04x07 - Dead Weight

Dead Weight

Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead...

Governor: I've been on the road for a couple of months.

Woman: By yourself?

Governor: Yeah.

Woman: You got a name?

Governor: Brian Heriot.

Woman: There has to be some placebetter and you're gonna help us find it.

Come on, Megan!

( Megan screams )

( weapon cocks )

Governor: Your move, pumpkin.

I'm thinking.

( panting )

Mitch, grab that.

Go on.

( grunts )

Governor: You can't think forever. Sooner or later, you've got to make a move.

You never let me win anyway.

Governor:Well, that wouldn't be winning. That's what my daddy used to say. He used to beat me at chess, too. Heck, he used to beat me

at everything.

You know this guy?

Was your dad mean?


Were you bad?


So you've been on the road all this time?


Lily: You okay, Brian?

What is it, pumpkin?

Am I bad?



Why would you think that?

My dad was always mean to me.

Hey, you're good.

You are.

We've got a camp about a half a mile from here.

Hell, no, Martinez.

We got too many mouths as it is.

They got a kid for Christ's sake.

Hey, if you do come back with us, there's two things you got to accept. One, I'm in charge. Two, no deadweight. That goes for everyone.

Contribute or be cast out. Can you live with that, Brian?

Governor: You, me, your mom, and Aunt Tara, we're gonna be okay.

'Cause we're good?

All of us?

Your turn.


It's your turn.

I'm thinking.

( wind blowing )

( theme music playing )

Lily: You going out there today?

Supply run.

Martinez and the Dolgen brothers.

( sighs )

I'm gonna set up a nurses' station for the camp.

They need one.

I'm sorry, Lily. This place is--

Stop it.

I wanted something better for us.

This camp is good.

We'll make it better.

How's the fishing?

There isn't any. Pond's dead.

As a doornail.

We still got rabbits, skunks, some possum out here.

You better watch your ass, One Eye Bri.

Mitch: You sure we're headed in the right direction?

Martinez: If Howard's map is right.

Mitch: We should have dragged his ass out here to make sure.

He's an old man. He can barely walk.

That's why I said dragged.

Hope this is worth it.

Supposedly this guy was a survivalist type.

His cabin might have stuff we can use.

Hell, maybe he's still alive.

I won't keep my fingers crossed.

Hey, One Eye. What you doing?


The hell is this?

Mitch: Somebody pissed somebody off.

Who gives a sh1t?

That guy's got nothing to worry about anymore.

Let's go.

It's a deep cut.

No, that's nothing, ma'am.

I just got cute with my knife, that's all. I'll be fine.



Alicia. Right.

You in the Marines or something?

Army. In the reserves.

An M , huh?

You don't approve?

I mean, don't get me wrong, an M is great for close combat, but as a field weapon?

With all that dirt and dust, no, thanks.

I've never really been into big guns anyway.

I'm more of a Smith & Wesson gal.

Less fuss, you know?

You always this full of sh1t?

( laughs )

Yes I am.


Took himself out.

You think he's the one who 'd those military guys?

He still has his head.

Some of it, anyway.

Let's see what he's got inside.

( tapping )

( whistles )

( banging )

You hear that? There's one in there.

Must be stuck if it ain't coming out.

We going in?

You want us to wait till you finish pissing in your pants?

No, I'm--

Cut the chatter.

( bangs )

Hey. Let's go.

( banging continues )

( banging )

It's close.


( banging )

( banging )

( bangs )

( door creaks open )

It's out.

Shut up.

( snarls )

Oh! Get it off of me!

Get it off of me!

Get it off of me!

Get it off of me!



( floorboards creak )

( snarls )

( gasps )

Martinez: If it was just you in that pit, I wouldn't have brought you into the camp.

If it weren't for the people you were with... the girl... You seem different now. Changed. Are you?

I am.


The guy had some good stuff.

Canned food.


We got beer.

( whistles )

( laughs )

Pete: Man, what happened here?

I mean, what the hell was going on in this cabin?

Was he storing those biters?

They were his wife and kid, man.

Pete:No, they were biters.

What about those heads?

Belonged to the guys who did the wrong thing to the wrong man.

Probably best not to think too much about it.

Better listen to One Eye Bri, Pete.

I can never tell if he's winking or blinking.

But you know how to regulate, don't you, Bri?

