09x15 - The Calm Before

Previously on "The Walking Dead"...

The trade fair's hardly a secret. And we need it.

Because we are low on food and supplies.

And those bruises on your arm.

They come from a b*at.
Who gave them to you?

My mom.

You'll call me Alpha, like all the rest.

Lydia, we need to go.
I'm not leaving you.

You made my mother look weak. She won't let this go.

Anyone headed to Kingdom?

We must tell Alpha.






- [THUD]

Happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary.

Where's my present?

I think I found something you'll like.

Oh, yeah?






Happy anniversary.

Five years means wood.

Ohhh. Thanks, love.

Happy anniversary.

"H" for "Hilde" or...?

[CHUCKLING] No, no, not me.

- It's for "Hilltop."
- Mm.

Or, um...


You should really make more of these.


- People would love 'em.
- Miles...

It's a symbol of hope.

Pretty sure people always need more of that.

Happy anniversary, Miles.

Happy anniversary, love.

- Mm.

Good thing we're headed to the fair.

Y'all can live it up there.

- Mm.
- We should get going, though.

Everybody's already a day ahead.

Let's do it.

I'm gonna trade these for the perfect gift.

You'll see.


ALPHA: ♪ Lydia, oh, Lydia ♪

♪ Say, have you met Lydia? ♪

♪ Oh, Lydia, the tattooed lady ♪

♪ She has eyes that folks adore so ♪

♪ And a torso even more so ♪

♪ Lydia, oh, Lydia, that encyclopedia ♪

♪ Oh, Lydia, the Queen of tattoo ♪


EZEKIEL: I stand before you today at the start of a new tomorrow.

A tomorrow made possible by the sacrifices of many over the years.

Among them, a man whose mission was to build community and strengthen the bonds between us.

A man who had to destroy the very thing that connected us in order to save us.

It took us far too long to fulfill the promise of what Rick Grimes and his son Carl envisioned, the same promise Paul Rovia, better known to most as "Jesus," believed in when he brought us all together those many years ago.

We've always been bound to each other.

We always will be.

We fought our way back to each other.

We have grown.

The crossing over the river may be gone.

But we have rebuilt a bridge, nonetheless.


WOMAN: Whoo!

Today is proof that we can unite, not against a common enemy, but for the common good.

So eat, drink, trade, and be merry...

'cause we got a Lotta lost time to make up for.


Let the First Annual Inter-Community Reunification Fair begin!

- Jerry. We changed that.

For reals? F.A.I.R. Fair?

It's too many... Never mind.

Let The Fair of New Beginning begin!





You sounded good up there.

I should be going with you.

It's my duty to go with you. I'm his father.

Yeah, you're also the king.

It's bad enough I'm leaving.

If you go, too, everybody's gonna want to know why.


We put months of work into this fair.

The Kingdom needs you here.

KELLY: Are we going or what?

- MAN: Open the gate!
- My sister's out there somewhere.

No, she's not.

Hey! [LAUGHS] Yeah!





You can't ever run away like that again.

Not ever again.

Okay, I won't.

I promise.



And you.


I was in the neighborhood, so...



Do you remember us?

I've been drawing pictures of you since I was little.

You're Carol, and you're the King.


Your hair got really long.

It did.

The plan was to bring Henry.

Just Henry.


MICHONNE: Gather up all the leaders.

We have a lot to talk about.

MICHONNE: I know I haven't always seen eye-to-eye with everyone in this room.

But I never stopped caring about any of you.

I was just trying to protect my family and do right by my people.

Alexandria's future is here.

Together, with you.

And we lost sight of that for a while.


I'm here now.

We're here now.

I've taken an informal vote with the other council members at the fair, and we all agree.

Alexandria is willing to grant asylum to Lydia.

She's one of us now.

We hope the rest of you can join us in doing the same.

Thank you.

I'll do whatever I can to earn my keep

- and pay you back.
- If her mother retaliates, it's gonna be against Hilltop, not Alexandria.

I have to do right by my people.

I thought we were on the same page.

MICHONNE: We were.

And, look, when she came to my gates, I asked her to run away.

