01x12 - The Indispensable Man (part 1)

Previously, on "Sleepy Hollow"...

Abbie: Me and my sister Jenny, we're walking home, all of a sudden, there were these four white trees.

And we blacked out.

What happened to my son?

The Sisterhood bound together and invoked a hex to stop his heart.

Ichabod, this place I've been trapped in, it's Purgatory.

I will free you from this hell.

We will defeat Moloch, and we will be together again.

My soul doesn't belong to me anymore.

How do I know I can even trust you?

You can't.

I retain what I see with near perfect precision.

You have photographic memory?

Irving: I can't let anything happen to Macey.


Be gone, Satan!

What the hell do you want?

How did George Washington's Bible get buried with you?

Do you know what's special about it?

The answers are in Washington's Bible!

This is in Washington's own hand.

Abbie: According to the history books, Washington died December 14th.

Four days before he wrote this.

How is that possible?

That is what we must discover.

Crane (Recorded): Good day. This is Captain Ichabod Crane, esquire.

If you will be so kind, please leave your name, rank and an address where I may reach you, and I will return this correspondence in a timely manner.

And now what do I press? Pound? What's pound?



Witness One paging Witness Two.

I've been thinking about this page we found in Washington's Bible.

I made a couple calls to people I know at Quantico.

We can send the page to their carbon dating lab, which will give us a better idea of exactly when it was written.

See you at work.

I am...

Respectfully, Lieutenant Mills.

There's no way he's getting that message.


(Phone chimes)

Well... look at you.

"More telescope conception?"


"Store cellophane recession?"

(Phone chiming)

"Poor telephone reception."


There you go.



(Floorboard creaking)

Hi, Abbie.

We need to talk about boundaries.

(Birds chirping)

December 18th, 1799.

It's not a birthday, not an anniversary.

This date was important to you, General Washington.

But why?

What happened four days after you died?

(Phone beeping)


"On my way. Colon closed parenthesis."


It's a man's face.

I suppose that's... charming.

Oh, my dear General, what is it you want me to see?

Washington: Captain Crane.

General Washington.

Welcome back.

Washington: I wish I could tell you what the future holds, Crane.

It is most likely that you will be called upon, to continue this fight when others cannot.

And when that time comes, good will always rise...

Like Lazarus from his grave.


In John...

General Washington.

Always elbow-shaking.

What are you doing here, Andy?

Came here to ask you something.

If you're here because Moloch wants Washington's Bible...

He doesn't want the Bible.

He wants a map. That Bible has instructions on how to get it.

What would Moloch get from a map?

It's not what he can get with the map. It's what you and Crane can use it for.

Moloch is not gonna give up. He's sending his soldiers after you.

Abbie, if you give me the Bible...

Are you kidding me?

Hear me out.

If you can get me that Bible, then I promise you you'll be spared and you'll be awarded a high seat in his New Order.

So if I turn my back on the world and Crane, I'll get a better view of the Apocalypse?


No deal.

(Dialing) Please don't risk your life to protect Ichabod Crane.

(Line ringing)

Crane. Come on, pick up.

Crane will give your soul to Moloch... it is prophesied.

Crane: Moloch... He's coming for your soul.

He says I will deliver it to him.

He will desert you. Just like your parents.

Just like everyone you have ever loved.

Except me.

No one loves you like I do.

Andy, listen to me...


No, I don't wannna hear you say it.

Trust me, this is for the best.


(Line ringing)

This is Lieutenant Mills...


...For the Captain. Please tell him it's an emergency.

(Handcuffs clanking)

(Door opens)

So... I had a busy morning.

As did I.

Of course... ladies first.

For starters, when I call, I need you to pick up.

I believe I would have an easier time navigating my device were it not such a... how shall I say this...

An antiquated piece of rubbish.

What's wrong with your phone?

It's obsolete.

I'm not blaming you, Lieutenant.

It's these telecommunication companies, overwhelming the populace with their ostentatious advertisements.

They're coercing the consumer into purchasing countless "system updates."

It's an abuse of capitalism and certainly not the vision behind our...

Laissez-faire market.

Hmm. And yet... You want a new one?

You've got one.

Okay, I hear you.

How 'bout this. You can have my phone for a couple of days.

If you actually use it, I'll get you the same one.

Shall we... seal this accord?

Not to bury the lede, but Andy Brooks came to my house.

For what purpose?

I don't know anymore. Because he loves me?

'Cause he's trying to manipulate me?

He said Moloch is unleashing soldiers on us.

He's been after the Bible because it leads to a map.

A map.

What else?

He repeated the same prophecy that Moloch told you.

That you'd give up my soul, that we were destined to turn on each other.


I know.

And yet you don't seem so certain anymore.

It's not you.

Brooks knows about my family, my history.

I think it's just... Screwing with my head a little.

