Pokémon: Detective Pikachu (2019)

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu (2019)

They are outside.

We are losing power in the containment chamber!

- Have you heard that?
- Something's close.

See, this is what i'm talking about.
My heart is pounding.

Get down, get down.


Uhm a Cubone?

We are not catching you a pokemon, are we?

- What?
- Tell me you didn't plan this Jack.

- I'm sor.. are you serious?
- Jack, tell me you didn't plan this.

How dare you! Ok..
Of course not! Come on!

Ok.. maybe

There was a full moon last night, and my mom already find is, cause she can't.. and was having a nightmare so she.. brought me a glass of warm milk.

Dude, i thought you wanted to, you know, hangout and relive the good old days

- Like when we were kids.
- I do! But just look at it.

That is the perfect Pokémon for you.

Jack i'm not looking for a Pokémon.

I've told you this.

I've thought long and hard about this, ok?

Water type is not right for you.
Neither is fire type.

- But Cubone is...
- Lonely.


Ok thank you, Jack.
Thank you for that.

There are any other emotional treat bones you wanna drop on me?

Maybe later, but right now the truth is in my hands.

- Just give me the ball.
- Yes! Yes!

Ok, remember catching a Pokémon is not about skill.

- So you can do this.
- Good pep talk!

Ok, it has to choose you too, so..

Make it wanna be a partner, yeah.

Ehi, Cubone.
What's up buddy?

You know, not everyone can.. pull off wearing the skull of their dead relative, but, you know, you sure can.

Ok he didn't like that.

He did not like that.

- Jack.
- Throw it.

- Throw the ball.
- Like a man.

I did it!

Still got it.

The light it's not green.

It still hasn't turned green yet, Jack that's bad right?


- He didn't chose me!
- Run!

- He didn't chose me, Jack!
- I do see that!

I'm not his choice.


That was one angry Cubone.
It reminded me a lot of my mom.

So uhm, i don't know if this is gonna sound corny or whatever.

Just say it Jack.
I'm too tired to be angry.

- I'm worried about you.
- This again?

Ok listen, everyone we know has left town and now i'm leaving too.

Yeah but that's ok, you gotta do what's best for you with the time that you got.

That's what i'm doing.
You know i'm crushing it at work.

Gonna get that promotion real soon.

What's the promotion for an insurance appraiser?

Senior insurance appraiser?

No actually that's two steps up above where i'm at.

You are gonna make me throw up.
That's not a real thing.

Oh i finally have service.

Wait, five voicemails?
I never had five voicemails.

Maybe it's an insurance emergency?

Who is it?

Uhm, it's the Rhyme City police department.

There was an accident.

Please, don't.

All he hear is, please do it.
Thank you.. thank you.

You have a very generous tongue.

Does this Lickintung belong to anyone?

Anybody? No?

Thank you for traveling with us.

Please, watch this short informational video welcoming you to Rhyme City.

Throughout history,

Pokémon have been part of our world.

Early humans used to catch them and train them

to use their unique powers for the common good.

These relationships evolved into what we now refer to as

Pokémon Battles.

One man changed all of this. Howard Clifford.

Founder and chairman of Clifford Industries.

Diagnosed with a rare, degenerative disease,

he resigned from his corporation

and searched the world for a cure.

And turned out that the cure i was looking for,

was for me to evolve into a better version of myself

And i discovered how to do that through a partnership with Pokémon.

And he wanted to share that discover

with the world.

This is what inspired Howard Clifford to build Rhyme City.

A place where humans and Pokémon can live side by side.

Unlike other regions, where Pokémon live in the wild

here we live and work together.

No battles, no trainers

no Pokéballs.

A stronger, more harmonious world.

For all our citizens,

welcome to Rhyme City.

Fighting fires wouldn't be the same without their Squirtle partners.

Squirtle. Squirtle.

- Hi, Tim.
- Lieutenant Yoshida.

Your dad was the best of the best.

He was a legend in this precinct.

Thank you, thank you for saying that.

It was a terrible tragedy losing him and his partner.

- His partner?
- His Pokémon.

Oh.. i didn't..

I'm sorry, is yours mad at me?

- Snubbull?
- Yeah.

He may look grumpy on the outside, but i assure you he is adorable on the inside.

If you don't mind me asking, how come you don't have a Pokémon?

I thought i remember Harry saying you wanted to be a Pokémon trainer

- when you were young.
- Yeah that didn't really work out.

I work in insurance now.

I understand.

But Tim, please don't put this all on yourself.

No one should go through this type of thing alone.

- If you are anything like your dad...
- I'm not.

I was just really raised by my grandmother.

Do you have the spare keys for his apartment?
I should go wrap things up there.

Of course, of course.

- This is the address.
- Awesome.

- I can take you over if you want.
- No, no. I'm all good.

Thank you so much.


This job, it demands a lot.

But you were on his mind every day.

He loved you more than anything else in the world.

Uhm, it was nice to meet you, lieutenant.

- Excuse me.
- Treecko...

- Tree!
- Ok..



Are you trying to rob me, or just annoy me?

- Psyduck.
- He is with me.

- We need to talk.
- We do?

I've been waiting to see who would open up that mailbox.

You just walked in into quite the story.

Stories like this spread fear.

And they are afraid of fear.
But i don't fear, fear.

I walk the walk, and i talk the talk, and i'm willing to do whatever it takes get the honest scoop and that's the hard truth.

I'm sorry, who are you?

Lucy Stevens.
Reporter for CNM.

Oh.. you seem kinda young for that.

I work for the CNM Blog, making Pokémon lists all day, ok?

