01x05 - John Doe


Are you lost? Want to play? I bet you can't catch me! Come on! It's okay! Are you sure you want to stay in this old cabin? It's a bit of a fixer-upper.

You and I have very different definitions of "old.

" It seems if a building stays upright for more than a decade, you people declare it a national landmark.


This cabin has all the modern means I need.

It's certainly preferable to that motel.

You know, we could spackle the bullet holes.

Unless you want to keep them.

No, no.

By all means, we'll spackle.

You know you can admit when you don't know what a word means.

This is the ideal setting for you, though.

It's rustic, by the lake Maybe Corbin meant for us to find this place.

An act of faith? That's unusual, coming from you.

It's true.

Never been a big believer of what I can't see.

And the irony isn't lost on me, okay? I get I'm supposed to be a player in the Big Guy's endgame, but I'm not ready to abandon my better judgment outright.

What is this impenetrable barrier around this instrument? It's called plastic.

That's why I bought scissors.

Miss Mills Do you think I look out of place in this century? You look good for 200.

But a change of clothes wouldn't hurt.

Unit 27, citizen flag down.

Boy unconscious and breathing.

Requesting an R/A and additional unit to Market and Fifth.

Lieutenant Mills.

I have a close ETA.

Show me en route.

It's a routine call.

I think routine is a thing of the past for us.

What have we got? The boy was seen stumbling down the street.

Then he just passed out.

Mail carrier over there called it in.

I saw him along my route earlier.

He was coming out of the woods by Rockefeller Preserve.

Anyone with him? - No.

Witnesses say he was unaccompanied.

Wish I could say the same for you.

Don't you get tired of being a babysitter? You know, for a detective, you really don't have a clue.


The boy's hands.

Blackening veins.

Is this condition common in this time? Not in the slightest.

The garments he's wearing their simplicity He looks like he got lost on his way back from a Renaissance Faire.

Euel perne.

Did he just say "euel perne"? I take it that means something to you.

Yes, it's a language you, too, are familiar with.


Hwon be pa euel perne? We've got to get him loaded.

That is not any English we speak around here.

That's because it's Middle English.

The sort only spoken in the Middle Ages.

Hundreds of children go missing in this country? Sadly, yes.

It's called kidnapping.

And though I'm hoping this boy isn't a victim, we keep a database of all reported abductions and this could be our only way to ID him.

Until then, he's a John Doe at Westchester Memorial, and we've got no way to explain what's happening to him.

John Doe is what we call somebody Someone whose identity is unknown, yes.

The term came into being in Britain, thank you.

Long before my time.

As is his language, Captain.

The boy speaks Middle English.


I studied it at Oxford.

It's the language of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales for example.

So did the boy go to Oxford, or are you suggesting that we're dealing with someone from King Arthur's court? All I can tell you is the boy said, "Euel perne," which means "evil girl" in a dead version of our language.

Any leads I'm going to like? No trace of him in the national database.

Nobody's looking for him.

Morales has even tried local Amish communities.

It seems his identity is as much of a mystery as his disorder.

I've contacted the CDC.

Centers for Disease Control.

This CDC Do they think the illness could spread? When I described the black veining on the boy's arms, they said they'd send someone to take a look.

We don't want an epidemic.

Brush up on your Chaucer, Crane.

I need you to question our John Doe.

Hey, Captain.

What's on your mind, Morales? Well, sir, it's a small town.

There's been a lot of talk.

About? Well, this guy Crane.

He was a suspect.

Now he's a consultant? What's he doing here? You and Lieutenant Mills have history.

Is that gonna cause a problem, Morales? - No, sir.


Crane's knowledge of the beheadings makes him an important advisor to me right now.

So until we catch the perp behind them, I'd advise you to stay focused on your work.

Yes, sir.

This is the stuff of nightmares.

Mills, we're ready for you now.

This isolation will only scare him more.

They have to do it.

The plastic barriers keeps the contaminated air contained.

Yes, plastic.

How did we survive without it? You will speak into this camera.

Here's what I need to know for starters What did the vector eat, what drugs has he tried, where's he from, and where's he been.

