02x05 - The Weeping Lady

We can't have you showing up for the Battle of Saratoga missing a button, can we?

There we are.


Betsy Ross herself would envy your handiwork, Miss Caroline.

I made you some new shirts, breeches and hose, all cut from cloth woven on a heritage Saxony loom. Oh. (laughs) I also brought you butter I churned last night and some lingonberry preserves. And...

Oh, Miss Caroline. Your generosity knows no bounds. I shall treasure these gifts.

I've never met anyone like you before, Ichabod. Your dedication to Colonial reenactment is so impressive. You never break character...

Well, one might say it's a way of life.

I think it's inspiring, and to be honest, kind of... attractive.


Uh, Miss Caroline, words cannot express how flattered I am.

Then don't use words.

I'm a married man.


(sighs) I'm so sorry.


You live alone, you never talk about her.

There's no photos of her around.

I assumed you were single or separated or a widower.

No... I assure you my wife is alive and well.

(door opens)

Didn't mean to interrupt.

I am such an idiot. This is not what it looks like, Mrs. Crane.

Mrs. who now?


No, no, uh, Miss Mills is my partner.

Uh, not-not life partner.

She's my... We... Oh, look!

She comes bearing a selection of delicacies from the Far East.

Commonly known as Yummy Food Schezuan.

I'll be going now. Excuse me.

Oh, Miss Caroline. Please...


We need a signal.

Need to hang a tie on the doorknob or something.


Lieutenant, you are making light of a very uncomfortable situation.

I was regretfully unaware of Miss Caroline's... affections... for me.

Ah. Anyone could tell that girl had a case of Crane on the brain.

Well... I have had much weighing on my mind, so...

It's Katrina. You're worried about her.

Thoughts of my wife in peril do plague me.

Look... she chose to stay with the Horseman, Crane.

She can handle herself.


Find my love.

Find Ichabod.

Abraham: Katrina, where are you?

Good afternoon, Abraham.

I trust all is well.

Why wouldn't it be?

Pleasantry, nothing more.

These comforts you meant procured for me are appreciated.

When you are my queen, you will want for nothing.

All the world's riches will be yours.

I've never been one for material things, Abraham.

I'm not talking about baubles or trinkets.

The coming apocalypse is a certainty.

Your only chance of weathering the storm is by my side.

I know what you desire.

And you know that I want you to make that choice willingly.

But I will not wait forever.

(door closes)

(eerie whoosh)

To what do I owe the pleasure?

The enchantment you cast on my home to keep Katrina from using her witchcraft...

I suspect she's trying to work around it.

I need you to check on her for me.

She's a powerful and devious witch.


I'll examine the wards and, if necessary, strengthen them, and... then, if she's still causing trouble, we can use the binding ritual.

There will be no need.

I will turn her to our purpose as Moloch commanded.

She'll play the role that he has devised for her, and she will do so of her own volition.

It's a difficult proposition, unless you sever her bond with Crane.

Your help will not be necessary.

It's no trouble.

I relish any chance to cause my parents pain.

What I have asked of you is all that I require.

(eerie whoosh)

Come on, Katrina.

Must be some sin I can make use of.

♪ Friends nowhere to be found ♪
♪ To help you when you are down ♪
♪ But you know that you're the one to blame ♪
♪ We know what's wrong from what's right ♪
♪ Nobody wins in a fight... ♪

Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Come on.

I'm not about to go any further.

(distant weeping)

Wait, wait, wait. Did you hear that?

All I hear is rain.

Oh, well, for a second, it sounded like someone was out there crying.

Okay, if you think that trying to freak me out is gonna get you past second base and into my pants, you are...

No, no, I'm not trying to get in your pants.

I-I mean, I-I am...


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God! Go, go, go!

Just send her a text.

It's the way it's done these days.

A missive composed by thumb can not adequately convey emotion.

Hence, emoticons.

Oh, yes... a grimacing lemon caricature.

That should do the trick.

No, I've hurt Miss Caroline's feelings, and I intend to apologize face-to-face, as a gentleman should.


Please forgive the intrusion, Miss Caroline, but I must beg your pardon for the events that transpired earlier.

Oh, I'm the one that made a total ass of myself.

No, it was a misunderstanding.

And one I pray we can put behind us.

Truth be told, I have precious few friends in Sleepy Hollow.

And none that share my fervor for the Colonial way of life.


