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Spirited Away (2001)

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Spirited Away

Good luck, Chihiro Hope we meet again

Chihiro? Chihiro!

We're almost there.

This really is the middle of nowhere.

I'll have to shop in the next town.

We'll just have to make do.

Look, there's the elementary school.

That's your new school, Chihiro.

Why, it looks very nice.

I liked my old school.

Mom, my flowers got bent.

No wonder, the way you squeeze them.

A little water and they'll perk right up.

My first bouquet, and it's farewell flowers.

What about the rose you got for your birthday?

One rose? One rose isn't a bouquet.

You dropped the card.

Now pull yourself together.
This is a busy day for us.

Wait a minute. Did I take a wrong turn?

I don't get it.

That must be it up there.

The blue one on the end.

That's it.

I guess I turned off too soon.

Maybe if we go straight?

Oh, please. That's how we always get lost.

Let's just see what's up here.

- What are those things?
- Houses for the guardian spirits.

Dad, are you sure?

Don't worry, we've got -wheel drive.

Sit down, Chihiro.

What are you doing? Slow down!

There's a tunnel.

What's this building?

It looks like a gate.

Honey, I think we should go back.


Honestly... Look at this, it's just plaster.

This thing's pretty new.

The air's blowing in.

What is it?

Let's see what's on the other side.

It's creepy, Dad. Can't we go back?

Don't be such a chicken.
C'mon, let's take a look.

The movers will be there soon.

So? They've got the keys.
They'll handle everything.

I know, but...

No! I won't go.

Dad, let's go.

Come on, it'll be fun.

I'm staying here!

Chihiro, you wait in the car.


Wait up!

Watch your step.

Chihiro, don't cling.
You'll make me trip.

- What is this?
- Wait, hear that?

- A train.
- Maybe we're near a station.

Let's find out. It must be close.

Houses, way out here?

I knew it.

It's an abandoned theme park.

They built lots of them back in the nineties.

But they went bust when the economy t*nk.

This must be one of them.

Wait, where are we going?

Let's go back, Dad.


Mom, that building's moaning.

It's just the wind.

What a lovely spot. We should've brought the sandwiches.

This would've been a river.

Do you smell something?

- Something smells good.
- You're right.

Maybe they're open for business after all.

Hurry up, Chihiro.

Wait for me!

This way.

Can you believe it?
Nothing but restaurants.

There's nobody here.

Over there.

Come on!

Come take a look.

This is amazing.

Hello, is anybody here?

Come on, Chihiro.
It looks delicious.

You got customers!

Don't worry. We'll pay when they show up.

You're right. Let's see now...

What kind of bird is this?

It's delicious! Chihiro, try some.

I don't want any.

Can't we go? They'll be mad at us.

Don't worry, your father's here.

I've got credit cards and cash.

Have some, Chihiro.
It's very tender.

- Mustard.
- Thanks.

Mom! Dad!

What a weird building.

A train!

You can't be here. Go now!

It's almost sundown.
Go before it gets dark!

They're lighting the lamps. Come on!

I'll hold them off.
Get across the river!

What's his problem?


Dad, let's go home.

Let's go, Dad!






It's just a dream.

Wake up, wake up. Wake up!

Please wake up.

It's just a dream, a stupid dream.

Go away, disappear.


I'm fading away!

This has to be a dream.

Don't be afraid. I'm a friend.

No, no, no!

Open your mouth. Eat this.

Unless you eat something from this world, you'll disappear.


Don't worry. You won't turn into a pig.

Chew it and swallow.

Good, now you'll be fine.

See for yourself.

I can touch you.

Of course. Now come.

Where's Mom and Dad?
Did they really turn into pigs?

You can't see them now, but you will.


It's looking for you.
There's no time, let's run.

I can't stand up. What should I do?

- My legs don't work.
- Relax and take a deep breath.

In the name of the wind and water within, unbind her.

Stand up!

Don't breathe while we're on the bridge.

One tiny breath will break my spell.
We don't want anyone to see you.

I'm scared.

Be calm.

Welcome, your presence honors us.

Greetings, welcome.

- I've finished my rounds.
- Welcome back, sir.

Take a deep breath.

Hold it.

Welcome back. We've been waiting for you.

Just a little further.

Master Haku!

Where have you...

A human?


