02x09 - Triggerfinger

Previuosly on AMC's 'The Walking Dead'.

Off my land. I mean it.

What's wrong with her?

She might be in shock, where's Hershel?

Where's the bar in town? That's where we'll find him.

So I need you to run into town and bring Rick back.

You want him? Fetch him yourself.

Son of a bitch... they're alive.

Let's take a nice friendly ride to this farm and get to know each other.

That's not gonna happen.

( Theme music playing )

The Walking Dead 2x09 "Triggerfinger".

Holy sh1t.

You all right?



Let's head back.

- ( Caapproaching )

Rick: Car. Car.

Get down.

( Gasps )

( Engine stops, doors open, close )

- Man: Dave? Tony? They said over here?

Man #2: Yeah.

- Man #3: I'm telling you, man, I heard shots.

Man #2: I saw roamers

- two streets over. Might be more around here.

Man: It's hot.

- We gotta get out of here.

Man #3: Dave! Tony!

Man: Shut up, you idiot! You wanna attract 'em?

Just stick close. We're gonna find 'em.

Man #2: Dude, he said to stay close.


( Walker growling )

( Gasps, grunting )

( Grunts )

( Door creaking )

( Screams )

( Growling )

( Grunting )

( Panting


( Grunts ) No!

( Panting )

They should've been back by now.

Yeah. They just got holed up somewhere.

We'll... we'll head out first thing in the morning.

Thank you.

You're welcome.



Carl, I want you to keep your head up, okay?

Your old man, he's the toughest son of a...

No cussing in the house.


Lori, dinner.

She's not in there.

Where is she?

Carl, when's the last time you saw your mom?

- This afternoon.

Andrea: She was worried about Rick,

asked me to look in on Carl.

She went after them?

She didn't say that.

Nobody panic. Gonna be around here somewhere.

( Glen whispering ) Why won't they leave?

( Whispering ) Would you?

( Whispering ) We can't sit here any longer.

Let's head out the back and make a run to the car.

( Gun fires )

What happened?

Roamers, I nailed 'em.

They disappeared but their car's still there.

I cleared those buildings. You guys get this one?

- Man: No.

Me neither.

Man #2: We're looking for Dave and

Tony and no one checks the damn bar?

( Footsteps approaching )

Man #3: What?

Man #2: Someone pushed it shut.

There's someone in there.

( Loudly ) Yo, is someone in there?

Yo, if someone's in there, we don't want no trouble.

We're just looking for our friends.

- Man: What do we do?

Man #3: Bum rush the door?

Man #2: No, we don't know how many are there. Just relax.

( Loudly ) We don't want any trouble.

We're just looking for our friends.

If something happened, tell us.

This place is crawling with corpses.

If you can help us not get killed, I'd appreciate it.

Dude, you're bugging. I'm telling you nobody's in there.

Someone guard the door. If they're in there,

they might know where Dave and Tony are.

( Footsteps departing )

They drew on us!

( Footsteps approaching )

Man #2: Dave and Tony in there?

They alive?

- No.

Man #2: They killed Dave and Tony.

Man: Come on, man, let's go.

Man #2: No, I'm not leaving, I'm not telling Jane.

I'm not gonna go back and tell them that Dave and Tony got shot by some assholes in a bar.

Your friends drew on us!

They gave us no choice!

I'm sure we've all lost enough people, done things we wish we didn't have to, but it's like that now. You know that!

So let's just chalk this up to what it was...

Wrong place, - wrong...

( Shotgun fires )

Get outta here! Go!

( Guns firing, glass shattering )

( Breathing heavily )

We can't find Lori

- and the others aren't back yet either.

Daryl: Yeah.

That dumb bitch must've gone off looking for 'em.


Yeah, she asked me to go.

I told her I was done being an errand boy.

And you didn't say anything?

Don't do this.


I've already lost my girl.

That wasn't my problem neither.

( Wood clatters )

Shane: She's not at the barn.

I checked the yards.

Well, where is she?

She asked Daryl to go into town.

Must've gone herself.




Did you know about this?


Look, just... Did she take a gun?

I don't know.

I wouldn't let her go out there alone.

( Engine starts, revving )

( Breathing heavily )


We all know this is not gonna end well!

There's nothing in it for any of us!

You guys just... Just back off, no one else gets hurt!

( Gun clicks )

( Bottles rattle )

( Stairs creaking loudly )

- ( Bottle clatters )

Man: sh1t!

( Shotgun cocks )

Glenn! Glenn!

