01x02 - Blood Moon

Ichabod! We are safe here for now.


What is this place? - There isn't time to explain.

You've been charged to a larger purpose.

Yes, I know.

To stop the Four Horsemen.

Conquest, War, Famine and Death, Ichabod.

The very one whose head you claimed on the battlefield.

But now he's returned to gather the others.

Together they will unleash the Apocalypse.

Before the Four Horsemen can ride, an army of evil will make way for their arrival.

The first dark spirit rises with the blood moon.

She's one of us.

One of who? You must stop her before she kills again.

Katrina?! Katrina?! Morning, sir.

I must to speak with Lieutenant Mills immediately.

I can't let you leave the room.

You're a material witness in an ongoing investigation.

Well, I'm afraid it cannot wait.

Lieutenant Mills will be here shortly, sir.

We've been over this.

The circumstances surrounding Sheriff Corbin's murder are opaque at best.

That's one way of putting it.

Another way would be to say that he was killed with an axe by a man with no head, but that'd make me sound crazy.

You said it, not me.

Not just my words, sir.

Two other officers went on record.

They recanted.

What? What do you mean they recanted? Two men, in a firefight with an unknown assailant while ducking behind a police vehicle at dawn, when the light was low? They may not be this precinct's finest, but even they're smart enough to know how that will sound to an investigating committee.

They're scared.

You're damn right they're scared, the whole town's scared.

What about Brooks? - What about him? He was locked in a cell less than five minutes, yet somehow, someone, something got in there and snapped his head backwards like a PEZ dispenser.

Come with me.

This is two minutes after the duty officer closes the door.


No? That is not what happened.

Give us a minute, please.

Sir, I'm telling you there was something in that cell with him.

Are we really having this conversation? I am not the only one that saw it.

I assume you're referring to Mr.

Crane, our resident time traveler.

Sir, you were in the interrogation room.

You saw what happened.

He passed the polygraph without a single spike.

That is hardly without precedent.

We sent his test in for further psych evaluation.

The doctors say our man suffers from a disorder known as "objective transference.

" He may really believe that he decapitated a Hessian soldier during the Revolutionary War, that his wife is a witch who put a spell on him, and now he woke up two centuries later in Sleepy Hollow.

The details, the personality, they're all wildly specific and impossibly thorough.

Know why? Because the human brain is limitless in its ability to trick itself.

So you think we're both crazy? Possibly.

Look, I can't explain what's going on here.

Not yet.

But in the absence of options, you and this Crane may be my only choice.

I won't be at the funeral.

I'm sorry.

I'm going to Albany to secure some resources.

While I'm gone, I'm giving you some latitude.

But I am warning you, Lieutenant.

Do not embarrass me.

This is unacceptable! I will not be held prisoner here! And good morning to you, too.

Thanks, Mike.


If I'm charged with no crime, why am I under guard? Well, for one, it's the law.

As a free man, any law that takes away my God-given right serves neither God nor its own design.

Okay, it's a little early in the morning for a Constitutional debate.

Have a donut hole.

I don't want a donut hole.

Take heed, Lieutenant.

I received a warning last night from Katrina.


Your wife was here? No.

She appeared to me in a dream, or more aptly, a vision.

For the time being, the Headless Horseman seems to have vanished.

Which, in theory, would provide relief.

Except she said, "The first dark spirit awaits entry into your world.

" Mmm, these are good.

That's your proof? Your dead wife told you this in a dream? Someone's given you reason to doubt my veracity.

Oh, I didn't need a reason.

I've been doubting you since we met.

And myself.

And now you're telling me that something new is coming, but you don't know what, or who, or why.

After all we've seen, you're still holding onto uncertainty.

I'm trying to hold onto my sanity, not to mention my job.

Look, I just spent the last hour defending you to my captain, so do me a favor and don't look at me like I'm the one that's crazy, okay? I've had enough of that for one lifetime.

Let's go.

Belief is sanity, Lieutenant.

Now I'm no more eager to accept it than you, but if Katrina's warning is real and we shall soon find out then it appears evil has found a new home in Sleepy Hollow.

What's happening to me?! What is it? No, no.

Release who? Okay, let me see if I got this.

When you first met Katrina She disliked me intensely.

Because? That is a discussion for another day.

Is this correct? This meal cost $4.

95?! Dear God.

With an additional tax of 41 cents? No, no, don't try to change the subject.