- Top cutest Pokémon.
- Yeah my grandma loves those.

Yeah newsflash: they are all cute!

Such a waste of time for someone with my nose for a story.

No, no, not now, Psyduck.
I'm working a source...

Ok.. i'll get.. uh..

I'm gonna need you to go on record and tell me everything you know about Harry Goodman.

- Wait, what?
- Harry was onto something big.

Real big.

And then all of the sudden, his car crashes over a bridge, i think not,

- something's rotten and i'm gonna get to the bottom of it.

- Ehi look, i barely know the guy,

- i haven't seen him in years.
- Where is your Pokémon partner?

I don't have one, why is everyone keep asking me that?

- Loner, probably hiding something.
- Psyduck!

- Ok i'm gonna go.
- Ehi!

I may only be an unpaid intern, but i can smell a story, and i'm going to find it.

Ok, you do that.

- Come on Psyduck, let's go.
- Psyduck.

- Who is it?
- Hello?

It's me Snakes, i got the stuff.

Leave it on the doorstep, and get the hell outta here.

Alright, Johnny. But what about my money?

Still with the old detective movies?

What the...

What.. is this stuff?

"Dear Tim, i can do better if you give me a chance.

I will always have a place for you to stay."

Your father will pick you up at the station.

I'm not going.

- What?
- I don't wanna go..

i wanna stay with you and grandma.

Oh man.

This is the most important day of my life

I know, Tim.

But your mother had to see the doctor, it couldn't wait.

Is someone there?


Ouch.. that's a sprain...

Ok, ok, ok.

Whoever you are... i know how to use this.

- It's a Pikachu?
- Oh.. jeez.

Ehi, little guy, how did you get in here?

I know you can't understand me, but put down the stapler, or i will electrocute you.

Did you just talk?

Woah, did you just understand me?

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait...

That is heavy eye contact right there.
You heard me.

- No, no, no.
- Yes you did! Oh my god! This is amazing.

- Stop, stop, stop it!
- You do understand me!

I've been so lonely.

- I'm gonna throw up.
- No, kid, i need your help.

- I'm in serious trouble i need you to listen.
- I'm gonna throw up. I'm gonna throw up.

- No, no, no.
- Excuse me, Aipom.

We are having a private conversation here please.

- Stop talking, you are hallucinating.
- You are hallucinating.

You, out! Shoo! Go!

I'll tread lightly with that chief.
That, that Aipom don't look right.

Get off!

Get up kid, he is coming back around!

Ok, here's what you wanna do.

Ok, you wanna bite him, you wanna scream, we are playing charades, we are not playing charades,

Ok, i'm gonna get a knife

- Not the knife.
- Ok bad idea with the knife,
i'll find something else.

Eat this!

You are so welcome.
This is a hungry little guy.

Come on kid, let's move!

To the roof!

Brilliant idea, you hold the door, i'll go get help

- What?
- Help!

Oh my god, help!

Oh sh1t.

Help! Help!
Oh my god help!

Oh he is being eaten alive!

Oh he is being eaten alive!

A man is dying!

No one's coming, people are so insensitive!

Oh oh, put your pants back on, and run like the wind.

They seem to be more attracted to your increasing nudeness!


Alright we are jumping down here.

- No, no! I'm not going into the trash chute.
- Good call, let me know how it goes with the super crazy Pokémon.

You died a hero.

- Way to stick the landing kid.
- Leave me alone!

Oh, looks like someone's back in a good mood.

Run! Ravage Aipoms!

Look out!

Run! Go, go, go, go!


I think pants are gonna do you a lot of good right now.

Shoo! Go!

You know, i've pictured you as a, as a bit of a briefs guy, but those are nice.

Me, i don't wear underwear.
You know, i'm not modest.

Excuse me, excuse me, hi, sorry,

You can hear him, right?
You can hear him talking?


Oh, Pika-Pika-Pika, he is adorable.

You are adorable.
They can't understand me kid.

It's me, it's that stuff that i put up my nose.

No, not like that, it was a gas, i was breathing gas.

Accidentally, accidentally... unless you want charming law to give you one way ticket to hoosegow. Let's move.

- No one else can hear him?
- This is a first for me too, kid.

I tried to talk to the all the time all they hear is "Pika-Pika".

Pet me, or kiss me, stick a finger in me.

- It's really gross.
- Anyone? No one else can hear him?

Can you hear him talking?
Can you hear him saying words?

What are you not getting here kid.

You are the only one who can hear me.

- It's like destiny.
- It's not destiny.

- Than why were you in that apartment?
- It's my father's place.

That's why i was there.
Why where you there?

You are Harry's son?

How do you know his name?

You are Harry Pokémon's partner?

You want a coffee?

'Cause i could use a coffee.

Yeah, let's get a coffee.

Yeah, come on.

So there i was, in the middle of nowhere, with a bad case of the forgetsies.

The only clue to my past, is Harry's name and address inside this hat.

So, i made my way to the apartment and that's when i've found you.


- I don't know, maybe i've got too deep.
- Deep in what?

You know, mix up with the wrong crowd, that kind of thing.

Happens to the best of us.

The deads pile up, the walls close in.

Right becomes wrong, wrong becomes wrong.

- Wait, who are you calling?
- No one.

Yeah, yeah, no that's sounds great, that sounds great. This menu looks really nice.

Wait, i'm confused, are you hearing other voices besides mine?

All i wanna know is, why do i understand you?

Can't help you there kid. Like i said i have amnesia. I can't remember a darn thing.

Ok so you are a talking Pikachu, with no memories, who's addicted to caffeine.