I... I'm all right. I'm all right.

( Shotgun cocks )

( Door closes )

( Sharp whisper ) Lori!

( Distant rumblgng )

( Whispering ) I'll hold 'em here. You cover Glenn.

See if you can make it to your car.

Tell him... tell him to pull up back.

We'll run for it, get the hell out of here.

You want me to cover Glenn?

You missed all that gun training.

It could've come in handy now.

Nah, I can shoot. I just don't like to.

( Exhales deeply )

Sorry. Sorry.

Rick wants you to try for the car.


You'll try and succeed.

I'll cover you.

That's a great plan.

( Gunshots )

( Glen grunts, thuds )

( Grunts )

( Groaning )

( Running footsteps )

Rick: What happened?

He fired.

He must've hit Glenn.

He's behind the dumpster.

Doesn't look like he's moving.

( Whispering ) You hit?

Are you hit?

No. No.

It's all right. The car's right there.


We're almost home.

You good?

I'm good.

( Groaning continues )

Let's go.

- ( Gunshots )

Get back.

( Tires squeal )

Let's get out of here!

Roamers all over the place! Hurry up!

- We gotta get out of here!

What about Sean?

Man #2: They shot him. We gotta go. Roamers are everywhere.

Man #3: We're leaving?

Man #2: Jump!

Hurry up, jump already.

( Grunts )

( Screaming )

- Dude didn't make it.

Man #3: Help me! Help... help me!

I've gotta go. I've gotta go.

- I'm sorry!

No no, don't leave!

Help me! No! No!

- Man #3: Help! ( Screaming )

Get Hershel.

Help! Help me!

- No! No!

Her... Hershel!

( Walkers growling )

( Screaming )

Hershel. Hershel.

The gunfire must've attracted the walkers.

Where's Rick?

He... he ran across.

Well, hell, we can't go without him.


( Man #3 crying )

We have to go now.

No! ( Crying continues )


I'm sorry, son. We have to go.

No no, don't leave me please.

We have to go.

We can't.

He was just shooting at us!

He's a kid.

Please help me.

This place is crawling with walkers!

We can't leave him!

The fence went clean through.

There's no way we can get the leg off in one piece.

Shut up or I will shoot you!

That may be the answer.

We're not gonna get that leg off without tearing the muscle to shreds.

He certainly can't run. He may bleed out.

Shut up.

( Screaming continues )

I'm sorry. Sh-sh... shut up.

- Shut up.

Maybe we should put him down.

I don't wanna see any more killing, but this is cruel.

Can't we just take the leg off?

That hatchet still in the car?

No no, don't... don't...

Don't cut my leg off, please.

Please, not my leg.

Will this cut through the bone?

I'll have to sever the ligaments below the kneecap, cut above the tibia. He's going to lose his lower leg.

No, don't. No.

When we get clear of here, we're gonna have to find some tinder, cauterize the wound so he doesn't bleed out.

All right, no choice. Hurry up.

Oh God, oh God.


Hand me that stick.


No. Ah!

( Growling )

Guys, walkers.

( Screams )

Hurry up!

Shut up!

( Walkers growling )

Oh God. They're everywhere.

Hershel, how we doing over there?

I need more hands! Easy easy.

No, don't don't don't don't cut my leg off please.

Come on, we gotta go! I'm almost out of ammo!

We don't have much time! Come on, we've gotta go!

Can't hold 'em off! Hershel, do it now!

Come on, Hershel!

There is no time!

Rick: Hershel, come on!

Please don't leave me! Please! No!

Please don't leave me! Please! Please don't leave me!

( Grunts )

( Screams )

You all right?

I'm fine.

You're not fine. I saw the wreck.

Let me look at you. Oh.

( Sighs ) What happened?

Looked down at the map and hit a Walker.

Next time stay put, you won't need a map.

( Sighs ) Come on, I gotta get you back.

No, we gotta find Rick.

He's back. They're all back.

They're all safe and sound.



Oh thank God.

What are you doing?

Keeping an eye on you.

Ain't you a peach?

I'm not gonna let you pull away.

You've earned your place.

If you spent half your time minding your daughter's business instead of sticking your nose in everybody else's, she'd still be alive!

Go ahead.

Go ahead and what?

I mean just go! I don't want you here!

You're a real piece of work, lady.

What, are you gonna make this about my daddy or some crap like that?

Pfft! Man, you know Jack.

You're afraid. You're afraid

'cause you're all alone. You got no husband, no daughter.

You don't know what to do with yourself.

