The Grinch (2018)


Yeah! Illumination!

- Whoo!

- Huh?
- Oh, man.


Hmm. Wow.


NARRATOR: Past the place that you come from,

far beyond what you've seen,

is a town like your town

if your town was a dream.

Only it's not a dream or a hoax or a ruse.


NARRATOR:It is Christmas in Who-ville,

the home of the Whos.

Fresh peppermint bread.

Oh, hey, Marge.

Morning, Fred.

Smells like Christmas.


- Whoa!

Where are you going?

- Hey, Tom.
- Good to see you, Ted.


Wreath Man, Wreath Man!

- Here you go, kid, have a wreath.
- Oh, cool!

BARTHOLOMEW: Merry Christmas to you.


- Have a great day, dear.
- You too, hon. See you tonight!

- MAN: Hurry up!
- Okay!



NARRATOR: Yes, Who-ville is great, that is known far and wideand three weeks through December, this place hits its stride.



NARRATOR: Yes, the Whos down in Who-ville liked Christmas a lot.

But the Grinch, in his cave north of Who-ville,

did not.















I am starving.


Max, what is this depressing bean?

- No, no, no.

That's impossible.
We can't be out of food.


Where's my personal reserve of moose juice? And goose juice?

My emergency stash of Who Hash?

And my secret slew of frozen Beezle-Nut stew?


I specifically bought enough food to last until January.

How much emotional eating have I been doing?



No, I won't. I will not.

I am not going to Who-ville during...







But I'm gonna despise every second of it.


Come on, Max.

NARRATOR:Yes, the Grinch hated Christmas,

the whole Christmas season.

Now, please don't ask why.

No one quite knows the reason.

- It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right.


- It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.


But I think the most likely reason of all

may have been that his heart was two sizes too small.


GRINCH: Now, remember, Max, this is the time of year when the Whos are at their most deceptive.

You have my full permission to attack anyone who so much as says one kind word to us.

Okay, let's go.


MAN: Good to see you.
How's work?

WOMAN: Hi. Merry Christmas.

DONNA: Wait, wait, wait!
Hold the bus!

- Wait, stop. Oh!
- Whoa!

- Coming through.
- Hey!

Wait! Wait! Sam!
Hold the bus!

- Oh!

- Whoa!

- Whoo!

- Sorry, Donna.
- That's okay, Sam.


Thanks for stopping.

Whoo! (SIGHS)

They've still got you on the night shift, huh?

Sure do.

Oh, by the way, Cindy-Lou forgot her hockey stick.



(SINGING SOFTLY) Jingle bells Christmas smells




Thanks, mister.





You're a mean one, mister.



It's really such an awful day.

- Hey! Merry Christmas.

Happy holidays, Sue.

- SUE: Morning, Fred.

Season's greetings, folks.

- And merry Christmas to you!
- Ooh!















- Oh, hello! Happy...
- Uh-uh!





Huh. What's this?

Excuse me?
Are you getting that?

I need it for my Christmas stuffing.

Mmm... No.

Well, that's not very nice.


Oh, sugarplum!

Ugh. No, I can't today.
I have a list of errands a mile long and the babysitter left the sink backed up.

No, I'm not complaining.
I'm venting. There's a difference.

Okay. Talk to you later.
I have to get breakfast on the table.

Right after I unclog this drain again!

Ugh! It's like concrete.

Sweetheart, come eat.

CINDY-LOU: Coming!



Buster, we've talked about this.
Your brother's head is not breakfast.







You all right, Mom?

Me? Oh, yes. Never better.

What'd you put down here, anyway? A roller skate?

No. Just batter.
Me and Ms. Wilbur made cookies.

Oh, that explains it.
Come have some eggs.

I can't, I gotta go mail something.

But I made the beds and put away the twins' toys.

Thanks, sweetheart.
You didn't have to do that.

I don't mind. (SNIFFS)

- Something's burning.
- Just a second, sweetie.

Bean, don't feed your brother with your feet.

Mom! The toast!

I got it.


Wait, where are you going again?