I can stop wherever i want.
These are just choices.

Another round, extra shot.

- Like is night. Thank you sweety.
- Ludicolo!

Look, i'm a great detective but i can solve my own mystery if i have no memory.

- Then how do you even know you are a detective?
- Well that, i can feel that in my jellys.

- What is that, what is that?
- It's the jellys, it's a thing,
you know you feel it.

When you really believe in something despite everyone telling you, you are wrong.

Which is why i need to find Harry.
He is the key to my past.

- Ludicolo!
- Thanks doll.

I've got some bad news for you, 'cause uh..

Harry is dead.

What? No.

No, no, no, Harry ain't dead.

No, Harry is dead.
You are wrong, sorry.

I saw on the police report that he is dead.

- Just 'cause the cop say he is dead..
- I mean he is legally dead.

Did they found a body?

Well i didn't think so.

And by the way, did that report also say that i'm dead?

'Cause if i'm still alive and kicking that means Harry is out there too.

Case closed.
But still open!

- Until i solve it.
- Ok, i'll bite, solve what?

Oh i'm glad you are gonna bite.

Alright, here it is:

Harry faked his own death.

Or, somebody else faked Harry's death.

Or, Harry faked somebody else's death.

- That last one, doesn't work out.
- No, no it doesn't.

But the first two do, real contenders.

- No, uh, i'm gonna go, we are done here..
- No we are not done here...

Wait, wait, wait a minute, where are you going?

- Hold up a second, we are gonna need each other.
- No, we don't.

I don't need a Pokémon.
Period. Got it?

And what about a world class detective.

Because if you wanna find your pops, i'm your best bet.

I think a world class detective would have already figured out by now that i'm not here to find my father.

I'm here, to say goodbye.

Ehi, ehi, there's no one to say goodbye to.

Look, you can talk to humans, i can talk to Pokémon.

We can talk to each other.

This doesn't happen, kid.
It has to mean something.

- Can you..
- It's magic, that brought us together.

And that magic is called: Hope.

Hope that Harry is still alive.

Ooh, you feel it.
You feel it in your jellys don't you?

There's nothing in my jellys.

We are gonna do this.
You and me.

I can't believ...

I will meet you here tomorrow morning.


- Where are you going?
- To my apartment.

What do you mean "your apartment"?

- What? Alright you can sleep on the couch.
- No i'm not gonna sleep on the couch.

Well, then you can sleep on the stove.

- Be a dear, would you get the door for me?
- Oh my god, what am i doing?

I just invited someone to my apartment!

I never do this, i'm not that kind of Pokémon.

Dust everywhere, no fingerprints.

It doesn't add up.

- What is going on in here?
- I'm searching the joint.
Looking for clues to my past.

- Is this your room?
- No.

- Does Harry have other children?
- No.

He wanted me to live here when i was a kid, so he made it look like my childhood room.

Should we talking about the fact that your childhood bed is a Pikachu bed?

- It's a coincidence.
- I'm sorry can you speak up?

I can't hear you.

I've never been so flattered and creeped out at the same time.

- Are you gonna make me into a lampshade?
- Oh i might.

Hang on, hang on, hang on, all this Pokémon cards.. and the battle posters, There's a connection, isn't there?

- You love Pokémon.
- No.

- Yeah, yeah you do.
- That was a long time ago.. before my father moved to the city and spent more time with Pokémon than his own son.

Uhm, yeah, blaming the dad.

Ok, look, what about this: this picture is all over the apartment she is obviously connected to Harry, she might know me. She could be a lead.

No, she is not.

That's my mom.

She passed away when i was eleven.

Oh, i'm sorry, i didn't...

i didn't realize.

Tomorrow morning i'm gonna take you to Yoshida so we can get some answers.

- Argh, my clues!
- What is all this?!

Hard work, that's what this is!
And by the way... we can't go to the cops not until we know who we can trust.

- So put my clues back in order would you?
- These are not clues. This is the work of a serial killer.

- Were almost clues.
- What does that even mean?

I'm trying to jog my memory, retrace my steps, it helps me to see it all laid out.

That's how i found this...

This, is what a french man would call Caliente Fiesta.

- Not french.
- Smell my finger.

- I would never smell your finger.
- Coward.

The point is that i smelled this "R" stuff on those Aipom when they attacked us yesterday.

- "R"?
- Bingo! La Cucaracha.

So i'm thinking, Harry caught a break in the case, forcing his shadowing kingpins to send down hired goons to deliver the big hush hush..

We need to retrace Harry's steps, either solve the case ourselves, or get far enough along so that the number one bad guy has to reveal himself or herself!

- You need to stop doing that.
- So what is the way in?

The answer is in this room.

This isn't a room, this is a fire hazard.

Is just junk, and papers.. and.. newspapers.

What you got kid?

I literally just met someone, she was a junior reporter at CNM.

She was doing a story on Harry.

I think she knows more than she let on.

The smart ones always do.

We gotta go down to her work and press her.

- That's a metaphor.
- Yeah i know what a metaphor is.

I was drinking that.
I was also drinking..

Just step anywhere, it's only my life's work.

No, no.

- We are not doing that.
- Fine, i'll walk.

I'm trying to get
. steps this hour.

Hello i'm Roger Clifford, president of CNM and chairman of Clifford Enterprises.

And i'm Howard Clifford,

the visionary icon behind Rhyme City.

Together, in the spirit of harmony

we are throwing the largest parade that Rhyme City has ever seen.

- You won't wanna miss it.
- So at the weekend,

- we invite the people...
- and the Pokémon to be there.

A celebration of the harmony between humans and Pokémon.