Master Haku, Master Haku!

I smell something.
A human intruder!

I smell humans!
The stench of humans!

- They know you're here.
- Sorry, I messed up.

No, Chihiro, you did very well.

Now listen. I'll tell you what to do.

If you stay here, they'll find you.

I'll distract them while you get away.

No, don't go! Stay with me, please.

You have no choice, if you want to survive here...and save your parents, too.

So I wasn't dreaming.
They did turn into pigs.

Listen carefully.

After I'm gone, go through the back gate.

Take the stairs all the way down.

You'll find the boiler room where...they stoke the fires.

Look for Kamaji.


Ask him for work.

If he refuses, keep asking.

If you don't work, Yubaba will turn you into an animal.


She's the sorceress who rules our world.

She'll try to trick you into leaving... but keep asking for work.

The work's hard, but it will protect you.
Then even Yubaba can't harm you.

Master Haku, Master Haku!

I have to go.

- Remember I'm your friend, Chihiro.
- How did you know my name?

You told me long ago.

My name is Haku.

Here I am!

Master Haku, Yubaba's waiting.

I know, I've been searching too.


Excuse me.


Are you Kamaji?

Haku sent me. Please
let me work here.

What, all at once?

Get to work, you little runts!

I am Kamaji, slave to the boilers that heat the baths.

Step on it, boys!

Please let me work here.

I've got all the help I need. There's soot everywhere.

I'll never run out of help.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Wait a second.

Out of the way.

Wait, what do I do with this?

Do I leave it here?

Finish what you start.

Get to work, runts! Wanna turn back into soot?

And you, better watch it. You can't just take someone's work.

If they don't work, their spell will be broken.

There's no work for you here.
Try somewhere else.

You sootballs got a problem?

Get to work!

Chow time!

What, you guys at it again?

Give it a rest. Where's your bowl?

I keep telling you to leave it out.

Food's here. Break time!

The human! You're gonna catch it.

They're having a fit about it upstairs.

She's my granddaughter.

Your granddaughter!

She says she wants work, but I don't need any help.

Could you take her to Yubaba for me?

This girl can handle herself.

Not a chance. Yubaba would k*ll me.

Not even for this? Charcoal-roasted newt, finest quality.

If you want work, you have to sign a contract with Yubaba.

Might as well try your luck.

Fine! You there, follow me.

What about "Yes, ma'am" or "Thank you"?

Yes, ma'am.

What a klutz. Move it!

Yes, ma'am.

Leave the shoes. And the socks!


Aren't you going to thank Kamaji?
He's looking out for you.

Thank you very much.

Good luck.

Yubaba lives on the top floor in the back.

Move it, will you?

You'll lose your nose.

- One more elevator after this.
- Yes'm.

We're here.

Welcome, sir!

This elevator stops here.
Please use another one.

- He's following us.
- Quit gawking.

Here we are.

Your room is on the right.

- Lin?
- Yes, sir!

Something smells.

It's human. You reek of human.

Is that so?

I smell it, I do. Smells mighty tasty, too.

You're hiding something.

Tell me the truth.

Maybe it's this.

Roasted newt? Give it here!

Not a chance. The girls asked me to get it.

I'm begging you. I'll settle for a leg.

Pull the lever to go up, sir.

Can't you even knock?

What a plain little girl.

Now, come.

I said, come!


What a racket. Could you be quiet?


Let me work here.

Stop your babbling.

Why do I need a weakling like you?

Besides, this is no place for humans.

Millions of spirits come here...to purge themselves of toil and care.

Your parents, my goodness!
They certainly had some nerve.

Gobbling our guests' food like a couple of pigs.

Just deserts, I'd say.

And as for you, you'll never see your world again either.

You'd make a lovely piglet.

Or perhaps a lump of coal?

Trembling, aren't you?

Still, I'm impressed you made it this far.

Someone must've helped you.

I must thank your friend.

Just who was it, my dear?
You can tell me.

Please let me work here!

Not that again!

I want to work here!

Shut your mouth!

Why on earth should I hire you?

Anyone can see you're a lazy, spoiled, stupid crybaby.

What job would I possibly have for someone like you?

You're wasting your time.
I've got all the bums I need.

Or maybe I'll give you the nastiest job I've got... and work you night and day... until you breathe your very last breath!