He was always like this, Martinez?

Oh, yeah. Ice in the veins.

You should have seen him back in the day.

What about you fellas, huh?

What did you do before it all changed?

I was... I was an ice cream truck driver.

( laughs )

Till I upgraded my life and I became a tank operator for the US Army.



Then when everything went tits up, I got the hell out and took my ride with me.

End of the world don't mean sh1t when you got a tank.

I was Army, too.

Stationed out of Fort Benning.

Stayed for a while after it all started.

That's my Pete.

He's too loyal to bounce.

What about you, Brian?

What did you do when it all went bad?

I survived.

( laughing )

Wait, your father was a Catholic priest?

That's right.

So the father became a daddy?

It caused some problems with the Church a little bit.

This is all stuffBrian's heard before.

We spent a lot of time out there together.

You've done all right here. I mean this camp.

It's the first time I've felt safe since all this started.

The place Brian and I lived before kind of worked.

I guess I wanted that again.

Sounds like your old camp was pretty sweet.

Alicia:You guys had walls, right?

Yeah. Yeah, it was... it was a good place.

Megan: This place is good, too, right?

Martinez: You know it.

I want to hear all about it someday.

Brian won't say a word.

I say leave the past in the past.

Tara: Well, for the first time in a long time,

I'm shitfaced.

Lily: Tara.

Sorry. Megan, don't say that, okay?

You want to get out of here?


Thanks for the dinner. Double thanks for the suds.

Yeah. Boom. There you go.

( kisses )

Be safe.

Tara: Yep.

I think, um-- I think I'm gonna go.

You sure? I got a couple of skunky beers left.


( laughing )

I'm good, thanks.

Brian, the roof's leaking again.

You should fix that, man.

I'll do that.

Later, muñeca.

( Governor sighs )

( knocks )

Almost forgot. Got a surprise for you.


Martinez:Aw, damn it.

Hand me another one.

You know he's dead, right?


He was never the same after Woodbury.


Yeah. He got reckless.

Biter took a piece of him right over there.

I swear, he didn't try to get out of the way.

I put him down myself.

Right over there.

I'm sorry.

There's some things you just can't come back from.

They become a part of who you are.

Either you live with them or you don't.

Well, you seem to be living with them pretty well.

( laughs )

So are you.

That family, they brought you back.

You're lucky. I couldn't--

I couldn't do that again. Couldn't risk it.

Couldn't sleep at night knowing I was gonna lose them.

I'm not gonna lose them.


What, you don't think you can keep this place safe?

I'll try.

Hopefully we'll be prepared for whatever comes.

Now you're here, maybe we can share the crown a little.

Oh, Jesus.

I should have taken some golf lessons before the--

( groaning )

( groaning continues )

( screams )

( panting )

( golf club thuds )

Come on, let's go.

( walkers snarling )

Come on.

I don't wanna do it!

( screaming )

I don't want it!

I don't want it!

( shouts )

You hear me? I don't want it, damn it!

( screaming )

I don't want it.

( flesh tearing )

I don't want it.

( crying )

( door opens )

- Brian, we're home!

Lily:Megan, he's sleeping.


You're shaking.

What is it?

I just had a bad dream, that's all.

What was it?

I can't remember.

Listen up!

We found what was left of Martinez in a pit this morning.

( crowd murmuring )

Looks like he was hitting some golf balls, he got drunk, he fell in.

( crowd murmuring )

So now what?

I'm taking leadership of the camp.

Crowd: No. No.

- Hold on now. Hold on now!

We should vote on who leads, right?


You can't just take over.

Shut your mouth, you little bitch.



Pete: Hey, calm down!

Calm down, all of you.

We need each other now more than ever.

The only way we get through this, through any of this, is together.

Now this is temporary.

We'll find some kind of way to do a vote in the next couple of days.

For now, it's business as usual.


( crowd murmuring )

You heard the man.



Gear up. We're going on a hunt.

Pete: Rationing, fences, medical supplies.

There are questions and people are looking to me for answers.

Well, it's hard to lead.

Yeah, I could use some help.


( people chatting )

How many?


Maybe less.

They got a lot of supplies, though.

Maybe we should take 'em in.

Are you crazy?

We barely got enough to go around as it is.

Look, Pete, I know you don't want to hurt nobody.

Neither do I, but we need those supplies.