And, cut!

- Oh i think that went rather well.
- Oh shut up dad.

- He seems nice.
- Roger, please.

This is supposed to be our gift to the citizens.

Visionary icon, really?

Was "Savior of the world" taken?

It was your people who wrote the promo, son.

Oh is there an unabridged version where you cure cancer?

Oh that's right, turn your back on me, like you always did.

- Ditto!
- By the way, no one likes your Pokémon.

There she is.

I can see why you were so excited.

Ok.. I was not..

- ..that excited.
- Mr. Clifford.. Mr. Clifford..

Mr. Clifford, i may have a story for you.

I've heard rumors of Pokémon attacking people

- But there's been no mainstream coverage...
- I'm sorry.. we are not a tabloid, which means that we don't report on rumors, gossip, or hearsay.

It's not news if it can't be verified.

You want a story, find a source.

Oh and pro tip.. a reasonable sense of fashion.

Here she comes, here she comes, try to look deep.

What are you doing here?

Ehi, again.

Yeah, i know this is your work, but i actually needed to ask you something.

Now is not really a good time.

Yeah, i saw that.
I'm sorry.

Sorry. It's piping hot.

You found yourself a Pokémon partner.

- Not exactly, no.
- Oh he is cute.

Yeah she is trying to work me kid, but trust me, i can oh...sweet mother of Arceus, that feels so good.

- So.. listen.
- Oh my god.. oh.

What happened?

I've found something on Harry's desk.

- Nearly choked me to death, and..
- No, not here.

In my office.

In her office.
We are going in her office.

This is great...

This isn't her office, it's a coffin, with pencils.

- Psyduck?
- Yeah that's right i can talk to the kid and he can talk to me.
We are gifted.

You didn't tell me that she has a Psyduck.

This things explodes when they are stressed.

Ehi, ehi, keep calm duck. Serenity now, serenity now.

- No.
- Ok.

- Ok, here it is.
- You got it?

Where did you find these?

Word on the street is that Harry had an informer near the docks.

I went there to snoop around.

And that's where i've found the vials.

But the docks can be dangerous.

It's not the sort of place you want to visit alone at night.

I'm actually pretty good at being alone at night.

Nope that did not land right at all.

It's not.. it's not what i meant to say.. uhm

- It's ok.
- I'm just gonna...

We should go.

Yeah, yeah, we should go.

Good god, have you ever talked to a women before?


Yes i've talked to women before, and no i don't need your help.

It was during the birth canal or..?

You know what you need? A shoulder saddle. I bet someone makes one.

Ok, there are other ways for you to get around. This is humiliating.

Every step for you is a thousand for me, and my lungs are the size of grapes.

We need to get some ground rules if this partnership is gonna work.

- You are not my partner.
- Mentor, Sensei, Master, whatever you wanna call it, i'm fine with all of those.

And what if it wasn't the gas?
What if it's hereditary, uh?

What if Harry could understand your annoying voice too.

You don't need to talk to us for us to understand.

We can feel what you are saying.

You have to be open to the experience.
Try it sometimes.

Yeah i rather not.
I've got my plate full talking to you.

- What is that?
- Silent, but deadly.

Apologies, my tummy is bad from all the coffee.

No, eew, get off!

I meant that.

Oh that...

It's a Mr. Mime, they are the worst, silent, but annoying.

Does he recognize you?
I think he recognizes you.

Well i was Harry's partner, so i would've been with him.

- Oh, Harry's informant is a Pokémon!
- Oh, Harry's informant is a Pokémon!

Get him!

- He is barely moving.
- Don't tell him that.

Oh he is on a bike.

Come on he thinks he is getting away. Quick get in front of him. Cut him off, you can make it.


Oh no he is going down hard, Tim.

Should've wear a helmet.

- I hope he makes it.
- Come on, this is ridiculous.

I'm good cop, you are bad cop.

- We are not cops.
- Grow some berries.

You are bigger and tougher looking than i am, stand up straight.

Listen up, we got ways to make you talk, or mime.

So tell us what we wanna know.. why was Harry Goodman here and what did it had to do with the "R"?

Yes, a can.

Shoving, pushing..

The problem is that i push people away and i hate them for leaving.

He is saying you can "shove it".

What? I can shove it?
Ok that's it. No, we are switching roles.

I'm bad cop, you are good cop.

- No, we are not cops.
- Oh good god, that's a very hard wall.

Oh yeah, Mr. Mime has the abilities to make invisible walls.

Oh yes i know, i happen to be a Pokémon too, remember?

Look, Harry figured this guy out somehow

I think the trick is, getting inside his head.

I have an idea.

What are you doing?

What's this? Oh there's a door there?
I didn't.. probably because it's invisible.

Oh yeah, i'm in your space now, right?

You don't like this so much, do you?

What are you doing?

That's a jug.

- No.
- Salt. It's a salt shaker, you are cooking.

Real cooking is by following your heart not a recipe!

- What are you talking about?
- Gas...

You are pouring gasoline!

Oh, that went dark fast, i like this, i like this very much.

Alright, alright.

Ok, you wanna play that game?
I'm gonna play that game

You think that's funny?
You think that's funny uh?

I'm gonna be laughing soon.

Who's laughing now? Uh?

Oh i smell what you are stepping in.

That's right Mr. Mime, you are about to be Mr. Melt unless you start talking.

Cards, cards, playing cards, poker..

No i think he is talking about the "R".

Someone was handing out "R".

Use your body words, where?

Circle, house, Moon house, Moon, House.

Stop with the games, say it! Just say it! Talk you stupid mime.

Ok.. just.. relax.