Now, now. What's wrong, my dear?

I'm coming. That's a good baby.

Are you still here?
Get out, right now.

I want to work here!

Keep your voice down.

I'll be right there, just be patient.

That's a good baby. There, there.

Please give me a job!

All right, just pipe down.

There, there, good baby.

That's your contract.

Sign on the bottom line.

I'll put you to work.

But one peep out of you about anything... and I'll turn you into a piglet.

Should I sign here?

Where else? Quit dilly-dallying.


What a ridiculous oath I took.

I'm bound to give work to whoever asks.

- Finished?
- Yes.

- Chihiro, that's your name?
- Yes.

Quite a fancy name.

From now on, your name is Sen.

Understand? Sen.

Answer me, Sen!

I understand.

Yes ma'am?

- See to her, she's starting work today.
- Very well.

What is your name?

Chi... I mean, Sen.

Then follow me, Sen.

Haku, I...

No idle chatter.

Call me Master Haku.

I'm afraid even Yubaba can't give an order like that.

Humans aren't allowed here.

She signed the contract.

- What!
- I'll work hard.

- Don't send her to us.
- She stinks to high heaven.

She won't stink after three days of our food.

If she doesn't measure up, do with her as you will.

Now go back to work. Where's Lin?

What, you're dumping her on me?

You wanted an assistant.

That's right! Lin's just perfect.

Go, Sen.

Yes sir.

What a pain. You're gonna pay for this.

Off you go.

Come on.

You pulled it off!

You're so thick, I was worried.

Keep your wits about you.
If you need anything, ask me.

What's wrong?

My legs are shaking.

This is where we live.

Eat, sleep and you'll be fine.

Your apron. Keep it clean.


You're so puny.

Too big.

Lin, are there...


Are there two Hakus here?

Two of that one? I sure hope not.

Still too big.

He's Yubaba's apprentice.
Be careful around him.

Now where was that...

All right, here we go.

Hey, are you okay?
Don't fall apart on me.

What's all the noise, Lin?

New girl. Says she feels faint.

Meet me at the bridge. I'll take you to your mother and father.

My shoes are gone.

Thank you.

Follow me.

Dad, Mom, it's me!

It's Sen.

Mom! Dad!

Are they sick? Are they hurt?

They're just sleeping.
Their stomachs are full.

They don't remember they were ever human.

Listen to me! I promise I'll save you.

Don't get too fat or they'll eat you.

Hide these.

I thought they were gone.

For when you go home.

This was a farewell card.


Chihiro... That's my name!

Yubaba controls us by stealing our names.

You're Sen here. Keep your real name a secret.

She almost got my name.
I was turning into Sen.

Without your real name, you'll never find your way home.

I no longer remember mine.

Your real name?

But it's strange, I remember yours.

Better eat, you must be hungry.

I don't want to.

I put a spell on them to give you back your strength.

You've had a rough time.
Better eat more.

You know the way back.

Thanks Haku. I promise
to work hard.

Where were you? I was worried.


Out of the way.

Come on, give it some elbow grease.

Starting today, you two are on the big tub.

What? That's Frog work!

Orders from the top.
And no shirking, either.

Aren't you getting wet?

Sen, come on!


I'll leave this open.

- On the big tub, Lin?
- Stuff it.

Just look at this. Hasn't been scrubbed in ages.

The big tub is reserved for our filthiest guests.

It's caked with sludge.

Lin! Sen! First customers are coming.

All right already!

Man, this is pure harassment.

Go get a tag from the foreman.

A tag?

For an herbal bath.


Lin, what's a foreman?

Something's coming. I wonder... ls some good-for-nothing using the rain to sneak in?

Absolutely not, it's too valuable to waste.

Good morning!

Feeling refreshed?

For Kasuga.

One deluxe sulfur bath.

No point standing there.
Back to work.

Scrub it with your hands.

Good morning!

Your bare hands.

But she said it has to be an herbal bath.

You just don't get it.

Mugwort, right?

Relax and enjoy.

Foreman. Yes ma'am!

Thank you!

But that's not...

Hey you, wait!

What's the trouble?

Oh, nothing at all.

We have an intruder.

A human?

You figure it out.
Haku's gone today.

Wow, you got a really good one.

This goes straight to Kamaji.

Water should be right up.

