02x09 - Mama Killers

Woman (distant, echoing):
♪ You are my sunshine ♪
♪ My only sunshine ♪
♪ You make me happy ♪


♪ When skies are gray ♪


♪ You'll never know, dear... ♪

Is that you?

(eerie, distorted): Abigail.





I told you to stay home.

I'm fine, Lieutenant.

I fought at Saratoga with dysentery.

I can certainly muddle through this affliction.


If you don't rest, the body gives out.

So, what you're gonna do is take plenty of fluids, the medication that I got for you, and go to sleep.

Also maybe a bag of leeches.

Mock if you will, but I am not the only one combating fatigue.

A midday nap is rather unlike you, Lieutenant.

Oh, I was up all night researching, but thank you for the wake-up.

Is that all?

You seemed rather startled.

Yeah, I was having a pretty weird dream.

I was back in purgatory, on the run from Moloch.

And somehow, for whatever reason, I ended up in these ruins, and there was my mother.

And she's singing this song she used to sing to Jenny and me when we were kids.

And then she warned me about demons.

Which we now know to be true.

According to your mother's letters, Moloch sent his emissaries to torment her prior to her death.

Explains why she went off the deep end, but not why I've been dreaming about her every night this week.

Oh, no, Lieutenant, I really don't need...

(phone ringing)


I'll be there.

That was Reyes.

Precinct calls.

I'll come with you.

Mm-mm. You're not going anywhere.

It's quiet time now.

When I'm rested, there shall be hell to pay.


So you got three deaths in three nights, all by suicide... all at Tarrytown Psychiatric.

Coroner's full report is still pending.

Typically, Tarrytown has no more than one or two suicides a year.

What does the hospital staff say?

They're the ones calling us in.

If someone over there is interfering with sick people, I want them found out.

Ma'am, you know what I'm gonna ask you.

Why give this one to you?

You helped bring down a satanic cult, Mills, which proves to me I can trust your instincts.

You also knew my mother... that she killed herself in that hospital.

I choose to see your connection to this as personal motivation to find out what's behind the suicides.

And we both know, if I had handed this to someone else, you wouldn't have given me a moment's peace.

So you're giving me full control of this investigation?

Whatever it takes.

Just get it done.

Abbie: You don't have to come, Jenny.

Like you said, nobody knows Tarrytown Psych better than me.

I know it's a tough ask, but you know the conditions that these victims were facing.

I need that kind of insight.

Look, just be careful exactly what you're looking for.

This place is full of so much pain.

Most of it the kind that can't be cured.

Looks like we have a greeting party.

Hello there.

There you are, Walter.

Let me get you back to your room.

Lieutenant Mills, isn't it?

Oh, with everything that's happened, we're so glad you're here.

Thank you, ma'am.

I thought we'd start by visiting Captain Irving?

Oh, of course. Frank will be so happy to see you.

All right, young man, let's go.

You be okay?

Yeah. Home, sweet home.

Irving: Nelson, the first suicide.

I knew him from group therapy.

Used to sell aluminum siding up in Rochester.

Comes home one day, beats his neighbor half to death with a bat.


Turns out he'd been fighting paranoid delusions for years.

Could these delusions have overwhelmed him enough to commit suicide?

Nelson had major breakthroughs in group.

Stayed on his meds.

Maybe he relapsed.

I've seen it happen before.

People are doing well, then something triggers a backslide.

They fall apart.

He'd found God.

Organized the hospital prayer group... just doesn't track for me.

None of these suicides seem motivated.

Sir, I have to ask...

Did I have anything to do with this?


But I don't blame you for asking.

Parish: I can tell you Ow! how to reclaim your soul, but you won't like it.

Try me.

You must take a life.

A soul for a soul.

My soul belongs to the Horseman of War, but for now... I am still in control of my actions.

Even chose my own color Jell-O at breakfast this morning.

It's a good sign.


I did this to protect my daughter, and I'd make the same choice again, if I had to.

Abbie: We're gonna get you out of here.

We'll find a way to undo whatever Henry did to your soul.

But for now, Captain, from inside, maybe you can help us?

Let's start with the video from the first death.

Nelson Greave four nights ago.

Surveillance data is all in the hospital mainframe.