I told you, to mail a letter.

Okay, but just come here first.

Mom, I gotta go.


All right.


Okay. Now you can go.

Thanks, Mom.
Bye, Buster. Bye, Bean.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Roger that, Mom!


And here goes Cindy-Lou Who, as she dashes through the snow with a very important letter.

Oh, no! I'm gonna miss the mailman!

Short cut! (GRUNTS)

Go, go, go!


Oh, boy.

Bon app├ętit!


Oh, no!



Watch out!


No! My letter!

Argh! What is wrong with you?
Didn't you see me?

I mean, if that was a sled, well, I'd be dead.

I'm sorry for bumping into you, but this is really important.

- Have you seen my letter?

And that right there, Max, is the true nature of the Who child.

Just right to "Me, me, me.

- "My letter. Me, me, me."
- No! You don't understand.

This isn't just a letter, this is the letter.

Oh, really? Let me guess.

Small child, December th, rabidly searching for a "really important" lost letter.

Might it be your list of demands to Santa?

They're not demands.
It's more like a wish.

And what I'm wishing for is really, really important.

Well then, why send a letter?

I mean, if it's really that important you should just ask him face-to-face.

Oh, but that's right.
No one's ever seen him.

Mmm, my bad.

Come on, Max, let's get out of here.

Bye, doggy.

BRICKLEBAUM: (SINGING) Have a holly, jolly Christmas

It's the best time of the year

There he is, Max.

The happiest Who alive.

The unbearable Bricklebaum.

He thinks we're friends.

Quick, let's make a run for it.

I don't know if there'll be snow

What... What was that?


But have a cup of cheer


Say hello to friends you know

And everyone you meet


Oh, my goodness, Mr. Grinch!
I'm coming.

Leave Mr. Grinch alone.

That's one tough balloon that you're fighting there, you old feisty frosty. Here, come on. Let me help you up.

I do not want, or need, your help.

Oh. "Hair dye.

"Gorgeous Green Goddess."

Oh. How did that get in there?

Hey, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfy.

We all gotta keep the gray away. (LAUGHS)

- I myself use Chocolate Explosion.
- You know what?

If you want to apologize for something, apologize for that!

My eyes are burning.

Don't blame me.
Haven't you heard?

The mayor wants Christmas to be three times bigger this year.

That means three times the lights, three times the eggnog, three times the...

- Information needed.
- Ha-ha! That's a good one.

Oh, I get it.
This is one of your kidding things.

Finally, something you said is actually funny. (LAUGHING)

(LAUGHS) Yeah, I do kid a lot,

- but, no, this is actually...
- Christmas three times bigger!

Well, you're just gonna have a good time with this, aren't you?

I gotta say, it's really nice to see you laughing.

Sorry, I can't hear you.

I don't speak ridiculous.

Oh, you're a scream!
Have a nice life. Goodbye.

I'll see you later.

Whoo! Oh, man.
Mr. Grinch. Oh.




NARRATOR: From the edge of his ledge way up in the sky

the Grinch felt upset, though he wasn't sure why.

It could've been Christmas, all thatjoy and the such

or some thoughts from his past that he just couldn't quite touch.

- But whatever it was, it made his heart moan.


Though he was used to it now, this being alone.

And now safe in his cave, and apart from the fray,

- he reminded himself...

It is better this way.


That's right, yeah.
Just right there.

- No. No.


Whoa! (GRUNTS)

- Cindy-Lou!
- Don't worry, Mom!



I'm wearing four ski jackets.

Four jackets?
Aren't you a little hot?

Sweating a little bit.

- Are you going somewhere?
- North Pole.

Oh, wow!
Any, uh, particular reason?

- I gotta talk to Santa.
- Santa, huh?

Yeah. It's really important.

Well, it must be if you need to go see him in person.

- It sure is.
- Okay, then. Well, good luck and I guess I'll see you in about a month.


It takes a whole month to get to the North Pole?

Oh, yeah. At least.

Christmas will be over by the time I got there.

Ah, that's true.

Now, we would miss you at Christmas.

