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01x10 - The Golem
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Previously on Sleepy Hollow.

PARRISH: What's this about? - Who are you? - Katrina Crane.

This is a dream? You're the man Abbie told me about.

ABBIE: The Sin Eater.

A family tree.

You're a descendant of Grace Dixon.

It's time.

ABBIE: I saw Katrina giving birth.

My son.

(cries) - What did you say? - I had a vision.

I'm sorry, you must be mistaken.

She would've told me.

She needed to keep it secret.

What happened to my son? (vehicle approaches) (engine shuts off) Chopping down a Christmas tree? An altogether nonsensical concept.

Celebrating Yuletide with a titular display of lumber.


Bah, humbug to you, too, Ebenezer.

That was all gibberish.


He's a Dickensian character.

A grump.

Well, you guys had Christmas, right? Santa Claus Snowmen Eggnog.

In my era, the term was "egg and grog.

" A draught made of rum that led inevitably to an aching head, ergo, "noggin.

" Abbreviated to "nog.

" I get why you're upset.

Do you, now? You find out you had a son and you never got to know him.

I am sorry, Crane.

If I were you, I'd be taking an ax to something, too.

My head is swimming with questions.

What was he like? What did he know of me? How did he live? And why did Katrina not tell me she was with child? She put you in that cave to protect you.

I got to assume she kept it a secret for the same reason.

Moloch hunted them both down centuries ago.

While I'm yet to know the reason, it suggests that their fates will come to bear in our war against him now.

That is why we must find out what happened to my son.

And we shall start by endeavoring to contact Katrina.

How do you plan on doing that, exactly? When she came to me, it seemed like she had to move mountains to do it.

Those are some pretty freaky mountains.

(car approaches) You expecting company? Indeed.

The only man I know capable of moving freaky mountains.

(car door opens) You called Parrish? Why? Put yourself in my place.

How far would you go for answers? All the way.


Parrish, thank you for coming.

Don't touch me, please.

Apologies, Mr.


It's not a good idea to touch me.

Of course.

I appreciate your hasty arrival.

Shall we venture indoors? PARRISH: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

I'm a Sin Eater; I-I-I can read, and at times, remove sins, that's all.

No, that's not all.

You have the power to reach across realms.

You summoned a man long dead and brought him to me.

Summon him! With all your heart! Here into this room! Now open your eyes.

You must have the ability to reach Katrina.


It isn't anything I've ever tried before.


I beg you.

Yeah, all right.

I'll make an attempt.

That's all I can promise.

I've never used my gift for a purpose beyond removing sins.

Now, you listen very carefully.

A mortal soul has no place in the realm of the dead.

Your life will be in danger.

I will have to put it in danger.

I understand the risk.

(chuckling): Oh, no, you don't.

Our lives are a tapestry.

Each moment is a thread upon which the next thread is woven.

When you reach beyond this existence, as you're about to, you are tempting fate.

I cannot say what consequences will befall you.

The consequences of inaction weigh far greater with me, sir.


Under the circumstances, "Henry" will be fine.

This will frighten you.

Once I begin, you must not stop me, no matter how much you want to.

If you have any doubt, now would be a good time to make your exit.

Thanks for the warning.

We're not going anywhere.



Think of your wife.

Summon her with all your heart.

What I'm about to do will bring you closer to her and closer to death.

I'm ready.

(gasps) Henry! I told you: the closer he is to death, the shorter distance he is to travel.

(match strikes) Katrina? No, no, no, no.

How are you here? The Sin Eater.

Moloch is always near.

If he learns of your presence Is it true we have a son? I would have told you when you first awoke, but we've had fleeting moments of precious time.

We made a covenant when we married.

You owe me the truth.

His name.


Our son's name was Jeremy.

After your grandfather.

I did not know I was with child when I buried you in that cave.

Fortunately, neither did my coven.

They sought to punish me for saving your life.

It was only when I fled to Europe in search of a spell to unbind you from the Horseman that I learned of my condition.

When my quest failed, I returned home to my coven's relentless pursuit.

If I did not reveal where I buried you, they would condemn me to a fate worse than death.

I knew then they would not stop until they had us both, so I fled to the only sanctuary I knew: - Fredericks Manor.

Come on.

I delivered our son under Lachlan and Grace's care.


Get her inside.

GRACE: Push! (baby crying) Mrs.