It'll just take a minute to upload.

Man, there was nowhere we could go in here without being watched.

I can't imagine what it was like for you.

You learn to deal with the abuse, and being surrounded by misery.

In her own way, Mom prepared me for that.


I came here once, before I was a patient.

When we were living in the group home, and you had to stay late at school one day.

You tried to see her?

Yeah, I managed to sneak in.

I just wanted to have a moment with her, you know?

A real moment with the person who I thought could... save us from foster hell.

But instead, my last memory of her was...

orderlies dragging her away.

Let me go!


Jenny, get out! (screams)

(sobbing, indistinct muttering)

Get out of here!

Abbie, let me ask you something.

What exactly are you trying to find here?

This case is not going to change what happened to Mom.

After Mom was committed, all I thought about was how I'd end up crazy like her, place like this.

Then you were sent here, I knew I was next.

It's tainted everything I've done since, but now knowing... what she was facing...

I just want to try to at least understand why.

Why am I a Witness?

Why was I chosen for this?

Yeah, okay.


Found it.

Nelson's room, the night of his death.

(clicks tongue)

Oh, my God.

There's something in the corner.

Let's try the night-vision overlay.

Let me get a closer look.

Oh, my God.

That's Mom.

Back from the grave.

Are you certain it was her?

Abbie: Jenny took the video to be analyzed by an imaging expert.

But I know.

It's definitely Mom.

This eucalyptus treatment is having no effect.

(sighing): Oh, please.

It's torturous.

Electroconvulsive therapy.

Lithium, antidepressants.

They tried everything to calm her down.

Nothing worked.

Well, those medications are for delusions.

Her demons were real.

I've been going back over my last memories with her, seeing if she ever said anything that could shed light on Moloch, or...

I was just a kid. At the time she seemed crazy.

Mama, we're home.

She wasn't full-time at the hospital yet, just getting treatment as an outpatient.

Don't forget to lock that door.


But you never knew what version of her you would get.

You lock the door?

Yes, ma'am.

Mama, how you feeling today?

You took the bus.

No buses! No shortcuts!

Just the route I showed you right through town, you hear?

We just wanted to talk to some friends.

How many times do I have to tell you?

They may even be your so-called friends.

These demons have no mercy.

They'll use any way possible to hurt you, to take you from me!

The only defense we have is to think like them.

But it's all right now.

Come here.

Come here, come on.

Come here.

Remember what Mama told you?

Eyes open...

Eyes open...

All: ...head up, trust no one.


That's right. That's right.

I am sorry, Lieutenant.

Clearly, she meant to protect you.

It is... possible... that if demons tormented her into taking her own life, perhaps somehow they've brought her back now to force others at Tarrytown down the same road.

She died 15 years ago.

Why come back now?



She's killing these people... forcing them into the same death she chose.

The doctor has arrived.

As ordered, maps and books from your cabin, plus a little dose of cure from the local deli.


You... called Hawley for help.

You needed sleep and I'm working the case.

Uh, I am more than capable of retrieving whatever materials this investigation requires.

Well, then, tell me: what was the cost of this favor, privateer?

What on earth is this?

If you could smell right now, you'd be inhaling one of God's greatest creations: matzo ball soup.

Well, I'll invoice you.

(sighs with pleasure)

That is...

...somewhat comforting.

But as I was saying...

I have an inkling as to why your mother has risen at this moment.


My copy of Washington's original map of the region.

Tarrytown Hospital is built on a specific ley line that points of convergence between us and the spirit world.

And now with Moloch here on earth...

He may have conjured her to prey upon our resolve.

Which also means that Katrina hasn't been able to kill Moloch.

Well, it was no easy assignment she took on: assassinating a newly-born demon of the apocalypse.

I just mean that we haven't heard from her.

What do you suggest, Lieutenant?

That we seek her out? Expose her as a spy to our enemies?

No, no, truly... what is your alternative?


He'll be fine after he sleeps.

I'm coming with you back to Tarrytown.


Hawley: Look, um, I heard about what you found on that video.

I got to get back.

Yeah, I'm just... you know, with Mr. Woodhouse here down for a round, I thought...

Abbie: Mr. Woodhouse?!

I didn't realize you were a Jane Austen fan.