Wow, I guess I'm gonna have to come up with another plan.

Hey, maybe while you're thinking, you could put the halo on the angel.

- Okay.

You wanna take your jackets off?

Yeah, at least one or two of them.


DONNA: No, boys. Don't pull the angel's wings off.

She needs those.


So, uh...

What do you wanna do today?




No idea, huh?

Ooh, I got one.






All right, all right.
I'm sorry.

You're a good dog.


But a bad drummer.

What would you like to do?

More than embarrassing to be beaten by a dog.


- Oh, what's that?

And checkmate! Again.


What in the world is happening?


What is that?

It's the most beautiful Christmas tree you've ever seen. (LAUGHS)

Three times bigger?

That's a hundred times bigger!

Oh, you just wait till we light it tonight.

It'll sparkle so bright you'll be celebrating Christmas with the rest of us. Ho-ho!


BRICKLEBAUM: Oh, man! I can't wait.

I'm gonna keep at it.

- I'll see you later, Grinchy!
- No!

You will not see me later, and I will not be celebrating.

And that tree, that tree has got to go.

Come on, Mom.

Cindy-Lou, look over there.

- Wow! That's amazing!
- Thank you!


Ooh, a three-eyed sock monster!

Awesome robot!

MAYOR McGERKLE: Oh, how marvelous this time of year is.

Welcome, Who-ville, to the annual tree-lighting ceremony.

How spectacular are these ornaments?

Look what I made, everybody.
It's a Christmas dragon.

It came to me in a dream.

(CHUCKLES) Oh, man!

- Hey, Bartholomew!
- Hey there, Ms. Who.

- Here you go!
- Got it!

Find a good spot for it.

There it goes.

MAYOR McGERKLE: Now, let's get ready to flip that switch and light up the sky.

(CHUCKLES) Oh, no!
Not on my watch, you don't.

See you guys soon!
I'm gonna go find Groopert.

Okay. Have fun. Bye. Say bye.

Here you go. I hope your big brother gets what he deserves.

Hey, Groopert, how's business?

Good. What I can't sell I can always eat.

I need to talk to you about something really important.

- Okay.
- Come on. Let's go.

All right, check this out, Groopert.

I'm gonna stay up on Christmas Eve this year and meet Santa Claus.

Whoa, that is crazy!

Yeah, I really gotta talk to him.

About what?

Well, it's really personal.

But I'm going to tell you because you're my best friend.

It's about my mom.

She works all night and takes care of us all day.

And it just isn't fair.

She acts like she's fine, but I know it's really hard for her.

So I figured if anyone could fix that, it'd be Santa.


And I just asked him for a turtle.

MAYOR McGERKLE: Here we go!

Oh, it's starting.

Okay, Who-ville, it is time to light this beautiful tree.

... , , and .

Okay, lock and load.

All right, just attach this here and we'll be ready to launch.


I know! I wish I could see the look on their faces.





Okay. Oh, boy!



That could be so much worse.


Let's begin the countdown.

ALL: Ten,


eight, seven,

six, five,

four, three, two...

Hey! My dragon can fly!!


Oh, my!

No, no, no!

No, no!

- Whoa!
- Wow!

Oh, it's beautiful.

There it is, the most beautiful tree Who-ville has ever seen.





No, no.

NARRATOR: He walked through the crowd and the sound, and the lights.

And his ears heard the thump of theirjoy and delights.

And it took him right back to his earliest years,

to that lost, lonely boy who cried all of those tears.

That lost, lonely boy, isolated and sad

with no home of his own, no mom and no dad.


And as the Grinch looked around, he felt downright scared

as he remembered that Christmas where nobody cared.

Where nobody showed, not even a flea,

and there were no cards, no gifts, and no tree.


And as he watched other kids,

one thing became clear,

that this was the single worst day of the year.

And now here it was, that day once again

when he felt all those feelings he felt way back when.

When he'd watch Whos young and old all sit down to feast,

and they'd feast, and they'd feast,

and they'd feast, feast, feast, feast.