So, as I was poring over the Bible, I was thinking of Washington's words to me some months before I... Fell on the battlefield.

He referenced the story of Lazarus.

So I reread it in Washington's Bible, searching for clues.

The story of Lazarus is usually 57 verses long.

In this Bible, it's 67.


These ten false verses are likely encoded with a secret message from Washington.

It still feels weird tampering with a Bible.

Thomas Jefferson took a scalpel to his copy of the gospels.

"December 18th, 1799. Instructions from President George Washington for Captain Ichabod Crane, esquire. Dear sir, if you're reading this now, then the war has resumed and your destiny to bear witness made manifest."

Washington knew you were a Witness.

One of the many secrets he kept hidden from me.

"Four days ago, I was diagnosed by Dr. William Thornton"

"with a fatal case of..."

"Croup and quinsy."

"As the end came, I drafted a plan."

"I asked that my body be kept in state, preserved by Virginia's winter air"

"so that supernatural forces might aid me in a final mission."

"Four days ago, I died."

"But through the cursed prayer beads of these occult forces, I was resurrected."


My God.

You and I have seen a lot of crazy stuff, but... zombie George Washington, that takes the cake.

"And so my final mission was to skirt the icy bonds of death and resurrect myself."

"As I existed, then, between the worlds of the living and the dead, I could bring information from one into the other, so that I could draft for you a map charting the passage from earth to purgatory."

Abbie: "An indispensable weapon against the evils of war."

If we can find that map... I can free my wife from Purgatory.

Season 1, Episode 12
"The Indispensable Man"

Evil could want this map for any number of reasons.

Our priority has to be getting it before they do.

I know you want to free Katrina.

Try not to let that cloud your judgment.

If you promise not to let the inane prophecy offered by our enemy, Mr. Brooks, cloud yours.

This is about defeating Moloch.

Glad we agree. Shall we seal this accord?

Are there any more clues from the Bible on where this map to Purgatory might be?

The index in Washington's letter offers a list of names of people involved with the reanimation.

Alfred Knapp.

Reverend Knapp?

We don't have much time.

A warlock allied with Katrina.

He guarded the Horseman's head for two centuries.

Worked out well for him.

This index states that he was present at the resurrection.

The prayer beads they used... they must have been his.

Washington's letter said that those beads are cursed.

To imbue religious instruments with such dark forces would be an ungodly act.

Those beads would be full of sin.

If we can find Reverend Knapp's prayer beads, perhaps our Mr. Parish can read their history and discover what the late Reverend knew of this map.

Let's call in our sin eater.

Man: You gave the order to move your family to a safe house based on a threat to your daughter.

Any idea why a threat to you and your family would murder a cop and a priest?

(Gruff, distorted): Deliver Washington's Bible.


Well, did you know that Detective Morales was...?

Thank you, Detective Nunez. That'll be all.

Frank... I sent you out here.

You're my guy, so, why don't I know what's going on in Sleepy Hollow?

I have told you... Everything I know.

No. You've been on my side of the table. You know I need answers, Frank.

For these murders, for the beheadings, all of it.

Detective Morales...

Morales is not the answer.

Then who the hell is?



Did you just say "evil"?

Yeah, Tom, I did.

I was weak.

I failed you.

(Moloch laughing)

Moloch: You are weak.

Take me seriously!

(Moloch laughing)

Please... make me your weapon.

I will fight in your army.

I will burn the world!

Moloch: Loyalty demands proof.

Find me the map.

(Insects chirping and trilling)

(Gasps, groans)

(Loud chirping and trilling)





All of the dreams Katrina and I shared can now be made real.

This may not be the future we envisioned, but it will be ours to fashion as we wish.

She is my guiding light.

I love you, Ichabod.

Crane: The guardian of my soul.

And when we are reunited, I will cherish her as never before.

(Phone chimes)

Siri: I don't know what that means. If you like, I can search the web for, "I will cherish her as never before."

Yolanda was a much better listener.

Searching for "Yolanda."


Parish: Mr. Crane?

Mr. Parish. Thank you for coming.

Now where are these prayer beads?

Follow me.

If we're correct, these beads will point us to the map's location.

Abbie: According to church records, Knapp asked to be entombed with his body parts intact and his prayer beads around his neck.

Rather well preserved.

Health benefits of being a warlock.

Crane: Remarkable stitching.

An old flame of mine was a seamstress.

She'd be most impressed.

Who did you date, Betsy Ross?

How did you know that?

You serious?!


There is sin within this artifact.

The sin of defying God Himself by cheating death.

These beads were indeed used for something... (Whispers) ...Most unnatural.

(Sizzling, groaning)



Mr. Parish?

My God.

There must be a hex on these beads.

Parish: It appears this might be harder than I first imagined.

Crane: These beads are guarded, mostly likely to prevent an intrusion such as this.