Crane, it's a boy.

He was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

He had your eyes.

But I couldn't keep him.

Not whilst your coven was bent on revenge.

That would have endangered his life as well.

I could not condemn our son to a life as a fugitive.

To protect him, in order to give him a brighter future, I I had to let him go.

One day we'll see each other again, little lord.

And I will hold you in my dreams every night until then.

You are my heart and soul, Jeremy Crane.

And always will be.

I made you a little friend.

(baby coos) He will watch over you while I'm away.

He will make sure that you are safe and that you are never, ever alone.

(baby coos) I left him in the care of Grace and her husband Joseph, a pastor at Trinity Church.

(baby fussing) (Katrina sobbing) And that was the last time I laid eyes on our son.

This is an echo of that place, purgatory's cruel way of confronting me with my choice until I am freed.

So I come here once a day and I light a candle in memoriam, and I pray for his soul.

Your own coven banished you here? I was put here by sisters with great power, known as "The Four Who Speak As One.

" I am so sorry, my love, but I had no choice but to give him up in order to save him.

I will find out what happened to our son.

I will free you from this hell.

We will defeat Moloch and we will be together again.

I swear.

(loud bang) You must leave.

Release your will to be here and you will return to your realm.

Do it now! Go! (gasps) Crane? Crane?! He'll be all right.

His his body is experiencing a physical reaction.

You strangled me.

He means "thank you.

" Your ancestor Grace she took custody of my child.

It seems your fates were merged before you met.

And the fate of my son remains a mystery.

We'll do everything we can to find out what happened to him, Crane.

I promise.

ABBIE: We don't even know if any of your descendants are still alive.

Well, if Jeremy married and had three children, the average at the time, then we compound that number over eight generations I could have as many as I have an idea.

The Historical Society Library.

They have a rare records collection dating back to Revolutionary-era Sleepy Hollow.

That's where we start.

PARRISH: Officer Mills! My train leaves in 18 minutes.

We're five minutes away.

You'll be all right.

Well, if it's all the same, I'd rather not presume.


Parrish Henry I beg you a further request.

Please, Mr.


The 8:05 p.


train, seat 15B.

I do my crosswords, they settle me.

You saved my life.

You granted me passage to Katrina.

You have a purpose with us.

My purpose was to separate you from the Horseman so that you could continue the work for which you have been called.

Both of you.

And that is where my contribution ends.

ABBIE: Henry.

You know when I found your file the first time, I noticed your mother, she died when you were young.


Such a perfect word for it.

Your father has been in a nursing home the last ten years.

Alzheimer's, I think it is.

You have no other family? We're pretty thin on it ourselves.

If we don't find out more about the little that we did have Crane's son and how we're all connected we may not be able to do the work that we have been called to do.

And then all your incredible help will be for nothing.

There's a train that leaves at 12:44 a.


Give me your word I'll be on it.

You have my word.

(car door closes) (growling) (growls) MAN: Frank, what brings you back to the church? I remember a sermon you gave once about the two witnesses, prophets of the Apocalypse.


"Two olive trees who stand before the Lord of the Earth.

" Symbolism, allegory literal? You could ask those questions about all the Scriptures.

Some people believe they're absolute truths, others see them as parables.

What happens to the witnesses? According to the New Testament, "witness" means "martyr.

" They're destined to die for their testimonies.

What happens to the people that follow them? Apostles usually suffer the same fate as the martyr.

You know I joined the service because I wanted to help people? Then my little girl got hit by a car.

When I joined the force, I was gone so often my wife left me.

And now you're telling me that the grand prize for a life of public service might be death.

You have to have faith in the Lord's plan, Frank.

He always has a plan.

(laughs) Oh If God has a plan, who's it for? Me or him? Frank what aren't you telling me? What's happening to you, Frank? I remember why I stopped coming here.

WOMAN: From the 18th century? No.

I don't think we have any records on Trinity Church.

Madam, this town has existed since Adriaen van der Donck dubbed it "Sleeper's Haven" in 1655.

Surely there must be some reference to its many houses of worship in the town's Historical Society.

You speak with such authority on the past.

Without books, we have neither a past nor a future.

I would've thought a librarian above all would comprehend that.

If we have anything on Trinity Church, it would be in that section over there.

Feel free to look.

I'll be in the back.


That, you recognize.