They'd feast on Who-pudding, and rare Who roast beast.

Which is something the Grinch could not stand in the least.

And then they'd do something he liked least of all.

Every Who down in Who-ville, the tall and the small,

would stand close together with Christmas bells ringing.

They'd stand hand-in-hand and the Whos would start singing.

They'll sing, and they'll sing, and they'll sing, sing, sing, sing.

NARRATOR: Yes, he couldn't recall without feeling the sting.

So the Grinch finally declared...

I must stop this whole thing.


For years
I've put up with it.


I must stop this Christmas from coming, but how?



NARRATOR: Then he got an idea,

an awful idea.

The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea.

I know just what to do.

I'm going to steal their Christmas.


All the trimmings.

All the trappings.

All their gifts and garlands.

When they wake and see it's gone

then all their joy and happiness will be gone as well.


So prepare yourself, Max.

For, tomorrow we begin.





Genius starts with the abs, Max.


It's go time.

And now,

the question we have all been waiting for.

How will I steal Christmas?

Well, prepare to have your little doggy mind blown. Poof.



(CHUCKLES) That's right.

I become Santa Claus.

But instead of giving all the joy and happiness, I'll take it away.

If he can deliver Christmas to the whole world in one night,

then I can certainly steal it from little old Who-ville.

I mean, come on,

what's Santa have that I don't?


That's hurtful.


Um, what are you doing with my bowling ball?

Chasing it.

- And you're taking it where?
- It's a secret.

All right, but not without breakfast. Catch.

Whoa, waffles, my favorite!

Thanks! See you guys later!

(GRUNTS) Here we go.

- Hey, Cindy-Lou!
- Oh, hey there, Mr. Cubbins.




- Ready.
- All right. Let's go.


Hold on!

BOTH: Whoo!


Let's go, let's go.
Let's move.


Hang on! Whoo!

And dismount.


So, what do we know?

Waffles are delicious.

Super delicious.

But I meant about meeting Santa.

We know
no one's ever done it.


Okay. How about this?

I'm gonna sit in the living room with my eyes wide open, like this,

and if I start to drift off,

I'll just open them wider!

I'm pretty sure you're gonna fall asleep.

And by the time you wake up...

He'll be gone.

Nothing but cookie crumbs.

Yeah, you're right.

- I got it.
- Tell me!

Maple syrup.

All right, maple syrup.

We pour it on the roof, the reindeer get stuck

and then they can't fly away.


Won't the syrup just freeze?

Good point.

Also, how do we get all that syrup on the roof?

Yeah, I got nothing.


Wait a minute. I think I got it.


We're gonna need the whole gang for this one.

Okay. If I'm gonna become Santa, then I need to get into character.

All right. Let's see. "Christmas tree,

"Christmas traditions, Christmas pudding."

How does pudding work its way into everything?

Where is the Santa stuff?

Look at this, little girls and boys giggling over sugarplums.


Look how they did the roof of the gingerbread house with vanilla icing.

Hmm. Little family of gumdrops.


Huh. So dumb.
So, so stupidly dumb.

Ah, here we are!

"The Legend of Santa Claus.

"Red suit, white beard.

"Always in a jolly mood."


That's not gonna happen.

Oh, well. Let's just start by finding ourselves some reindeer.



Beautiful, isn't it, Max?

This, my little friend, is the Rein-Horn.

It perfectly recreates the mating call of the reindeer.




Oh. Hey, there.
Sorry, little goat. I was calling for a...


What was that?
Scram! Skedaddle!

Strange goat.


Now, reindeer migrate,

so maybe we'll catch a few headed south for the winter.

I also read that they tend to mate in densely wooded...

- Will you stop following us?

Shoo! Away!
Go back to the goat farm!

Go eat a can.


- All right, now that that's over, back to the task at hand.

Whoo. It's a little crisp.

Oh, it's getting really cold.

Oh, goodness!

Can't feel my lips!

Can't blink.

Eyes frozen!



we've hit the mother lode.

(GASPS) We'll have reindeer to pull our...







