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09x04 - The Obliged
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Previously on "The Walking Dead"...

It's Jadis.

Whatever this is, I can't do it.

I have to tell Rick.


It kind of looks like an arrow hit him.

You really think I did it?

Did you take out Justin with that thing?

He killed my husband.

It's good you're leaving this place.

With you.

NEGAN: You're not saving the world, Rick.

You're just getting it ready for me.

- It's time to see Negan.
- All right.


















Is that a goat?


And all those people?




Good morning, Hershel.

Oh, who's my big boy?



JESUS: Maggie.

Didn't realize you were back from the camp.

Just came in this morning.

Another letter from Georgie just came in.

I was gonna put it on your desk, but here you are.

Will you put it in the drawer for me with the others?

I'll read it later.


You're headed back already?

I just came to pick up a few things.

That crowbar being one of them?

You've done a good job taking care of things here.

I'm gonna need you to keep doing that.

While you're someplace other than the camp.

I'm gonna make things right.

Like we talked about.

Like you did with Gregory.

Only, we never talked about that.

I'm not asking you to agree with me.

There was a time I did.

Look, Negan deserved to die when it ended.

Rick was wrong because he made a call that wasn't his to make.

I just want to be sure that you're not wrong in the same way that he was.

And I want you to be sure.

DIANNE: Maggie?

You ready?

I am.

I'll be back when it's done.



EUGENE: I gather you've gandered the now rushing river under the bridge?
- I have.

Seems Mother Nature served us up a serious bowl of whoop-ass in the form of an overnight deluge, effectively annihilating the upstream levee.

What are the chances the bridge'll hold?

Well, factoring in the undue stress of the rapid current against the supports, plus the added weight from the construction materials and whatnot, I take no pleasure in saying that, in the long term, it's bad.

I'm sorry.

- There's gotta be a way.
- I wish there were.

But it's simply not safe to keep on keepin' on with the project, as it were, not with the numbers we currently have.

- There is a small silver lining.
- Yeah?

What's that?

The two nearby herds we've been tracking, one Tybalt and Cordelia, are running parallel, as expected, but, luckily, show no signs of merging, which is first-rate news, not only for the camp's safety but because, once merged, neither Tordelia nor Cordalt had a particularly good ring to them.

The herd monikers are from the great book... of plays.

They're a starter set of dead Shakespearean characters.

Needed an endless pool.

Thanks, Eugene.

I am truly very sorry I didn't do more.

Maybe if I'd just, well, read more books...

Engineering, motivational, or otherwise...

Maybe we would've...
Maybe we could've...

Don't do that.


You're not just a guy who read some books.

You made something. You got us here.

After everything...

that's everything.



RICK: Hey.


You leaving, too?


I'm taking my people home.

To the Kingdom.

You've seen it out there, Rick.

What about the Sanctuary?

I sent Alden to head off the group and lead 'em back.

They need to try standing on their own.

What if they can't? What if it...

What if it goes down the same way it did here?

Then what?

Then that's on them.

They don't want us there anymore.

But I know they don't want Negan anymore, either.

Not most of 'em, anyway.

So it's up to them to figure out who they want to be.

Like you did.

Like we all did.

I don't know if we're doing the right thing here.

I really don't.

But if anyone gives me hope for how things can turn out, it's you.

You know that, right?

I'm still trying to figure things out.

Just like everybody else.

I am sorry, Rick.

I really wanted it to work.

I really did.

I know.

I know.

Get outta here.


Got somethin' for you, jefe.

What is it?

Maggie's running down to Alexandria.

Jesus thought you should know pronto.

- When did she leave?
- Dunno.

Call just came in from the Hilltop relay.

Did he say anything else?

Just that you'd know what that means.

Sorry, man, that's all I got.

No. No.

Thanks, Jerry.

Alexandria Relay One, this is Rick Grimes.

Come in, please.


AR One, I need you to get an urgent message to Alexandria...

If Maggie Rhee shows up, delay her at the gate and alert Michonne right away.

Do not... repeat...

Do not let her in without an escort.

- Over.
- Copy that, Rick.

Will relay your message right now.


And, Maggie, if you're listening... let's talk.

I think she's done talkin'.


What's goin' on?

Maggie's headed to Alexandria.

She's about do something she might regret.

Hop on. I'll take you.

- You sure? We got enough fuel?
- Yeah.

We'll get there quicker.





I'll be right back, baby.

Morning, Nora.

Is it that time already?

NORA: Don't sound so excited.

It's not always all bad news.

I'm sorry.

What kind of day is it gonna be?

- Mostly bad.

We've given up about a fourth of our tomato crops to the crows.

Need to plant more stakes and flags.

We could. There's just too many of 'em.

Seems like one of those things where the world's starting to have an edge over us.

Once we get the windmill up and running, it'll help.

And I'll talk to Eugene when he gets back.

