01x13 - Bad Blood (part 2)

(low rumbling, cracking)


(Birds chirping)

(Twig snaps)



(Horse whinnying)

Good morrow, sir.

Good morrow.


Ooh, uh... (Chuckles)

Madam, I mistook you for, um, somebody else.

Oh, that's quite all right.

Your coat and tie front shirt... such attention to detail, sir.

Did you make them yourself?

Where am I?

We are near the headwaters of Lake Champlain.

We've just joined league with the Marquis de Montcalm's mercenary force to repel the 43rd highland regiment.

Of course.

I have not yet awoken from last night's slumber.


This is a dream, madam, and a rather inaccurate one at that.

It was the 42nd regiment, and that event transpired in 1758, well before the war began.

Wow, dude.


It's a reenactment. Just, you know, relax.

Go with it.

A reenactment?


Of a war?

(Horn honks)

Man: Hey, Phil!

For amusement?

I get it. It's your first time.

Uh, you're actually supposed to be in the official outfit.

So what size are you?

You sell clothing.


Well, maybe fate has led me to you after all.

(Phone rings)

Oh, you are not supposed to have your cell phone on you.


Hello. It's Henry Parish. I'm sorry to call so early, Ichabod, but there's a matter of some urgency.

I need to see you and miss Mills right away.

It's quite dire.

Jenny: You bought the same exact outfit?

So does this mean we can finally give away that ratty coat?

Please. And risk it be worn "ironically" by purveyors of artisanal marmalade who discovered it at a local thrift shop?

I thank you, no.

For judge a man not by the wear of what he wears, but by the where and how he wears it.

Abbie: They scheduled Irving's hearing for this morning.

I told Cynthia I'd get down there.

Parish will be here momentarily.

He emphasized the urgency.

Irving just signed a confession to the murders of Devon Jones and Father Boland.

I think that falls under the urgency category, too. He confessed to protect Macey.

Crane: Yet they are both innocent.

Surely our criminal justice system can account for that.

You're talking to the girl who spent a decade in Tarrytown psychiatric because she told the truth.

(Door slams)

Afraid there's no time for pleasantries, my friends.

I believe that on this day, Moloch will seek to unleash hell on earth.

That's one way to enter a room.

This morning I awoke from a terrible dream.

It was a premonition.

I have them on occasions. In my vision, I saw Moloch surrounded by four white trees, and he was raising something from the earth.

A creature of some kind.

What did the creature look like?

I couldn't see its face.

Only a taloned hand covered in dirt.

And then I saw fragments.

Images like pieces of a puzzle.

A man on a flaming horse, riding against a solar eclipse, a-and a voice said...

"Come and see."

Abbie: "And then another horse came forth, of fiery red."

Its rider was given the power to take peace from the earth."

Jenny: "And to make men slay each other."

To him was given a large sword."

The second of four horsemen.

(Eerie whinnying)


Of course.

Moloch's riddle.

"The Saint's name is a sign.

"When you know my meaning, war will take form."

Is there any chance that this is just a bad dream?

I'm afraid not.

The celestial calendar confirms there will be a solar eclipse by day's end today.

It can't be a coincidence.

13 years to the day...

I'm afraid you've lost me.

Crane: Today marks the anniversary of the day they first encountered Moloch in the forest.

There was an eclipse that day, too.

Parish: Then I fear that miss Mills is correct.

This is more than mere coincidence.

My friends, it appears that war is coming to Sleepy Hollow...


Woman: Lieutenant Mills?

I'm sorry, I saw you come in.

Cynthia said to meet her here.

There's been a last-minute change in venue. - Wait, Irving's gone already? They transferred him upstate.

He left this for you.

Thank you.

"Check the marked pages."

(Door creaks open)

Ah, Lieutenant, perfect timing. You're going to like this.

You found something?

Don't get excited.

You haven't heard the plan yet.

A plan to stop the second Horseman?

According to hidden messages encoded within Washington's Bible, a binding spell cast upon the soil from which the second Horseman will emerge may prevent him from entering this realm. Witchcraft.

When am I gonna ever stop being surprised?

Unfortunately, all the witches we've encountered are now deceased.

With the exception, of course, of Ichabod's wife.

Who's in Purgatory, and we burned the only existing map.

Wait for it.


The unexpected blessings of an eidetic memory.

I was able to redraw the map.

