01x02 - Sunrise

♪ Edelweiss, edelweiss ♪
♪ Small and white ♪
♪ Clean and bright ♪
♪ Blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow ♪
♪ Bloom and grow forever ♪
♪ Edelweiss, edelweiss ♪
♪ Bless my homeland forever ♪

[shallow breathing]

[woman shouting in Japanese]

[horns honking]

[shouting in Japanese]

[shouting in Japanese]


[clatter outside]

[clatter continues]

[train whistle in distance]

[ train passing ]

Couldn't sleep?


Me, either.

Is your room okay?

I'm going to find a way to pay you back.

Don't worry about it.

Feel like a drive?

Where to?

Suspicious, aren't you?

I drove it on the way in.


Yeah, you don't get sunrises like this back in Manhattan.



Not really a sunrise diner, is it?

I guess not.

So I do have one question for you.

What's that?

Is there a Mr. Trudy?

There's a Frank.

Is he your husband?

That's two questions.

My turn.

What's a guy like you doing driving a truck?

Ask me something else.

I'm just folksinging my father's footsteps.

What would you like to do?

That's two questions.

What do you mean?

With your life.

If you could do anything.

But I can't.

Come on.



Just about anything else.

Thanks for the sunrise.

Where are you going?

To pay you back.

Wish me luck.


Good morning.

If you want to eat, you got to pay first.

Sign in the window says you need a waitress.

You planning on staying here?

I don't know, but I could use a job.

I'll think about it.

[cash register rings]

What's thereto think about?

You got a job, and I need one.

Announcer on TV: Let's all play "Guess My Game."


Mr. Blake, a call came in for you.


A few minutes ago.No message.

First the popular columnist whose "Voice of Broadway" appears in papers coast to coast: Miss Dorothy Dixon.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

I normally don't introduce anyone who's shorter than myself, but--

Can you bring the bacon in, please, Amy?

Yes, Mommy.

Very good. Thank you.

Which way do the knives go, Jenny?

So what shall we do after school today?

Good morning, Mother.

Good morning, Thomas.

Good morning.


Thank you.

We all ready for the day ahead?

Yes, Father.

Yes, Father.- Yes, Papa.

Then why is your textbook open at the breakfast table, Thomas?

Um, sorry, Father.

I have a test today.

Did you study last night?

I did.

It's just there's this boy Randolph.

I don't want him to get the high score.

Competition is healthy.

He's just so annoying.

He wears his hair past his collar and challenges teachers in class.


And proud of it.

He makes negative comments about the school all the time.

Why do you want to succeed, son?

Why do you want to do well in school?

To make my family proud.

To bring honor to my school.

To serve my country.

Your goals are directed outward.

A boy like Randolph wants only to gratify himself.

This is the path to moral decay.

The decadence ruined this country before the war.

You will grow to be a useful member of society.

You will make our nation stronger.

Randolph will not, whatever his test score.

Your father's a wise man, son.

You may study at the breakfast table, Thomas.

Just this morning.

Thank you, Father.

[phone rings]

Excuse me.





You called?

Where were you, Joe?

I, uh, couldn't sleep.

I went for a drive.

Has your contact approached you?

No, not yet.

He must be assessing you, make sure you're not a Nazi agent.

We received intelligence this morning.

We believe a courier is carrying some cargo from San Francisco.

Okay, what's his name?

It's a woman, not a man.

Now, we don't know if she's headed to Canon City, but you're to report in immediately if you see her.

Is she carrying a film, too?

Who said you were carrying a film?

I checked the cargo.

I wanted to make sure it was safe.

Joe, those weren’t your orders.

I'm sorry, sir.

But what's so important about a film?

It's not your place to ask questions, Joe.

Satisfy yourself with following orders.


Yes, Obergruppenführer.

You're performing a great service for the Fatherland.

Heil Hitler.

[click, dial tone]

[men shouting in Japanese]

No. No.

[speaking Japanese]

[speaking Japanese]

[speaking Japanese]

[shouting in Japanese]

Why aren't you circumcised, Mr. Frink?

Why-- Why would I be?

We've examined the records.