Round, round house, the source of the "R" came from the round house.

Yeah nice work kid, maybe there's a little detective in you after all.

Critical hit!

Additional damage!

I didn't know they had Pokémon battle in Rhyme City.

You are not supposed to.

Gengar uses Dark Ball.

Come on, let's take a look around.

Ok kid, so here's what we know: Harry traces the "R" here and frequents this joint, 'cause someone here knows something about something.

We just need to find this someone and the something.

Ehi, ehi, where's that Pikachu's partner? Don't go!

I think that someone just found us.

Wow, i'd like to see this guy internet search history.

- Who are you?
- Let's see where this goes

- tell him i'm your new partner.
- I'm his new partner.

Well that Pikachu's thunderbolt almost wrecked my Charizard last time he was here.

A scar to the face.

All i hear are consonants and all i see are nipples.

And you know what?

He ruined my coat man, look at this.

- I'm so sorry.
- Forget the coat, where is his shirt?

This.. this is my place and nobody comes into my place and does that to my Pokémon

- What are you looking at?
- or to my coat.

Right, the coat.

The coat..
What are you doing?

Classic stare down kid, the first one to blink, loses.

- Stop distracting me.
- Uh, look,

i just wanna know why his old partner was here, that's all.

Gengar wins.

Ready for the next battle.

And i want a rematch.

You give me my rematch and i'll tell you everything you want to know. What i know.

Tell him is on, amigo.

- Ok.
- A new battle!

Pikachu versus Charizard.


Here, hold my hat.

- I'm about to rock this place.
- Ok.

I'm just doing some light stretching, you never want to go on this things tight.

We are going to win this time ok?

What are you doing?
What is your plan of attack?

I do not operate according to plans kid.
I deal with things in the moment.

Ok, here we go.

Now obviously, i've dealt with these punks before, so i'll just do it again.

Give me my hat back!

That thing just chugged a year's worth of that "R" stuff.

It's like you said ok?
You did it before.

You just gotta use your powers.
You can use Quick Attack, Discharge or Electric Bomb but i think Volt Tackle is your best move

- so let's start with that.
- First of all, when did you learn how to be a Pokémon trainer?

And secondly, get me the hell out of here!


Look out!

I've forgot everything you said.

I forget things, it's what i do,i have amnesia.

You wanna go for a critical hit, use Volt Tackle.

Volt Tackle will knock me out, i'm going for Thunderbolt.

Come on, you got it, you got it!

Come on, come on, come on..

Ehi bud? What are you doing?

I can't do it when people are watching.

Can everyone just look away please?

It's not working.

I forgot how to use my powers.

But he didn't.

Pikachu, run!

Taken out with one hit!

Ehi Pikachu you wanna cry?

You don't wanna do this.

I'm adorable.


Are you crazy?
Get out of there!

I got it kid!

What are you doing to my baby!

Out of the way!

Oh oh, that's not good.

- What are you doing..
- Tell me what you know!

The guy you were looking for, wanted to know the source of "R" it comes from the doctor, that's all i know.

Now let me go.

Nice catch kid.
Let's get out of here.

I've got a plan.

Look it's not gonna work, Magikarp is the worst.

Magikarp can evolve into Gyarados, all he needs it's just a little kick.

Water in the hole!

In my head i saw that differently.

Ehi Tim, i don't float.

I've told you Magikarps weren't useless.

You are under arrest.

I thought you couldn't wait to get home.

Yeah well my plan's changed because i've found him.

- I'm not following.
- Harry is not dead.

If his Pokémon partner is still alive, that means he is too.

- That is not proof, son.
- Tell him about the chemical "R".

Give me a minute. Harry's last case had to do with those underground battles.

That's why he was there.
There's a chemical..

- We ran an investigation...
- Harry figured it out...

- and it is over!
- and got in trouble for it.

Re-open the investigation, he is out there, i can feel it.

- In your jellys, go ahead say it.
- I'm not gonna say that.

I can feel it, lieutenant, in my bones.

- Not as good.
- Stop.

Oh yeah and i.. can understand Pikachu like.. we are perfect.


It's very difficult coping with loss.

- Denial can be a...
- No i'm not in denial!

I'm right, i know it.
He is, he's out there.

I never wanted to show you this but i think it's important you see it.

No one could survive a crash like that not even your dad.

He's gone, Tim.

Should've gotten on that train.

What's that kid?

After my mom died my dad and i drifted apart he moved here and.. poured himself into his work.

Eventually he tried to get me to come live with him but i wouldn't go.

How come?

I didn't think he cared.

i guess i just got used to him not being around and i couldn't forgive him for it until i got here, and.. for all that i saw, he did care but i didn't know 'cause i've never give him the chance and now it's too late.

I really..

I really wish i had got on that train.

Listen kid, i mean i don't have memories but i know this much: it wasn't your fault.

Wasn't anybody's fault and i'm sure that if your dad was here, he would hug you so hard, your bones would pop.. and he'd tell you he is sorry for everything He'd be damn proud kid.

I haven't been really nice to you.

No you really haven't.

Well... we still got one Mystery to solve.

- What?
- Yours.

Let's find out who did this to you.

- Get your memory back.
- I'd like that.

I'd like that very much.

Well that's a bad guy car.

Thank you, Miss Norman.

Yes thank you, Miss Norman.
That would be all.

What a blabbermouth.

Please, come in.

Magnificent creatures, aren't they.

Woah, a Flareon.

Imagine being able to evolve to the best possible version of yourself.

That greatness inside you, just waiting to be awoken.

- Hello, Tim.
- He knows you?