You lied. A half-truth.

A half-truth is a whole lie.

All right, I lied.

Yet I had no intention of using this map without your consent, but Katrina is the only one who can stop the second Horseman.

Show me.

Admit it, you appreciate me a little.



The map is a cross section of ley lines.

Naturally forming pathways said to be of historical and sometimes spiritual significance.

Let me guess - There's a ley line right here in Sleepy Hollow.

They converge on what appears to be a dirt road that cuts through forestland.

Now, recall, if you will, the words of general Washington.

Jenny: Which one? Zombie Washington or Father of the Free World Washington?

The General said the battle between good and evil

"would be won or lost on a township

"that took its name from the hallowed ground

"on which it lay, a doorway between worlds."

He was referring to this.

This spot here, the gateway to Purgatory.

And my way back to Katrina.

What about the rest of Moloch's riddle?

The Saint's name?

Irving may have gotten us a lead with that.

Since all of this began with Corbin and Reverend Knapp, he pulled Knapp's things from the impound and found this old datebook logging meeting between the two of them.



They were working together? Corbin never told me.

Corbin doesn't mention his name in any of the hard files, but he's got the audio logs.

I'm gonna need you to start digging.

There are hundreds of hours of tapes.

I'll never get through all of them in time.

It's the only lead that we have; Whatever they were on to, it's in there somewhere.

(Quietly): Can I talk to you for a second?

You're really gonna do this?

Just walk into Purgatory so Crane can get his wife back?

Did I miss a backup plan?

Maybe you forgot Moloch guards Purgatory.

Oh, really? Was that his name?

Moloch, who ripped our live in half, I forgot all about it.

Thanks for reminding me. Who said Crane would hand over your soul, and you're gonna make it easy for him.

I want to stop running from this b*st*rd, Jenny.

Don't you? Aren't you tired of being afraid?

I don't want to be a victim anymore.

I want to face him.

For me.

It's for us.

Do you remember the Dollhouse we found in the dumpster behind our house when we were little?



Dad would be drunk, mom talking to the silverware.

We'd go upstairs, lock the door and play with it, and you said

"we're okay.

"Just pretend.

"Pretend this is our house.

This is where we'll always be safe."

I believed you.

And then you went away.


I don't want to lose you again.

I can't.

Listen to me.

It's taken me a while to come to terms with what happened to us.

To me, what it really means.

That you're a Witness.

With a capital "W."

I'm not gonna lose you again.

I need you to have faith.

I have more than faith.

I'm a mental patient with a gun.


If you're not back by sunset, I will come hunt you down.

Come back to me.

Parish: Can you feel it?

The air feels somehow different here.

GPS says we're close.

Now's probably a good time to ask how we're gonna find Katrina once we get in there.

Your ancestors' church - Grace and Joseph.

Katrina said she visits the "echo" of that church every day.

And I light a candle in memoriam and I pray for his soul.

Crane: On the bright side, at least we'll get to experience life after death within our lifetime.

That is a pretty dark bright side.

You must not take this lightly.

Purgatory is a maze of temptation.

If you are offered food or drink, you must not accept it.

The reality you're presented will seem entirely true.

And every part of you will want to embrace it, but if you do, you'll be trapped there for eternity...

Imprisoned in Purgatory forever.

(GPS beeping rapidly)

This is where the lines converge.

Washington inscribed this incantation here, meant to summon a doorway to Purgatory.

And when you've found Katrina, repeat the words and the doorway will reopen, returning you here.

We gotta move.


Are you okay?

I've come to care deeply about you both.

You gave me a reason to hope again.

And now I implore you to cling to that hope.

Remember your link with each other.

Purgatory will try to make you forget it, but hold onto each other in your hearts, and nothing can separate you.

You were chosen for this moment.

I look forward to meeting your wife.

And I, to introducing you.

Both: We, the penitent, with humble heart upon this threshold do summon thee -

In mirror'd form appear, a gateway to the world between worlds.

(Low rumbling, cracking)

(Birds chirping outside)


August: Abbie, eh, you're awake.

How you feeling, kid?

Brooks: Hey, Abbie.

How are you both here?

You're dead.


Shoot, why doesn't anybody ever tell me these things?


Where in the hell is Crane?

What are you talking about?

Ichabod Crane!

Okay, honey, honey, you need to take it easy.


