Carol asked me to check up on the Saviors who've gone AWOL.

I just heard back from...

Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that. Just hold on.

Tara, how's it look?



Yeah, we got 'em. They're turning.

Good. Keep an eye out for stragglers.

Let 'em clear the camp, then fire up number two before they reach the lumber site.

TARA: Copy that.

Piper Two, on my go.

- What about those Saviors?
- I just heard back from Sanctuary, and none of the guys who walked off made it back home.

- None of them?
- No. And some of 'em had families.

One guy had a new kid. There's no way they just up and left them.

Piper Two, do you read?

So, what do you think is going on?

I don't know, but the Sanctuary group's gettin' worried, and they're the only ones here without guns, so...

Yeah, well, we disarmed Sanctuary for a reason.

Piper Two, this is Eye in the Sky. Come in, please.

There are more of them here than from anywhere else, and they're scared.

If they wind up deciding they're safer back home, this whole thing's a wash.

Well, I'll make sure they're protected.

Oh, so, they work for you, and you protect them, huh?

Who's that sound like to you?

Piper Two, come in. Do you copy?

Tara, what's going on out there?

That second siren isn't going off.

If the herd isn't pulled soon, they're gonna run right into our crew.






A herd's comin'!

Bug out now!


Oh, Jesus. We gotta get the hell outta here.

Look out!



Get them mules out of here!

You... get over here right now!





Get out of here!


Keep on him.



Aw, sh1t!


Come on. Get up. Get up! Get up!

- Come on. Just fine.

- Aah!


We've got this. Get him back to camp.

On it.



I thought you left.

I heard there was trouble.








Where's Siddiq?

He's gone. It's just me.

It's just you, then.



I have to amputate.


There ain't no other way?

The only way to stop the bleeding is to amputate and cauterize the wound.

- What?
- Here.

Wait. Wait.


You got something for the pain?

It wouldn't kick in fast enough.

We have to do this now.


Oh, sorry, man.

I need you to hold him down for me.


You can do it.

Do it!



And I don't give a sh1t what you were trying...

Who was supposed to turn that herd?

Hey, the walkie wasn't charged.

Bullshit. It's a solar walkie.
You didn't think to check it?

It's not my fault the radio's a piece of sh1t.


Daryl, stop!


- CAROL: Daryl!


I said stop.

We'll deal with him, but not like this.

There's only way to deal with these assholes.



You've done something amazing with this place.

And I didn't come to say otherwise.

I know what you came to do.

And I've thought about it.

We can talk about common laws.

But I'm not giving up the right to do what I think's best for my people.

Neither will we.

But I do think what is best for everyone will wind up being what's best for Hilltop, too.


I hope so.

I asked Jesus to load up the food like we promised...

All of it.

Earl still owes us a debt, but he'll pay it.

He'll work under supervision, and a council will help me decide when it's time for that to change.

- The plow will be fixed, and the fields will get planted.


I-If you don't mind me asking, what changed?

You know, my daddy drank.

He was a good man.

And if he hadn't have been given a second chance, a lot of people would have been worse off for it.

I count myself as one of them.

But Gregory...

He had chance after chance, and he wasted them all.


I don't regret what I did, Michonne.

Some people can be redeemed.

But others can't.

And who makes that decision?

I guess that's one of the things we'll have to figure out.


Hey, you need to keep your dog on his leash.

Excuse me?

You heard me.

That bitch of yours damn near killed me over nothing.

I know you.

See, I used to be a cop.

And every Saturday night, I'd pick up some dipshit like you and have to listen to him run his mouth in the back of my car, every one of them tryin' to blame someone else for their own damn problems.

[CHUCKLES] I don't need to listen to this.


You're gonna stand there and listen to every word.

Now, I gave you the benefit of the doubt.

That is done.

Now, you pack your sh1t and get out of here first thing in the morning.

If I see your face again, stitches won't fix what I do to you.

Wouldn't stay if you begged me.

I'm not waiting till morning, either.






He's gonna be all right?


If we can keep the wound from getting infected.

But he's still in a lot of pain.

He's holding on, though.

[WEAKLY] Damn right I am.

I'm so sorry this happened to you.

We were all supposed to be working together.

- I thought we were.
- You couldn't have known.


I've been pushing everyone hard.

I know I have.

I put this project first.

And you paid the price.

It was worth it.


When the dead started to rise,


I thought I was seeing the end of everything.

But you changed all that, Rick.


It's not the end of the world anymore.

It's the start of a whole new one.


I'll always be glad I was here to be a part of that.


GABRIEL: You hear that?

Those are frog mating calls.


Must be one wild frog party going on out there.


That is a strange thing to know.

I grew up playing in the woods.

It sounds like home to me.

Can I ask you a personal question?

If I said no, would it stop you?

Who's that woman you had me draw?

Come on.

We don't talk about your past, but mine's fair game?

You can ask me about my past.

Just don't ask me to tell you my secrets.

That what she was... A secret?

A forbidden lover, perhaps?


It was nothing like that.

She was my organist in my church.

I cared for her very much.

But I was afraid.

And I lost her.

I thought priests were celibate.

I'm Episcopalian.

I'm not Catholic.

My vows don't prohibit me from...

Well... if that's not stopping you, then what is?

You still afraid?

If that is the case, I'm gonna be very disappointed.

I'm supposed to be on watch.

Then watch.




So, yeah. So, he said, "Spit out your cap, and I'll give you back your dollar."

Just take a quick look and...

- No.

No, no, no, no.


You still carrying that old ring around?

Oh. Y-Yeah.

Oh, I'm... I'm not saying yes.

I just thought I'd try it on for awhile, you know, while you're gone and...
- Whatever you say.


No, d-d-don't. Don't.

Oh, come on.

Don't. I'm not kidding.

But I...

I wrote a speech.

I'm sure you did.

And you can read it to me later.




RICK: It was a hard day.

Hardest we've had in awhile.

A man lost his arm.

Project's behind schedule.


People were at each other's throats.

Thing is, though, bad as it was...when the day was done...they came together.

Not all of 'em, but enough.

They chose to be together.

You see what I'm getting at?

No matter what happens, it's human nature to come together.

That's just what we do.

NEGAN: [SCOFFS] That's a real pretty picture you paint there, Rick.

When do I get to see it?


You're gonna die behind these bars.

You know that.

Well, then, don't I get some kind of final request?

Why don't you bring me...

Don't you ever get tired

of acting like you're still in charge?

Do you?

You think just 'cause they had a little weenie roast that you've got all this on lock?

When it finally goes to sh1t... And it will...

You make sure you come back and you tell me all about that day, too.

We're thriving without you, building a future, just like I said we would.

Building it for who?

For Carl?

You don't speak his name.

Your family's gone, Rick, same as mine.

That bridge... It's not the future.

It's a monument to the dead.


NEGAN: You're not saving the world, Rick. You're just gettin' it ready for me.









Christ. You damn near got yourself killed.

What the hell are you...

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