Your grandfather Sheldon Frink--

My grandmother was Christian.

So were my mother and father.

Jews don't get to decide if they're Jews.

Not that I care.

There are no Jews in Japan, after all.

But our racial laws are now aligned with the Reich, so it's not just you who should be exterminated but also your sister Laura and her children, too.

You can't.

The law is the law.

Please. Please.

I'm-- I'm begging you, please. Please.

I could overlook this if you cooperate fully.

Yeah, yeah.

All right. I, uh...

What is it? What is it you want?

You know what I want.

The film.

Trudy Walker gave it to your girlfriend, who has now fled.

Where is Juliana Crain?

[cash register rings]

Carl, thank you.

Thank you.

Have a good day.

Man: Miss?


Here you go.

What are you reading?

You don't know what this is?

Should I?

It's a Bible.

I haven't seen one of those since I was a little girl.

Take a look.


Lighter than I remember.

King James translation.

He preferred small print.

Those are forbidden in the Pacific States.

The Reich, too.

How'd you get it?

You can find a lot of interesting things in the Neutral Zone.

Don't you think?

♪♪ [harmonica] ♪♪

Japanese women aren't easily discouraged.

They slam at those steel monsters as though they were beating up their husbands.

[speaking Japanese]

Do something, do something.

Say, that's a good idea.

Maybe I can do something. Sure. Whoo-hoo!

♪♪ ["Dragnet" theme]

Man: It was 9:17 AM, Monday the fourth of October.

Detectives Foreman and Decker investigating for the Reich police.

4,000 marks had been reported missing from the payroll at 123 Street Agricultural Trust.

Woman: How can I help you, detective?

I was just getting ready for work.

Man: And do you keep this drawer locked, ma'am?

Woman: Oh, I see. How silly of me.

A lock's not much good if just about anyone has access and a key.

Man: Yes, ma'am.

Woman: But who would do such a thing?

Stealing money from the trust, that's like stealing from the Reich itself.

[sirens, tires screech]

Man #2: Stay back, you dumb cop!

I'm through with your Reich lies!

[woman screams]

I want Foreman here, and I want him now!

Or this dippy dough-head gets it!

[chattering in Japanese]

We are grateful to you for agreeing to this meeting.

We want to ensure nothing disrupts the visit of the crown prince and princess tomorrow.

I believe everything is in hand.

What is your concern, Ambassador?

We understand you've arrested suspects smuggling subversive films, ones produced by the so-called Man In the High Castle before his death.

We've heard rumors the Man In the High Castle is still alive.

No, he's dead. We've known for some months.

We understand a fourth suspect fled with the films they were smuggling.

A woman.

You seem very well informed, Oberführer Diels.

What else do you wish to know?

Uh, we assume she fled to the Neutral Zone.

We need to know where precisely.

We are making inquiries.

The Führer has decreed these films be confiscated.

Let me speak plainly, Tagomi-san.

If you don't find this woman, we will.

Duly acknowledged, Ambassador.

But, respectfully, gentlemen, please be aware you’re on Japanese soil.

We recognize the sovereignty of the Pacific States, Minister, but this is a matter of state security.

Good day, gentlemen.

Check, please.

[cash register rings]

3 marks.

Here you go.

You know what I was reading just now?

The Book of Ecclesiastes.

Oh, yeah?

It says all life under the sun is futile, pointless, so we should dedicate our life to what's beyond the sun.

Sounds interesting.

What's beyond the sun?

The Japanese say it's the emperor himself, beyond which there's only duty to one's country.


And the Nazis?

They say there's nothing at all.

What do you say?

Chapter 12, verse 5.

You can pick up a copy at the bookstore.

Raeder: You spoke to Joe Blake this morning.

Smith: I did.

He should have been contacted by now.

Well, it appears his contact is being cautious.

You don't think they suspect him.

They suspect everyone.

Steady, Erich.

The bigger the fish, the greater the patience to catch it.

This so-called Man In the High Castle.

Reich Minister Goebbels says that not even Fraulein Riefenstahl could make films of such sophistication.

If he made them.

I don't understand.

If he didn't, who did?

I've heard strange rumors.