Nor would I have pegged you for one, either.

I'm just saying, I'm, you know, I'm happy to chip in.

Is that because you know that Moloch's still alive, and... you might need us if there really is an apocalypse?

Before I answer that, just remember... you called me first.

Abbie: What did you put in his soup?

Well, you asked me to bring him something to help him sleep.

You're welcome.


(baby cooing)

Parish: A little more than kin, and less than kind.

The words of a son longing for affection.

Whatever it is you want from me, I will not cooperate.

Who exactly is this child?

An orphan.


As I was for a time.

You bring this foundling here for what reason?

To torment me?

The presence of a needy child upsets you?

My, how telling.

That is not what I meant. I...

I simply want to know the plan you have for the child.

For this one...

I wish only great things.


Pick him up, Mother.

I don't wish to disturb him.


All children need nurturing.

Particularly those who have been abandoned.

Your history as a mother has been, shall we say, lacking.

Now's your chance to change that.

Or will you forsake him as you once did me?


(baby cooing)

It seems you... possess the maternal instinct after all.

(baby fusses)

Hawley: And for the record...

I think we should have brought more firepower.

I mean, we are staking out a killer ghost.

Abbie: Who also happens to be our mother.

We need to stop her from hurting other people, maybe help her.

This place turned her into a monster.

We need to send her back before she kills anyone else.

We don't know the full story.

That's why we're here.

I... I just want to put her to rest.

Look, guys, they're not mutually exclusive, okay?

We can stop her and... maybe help her find some peace.

Abbie... upper left corner.

It's that patient we saw this morning.

(man whimpering)

He's gonna use that glass.

Let's go.

Walt, Walt.


There you go.

No! I need to die!

Hey, hey!

Shh. There you go.

(Walter sobbing)

Hawley: Hey.

It's okay. I got you.

(distant, echoing): Abbie!

Aah! Mama!


Okay, where the hell did you bring me?

(eerie sighing)

(Abbie gasps)


Was that you?

(distorted): It's not safe for you here.

Lieutenant Mills?

Oh. (gasps)


It's me, Gina Lambert.

I work here.

I am so sorry.

I'm so sorry... I thought that there was someone here.

Oh, I... I don't think so.

It's this place. It can... well, do things to you.

Are you okay?

Yes, thank you.

You... You don't look okay.

I'm fine.

How did you wind up here?

This wing hasn't been used in years.

I must've taken a wrong turn.

I'm gonna, uh, find my way out.



I'll take the south wing.

Okay, great, I'll take the east.

Hawley: Mills!

(eerie sighing)

Mama: Jennifer.


Stay away from me.


Abbie: Jenny!

Oh, Abbie. Thank God.

You okay?

I'm fine.

What happened?

I think Mama was here.

Did she try to hurt you?

No. But she did this.

Abbie: "TPRJLM12."

It's an alphanumeric code used by hospitals to designate patient video sessions. Specifically, one of Mom's. I have it back at the archives.

What? Do you understand any of this?

Not yet. But she's trying to tell us something.



(whispers): No, no, no, no, no, no...

Devil's Breath.

Ah... (sighs)

I asked Hawley and Crane to give us some privacy. This is just for you and me to see.

Abbie, I don't think I can watch it.

We need to know what it means.

Especially after the note she left.

This note?

It says, "I fought."

(sniffles) I mean, I don't know, is that how you remember it, Abbie?

'Cause as much as I loved Mama, most of my earliest memories involve me being scared.

We know the reason she was unstable.

Maybe this can help us understand it all more.

I don't know, but... we do this together, like we used to when things got bad.


Doctor: How are you feeling today, Lori?

The demons.

They... they... they followed me here.

Doctor: These demons... are they the same ones that came for your daughters?

I have to protect them.

She said I wasn't a good mother.

Doctor: Who said that?

Lori: Her.

She wants me to do it.

Doctor: Who wants you to do it?


The nurse. Lambert.


Lori: She's right about me.

I need to do it.

The nurse we saw this morning was named Lambert.

I need to end my pain.

She was with Walt before he tried to kill himself.

I just want to thank you for your help.

Doctor: Lori, there is no Nurse Lambert.

She's a delusion you created, like the demons.


She's real!

Mama isn't behind those deaths.