Yank this for hot water.
Go ahead, try it.

You're really are a klutz.

Look at that color.

This one has dried worm salts.

With water this murky, who's gonna see the sludge?

Yank it again when it's full. It'll stop.

You can let go now.
I'll go get our breakfast.



Um... The bath's not ready yet.

So many...

They're for me?

But I don't need them.

No, you gave me one already.


- It's a Stink Spirit.
- Yes, and a large one, too.

It's headed straight for the bridge!

Please turn back.

Please go! The baths are closed for the night.

Please withdraw, please!


That's odd. Stink Spirits feel different.

Well, now that it's here, better go greet it!

All we can do is get rid of it fast.

Everyone, please return to your rooms!

Please hurry. Terribly sorry!

Lin and Sen, Yubaba wants you.

Yes sir!

Pay attention, this is your debut.

Show the customer to the big tub.

Remember, one peep out of you and you're coal.

- Got it?
- It has arrived.

No, that's not polite!

Welgum to our bazz.

Oh... Money...!

Hurry Sen, take it!

Yez ma'am.

Wud are you wading for?
Show him to da bazz!

Diz way...




Open the windows, all of 'em!

What? Just a minute.

- That's really filthy.
- It's not funny.

What will she do?

Ah, she's going to refill the tub.

Oh dear, she's soiling the walls with her dirty hands!

Did you give Sen new tags?

Never, what a waste!

All that precious herbal essence!

Sen! Sen, where are you?

- Lin!
- Are yo u okay?

I asked Kamaji to help us out.

He's sending his best herbal essence.

Thanks. There's a thorn or something stuck in him.

A thorn?

I can't pull it out.

A thorn? Hmm...

Get everyone downstairs!


Sen and Lin!

Our guest is no Stink Spirit.

Use this rope.

Yes ma'am!

Tie it good and tight!

Hurry up! Girls, lend a hand!

It's tied!

Everyone ready? All together now!


And heave!



A bicycle?

I knew it. Now, heave!


Sen, are you all right?

Well done.

Gold! It's gold!

Hands off! That's company property.

Quiet! Our guest is still with us.

Sen, you're in the way.
Get down from there.

Open the main gates! He's leaving!

Sen, you're a wonder!
You made us a fortune.

That was the guardian of a great river.

Everyone, learn from Sen!

Sake on the house tonight.

Now hand over all that gold you picked up.

Want some? I swiped them.


What a day.

Haku missed the whole thing.

Not Haku again!

Sometimes he just disappears.

They say Yubaba makes him do bad stuff.


Lights out, Lin.


There's a town. And the water's like an ocean.

What did you expect after all that rain?

I'm gonna get there someday.
I'll get out of here for sure.

What's wrong?


Who are you? You're no customer.

You're not allowed in there.

Hey, it's gold! For me?

You can make gold?


Who's down here?

It's way past lights out.

Hey boss, I'm hungry.

Starved, in fact.

That voice...

There, I'll pay you now.

I'm a customer. I want a bath.

Wake everyone up!

Mom and Dad, the river guardian gave me this medicine.

If you take it, you'll be people again.

Dad, Mom, where are you?


What an awful dream.


Where is everybody?

Wow, it really did turn into an ocean!

I can see where Mom and Dad are from here.

Kamaji lit the fires already.

Did I sleep that long?

The customer's waiting.
Can't you work faster?

Serve everything you've got, even leftovers!



I was just coming to wake you up, look!

Gold! He gave me real gold.

We've got a real high roller.

Please, sir, try this!

Throw us some gold!

I'm starving, bring it all!

Who's this guest?

Come on, Yubaba's still asleep. Now's your chance.

I'm going to see Kamaji.

I wouldn't go there now.

He's angry because they woke him up.

Lin, let's go back for more.

What if I can't recognize my parents?

I hope Dad hasn't gotten too fat.

That's the dragon I saw.

It's coming this way.

Those aren't birds!

Haku, don't give up. Over here!


It's just paper.

Haku? It is you, isn't it?

Are you hurt? Those paper birds are gone.

You're safe now.

He's going to Yubaba.

What should I do? He'll die!

Now the richest man in the whole wide world... has come to grace us with his presence.


Now let us appeal to his generosity.

Please, sir! Over here.

I hope I get some.