That the Führer considers the films a threat to the very existence of the Reich.

That's why he's so obsessed with them.

Preposterous, isn't it?

The Führer is not inclined to idle obsession.

[tires screech]

[men shouting]


Man: Reload!


Man: Is he dead?

Over here!

Circle round! Circle round!


Come on. Go!


[sirens approaching]

Hey, Ed.

Mr. Windham-Matson, sir.

Hey, good morning, Ed. How's your grandfather?

He's fine, sir, thank you.

That should have two more cases on it.

What can I help you with?

It's Frank Frink, sir.

I was wondering if he phoned in sick today.

No, he hasn't.

It's just that his phone doesn't pick up.

Do you mind if I check to see if he's okay?

You can dock my pay, of course.

Go on.

Thank you, sir.

And don't worry.I will!


Frank.Is that your name?

Over here.

It's okay. I'm a friend.

I gave that film to Trudy Walker.

Then you're definitely not a friend.

You got to tell them I have nothing to do with this.

I'd save you if I could.

I can't.

Who the hell are you?

A man, just like you.

A man who wants to breathe free.

Spare me the propaganda bullshit, all right?

I meant your name.


Well, Randall, I don't want your type of freedom.

I don't want anything.

It takes a lot of effort not to be free-- keeping your head down, holding your tongue.

I'm all for keeping my head down and my mouth shut, as long as I get to live.

There's things worth more than your life, and you know it.

You know where Trudy's sister went.

Don't you?

What do you know about that?

The question is what do you know?

Yeah, you know where she went.

Why don't you tell them?

They'll kill me anyway.


Why don't you tell them and see what happens?

If you can believe they'll keep their word.

Hey, can I take a break?

Ten minutes.

Thank you.


♪ ...maybe so ♪
♪ But in my heart I know ♪
♪ I'll never get old Hello. ♪


I'm, uh, I'm looking for a Bible.

A Bible?

Old Testament, please.

King James translation.

What makes you think I have one of those?

Someone told me you did.

It's not like they're illegal or anything.


No laws around here.

They may not be illegal, but, uh, that doesn't exactly make them legal, if you know what I mean.

Of course.

Do you have one?


[train whistle in distance]

7 marks.

Thank you.

[siren blares]

Man: Go, go, go!

Are you all right, Obergruppenführer?

How's Erich?

He's in critical condition.

One of the bullets lodged only 2 inches from his heart.

I'm afraid I have more bad news, sir.

Don't be coy, Lawrence.

It's Hauptaturmführer Lautz.

His vehicle's gone missing.

Missing when?

Last seen crossing the Pelham Bridge at 8:41.

No sign of him or his driver since.

These were coordinated attacks, reprisals for the Resistance leader we killed.

What about the man I apprehended?

A Semite, sir, known as Doc, Born Jason Meyer.

Parents exterminated Cincinnati Camp, May 17, 1951.

We wipe them out, yet they keep coming back like lice.

Lice don't assassinate Nazi officers.

I only meant--

It may reassure you to liken terrorists to insects, but they inflicted great damage on us today.

Never underestimate them.

Yes, Obergruppenführer.

I vary my route every day, and yet this Semite knew exactly where to find us.

How could he, sir?

I don't know.

But I intend to find out.

[horn honks]

Frank, you in there?

Oh, Jesus.


What are you doing? Frank!

Even if you broke the chains, how do you think you're going to get out of here?

f*ck! [grunting]

Was it worth it?

All so you could pass on that stupid film of yours.

That film can change the world.

Yeah, it certainly changed mine.

Why do you think they torture us?

I got a feeling you're going to tell me.

Because they know that that film shows the world not as it is but as it could be.

Yeah, well, in this world, they flattened D.C.with an A bomb.

How do you people think a film is going to fight against that?

"You people"?

Yeah, you people.

You dead-enders in the Resistance.

How many are you anyway, huh?

What, like seven, ten, 12?

You really think you're going to defeat the Japanese?

The Nazis?

Of course.

That's not the way it looks from here!

Evil triumphs only when good men do nothing.




Can I help you find something?

Yeah. Uh... what do you got for kids?