You ain't my problem! Sophia wasn't mine!

All you had to do was keep an eye on her!

Oh my God, are you all right? What happened?

I was in an accident. I'm fine, I'm fine.

She was attacked.

I really am. Where's Rick?

They're not back?

Where are they?

Look, I had to get you back here.

- You asshole.

Shane: Lori.

He's my husband.

Lori, I will go after him. I will find him.

Hey! Now look, first things first...

I gotta... I gotta look after you.

I gotta make sure the baby's all right, okay?

You're having a baby?

Why didn't you tell me?

( Sighs )

Come on. Let's make sure you're all right.

Come on.

Thank you.

I am so sorry that I left without telling you.

It's okay.

I wasn't scared.

When's dad getting back?

Let's hope soon.

I wanna be there when you tell him about the baby.

Oh, love, he already knows.

We were just trying to find the right time to tell you.

Is it a boy or a girl?

Well, we won't know that until it's born.

Will I be able to feel it?

Not for a while.

You must have a lot of questions, huh?

We never had the talk.

I guess we forgot.

Don't look at me. That's your father's job.

If the baby's a girl, can we name her Sophia?

Hey, dude.

Hey, I'm sorry, bud. Okay?

- I thought you knew.

Big brother Carl.

Pretty cool, huh?

I say that's very cool.

( Laughs )

You... you mind if I talk to your mom a sec?

How about a little later after she's had some rest?

Lori, I had to get you back here.

You wouldn't have come otherwise.

How about you... how about you just hear me out, please?

It's okay.

Okay. Give me a minute.

Thanks, bud.

Okay, Lori, it was a lie.

It was one little white lie.

But I think that...

I think you oughta be thinking about how lucky we are that your baby's safe.

You just can't stop lying, can you?

My husband is back safe and sound.

My husband is dead in some hospital.

Oh, when are you gonna... when are you gonna stop throwing that in my face, huh?

I thought that he was... the point here, Lor, is that you cannot keep running off like that.

What were you thinking?

I was thinking we needed Rick here to keep us safe.

Rick? I keep you safe.

Like you did with Otis?

( Whispering ) What happened that night?

You haven't been the same since.

( Whispering ) You wanna know what happened with Otis?

What happened with Otis happened because I love you.

I love you and I love Carl. That's right.

I told Rick.


You told... you told him what?

Did you tell him that you thought you were a widow?

That you were grieving and that the world was coming to an end?

That that you needed comforting?

Did you tell him it was a mistake?

You know, Lori, that ain't true.

What we had, it was real.

It was not.

It was a long time coming. It was real, Lori.

It was not.

It was you and it was me and Carl, and it was real.

It was right. Don't say it wasn't.

It wasn't.


Just think about what you felt, just for a second. What you Fe... what you felt.

Everything falling apart all around us, but it... it was a one good thing.

And you know it's true.

How is she?


I'll set up an I.V.

( Pats )

Best I can do without Hershel.

- ( Bed creaking )


Can I get you anything?

Nah, I just wish my dad was here.

She'll be okay.

You just need to be strong for her.

I was just reminding her about...

Never mind.

No no.

I... I'd love to hear.

My dad would die if he heard this.

My first summer back from college, I drove home, dumped my stuff off, went straight out to the stable for a ride.

My family comes back from church

and Beth grabs my things and starts unpacking my stuff upstairs.

That's sweet.

Yeah, until this one here starts rifling through my backpack.

She finds this little plastic container with these pink and green candies inside.

She didn't even know I was on the pill.

She was so freaked out by the idea of me, and boys and s*x, she runs outside and Chucks them in the duck pond.

And I ride up, I see this, I'm screaming.

She's crying and Shawn runs outside, thinks one of us is drowning.

Soon as he figures out what's going on, the jerk busts out laughing so loud that my horse rears up and gets mud all over the three of us.

My dad comes out, "what the heck's goin' on out here?!"

And she turns around, bats her eyelids and says, "we're just swimming, daddy."

In her Sunday dress, all covered in snot and mud.

Rick and Glenn will get your dad back.

Glenn's a good guy.

Yeah. He is.

Are you sure you wanna risk it?

You might not make it back.

I'll be fine.

And with Shane at the helm, I wouldn't be too sure. He's lost people before.

And he's had my back. What are you insinuating?

He doesn't want Rick back, or Hershel.

With them gone, he's got everything he wants and no one to tell him otherwise.

Shane has done more to keep this group alive than anybody, including Rick.

You can't possibly believe that.