Lambert: Oh, Frank.

I love helping people.

Everybody has so much hurt bottled up inside.

She's... real.

It's that nurse from this morning.

Of course. Frank will be so happy to see you.

She knows Irving.

Lambert: Trust me.

These will help with the pain.

Woman's voice (echoing): You have to do it.

You have to... have to.

It's time.

It's time.

You have to.

(eerie voices whispering)


Do it now.

Do it.


Abbie (distant): Captain!


Hawley: He tied himself in.

(muffled screaming)

Irving: No!

I need to die!


(Irving coughs)

Why did you save me?



How are you feeling, Captain?


I've been better.

You remember what happened?

The nurse. Lambert.

She gave me some pills.

Then everything she started telling me about taking my own life, it just made sense.

And suicide seemed like the only thing to do.

The tox report shows that you were under the influence of psychotropic drugs.

Opened your mind to suggestion.

Especially with demonic influence.


Who is she?

I don't know yet... I've got to figure that out... but... she's someone we're gonna stop.

I want to help.

But they're gonna think I'm a suicide risk now.

Just rest.

We got this.



Abbie: Gina Lambert.

Claimed the lives of 21 patients across the country while working as a nurse, back in the 1950s.

Jenny: Lambert fed patients a cocktail that included Sodium Pentothal.

For people on the verge, it would break down their emotional defenses and make them willing to take their own lives.

Lambert's profile says she saw all her victims as mercy kills, ending their pain by convincing them to commit suicide.

They finally caught Lambert in 1958... here, when she was working at Tarrytown Psychiatric.

Sent her to the electric chair... '59.

That's the woman we saw this morning.

Another ghost.

I think this is Mom trying to stop this demon from killing other people. Her final note said "I fought." What if this is her still fighting?

Y-You really think Mama knows how to stop her?


And now I understand why I ended up in the old wing.

According to her files, this is where her cell was.

She did seven months straight of solitary in here.

Jenny: When you cause trouble in here, they ignore you.

Pretend to forget about you.


I think there's something under here.


Here, hold this.



That song.

I can't believe I didn't remember it until now.

That day...

Man: ♪ You are my sunshine... ♪

Mama was worse than I'd ever seen her.

Like she'd given up.

When we pick Abbie up from school, I'm gonna show her my picture.

It's the three of us, "My Family."

Do you like it, Mama?

♪ You'll never know, dear, how much I love you ♪

It's beautiful, baby.

♪ Please don't take my sunshine away ♪

What's that smell?

Mama? Mama, listen to me.

Mama. Mama, answer me, Mama. Mama!

Mama almost killed me.


We gotta get out of here.

We gotta get out of here. No, Abbie...

Jenny. Jenny.

It's all right. It's all right.

Even when she was protecting us, we weren't safe.

Lori (eerie, distorted): You're not safe.


I'll be damned.


We know about Lambert, what she's doing to people here.

There's an ancient hex to fight against the evil spirits.

It's the only way to stop her.

(speaking African language)

No, don't.

I tried to remember it, but... but it's, uh, it's-it's-it's been too long.

There's a journal... there's a journal that belongs to me, passed down from the ancestors.

There's powerful magic in there.

Lambert (distorted): Lori...

Power... power...


Power to fight the evil off.

It's time.


They're mine.

No, no! No!

No, you have to get out of here!

It's too late.

Don't go.


Don't take my girls!

(Hawley, Jenny grunting)




Lambert: Mine... forever.

I'll get Abbie.

You find that journal, Jenny.

(panting): Okay...

You know where that journal might be?

Yeah, maybe.

There's a storage room in the basement.

Like mother, like daughter.

You're a broken spirit, needing to be freed from this hellish life.

I gave your mother peace.

Don't you want to know peace, too?

Yes, your soul is crying out for it.

All I want is for you to go to hell, bitch!

You do not have very nice manners, young lady.


No! No!

This is where they would've kept Mama's stuff.

It's the archive room for the old wing.

Mama's journal would be with her personal effects.

Yo, Jenny.

She kept it.

Look at this... dated at someplace called Fredericks Manor.

Look at that.

Mama called it.

This journal belonged to my ancestor, Grace Dixon.

Miss Grace Dixon.