And when she didn't, I was angry.

Then you know why I'm not okay with this.

I do.

I also know why Rick didn't trust me when I showed up at the gates of the prison.

And how people didn't trust you after seeing you on the other side of the Governor's firing line.

RACHEL: I was gonna k*ll you on sight when you washed up on our shore.

Okay, okay. Fair.

Lydia didn't choose where she came from, but she chose where she wanted to be.

Just like everybody in this room.

I left some of my best fighters at Hilltop, but if Daryl's right about these skin job numbers,

[SCOFFS] it's not enough people.

We should take a group to Hilltop to protect 'em, just in case.

It's a good idea.

I'll take some from the Kingdom.

Oceanside can spare some fighters.

Alexandria can, too.

RACHEL: So we head out in the morning?

No, they can take advantage if we wait. We should go today.

Agreed. But sending more people is only a short-term solution.

In order to face this threat, the four communities have to present a united front.

Which is why I'm proposing a mutual protection pact.

An attack against one community is an attack against all of us.

Together, we can make these people think twice before moving against the Hilltop.

The leadership of the Kingdom is very amenable to this idea.

Oceanside's down.

Okay. So, how do we seal it?

Spit and shake, bl*od oath? [CHUCKLES]


I have just the thing.



How did you...

Well, he's magic.


I may have taken a few things with me when I left.

I did what I thought was right.

I'm sorry for the way it went down.

Me too.

And thank you.

You were right.

You were, too.

EZEKIEL: I knew this day would come.

Never doubted it for a moment.


John Hancock, eat your heart out.


It should be the head of the council.







ENID: No matter what you're facing.

You want to keep your elbows locked and your shoulders over the middle of the chest.

We're going for a hundred compressions per minute.

Now, you want to make sure that the chest...

EARL: I'll trade you for the woodcutter's Axe, but...

You're always better off with an Axe that was meant to be a w*apon.

See how the shape of that blade is different from a woodcutting blade?


EUGENE: ...and fire.

I reckon I'll be about dried out here presently.

I've seen better arms on a spiral galaxy.

You couldn't even dunk a donut, let alone...

- Oh!


What are they gonna do with all this stuff?

How do they even have room for everything?

I dunno. They just do.

It's how they express themselves, you know?


Do you see anything you like?

I don't even know how to answer that question.


I should be going, too.

If Hilltop's in danger, it's 'cause of me.

No, it isn't.

It's 'cause of me.


I wish I could go, too.


You just got here.

Hilltop can survive without you.

I expect to see you both at the movies tonight.

You're showing a movie?

Yeah. Have you ever seen one?

Yeah, when I was a kid, but...

I'm sorry.

Just... Just with everything that just happened, the idea of watching a movie just feels a little...


It's okay. You get used to it.


When are you leaving?

Do I have time to show her around a bit more?

Go. I won't leave without saying goodbye.

- Okay. Thanks.
- Mm.

Come on. Let's go.


Our son is taking a girl on a date to the movies tonight.


Everything you've just said sounds completely impossible.



I know that I technically lost our bet.

I mean, there was nothing technical about it...

You just lost.

Will you please make him see reason?

I don't even know what you two are arguing about.

I'm playing guitar before the movie tonight.

I'm trying to make "A Night With Luke" into "A Night With Luke and Friends."

[CHUCKLING] Oh, come on.

I mean, you can't let him go out onstage by himself.

Y-You're doing this.

I want to hear my crooner boyfriend croon.



Well, it just came out.

But, yeah. You're my boyfriend.

I mean, I-I think you are.

Are you?

I am.


Oh! Congratulations. [CHUCKLES]

You guys are adorable.

Okay, could we get back to the task at hand here?

Right. Sorry, girlfriend.
He lost the bet.

No, no, no, no.

Forget the bet... The bet was confusing.

I-It's a wash.

She wants to hear you sing... I can tell she does.

I mean, you know, I-I said that explicitly.

Sing for her, man.

♪ Sing for her! ♪

- Come on.

You're gonna think about it?



SIDDIQ: Ezekiel started the fair off with a nice speech about Rick.