Somehow you fell in love, you get married, but the whole time you have no idea that your wife is a witch? - Correct.

How could you not know? When Katrina and I met, the witch trials though less pervasive had already taken the lives of hundreds of women, so I choose to believe Katrina withheld the truth to protect me and herself, and as we've come to learn, the fate of the entire country from those who would do us considerable harm! Ah, she was protecting the fate of the American Revolution.

I understand, to you it sounds Insane, when spoken out loud.

No, what's insane is a ten-percent levy on baked goods.

You do realize the Revolutionary War began on less than two percent? How is the public not flocking to the streets in outrage? We must do something.

Here's what we can do.

No more firsthand accounts of witches or founding fathers or donut tax outrage unless you want to be sent back to the asylum.

Point taken.

And we will need to find you a cover.

I'm sure I can muster one up.

I'm not asking if you're qualified.

I'm asking if you're running away.

Oh, my God! Officer down! Oh, my God! Officer down! What were you trying to tell me, Katrina? Please help me understand.

The first dark spirit rises with the blood moon.

She is one of us.

One of who? Crane? "She's one of us.

" Those were her exact words.

What are you talking about? She was referring to a witch.

He sent me to help you find the people you're looking for.

And to give you a message.

"The ashes of the pious will ordain your resurrection.

"Take their flesh and you will reclaim yours.

" You're a runaway train, baby Hello.

Officer, I don't believe I was speeding.

Name, please.

Are you okay, sir? Yes.

What happened to your neck? It's hard to explain.

I need your full name.

Uh, Jeremy Steven Furth.

Jeremy wherever this road takes you, and it won't be far, I want you to know it wasn't personal.

Those fingers in That sly "Come Hither" stare That strips my conscience bare It's witchcraft No! No! No! Wicked witchcraft And consider that witches are known to draw their power from the lunar cycle.

Oh, does this not concern you? Of course it does, but you gotta give me a minute to find my feet here.

I was on my way to Quantico two seconds ago to be a criminal profiler, and now I am profiling a witch.

It's gonna take a little catching up for me.

I mean, what, are we supposed to do, put out an APB on a woman with warts and a broom? Lieutenant, I, too, believed that we lived in a world where superstition gave way to reason and logic until General Washington brought me into a secret war with forces which, like you, I'm yet to fully understand.

And even so you still doubt your own eyes? Look, I know what I saw with you.

I'm not pretending that I didn't, but usual police procedure isn't gonna cut it in this case.

You've not had appropriate time to mourn your sheriff.

Excuse me? He was more than just a colleague to you, wasn't he? The demon you and your sister saw in the forest, he believed you.

I saw it in your eyes at the burial, Ms.


Please help me understand.

After Jenny and I saw that thing it got pretty bad for a while.

She was sent to the institution and I did a lot of stupid things to try and shut it all out drugs, me and this guy I was seeing broke into a pharmacy.

Cop car pulls up, guy bolts, just gone, and this sheriff steps out the cruiser.

I was thinking, "That's it, I'm going to jail.

My life is over.

" But instead of taking me to jail, he takes me to a diner.

He orders apple pie and says You know what I love about apple pie a la mode? Where the warm, crunchy crust comes together with the smooth, frozen ice cream.

And in about five minutes, all the ice cream melts and becomes a warm soupy mess.

When that happens we're leaving.

So you got five minutes to decide if you're gonna change your life, or if I'm taking you to jail.

So I changed right there.

I got more fathering in those five minutes than I got my whole life.

Charlie 101 to Comm.


Go ahead, Charlie 101.

You said to keep a lookout for any unusual activity? Well, I think I got something.

Derek, what happened? We're still putting the pieces together.

Vic's name is Jeremy Furth.

Looks like something caught fire inside the vehicle.

What is that? It looks like claw marks or something? As though someone purposefully dug into his chest.

The ash within didn't simply fall away.

It's as though someone collected something.

Does that mean something to you? Indeed.

I believe I know who did this.

What do you mean you know who did this? What I'm about to tell you, I myself would once have dismissed as superstitious folly, but that was before the war began.

One night, my regiment was returning to camp near Albany.

The moon hung low in its cycle, as it does now a blood moon, as Katrina described.

The destruction was far too extensive for common artillery.

There were bodies everywhere.

Our men, reduced to ash, which gave way to a darker revelation as I sensed a presence in the woods around us.

I could not have told you back then what it was I saw that night, but it chilled my blood like nothing before.