- All right.
- What else?


Scott tried to feed him this morning.

He won't eat.

He wouldn't eat yesterday, either.

I was gonna try at lunch...

That's okay.

I'll handle it.

You sure? 'Cause I don't...

No, no. It's my responsibility.

I'm sure.

But thank you, Nora.

Just doing my job.




That was the way, back there.

Pull over.

I... Pull over!


What is this?

You know exactly what this is.

I already called it in.

Maggie's not making it through those gates.

Yeah, that message didn't go through.

You messed with the relay?

This time, man, it's gonna go the way it was supposed to.








The hunger strike ends today.


I'm not on strike.

Then what is this?

This is me not in the mood to eat.

But it's nice to know that you care.

We're keeping you alive, and the living eat.

So eat, Negan.

It's a nice day.


I'll be back in an hour.

I want that gone.

Is that all you got?

I got better things to do.

You want me to eat?

Well, I want you to stay and talk to me.

I mean, I... I'm proof that you're making a civilization, right?

I mean, that's what your boyfriend says, so hard to be that if I'm dead from starvation.

I thought you said you weren't on strike.

I'm not if you stay and talk to me.

I'd say it's about minutes before the sun hits that bar.

That's all you get.

Then, you're gonna eat every last bite.

You wanna talk?


Let's talk.

Those roots... they're the only way we're getting out.

DARYL: Too high up, though.


God damn it!

You set that up that, too?

Man, you're really layin' this on me?

You're the one that had to go chasin' after her.

Couldn't just let things be, huh?

You know what keeping Negan alive means to us.


I know what seein' him dead means to her.

Daryl, I get why she can't accept it, I do.

- Do you?
- Her never coming to Alexandria, her hanging Gregory the way she did?

I know. I'm not blind.

Well, you sure as hell been acting like it.

Man, your ass wouldn't even be alive if it wasn't for Glenn.

You wouldn't have found Lori, you wouldn't have found Carl.

And you sure as... wouldn't have found any of us.

He did that.

Or did you forget?

Of course not.

I think about it every damn day.

And Maggie, I hate what I did to her, what I took from her, but it's what I had to do.

She's doing what she has to do.

What? You're okay with that?

Why the hell wouldn't I be?!

You spared Dwight.

After Denise, after what he did to you.

[SCOFFS] What do you mean?

Lockin' me in a damn closet?

Paradin' me around so I couldn't say nothin'?

Man, you got that guy sitting in a cell like a damn symbol to all them assholes who can't wait to see things go back to the way that they were.
- Keeping him alive is how we make sure it won't!


Keeping him alive is givin'

'em hope that it will.

Michonne talked to her.

She came to the camp.

She was coming around.

Yeah, well, she was tryin'.

The truth is, she just couldn't live with it.

Just like Oceanside.


You saying Oceanside killed those Saviors?


I'm sayin' they got what they deserved.

You knew, and you didn't say anything?

Truth is, I couldn't live with it, either.

If this doesn't work, if she kills Negan, he becomes a martyr.

The war was for nothing.

Every person who's died, died for nothing.


Carl... Carl died for nothing.

What about the rest of us?

You don't think after all the sh1t we've been through, we couldn't handle it?

Man, you keep askin' us to have faith in all these other people.

Truth is, you don't have enough faith in us.

You know that's... That's not true.

I'd die for you.

And I would've died for Carl.

You know that.

But you gotta hear me.

You're chasin' somethin' for him that ain't meant to be, man.

You just got to let him go.

Let him go.

I never... I never asked anyone to follow me.

I know.

I know.

But maybe you should've.

NEGAN: Damn.

That sounds more boring than my day.

You're the one that's stuck in here with the C team while Rick and his merry band of bridge-builders are out there.

Why is that?

You think I'm stuck?

I think that I'm not meant to be rotting in this cell, just like I think the warrior in you is not meant to be planting kale and kissing boo-boos.

You think that's all this is?

We're reordering the world.

Rebuilding government and creating laws.

We're at the start of everything.

And nothing is holding us back.

While you're rotting in here with nothing.

I am, uh... I am grateful my wife didn't have to see me like this.

What do you mean?

As opposed to the asshole that you were before?

God, she was...

She was an angel.

She deserved better than she got.

What happened to her?


What used to happen.


We would've loved to have had a kid.

We would've loved to had a kid like Carl.

You were lucky.

I think about him every damn day.

But he's still here.

In everything we do.

I look around, and...

I see him everywhere.

Do you see him in this cell?


Carl wasn't your first, was he?

I'd say you have about 20 minutes to clear this tray, and then I'm gone.

How did he die?

It was a "he," wasn't it?

Did he have your eyes?

His name was Andre.

And he just didn't make it.

I'm sorry.

I've made my peace with it.


You know... you ask me, it's better this way.

And how the hell exactly is that?

My wife... she wasn't made for this.