MICHONNE: Mm. I heard.

I'm sorry I missed it.

That's all right.

I'm sure he'd let you read it if you want.

I'm leaving for Hilltop with the first group.

Already? You... You just got here.

Look, I was gonna go tomorrow, but I can take your place if you want to rest.

No, stick to the plan.

Enjoy the evening at the fair.

You deserve it.


But maybe keep your eye on Judith for me.

Make sure, uh, she doesn't give poor Jerry over there too much [CHUCKLING] trouble.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah. No problem.

I could probably use the experience, anyway.


How come?

I'll tell you when I see you at Hilltop.



Hey. You got a second?

I mean, it doesn't have to be this second.

No, no. It's... It's fine. What's up?


I'm sorry for... for ratting you out.

You know, when you and Lydia were hiding in the clubhouse.

I-I mean, I didn't want you to get in trouble, but I just caused more trouble.

It's... It's cool.

Everything worked out the way it was supposed to.


GAGE: So you're one of us now, huh?


Sorry. Have we met?

We're friends of Addy's.

And who's Addy?

Uh, she's, uh, she's got a thing for Henry.

I'd say, by the looks of it, he's got a thing for her, too.


We're a tight community.

You know, we look out for each other.

So if you're gonna be living with us, I hope you don't plan on causing any problems.


KAL: It's just a precaution.

And you'll be coming tomorrow.

Yeah, but maybe we should all go together. Screw the fair.

DIANNE: Too many people would notice if we all go at once.

- Let them have this.
- Okay.

I'll stay behind, hammer out the details of the mutual protection pact, and then I'll be right behind you.

Dianne, thanks for doing this.

And to all of you for volunteering.

I'd give you a bonus, but none of you get paid, so...

Be safe. Be safe.


Guys, we won't be long.

Hey. Break a leg tonight.

All righty.

[CHUCKLES] See you later.

- Want you back for the second act.
- We will.

- All right.


You, too.

Hey, uh...

Do you think you could, uh, feed my dog?


Thanks for, um, keeping me out of trouble.

- Take care of your mom.
- Yeah.

EZEKIEL: Thank you.

When Hilltop is secure, know that our doors are always open to you.

We'd be honored if you'd consider calling the Kingdom your home.

I'll think about it.




I know you've got a lot on your mind, but try to enjoy the fair.

You deserve it.

I won't enjoy anything until you're back.








Need to get me one of those.

Gonna get dark real quick.

Let's double back and report what we found.

- Folks found us.



We were clearing the roads.

Spotted tracks leading here.

It's from Hilltop.

Dead didn't do this... People did.

MICHONNE: The skins?

You know about them?

We got the download.

Strange times, strange ways to cope.

Anyway. Yeah.

That'd be my guess.

If anyone else was out here, my patrols would've seen 'em.

Something else...

They put up a fight.

Hey. Drug 'em out this way.

Let's go.

We can't all just go rushing in there.

They could still be alive.

But if those skin freaks followed them from Hilltop, the whole community is in danger right now.

So we split up.

CAROL: Michonne and I can go with Daryl.

We'll track 'em. The rest of you, go on to Hilltop.

OZZY: We'll keep up our patrols around the Kingdom.

Just in case.

'Course, this means you owe us a couple of movies when this is done.

I'm sure I can work that out.

Hey. It shouldn't just be those three.

There might be wounded.

You think anyone survived this?

Luke came back from them.

This could be the same deal.

But Hilltop's home now.

So, you go.

Make sure we have a home to come back to.

We splitting up?

Just for now.

I'll be back soon.

I promise.

Damn right.

Hey. Wait up.




I don't know if there's a happy ending here.

The trail... goes off in three different ways.

Don't make sense.


Come on. Come on.

- Head back. Let's go.
- Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


They're from Hilltop.


Watch their hands. They could be skins.



Back to the road. Come on.

This way.






[g*n COCKS]

BETA: Drop them.

I won't ask twice.

You just had to give me the girl.

No one else had to die.

Now that deal... is done.

EZEKIEL: I won't enjoy anything until you're back.






