2x02 - Grilled

Previously on Breaking Bad So where have you been this time? You gotta check out this crime scene Guess they pissed off the wrong guy.

Tuco killing Gonzo means he's coming after us next.

I've gotta get home.

My family.

Who is Jesse Pinkman? - He sells me pot.

What the hell are you doing here ? Get in ! All right, everybody.

Listen up.

Tuco Salamanca.

For those of you not with us this morning, we raided his headquarters.

Also his last known address.

Even the little den of iniquity he keeps for his meth hag girlfriend.

We netted a bunch of his lieutenants.

The big man himself smelled us coming.

So Study the face.

Study the file.

Get a big ol'raging hard on at the idea of catching this piece of sh1t.

My apologies to the HR department.

Grow tumescent with anticipation.

All right.

On the hit parade, 1998.

Reputed to have whacked "Dog" Paulson, back when our home-grown banditos where wrestling the crank trade away from the So Cal biker gangs.

Also, we're pretty sure he knifed a Mexican national in '03.

And for my money, seeing how he customarily deals with rivals, I'd say he is a prime suspect in the disappearance of our dearly-missed Krazy-8.

Hats over your heart for that dirtball.

We hauled Tuco in for questioning on that one, but as usual, we couldn't make it stick.

He runs a tight ship.

Smug b*st*rd.

And even worse, El Paso says he's got some kind of cartel connection.

I know it's We all know what's going on down there.

We sure as hell don't want it going on up here.

Which brings us to the good news.

We finally got some actual, honest-to-God evidence.

This is one of Tuco's henchmen.

Street name, No Doze.

Found him tucked in the junkyard, along with Tuco's own brother-in-law, A.




Gonzo, this rocket scientist, was moving No Doze's body, either hiding it there or pulling it out, still not sure, when he got his arm crushed clean off.

Anyone wanna see the photos, they're on my Web site.



The upshot is, we got us a nice, big, juicy, bloody fingerprint, which belongs to se�or Tuco.

Christmas came early to the Schrader household.

That is, provided we find this guy.

So to all present, I ask you, you wanna find this guy? What the hell was that? Jesus.

Wanna try that again? Do you want to find this guy? Are we going to find this guy? Louder, damn it! - Give me a hell, yeah! - Hell, yeah! They ain't gonna find him.

Guy's in Mexico by now.

Appearances, Gomie.

It's all about appearances.

Listen, I gotta take some personal time.

Now, in the middle of a manhunt? Skyler called last night.

It's Walt.

He's missing.

Just disappeared from the house, and no one's heard from him since.


You don't think he - Holler if you need me.

Thanks a lot, man.

Appreciate that.

This is the most recent photo.

We haven't taken many lately, so But that's what he looks like now.

Without the hair.

Hey, it's me.

Hey, Tim.

Really appreciate you sparing us your day off.

No worries.

Happy to help.

Yeah, this is helpful.


What about height and weight? - Five eleven most recently, about 170.

I guess - he weighs a little less.

That's fine.

That's close enough.


What about other distinguishing features? Tattoos or moles or scars? - Anything that might help us - Tattoos? Not really.

That's fine.

Is that the list of medications? - Yes.

I wrote them all down.

And there's no drug interactions.

None that are listed.

I called his doctor, so, no.

Has he been depressed? He's been withdrawn lately.

A little withdrawn.

Last night, he was agitated.



When he came home last night, he was agitated, upset.

Upset in general? Or upset because of something particular? When I asked him what was wrong, he said "I don't know where to begin.

" Then he just walked out of the bathroom I was in the tub.

Taking a bath.

And when I came out about ten minutes later, he was gone.

Nothing else missing? His keys, wallet, cell phone.

Just what was on him.

What about the phone call? I'm looking into it.

What phone call? Walt's cell phone rang.

He pulled it out, looked at it, and didn't answer it.

But then, a short time after, he wandered out of the bathroom.

I mean couldn't that be important, right? Anything else you can think of? Anything else.

I called the credit card providers, and there's no report of any recent activity.

Let's see I checked with every hospital within 50 miles.

Every police station.

Every morgue.

So, no, I really don't I don't have anything else.

I was actually hoping that you had something else, being that you're the expert.

I'm sorry.

No worries.

I think this is good enough to start.

Gives us plenty to work on.

Thank you.

So that cell phone call she's talking about? I ran it.

And? - Never happened.

No record of it.

Second cell phone.


I'm thinkin' I understand.

Out! Get away from me! Settle down, bitch! You gonna shoot me? Shoot me in here! I hope I bleed like a mother, too! That way, you have to clean it up! It's your ride, retard.

I ain't gotta clean jack.

Now get out! Get up! Get up.

Don't do this, Tuco.

No more posters? Walter Junior's making more.

Thank you, Marie.

I don't think he'll hurt himself.

I mean, he just doesn't strike me as the type.

He'll turn up.

