09x03 - Warning Signs

Previously on "The Walking Dead"...

You're not my babysitter anymore.

He's strong. The saviors are over half the work force, and we've had too many walk off already.

Yeah, 'cause that's who they are.

We need the food.

Until that ethanol shows up, we're holding on to our surplus because we're gonna need 'em.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt.

You pack your sh1t and get out of here first thing in the morning.

Christ! You damn near got yourself killed.

- What the hell are you...















How'd you sleep?


My mind won't shut off.

- You?
- Ah, not bad.

You're gonna have this charter thing squared by supper.



Oh, it's good you're leading this place.

With you.

Ah, I've been at the bridge.

Here, it's you.

Keeping this place safe, figuring out how to make it better.

Speaking of... Judith has a cough.

Yeah, I already checked.

No fever, so probably just the cough.

I'm gonna take her to Siddiq just in case.

I'll join you.

We're gonna have to promise a family fun day just to get her to step foot in there.

Aren't you headed back right away?

Oh, I can take the day.

We can.

Last report, things were good.

Maggie will be there soon, thanks to you.

She can hold down the fort for a while.


It's just, Maggie is trying, I know she is.

But she's still angry.

And so's Daryl.

- Maybe others.
- Well, you want me to go?

I want it to work.

Oh, it will.

It will.

Even if everyone isn't all in yet.

They'll get there.

Just like we did.



Thank you.

For what?

For everything you've done.

For everything you're doing.

For you.

Why don't you... take a break?

You want me to stop working?




You want me to stop creating the foundations of a new civilization?

Well, I can think of another way... to build for the future.




For the future.


JED: Whoa.

Idle down there, kemosabe.

We're all one big Kumbaya now.

Why aren't you at the bridge?

LAURA: We're looking for a friend.

He went missing last night.

You know anything about that?

No. Just getting here.

What you got in the bed?

Hilltop's half of the deal for the ethanol.

Shipment we never got.

Yeah, that went missing, too.

Along with the people bringing it.

You know anything about that?

I wish I did. I want that fuel.

Just like you said.

What's your name?

Mark you down for that.

[SIGHS] My name's Mud.

And you're the Widow.

LAURA: That's Jed.

Mark him down for the tomato.
Thanks for bringing it.

We're gonna make good on the fuel as soon as we can.

Gotta go.

Got to get back before the next shift.


Can't believe we're working with those assholes.

We're giving it a chance.



Hey, hold up.


- Again.




- Okay. Come on, Daddy.
- , , .

Whoo! Wow!

♪ All we ever wanted ♪

♪ Was everything ♪

RICK: Aah!

- ♪ All we ever got was cold ♪

I gotcha! I gotcha!

Oh, I gotcha, gotcha! I gotcha!

♪ Get up ♪

- Go!

♪ Eat jelly ♪

- ♪ Sandwich bars and barbed wire ♪
- Oh, no!


- ♪ And squash every week ♪
- Good job.

♪ Into a day ♪

"But as the hours passed and nothing terrible happened, she stopped worrying and resolved to wait calmly and see what the future would bring."

"At last, she crawled over the swaying floor to her bed and laid down upon it.

And Toto lay down beside her.

In spite of the swaying of the house and the wailing of the wind, Dorothy soon closed her eyes and fell fast asleep."

Hey, look at those pictures.


It's one of the Saviors. He was missing.

Others were getting suspicious.

He was found, but he was dead.

But it doesn't look like an accident.

Someone definitely took him out.



JED: Guess they're gonna execute every last one of us!

Just like Justin!

REGINA: Not if we have guns, too.


Hey, hey, you guys!

Come on!

No, no, no, no!



Back off!

ALDEN: Hey! Hey! Stop this sh1t!

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

We're gonna find out who did this, and we're gonna make sure it never happens to us again,

- all right?
- "Us"?

You're not one of us anymore.

"Us" means all of us.

Go shovel that horse sh1t to whoever killed Justin!

I thought you were supposed to be our leader.


Turn around, all of you.

No can do, Cee.

Why don't you go ahead and yank that Roscoe, pop me right here?

It's better than worrying about getting it in the back.


We don't want this.

Hey, we just need to protect ourselves.

DARYL: No guns!

That 'cause you're the one took out Justin?


My money's on garbage lady.

Revenge for Simon's play, sure.

D.J.: No.

It's him.

Finishing what he started.

Hey, stop. It's gonna go too far.

Nah. It won't.

D.J.: Maybe it's both of them.

Come on.


Everyone back off! Right now!

All right, we are not doing this.

Let it go.