An enduring tradition, to the imminent peril of all the pretty housemaids.

Let's get to work.

PARRISH: I found it.

Grace Martha Dixon.

Born 1751 died 1784.

She was a young woman.

It says here, according to eyewitness accounts, there was a fire.

They were trapped inside.

The local townspeople were afraid of Jeremy.

People claimed they had seen him start fires just by crying.

(crying) Katrina's powers He inherited them.

After the house burned down, they found the boy the next morning, completely unhurt.

People came to believe he was some kind of monster.

After that, he was sent to a home for orphan children of the war.

What happened to my child? It doesn't say.

My son was responsible for the death of your ancestors.

It's not your fault.

There's nothing you could've done.

I could've been there.

PARRISH: That is a not a choice you were given, my friend.

I'm so sorry.

To both of you.

I feared opening these doors would be painful.

The home to which my son was sent does it have a name? ABBIE: There's nothing here.

And don't count on Miss Helpful guiding us in the right direction.

Oh she knows more than she's telling.

Lying is a sin.

I can sense a sin a mile away.

She's gone.

(car lock beeps) (car door shuts) Outside.

(screams) (librarian screaming, metal crunching) God What could've done this? I won't be catching that later train, will I? CYNTHIA: Macey, your dad is here.

MACEY: Okay, Mom.

In a minute.

So how's life in the small city? Big city was quieter.

Well, that's you in a nutshell.

Whenever you were here, you wanted to go.

Whenever you were gone, you wished that you were here.

Cynthia I know that I made it hard on you.

Always being gone.

I just want you to know (sighs) I'm sorry.

You deserve better.

You know, if you would've told me that a year ago you would still be living in this house.

I do now.

Popski! Little Bean! (chuckles) Bye, Mama.

Bye-bye, honey.

You have fun, okay? Okay.


The librarian's personal effects just came in from impound.

These are all of the archivist's possessions? Just from her office at work.

Apparently, she has a personal safe.

You doing crosswords? As I said, it distracts me from my troubles.

A good puzzle misleads you.

It sends you in one direction, fools you into thinking you know what's going on.

But once you've discovered the trick, you see that there's often a hidden meaning.

Just as the librarian was trying to conceal something from us.

You don't, perhaps, know an unusual word for "fidgety and restless," do you? Gumplefik.

Gumplefik? A perfect fit.

I'm still reconciling today's language and its advancements.

For example, in my era, a "toilet" was a vanity cabinet, "intercourse" was simply "social conversation," "awful" meant "awe-inspiring" So if I went out with a guy and we had "awful intercourse," we'd be going on a second date? Disconcerting, yet accurate.

That's just weird.

(grunts) What's wrong? The box it's filled with pain.

CRANE: This symbol it's the crest of Katrina's coven, the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart.

Only a member of the Sisterhood would possess such an item.

Seriously? The librarian from the Historical Society was a witch? Just as Reverend Knapp was before her, embedded in Sleepy Hollow for centuries.

It explains her expression: recognition.

She knew who you were.

(chokes) PARRISH: Whatever is in there, it reeks of anger and pain and death.

It's stronger than anything I've felt in years.

He will make sure that you are safe.

This drawing it's familiar.

I've seen this doll.

When Katrina came to me in the dream or the vision or whatever it was, there was a baby carriage.

The doll was in it.

May I see it, please? (Parrish groans) The pain, the misery inside that box I think it's your son's.

The priest who governed the orphanage I can feel the darkness of his heart.

No food until penance.

PARRISH: The priest believed there was only one way of purging the boy's affliction.

Until one day, the child's pain swelled in him so deeply, he summoned the promise of his mother's wish.

And with a single drop of blood, discovered the true strength of his power.

(bones crack) Jeremy manifested his rage, his grief, in the absence of someone to protect him.

He made real a champion to keep him safe.

This violence we've seen, I believe it's the handiwork of this champion.

You don't know that.

I've seen this creature before in Katrina's purgatory.

(roars) When I returned to the cabin, I I could still feel its presence.

It followed me back.

I was afraid something like this would happen.

I warned you not to tempt fate.

ABBIE: Even if you're right, why would it kill this witch? She was a member of the coven that banished Katrina that robbed the boy of his mother.

There are more in the coven, more who may still be alive.

This death, I fear, may be the first of many more to come.