While you may see in there a nameless, faceless source, I see a boy, and I intend to treat him as such.

Whatever it takes.


Thomas Grey.

Thank you.

It seems he was forbidden from leaving his home.

We see this all the time.

People, monsters, keep kids caged up.

Threaten them if they break rules.

And teach them Middle English? Maybe.

That's one way of keep them from asking for help.

Or the boy is lost and disoriented by his surroundings.

I think most of us can relate to that.

Where's he from? I need a location.

Roanoke? I need all the hospitals contacted in Roanoke, Virginia.

Find everything going in and out of their doors.

I'll have the department contact local law enforcement.

Track down his family.

No I think Parsons may be looking in the wrong place.

The boy did say Roanoke, right? But I don't think Thomas meant a Roanoke you'd find on today's map.

The older version of English, his antiquated appearance What if Thomas is from the Lost Colony? What lost colony? Roanoke was the very first British colony in the New World, led by Governor John White.

In fact, White's daughter and her husband produced the very first American-born colonist, their daughter, Virginia Dare.

So, White returned to Europe for provisions for the colony.

And when he got back to Roanoke, everyone was gone? Not a single person was there.

They had disappeared.

It became known as the Lost Colony.

That's pretty weird.

We still haven't found 'em.

Perhaps, because they've relocated to Sleepy Hollow.


True, we found a kid that looks like he stepped off the Mayflower, but that does not mean that a colony that vanished from North Carolina to the neighborhood.

I did say "perhaps," Lieutenant.

And I can name a few stranger turns of events.

You really believe anything is possible.

My own circumstance makes me open to the prospect.

Sir, I'm gonna put you on speakerphone.

Thomas' disease is starting to spread.

The black veining has taken over more of his body, but the EMT who treated him He's been infected.

He's deteriorating rapidly.

A couple of nurses have been feeling ill.

This may be an outbreak.

Captain, we are onto a theory.

And we will get right back to you as soon as we do some more digging.

Thank you, sir.

Well, we had dig quickly.

If Thomas does indeed carry a plague and one from half a millennium ago the effects could be apocalyptic.


We'll start looking in the woods where they found him.

And perhaps Perhaps we will find the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

Word must have spread about the virus.

Looks like people are leaving town.

Can you blame them? So, here we are.

This is where the mail carrier saw Thomas, right near the "Welcome to Roanoke" sign.

Yours isn't the first generation to invent sarcasm.

So who was more sarcastic, Jefferson or Adams? Is this more sarcasm? No, I'm serious.

I'm not saying.

Come on.

Please? I'll tell you this Jefferson had an obsession with puns, and Adams kept a notebook of unsavory limericks.

Seriously? Welcome to Roanoke.

According to my phone's compass app, we're heading due east.

Just not sure if we're heading in the right direction if there is one.

I suspect there is, and we are on it.


This spiderweb has been broken at about Thomas' height, and these footfalls are the same I've been tracking since we began.

I'm afraid your so-called smart phone couldn't tell you that.

Look at you, copping some 'tude.

There's more.

Jones, Morales, meet me at Westchester Memorial in 30 minutes.

We got to compare notes with the CDC.

You got it, Captain.

Did you talk to him about bringing the new guy in? - Yeah.

What'd he say? Basically, to keep our heads down and do as we're told.

Fine by me.

Let's keep the captain on our good side.

He's axing us out.

Hey, score enough points, maybe me and you move on to bigger and better.

Think about it.


What does an Oxford history professor know about serial killings in Sleepy Hollow? If he even is who he says.

Obviously the captain knows something we don't.

Just let it go.

I'll meet you at the hospital.

I'm gonna make some calls.

All right.

Mimosa pudica.

It closes up for days in response to human touch.

Thomas has been here.

Seriously, where did you learn to track like this? Fox hunting, actually.

Excuse me.


My father was a nobleman.

I had a rather regal upbringing.

That's one thing I'm pleased to have left behind.

These footprints are different from Thomas'.


He was barefoot.

You can see the outline of his toes, but not in these.

Maybe they belong to the girl he mentioned.