They say gold springs from his palms.

Toss some this way, sir!

What are you doing?

Going upstairs.

No you don't. What's this?


Out of the way, we have a guest.

Thank you for your help.

Get out of the way!

I don't need it.

I'm busy, please excuse me.

Quiet! Quiet down.

Back, get back!

Please excuse her manners.

The girl is new and a human.

What's so funny?
Wipe off that smile.

Why, I would never...

He ate them!


We're in a fine mess now.

He's a No Face.

That's right, a No Face!

Your greed attracted quite a guest.

Don't do anything stupid until I get down there.

Just look at this carpet.

Get Haku out of here.

He's useless to me now.

Bo, sleeping outside your crib again?

Oh I'm sorry, you were sleeping like such a good baby.

Baba still has work to do.

Go back to sleep now, that's a good baby.

Ouch, let me go!

Oh, thanks for helping me.

But I'm in a hurry, please let me go.

You came to make me sick.

The outside has bad germs.

I'm a human. Maybe you never saw one before.

You'll get sick out there.

Stay here and play with me.

Are you sick?

I'm in here 'cause I'll get sick outside.

Staying inside will make you sick!

You see, someone I really care about is badly hurt.

I've got to go right now.

Please let me go.

If you go, I'll start crying.
Then Baba will come and k*ll you.

I'll break your little arm.

You're hurting me!

Please, I'll come play with you later.

No, I wanna play now!

Blood! See? It's blood!


Go away!

It's you, isn't it?

Hang on!

Be quiet!


Go away!


I'm not afraid of blood.
I'll cry if you don't play.

Please be a good boy and wait.

If you don't play with me I'll cry...

Please, wait!

What a racket. Simmer down.

You're a little butterball, aren't you?

I am a bit transparent here.


Oh dear, can't you even tell me from your own mother?

There, that gives you a little more freedom.

Let's see now. What shall we turn you into?

This is our little secret.
If you tell anyone...

I'll do the same to you.

Who are you?

Yubaba's older twin sister.

Thanks to you I've had a nice tour of the place.

Now hand over the dragon.

What are you going to do?
He needs help.

That dragon's a thief.
He works for my sister.

He stole a valuable seal from my house.

Haku would never do that.
He's too kind.

All dragons are kind.
Kind and stupid... and eager to learn my sister's magical ways.

This boy will do anything that greedy woman wants.

Now step aside.

It's too late for him anyway.

The thing he stole had a protection spell.

Now the thief will die.

No, don't!

What are you up to now?

All right, that's enough.
Back to your room.

Oh dear, that was careless...

Haku, no!


What is this?

Hold on there!


Does it hurt?

This is serious.

Haku, don't give up.

What can we do? He'll die!

Something inside him is eating him up.

Inside him?

It's a strong spell.
There's nothing I can do.

Haku, the river guardian gave me this.

Eat it, maybe it will help.

Haku, open your mouth.

Please Haku, eat it.

See, it's safe.

Is it some kind of medicine?

Open your mouth. You can do it.

That's it.

Swallow it.

He spit something out. That's it!

The seal!

It's getting away.
There! Over there!

Sen, we have to purge the spell.


Haku took this from Yubaba's sister.

From Zeniba? That's a witch's seal.

Precious loot, I'd say.

I knew it was Haku.

Kamaji, it's Haku!


Haku, Haku!

Kamaji, he's not breathing.

He is, but he's still very ill from the spell.

That should calm him some.

Haku turned up one day, just like you.

He said he wanted to learn magic.

I tried to warn him.

Becoming a sorcerer's apprentice is dangerous business.

But he wouldn't listen.
He kept saying...that he'd lost his home.

So he signed up to be Yubaba's apprentice.

He got paler and paler as time went by... and got a sharp gleam in his eye.

Kamaji, I'm going to give this back to Zeniba.

Give it back, apologize, and ask her to help Haku.

Tell me how to get there.

To Zeniba's house?

That's one scary sorceress.


Haku helped me. Now I want to help him.

Well, getting there is one thing.

Getting back's the problem.

Wait a minute.

Let's see now, they're here somewhere...

Everyone, I need my shoes and clothes.

Sen! I've been hunting for you everywhere!


Haku? What happened here?

Who are those guys?

My new friends.


Yubaba's looking for you.
She's hopping mad.