NABILA: I can't believe Michonne came.

You gotta give her props.

She keeps everybody on their toes.


I guess there's hope for Alexandria after all.

ROSITA: Was wondering where you've been.

You... You missed me at the dunk t*nk.


This whole "growing a body in my body" thing is really taking it out of me.

I was gonna lay down.

- But what are you doing?
- Well.

I traded in some pie-tin light fixtures and a dozen Pilgrim people constructed from corn husks for these ham radio parts.

Figure if I can get it up and running, that repeater we set up might allow us all

- to talk to each other.
- Mm.

Despite the [BREATHES DEEPLY] great distance and our even greater differences, it'd be nice to know that we can all still communicate with each other.


I like it.

And so you know, Eugene, you and I can still talk.

I know a lot's changing, but that doesn't mean things need to change between us.

I know what you did for Gabriel. For us. So, thank you.

Well, that's mighty courteous, but no thank you is necessary, as it was more of a "haveta" versus "wanta" situation.



I thought you were en route to get some much needed R and R?

I was, but this is more of a "haveta" versus "wanta" situation.



Couple of fine gentlemen, including myself, are hosting an inter-community RPG campaign later

- if you're interested...
- Don't push it.

Roger that.


Do you guys know the story of Shiva?


- I'll tell you right now...


You okay? You look lost.


I'm just...

looking for someone.

Okay, I hope you find them.

And the Hilltoppers could learn fighting techniques from the Oceansiders and the Alexandrians, and you guys can learn from us.

You know, we can find out each other's weaknesses, strengths.

Have each other's backs.

We'd all become better fighters, for sure.

- What do you think?
- That should work well.

Yeah, totally. Count Oceanside in.

Great. We'll start next week, when the fair ends.

It'll be winter soon.

You okay?


I just want to get on the road.

Got to leave at first light.

I understand.

But your community is in good hands

- with the people you sent out already.
- I know.

But I want them to know they can count on me when trouble comes.

That they have a leader that shows up for them.

I don't see any reason anyone should doubt that.

I'm gonna go gear up.

When I get back, we should talk about training facilities.

I have a couple places that could be perfect.

We can offer the beach.

That's three.


LUKE: Are you serious?

You want to start with a mid-tempo ballad, man?

- Why not?
- These people need hope.

They demand it.

No, no, no. They deserve it.

I can't believe I let you talk me into this.

[LAUGHS] Oh, just go with it.

I-I-I promise, when it's all over,

I'll only make fun of you, like, the tiniest bit for the rest of our lives.


I was looking everywhere for you.

I just got turned around.

You sure?

Did something happen?



TAMMY ROSE: Look at this baby.

This baby is an Adam.

We're naming him after the first man.

I don't like it.

I knew an "Adam" in school, and he was a real assh*le.

You're sure you weren't the assh*le? [LAUGHS]

I can't believe Gage and Rodney would say that to you.

So it's not true?


No, no way.

Look, they're just being jerks.

I don't know if Addy likes me like that, but I don't like her.

I like you.

I like you, too.



Well, good.

If Rodney and Gage were telling the truth, I'd feel bad about shoving goat shit in their faces.




Oh, no, no. Don't worry.

It's just one of the pipes.

Happens all the time.

I should probably go take a look, though.

I'll be back soon.


Save me a seat next to you at the movie, okay?



EZEKIEL: Are you finding your way all right?

I'm King Ezekiel.

I am.

I'm Deborah from Alexandria.

But you can call me Debbie.

Can you believe Michonne came?

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen her myself.

I'm sorry we've never met.

I think it's quite a shame we don't all know each other anymore, but, thankfully, that's gonna change.

I sure hope so.

The Kingdom is absolutely amazing.

Thank you.

I think we clean up pretty well, if I do say so myself.

I heard the Queen was taking care of some official business, but I look forward to meeting her someday.

Could you point me in the direction of the clothing booths?

It's gonna be sweater weather soon, and I want to be ready.

I have a feeling it's going to be a hard winter.

I have just the thing.








[WHISPERING] Can't believe the bossman's missing this.

[WHISPERING] He's probably helping with the busted pipes.