The evil girl.

They stop out of nowhere.

Where did she go? Perhaps she was never even here to begin with.

Look Lost colony or not, we have to be prepared for whatever's on the other side of that trail.

Are you all right? Let's keep going.

We've got two more patients.

Both on the scene when the boy went down.

Are we any closer to knowing where Patient Zero came from? Still searching.

We're working on a possible bioterrorism angle.

Looked into a new cult that's surfaced.

So far, no link to them.

Why do the others seem more sick than the kid? People's immune systems react differently.

Some may not be affected.

Others may be completely compromised.

The vector must come from a very different environment than ours.

Why is that? His blood panels.

They show traces of foreign antibodies and a lack of others present in our population.

There's no evidence he's ever been vaccinated against anything.

To inoculate everyone else against this thing, we need to identify it.

We're coming across nothing like it in our database.

I have got officers retracing the boy's trail as we speak.

This is where Thomas' trail ends.

Or more accurately, begins.

I believe the answer to his survival lies somewhere over there.

That tiny island? Mm-hmm.

There's nothing on it.

Looks can be deceiving, Lieutenant.

Perhaps this is how the community has remained hidden.



Are you telling me you think the kid swam across this? No No, his feet were covered in muck, but not the rest of him.


We're gonna have to find another way over there.


Crane! This is how Thomas made it across.

How did you know that? Markings on these trees indicate a hidden crossing.

Step this way, Miss Mills.

What is this place? Crane they're all infected.

They have the black veins, but don't seem sick.


Quite curious.

So this is where Thomas was raised.

In a community that hasn't changed in some 400 years.

How is that possible? Virginia Dare.

The spirit of Virginia Dare guided the colonists here to protect them.

Protect them? But they all have the disease.

The spirit of Virginia Dare seems to watch over them here, keeping their symptoms at bay.

Sort of like Katrina putting a spell on you to keep you alive.

It seems the colonists of Roanoke and I share much in common.

In order to save Thomas, we must bring him back.

I'm no Middle English expert, but I could've sworn I heard the word "horseman" thrown in there.

Indeed you did, though not the headless one with whom we are acquainted.

The colony was infected with this plague by the Horseman of Pestilence, also known as Conquest.

So another Horseman of the Apocalypse has arrived? Not yet.

And not if we can stop it.

Pestilence instituted this plague centuries ago, but the Roanoke colony contained it, stopping its spread and thwarting the Horseman from riding forth.

It's been unleashed anew through Thomas.

If it manages to spread this time Then the Horseman of Pestilence will come to Sleepy Hollow and join forces with the Horseman of Death.

We must prevent this at all costs.

And I think bringing Thomas here will be the answer.

No, thank you.

You keep it.


We gotta get going.

If what you saw in the Roanoke forest enters our world, modern medicine will be defenseless against it.

Oh, my God, you're infected.

Be it the protection of Virginia Dare, or something in the environment, the cure seems to lie within the colony.

Maybe, but the CDC is not going to let anyone leave the hospital.

And how are we supposed to get them to a place that no one believes exists? It's spreading.

Miss Mills These people are going to die here.

Do you think the Roanoke remedy would even work on people other than Thomas? Crane? I've been infected.

It was the colony.

Get me a Hazmat team in here.


No, I think it was earlier When I first encountered Thomas.

We're ready, sir.

Get him into quarantine.


No, I feel perfectly fine.

Listen to him.

Don't touch him.

Do not take him! Stay back, he's contagious.

Stop this! - No! I must help Thomas! - Sedate him! No, I just Please! No! - Katrina.

Ichabod? Are you really here? You're not well.

How did you know? Because you're here.

But I have been here before.

Only when I've summoned you.

I've I've not been able to for some time.

If you are here in any other way it means that you are dead.

Or near to it.

Detective Morales.

Yes, hello, Detective.

I'm calling from the history department of Oxford's Merton College regarding your inquiry into a Mr.

Ichabod Crane.


He is indeed a tenured professor here, on sabbatical at the moment, and on loan to law enforcement in Westchester County, New York.

I see.