I do.

( Sighs )


( Engine stops )


You're okay.

Patricia, prepare the shed for surgery.

Are you hurt?

No, but what happened to you?

I was in a car accident.

Accident? How?

I went looking for you.

Snuck out on her own. Brought her back.

Are you crazy? You could've...

Who the hell is that?

That's Randall.

Rick: We couldn't just leave him behind.

He would've bled out, if he lived that long.

It's gotten bad in town.

What do we do with him?

I repaired his calf muscle as best I can, but he'll probably have nerve damage.

Won't be on his feet for at least a week.

When he is, we give him a canteen, take him out to the main road, send him on his way.

Andrea: Isn't that the same as leaving him for the walkers?

Rick: He'll have a fighting chance.

Shane: Just gonna let him go?

He knows where we are.

He was blindfolded the whole way here.

- He's not a threat.

Shane: Not a threat. How many of them were there?

You killed three of t, zir men, you took one of them hostage, but they just ain't gonna come looking?

They left him for dead.

- No one is looking.

We should still post a guard.

He's out cold right now, will be for hours.

You know what? I'm gonna go get him some flowers and candy.

( Scoffs ) Look at this, folks... We back in fantasy land.

You know, we haven't even dealt with what you did at my barn yet.

Let me make this perfectly clear, once and for all...

This is my farm. Now I wanted you gone.

Rick talked me out of it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

So do us both a favor... Keep your mouth shut.

( Sighs )

We're not gonna do anything about it today.

Let's just cool off.

Can I talk to you?

What's going on with you?

( Sighs )

Your dad saved my life today.

And Rick saved us both.

And I...

I froze.

Well, you were being shot at.

I know, but...

You don't have anything to prove.

All I've done, then this... okay.

It's because of what you said.

That I love you?


A bullet hit the wall behind me and I... I thought of you...

Losing me, hurting.

And I couldn't take it, so I hid to stay alive.


No no no.

No, you don't get it.

Rick, your dad... They were counting on me and I... I only thought of myself.

Has she eaten?

I'll give her a sedative...

Stop her body from working too hard.

You were drinking.

That was the least of my worries.

You left and I didn't know what to do!

Want me to take watch?

( Sighs ) Yeah.

Relieve T. In a few hours. I'm gonna take the graveyard.

And then what?

We just send him on his merry way?

( Scoffs ) According to Rick and Hershel.

If he finds his people and leads them here, we'll have a war on our hands.

You know you're preaching to the choir, girl.

You ever consider a lighter touch?

Abandoning the search for Sophia, taking out the walkers in the barn, lying to Lori today...

Those were all the right calls.

It's your presentation that leaves something to be desired.

Dale send you?

I see you pushing everyone away.

For what? They need you.

Huh. I'll always be the odd man out...

The same as you.

I've made my peace.

Have you? The way I see it, you and me, we... We're treated the same way.

Everyone's always trying to take the gun out of your hand.

These folks... They want to play house.

They wanna pretend that Rick and Hershel...

They know what they're doing. Lemme tell you something...

They bound to get us all killed.

Then we have to stop that.

They don't listen.

They're gonna give this kid a care package.

They're gonna send him on his way. And you right, that's gonna bring on a war or something worse, and we just gonna... we're gonna sit here and wait for it.

But you and me, we...

We're the only ones who see it coming.

I should've left with you when I had the chance.

Oh. Oh man.


Thank you. Ah.

( Both laugh )

( Lori chuckles ) Need your help.

Come here.

We're like a couple of old people.

( Laughs )

We need to talk about Shane.

( Sighs )

What's he done now?

He thinks the baby's his.

No matter what, it's yours.

( Sighs )

He'll accept that.

You're gonna have to make him. He won't listen to me.

He's delusional and he's dangerous.

When I went looking for you, he came after me...

Well, of course he did.

...And lied to me to get me back here, said you were already back.

You saw what he did at the barn.

He's threatened Dale and Hershel.

He's scaring people and he's scaring me.

And I think he killed Otis.

I think he left him behind and I think...

I think he did it not just to save Carl but because he loves me...

But you don't know that.

And he thinks that we're supposed to be together no matter what.

Those gunmen left that kid behind today.

I killed two people myself because of you, and Carl and the baby.

It was gonna be me and not them no matter what.

You killed the living to protect what's yours?

That's right.

Shane thinks I'm his.

He thinks the baby's his.

And he says you can't protect us, that you're gonna get us killed.

He's dangerous, Rick, and he won't stop.