Abbie great. Dead warlock with a security system.

Parish: I hadn't anticipated any kind of resistance.

In fact, I've never felt anything quite like this.

And that concludes our latest adventures in grave-robbing.

I said this wasn't anticipated.

I didn't say it was impossible.

Look at your hand.

That hex hurt you.

We have no idea what other protections there are in place.

We will find another way... Mr. Parish.

These prayer beads are protecting valuable secrets.

I can feel them trying to escape.

We had to know that finding a map to Purgatory wouldn't be that easy.

But if it helps you to retrieve your wife, and us to win this war, then it is a task that I am ready to embrace.

(Groaning, sizzling)

Mr. Parish!

(Gasps, yelling)

Crane: Henry!



I saw...

Washington come to life.


And Knapp... By a shoreline, carrying something.

I'm sorry I couldn't get more.

(Trembling breath)

I tried.

I just need a moment.

Let me assist you.

I said, leave me alone!


Abbie: Crane, give him a minute.

(Groans, panting)

We shouldn't have let him do that.

Parish is a man capable of making his own decisions.

Maybe we need to rethink everything.

Absolutely. Wait.

What do you mean, "everything"?

As in, maybe this map shouldn't be found.

I realize the dangers, Lieutenant.

Do you? Because I don't.

And I know just as much about this map as you.

I have to believe that Washington left it for me because I am a Witness, so I can free Katrina and end this war.

Then why did Knapp put a hex on the beads so that no one could learn its secrets?

Where was the heads up on that? Crane, Henry could have been killed!

What are you implying?

That in the 200 years that you were underground, the plan changed.

It was a really long time ago.

Who's to say that if we use this map and free Katrina...

There won't be ramifications beyond our control, beyond what Washington anticipated?

If entering Purgatory somehow opens the floodgates...

It would be Armageddon.

That is what I am thinking.

Crane, I know how badly you want her back.

There isn't anything I wouldn't do for another hour with my mom, patrol ride with Corbin.

But if the day ever comes where you have to choose between the greater good and Katrina, if it ever comes to that, are you willing to sacrifice her freedom?

'Cause, to me, that's what this whole fight is all about.

What are we willing to do to keep everyone, everything safe?


(Raspy breathing)


Look out!








Crane: Moloch sent those creatures to stop us.

You're right, Lieutenant.

This map is more dangerous than perhaps even Washington could have imagined.

We must find it, or this war will be lost.

I can cross "fighting a demon" from my bucket list.

Safe to say...

That hex was in place for good reason.

Mainly stopping Moloch from gaining any information.

I'm sorry I didn't learn anything of value.

Seems Knapp has taken the map's location to his grave.

Of course.

The masons urge their brethren to take their secrets with them into death.

It's a rite dating back to the pharaohs of Egypt.

And Washington, being a mason, never would have wanted the map far from his remains.

Reverend Knapp would have been ordered to bury the map with Washington.

There are two different grave sites at Mt. Vernon and a tomb at the Capitol that has never been used.

Two different recorded birthdays, two different wills, three different grave sites.

Decoy chapters in the Bible. Why not decoy grave sites?

Washington would've wanted to be buried near Sleepy Hollow, somewhere Knapp could protect.

Mr. Parish.


In those brief glimpses you read from the beads, did you see anything that might resemble a burial site?


Knapp was by a shoreline.

He was transporting something.

A body.

Knapp was moving a body.

Many a mickle makes a muckle.

Come again?

It's something Washington used to say.

Several small parts add up to a greater whole.

Knapp was ferrying Washington's body to a secret burial site.

Now, there are 21 different islands along the Hudson River.

Then let's figure out which one he went to.

We find Washington's grave... his real grave...

And we shall find the map buried with him.





(Deep voice): I am your servant!

Moloch shall rise.

And all his enemies will fall.

Abbie: This is Bannerman's Island. Washington used it as a penal colony.

It's a good bet this is where Knapp buried him.

(Phone chiming)


I can't get my maps app to triangulate.

Oh, but I can still receive updates for your so-called "social network."

And how is it you have 500 friends?

I had only seven close companions... four of them died.

Those were good odds.

We use the term "friend" more loosely these days.

Aristotle would be most unimpressed.

Yeah, well, he's dead, too.

I pulled this from the archives.

It should help us figure out where this grave might be.

No. As detailed as these may be, it will not show you the masonic secrets used to hide a crypt's location, especially one as invaluable as Washington's.

All I need is one hour on this island.

I'll find out where the grave and the map are located.

I'm on board with that, but once we get the map, we need to talk about how we should handle it.

Yes. We will assay how best to keep it safe.

No matter how dangerous.

Or tempting.

That's what Oppenheimer said about the Manhattan project.