Look, you got hit in the head pretty hard.

You got a concussion. Sit down. Take it easy.

The doctor said the dizziness, memory loss, hallucinations, that's all normal side effects after you wake up.

They furloughed you from training so you could recover here.


From Quantico.

FBI academy?

You got knocked out in a live fire exercise.

You remember any of it?

I was at the academy?

Yeah. Top of your class.

Shocker. (Chuckles)

You left us all in the dust.

This guy kicks my ass every week

'cause he misses you so much.

You just need to take it easy.

They said that your place is secure.

You're gonna graduate with your pick of assignments.

Right now, you just need to rest, okay?


Ah, there's my girl. Yeah.

Mm... I miss you so much.


I'm supposed to remember something.


(Piano playing light melody in distance)

(People conversing in distance)

(Piano playing light melody)


Welcome, son.

After years of service to his Majesty's army abroad, you've returned home a hero to your country.

Cornwallis himself said the battle of Yorktown could not have been won without your decisive command!

The British lost.

(All laugh)

Still a little light-headed, I see.

No doubt.

I don't understand.

You've been granted a full professorship with all its attendant perquisites.

Because of you, the Crane name will live on in these hallowed halls, a chain of unbroken purpose.

Have you nothing to say?

When I turned against England...

You swore you'd never speak to me again.

You disavowed me as your son.


Ichabod, you... you rum-beggar.

Even as a boy, your imagination always skewed toward the Greek tragedies!

You are...

And always will be...

A child after my own heart.

Come to me.

I love you, my boy.

And now, libation!

August. Apple pie a la mode.

You got about five minutes before that hot, crispy crust...

Comes together with the ice cream and melts into a warm, soupy mess.


You know, the first time I took you to that diner, I knew you were destined for something great, that you were gonna matter, and I was gonna play a part somehow.

I'm so damn proud of you.

Ah, but first, pie, right?

Yeah! Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

(All laugh)

Oh, damn, boss, you missed your calling.

Yeah. Eat up, kid.

(All chuckle)

Just like old times, huh?

I never thought I'd say this, not in a million years, but I just want to go back to the way it was before.

I'm afraid neither of us can.

This isn't real.

This isn't real.

Where you do you think you're going, Abbie?

You're not Corbin.

Abbie, you sit back down at this table and eat the damn pie, you hear me?!

Abbie, it hurts! Please don't let him take my soul!

Don't leave me here, kid. Please!


I once offered that when you have your own child, remember...

He'll follow your example more than your advice.

Which is why I'm so deeply proud to say and to see...

You've done both.


I used to imagine I'd be a Professor in my own right.

Yet upheld by his pride for me.

This is a dream.

This is a dream.

It's true, then.

You choose to forsake all I've given you?

To turn your back on your heritage, on your future...

On me?!

This is not my future.

You are not my father.

Drink what I offer, or you will be sent to Coventry - forgotten, disowned, a Crane no longer!

I've felt the pain of your shunning once before, and I loved you nonetheless.

Yet my answer remains...



August (On tape): Still no evidence found for that fire on Milford.

Probably nothing.

March 21st, found a dead body with a strange tattoo on the back of his head.

It's definitely some kind of symbol, but nothing I've ever seen before.

Found an old pamphlet from an antiques dealer in town named Adams circa 1781.

It talks about a sermon at a church named trinity outside of town.

Now, this church has been abandoned for over a hundred years.

When I called Reverend Knapp to find out what he knew about it, he insisted that we meet in person.

I think the answer might be somewhere in the ruins of this old church.

(Discordant chords playing on piano)

(Discordant chords continue)

(Deep voice murmuring)

(Discordant chords continue)



Excuse me.






This isn't real.

Our surroundings may an illusion, yet I assure you I am the genuine article.

Yet what assurance do I have that you are as well?

After we trapped the Horseman, what did I teach you?

It served a purpose after all.

I guess we survived our first test.

Temptation. Huh.

When I remembered you, I saw this world for what it truly is.


Parish said our link to each other was the key.

And now we must find Katrina.

I recognize these woods.

It's where I first found Katrina.


(Distant screaming)

What the hell?

A form of hell, it would seem.

Lost souls...

Searching for salvation.

Katrina: My love! No, no, no!

I begged you never to return here.

What do you know of the secrets of Washington's Bible?