I'll talk to Rick. I'll try and find a way to make everybody feel safe, all right?


Start the redirect.

Pair off to work the grid.



Anne's been one of us for a while now, but I gotta ask...

You know where she was last night?

On watch, with me.

You stayed all night?

I did.

Well, keep an eye on her.

Even if she doesn't have anything to do with it, some of them think she does.

And who knows what might happen.

Either way, I need someone I trust looking out.

Hey, thanks for that.

You thought about what I asked?

Couple guns or the right people might calm things down.

Or make things worse.

And it wouldn't have helped Justin.

No way I would've let him near one.

No guns for any of them.

That wasn't part of the deal.

You trust me, don't you?

How about trusting a few other people who've made a change?

First, we try to figure out what's happening, who killed Justin.

If we can, then I'll think about it.


Is that true?

It's not what I want.

But your deal's made the Sanctuary the majority of the workforce.

They're rebuilding this bridge for all of us, so isn't it on us to keep them safe?

Who do we think did this?


Anne, are you all right?


I heard what they said.

I didn't do anything.

I know.


Rick asked if I was with you all night.

I said yes.

But I left after we...

I lied to him... For you.

Rick asked you?

Did you see anything while you were out there?

Anything at all that might help explain what happened to Justin?

I need to get some rest. I have another shift tomorrow.

Did you see anything?

You think I'm hiding something?


Go ahead.


That wound on Justin...

...looks like a puncture.

I wondered if it could be from a knife, but it's small, round, and clean.

Smaller and cleaner than a bullet hole.

It kind of looks like an arrow hit him.

Or a bolt.

Is this the kind of sh1t you used to do?

When I had to.

You really think I did it?


But others do.

So I'm making sure.

If I'd have killed him, I'd have killed him in plain sight.

I don't know who it is, but I know why, and so do you.

Bringing all these people together, it was always gonna happen.


It's the right thing to do.

The future belongs to all of us now.

Why do they get this future?

And Glenn don't?

Or Abraham? Or Sasha?

All the people the Kingdom lost...



You ever think about what they want?

What they'd do, if they could?

Yeah, I do.

I have.

For a long time, I wanted it, too, maybe more than anyone.

But killing each other when the world already belongs to the dead?

It's not the way, not anymore.

We should go work that grid.

Daryl, I know you don't agree with everything we're doing here.

All I ask is that you try.

Do it.

Let people see it.

And maybe everyone moves past what's happened to what could happen and maybe, just maybe, it'd be one of the best decisions you ever made.

Like not killing a guy who left your brother on a rooftop to die.


RICK: Call it out.

JERRY: Grid ... Clear so far.

DARYL: Grid 's clear.

RICK: is clear.

Grid is clear.

ARAT: Grid clear.

RICK: Piper , anything up top?

DIANNE: We're good.

Nothing moving our way.


RICK: Stay sharp, eyes open.

We still got missing people out here.

Got activity nearby.

Gonna go check it out.

We're headed your way.

Grid , do the same.


There's a house up ahead, off the road.

Could be coming from there.

We used to live near here.

Before Oceanside.





We got to take it out before it draws more.

You good to follow my lead?

Yeah, already there.


You get the roof.

I'll get them.






Over here!


















You all right?

- Yeah.

Just opened it back up.



What happened to grid ?

Should've been here before us.

Grid , what's your status?


Bea, wake up.

RICK: You okay?


- Yeah, I think so.
- What happened?

Arat called in the all clear, and we headed towards the road, and then...

I don't know.

I think something hit me from behind.

And Arat?

I don't know.



Whoever did this took her.


RICK: We need to find her.

Do the Saviors know?

Not yet.

They think Arat's on watch through the night.

Come morning, they will.

She could be dead already.

If we don't figure out what happened, Sanctuary is gone.

If that happens, we won't finish the work before the water rises.

We'll lose the bridge.


Say we nab the perp.

Then what?

Who decides what happens next?

Is it... Is it gonna be a "Gregory" or... a "Negan"?

Well, whoever it is, when the time comes, they'll get what they deserve.

Pair up with someone you trust.

We're out there till we find her.

I knew it'd be hard, but with all this?

Should the Saviors be a part of this?

It's not your choice or mine.

They just have to want it like the rest of us.

Today, I saw it starting again, and I just wanted to pull that trigger.

End it before it begins.

'Cause if we don't find Arat, we're gonna have a fight whether we want it or not.

No, I won't let it come to that.

I can't.

Every day since I put Negan in that cell...

I have this moment, usually right when I wake up, this feeling... that I should... go down there and kill him.

To keep going, finish them all.

And in that moment, it's all I want.