IRVING: It's called a "vine," but it has absolutely nothing to do with shrubbery? MACEY: Yeah, it's a video, eight seconds long.

On YouTube? No, YouTube videos are, like, three minutes long.

No one has time for that.

Yeah, I'm having a dad moment.


(both laugh) You know, when we looked into that wheelchair sports camp at the Y last year, we never followed up.

I can give 'em a call.

Dad, you get this sound in your voice, it makes me feel kind of helpless.

I'm sorry.

I mean, no matter how scary it gets, I'm not gonna let this thing beat me, right? I'm gonna keep fighting.

Remember you said that? Yeah, that I did.

And I think it'd be easier to fight it if I had some hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

Oh, understandable.

(both chuckle) Oh, my God! Popski You can have a hot chocolate, not a puppy.

Give me two hot chocolates with peppermint.

She seems like a strong kid.

She is.

How strong is she? Sorry? I said, how strong is your daughter? Is she strong enough to fight for her soul? What did you say to me? God may have a plan, Captain, but we have one, too.

Who the hell are you?! How did you know what I said?! What the hell are you talking about? How did you know what I said? I don't know! I'm sorry! I don't know who the hell you are, man.

Hey! What's going on here? This guy just attacked me.

Step back, sir.

I'm New York State Police.

I'm reaching for my badge.


What's wrong with you? Let's go.

We have one, too.

PARRISH: The contents of the librarian's safe have arrived.

Anything of use? All the lieutenant's found so far are ticket stubs from traveling carnivals over the last hundred years.



You're troubled.

My father *** say to me, "When you have a child, he will follow your example more than your advice.

" Yet my son had the benefit of neither.

I know that the choice was not mine but it brought his rage into the world then and now.

It is a father's task to impart wisdom.

Mine taught me not to fear my power.

I wished I could have thanked him for this gift while his mind was still intact.

Whatever became of your son, you speak for him now.

I believe he was a good man, Ichabod.

He was, after all, molded from your clay.

Washington's Bible molded from clay.

Katrina buried this with me.

She said it would provide answers for the challenges which lay ahead.

Here: Psalms 139, "And your eyes did see my substance being yet unformed.

" A reference in both the Bible and the Judaic Talmud to an enchanted being made animate from inanimate matter.

Like the first son of God, born of mud.

A golem.

I remember it from Sunday school.

It's like a magical attack dog.

Forceful enough to crush Miss Hudson's vehicle using merely its fists.

A creature imbued with its creator's most ardent passions.

Jeremy's doll became the golem.

Of course, he created a protector.

Wait a minute.

These four veiled women, I've seen them before.

When I saw Katrina and the doll, they were there, too.

"The Four Who Speak As One.

" ABBIE: The librarian must have visited them at different carnivals: Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago.

These are the women who banished Katrina to purgatory.

If the golem has been made real and seeks revenge against those who hurt the boy then surely they'll be next.

And if they put Katrina in purgatory it stands to reason they could bring her back.

And it'd strike a powerful blow against Moloch.

We must find them before the golem does.

The last ticket stub, dated two days ago, a carnival in Dobbs Ferry, right outside town.

That's where they are.

Wait here.

You're not going in there alone.

CRANE: These women imprisoned my wife and left my son abandoned without hope.

I think I'm entitled to a private word before we take them to safety.

It seems we've been relegated to the part of gongoozler, you and I.

I'm not even gonna ask.

CRANE: Gongoozler means "idle spectator.

" Oh, great.

That's just great.

You go.

It's cool.

Henry and I will sit back here and gongoozle our asses off.

Now who's the Scrooge? Be careful, Crane.

WOMAN: Who's there? As you so proudly boast of your clairvoyance, your query suggests you're lying or merely playing coy.

Show yourselves.


Your aura, it's Displaced, fractured Unreadable.

Your palm, bring it here.

(gasps) Your lifeline was interrupted long ago Then revived.

There is but one mortal With such a curious fate.

You are Ichabod Crane.

We've waited centuries for this moment.

It was foretold That your arrival would seal our fate.

Seal your fate? I don't understand.

You will.

For tonight we die.

CRANE: If what you're saying is true, I can take you to safety, but only if you release Katrina.

If our destiny is to die We must accept it, whatever form it takes.

Nothing you can offer Will change that.