She was weak when she died.

There was a part of me that was relieved.

And now I know...

I know she made me... not weak.

And with you...

With you, it's the same.

- We are not the same.
- We were built for more.

We still are, Michonne.

Behind walls and bars, we die.

But, see, out there...

it's like an addiction.


I know that you know what I'm talking about.


And that is why you're grateful, too.

Grateful for what?

That Andre's gone.

Because you know all he would've done is make you weak.







Anne... please.

You don't have to do this.

Yes. I do.

There's only one place left for me to go.

And you're the price of admission.

You don't want to.

I know you, Anne.

You're afraid, but you don't have to be.

You've changed.

I wanted to.

I tried.

But I'm not like you, Gabriel.

You moved on from your past.

You opened your heart, let people in.

But don't you see?

I didn't make it that way.

Others did.

You did.

I'm a better person because of you.

Then I'm sorry...

it was all for nothing.


What you're about to do, it's my fault.

I'm sorry.

You asked me for help...and I failed you.

I pushed you away because I was afraid, too.

I see that now.

But the beauty of God's love and forgiveness is that it is bountiful.

And I hope you can forgive me someday, just like I forgive you.

I forgive you, Anne, whatever you have to do.





JERRY: Everything okay?

Take these trunks and lock them in the medical tent now.
- On it, Boss.

If we hurry, we can make it to the Kingdom by nightfall.


Where'd you get the gun, Jed?

JED: Alden wasn't as quick as you.

Surprised me, too.

How about we all lower our weapons.

Nobody gets hurt today.

That's right.

Listen to the woman.

Drop your guns. Party's over.

See, uh, I took the scenic route, but I figured it out.

Oceanside's killing us.

So now, being that it's war, they're gonna get what's comin' to 'em.

Stop it, Jed.

You're gonna get everybody killed.

Excuse me, Carol.

You ain't bosslady no more.

You're a weak little woman who got in a lucky shot.

And now...

...listen to what I say.


Now, step aside.


JED: Aah! Aah!



That's back at the camp.

It's gonna draw those herds.


Come on.

All right.

, , .



- You all right?
- Yeah.

Here we go. We got this.

Come on. Ready?

We got this.

, , !



Why did you say those things?

I wasn't trying to piss you off.

You should know that.

Why do you care what I think?

'Cause you never come down here.

It's always Rick or someone else.

So tell me why that matters.


I shouldn't have brought up your son.

You weren't ready to hear it.

Hear what?

That we're the same.

All or nothing.

You are trapped, same as me.

You're connected to the dead same as me.

We are the same, and you can't stand that we're the same.


We're not.

Yeah, we do what we need to to get sh1t done.

But you get a kick out of it.


I'm trying every day to make things better, thinking of ways to bring people together, not pitting them against each other.

I sacrifice, and I compromise.

And, yeah, I do get strength from the dead, but I live for the living, and I make no apologies for that.

My sons are gone, but this world is going to be better for my daughter and for every other child that comes into it.


You're not scared that you're like me.

You're scared that you're gonna end up like me...

With everything and everyone that you love gone.

You're desperately trying to connect with me.

Because there is nothing worse than nothing.

Long as you're still breathing, it's not nothing.

Time's up.

Eat, Negan.

One way or another, you're gonna have to.




Before you go, there is something I want to ask you.


There are things in this world that...

That we desperately hold on to when there's nothing left.

This whole time, you thought I was your last, best chance.


I... I wanna see her.

- I need to see her.
- No.


Negan, we don't have your bat.


Where is she? What did you do with her?

Still out there.



Eat, Negan.

Food's good.

I am gonna see my Lucille.





Look out!




- You okay?
- RICK: Yeah.

Yeah. There's more coming!

Think you can get to this one?



Heads up!






Daryl, you gotta hurry.

- DARYL: I'm hurryin'!


Take my hand.


You're almost there.

Come on!


You're almost there.


Brother... take my hand.


- Heads up!

Come on.



- DARYL: Come on.

- Let's go.
- Wait.

I'm gonna stay back, lead 'em away from the camp.

- What?
- I'm staying.

No, man!

I'm not giving up on it, not yet.


The river. Take 'em to the bridge.

It ain't ever gonna hold, and they'll get washed out to sea.
- No, man, I'm not sacrificing the bridge.

I'll find another way.

There ain't no other way, man!

I'm not destroying the bridge.

We need it.



Be safe.

You too.






ANNE: If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

I need to go fast.


"Game day was finally here.

The boys and girls were so excited.

They washed their faces, they brushed their teeth, and they put on fresh, clean uniforms.

They grabbed their gear, and then, they made their way to the field."

The end.

Can I get a kiss right here?

Mwah! Thank you, baby girl.






RICK: Whoa. Easy, easy.



Damn it. Whoa!



Whoa. Whoa! Whoa!


Damn it!

Aah! Aaaaah!





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