Okay, the whole tiara thing I just find it bewildering that you didn't believe that Not now.

Empty your pockets.

Thought your name was Heisenberg, "Walter Hartwell White.

" Heisenberg is kind of a pseudonym.

A business name.

I like doing business with a family man.

There's always a lot of collateral.

Answer me one thing.

Can I trust you? Yes, absolutely.

Sit down.

DEA hit my place of business this morning.

About a hundred cops looking for me.

You two haven't been talking, right? Picked up my whole crew, top to bottom.

Everybody except Gonzo.

That's weird, right? I mean, don't you think that that's weird? That's weird.




Last two days, I couldn't get Gonzo on the phone.

He's been acting all pouty on account of No Doze.

Explain to me, how is it my fault that that little bitch did not know his place? I saw this coming.

I can see the future, you know? It's this gift that I have deep inside my head.

I knew last night they were going to come and try and bust me.

Gonzo He went and snitched to the cops! That lousy son of a bitch! I trusted him like a brother! I was good to him! I was good! I see Gonzo, I'm going to gut him, I'm going to skin him, and I'm going to stuff his hide for a heavy bag, and every time I hit him, it's going to be like a lesson to myself! You never, never trust the people that you love! So, you plan to ice Gonzo, like, future tense? What? You're saying You're saying that Gonzo is currently operating as a police informant, as far as you know? I'm very sorry to hear that.

That's disappointing.

I'd waste him, too, yo.

Shut up.

They're out there looking for me right now.

They got ghetto birds and black ops.

I need to get high.

I need to get good and high.

What's with this gak? It smells like headcheese.

It's killer.

Yeah, seriously.

So, I was thinking last night.

I came up with this great idea.


Mexico? We'll disappear way out in the jungle.

We'll set you up in a superlab.

We'll do nothing but cook 24-7.

And nofederales are going to mess with us, because I got my people there.


We're going to make beaucoup bucks, Heisenberg.

I have a wife and family.

So what? You'll get another one.

I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but I can't just uproot my life like that.

Yeah, man.

I mean, me, neither.

Who's talking to you? You need me, man, 'cause I cooked that scante in your hands.

I'll tell you something, yo.

You never tried nothing like it.

Stink or no stink, one bump, you'll be flying high for days.

It's a new product him and I been working up.

Careful when you hit it.

It kicks like a 12-gauge when it comes on.

It's got a secret ingredient.

What secret ingredient? Chili powder.

I hate chili powder.

This blue magic, this is money.

You keep cooking this, Heisenberg.

We're going to rewrite history with this.

All right! Time to clean the menudo out from between your ears! No, I need him, Tuco.

I need him very, very badly.

He's my partner.

And if he doesn't go, I don't go.

I'll tell you this, my cousins are driving up here right now to smuggle us back down, and they're going to be here by sunset, and you're going to be on that truck, or you're going to be dead! And you You better hope they got room in the trunk.

Where are you going?

Louis is taking me to the train station.

We'll put these up.

No, no, honey.

No, I'll do it.

He wants to help, let him help.

I mean, how long has it been since you've slept? Yeah, she's right, Sky.

Why don't you lay down a while? For Christ sake, you got a bun in the oven.

I got my cell if you need me.

Bye, sweetie.

I'll see you later.

All right.


Actually, I think the very fact they haven't found him yet bodes well.

Well, I mean, if he You know.

Somebody would've smelled something by now.

There's got to be something, some detail that we haven't picked up on.

What about the second cell phone? Aw, Jesus.

We can't just ignore a potential clue, Hank.


What are you talking about? The call you said Walt got before he disappeared, there's no record of it with the phone company.

No incoming, no dropped calls, nothing.

But his phone rang.

I heard it.

Well, all right.

Well, then, if that's the case, he must have a second phone.

Why? What sense would there be in that? All right.


I'm not here to argue with you.

No, Hank.

You can't just bring up "secret cell phone" and then drop it.

What does it mean? I don't know, Sky.

What do you want me to say? It means Walt has a secret.

Everyone's got one from somebody, big or little.


" Skyler, come on.

He kept cancer from you for weeks.

Then, let's assume there'a second cell phone.

So, what? Is he having an affair? Walt? Please.

What about the marijuana? He's not on pot anymore.

Says who? Him? Chemotherapy and marijuana go together like apple pie and Chevrolet.

Maybe he's addicted to the pot, and he owes his drug dealer a lot of money.

You don't get hooked on pot like that.

How do you know? You didn't even know he had a second cell phone.

You have to question this drug dealer person.

He may know something.

Well, I'm telling you, we're grasping at straws here.

Then grasp.

Excuse me.

Ma'am? Hi.

I'm looking for Jesse.

He around? No.

I'm afraid not.

Why? - I'm sorry.

Hank Schrader.

I'm actually hoping to talk to Jesse about my brother-in-law, Walter White.

He taught your son chemistry in high school.

Oh, Mr.