He created the nuclear bomb, a weapon that leveled parts of Japan, and, frankly, could still end the world if the devices got into the wrong hands.

And what about when they were in the right hands?

It ended a world war.

(Clears throat)

I know this is crazy, but I... I need to ask.

In all of your research, have you ever heard of a prophecy in which one of the Witnesses renounces the other?

There is a prophecy buried deep in the apocryphon of John, a testament rejected from the Bible.

Uh, "I will give my power to two Witnesses, and they shall prophesy for 1,260 days. But when the Beast comes up from the abyss, a Witness will surrender a Witness. And neither will survive."

So it's true. Crane might turn on me.

If you believe in prophesy.

You've known this whole time.

As I said, it was rejected by those who transcribed the Bible.

It's impossible to gauge its veracity.

Sometimes a story is just a story, miss Mills.

Evil believes that story.

In fact, they're counting on it.

A word of advice - Prophecies have a nasty way of fulfilling themselves if you let them.

Crane: Over here!

That rock in the clearing.

Would that be your masonic marker?

Does an alderman have an unwarranted self-regard?

I don't even know how to answer that.

You think Washington's buried here.

And how do we get in?

Beveled edges facing... north.


Abbie: Let me help.

Thank you.

(Both grunting)


Should something be happening?

He said it, not me.

Patience, please.



Worth the wait? Washington's secret grave.

Where is she?

You could have given us some warning, Tom. You owe him that much.

Frank, they're taking samples.



What the hell is going on?

Calm down, Frank. We needed to take some DNA.

You have no right.

Forensics found DNA on Father Boland's neck.

We need to screen everyone who was at the murder site.

Is there anything new you two would like to tell us?


You think my 13-year-old handicapped daughter is a suspect?

It's a better lead than "evil."

Look, it's clear you're under a lot of pressure.

Why don't you and your wife take your daughter home for the night.

But, Frank, if forensics gets more...

We'll come back with a warrant for her arrest.

(Quietly): If you come near my family without one, we will have a problem.


The Indispensable Man.

A well-known moniker for General Washington.

Looks simple enough.

Let's get the map and get out of here before more of Moloch's minions show up.

No, don't!

Forgive me.

I'd wager this pyramid is triggered to ignite upon the sign of any tampering.

Also, Washington isn't in this pyramid... too obvious.

Where is he then?


He was a Roman general, exiled to a life in the farmlands.

When Rome was under threat, the senate retrieved him, made him a dictator.

When the crisis was over, he gave up his power and went back to the farm.

I took Latin in high school.

Cincinnatus was Washington's hero.

He represented the idea that power should only be given to those who want it least.




Oh, my.

Abbie: Nice teeth.

Gold, ivory and lead.

They were the envy of every man in Virginia.

Not sure how Martha felt about them.

Do you want me to do it?

No, no, no, I'll...

I'll do it.

Forgive me, old friend.

It's perfect.

I have waited a very long time for this.


Now I can free her.


Mr. Crane. Miss Mills.


Oh, my God.


What happened to you?




I don't know what Moloch did to you...

But I know the Andy that I know is in there somewhere.

The man that protected me.

(Deep voice): Give me the map.

The man that loves me, Andy... The map!





(Normal voice): Abbie... destroy the map.

Moloch needs it in order to win the war.

Release me.

Please, if you've ever... Once felt anything...


Miss Mills! Quickly!

(Brooks screaming)

Are you okay?

I believe I am.

That man...


We need to get out of here.

We're sealed inside.

There must be another exit.


The inner chamber.

This way.

There must be a way out deeper in the crypt.

Here we go... the masonic symbol of ascension.



God bless the freemasons.

Crane, how positive are you about this pyramid being booby-trapped?

70%. Well, 60.

Well, no, 65.

Lieutenant, shoot the lever.



Go! Go!





I'm fine.

Crane... You need to know...

Before he died, Brooks begged me to destroy that map.

He said Moloch would use it to win the war.

Forget the prophecy.

It's your call.

I keep asking myself the same question, over and over again.

What would I do if this had nothing to do with freeing Katrina?

What's the answer?

Forgive me, my love.

Mr. Crane!

If using this map meant betraying your trust...

...that's something I cannot do.

For the world.

For our friendship.

You and I will choose our own destiny.

We have free will.

I choose to forge my fate with you.

I promise you...

We are going to save her.

I shall hold you to that, Lieutenant.

Irving: I told them to stock the place with your favorite ice cream.

Which is?

All of 'em.


Cynthia: Macey has the highest grades in her class.

You're amazing, bean.

Irving: I'm sorry, you deserve better.

You know, if you would have told me that a year ago, you would still be living in this house.

It was me.

I killed Jason Boland and Devon Jones.


I'm confessing.

You might want to get a witness.

Find me, please! Free me from this place!

We will defeat Moloch, and we will be together again.

I swear.