04x03 - Isolation

Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead...

Walkers in D!

Rick: We lost a lot of good people.

This is sickness.

All of us in here, we've all been exposed.

Lizzie and Mica, can you look out for them like they're yours?

You shouldn't get too close to anyone that might have been exposed.

We should keep you separated.

I'll see what we have in the way of medications.

David, he's been coughing too.

( distant coughing )

You found them like this?

I came to see Karen... and I saw the blood on the floor.

Then I smelled them.

Somebody dragged them out here and set them on fire.

They killed them and set them on fire!

You're a cop.

You find out who did this and you bring 'em to me.

You understand? You bring 'em to me!

We'll find out who--

I need to say it again?

No. No.

I know what you're feeling.

I've been there.

You saw me there.

It's dangerous.

Karen didn't deserve this.


David didn't deserve it.

Nobody does.

All right, man, let's--

Man, I ain't going nowhere till I find out who did this!

We're on the same side, man.

Hey, look, I know what you're going through.

We've all lost someone.

We know what you're going through right now, but you've got to calm down.

You need to step the hell back!

She wouldn't want you being like this.

Stop! Stop!

Carol: Stop!

( grunting )

Daryl: That's enough.

That's enough.

( grunts )

Daryl: Rick.

- ( Tyreese groans )


Let go of me!

No. No.

Let go of me!


( sobbing )

( theme music playing )

This is gonna be sprained at least a week.

( winces )

Good news, none of these cuts need stitches.

I wouldn't plan on much typing the next few days.

You okay?

It hurts.

I wasn't talking about the hand.

We just went through something terrible.

Everything we've been working so hard to keep out, it found its way in.


It's always there.

Council meeting tomorrow morning.

Thought you should know.

We just lost of our own.

Two more we killed in cold blood.

We could be facing an outbreak.

I think I've done enough damage for one day.

I've fallen off the wagon before.

That's what this is?

Pretty close.

When it happened, I didn't stand around feeling bad about it.

I got back up.

I had responsibilities.

People to keep safe.

( grunting )

Let's get you cleaned up, man.

You might even need a couple stitches.

Not until they're in the ground.

You should at least let Hershel or Dr. S take a look at you, make sure nothing's broken.

When they're in the ground.

( grunting )

I'm gonna be okay, right?

I mean, Karen and David, they were already sick.

So if we were gonna get it, we'd have had it by now.

It doesn't happen on a timeline.

It's different with everyone.

But we could be okay.

Yeah, we could be.

Everything could be okay.

If it's walkers, if it's people, we can do something. We can fight.

But with this, I'm just digging graves.

( coughing )

Got to see Dr. S.

I'm gonna be okay.

( panting )

Dr. S...?

( people moaning, coughing )

( coughing )

Dr. S?

( growling )

Dr. S: We have to tell them. It's starting.

Hershel: It's spread.

Everyone who survived the attack in cell block D. Sasha, Caleb, and now others.

Oh, Jesus.

So what do we do?

First things first. Cell block A is isolation.

We keep the sick people there like we tried with Karen and David.

What the hell we gonna do about that?

Ask Rick to look into it.

Try to make a timeline-- who's where when.

But what are we gonna do to stop this?

There is no stopping it.

You get it, you have to go through it.

But it just kills you?

The illness doesn't.

The symptoms do. We need antibiotics.

Daryl: We've been through every pharmacy nearby. And then some. That veterinary college at West Peachtree Tech, that's one place people may not have

thought to raid for medication.

The drugs for animals there are the same we need.

That's miles.

Too big a risk before.

Ain't now. I'm gonna take a group out.

Best not waste any more time.

I'm in.

You haven't been exposed.

Daryl has. You get in a car with him...

He's already given me fleas.

( chuckles )

I can lead the way.

I know where everything's kept.

When we're out there, it's always the same.

Sooner or later we run.

I can draw you a map.

There are other precautions I feel we should take.

Carol: Like what?

There's no telling how long it'll be before Daryl and his group return.

Wouldn't it make sense for us to separate the most vulnerable?

We can use the administration building.

Separate office, separate room.

Who is the most vulnerable?

The very young.

What about the old?

( squeaking )

( gurgling )

Give me another go at it.

The whole line's mudded up.

The end is dragging the bottom again.

We'll have to go out there and clear it.

Set the bird, go out through the tombs, swing around through the forest route.

We got enough for now. That's tomorrow's problem.

Rick, five more people have come down with it since Sasha went in.