But, then, I remember everyone we've lost...

Not just to the Saviors.

But the whole way.

And I know I need to honor them.

To build life, not... not take it.

Because it's us or the dead.

And every life counts now.

DARYL: You good with this?

Or you just playing nice for Rick?

I'm not sure.

Yeah, me neither.

Part of me wishes I could see things his way, look forward and not back.

Every time I look at Hershel, I think about how things could've been.

And I can't let that go.

You don't have to.

I haven't.

What Rick's doing is right for the future.

It's better for Hershel.


I'll get it.

All right.


I know who took Arat.



- Frequency mode.

- It's Jadis.


I know you're in range. I saw the helicopter last night.




MAN: What do you have?

An A or a B?


Was it you? Did you take them?


No pickups. But the deal still stands.

Will you have an A or a B?


- Neither.

It's just me.

I paid my share.

You've been compensated.

- What will it take?


An A.

- An A.



GABRIEL: Who were you talking to?

You followed me?

Were they right?

Did you do something to Justin?


Then who were you talking to?

What did you do?

Bad things.

But not this.

I stood for you.

I care about you.

Tell me the truth.

Answer my questions.

You traded people, yes?


That's what you were gonna do with me, with Rick.



For supplies.

For my people.

It didn't start that way. It just...

It just ended up there.

I don't know what the hell that means.

I tried.

You saw I tried... at Alexandria.

But the first thing that goes wrong, and they suspect me.

Rick suspects me.

And when those Saviors came at me, everyone stood by.

Except for you.

Gabriel... leave with me.


And... And... And go where?

There's another place.

It's far from here, but if we go together, we can get there.

It can be different for us.

There's only one thing.

You can't tell anyone.

But if you can trust me... and help me with one small part of the deal... we can have a life like you can't imagine.

Whatever this is, I can't do it.

I have to tell Rick.

You can't choose me?


Not like this.

And all this time...

I thought you were a B.






Drop it! Don't.

Solid advice.

You should take it.

No way you get me before I open her up.

Ain't that right, boss lady?

You killed the others?

Huh? Is that what you think?

sh1t, man, you got no damn clue.

We're not killing anybody.

Unless we have to.


This is about the guns.

And seeing as how we're being hunted and all, maybe it won't come as a big bombshell that we're vamoosing out of your little pet project.

We don't need a babysitter.

We just need a little protection for our trip home.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Talk time is up.

Toss D.J. your gun.

We'll let you walk, and we'll be on our merry way.

You know, over and over, I heard you yapping about how every life counts, and, man, I got to tell you, I'm right there with you.

But if you don't give up that gun... her life ain't gonna count for sh1t for too much longer.

You do this... there's no going back.

Everything we're doing, it ends.

Ended with Justin.

There's no going back from that.

Not for us.

It's over.

It's over.


Down. Now.

Keep pressure on it.

- We'll get to camp, fix you up.


Why not just take me out?

'Cause every life counts.


So, how do you know about this place?

I think it's where they lived before.

It's what I'd do.



Beg, like you made them beg.

Drop it!


It's okay.

You took out Justin with that thing?

He killed my husband.

ARAT: Daryl, please.

DARYL: They got a reason?

We've all done things.

People will find out.

She's the last one.

After this, it's over.

Maybe for you.

But it won't be.

With something like this, it keeps going.

This was our home.

My mother and my grandmother found this place for the group.

There were so many of us then.

Men and women... kids.

My mom and I built a garden.

Me and my brother used to play right here.

But then the Saviors came.

And Simon wanted what we had.

He gave us our final warning.

Afterward, we ran.

And we tried to forget.

But, then, your people came and asked us to fight.

We did because we couldn't forget.

After Rick ended it, we went along because we didn't think we had a choice.

Until you hung Gregory.

That's when we knew.

Rick's rules aren't the only rules.

You showed us the way.

It was time.

You did this... because of me?

[CRYING] They murdered... my mother.

She shot my brother right here.

And they took everything because they could.

- Please.

It's not like that anymore, okay?

I'm... I'm one of you now.

Did you do it?

Simon would've killed me, too!

CYNDIE: You asked me to beg for his life!

He was crying, and you smiled!

I told you I loved him.

I needed him!

He was only years old.

And what did you say?

I-I don't remember.

- Say it!


What did you say?


"No exceptions."

Oh, no. Daryl, Maggie!

Daryl, you can't do this!

I've changed!


Right after, we agreed we'd wait.

Yeah, we did.

Cyndie said I showed them the way.

She did the same thing for me.

We gave Rick's way a chance.

It's time to see Negan.

All right.