Your reputation for helping those in need precedes you.

Push! There, that's it.


(baby crying)


(laughing): A son...

She put anything in there about a hex that kills a demonic nurse?

Give me a second.

Check the back for an index or something.

Wait, wait, wait.

Wait, hold on, this one.

It says it's a West African invocation to expel witch doctors who had risen from the dead.

Will it kill our ghost?

Uh, it'll have to do.


You're overexciting yourself, dear.

No small wonder.

You have so much troubling you.

Stay away from me!

Your mother struggled, too.

It's difficult to see the truth sometimes.

(shouting hysterically)

Don't leave me here!

Don't leave me. Don't leave me in here.

Please don't leave me in here. Please!

Let me out!

Lambert: She resisted at first, but we ended up seeing eye-to-eye.

Some of us aren't strong enough to bear the burden.

They need an angel of mercy to help them cross over, to free them from pain.

Your mother finally surrendered.

(whispering): You have to.

Lambert: End the pain.



Do it.

You killed her.

And now...

...it's your turn.

And now we take...

Your... pills.



Get away from my daughter!

Get away from her!

"Ananse Honhom. Odaadaafoo ma Asantefoo. Me sre wo beyi yen Fri nneema dadaa yi ase. Fri yen so! Fri yen so!"

Really good.


"Ananse Honhom. Odaadaafoo ma Asantefoo. Me sre wo beyi yen Fri nneema dadaa yi ase. Fri yen so! Fri yen so!"

You will obey me, Lori!


"Ananse Honhom. Odaadaafoo ma Asantefoo. Me sre wo beyi yen Fri."

I'm not scared of you anymore!

Jenny: "Nneema dadaa yi ase. Fri yen so! Fri yen so!"

(rumbling, glass breaking)

(electricity buzzing)



No, you can't!




Hawley: Mills?!


Jenny: Abbie?

I'm in here.

Oh, Abbie.


They're gone, both of them.


She fought for me.

(laughing): She fought for me.

I never got to tell her thank you.

Just wanted to... see her one more time.


There might be a way.

Thanks for bringing all of this, Crane.

With the help from the sleeping aids Mr. Hawley graciously forced upon me, I am feeling better.


You know what you're doing?

Yeah, I got this.

Those present, forgo the coarseness of thy flesh.

Let thy mind unstick.

And listen to the spirit realm.

We summon... Lori Mills.

(rumbling, electricity buzzing)




My girls.

Look at what you grew up to be.

Abbie: You knew all along that I was a Witness?


Why me?

Why was I chosen for this?

There are so many things you don't get to choose, Abbie.

Like all those times they came to take you away from me.

You have to fight.


Man (on radio): ♪ You are my sunshine ♪
♪ My only sunshine ♪
♪ You make me happy when skies are gray ♪

(Lori groans with effort)

♪ You'll never know, dear ♪
♪ How much I love you ♪
♪ Please don't take my sunshine away ♪


Hold on, baby.

(engine revving)

Hold on!

(tires squealing)

You saved us.

I did.

After they locked me up, Moloch sent her to finish me off.

I've been trapped in this place ever since.

(voice breaking): I watched over you, Jenny, while you were here.

But I did everything I could... to protect you both.

This was your purgatory.


I have so many questions.

Moloch may still be here on Earth.

The journal.

It keeps the secrets.

There's a weapon hidden in its pages.

You find it.

You were meant to go further than any of us.

You were meant to win this war.

You don't deserve any of this.

How can we free you from this place?

Oh, sweetheart.

(sniffles, laughs)

You already did.


(crying): Oh, please don't go.

Wait, Mama.


Mama, no, wait.

No, don't go.

Don't go.


Even through all that pain, she kept fighting.

And left you a fitting legacy.


Forgot how beautiful she was.

(laughs quietly)

(tires squealing)


Frank, what are you doing out here?

Police call it "escaping."

Whatever happened back there with your mom gave me an opportunity. I took it.

Long as I'm in there, I got a target on my back. Out here, I got a chance to make things right.

Don't give me that aiding-and-abetting-a-fugitive look, Mills.

You said I could trust you. I'm holding you to that.

Now get me out of here.

(quietly): He's a demon.

(gasps quietly)


I'm hungry, Mother.