He'll come when he can.

I guess.

But if he doesn't, he's gonna be one sorry dude.



My child!


You want to play with me.


Now I got you!




Gosh. [LAUGHS]

Let's play some more games.

Uh, games?


Yeah, yeah! Let's play hide-and-seek!



Come out, come out, wherever you are!


You ain't getting her back.

You think this is about my daughter?

I ran into some trouble on the road.

It was unavoidable.

Do you like my new camp?


My people like to keep moving, keep roaming.

We've granted Lydia asylum.

Any attempt to take her by force will result in retaliation.

What's your name?


Does she speak for you?

We speak for each other.

My daughter isn't a concern anymore.

She was weak.

She never lived up to expectations.


What the hell is that supposed to mean?

To be clear...

Your group is in no position to threaten me.

That is a habit that needs to be broken.


Come with me.

Just you.

Where you taking me?



ALPHA: My people are among them, steering them.

The only reason you and your friends are alive is because I let you live.

What do you want?


You don't got a single thing to offer me.

I've seen how you live.

I've walked your streets.

It's a joke.

Your communities are a shrine to a long-dead world.

My people, the Whisperers...

We live as nature intended.

That's just all the bullshit you feed your sheep so they'll follow you.

- They follow me 'cause I am the Alpha.
- Hm.

And if the Alpha doesn't assert herself, then there's chaos.


So that is what I've done.

What'd you do?

Your friends back at the camp are fine.

Tell them the next time they cross into my land, my horde will cross into theirs.

The land between the broken interstates and the river to the south is mine.

I've marked the border to the north.

You'll see it as you leave.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

You'll see it as you leave.


Your friends will be waiting for you in a field due north.

Did you k*ll Lydia?


You coward.

You've betrayed our values.

- You're coming with me.
- No.

I believe in these people.

That's poison talking.

I'm staying here.

They care about each other here.

They care about me.

To keep me safe, they'd k*ll you.

All I'd have to do is scream.

Just walk away and leave me and everyone here alone,

or I will.

I'll scream.

I risked everything for you.

You're my bug.

I was only doing the hard things mothers have to do to protect their young.


I know what you've done.

I've had to live with it every day of my life.

But I don't want these people to hurt you.

[VOICE BREAKING] I just want you to go.

Please, Mama.

I just want you to go.

I'm giving you a choice... which is more than you've ever given me.

I was just trying to make you strong.

But you're not one of us.

You never were.


I don't think you can protect my daughter.

But I hope I'm wrong.

You are.




I want to be alone.










What happened?

I... I...






Nabila. Hello. Have you seen Frankie?




Have you seen Addy and Rodney?

They were supposed to meet me here.

♪ The way you smell so sweet ♪

♪ You know you could've been some perfume ♪

♪ Well, you could've been anything that you wanted to ♪

♪ And I can tell ♪



If you happen to see her, could you tell her I need to speak with her?

Ezekiel, I got to talk to you.

You have to see this, my dear.

My mom was here.


She's gone, but...

I can't find Henry.

No! No!

Just look at me.

Just look at me.



SIDDIQ: I was there.

I was taken with the others.

And I saw...

I was supposed to die with them.

I was ready to.

Then, Alpha whispered in my ear, "Tell them."

Something hit me, and everything went black.

And when I woke up, I was alone.

What happened was evil.

It was evil.

And I think she left me alive to tell you that story.

To scare you and to drive us all apart again.

But I want to tell you a different story.

See, before the end...

Ozzy, Alek, and DJ found us...

...and they gave us an opening.

And everyone fought back...

They fought like hell.

And what they did...

Was more than brave...

'Cause they defended each other.

And they sacrificed for each other...

And some of them... they didn't even know each other, but they still fought like they did.

Like they were family.

'Til the very end.

[CRYING] And, uh...

And in the end, they...
Their time was cut short, but ours keeps going.

So we have to keep going.

For them and... for all of us.

We need to honor them.

We need to honor them, and we need to remember these friends, our family, died as heroes.

That's the story that I want to tell you.

That's the story that I want us all to remember.