Well, Santa had eight.

He looks like he ate the other seven.

Watch and learn, Max.

All right.











Frozen, stinking...

Stop, stop.

Onward, my furry friends.

We're walking toward destiny.


All right,
you called, we came.

- So what's up?
- Yeah, what's the deal?

Thanks for getting here so fast, guys.

Follow me.

So what's the big secret?

Yeah, I don't have very long.
My parents set the timer.

- Dude.
- Don't ask. It's new.

All right, everybody, brace yourselves.

In exactly hours

we're going to do something that's never been done before.

We're gonna trap Santa Claus!

Trap Santa?

Why would we wanna do that?

Duh. To steal all his toys.
I love it.

- That's a great idea.
- Not to steal his toys.

To, um... To talk to him.

What? Why'd you wanna talk to him?

- It's personal.
- Yeah, it's kinda personal.

Well, I don't wanna do it if you won't tell me why.

What are you talking about, "personal"?

Axl, when you asked to borrow $ and my mom's suitcase,

did I ask you why?

- No.

And what about you, Ozzy?
Remember when you got stuck in that...

All right, all right, okay. Jeez.

I did it because you're my friend.

And when something matters to you, that means it matters to me.

That's beautiful.

Okay, okay, okay.
You convinced me.

- Count me in, too.
- All right, we're in.

Great! Now let's do this.

AXL: Yeah, let's do this!
OZZY: Let's make it happen. Awesome.

AXL: Cool. That is so cool.

To the bikes.


DONNA: Cindy-Lou, dinner time!
MAN: Come here, guys, dinner time!

- WOMAN: Time to eat!
- Ooh, dinner.

All right, we meet first thing in the morning.

- Okay.
- All right.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you guys in the morning.

- WOMAN: Ozzy, timer!
- Okay, Mom!



(WHISPERING) This is the loudest snow I've ever heard in my life.

You two, go around the back.

Wait for me to drop the sleigh from the roof. Okay?


Go, team.













What? What's going on?

Hey! Who taught Mabel how to use the doorbell?

Man, that's awesome.

You smart little dog.



ALL: (SINGING) Holy infant

Huh? What's this?

So tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace

- Sleep in heavenly peace



All right, here it comes.

Get ready.






Oh, look at that. Mabel is delivering cakes now.

I mean, is this the best Christmas or what?



Ooh! Holy moly!

Man, I don't know what's in this cake,

but I think I just saw Santa Claus. (LAUGHS)

Let me get another piece.


Today was great!

We did mean things and we did them in style.

- Max,

you know the rules.

You sleep in your bed, and I sleep in...


Oh, no, no, not you, too. I don't believe this.

Max, did you teach him puppy eyes?



Fine. This one time.

















Mmm. Now that is a great cup of coffee!



Max, this morning, you and I need to do some recon.

Fred, you just sit right there.

And don't touch anything!

Intel, Max, that's what we're after.

How many houses are in Who-ville and how many Whos?

How many wreaths and trees and chimney flues?

I'll be in your ear the whole time, and whatever you're seeing

I'll be seeing on the monitor.

- Ready? Now off you go, Max.

Fly, boy!



Max, stop socializing!

Now, let's go in for a look.


Six houses on Oak Street...
Oh, watch out!



GRINCH: Okay. Go, go, go, go!

Now cut through Main Street and survey the south side.


Look at those greedy little gift monsters.

Loading themselves up with Christmas junk.

Okay, Max, turn right here.

So I woke up this morning, got dressed, had my coffee,

went outside, looked on the roof.

My sleigh was gone.

My, my, I wonder who took it.

- Huh?

Okay, let's see here.

If we do houses an hour for six hours, that would be sausages.

(EXCLAIMS) Sausages?

Max! Don't even think about it.



Max, are you okay?


Oh, hey, look, it's me.

Oh, dear. (GROANS)

(GROANS) Bad dog.

Fred! We're home!


What are you doing?


Come on, we got work to do.

Now, let's plan our route.