These strange murders became more frequent.

Soon, a tale spread of a dark coven led by a high priestess known as Serilda of Abaddon.

General Washington came to believe the redcoats had formed a dark alliance with this sorceress.

Corbin believed that there were two groups of witches in Sleepy Hollow One good, one evil.

Then our answers must be in the files he kept hidden in his office.

We must find out how much the good sheriff actually knew.

Damn it.

They're gone.

Corbin's files.

They've all been moved.

Wait here.

I'll find out where they went.

May I help you? - Nope, nope.

Just perusing, thank you.

You're Ichabod Crane.

I am indeed.

And you are? You were a suspect in Corbin's murder.

Wrongfully accused as it were.

And duly released.

So, what are you still doing here? I'm a History professor.

On leave from Oxford.

Oxford, huh? You know, I had a cousin who studied at Oxford.

What did you teach? Treatises of Civil Government.

With a focus on the American Revolutionary War.

That's got to be embarrassing.

You know, teaching a course about how we kicked your ass.

We? I didn't realize you were there.


But I was 101st Airborne in Iraq.

What war did you fight in, Professor? One that I pray is never doomed to repeat itself, sir.

Abbie? Hey.

Hi, Luke.

I see you two have met.

What's he doing here, Ab? He's consulting to the sheriff's department on orders from Irving.

We're on the clock.

Talk later, let's go.

Facial expressions have changed little, if at all, over the centuries.

Were you and Luke formerly betrothed? He's my ex.

We weren't betrothed.

There was no betrothing.

And we've got bigger problems.

The files were moved to the archives.

I need clearance to get in, and Irving isn't answering his phone.

Where's the building? - Across the street, - the one with the guard out front.

The armory? I know another way in.

To the basement.

Your affair did not end well, I take it.

What's in the basement? I'll show you.

What was the impetus of your disbandment? We broke up when I was leaving for the FBI.

But you didn't leave.


Then theoretically you could rekindle the relationship.

I will literally pay you to stop talking.

I would happily accept because I am in need of currency.

But since you did not hesitate to interrogate me about Katrina, I think I'm entitled to my query.

I believe I'm entitled to tell you it's my private business.

Well, Sleepy Hollow is full of secrets.

And now I'm gonna show you another.

What is this? It's been sealed off.

What are you doing? Crane? Won't be a moment.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, you can't just do that! What the hell is that? During the war, we built a series of subterranean tunnels beneath the city to allow us to transport munitions and supplies in secret.

This entrance should connect us directly to the annex.

Shall we? Mind the rats.

Yes, I do.

End of that tunnel bares the bones of convicted witches.

Why are they buried down here? It was decreed witches were undeserving of a proper burial.

But Katrina had a headstone.

As we discovered, an empty grave site.

Used as a ruse to hide the Horseman's head.

So, her death and remains? Her remains remain a mystery.

It's all still here.

We coded all of the crates.

BP in red marks black powder.

Does gun powder have an expiration date? Best not to tempt fate.

Now, if I'm not mistaken, the ladder should Yes.

The Battle of Lexington was plotted in this chamber.

Well, now it's where hard copies go to die.

Another figure of speech, I take it? All police reports, newspaper articles, historical records.

Pretty much everything we'd ever really want to know about the history of Sleepy Hollow.

Recorded history.

It appears little of what actually transpired found its way into your textbooks.

Got it Corbin's files.

We better split this up.

Careful, kid.

Imagine how your mom and dad would feel if you got run over.

Uh, my dad's dead.

My sympathies.

What's your name? You can tell me.

I'm a police officer.


Kyle what? I need to hear it.

Ky-Kyle Hemmington.

It's a nice name.

I'm sorry it had to be yours.

Go inside, Kyle.

It's getting dark.

Serilda of Abaddon.

Abaddon Is that a place? No, it's a form of Romani Greek.

Otherwise referred to as the language of the Gypsies.

You speak Greek? - Among several languages, yes.

My memory's eidetic.

I retain what I see with near perfect precision.

You have photographic memory? Sights, sounds, even smells.

Except, ironically, for the 250 years I can't seem to recall, which makes it of little use.

Ah, here we are.

It appears Serilda's fate was sealed by her enemies.

A benevolent coven known as Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart.

Their leader used white magic to weaken Serilda, making her vulnerable to mortal attack.

A hunting party finally captured her in the woods around Sleepy Hollow.