Only that he wanted to ensure that it found its way with you.

Among its revelations, it holds a map, allowing us to summon a doorway to and from this place.

Now, the second Horseman will ride into the mortal realm this very day...

And you can stop him.

You'll finally be free from this place.

We're gonna bring you home.

Oh, no, I can't.

Abbie: Sure you can. We'll help you pack.

No soul can leave this place without being granted forgiveness.

To leave without it...

It would break down the walls between the worlds.

Abbie: I can't accept that.

We didn't come this far to get dinged by some metaphysical technicality.

We're not leaving without you.

With war's arrival, our destruction is assured either way.

What are you not saying?

There's no time for indecision, my love.

There is... An alternative.

One that requires a sacrifice of great cost, one I cannot ask.

Spill it.

My soul can leave this realm...

But only if another were to take my place.

Katrina: Please, I beg you both, leave before none of us can.

Crane: If one of us is to remain here in order to set you free...

It shall be me.


It's me.

That is not an option.

I have to face him, Crane.


I can't keep running away.

I won't.

Lieutenant... I'm not asking for your permission.

You did not ask me for mine when you decided to end your life before you knew that Parish could separate you from the Horseman.

And then you very wisely convinced me there is always another way.

This is the only way!

We were chosen for this.

To sacrifice ourselves so that humanity can endure, so that people can choose their destiny.

It's my turn, Ichabod.

Moloch warned that I would deliver you to him, and here we are.

If we do this, his prophecy will be fulfilled.

(Distant snarling)

We are out of time.

This amulet was bound by the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart.

It will protect you from Moloch.

I will not allow you to remain here for long.

Once we've stopped war's arrival, I will return to set you free.

I'm counting on it.

I swear to you, for as long as I can draw breath...

Our work is not done.

You will come back for me.

That, I know.

Remember our bond.

I'll come back for you.

(Masonry splintering, falling)


Have faith.




Repeat these words after me.

We, the penitent, with humble heart...

We, the penitent, with humble heart...

...upon this threshold do summon thee -

...upon this threshold do summon thee -

In mirror'd form appear...

In mirror'd form appear...

...a gateway to the world between worlds.

...a gateway to the world between worlds.

Parish: Ichabod.

Where is Abigail?

Katrina could not be freed...

Unless another soul assumed her place.

Moloch's prophecy.

I will be back for her.

(Voices whispering)


You son of a bitch.

It's just you and me now.


You are mine.

I was never yours...

And I never will be.



Katrina: Ichabod.

(Breathing hard)


Is this real?

Am I truly here?

Yes, my love.


Excuse me.

My name is Henry Parish.


A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mrs. Crane.

You're the Sin Eater.

We must hurry. The eclipse is near.

You said you foresaw Moloch pull a creature from the ground in these woods.

Can you find the location?

A path finding spell should guide us to our destination.

My power's weakened.

It's been centuries since I used it here.



That is where we must go.

I married a witch.


How... cool.

It is a figure of speech, you'll learn.


Okay, old man, I'm here.

What do you want me to find?

Katrina: We're here.

I sense the presence of a great evil.

She's right. Look.

Just as they were in my vision.

And in mine.

This is where the second Horseman will emerge.

Corbin: My dig into the church's history indicates it changed owners over the course of two centuries and was renamed several times before it was eventually abandoned.

But its last recorded title seems to have disappeared from the county files altogether.

Great. Waste of time.

I'm starting to believe there's no such thing as a coincidence around here.

Why would someone want to hide an abandoned church's name?


Abbie: You've reached Lieutenant Mills. Please leave a message.


Abbie, it's me.

God, I hope you're okay.

I figured out Moloch's warning - "The Saint's name is a sign."

He meant it literally.

So whatever you do, you can't...


(Tires screech)

(Horse neighs)


Come in.

We're having a tea party.

Where am I?

The place we've always felt most safe.

Moloch can't get to you in here.

There's a reason you can't remember what happened to you that day in the woods.

After we saw him rise up from behind the trees.

We blacked out.


We saw more.

Much more.

I don't understand.

The reason you can't remember what happened next is because we're your memory.

Moloch took us out of your head.

You and Jenny both.

What do you mean he took you out of my head?

To make you forget the truth.

That's why we've been locked away here since that day.

So you wouldn't find us.

The eclipse is nearly complete.

Soon the second Horseman will rise.