That big tipper turned out to be a No Face.

Yubaba says you let him in.

She might be right.

What, are you serious?

I thought he was a customer.

He's already swallowed three of our people!

Found them. Here they are, Sen.

We're busy, gramps.

You can use these.

Train tickets? Where'd you get those?

Leftovers from years ago.

You get off at the sixth stop, called Swamp Bottom.

Swamp Bottom?

That's right, the sixth stop.


Make sure you get it right.
There used to be a return train... but these days it's one way only.

Still want to go?

Yes, I'll walk back along the tracks.

What about Yubaba?

I'll talk to her now.

Haku, I promise I'll be back.
Please don't die.

What's going on here?

Don't you understand? It's love.

It just keeps getting bigger!

- Don't let it eat me!
- Here she comes.

Thank goodness, Sen!

Yubaba can't control him.

There's no need to get upset.
Sen will be here soon.

Where's Sen? I want Sen!

Now hurry!

Yubaba, it's Sen.

Where were you?

Sen is here, honored guest.
She'll be right with you.

What took you so long?
This is a total disaster!

Win him over and take all his gold.

What's this filthy rat?

Don't you recognize him?

Of course not. How disgusting.

Now in you go.

Have a nice time.

Will she be all right?

Want to take her place?

Try this, it's yummy.

Want some gold? I've decided it's just for you.

Come over here.

What do you want? You can tell me.

Where did you come from?

There's someplace I have to go right away.

You should go home.

You can't give me what I want.

Where's your home? You must have a mom and dad.

No... No...

I'm lonely... So lonely...

Are you lost?

Sen... I want Sen.

Take the gold.

Would you eat me?

Take it.

Take it!

Before you eat me, eat this first.

I was saving it for my parents, but you can have it.


You little wench!
What did you feed me?

Watch out!

Not in my house!

I'm over here!


You'll pay for this!

Sen, down here!

Over here!

We don't need him.

He needs to get out of there.
It's bad for him.

But where do we take him?

I don't know.

Don't know?

Great, now he's following us.

- From here you walk.
- Okay.

You'll find the station.


Be sure to come back!

I will.

Sen! I said you were a klutz.

I take it back!

No Face, hurt her and you'll get it from me!

There it is.

The train's coming, let's hurry.

To Swamp Bottom, please.

You want to come too?

One more, please.

Sit down.

Behave yourself, okay?


Oh, Haku. You're awake.

Kamaji, where's Sen?

What happened? Please tell me.

Don't you remember anything?

Just fragments.

Chihiro kept calling my name in the darkness.

I followed her voice and woke up here.

Chihiro? So her name is Chihiro.

It's the power of love.

This gold will hardly cover the damage.

That fool, Sen! She just cost me a fortune.

But we were saved, thanks to her.


She started the whole thing.

Now she's run away.

Abandoned her own parents!

They must be fat enough.
Turn them into bacon or ham.

No, wait.

Master Haku!

What, you're still alive?

You still don't see it?
She's played a trick on you.

You've gotten pretty fresh.

Since when do you talk that way?





Where are you, Bo?

Please come out.



Why, you little...

Out with it!

Where did you hide my Bo?

He's with Zeniba.


Now I understand. That evil witch.

She thinks she's b*at me.

So, what's your plan?

I'll bring him back.

But you must send Sen and her parents back to their world.

And what about you?

Maybe I'll send them back and then tear you to pieces.

I think this is right.

Come on.

You can ride on my shoulder.

Come in.

Thank you.

Well, hurry up then.

Come on.

So you all made it.

- I...
- Have a seat.

I'll make some tea.

Zeniba, Haku stole this. I came to give it back.

Do you know what this is?

No, but I know it's very precious.

I'm here to apologize for him. He's sorry.

You held this and nothing happened to you?


Wait, the protection spell is gone.

I'm sorry. There was this strange bug.

I squashed it.

Squashed it!

My sister snuck that bug into the dragon...so she could control him.

And you squashed it!

Now then, sit down.

You must be No Face. You sit, too.

Please turn them back into themselves.

Why my dear, the spell's long broken.

They can change back any time.

Yubaba and I are two halves of a whole, but we don't get along.

You know what bad taste she has.

Sorceress twins are just a recipe for trouble.