You have something for a boy to read?

How old is this boy?

He's 10.

Here you are.

What's this?

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

I've never heard of it.

He'll like it.

How much?

3 marks.

Say, the, uh, gal who just came in here, what did she buy?

What gal?

The pretty one? You know?

She was just in here a few minutes ago.

I'm sorry. I don’t remember any gal.

Well, thank you.

"...when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall bein the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden..."

[phone rings]



Come on, Frank.





[beeping, click]

Frank? Frank, it's me.

Man: Is that Miss Crain?

♪♪ [man singing in Japanese]

♪♪ [singing in Japanese continues]

Ah, Mr. Baynes, good to see you again.

Mr. Tagomi.



I see you’ve brought me something.

Textile samples.

Finest Swedish craftmanship.


Our distributors will be delighted.

I trust your visit has been uneventful, Colonel Wegener.

Until I received your call this afternoon.

Is everything all right with the Crown Prince?

Yes. His ship will dock tomorrow morning as scheduled.

Then why have I been called?

Your meeting must be canceled.


Ambassador Reiss came to see me today, along with an S.S.officer-- Diels.

I know who he is.

He reports directly to Heydrich in Berlin.

They're determined to find a woman smuggling a film destined for the Man In the High Castle.

What does that have to do with us?

We did not inform them about the smuggler, and yet they knew.

It's clear your Nazi colleagues have infiltrated our security services.

It's hardly a surprise.

To this degree the risk is too great.

Is that what your sticks tell you?

Do you knowhow long I've worked to organize this meeting?

The risk I've taken to come here?

I understand.

I don't think you do.

The Führer is ill, and he could die, and when he does, there will be a war between our empires, Mr. Tagomi.

There will be another time.

I cannot travel twice on a forged Swedish passport.

I'll be shot.

Give me the secrets.

Let me deliver them.

And if that oracle of yours tells you not to go through with it?

You said it yourself, Mr. Tagomi.

Destiny is in the hands of men.

I'm afraid this time that means me.

Mrs. Crothers, isn't it?


I'm Chief Inspector Kido.

Thank you for coming in.

Well, we weren't given a choice, actually.

We appreciate your cooperation.

This must be John.

And Emily.

[grunts ]

We'll need a picture, please.

What's this about, Inspector?

Oh, it's a formality.

We're reviewing the records of your brother.

Frank? Is he okay?

He's fine. Please, we have a very comfortable waiting room down the hall.

I'll be with you as soon as possible.

How long will we be here?

Not long, I hope.

Please follow me.

["Pigs In a Polka" cartoon playing]

Mom, may we watch TV?

Yes. Yes, of course.

Please, make yourselves comfortable.

Oh. Thank you.

[lock unlatches]

It's a beautiful family.

W-What are you going to do?

You've heard of Zyklon D?

It's a gas. It's a gas.

It is much improved since the war.

Odorless and fast-acting.

They'll fall asleep and never wake up.

J-Just let them go.

Where is Juliana Crain?

We know Miss Walker met her at an herb shop.

We know she gave her the film.

We even know she took it to the Neutral Zone.

We believe she was at the bus terminal.

So all you need to tell us is which bus she boarded.

Where is Juliana Crain?

Is it worth dying for her?

A woman who thinks you are a failure?

Who doesn't even love you?

Randall: It's a lie, Frank.

Stay strong!

[shouting in Japanese]

[shouting, blows thumping]

That man is a social deviant.

But you, Mr. Frink, you are a loyal subject of the empire.

You can live a long and a prosperous life.

Think it over, but don't think too long.

Billie Holliday: ♪ Southern trees ♪
♪ Bear a strange fruit ♪
♪ Blood on the leaves ♪
♪ And blood at the root ♪
♪ Black bodies swinging ♪
♪ In the southern breeze ♪
♪ Strange fruit hangin' ♪



And the turkeypot pie.

You got it.

♪ Pastoral scene of the-- ♪

Oh, and I bought that Bible, by the way.

Did you?

I'd like to discuss it with you.


Not here.

♪ Scent of magnolia ♪
♪ Sweet and fresh ♪
♪ Then the sudden smell of burning fle-- ♪

So you got the job, I see.