I see you partnered with Harry's Pikachu.

- And he knows me too.
- You knew Harry?

The case Harry was working on,

- it was for me.
- That's a twist. That's very twisty.

This compound threatens everything i've built.

He knows about the "R".
How does he know about the "R"?

I hired Harry to trace it to it's source.

Imagine my shock when the answer turned out to be my own son.

I've devoted my life to perfecting the partnership between Pokémon and humans.

A partnership were Pokémon bring out the best in us.

In doing so i'm afraid i neglected my responsibilities as a parent.

Roger resents the Pokémon.

I think he's lived in my shadow for so long he actually wants to destroy my legacy.

Well there's no such thing as daddy issues without daddy.

But Mr. Clifford how could you let him do that?

Ever since my illness put me in this chair

Roger has taken over more and more of the company, he controls the board, he also controls the police and the politicians and he owns the press.

Harry is the only one i can trust, that's why you need to find him.

You haven't heard.
Harry is dead.

Oh no, Tim.

Your father is alive.

Look out Tim!

Advanced Holographic Imaging.

Since being confined to this chair, i've invested in ways of bringing the world to me.

This was recreated from police footage, it allows us to see things that they cannot or don't want us to see.

He is alive.

- Pika...
- It's me,

- i was with Harry in the crash.
- He needs my help.

If Harry is alive why they didn't find him?

- What is that?
- Mewtwo.

A man-made abomination.

Created in a laboratory using DNA from the fossil remains of the ancient Mew.

I can't believe it.

If that thing came from Mew, then we are looking at the most powerful Pokémon in the world.

That's it! That's what happened to me.

Mewtwo wiped my memory.

But why?

Wait, wait, wait!

- Wait, where did he take him?
- That's for you to solve now.

Find Mewtwo and you will find your father.

Second chances are special things kid.

There's a lot we can make better if we crack this case.

One question though, where are we going?

I don't know, i'm just going, you gotta tell me where, you are the detective.

Ok, if Roger Clifford is the key to all of this, then we need someone who has access to him.

And we both know who that is.

- Lover boy.
- Ok, come on, let's not start that again.

- There she is.
- What's with the sunglasses?

Can she see us?
I don't think she can see us.

- Ehi, thanks for coming.
- Don't talk to me.


- What happens now?
- Just act casual.. but don't look at me.

There's nothing really casual about this.

Look at this.

I'm sorry.

- My fault.
- Sorry.. i'm sorry.

- Oh it's working out great, why you don't
just have her sit over here?
- You want to come just sit with us?

I should have never encouraged you, you have no chance.

- I got access to Roger's computer.
- Oh wow, how did you do that?

- Spilled the cappuccino on his lap.
- It sounds like a waste of coffee.

So i searched through all his records i targeted the property rights in the region, and cross-checked that with city records for any Clifford's finance businesses until i've found...

May i present: PCL.

A Pokémon genetic research facility.

- But that's not all.
- She is good.

Last week, PCL had an accident and had to shutdown their entire facility.

That's the same night Harry Goodman went missing.

No one knows what happened.
Total media blackout.

What does it all mean?
I don't know.

This is very exciting.
Are you excited?

- Yeah.
- I think he just peed a little.

- So...
- No, no, that's me. That was me.

So, uhm, there's a cover up.

But... what are they covering up?

What do you say we go find out?

So let me get this right.
We are forced to listen to this SPA music so your head doesn't explode

- and kill us all?
- Psyduck.

Your Pikachu it's so unusual.

- Psyduck?
- Ehi you put that down.

- I'm not getting you a massage.
- Psyduck.

I've never known a Pokémon to wear a hat.

Yeah he is weird.
He is so weird.

Of course i care about my partner's life.

Fine, fine, hand it over.

What are you doing?


Nothing, i was actually wondering who this was.

It's PCL chief scientist, Dr. Ann Laurent.

I bet this is the doctor shirtless was talking about.

She lost her university grant over a experimentation of Pokémon because she was trying to control their minds.

She is essentially a neurologist for Pokémon.

Maybe this doctor could weigh in on the long term psychological effects of being strapped into a baby seat, next to a bomb.

This is it.

Look at the signs.

It must have been a really bad accident.

Or that's what they want you to believe.

Whoever staged this did an excellent job, those signs are the perfect scarecrow for suckers.

- Yeah well they're working on me.
- Psyduck.

Kid this dame is looking for danger.

You want to win her over you gotta lead her straight to it.

Ok, first of all women don't like to be called dame.

Second, women appreciate calm, level headed and responsible decision making..
What is she doing?

Ehi, ehi, ehi, ehi!

Ehi, Lucy, what are you doing?

I'm cutting the fence so that we can slip through.

No.. Where did you get those?

- Oh don't worry about it.
- After you sir.

- Psyduck
- No? Ok i'll go first..

- whatever is most common.
- Psyduck.

Psyduck, Psyduck.

It's ok.
You can stay up there.

I have amnesia but, i'm pretty sure this is the worst idea anyone has ever had.

What is that?

I'm not sure.


It's Greninja.
They don't look right.

Test , power enhancement?

They were experimenting on them.

Why? If Roger Clifford it's behind this, what's he doing experimenting on Pokémon?

Torterra garden.

Pokémon evolution test : Growth Enhancement.

They look normal size to me.

Maybe it hasn't started yet.

It's like they are trying to manipulate Pokémon evolution.

Is that possible?

I don't know.

I need to document all of this though.

You go ahead,
i'll catch up to you.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

What happened here?

The bad stuff.
Really bad stuff.

Still think this was staged?

Kid, ehi over here.