Of course we can be friends, Ichabod.

I'm flattered that you would come all this way to make things right.

I'm grateful for your understanding.

I'll see you next Saturday at the Battle of Saratoga.

(water gurgling, woman weeping)

(woman weeping)



Let me pass.

No. I'm with the lieutenant. Lieutenant!


Let him in.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

(sighs) You're certain it's her?

You're certain it's Caroline?

I I.D.'d her myself.

Fisherman found the body at 5:00 this morning.

I'm so sorry, Crane.

We only saw her yesterday evening.


Who would do this?

And why?

The examiner put the time of death at 9:00 p.m., which is when we left her place.

The cops that went by her house said that the car was in the garage.

So, she walked here... in the middle of the night.


But there were no tracks on the banks, no traces of where the body went into the water.

We're leagues away from town.

It's not likely that anyone saw or heard anything that might aid our investigation.

Theory: she went in further upstream, floated down to where we discovered her.

An astute observation.

We would be best served starting our search this way.

This belonged to Caroline.

She was holding it when we saw her last night.


You need to come look at this.

(sighs) Maybe someone was here last night, after all.

Tire tracks but no footprints, so they didn't get out the car.

But, see, the dirt is soft and loose, like they accelerated in a hurry.

Could this vehicle belong to Caroline's assailant or to someone who might have witnessed anything in last night's tragic events?

I'm thinking teenagers.

Local kids use this spot as a lovers' lane.

It's a place where, uh, young...

Yes. I had them in my day.

A route on which a young man and his betrothed could walk hand in hand, closely followed by their parents, of course, avoid impropriety.

Something like that.

Well, if it was high school students, I'd say a visit to the queen bees is in order.

I take it you're suggesting more than a visit to an apiary.

(school bell rings)

The point is there's an apex to the high school food chain, a top of the heap.

Uh, and you suppose these young women will know the identities of the youths parked by the river last night?

Absolutely. This is where the gossip grapevine begins and ends...

Spirit Squad.

Well, I'm duly impressed with their... spirit.

(school bell rings)

Abbie: Pom-Poms over there said that you told her you were parked under the bridge last night.

A very good friend of mine lost her life.

Drowned in that river.

You saw something.

We just thought it was a prank, someone messing with us.

I know it sounds crazy, but...

It was the Weeping Lady.

Abbie: The Weeping Lady. Local legend.

Goes back to colonial days.

She's the ghost of a woman who drowned in the Blind Brook River.

Dripping wet, glowing green eyes, whole nine.

And the tears?

Was some injustice done to her?

She was jilted by her husband or lover, maybe both.

I don't remember the details.

Which is why we're here.

The legend goes back to a short story written by a town resident, back in the day.

Sleepy Hollow Library has the most extensive collection of source material.

Hits in Fiction and...


We divide and conquer.

(wings flapping)


(crow caws)


"My darling Ichabod, I am safe and in good health. While my craft is limited by my captors, I have strength enough to send you this winged messenger. You are always in my thoughts, my love. Yours... Katrina."

And here I thought your partner was the history buff.


What are you doing here?

You know, just doing what people do at libraries... free copies, free Internet.

I'm doing some research on things that go bump in the night.

Way I figure, forewarned is forearmed.

You know what I mean?

I think I do.

That icy wind I'm feeling, is that anything to do with the other day?

By "the other day," you mean when Crane and I asked you to help us take down a vicious child-stealing creature and you said no?

I told you when I met you that I do the work I'm contracted to do.

And, look, it all came out in the wash.

No thanks to you.

No thanks not to me. Who knows?

Look, if I'd have come with, I could've blown the whole thing.

Cut me some slack, okay?

It was my first real, live monster.

You deal in supernatural armaments, Hawley.

Do people who sell Christmas trees all believe in Santa Claus?

Look, I get that you're sore about the piper thing, so let me make it up to you.

Next time you and the British guy have a critter you need help with, give me a shout.

I'll see what I can do.

At a very sizeable discount.

I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

It's on the house.

If you need me, I'm down at the pier. Slip 44.

(woman weeping)

(weeping continues)

(weeping continues)

Put your hands up.

Turn around slowly.







(muffled): Lieutenant!

(muffled shrieking)

(muffled): Lieutenant!


(muffled shrieking)

(muffled shout)

(muffled shrieking)



No, Lieutenant!