Yes, sir. I did.Coffee? Yeah?

Thank you.

So that man who just left. He a friend of yours?


Just jealous, I guess.

You don't strike meas the jealous type.

Well, you don't know me that well.

Fair enough.

Man: Obergruppenführer Smith's office.

Sir, Joe Blake's on line 1.

Have you been contacted?

Not exactly.

Then what is it?

There's a man here.

I think he may be who I'm looking for.

Describe him.

Late 50s, slim build, gray thinning hair, maybe 6'2".

Anything else?

He makes these little paper birds.

I'll inquire.

[knock on door]


I have your money.

Okay. Thank you.

Uh, I wonder if I could ask you a favor.

There's a man I need to go see.


Look, if for some reason I don't make it back, do you think I could ask you to get this to San Francisco for me?

I know it's a lot to ask.

Okay, I'll do it.

Thank you.


Cartoon prisoner on TV: ♪ Good... bye ♪

Warden: Hoo-hoo. Bye-bye.

Nice voice, nice voice.



[siren] Oo-wee!

Mom, how long are we going to be here?

Oh, we'll be going home soon.






Is anyone there?


Can you open the door, please?




Randall: Tough choice, Frank.

Either way, somebody you love dies.

Or maybe you all do.

They're scared.

Scared this film could bring this whole thing tumbling down.

It doesn't matter what you believe.

[laughing] Does it?

Any more than it matters whether you think you're a Jew.

I wouldn't blame you if you gave in.

Most people would if it saved innocent lives.

But torture, lies, blackmail?

That's how they stay in power.

Whatever I do, the Japs stay in power.

You're wrong.

[shouting in Japanese]

You're wrong.

This ends only when people like us refuse to obey, no matter the cost.

That's the only way that we defeat these bastards!


The only way you keep your soul.




Don't let them take your soul, Frank!

Don't let them take your soul!

Hey, stop! Hey!

Stop! Hey!


Randall! Randall!


[kettle whistles]

"Mom, if you're reading this, I didn't make it back from the Neutral Zone. I traveled there yesterday on a bus ticket that was originally meant for Trudy."



"Trudy gave me a film. It shows a different world, a better world."

[thunder rumbles]


Kido: The hour is late, Mr. Frink.

I need you to tell me now.

Now or never.

Where is she?

Just k-kill me, okay? Not them.

No, just not them, please.

[muttering in Japanese]


Wait. Hey, not-- not them.


No, please, not them.

Not them.

Please! Not them!

[ branch snaps ]

[gasps ]

[projector rattling]




Smith: So we looked into this, uh, contact of yours, Joe, the man who makes the origami.

Seems he's a rather dangerous fellow.


An undercover agent for the S.D.

Not one of ours.

He's probably eliminated quite a few subversives.

I see.

Your mission's off the books, Joe.

I suggest you steer clear of him.

I'll do that, sir.


Heil Hitler.

Heil Hitler.

[guard shouting in Japanese]

No! Not them!


You can't kill them!

You can't kill them!

[shouting in Japanese]


Interesting spot for a chat.

I wanted to make sure we were alone.

She was picked up a few hours ago in Oakland.

We found this among her things.

Trudy Walker's satchel.

And the film?

Three counterfeit newsreels.

We've been chasing a dead end.

No. No. No.

The film.

Excellent work, Trudy.


[Japanese order]





[Japanese order]


[Japanese orders]



Hey, hey.

It's me. Okay?

It's okay.

It's okay.



Hey. It's okay.

It's okay.

Come on.

Come on.


I got you.It's okay.

Hey, Frank.

They said you can go home.

Kido: Our suspect has been arrested.


A suspect was arrested.

A woman who's a known smuggler carrying Trudy Walker's satchel.

Juliana doesn't have the film.

So it would appear.

My sister? Her kids?

No, no. No, my sister. Her kids.

We found out too late, Mr. Frink.

But you are free to go.

No, no, no. I-- I'm free to go?

I am free to go?

You have suffered enough, and I am not a monster.

If you ever need any more Jews to kill, you know where to find me.

Yes. I do.