01x11 - The Vessel

Previously on Sleepy Hollow When I joined the Force, I was gone so often, my wife left me.

Then my little girl got hit by a car.

So if God's got a plan, who's it for? Me or him? God my have a plan, Captain.

But we have one, too.

What the hell are you?! How did you know what I said? - What the hell are you talking about? - What's wrong with you? Let's go.

Come out and face me, Moloch.

Moloch: I offer this warning.

The Saint's name is a sign.

Crane! What happened? - Moloch.

He's coming for your soul.

Listen to me.

I know it feels like none of this makes sense, and you wanna hold on to whatever's left of the life you knew.

We both do.

But we can't.

You told me that.

So, I need you to take the first step.

I'll be right here with you.

You won't be alone.

Hell hath frozen over.


(Laughs) Now, may we return to the task at hand? I don't understand your obsession with my finery.

Demons threaten our very existence with the promise of Apocalypse.

Oh, God, this wounds.

One sign of the impending Apocalypse is surely skinny jeans.

You said that if we survived the New Year, I could take a whack at updating your wardrobe.

Think of it as camouflage.

Now Moloch might not recognize you.

You quip, but that's the first sensible thing you've said on the matter.

Absolutely not.

(Groans) This The Saint's name.

I can make neither rhyme nor reason of it.

Look, I wanna figure out the meaning behind your encounter with Moloch as much as you, but we've been at this for days.

It's because of the way he spoke.

I touched her soul once.

Soon it will be mine forever.

It instilled a fear in me like I've never felt before.

I'm not gonna let him get to us.

You ever heard of a boondoggle? If it's another type of constrictive trouser, I'd rather not.

Try these.

Oh, for A boondoggle is an exercise in futility.

It's a time suck, a fool's errand.

And You're suggesting Moloch created such a mission for me.

I think that maybe we did some damage to his plan, and that maybe he's getting a little nervous.

So he concocted a mind game to get to you.

That was fast.

You have your way of dealing with reality, and I have mine.

If you're gonna keep wearing that damn thing, I have two words for you.

Dry cleaning.

Pick two words I understand.

Interviewer: "How strong is your daughter? Strong enough to fight for her soul?" Did you say those words to Captain Frank Irving? No, I didn't.

I wouldn't.

Interviewer: Did you know Captain Irving or his daughter prior to the incident in the park? Vendor: No, I've never met either of them before.

Sir, the whole time they questioned him, the polygraph never spiked.

He truly believes he didn't threaten your daughter.

Polygraphs have been fooled before.

We have no probable cause with this guy.

No priors, no convictions.

Not even a parking infraction.

You gonna press charges? Interviewer: Did you make those statements? Vendor: How many times do I have to answer the same question? - Interviewer: Yes or no, sir.

Vendor: No! I didn't say it.

I never said that.

I never said anything.

How strong is your daughter? Strong enough to fight for her soul? - What did you say to me? - God may have a plan, Captain.

But we have one, too.

He really did say those things to me.

Vendor: Please, I don't even know what's going on here.

You have to believe me.

Then he acted like he'd just been sleepwalking.

The woman he bumped into.

How did you know what I said?! - What the hell are you talking about? We locate her yet? Yes, sir, we I.


'd her off of park surveillance.

I'm sure she'll be able to back up your story.

Let me know when she gets here.

Woman: Excuse me.

I'm here for Captain Irving.

Oh, yeah.

Uh, follow me.

We'll get you checked in.

Thank you.

(Whooshing) (Cell phone ringing) Irving.

Demon voice: How much do you care for your daughter? ___ - Who is this? - Someone with a plan.

What the hell do you want? ___ The Witnesses have a Bible.

It belonged to George Washington.

Have it in your possession by nightfall, or we take your daughter.

Who are you?! - Captain.

What happened? I don't understand.

What did I do? Boland: You're talking about possession.

Irving: I don't know what I'm talking about.

But, Father, I saw what I saw and I heard what I heard.

Something evil is threatening to take my daughter.

Even the Vatican acknowledges the devil can take hold of a mortal soul.

I can't let anything happen to Macey.

Not again.

Take your family somewhere safe.

I'll meet you there.

Thank you, Father.

This is Washington's Bible? The very one that Crane was buried with.

How did George Washington's Bible get buried with you? One of the many mysteries surrounding it.