No, no, no, no, no, no... Abbie!

Hawley: What are you waiting for?

Give her mouth-to-mouth, man!

She's drowned!

Come on. Come on.

Please, please, please.



(police radio chatter)

(phone vibrates)

I got to go see a guy about a thing.

You got this, right?

I do indeed.

And you're welcome.

Well... you look none the worse for wear.

Waterlogged but back in action.


Whilst you were being ministered to by the... mobile doctors, I searched for information on your assailant.

What'd you get?

I'm afraid we may have more questions than answers.

The original tale was written in 1779 by local innkeeper Obadiah Saunders, who claimed to have been inspired by the sight of a mournful spirit stalking the banks of the Blind Brook River.

He depicts a jilted woman who drowns herself when she discovers her paramour has fallen for another.

Her spirit haunts the site of her tragic suicide, weeping in sorrow at the terrible lot life has dealt her.

Whatever attacked me and killed Caroline was no sorrowful ghost.

No. And it appears to have an inordinate interest in harming those for whom I most deeply care.

The only tangible piece of evidence we have to go on is this.

Where did this come from?

It's a piece of the Weeping Lady's shawl.

Tore when she tried to drown me with it.

This makes no sense.

Why would the creature have this?

It's just a piece of lace.

A piece of lace handwoven from Scottish cotton.

A specific pattern made with painstaking care.

You've seen it before.

It belonged to a woman I knew many years ago, one to whom I was promised.

This is a verdant and bountiful plot, a perfect setting for you and Abraham to begin a new life together.





Uh... this is... unexpected.


Um... uh, Mary Wells, Katrina Van Tassel, treasured friend of mine and betrothed to my comrade-in-arms, Abraham Van Brunt.

A pleasure to meet you, Miss Wells.


Crane: Mary is a dear friend from London.

I've only just arrived on a Dutch East India Company trawler.

And you came... for...

You, Ichabod. To bring you home, so you can finally make an honest woman of me.

You're engaged?


Promised to each other since we were children.

Our fathers have long been close companions.

But Mary and I have not seen one another since I departed for the Colonies.


Why don't I give the two of you a chance to reacquaint.



I must admit, I am confused by your presence here, Mary.

How could I not come?

Once I heard you'd been coerced to throw in with the colonists.

Not to worry.

Papa Wells can fix it.

As long as you recant.

I have no intention of recanting my belief under any circumstances...

You mean you had no intention until you laid eyes on me again.

But seeing me now, your heart still beats for me.

As it always did.

Uh, Mary... before I left London, we had a mutual agreement to break off our engagement.

A noble gesture on your part.

To spare me the worry that you might get wounded or killed in battle.

No, Mar... (sighs)

As I said then, I care for you very deeply.

And I for you. Deeply.

But it is as a brother cares for a sister.

(stifled sob)

Ever since you left, my f-feelings for you have only grown deeper.

I had hoped yours had done the same.

Mary, I'm sorry. I am. But our lives must remain on separate paths.

It's her, isn't it? That dreadful wench. Katrina. She's stolen your heart. Stolen you away.

She's engaged to my best friend. But it's you she desires. Not that she will ever have you.

I know you, Ichabod. You're too kind. Too noble. You would never shame our families. Never leave me a broken and defamed woman.

Mary, please... be reasonable.

But it's you that must come to your senses.

I'll be at the inn at dockside.

Expect you by morning. With your bags packed and prepared for the journey home.

She sounds like a piece of work.

She was... intense with her emotions. But I assumed I'd reached her because the following day I received a letter apologizing for her behavior and releasing me from any obligation.

She said she intended to return to England immediately.

Is there a chance that she never left?

Somehow Mary is the spirit that has haunted Sleepy Hollow for 200 years?

That is a mystery we must solve.

There is a pattern here, Crane. You said it yourself.

She attacked Caroline. Then me.

If this is Mary we're dealing with, she could be a literal green-eyed monster.

One of the reasons I broke off our engagement was, indeed, Mary's jealousy.

She was irrationally possessive.

Any woman to whom I so much as spoke was trying to steal me away.

Weeping Lady's always been a harmless, benign spirit.

Now she's angry and tangible.

Something's changed.

She's tried to kill women that she thought were trying to steal you away.

What about the one that did?

Where'd it go?

Katrina sent a bird bearing a message for me.