It says Dr. Laurent station.

Looks like it's still working.

Remote Access initiated.


Looks like most of the files are corrupted.

Not another one of those holograms?

Day .

After much trial and errors we perfected a stable method to extract Mewtwo DNA.

It's Mewtwo, no way.

Wait Mewtwo came from this place?

Day , clinical trials proven successful.

The inhalant results in confusion and the total loss of free will, which in time makes the Pokémon go wild.

We designated this chemical as serum: "R".

They used Mewtwo to make "R".

And they were testing it, at the battles.

Day .

The neural link is operational.

Alert: condition red

Alert! Alert! Alert!

No! No! No!

We are losing power in the containment chamber!

That must have been how Mewtwo escaped.

Now we are getting somewhere.

- But what did that thing want with Harry?
- Good question kid.

I'll try to take us back to the beginning.

Day the lab is almost fully operational.

All that remains now is to capture the most powerful Pokémon known to mankind:


It escaped nearly years ago from the Kanto region.

Fortunately i've hired a specialist to track it down.

Good luck, detective Goodman.

That's why Mewtwo took Harry.

Was revenge for being captured.

This doesn't make any sense!

- Harry would've never been a part of this.
- I wanna believe that kid.

We gotta be honest here, you haven't seen him in years and i got amnesia, neither of us can say for sure what Harry would or wouldn't do.

We gotta get back to the city.


We gotta get back to...



That wasn't not there before, kid.


Kid, the fire alarm!


Come on!
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

- Go back.
- Psyduck!

Psyduck. Psyduck.

Get down!



Psyduck! Psyduck! Psyduck!
Psyduck! Psyduck! Psyduck!

Psyduck! Psyduck! Psyduck!
Psyduck! Psyduck! Psyduck!

Psyduck! Psyduck! Psyduck!

- Psyduck!
- It's ok, it's ok Psyduck! I mean it's fine!

He is gonna blow his head, kid.

It's ok, Psyduck.
It's ok!


This is no time for your stupid headache.

No, wait, wait, this is the perfect time to get a headache.

- Psyduck.
- I hated rubbing your feet!

Psyduck, psyduck!

I'll never forget my hands for what they did.

Get a splitting headache now, you neurotic duck!

- Do it! Do it!
- Psyduck!

- Psyduck!
- Do it!

- Psy... duck.
- Good job, Psyduck.

Where is my hat?

Something's wrong.

This isn't really happening.

Don't worry.

Psyduck psionic waves are causing hallucinations, none of this is real.

All of this is real!

What's happening?

We are falling down!

At this point...how can you not believe in climate change?


I've got you.



Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go!

We made it.

I officially hate this forest.


- Lucy!
- Tim!

The walls are closing in.

We have to do something, and we gotta do it fast.

- I'm gonna jump for it.
- That's a great fifth option,

- let's work on the first four.
- You are not gonna make it!

- There's no other choice.
- We have a lot of choices, only going down is not one of them.

Come on!

Never thought...

i thought it was gonna...

Eye, eye...

- eyeball.
- Eyeball.


I get it!

I get it now, this isn't a forest at all!

This is the Torterra Garden!


He is alright!

- Is he ok?
- I'm in bad shape kid.

I'm your partner, i'm here.

Did you just called me a partner?

Yeah of course!
You are my partner.

Oh that's right, i'm your par...

You've got my back.







He is hurt!


He doesn't know what you are saying.

But he knows what i'm feeling.

I need to get Pikachu to a healer Pokémon.


I'm begging you.

I don't wanna lose him too.

It's ok.

Tim, look.


I'll wait you at the car.

You are gonna be ok, partner.


Wait! Wait!
Where are you going?

What am i supposed to do?

I've been waiting for you


No! No!

Where am i?

You are ok!

Yeah i.. somehow i'm fine!

You brought the son to me, as we agreed.

- What is he talking about?
- I don't know kid, i'm lost as you are.

Where is my father?

What did you do with him?


We are losing power in the containment chamber!

You've done well.

Humanity is evil.

I always believed Pokémon...


Wait, wait, wait.
Pikachu Wait.

Ehi! Slow down, we have to talk about this.

You'll to go on without me.

What? What are you saying? Roger has Mewtwo.

Mewtwo has my father. We are running out of time, we got a case to solve.

We already solved mine. I know who i am.

I'm the guy who betrayed Harry.

We don't know that.

We both saw i betrayed your father.

Which means...

- i could betray you too.
- You wouldn't do that.

I don't care what i saw,
i know who you are.

- How do you know?
- Because i..

- i can feel it in my jellys.
- I made that up.

- There's no jellys. There's no me.
- I don't believe that.

- You're better off on your own.
- Come on, Pikachu.

- I need you, please.
- No you have to stay away, it's for your own good.

No i'm not letting you go.

You see?

I can't help it, i hurt the people who need me.

That's who i am.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


Where is he going?
What happened?

It's Pikachu ok?

No he's not.

Let's go we gotta get back to the city.

The º anniversary Rhyme City Pokémon Parade

is set to begin this afternoon.

The whole city is converging on downtown, to watch the day's festivities

I don't know what happened between you two, but we need to strategize.

Wait, where are you going?

We need to tell the public what we found! This is breaking news!

No, you should break the news.

You, i'm gonna go talk to Howard.


How am i supposed to break the news when the guy that runs the news is the breaking news?

- Stay in the car, ok?
- Psyduck.

Missis McMaster, hi.
It's Lucy Stevens,

- the intern at CNM.
- Could you?

Yeah, uhm i have a story that's really important and the people need to know, i was wondering if you could help me tell it.