Other than the fact that it belonged to the Father of our country, do you know what's special about it? The answers are in Washington's Bible.

Katrina told me this contains the answers to defeating evil.

True, but aside from some passages we flagged about bearing witness We haven't found anything out of the ordinary in it.

Nonetheless, if the Forces of Darkness are after it, clearly it contains some secrets we're yet to uncover.

I don't want it falling into the wrong hands any more than you do.

But I have to protect my daughter.

You're not suggesting we hand it over? - No.

I am suggesting you help me take this demon down, and if there's anything in that Bible that can help us do it, I want chapter and verse in my hands yesterday.

I'm bringing my family to a safe house.

Let me know what you find.

Yes, sir.

Corbin has an entire section on possession.

This one.

Talks about a woman he apprehended.

Thought to be possessed by a demon who could jump from body to body Says she could never account for the things she said or did during that time.

That sounds remarkably similar to what the Captain described.

He made a recording of the encounter.

What you're about to see is a 19-year-old woman who attempted to break into my cabin.

I subdued her.

She's not herself.

I've known this woman for a couple of years.

While she's troubled, this is This is something different.

I believe she's possessed.

The demon comes and goes.

But it definitely has taken her over.

It's become violent.

Now, I'm gonna try to free her.

I'm recording what'll follow because, frankly I'm not sure either of us will survive it.

Abbie: Oh, my God.

That's Jenny.

Season 1, Episode 11 "Vessel"

So you found my file.

We saw the video.

How much of it did you see? Merely enough to identify you as Sheriff Corbin's subject.

We did not wish to violate your privacy by not consulting you first.

I've never seen it.

I don't remember any of it.

Corbin always said it was better that way.

Unfortunately, we don't have that choice.

We need to watch it to see how Corbin took down the demon.

We think the same one that came for you is back.

How do you know? - We cannot be certain.

But surely it is connected to Moloch's greater plan.

It wants something from us.

Washington's Bible.

So give it the Bible.

We would If I was not convinced that Washington embedded messages within it.

Critical to the war against Moloch.

He was a leader in the field of spy craft.

So evil wants your playbook.

In exchange, it won't harm Irving's daughter.

Macey? Must be cool, having a sister to look out for you like that.

To stop whoever or whatever it is that's threatening to get to her, we need to know what we're dealing with.

Demon Jenny: This vessel was chosen.

She has been marked.

August: Why? Who are you? Name yourself.

You are worthless.

Stay away.

(Hisses) You think that will protect you? That trinket? Your faith? (Chuckles) "Truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed," (Speaking foreign language) "You will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there'.

" "The mountain will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.

" The war will come, and you will be among its first casualties.

You will die, August Corbin, at the hands of the Horseman of Death.

And I will kill the sister.

August: Jenny's sister? - Must die.

I will kill her.

I will kill Abbie.

(Snarls) - You never told me.

We weren't exactly besties back then.

Jenny, you were possessed by a demon.

I could've done something.

At what point in the last seven years would you have believed me if I told you, "Lieutenant?" Look, I haven't said anything because it doesn't matter anymore.

The demon's been gone for years.

Corbin took care of it.

But how? - I don't know.

I don't remember.

You've got all of his files.

I'm sure you have everything you need.

Jenny, Macey is 13.

That is younger than we were when our worlds fell apart.

No one was there for us.

But we can be there for her.

I wish I could help.

I'm sorry.

(Birds chirping) Little Bean We are here.

I'll get that.


There we go.

(Grunts) Dad, where is here? I don't understand.

What are we doing here? Let's get you inside, okay? I told them to stock the place with your favorite ice cream.

Which is? - All of them.

(Chuckles) Go on.

I'll be right in to share a bowl.

Jones, make sure Macey gets set up.


We're not babysitting here.

I need your A-game.

You up for this? Yes, sir.


I'm I'm fine.

I didn't wanna upset Macey on the ride over.

This is really serious, isn't it? - Yes.

Is it someone that you put away? I would love to tell you everything, Cynthia.

I'll be waiting.



Check the perimeter.

We're not gonna let anything get past us.

I rather expected you to have driven off by now.

Me, too.

Damn thing won't start.

(Chuckles) Sorry about the mess.

Wasn't expecting company.

Why must you and your sister insist on keeping such a stockpile of strange apparel? Says the man who wore powdered wigs and stockings.