Something's wrong.

The binding spell isn't working.

What do you mean?

This ground, I feel nothing beneath it.

If the second Horseman was supposed to be here... It's gone.

It's here.

I assure you.

Do you know the etymology of the word


To disclose or reveal.

That time...

Has come.




Stop! Leave her be, damn you!

You're in no position to make demands.

I suggest you stop struggling.

Your power is nothing compared to mine.

I trusted you!

You needed faith, my dear Ichabod, and I gave it to you, both of you... in your desire to be reunited.

And to Abigail, who so desperately needs to believe there's a purpose to her pain.

See, faith is a pillar of human nature.

The belief that all will end well if we just cling onto it with all our might.

And it is what blinds us to what's right in front of us all along.

It was you who appeared to me in Purgatory.

Of course it was.

I planted the simple seed in your fertile mind.

The first glimmer of hope in over two centuries.

The sin eater.

It was you that brought us together.

All I had to do was play my part.

For so long, I've hoped for this day.

To find the reason for what I've been given.

The reason is you.

I gave you the answer so many times.

I practically spelled it out for you.

Parish: A good puzzle misleads you.

It sends you in one direction, fools you into thinking you know what's going on.

But once you've discovered the trick, you see that there's often a hidden meaning.

Who are you?


And still you see so little.

Don't you know?

Can't you guess?

An emissary of Moloch?

Oh, I'm much more than that.

Your binding spell had no effect...

Because there was nothing to bind.

The second Horseman was unearthed over a decade ago on this very day under the darkening sun.

And as Moloch prophesied, he has waited all this time to take form.

We saw Moloch appear from behind the trees.

It wasn't an accident that he was in the forest that day.

He came for a reason.

Just like we were sent there to stop him.

What do you mean we were "sent there"?

Why was Moloch in the woods? I need to know.

What did I see?

Katrina: It's you.

You are the second Horseman.

Just like Abraham once was a mortal man before he became death.

Only half mortal.

I am...

After all...

What you made me.


And Father.



You died.

Murdered by my mother's own coven.


As an orphaned, wayward warlock, and left to whither in a plain, pine box.

Yet my blood...

Our blood...

(Ground rumbling)

...was strong enough to breath life back into my lungs.

Just as it gave my beloved golem life when I was a child.

Your son's blood is your blood.

You knew my blood would destroy it.


(Bellowing screams)

And yet you allowed me to kill it.

Sometimes those we love must be sacrificed on the altar of a higher purpose.

You survived the death hex.

Death would have been a merciful gift compared with what followed.

For two centuries, I weakened in this dark prison.

Feeding on the vines that crept in along side of me.

Crying out to the pitiless God that put me there.

And to the two who abandoned me to eternal suffering.

Then after two centuries, I heard a voice.

The voice of my true Father offering salvation.


Moloch is not your father.

He is a prince of lies.

He came...

And took me out of the earth.

God sent a Witness to try and stop me, but she was not yet strong enough.

We defeated her then and we have defeated her now!

I have to find a way out of here.

I need to help them.

It's too late.

The doorway's closed.

I don't think that you understand.

I have to find a way home.

This is your home now.

This is your home.

You invented an entire family history.

Even your name.

No, no, no.

Not my name.

That was given to me by God's grace.

The very church where you abandoned me as a child was the first place I saw upon my resurrection.

So I took the Saint's name to spite him.

Crane: Jeremy, listen to me, I beg you.

We are all children in the absence of our parents.

Believe me, I know this to be true.

You know nothing!

Every choice that I made, I made it to protect you.

I spent two centuries under the earth for your choices!

And she spent two centuries in Purgatory suffering the consequences!


Oh... look.

This is our first family spat.

You cannot fathom how meaningless your words are to me.

Now that the two Witnesses are separated, there is nothing to stop us breaking the second seal.

And fulfilling a promise made long ago to an old friend.

(Horse neighs)

She's finally yours, Abraham.

No, no!

Pleasant dreams.

Don't! Katrina!


No! No!




Now you'll know what it's like to lose faith.

When it's gone, you have nothing.

And when you have nothing, there's nothing holding you back from what you're capable of.

Behold the second seal!


(Thunder crashes)

War isn't coming to Sleepy Hollow.

It's been waiting all along.

And now...

It begins.

Good-bye, Father.

No! No! No!