Is there any other way I may be of assistance? No.

No, no.

Thank you.

That's all I needed to know.

Everything okay, Morales? Yes, sir.

All good.

Track down Parsons from CDC.

We need to make a plan to control public response.

Yes, sir.

You must understand.

It's only under great duress you would find yourself here.

I am sick.

I did not realize how critically.

Another has died from this.

And I fear you will, too.

Ichabod, this place I've been trapped in, it's purgatory.

Purgatory? Then those are Souls.

Who've been collected here.

We're all trapped together, and yet very much apart.

Those there are moving on.

To where? To wherever he determines.

He? The beast who keeps me captive.


Sir, I need a minute.

Don't have one.

But it's about Crane and the boy.

If you can help me get them out They're not going anywhere.

We have most of Sleepy Hollow in an absolute panic over this potential epidemic.

The doctors will handle the patients.

I need you on the streets.

We have to shut down the traffic moving in and out of town.

There is no time for that.

My point exactly.

Report to Morales for your post.

Really? Hmm, what the hell.

Why would you be trapped in such a place? What does Moloch want with your soul? Katrina What is it you're not telling me? If this is a trial I'm gonna need a little evidence.

Is that boy really gonna be saved if I get him back to his home? What about the others? What about Crane? Would he be saved at Roanoke because it's trapped in time like him? Show me a sign.

Give me something.

Isn't that the kind of thing that you're known for? Yep.

Didn't think so.

Something in the environment, the cure seems to lie within the colony.

What is it you're afraid to say? I believe I know why I am here.

Why I cannot leave.

Why? Ichabod! You fight for your life! You fight for the both of us! I need to get them back to the colony.

I think that the springwater there could be what heals them.

Think about it.

Water is used in many religions as a way to purify.

Roanoke seems to be some sort of holy place.

So you think they need to baptized in it or something? I do.

For now, we're just stalling the inevitable.

Thomas will die if he isn't returned.

And Crane.

Do you really believe that's going to work? I've got no choice but to believe.


I think I have a way.

Another quarantine facility's been set up for projected overflow.

Parsons will get orders to transfer Thomas and Crane there, creating an opportunity for you to get them to this colony.

I'll cover for you.

If the solution is there, I'll do what I can to get the remaining infected to the location.

But, Abbie Hurry.

Hey, what are you doing?! Keep talking to me, Crane.

Keep your mind off the pain.


I saw Katrina while I was unconscious.

And now I understand why I haven't been able to go there.

Why? The place is is a purgatory for souls left hanging in the balance, caught between good and evil.

It's like a no-man's-land on a battlefield.

I'm glad you fought your way out of it.

Crane! I'm all right.

I can't say the same for Thomas.

We're losing him.

It's weak, but he's still got a heartbeat.

We've got to keep moving.

Almost there.

I'm so sorry.

I feel a little faint.

You go on to Roanoke.

Send the colonists back for us.

I cannot make it without you.

Yes, you can.

All the trees look the same to me.

Hang on.

I need a little rest.

Hang on.

I think you just need a little, a little boost.

What was that? Adrenaline.

I like it.

Let's keep moving.

Crane! Get to the water! Run! Crane! Hurry! Crane! Crane! You were right.

The waters provide a cure.

What just happened? Thomas He was dead all along.

They all were.

But everyone else in Sleepy Hollow, they saw him.

They were affected by him.

He returned to flesh and blood once he was lured into our world to spread a plague.

But we stopped it.


You stopped it by having faith.

Your faith in being one of the Witnesses allowed you to see what your eyes could not.

Captain? You're not gonna believe this.

Try me.

We don't know how, but everyone's recovering.

I'm glad to hear it, sir.

Thank you.

It's over.

Everyone in town's gonna be fine.

Hey, I know everything has been so new for you, so different.

It's been hard to adjust.

Actually, for a minute there, I thought you might choose to stay in the colony.

But, Crane believe me when I say that you belong in Sleepy Hollow.

In the here and now.

Well What do you say we go home then? We have much work to do.

We'll will require much more than faith if and when the Horseman of Death returns.