I know this is difficult for you.

But we only have until nightfall, and then the demon has warned he will come for Macey.

It started not long after we saw Moloch in the woods.

I'd have these spells, where I'd lose time.

I'd wake up somewhere and have no idea how I'd gotten there.

People would tell me about all the things I'd said and done.

(Roaring) Terrible things.

You will die, August Corbin.

Unforgivable things.

That you wanted to kill your sister.

They assumed I was just another troubled kid, and wrote me off.

It tormented me.

Even after it was gone I'd have these thoughts.

About Abbie.

I didn't know why, but I couldn't trust myself.

So I'd break a law or two, get locked up whenever I heard the voices.

You would deliberately have yourself arrested to avoid harming your sister.

And you never told her.

You were protecting her.

You have no idea what it's like.

This demon jumped from one person to another to get to me, to use me to do its bidding.

Demon Jenny: This vessel was chosen.

She has been marked.

Even when it wasn't inside me, I had this Sick feeling it was coming back.

And now it has.

We attempted to watch more of the Sheriff's recording, but It ends rather abruptly.

Just as the demon charged you with killing your sister, it may have charged someone else with killing Macey.

We need your help.

He brought his priest.

What's a priest supposed to do? Get the perp to repent? People believe crazy things.

(Inhales sharply) What do you think it is? I think it's salt.

It's a tool of the church to prevent demons from crossing a threshold.

(Scoffs) This is all so - Weird.

Well, then move it.

Thank you.

(Grunting) Good-bye.

(Neck cracks) (Roars) Got it.

Did you find something? - The pause button.

Mastering the remote.

You are officially a modern man.

(Scoffs) Not in those rags.

You ever think about changing? If I may direct your attention to this White substance on the floor encircling miss Jenny.

I believe it's keeping the demon restrained.

(Roars) (Growling) Salt.

I remember waking up, and it was all around me.

And Corbin was there.

I think we finally got him, kid.

It's all over now.

Crane: It seems salt can trap the demon but not expel it.

There must be something else your Sheriff used.

Corbin: "Truly, I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed," "you will say" (Speaking foreign language) The answer could lie in the language the demon spoke.

I can't identify it.

Perhaps an Old dialect of Greek.

There's a possible reference to Thanatos, the Hellenic demon of death.


Can you rewind it? Rewind it.

Maybe we need to listen to it in reverse.

Demons have been known to speak backwards.

Just to up the creep factor.

Isolating the audio Let's see if this works.

(Speaking foreign language on loop) Crane: Indeed it does.

That's ancient Aramaic.

"Ancitif cannot be defeated.

" - Ancitif? "Ancitif" "A powerful demon that has been known to jump between bodies on contact.

" "First cited in 1647, when it possessed a group of catholic nuns.

" So this is the demon that wanted me dead.

Crane: And likely still does.

Ah, as we suspected, Ancitif is known to be a leader of a legion of Moloch's minions.

Fabled to have been sent to destroy disciples.

I suppose Irving could be considered a disciple in a way.

Did the nuns defeat it? Apparently, using a blessed lantern from the cathedral.

"And the Lord's light shone true and unmasked the wretched creature.

" "Cast from his vessel and unable to cloak his true face," "he was delivered back into hell.

" Okay.

So, a French lantern from the time of Louis the 14th casts out the demon from its host.

Anyone up for a trip to Paris? I don't believe we'll need to travel so far.

I recognize this lantern.

I think I do, too.

How do you know it? Several were given to Benjamin Franklin on one of his diplomatic missions for the war effort.

The French had allied with the Patriots in 1778, supplying munitions, and, apparently, devices for demonic exorcism.

With the Revolution of their own in the making, they clearly knew they had to defeat evil on the American shores, or it would threaten their own future.

Where did you see it? Let's just say I know of one still in the hands of Patriots, just not exactly the kind Crane's familiar with.

(Computer chirps) Want to play a board game? I brought a few.

Um maybe after I'm done.

I'm applying to the advanced science program.

Really? - When did we decide this? - A couple months ago.

Macey has the highest grades in her class.

Oh, yeah? Pop quiz.

Einstein's Laws of Motion? - You mean Newton's? Who? The fig guy? (Laughter) You're amazing, Bean.

Thanks, dad, but I won't get in if I don't nail this next test, - so I'm gonna go study in my room.