First, now, we go south,

quick jaunt to the east,

and then this house, skip the subdivision for the moment,

knock off the entire southeast quadrant of the town.

And then we finish it all up

on Whistling Who Lane.

That's houses

and only seven hours of darkness to work with.

That means we have to be fast and focused.

And believe you me, there will be temptation...


...all around us.

Behold! The present!

This is our enemy.

You will want to unwrap it and play with it.


Hmm. But you must not!

And if you can get past the present, the only obstacle left is

the cookie.

Look at it in all its red, sugary splendor.


No, no, no!
Look at yourselves!

Discipline! We must...


(SIGHS) Resist.

Are you ready?


Good. Think jolly.

OZZY: And fat.

GROOPERT: Okay, I'm ready.

All right, quick. Everybody hide!

Three, two, one,

cue Santa!

That means you, Groopert.


(IN MONOTONE) Ho, ho, ho, ho. Look at this pretty house.

I will leave presents for the people.

Come on, it's not the school play, dude.

Then why do I have to wear the outfit?

Groopert, focus! Just get the cookie.

But I can see the string.

Stop worrying! It'll be dark at night.

What if he has a flashlight?

Have you ever seen a picture of Santa with a flashlight?

- No, but I just...
- Groopert!

Just pick up the cookie!

Hmm. What do we have here? A delicious little cookie.




GROOPERT: Uh, hey, guys.

Do I still get to eat the cookie?


GRINCH: All right.

So, I tinkered with our sleigh a bit.



Look at this, Max.

Now you'll be riding in style.

A throne for a barking prince.
How do you like that?


All right, Fred,

you are the engine of this great machine. Understood?

- Good.

Now, remember, this is just a practice run.

But on this team, we practice like we play.

So, let's leave it all out on the snow.

- Whoa!


All right, how about that?

Now, let's pick up the pace and see how she handles.


Hang on!

No, no, no. No problem!

It's all under control.

Hold on!




We're doing it, Max.
We are doing it!

We will not be...


What happened?


Oh. Um...

Sorry, but we don't need any more reindeer.

No. Go. Get. Shoo.

I have what I need.



It's okay, Fred.




On our own again, Max.



NARRATOR: It was the day before Christmas and the Whos were abuzz,

all doing the things that a Christmas Who does.

Some were out buying presents, others just milled about.

There you go, sir.

But the whole town feltjoyous

- of that, there was no doubt.

The weather was perfect, and soon snow would fall.

This surely would be...

Everyone ready?

...the best Christmas of all.


Max! There you are!

Check this out!

Whoa! Ah!

I've been making lots of cool...

Whoa! (LAUGHS)


Ooh, more coffee!

It's gonna be a big night.

We got all the gizmos and gazmos we need,

but we still don't have the proper outfit.

Come on, let's do a little stitching.


There's only one thing left to do.


do you know what you are?

You are a sturdy little fella.

And loyal.

Very loyal.

In fact, I think you're the best dog

- a Grinch could hope for.

And that is why

I'm promoting you.


you will guide my sleigh tonight.



I knew you wouldn't let me down.

NARRATOR: It was now Christmas Eve.
There was joy in the air.

For in just a few hours, Santa Claus would be there.

And the gifts would be left, and the stockings all filled.

And the anticipation, well, it started to build.

WOMAN: Ozzy, what are you doing?

Trying to get myself tired.

All right, eight hours till Christmas morning.

That's , seconds.

Okay, and sleep!

Waffle One, this is Waffle Two.
Are you there? Over.

CINDY-LOU: I read you loud and clear, Waffle Two.

GROOPERT: This is Groopert, by the way.

CINDY-LOU: Yeah, I got that.

GROOPERT: Oh. I just wanted to wish you good luck with Santa Claus.

Thanks. Talk tomorrow.

So, you got any last-minute wishes for Santa?

Yep. I have one great big wish.


Because you deserve everything you want and more.

Thanks, Mom.

I want the same thing for you.


How did I end up with such a wonderful daughter?

I don't know.
Sometimes you just get lucky.

Well, then I really did.

Me, too.