I'd like to help you dear, but there's nothing I can do.

It's one of our rules here.

You'll have to save your parents and your dragon boyfriend...all by yourself.

But can't you even give me a hint?

I feel like Haku and I met a long time ago.

In that case it's easy.

Everything that happens stays inside you... even if you can't remember it.

It's already late. Why don't you stay the night?

You boys give me a hand.

Come on, keep at it.

See? You have a talent for this.

You're a big help.

It's not the same when you use magic.

Pull it through there.
Now do it again.

Zeniba, I'm going back after all.

Haku could die while I'm sitting here.

And they might eat my mom and dad!

Wait just a little longer.

There we are.

Use it to tie back your hair.

It's pretty.

It'll protect you. I made it from the thread we spun.

Thank you.

What good timing. We've got another guest, let him in.




I'm so glad to see you.

Are you okay?
Do you feel all right?

Thank goodness.

Good timing, I'd say.

Zeniba, Haku's alive.

Haku, I no longer blame you for what you did.

But be sure to protect this girl.

Okay boys, time you went home.

Come see me again soon.

You stay with me and be my helper.


Thank you, I'm going now.

Don't worry, I'm sure you'll manage just fine.

My real name is Chihiro.

Chihiro? What a nice name.

Take good care of it.

I will!

Now off you go.

Thank you, Zeniba. Goodbye!

Haku, listen.

I don't remember this, but my mom told me about it.

Once when I was little, I fell in a river.

Now it's all built over. It flows underground.

But I just remembered.

The river was called... it was called the Kohaku River.

Your real name is Kohaku.

Chihiro, thank you!

My name is Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi.

- Nigihayami?
- Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi.

What a name! Sounds like a guardian spirit.

I remember how you fell into me as a child.

You were chasing your shoe.

Yes, and you carried me to shallow water.

I'm so happy...

They're back!

You brought Bo back with you?


Bo! You're not hurt? What a terrible time you had.

Bo, when did you learn to stand on your own?

Yubaba, remember your promise.

Send Chihiro and her parents back to their world.

Sorry, but it's not that simple.

This world has rules, you know.


Just do it, Baba. Don't be so mean.

Baby had such a good time.

But I'm just following the rule.

Otherwise I can't break the spell.

If you make Sen cry, I won't like you anymore.




I'll do as you ask.

Haku told me about the rule.

Well, you've got guts.

I brought your contract. Follow me.

This won't take a minute, Bo.

Don't worry.

See if you can pick out your parents for me.

You get one guess.

Pick them out and you all go free.

Granny, I can't do it. Dad and Mom aren't here.

Not here? Is that your answer?


You're right!

Attagirl! Good for you.

Thank you everyone.

All right! You win, just get out of here.

Thanks for everything.


Thank you.

See you soon.

- Haku!
- Let's go.

Where's Mom and Dad?

They went on ahead.

The water's gone.

I can't go any further.

Go back the way you came.

But don't look back until you're out of the tunnel.

But what about you?

I'll tell Yubaba I'm quitting my apprenticeship.

I'm fine now. I have my name back.

Now I can go home too.

Will we meet again somewhere?

- I'm sure of it.
- Promise?


Now go, and don't look back.


Where have you been? Hurry up.

Mom! Dad!

Don't go running off like that.

Let's go.

Mom, are you really okay?

Hurry, the moving van will be there.

Hurry up, Chihiro.

Watch your step.

Chihiro, don't cling.
You'll make me trip.

The end of the tunnel.


What is it?

Will you look at that.

It's all dusty inside, too.

- Is this somebody's joke?
- I wonder...

I told you not to stop here.

That's it, you're fine.

We're off, Chihiro.

Chihiro! Hurry up!


Rumi Hiiragi Miyu Irino

Mari Natsuki

Takashi Naito Yasuko Sawaguchi

Tsunehiko Kamijo Takehiko Ono

Bunta Sugawara

Chief Executive Producer
Yasuyoshi Tokuma

Original Story and Screenplay
by Hayao Miyazaki

Music by Joe Hisaishi

Theme Song Lyrics by Wakako Kaku
Music and Performed by Youmi Kimura

English Translation by Jim
Hubbert and Studio Ghibli

Subtitles by Aura

A Studio Ghibli Film

Producer Toshio Suzuki

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki

The End
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