Well, then here's some clairvoyance for you: Death will come for you tonight in the form of a creature known as a golem.

Accept my offer, or your demise will be most painful indeed.

The golem has returned? How? It followed me back from purgatory.

You found a way between realms And in so doing, repeated your wife's mistake By altering the ordained path.

I don't believe fate befalls us however we act.

Only unless we act.

Then you've learned nothing.

Katrina defied fate as well.

Your death would've spared her.

And your child.

Of all the pain they endured after you were laid to wait.

It was not your decision to make! A coven is meant to be a source of good.

Yet you delivered my wife into captivity in the hands of the enemy.

Necessity makes strange bedfellows.

And it was our sacred duty To rectify what Katrina had undone.

Rumors of Jeremy's fearsome companion spread.

And so they were hunted.

(men yelling) The creature killed in defense of his master.

A mindless thing that murdered anyone who came close to the boy.

When we learned who your son was, what he had created We offered our help.

But he refused beyond control.

He chose to be alone.

With his golem.

He was afraid.

The creature was his only means of defense.

That is why they both had to be stopped.

What did you do to him? The golem could not be destroyed by our spells.

So we imprisoned the creature in purgatory.

But your son was immune to us.

His power had grown too great.

We offered him a place in our coven.

But he again refused.

With no other choice, the Sisterhood bound together And invoked a hex To stop his heart.

(coven chanting) You murdered my son.

Death begets death.

That is the price we now pay.

Our fate is sealed, our time run out.

How do I kill the golem? Your son's blood gave it life.

Only his blood can end it.

(lightning crashes) ALL: Run! - Crane! - The Golem! Where is he? (screaming nearby) Where are the sisters? (golem roaring, growling) They've met a just fate.

Did they tell you how to stop it? Only that my son's blood gave it life, and only his blood can end it.

I'm gonna get these people out of here.

(golem growls) This way.

(gasps) What hellish form of torment is this? Funhouse mirrors.

When did irony become a national pastime? (roaring) You're hurt.

(groans) (grunts) You said blood gave the doll life.

Your son's blood is your blood.

Your blood can destroy it.

(grunts) Crane? (Abbie screams) CRANE: Stop! I'm Jeremy's father.

You exist because I did not.

(growls) If there was any way I could go back and change this, believe me, with all my heart, I would.

But fate bestowed this task on you.

His only friend.

His guardian.

And in many ways, a father to him.

For that, I owe you my life.

But now I'm begging you to stop.

(low growl) Jeremy is gone.

There's nothing left for you to protect.

You have to let him go.

We both have to let him go.

(golem roars) (Crane grunting) (roars) You've endured enough pain.

Bear it no more.

My son.

Be at peace.

Be at peace.


He's gone.

It's over.

I'm glad you're all right.

And I'm sorry to make a hasty exit.

But the next train leaves in 18 minutes.


Parrish Oh, please.

It's Henry, remember? And if I may, you were right.

About? - I've been called to help you in your mission.

If I hadn't separated your blood from the Horseman, you would not have been able to put the golem to rest.

Or your son.

Thank you for availing me of your gift.

It seems no matter how hard we both tried, one cannot turn from fate.

(quietly): No.

And yet, for the first time, I I feel that fate has delivered me a blessing.

By bringing you both into my life.

It's our privilege, Henry.

We never bury the dead, son.

Not really.

We take them with us.

It's the price of living.

I got you something.


Ah-ha, ha.

I was gonna give it to you on Christmas Eve, but you look like you need a little boost.


(Crane chuckles) You've em you embroidered my name on some oversized hosiery.

How odd.

It is a Christmas tradition.

Is it? Merry Christmas, Crane.

Merry Christmas, Lieutenant.

I'm starving.

I'm gonna go get some comfort food.

I'll be back in ten.

(dripping nearby) Reveal yourself! (woman murmuring nearby) Katrina? MOLOCH: Not Katrina! Come out and face me, Moloch.

Or are you afraid? MOLOCH: I offer this warning.

A saint's name is a sign.

When you know my meaning, war will take form.

And the End of Days begins.

There will be no End of Days.

You hear me?! MOLOCH: Your death is assured.

You and the second witness.

Face me, coward! I touched her soul once.

Soon it will be mine forever.

And you will give it to me.

(gasping) Crane? What happened? Moloch.

He's coming for your soul.

He says I will deliver it to him.

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