Yes, I remember him.

That was a long time ago.

Yes, ma'am.

It's my understanding that he and Jesse, they've stayed in touch.

Really? Mr.

White must've seen some potential in Jesse.

He really tried to motivate him.

He was one of the few teachers who cared.

Yeah, Walt's that way.

He's a good man.

I'm so sorry to hear about his illness.

Please pass along our best wishes.

I certainly will, as soon as he turns up.

He's missing, actually.

Just kind of walked off or Anyway, which is why I'm going around trying to think of anyone who knows him, even slightly.

That's terrible.

Anything we can do to help? Well, if you could put me in touch with your son.

Like I said, we're kind of desperate for leads.

Jesse's not answering either phone number I have for him, and no one seems to be home at his house.

And why do you think my son and Mr.

White would be in touch? I don't necessarily.

I just - Are you with the police? - No, ma'am.

Not at all.

I'm with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Oh, my God.

Is my son in trouble? I have absolutely no reason to think that, no.

Do I need to get a lawyer? You know, you don't seem very forthright about this, coming here and asking questions about my son Mrs.

Pinkman, I swear to you, I'm not here on official capacity.

I do not care what your son may or may not have done wrong.

I just want to find my brother-in-law.

His wife is worried sick, and she's got a baby on the way.

I'm sorry.

I would like to help you, but I have not seen my son in over a month.

I don't expect to see him anytime soon.

Well, thanks for your time.

If you could tell me one more thing.

Is Jesse still driving the, uh, '89 Chevy Monte Carlo, as far as you know? If he had spent half as much time and money on his education as he has on that ridiculous bouncing car Lowrider, huh? Nah, nothing yet.

Listen, do me a solid and check out a '89 Chevy Monte Carlo registered to a one Jesse Pinkman.

Specifically? I want to know if the car's got LoJack.

It's one of those jackoff lowriders.

It's got a good shot that there is.

If so, can you go ahead and get me a fix on it? Thanks, buddy.

Chili powder.

Did I not already tell you how moronic that was? Whatever, man.

At least I tried something.

It almost worked, too.

How's about you leaving my gun? First you boost it, then you leave it in your house.

My gun.

How was I supposed to know you were chauffeuring Tuco to my doorstep? Well, at least he wants you alive.

Hey, I don't get it.

If Tuco didn't kill Gonzo, then who did? I don't know.

I don't know.

Does it really matter? If he finds out that Gonzo is dead and not a police informant, who does he automatically blame? Us.

We need a plan.

Think, think.

Let's just bum-rush him, man.

You know, you crack him over the head with something, and I'll go for his gun.

"Crack him over the head with something"? And you got the C-bomb, man.

You're as good as checked out already.

You should be, like, all sacrificial, jumping on a grenade, yo.

Oh, so my life is not the priority here, because I'm going to be dead soon anyway.

That's your point? We got to get him to take this.

He don't much like the taste of chili P.

That much has been established.

So unless you can convince him to booty bump Eat.

We've got a long ride ahead of us.

Go and sit.

You're looking a little weak, Heisenberg.

I don't want you to go belly up before we get there.

Take it easy, tio.

I will feed you.

I eat first.

That's the deal.

What? I get it, I get it, I get it.

You greedy old b*st*rd.

I tell you, Heisenberg Old people.

You feed them, huh? You put them in a really nice crib in the country, and yet they gotta steal the food off your plate.

You better eat every bite of that.

What did you do that for? God! Look.


There's nothing left.

What? What do you want? Don't even tell me that you're hungry.

Don't go there.

Are you mad-dogging them, tio? What, you don't like them? One ding.

That means "yes.

" Tio don't like you.

Why don't you like them, tio? You don't trust them? Why don't you trust them, tio? Tuco, come on.

I mean, he's There's clearly some dementia.

He's not lucid.

Did they do something to you, tio? Something that you don't like? What did they do to you? What did you do to my tio? Nothing.

Bullshit! My tio does not lie! I don't know.

I swear.

I don't know.

Maybe, I did change the channel on his TV, but That's it.

While you were cooking, he was watching one of those those "telenovels" with all those ripe honeys on it? He was really into it.

I told you not to change the channel, man! Dude needs his eye candy.

That's it.

Is that it, tio? Is that it, tio? Did they change your mamitas? What are you telling me, tio? Are they punking me? No, man.

Come here! Shut up! Please, no! Please, no! No, God! I don't want to die! Tell me what you did, Walter! Jesus! I don't want to die! Tell me what you did! We tried to poison you.

We tried to poison you, because you're an insane, degenerate piece of filth, and you deserve to die.

Who's the bitch now? Let him bleed.

The keys! Oh, my God.

The cousins? What the hell's going on? Jesse Pinkman.

You're a hard man to find.

Aw, sh1t.


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.


Who? - Hank.

What? - Oh, my God.

What? - Oh, my God.


What are you doing?