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03x16 - Welcome to the Tombs
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I gotta get out of here and you should too.

Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead...

The minute you see Michonne, you open fire.

Kill the others but you keep her alive.

I ain't gonna beg!

We can stay and we can fight, or we can go.

You knew she was leaving, didn't you?

She told me.

Shh, shh.

I have to say I was impressed.

You had taken a risk.

Getting your hands dirty.

You know, we were gonna have those biters for our little Michonne and ...

You were gonna use them on whoever showed up.

That's right.

Hey, hey.

Because we didn't have them, you shouldn't burned them up, eight of my men died.

Now, you knew those men. Huh?

They kept you safe, kept you fed.

As long as I looked the other way.


Well, it can't be like that anymore.

Time for you to graduate.


I'm gonna tell you the secret.

There's a threat, you end it.

And you don't feel ashamed about enjoying it.

You smell the gunpowder and you see the blood ...

you know what that means?

It means you're alive.

You've won.

You take the heads so that you don't ever forget.

You kill or you die.

What would your daughter think about what you are?

She'd be afraid of me.

But if I had been like this from the start, she'd be alive today.

Did you kill Andrea?


See? She's still alive.

I'm gonna need her for something.

I heard you in the other room.

You don't have to lose any more of your men.

Just stop this.

Your friends at the prison ...

I'm gonna kill them all.

People are gonna help me.

I had to stretch the truth a little bit, but just a little.

Now they're foaming at the mouth.

You, get those tools.

I'm not gonna need them anymore.

Go on.

Careful. Pick that up.

Come on! Step to.

Let's go.

Hold up.

I'll take that.

Put 'em down.

You're gonna kill her now.

You're gonna show me that you've learned something.


there is no way you are leaving this room without doing it.

So don't make it hard.

Just ...

just do it.

That's it.

I told you you were gonna do it.

And now you're gonna die.

And you're gonna turn.

And you're gonna tear the flesh from her bones.

In this life now,

you kill or you die.

Or you die and you kill.


I've never seen him this mad.

Even with Lori. He just shut down.

He's still a kid.

It's easy to forget.

You know, Merle never did nothing like that his whole life.

He gave us a chance.

We're ready.

The deal the Governor offered about me ...

you had to think about it.

You had to. I get it.


I'm sorry. I came real close.

But you didn't.

I never thanked you.

For what?

For getting me out there that day, taking me in.

Well, if you didn't have that baby formula, I wouldn't have.

You could have just taken the formula.


must have been something else, then.

You know, it was Carl who made the call.

He said you belonged here.

You're one of us.

Remember, they killed eight men back there.

Five here last time.

They're no different from the biters.

They're not gonna stop until they kill us all, taken everything we've worked so hard for.

We're gonna end this once and for all.


This ain't easy to say.

You're gonna have to count us out.

This isn't our fight.

We'll fight against the biters,

not other people.

Now we'll stay here and defend the children.

When you return, if you want us gone, no hard feelings.

Thank you.

Let's roll!


Go, go! Move!

Come on, come on, come on, come on.


Give me a flashlight.

Let's split up. You take a group that way.

You, bring a group, follow me.


- Milton?

- When the tools dropped,

I-I left some pliers on the floor behind you.

If you can drag ...

if you can drag your right foot back, you ... you can get them.

That ... that's it.

Oh, God.


I'm gonna get us both out of here.

And you're gonna be okay.

Now when ...

when you get free,

you are going to find something very sharp...

and you are going to stab me in the head.

That is what you are going to do.

Keep trying.

Come on.

Hey, look over there.

What was that?


This way.

We took out a few biters on the south wall.

Other than that, everything's quiet.

I'll get the next one.

What do you think happens when they return?

We might have to slip out. Andrea made it out.

If she's at the prison, it didn't do her any good.

I'll be right back.

It's my turn.

Stay put.

I got it.

I got it. I got it.



Why did you stay...

after you found out your friends were out there?

I wanted to save everyone.

Even the Governor for a while.

I had a chance to kill him.

What stopped you?

You know, this was before.

He was asleep. I had a knife.

But I tried to stop it all another way...

because I didn't want anyone to die.

I'm still here.

I'm still alive.


You are.

You need to hurry.



On the ground!

On the ground!


Get the hell out of here!

I should be there.


Go. Go, go, go.



Hit it, hit it, hit it!

It's not working.

Go, man!

sh1t. It's jammed!


They're not helping anyway. Come on.

We did it?

We did it.

Come on down.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't shoot.

Drop the weapon, son.


Here, take it.

We did it.

We drove them out.

We should go after them.

We should finish it.

It is finished.

Didn't you see them

hightail it out of here?

They could regroup.

We can't take the chance.

He's not gonna stop.

They're right.

We can't keep living like this.

So we take the fight back to Woodbury.

We barely made it back last time.

I don't care.


Let's check on the others.

Come on.



Dad, I'm coming to Woodbury.


Dad, I did my job out there.

Just like all of you.

Took out one of the Governor's soldiers.

One of his soldiers?

A kid running away? He stumbled across us.

No, he drew on us.

I'm sorry you had to do that.

It's what I was there for.

I'm going with you.

That kid was scared.

He was handing his gun over.

He said he drew.

Carl said it was in defense.

I was there. He didn't have to shoot.

He had every reason not to ...

Maybe it looked like that to you, Hershel ... - Rick!

I'm telling you he gunned that kid down.

Pull over!

Hey! I want this truck over.

Go, go!

What the hell are you doing?

We need to dig in.

It's not worth it.

That was a slaughter.

You bunch of pussies.

I told you we should have handled this sh1t ourselves.

We're done fighting for a hole with a half dozen psychopaths living in it.

They can keep it. - You've seen

what they've done ... attacked us.

They killed my boy. We're going back.

- We are not soldiers.

You want us to kill biters, of course.

But this is crazy.

- Then go home, then.

You think you're gonna be safe?

I'm going back to Woodbury.

We're not here to settle a grudge.

Come on.





You're still here.

You're still alive.

All right.


All right.

All right. Okay.


Hershel told me about the boy you shot.

He had a gun.


Was he handing it over?

He had just attacked us.


Yes, he had.

Was he handing it over?

I couldn't take the chance.

I didn't kill the walker that killed Dale.

Look what happened.

Son, that is not the same thing.

You didn't kill Andrew and he came back and killed Mom.

You were in a room with the Governor and you let him go.

And then he killed Merle.

I did what I had to do.

Now go.

So he doesn't kill any more of us.

Rick, we're staying.

We don't know where the Governor is.

If he comes back, we'll hold him off.

Just the three of us?

All right.

I appreciate you staying.


Come on. Come on.

Okay, okay.

No! Come on!

Let me go!


It's me! Don't ...

Get down!


Karen, are you okay?

I'm fine!

Where's the Governor?

He fired on everyone.

He killed them all.

Why are you with them?

They saved me.

We're coming out!

We're coming out.

What are you doing here?

We were coming to finish this until we saw what the Governor did.

He ... he killed them?


Karen told us Andrea hopped the wall going for the prison.

She never made it.

She might be here.

This is where he had Glenn and Maggie.

The Governor held people here?

He did more than hold them.

Will you open it?

One, two...


I tried to stop them.

You're burning up.

Judith, Carl, the rest of them...


The rest of us.

Are they alive?

Yeah, they're alive.

It's good you found them.

No one can make it alone now.

I never could.

I just didn't want anyone to die.

I can do it myself.


I have to.

While I still can.


I know how the safety works.

Well, I'm not going anywhere.

I tried.


You did.

You did.

What is this?

They're gonna join us.

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