I'm assuming that's not some Colonial euphemism.

I put the note here before I reached into the watery portal to pull you out.

If you lost it then... Then the Weeping Lady may have discovered it and learned that Katrina is alive and well and that we are together and very much in love.

And if this is Mary we're talking about... Then Katrina's at the top of her hit list.

(muffled scream)

Lieutenant, we're wasting time here.

If Katrina is indeed in peril, we must warn her, protect her.

Going off half-cocked isn't gonna solve the problem.

You want to protect Katrina?

We need a way to take the Weeping Lady down.

Well, I didn't order a pizza.

Sorry to bother you, Hawley.

Not at all.

I'm just cleaning up my latest acquisition.

The Serpent's Tears.

Only six of these guys known to exist.

Pure silver dipped in holy water blessed by the Archdiocese of Halifax on All Saints' Day.

It's like I told you at the library... forewarned is forearmed.

You also said that if we had a problem, you would help us.

I did. Because I owed you one, but then I saved your life.

Pleasant as it was, my math says it makes us even.

Look, Hawley, this isn't about your personal code of commerce.

It's a matter of life and death.

Well, when isn't it with you two?

Enough posturing and preening.

We require a weapon.

Well, I require you to step the hell out of my personal space.

Boys, we don't have time for this.

Mr. Hawley.

My wife is in imminent and, we believe, mortal danger.

We need a weapon to stop the creature that pursues her.

Exactly what are you dealing with here?

A restless spirit.

Shrugs off bullets, pulls you through some kind of portal and tries to drown you.

Right, yeah, I... saw that part.

No bullets.

Think I might have just the thing.

(locks clicking)

Oh, yeah.

Ain't she a beaut?

Bought her off a folk teller in Belgrade.

Claimed a real life Van Helsing was the original owner of that.

It's cool, huh?

But the real kicker's the bolt.

Solid iron.

Druidic runes along the shaft.

And a reservoir tip filled with Greek fire and basilisk venom.

How many arms and legs is this gonna cost us?

Nada. Just finding out if it works against the sea hag... well, that's worth more than the price of lending it.

And if blows up in your face, you didn't get it from me.

Happy hunting.


(muffled shrieking)

Careful with that thing.

We're only gonna get one shot with it.

Then I shall not miss.

Can't risk getting much closer with the Horseman inside.

But if Mary does come for Katrina, we might have no choice.

(thunder crashes, horse whinnies)

He's off in a hurry.

If the Horseman's left this place unguarded...



Oh, no.

This is the letter Katrina sent me.

The very one I lost at the library.

Then we're right. It's the Weeping Lady.

Mary... Mary's come for her.

We're too late.

No. Crane, the river... when she pulled me under at the library, I saw the Dobbs Ferry Bridge above me. Same place Caroline's body was found. We get there in time...

We might still have a chance.

(muffled screaming)

(muffled grunting, screaming)

(muffled screaming)


Katrina! Oh...


I feared the worst.

I was only able to escape her by the skin of my teeth.

What does it want?

(Weeping Lady screaming in distance)

Her name is Mary Wells.

You met her in my company many years ago.

The young woman from England?

The very same.

This creature is her tormented spirit given flesh.

I do not know what has brought her here, but I must learn the truth.

She was raised by dark magic.

I only know one warlock powerful enough to accomplish it.


Katrina: I can undo his work.

Send that poor woman's soul to a better place.

But I too must use dark magic to accomplish the task.

In order to release her spirit, I must risk my own.

The only way for the spell to be achieved is for another witch to serve as an anchor to keep me from losing my way.

We're all out of witches. How about a Witness?

(Weeping Lady screaming)

The spell will take some time to cast.

Then I'll hold her off until the incantation has taken full effect.

Crane: Be careful!

I will teach you the words you must repeat.


Are you here?

It's me.



Please don't make me use this.

(weeping softly)

My God, Mary.

The torment of the damned could not be worse.

I didn't mean to disappoint you.

But your anger... your jealousy...


We're here to help you, Mary.

To free you from this torment.









Crane: Mary?!

Katrina: It's done.

As the enchantment takes hold, Mary's spirit will be free to leave this earthly plane.

Crane, be careful... she could still be dangerous.

Not to me.

She will not harm me.


You wrote me a letter.

You said you were going home.

Why are you still here?

Mary, what happened to you?