I love you, Mom.

I love you, sweetheart.

Good night.

Good night.

NARRATOR: The Grinch was now ready to start his big trip.

He stood like a captain aboard a great ship.

Yes, the time had now come to take off like a shot.

Here we go, Max.
Let's see what you've got!




Max, are you okay?

- Huh?

Yeah, Max! Attaboy!

Go, boy! Go!


NARRATOR: And down the Grinch came on his great fateful ride

toward the good homes of Who-ville and the Christmas inside.


He had planned it and prepped it, big detail to small.

Yes, he'd get rid of Christmas now, once and for all.

You take the outside, I'll take the inside.

House number one.

NARRATOR: He was ready to pounce, and set the score right.

He'd make up for the past, and he'd do it tonight.


Now let's steal Christmas.

NARRATOR: He swept up their presents with the speed of a wiz.

And he knew he'd cause sadness, only theirs now, not his.




All this excess and nonsense

it was all about greed.

About meaningless stuff

that they didn't even need.


The Grinch went to work. He scooped up the toys.

He raced against time,

he raced againstjoy.

- He hit a few snags as he made his way through...
- (YOWLING) angry orange cat

and a sleepwalking Who.

(GASPS) Huh?

Thank you, Mommy.

NARRATOR: He stole pop guns and bicycles, roller skates, drums,

checker boards, tricycles, popcorn and plums.

Gadgets and gizmos and dolls with strange names,

goofballs and shloof-balls and video games.

And he swiped, and he poached. Yes, the stealing was on.

And this day that he hated, well, he made it be gone.

This is it. The last house.

(SINGING) Dashing through the snow in a one-dog open sleigh


One more house to go and Christmas goes away





Oh, what the heck.


- Huh? (YELPING)

He's here!

What the...



How do I get out of this?

Santa Claus.

Oh. Hello.
A little help, please.

I'll let you down, just give me a minute.

Oh, that'd be great.

I'm coming.

Just trying to remember which cord it is.

- Oh, no!

I'm so sorry, are you okay?

Yeah. I guess so.

- Let me help you.

Sit down here.

Drink this.

It'll make you feel better.

Uh... Thanks.

Wow. I can't believe it's really you!



I'm so sorry about the trap and everything, but I really need...

Hey! Why are you taking our Christmas tree?



One of the lights wasn't working,

so I thought I'd take it back to the workshop

and see if I could fix it.

I didn't know you did that.

Yeah. Sure.

Now, why don't you go back upstairs to bed,

and then when you wake up the tree will be fixed

and your presents will be waiting under it.

Wait. You don't understand, I don't want presents.

(CHUCKLES) Of course you do.
Everyone wants presents.

No, no, really, I don't!

I want you to help my mom.

Your mom?

Yeah. She works so hard

and is always doing stuff for other people,

and I just want her to be happy.

You want me to help your mom?

You're Santa.

You make people happy.

And everyone should be happy, right?

(STAMMERS) Yeah...

I guess they should.

Santa, are you okay?

What? Uh...

Yeah. I'm fine.

Now, why don't you go back up to bed, hmm?


I wish you could celebrate with us tomorrow.

We all get together and sing.

It's so beautiful

that if you close your eyes and listen,

all of your sadness just goes away.

That sounds nice.



Thank you, Santa.

Good night.

Good... Good night.


I just met the strangest little Who girl.


All right, Max. Let's go.

NARRATOR: He tried to forget it, but the words filled his head

and he found himself thinking about what the young girl had said.

It was hard to imagine. Could it really be true?

But if they could all be happy, maybe he could be, too.






NARRATOR: Her head felt unsteady, and her heart was just sick.

Oh, no!

It must be a joke or a prank, or a trick.

Who would do such a thing?

Who would stoop down this low?

And then one little girl realized she might just know.

, feet up, up the side of Mount Crumpit,

the Grinch rode with his load to the tip-top to dump it.

Keep going.

We're gonna make it.

IZZY: Oh, dear.
What... What happened?

Where's the decorations?

All the presents.