(Door closes) They're after our daughter, aren't they? Frank, I'm an attorney.

I might be able to help if you just let me.

I didn't wanna worry you with the details.

You walk around with the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Why do you think that you have to carry it alone? She did not get hurt because you weren't there.

You have to know that.

I do.

But this is - There's no buts.

We were a team.

But ever since Macey's accident, you treat us both like we're broken and you need to fix us.

We're stronger than you think.

How strong is your daughter? Strong enough to fight for her soul? (Cell phone ringing) Take it.

Tell me you have something, Mills.

Abbie: We know the demon's name.

It's Ancitif.

And there's an ancient lantern that will remove it from its host.

How fast can you get here? We are running out of time.

Working on it.

I don't care what you have to do.

Just get it here.

(Phone beeps) Morales.

What's going on? Demon voice: Sundown is upon us.

You failed.

Morales?! Macey?! - Frank! - Macey! (Panting) Frank, the door is locked.

What's going on out there? Macey: Daddy! - Macey? - Demon Macey: Time's up dad.

You sure these people still have one of those lanterns? End of Days fanatics.

Meaning they believe in the coming Armageddon.

Sensible folk.

Not so much.

I trained with them for a while, helped them get their hands on some supplies, including that lantern.

Knew it must do something interesting.

Just never knew what.

By "supplies," you're referring to guns and munitions.

And they won't hesitate to use them.

Crane, remind me later to have a chat about what your founding friends were thinking when they crafted our right to bear arms.

True, there was concern among us that it could lead to perverse consequences.

Look, the good news is, I know exactly where this lantern is locked up.

And I know how to get to it without riling them up.

Jenny, you're not stealing anything.

You just got out of state custody.

If you get caught, and they don't shoot you, you're gonna end up in prison.

I know what I'm doing.

So do I.

Which is why I'm going to steal it.

Guess those social workers were right.

I really am a bad influence.

O, dear God (Roaring) We are united in the dominion of good! You shall not defeat us! (Groans) Macey?! (Roaring) Daddy? (Whooshing) (Screaming, crackling) Daddy! (Roaring) Be gone, Satan! (Gurgled choking) (Neck cracks) Please Give me back my daughter.

She'll be yours again when you deliver Washington's Bible.

Macey?! Macey? Take me to the Bible.

Now! Oh, my God.


Frank, what's going on?! - Cynthia! Or it's mommy next.

(Phone ringing) Captain.

Irving: I'm sorry, but I'm out of options.

I got to give it what it wants.

Captain, no.

Is Washington's Bible still at the archives? Lieutenant! Please sir.

Do not do this.

Stay away.

(Line clicks) Jenny: Why would Irving tell you he's going there? Why not just take the Bible? He wants us to get there in time to stop this.

Irving knows the stakes of this war.

He wouldn't give in just for anything.

Which means his daughter is indeed in danger.

Though, I doubt from an outside host.

In order to destroy the Disciple, the demon would want to use the ultimate motivator.

Macey's been possessed.

(Insects chirring) (Owl hooting) We're coming up on the compound.

Jenny: There's an open shed out back where they park the pickups and ATVs.

I got a visual.

Make your way over and be careful.

There are trip wires everywhere.

The place is booby trapped.

Sounds unpleasant.

Just watch where you step.

(Owl hooting) We're at the carport.

The northwest overhang.

You see the camera? The moment it starts to turn, get to the shed about 20 yards to the east.

Move quickly; You'll only have about eight seconds in its blind spot.

Get ready to run.


We're at the door.

Okay, take the tension wrench I don't need you telling me how to pick a lock.

I taught you, remember? - Well, I continued my studies.

(Grunts) Pretty sure I just broke your record.

I want a (Static hissing) Signal cut out.

That's funny.

What? Your ceaseless quarreling only shows how much you two care about one another.

Just as you're committing a felony to protect her, she committed crime after crime solely to protect you.

She got herself locked up to stay away from me? Uh-huh.

She was convinced she may inadvertently harm you.

She had to remand herself in prison.

Quite a sacrifice.

One that kept me alive.

All the more incentive to vanquish this demon.

Crane? Gonna need a hand.

The irony being that your generation is purportedly two inches taller than mine.

On average.

Just grab the lantern.



I'll hoist you up.


Mm? - Mm.

(Exhales) (Quietly): Yes.