There's not a lot of us left.

What if you get sick? What if I do?

What if we get in trouble out there and don't come back?

Let's get this up to the people who need it.

Let's get what we have to get done first.

Is Carl pretty pissed about going into quarantine?

Of course.

But it's better to be safe.

Always better to be safe.

You should talk to him.

We should both pay our respects.

I'll take this up first. Meet you.

I'm sorry about what happened.

What I did to you.


It's on both of us.

You got to find who did this.

I didn't know David much.

Did you?

Did anyone have a problem with him or Karen?

No. No way.

I was with her all the time, every day.

She got along with everybody. Same with David.

They were the only two who were sick.

The person who did it might have trying to stop this thing from spreading.

They didn't.

Now Sasha has it.

Rick: Look, whoever it was who did this, they're not going anywhere. We'll find them.

Today? Right now? Because I'm not feeling the urgency. All I see you doing is pumping water. In fact, what I'm picking up is murder is okay in this place now.

Rick: No, it is not. But we have to save lives first. We have to keep this place going.

You worry about that. I'll worry about what's right.

( coughing )

It's for your own good.

I'm fine.

I don't want to be locked away with a bunch of kids.

I need you in there keeping an eye on Judith and everybody else.

Making sure they're safe.

If anybody gets sick, you let me know.

What if they've already turned when I find them?

You don't fire unless you absolutely need to.

But you know I might need to, right?

It's gonna be okay.

( sighs )

It's gonna be okay.



Don't-- don't come in.

What is it?

I have it.

Son of a bitch is about a quart low.

You still keep it in the bottom of tower three?


I'll go get one.


I'm glad you're here.

Where else would I be?

Running off.

You know I'm not running off.

So it's just gonna be me and you like in the old days?

Yeah, and Bob.

Still, feels like we could use another person.

Who else isn't sick?

We don't ask Rick. He wants to stay here with Carl and Little Ass-Kicker.

Keep them safe.

Plus there's plenty of stuff he could do here.

So who else we got?

( people coughing )

Oh, there you are.

Took me damn near forever to find you.

Whatcha doing?

Somebody needs to stand watch.

Man, I want to find them, too.

Put a bolt in them for what they did.

( faint coughing )

These people are cut off.

Ain't no way anyone's getting in and out without a whole bunch of people seeing 'em.

Sasha's in there. I ain't going nowhere.

Standing guard ain't gonna do no good unless we come back with them meds.

All right.

We're gassing up by the front gate in case you change your mind.

Carl: Where are you going?

I'm down here away from y'all 'cause you kids are supposed to stay away from me.

I've been walking the halls.

My dad told me to look out for everyone.

Well, you should keep your distance.

You're walking towards the exit.

I need to go out there.

To the cell blocks?

To the woods.

So you're sneaking out.

Don't need anyone worrying about me and I damn sure don't want someone telling me I can't go.

I can't just let you go out into the woods by yourself.

Let me?

I can't stop you.

But I have to tell my dad.

Go ahead, then.

I'll be out there by the time you find him.


If you have to go, then I have to come with you.


I have to.

( coughing )

I swear, it's just allergies.


They come and go.


Ask anyone from Woodbury.


( door squeaks )

( bangs )

Lizzy: Carol...?

Mica said you were here.

I don't feel good.

( coughs )

It's okay.

Don't worry.

Hey, don't worry.

We're gonna get you better.

You just go in there and lie down.

Will you tuck me in?

You know my friend Glenn?

He's the best tucker I know.

And he'll make sure that you feel toasty and warm, okay?

( coughing within )

Okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

It's all right. Go on.

Thanks for being in there.

I know you don't have to be.

It means a lot you being in there with Judith.

Things okay out there?

Glenn has it.


We don't get to be upset.

We all got jobs to do. That's what Daddy always says.

Daryl and Michonne will get the meds.

You and Carol and Rick will help everyone till they get back.

And I'll take care of Judith.

Just focus on what you have to do.

No matter what happens, we'll deal with it.

We have to.

When did your dad give it back?


After everything happened.

You've grown a lot these last few months.

There's a responsibility about you.

I think it's done you good to step back.


It was all right.

Can't be like that all the time.

I would have been fine on my own.

It's peaceful out here.

These last couple days, we might be safer outside those walls than in.

No, we're not.

( growling )

( snarls )

Let's wrap this up.

( rattling )

Don't. You don't need to.

It was so peaceful.