Aw, man!

Mom, it's my fault.

What... What is?

All of this.

I trapped Santa last night

because I wanted to ask him to do something special for you.

But I think I made him mad

and that's why he stole everyone's Christmas.

No! No, no. No, honey, this isn't your fault.

He didn't steal Christmas,

he just stole stuff.

Christmas is in here.

And besides, I already have the greatest gift I could ever get.



Just one more shove.


What's that? Do you hear it?

They're singing?

I don't understand, Max.

Don't they know what I've done?

NARRATOR: As he watched the small girl, he thought he might melt.

If he did what she did, would he feel what she felt?

And the luscious sound swelled, reaching up to the skies.

And the Grinch heard with his heart, and it tripled in size.





What? Oh, no!


No! No, no, no!

Oh, no!



No, don't worry. I got it.


Max, it's okay. I'm...



Oh, no, no, no.









You came back.


- Max, the gifts! We have to return them.

NARRATOR: And having heard the Whos' goodness, having felt the Whos' song,

he tried to make right what he had made wrong.



Hello, everybody.



It was me.

I stole your Christmas.

I stole it because...

Because I thought it would fix something that happened a long time ago.

But it didn't,

and I'm sorry.

I'm so very sorry.

For everything.


Not now, Max.

I need to be alone.


I kind of thought you might like it.

You don't like it?
Oh, I could take it back.

- It's not a big deal. I just thought maybe you...


Oh, hey. (CHUCKLING)

Merry Christmas to you, too, Max.


That's gonna get old.


What was that?


Uh, hello.


Remember me?

Yes. Yes, I do.
I remember you.

My name is Cindy-Lou.
Cindy-Lou Who.

It's nice to meet you, Cindy-Lou.

- Oh, my name is Grinch.

And, uh, this is Max.

Nice to meet you, Max.

I just came to invite you to our house for Christmas dinner.

What? Me?

But I took your gifts.

Yeah, I know.

And your trees.


I stole your whole Christmas.

I know you did.

But we're inviting you anyway.

But why?

Because you've been alone long enough.

Dinner's at : !

Don't be late.

And make sure you bring your sweet doggy, too!




Right. Okay.




Um, this is a bad idea.

(STAMMERS) I can't do this.
I can't do this.

They're all gonna hate me.


All right. (GRUNTS)


I did it.

Oh, Mr. Grinch.

I'm so happy you decided to come.


Thank you for inviting me.

Uh, I wore a tie.

And it's a very nice tie.

Cindy-Lou, look who came!

Mr. Grinch! You're here!


Come on in, I'll show you around.

Oh. Okay.


Hello, Mr. Grinch.
Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you, too.

Aunt Ida, I'd like you to meet my friend, the Grinch.

Oh, it's nice to meet you, Mr. Grinch.

Thank you.
It's nice to be here.


Oh, here,
let me take that for you.

Oh, thank you.

Cindy-Lou, could you make a little room for this, please?

No, don't worry.
I've got it.

Oh, isn't that thoughtful?


BRICKLEBAUM: Is that grouchy, grumpy Grinchy I see standing over there?

- Bricklebaum, good to see you.

- Come on, Grinchy, give me a hug.

It don't count if you don't hug back, buddy.

Okay, come take your seats, everyone. Dinner's ready.

Come on, you're sitting next to me.

Here you go.




This is my first Christmas dinner.
What happens?

You'll see.

Would you do the honors, Mr. Grinch?


Uh, okay.

Do you mind if I say something first?

Not at all.

Um, well, everybody, I just want to say,

I've spent my entire life

hating Christmas and everything about it.

But now I see that it wasn't Christmas I hated,

it was being alone.

But I'm not alone anymore.

And I have all of you to thank for it.

But especially

this little girl right here.


your daughter's kindness changed my life.

That's my girl.

Oh, that was beautiful.

That's my best friend.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Grinch.

- Merry Christmas, Cindy-Lou.

NARRATOR:And the Grinch raised his glass, and led the Whos in a toast.

To kindness and love, the things we need most.