(eerie whoosh)

I don't understand.

Why did she point at you?

She's hated me from the start.

You said yourself she was a jealous woman.

And never one to give up on anything.

But she went back to England without me.

This doesn't make sense.

There's something you're not telling me.

Ichabod, this is not the time nor the place.

You're hiding something.

You know why Mary's spirit haunted this place.

You know what happened to her.

And I will tell you all another day.

I will not leave until I hear the truth... from your lips.

What in God's name did you do?

Mary Wells wrote me a letter... the first day that we met.

She insisted we meet somewhere privately to discuss something concerning my relationship with... Ichabod Crane.

Miss Wells?


Mary: I'm here.

I got your message.

Are you all right?

How have you tempted my love?

I'm-I'm so sorry, I don't understand.

(crying): Ichabod is not the same man he was.

It's you who have turned his heart against his country, against his family... it's you who have turned him against me!

I can assure you, Ichabod Crane...

Do you deny seducing him?

Deny bewitching him?

I-I am engaged to one of his best friends...

Lies! You are manipulating, and you're using him and changing him!

Mary, please...

You are a wicked harlot!

You have to calm...

And I won't have you taking him away...

You have to calm down!



She tripped on a root and she fell, and she must have hit her head on the way down, because...

Then she was just gone.


No, Mary, no.

She never left.

She died here.

It was an accident.

A tragedy that cost her life.

And the letter?

You wrote it, didn't you?

A simple enough enchantment to match her handwriting.

Why? Katrina... why did you keep this from me?

Because I cared for you, Ichabod.

You would have carried the blame, the weight of it all.

No doubt you would have gone home to bury her, explain it all to her family.

Who knows if and when you would have returned to your role as a Witness in this war against evil?

Your mission... is far too important, my love.

You are my wife... my wife, Katrina... yet there is so much that you've kept from me.

You were a spy for Washington.

You're a witch.

You were pregnant with our son Henry.

And now this.

(horse neighs)


(shouts incantation)


Abraham... it was an angry spirit from our past that stole me from your home.

Not Ichabod.

He saved me just now.

Now, I know you might hate him, but if you care for me, truly care for me, like you say you do...

...you will repay him with his life.

(thunder rumbling)

I am ready to go home.

(thunder rumbling)

(horse neighs)

Jenny: ice digs, Hawley.

Never figured you for a boat person.

Hey, any port in a storm, right?

I don't think that's how that phrase is supposed to be used.

I meant it literally, not figuratively.

What's up, Mills?

You didn't just come by here to commandeer my egg sandwich, did you?

No. Your crossbow is on the boat.

My sister asked me to say thanks.

Did it work?

It's a dud.

She didn't want to tell me herself?

Well, I volunteered to come by.

Said it was on the way to where I was headed.

And where are you off to on this... fine day?


See, I thought we decided we weren't gonna do that anymore.

Yeah, well, that was then.

You don't think we should maybe keep this professional?


Nick Hawley... are you seeing someone?

No. It's just, you know, there's a lot going on right now.

Monsters and creatures and...

Armageddon... it's just, you know, it's a weird time.

Sure. Yeah, I get it.

No harm, no foul.

It's good seeing you.


See ya.


Oh, come on, Mills.

That is not fair.

You're the pro, Hawley.




Crane: Miss Caroline was not meant for this time, but a richer, truer moment in history.

Thank you.

Until next Saturday.

Battle of Saratoga.

Thank you for your assistance in setting up this gathering.

I know you cared for her.

Very much.

What pains me the most... is that it was my friendship that brought her to this tragic end.

Our mission as Witnesses puts those for whom we care the most in terrible danger.

Well, if we don't do this job, those same people will die in Moloch's Apocalypse.

Our duty... must be to one another, before anything.

Or anyone.

This is another Katrina thing, isn't it?

Marriage is difficult on the best day.

But without trust... without honesty... how can a union between two people hope to survive?

You and Henry must be pleased. Your plan had the intended effect.

I made no plan with Henry.

That woman, Mary... I assumed you and he called her from the depths to shake Ichabod's faith in me.

I had no part in that.

I went to the river because I feared for your safety.

I'm never happy to see you unhappy, Katrina.


Thank you.


(Parish gasps)

The Weeping Lady wasn't meant to harm her.

It wasn't part of your plan, but...

I was trying to please you.

(sobbing softly)