It was.

Can't be like that all the time.

( growls )

It's not as bad as it looks.

( panting heavily )

Don't do that.

( sobbing ) Okay.

I must be a sight to see.

I'm so sorry.

I heard about Karen--


Don't think about that now.

Think about getting better. Positive thoughts.

Positive vibes.

I don't know.

( sobbing )

Daryl's got a group going out.

They're getting medicine.

Someplace Hershel knew about.

That veterinary college?

It's far.

But they feel sure about it.

So we could have medicine as early as tomorrow.

We've got a chance.


Get some rest.

I got to go.

Everything look all right?


Zack kept this thing running pretty good.

This is Zack's car?

Yeah, fastest one we got.

You all right?

You really want me coming along?

What's that word?


Yup, we need you.

What's up?

Still got room for one more?

Hell, yeah.


Just got to get my gear.

All right.

( thumps )

( gasps ) Oh, God, I didn't see you there.

Sorry to interrupt.

It's okay.

You okay?

I'm going on the run with Daryl. But I was wondering-- I know there's a lot of people in trouble. Sick. It's just I know how you are. You care.

Carol: Thank you.

I was wondering if you could look in on Sasha for me. It would make me feel better knowing you were looking in on her.

If you can't--


Carol: No, I'd be happy to.

Thank you.

Carol: Oh, what happened to Karen, I'm so sorry.

( thumps )

( sobs )

Why aren't you in quarantine?

I'm no good to anyone in there.

Daddy, please.

Maggie, dear, there are people in there suffering.

I can bring their fever down and keep them stable.

Daryl's getting the antibiotics.

Some of these people won't last hours.

I can't let you do this.

Maggie, Glenn's in there.

What's going on?


My wife used to make tea with them.

They're a natural flu remedy.

Caleb's too sick to help. I can.

There's so many times we haven't been able to do anything to change what was happening-- what was happening to us.

We wished we could, but we couldn't.

This time, I can.

I know I can. So I have to.

Hershel, if you go in there, you're gonna get sick.

Wait, we don't know that. What we do know is that these people's symptoms need to be controlled.

Hershel, please. We can wait.

Hershel: Listen, damn it! You step outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. And nowadays you breathe, and you risk your life. Every moment now you don't have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you're risking it for. Now I can make these people feel better and hang on a little bit longer. I can save lives. That's reason enough to risk mine. And you know that.

Maggie: Dad.

( creaking )

( creaking )


Daddy's gone. He left.

I know.

Did he tell you where he went?

No, but... I know.


Dr. S. is sick and... we all got jobs to do.

We'll deal with it, right?

We don't get to get upset.

( growling )

( metal rattling )

( walkers snarling )

( banging )

Damn it.


Carol! Run!



( splashes )

( gunshot )

Piece of cake.

We decided to do that tomorrow.

We don't know if we get a tomorrow.

Daryl: Hey, I know you weren't running off.

The thing is, that trail went cold.

You know that, right?

If it was any different,

I'd be right out there with you.

( radio static crackles )

Would you hand me one of them CDs right there?

Faint voice: ...find sanctuary.

Was that a voice?


...determined to survive... ...keep alive.

( tires squeal )

( growling )

Grab something!

( wheels screeching )

Go to the left.

We're jammed up.

Make a run for the gaps right there.

You two, you make a run for the woods and you don't stop for nothing, you hear me?





Go! Come on!

Come on and get me!

Go! Go!

Come on.

Come on and get me!

Daryl: Go!

Daryl: Come on.

Hold up.

( growling )

Come on.

( distant coughing )

Drink it.

Hang in there, Doc.

You shouldn't be here.

Tell me you wouldn't be.

( coughing )

( cup clatters )

( coughs )

If you weren't in here already, you'd be in here.

( coughs )

I'm fine. I'm fine.

( groans )

Keep this on your forehead.

Veterinarian's orders.

( sighs )

This sucks.

After everything, we just get taken out by a glorified cold.

Don't say things like that.

Don't even think things like that.

All I can do is stop saying them.

No, you can do more.

We got this far somehow, you can believe somehow.

Now we all have jobs here.

That one's yours.

Rick: That was a stupid thing you did. Going out there like that.

Carol: Yes, it was.

Rick: You know, you do a lot for us, for the kids. You sacrifice a lot. Is there anything you wouldn't do for the people here?

Carol: No.

Rick: Carol...? Did you kill Karen and David?

Carol: Yes.

The End