Lucy, please, take my coffee order. Latte, extra sugar.

You got it. Cynthia.

Searching far and wide.

Each Pokemon to understand

The power that's inside!

Pokémon! Gotta catch 'em all

It's you and me

I know it's my destiny


What is this?

I know this place.

This is the scene of the crash.

What is that?

Greninja stars.

Roger must have sent the Greninja to cause the crash.

Which means...

Mewtwo was trying to protect us?

Advanced Holographic Imaging

it allows us to see things that they cannot

-or don't want us to see.
- Wait..

Howard would've seen this in his hologram.

Oh no! No, no, no.


Mr. Clifford.

Your son...

Has Mewtwo here.

- Wait, what?
- Tim.

It's gonna be ok.


The transfer worked.

My body is in the chair, but my mind it is in Mewtwo.

- Howard?
- Well done, Tim.

You and Harry's Pikachu lead me straight to Mewtwo.

Mewtwo didn't cause the crash.

All your father had to do was take the money and walk away.

But he started asking questions.

- I had to stop him.
- You tried to kill him!

I had no choice!

He tracked the "R" to the battles.

Traced it back to Dr. Laurent.

And then him and his Pikachu helped Mewtwo escape.

So as you can see, we are more than happy with the turn out today.

So many families...

Thank you so much. Thank you.
That's all. Thank you.

Excuse me, please.

Hi. I have an interview.

- with the mayor...
- Go on please.

Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor i need to speak with you please, it's urgent.

- Little late for the interviews don't you think?
- Please.

Before we begin the parade,

i'd like to thank our benefactor Howard Clifford.

This was never about curing me.

I've found a path forward for all of us.

Mewtwo has the power to transfer the soul of a human into the body of a Pokémon, as long as the Pokémon are in a crazed state.

The "R" gas takes care of that.

The balloons. The "R" gas is in the balloons.

People of Rhyme City.

I've finally discovered a cure.

Not just for me, but for all of humanity.

Pokémon can evolve into better versions of themselves.

And now, so can you.

Humans and Pokémon merged into one.

Don't let your Pokémon breathe the purple gas.

This is Yoshida.
Requesting backup.

All units...

Snubbull, no!

Don't let your Pokémon breathe the gas.

Don't let your Pokémon breathe the gas.

Come on...

This is Lucy Stevens reporting a city wide emergency.

Do not let your Pokémon breathe...


Psyduck! Psyduck!



Worst parade i've ever seen!

- Psyduck!
- Lucy? Lucy you are in there?

- Where is Tim?
- Psyduck, Psy.

- Howard is Mewtwo?
- Psyduck, Psyduck.

This really blows my bridge discovery out of the water.

I gotta stop this.

Game on.

Ok, Pikachu.

Your powers are in there somewhere.

Just need a little spark to get this party started.

Let's do this!

Harry's Pikachu.

You think you can stand in the way of the future?

I am the future!

He is back!

The neural link.


Behind you!

You are a Ditto.


Take left!
Take right! Right!

Where did you learn how to fly?
The ground?

No, no, no, no.
Stop, stop, stop.

Wait, wait!

Wait, wait!

Come on, no, that's not fair.

Ok, for the record, i have no guilt hitting a beady-eyed version of the woman i'm very attracted to.

Oh oh! Now pull up, don't breathe the gas.

You breathed the gas, didn't you.


- Finish him, Ditto!
- Ditto.

No, no, no!



Harry's son is finished.


Tim says Volt Tackle is my best move.

Let's do this Pokémon Battle thing right!


Give me your hand!

What kind of a Ditto was that?

That was modified. Father's genetic experiments.



A feeble effort!

A Pikachu cannot defeat Mewtwo in battle.

I didn't mean to defeat you.

I just needed to distract you.


What have you done?

Pikachu! No!

- Pikachu!
- Tim!

- Are you ok?
- I'm sorry!

I'm sorry i've pushed you away just when you needed me the most.

I'm just happy you are back.


Please tell me you can fix this mess.

I'm going to undo, what has be done.

Let's never do that again, ok?

The strange thing is that no matter what his flaws deep down i blame myself for not being there for him.

You! You were working on this story.

Had a lead on it before anyone else even knew.

- That's correct.
- Good. Alright you are getting on camera!

I want you to give an in-depth report for CNM tonight, prime time.

And make sure you close with:

"Roger Clifford pledges to undo all the harm is father caused, starting with the Pokémon he experimented on."

I can't believe we did it.

- Psyduck!
- Great work!

Ehi calm down. Stay calm.

I hope we never get to see each other again.

- Meet me later tonight?
- Cool.

I mean, yeah!

- Come on.
- Psyduck, Psyduck, Psyduck.

Way to go, Tim!

There is one last thing i must fix.

My father!

The father you have been looking for has been with you all along.

What's he talking about?

I don't...

You've done well.

Humanity is evil!

But you have show me... that not all humans are bad.

Harry Goodman, your Pikachu offers it's body to save your mind.

There is a son.

With the son's return, i can repair the father.

Your memory will be gone, but your hearth will know who you are.

I take this body so that you might live.

Return with the son!

Ehi, kid!

Grams will meet you when you arrive.


See ya.

See ya.

Ehi dad..


You think i can stay with you for a while?

I'd like that, kid.

Yeah i'd like that very much.

Me too!

- You wanna get a coffee?
- It's the weirdest thing

It's all i've been thinking about was having a coffee right now.

I think i'll have to find a new job.

Oh yeah?

What are you thinking?

- Maybe i could give detective work a try?
- Pika-Pika.

I think he likes that idea.