You are condemned, and you will burn.

Have you last words? In Romani Greek, she said, "By the turn of the blood moon, "the ashes of your ancestry will be mine.

"Your flesh will be my flesh.

I will live again.

" No! No, no! The magistrate who sentenced her, what was his name? Uh, let's see Robert Daniel Furth.

The victim in the car accident, his name was Jeremy Furth.

"The ashes of your ancestors will be mine.

" She requires the ashes of his descendants to return to life.

Jeremy's a descendant.

But surely not the last.

"She must complete her resurrection by the turn of the blood moon.

" That's tonight.

We must find out who she'll seek out next.

Good night, sweetheart.

Good night.

According to genealogical records, the magistrate had a son whose bloodline traces to Jeremy Furth.

He also had a daughter who married into another family.

The Hemmingtons.

Did you locate Miss Hemmington's descendants? Only one in Sleepy Hollow.

On Bedford.

Mom? Mom? Mom? Kyle! Kyle! Ma'am, it's okay.

I'm with the sheriff's department.

My son.

There may be an intruder in your home.

He was screaming.

Where's my son?! - Mom! Oh, my God.

Mom, I saw a woman and she looked like she was on fire.

No, you were scared when you went to bed.

No, no, I swear! I think you're just imagining things.

She was on fire, I swear! - Honey! I saw her.

Pardon me.

Has an object been removed from the shelf? Oh, my God.

My husband's urn.

But the boy is the last remaining Hemmington by blood, is he not? No, Kyle's adopted.

My husband was the last Hemmington.

Why? There's little time left.

The blood moon hangs low, and now Serilda has the ashes of the last known descendants.

Let's say we catch this Sarilda of Abaddon before the blood moon sets.

Then what, we kill her? How? She's already dead.

She can only be made whole during the blood moon.

We must find her before she completes her resurrection and return her to the ashes from whence she came.

Meaning we burn her to the ground.

Oh, with great enthusiasm.

Jolly good.

Let's set her aflame and bury her bones where she'll never find them.

The tunnels.

Of course.

Her bones will be buried in the tunnels with the other witches.

She needs them to return to flesh and blood.

And that was not an accurate impersonation.

No, really.

I don't need any help, as long as you're comfortable.

It's been, what, 250 years? Maybe we've got the wrong spot.


You're welcome.

Oh, no, we're too late.

She's already found them.

She's in here somewhere.

We'll cover more ground if we separate.

Take this.

Just aim and pull the trigger.

Yes, I do recall how to use a firearm, thank you.

Crane? The crates.

Crane, your gun! What are you doing? You dropped your gun.

It was empty.

You only fired one shot.

It has more? Yes, Crane, a lot more.

Well, much like the Horseman, it appears madam here is rather fond of bullets and does not die by them.

What's she saying? Go.

Go! Brace yourself.



Crane! Get down! Oh, for the love of Lieutenant? She called it "the world between worlds," and whatever it is, if Katrina's imprisoned there, perhaps she can be freed.

I am so far down the rabbit hole here.

I never thought I'd say this, not in a million years, but I just want to go back to the way it was before.

I'm afraid neither of us can.

But I do take comfort knowing that this strange road we find ourselves on can only be traveled together.

I think we could both use some morning cheer.

Coffee? You look lost, kid.

What is this? I'm dreaming, right? Well, what difference does that make? I'm here right now, aren't I? With you? Look, if you're gonna haunt me, be helpful.

Okay? Okay.

What seems to be the problem? "What seems to be the problem?" How about, what the hell is happening here? You were ahead of me the whole time.

Were you ever planning on telling me anything? Would you have believed me if I did? - Maybe.

Maybe not.

You spent a lot of time running away from what happened to you, Abbie.

I asked you to be helpful.

I don't know how to do this.

You're scared, aren't you? - Scared? Yeah.

I'm furious.

And outraged that you didn't tell me - Good.

That's progress.

Ever since you were little, you let your life be ruled by fear.

You're so afraid of what you don't understand that it kept you from seeing who you really are.

What you were meant to do.

Which is? The only person that can tell you that is you.

That's what faith is, honey.

I really miss you.

Don't be afraid of number 49.

That's where you'll find you're not alone.


Are you all right? Tonight, Mills.

Seen any more monsters lately, Jenny? No, ma'am.

Not since I've been taking these.


Good girl.

Lights out in five minutes.