Now let's just go over there and take what we need and go home.

No rough stuff.

You want to rob 'em?

Why not?

We need their stuff.

They got guns, but if we roll up on 'em quick--


No, we can find our own supplies.

Come on.

What a joke.

We did all right.

Yeah, a couple of damn squirrels, some condensed milk.

What do you want from me? I'm trying here.


Where you going?

Son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch!

This wasn't biters.

People did this.

Must have just happened.

We would have had those supplies.

You're worried about supplies?

These people are dead, Mitch.

You're damn right they're dead!

That was gonna happen either way.

Now some other group's got our stuff.

( moaning weakly )

Mitch. Mitch, no!

He might have lived.

Might have.

Here you go. Need this?

Brian, what's going on?

Pack your things, now.

What's happening?

Lily: Hold on, baby.

- Hey.

Grab your clothes, pack some food. Come on.


Brian, stop.

Get Tara.

We need to leave. It isn't safe here anymore.

What are you talking about?

We can't just run off.

I'm the only nurse in camp. Tara's got Alicia.

What about Megan?

Look, things are about to go very wrong here.

It's happened to me before. I can't put you and Megan through that.

Can't lose you again.

What about Pete?

You said he was a good man.

Well, I was wrong.


Do you trust me?

Do you trust me, Lily?

Then pack your things.

We're leaving tonight, okay?

Come on.



Alicia:Where are we going?

Tara: Alicia.

- Maybe you should slow down.

No, I don't understand this. I don't understand this.

Tara: Hey, we're together, okay?

We have everything back there. We have food, we have shelter.

( tires skid )

- ( gasps )

( walkers snarling )


Oh, my God.

Just stay in the car.

( walkers snarling )

( slopping )

What are you doing?


( door opens )

( knocks )

We need to talk.

About Mitch.

Come in.

I knew this was coming.

I've been getting him out of trouble my--

( muffled cries )

Shh. Shh.

Where's Pete?

He's dead.

You gonna kill me, too, now?

Huh? For the old guy at the camp?


Why did you do my brother?

You were right about that camp.

We should have taken their supplies.

I don't care that you killed the old man.

Men like your brother, always doing the right thing, even at the cost of their own people.

Go on. Have a cigarette.

I quit.

Governor: Yeah, me, too. I remember the first smoke I ever had. Me and my brother huddled in the garage puffing on one of my dad's Lucky Strikes.

He must have smelled the smoke, because he came barging in looking to beat up on us. But my brother got between us.

Said he stole them. Wasn't true. It was me. But that was my brother. Hero. He got two black eyes and a broken rib for that.

And I got beat anyway. Take one. I'm running things now, and I will do everything it takes to protect this camp. Now, if you join me,

I promise you you will never have to worry about whether you were doing the right thing or the wrong thing. Because we will do

the only thing.

Mitch: What are we gonna tell the camp about Pete?

Governor: We'll tell them he died on a supply run saving our asses.

Mitch: You think they're really gonna believe it?

Governor: People believe what they want to believe. Everybody loves a hero.

( chatter )

Governor: How's the perimeter coming?

Alicia: It's good. We got cars ringing almost the entire camp.

I think a few more runs, we should have ourselves a nice little buffer.

Governor: And the pits?

They keep coming, we keep burning them.

I don't know if it's the heat or what, but there have been a hell of a lot more of them lately.

And the armory?


I rounded up all the ammo in camp.

We're officially stocked in the bullet department.

Still, tell your crews supply runs are arrow only from now on.

Gunshots are a luxury.

Sooner or later we're gonna need 'em.

That's right, and not just for the biters.

Mitch and I and Pete, we saw what people can do out there.

You come across strangers, you just avoid them.

Come back here and tell us where you saw them, okay?

Let's go.

( whispering )

( sighs )

Maybe we can find a better place.

You know, if... we're willing to fight for it.

We don't need to find a better place.

This is home.

You're it, Aunt Tara.

What? I can't be it. I'm on guard duty.

I have to be a responsible adult.

You're it.

Go get her.

No fair!

Run, Megan. ( laughs )

You don't have to do this alone.

Caught you.

( snarling )

( screaming )

Aunt Tara!

( screaming )


Aunt Tara! No!

( screaming )

( gunshot )



Man: It's your fault!

- Woman: It's not.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

( chatter )

( cocks gun )

The End