Yes, yes, yes.

(Guns click) Everybody stay calm.

I'm an officer of the Law.

Badge or no badge, you got no right trespassing and seizing our private property.

We know the law.

Gentlemen We don't wish to violate your constitutional rights.

But we must commandeer this lantern.

A child's life is at stake.

That's why we need it.

Lot of lives at stake.

That's why we need the lantern.


We're all just spiders.




Dangling over the pit of hell.

And at any moment, any one of us could fall into the fire.

Jonathan Edwards.

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.

" - You know your sermons.


Weaver (Guns click) Mr.

Weaver, I can confirm what you might already suspect.

The war between Good and Evil has resumed in Sleepy Hollow.

At this precise moment, Evil is threatening to claim a young girl.

She could be one of the first victims of the war that we can end if we defeat them now, before they grow stronger.

Which is why We require this particular lantern.

I'm begging you.

Don't let that girl fall into the fire.

Every moment we linger could hasten the end you're so diligently trying to avoid.

Put down the lantern and get off my property.

Or I swear, I'll show you the door to hell myself.

Jenny: Not if I show you first.

(Laughs) Jenny Mills.

Love to catch up, Chase, but we're leaving now.

If for no other reason than you know I'm the best shot here.

When we're done with the lantern, you have my word, we will return it.

Never could say no to you.

You may break in quicker, but I'm better at breaking out.


It was here.

This is where they keep Washington's Bible, I swear.

Abbie and Crane must have taken it.

Where are they? - I don't know.

You always fight other people's battles, Disciple.

And every time you do, your family suffers.

You cost your daughter her legs.

That's not true.

Frank What does this all mean? Where's our baby girl? Daddy.


Macey, I know you're still in there.

And I need you to fight.

Sweetheart, I was wrong.

I was so angry over what happened to you, I didn't think it would ever be okay again.

I wanted to make it better.

To fix you.

But you don't need fixing.

You're strong.

Just like your mother.

Macey: Daddy Macey.

Can you hear me, baby girl? (Gasps) Demon voice: Macey is never coming back.

Let her go! Jennifer Mills.

Seven years ago, I invaded you.

That was a long time ago.

This is a new day.

Where is your sister? It must be so hard to see her, knowing for so long you wanted her dead.

Or do you still have evil thoughts? She got rid of you once.

Now We're gonna send you back to hell again.

(Growls) Hand over the Bible, Witness.

Or I will take your sister when I'm through with this vessel.

You will never take me again.

I know you feel it.

The darkness within your soul Whispering in your ear.

Telling you you must kill your sister.

Never again, Ancitif.

The days of you tormenting my sister they're over.

(Growls) You're a coward.

Why do you prey on children? Try me.

Come on.

Witness, we have much more in store for you.

Abbie: What are you waiting for? I'm right here.

(Hissing) - You can't touch us.

Heard you're not a fan of salt.

Or lanterns.

(Hissing, cracking) And the Lord's light shone true and unmasked the wretched creature.

Cast from his vessel, and unable to cloak his true face.

Our plan is in motion.

The Witnesses can't stop it.

Darkness will reign.

Ancitif will be delivered back to hell! (Loud whooshing) (Howling) (Whooshing stops) Oh.

Mom? Dad? Oh.

What happened? - It's gonna be okay, baby.

It's gonna be okay, I promise.

Thank you.

(Panel squeaks) If the Bible had still been in the archives, you think Irving would have handed it over? I removed it so we would never find out.

Anticipating the lengths the Captain would go to to protect his loved ones.

Who's to say what I would have done in his stead? And I know that you would do anything to protect miss Jenny, were she so endangered.

All this time, I was angry with her.

Believing that she kept herself from me because she hated me.

Well it's what we do for family.


(Squirts) (Clears throat) (Sniffs) By the Fetid stench still emanating from the pages, I have identified the invisible ink as one made from the distilled juice of Lampyris Glowworms.

I read about this.

Have you, now? A forensics class in college.

The 17th century method of making invisible ink glow.

And you could spill that mess on your coat and not have to worry about taking it to the dry cleaners.

Could you snuff out the light, please? "December 18, 1799.

" I recognize this penmanship.

This is in Washington's own hand.

No, according to the history books, Washington died December 14th.

Four days before he wrote this.

How is that possible? How could Washington have written it after he died? That is what we must discover.