02x08 - Loose Lips

[Film Projector Starts]

♪ Edelweiss, edelweiss ♪
♪ Every morning you greet me ♪
♪ Small and white ♪
♪ Clean and bright ♪
♪ You look happy to see me ♪
♪ Blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow ♪
♪ Bloom and grow forever ♪
♪ Edelweiss, edelweiss ♪
♪ Bless my homeland forever ♪

What's going to happen?

I don't know.

But for now, the Führer's condition is going to be kept secret from the public.

And if things turn for the worse?

You're probably going to have to get Thomas packed and ready as soon as possible.

Listen, you're going to have to be ready for anything.

Helen... we've been through worse.

We'll get through this.

Stay close to the phone.

You might want to put those pieces back in the cupboard before Nori sees.

No need to dredge up bad memories.

What bad memory?

Well, never mind.

No. No. Please.

Tell me.

Come on. You really don't remember?

You were upset.

I know you didn't mean to scare the baby.

I did this?


You are different than what I remember.

You seem to have found a purpose here.


You are free.

Why, yes, I am.

Nori and I are very happy, and I'm glad you're warming to that.

Was I that disapproving?

Look, that... that night, Nori didn't actually think you'd go through with it.

But I ran after you, and I lost you in the fog by the bridge.

I got scared.


Scared that you jumped.

It's good to see you happy, too.

Danke, Sylvia.

This is so nice of her, I'm starting to feel guilty.

Mm. No, no, no. On the contrary.

You make her happy, Josef.

It has been so many years since... since I had a family.

But now I finally have someone to share it with.

It's not New York, but... yeah, I guess this place could grow on me.

Good. I'm glad.

We have a bright future.

You mean anschluss?

After that, there's no stopping us.

There's the space program.

And after we've perfected the face of the earth, we can look onto the stars.

You know, if Nicole's friends could hear the way you talk, they might be less critical.

So... you like her, huh?


She's, uh, intelligent, ambitious, and she's very pretty.

Glad you approve.

You don't sound so convinced.

There is, uh... was... someone else.

Someone in America?

She died.

Someone you loved, huh?

I'm sorry.

What was her name?


What was your wife's name?

My wife's name was Gerda.

I'm sorry.

To the women we lost who made us better men.



[Sylvia, Men Arguing In German]

Reichsminister Heusmann...

Whatever happens, you stay close to me.


What is that?

The Führer's office, I guess.

Don't worry.

And a pleasure to meet you...


I'm your godfather.

Did you know that?

As a child of Lebensborn.

I look forward to seeing a great deal more of you in the days to come.

Heil Hitler.

Heil Hitler.

Where's the Führer?

The Führer... is in a coma.

The doctors say it is unlikely he will recover.

Until the Party meets and selects his successor, the Führer had ordered that I be named acting chancellor.

Trust me, it's not an honor anyone would want, Josef.

I don't understand.

You see, this has happened before.

Once the Führer was unwell, and for a time it was thought as he would die, so Reichsmarshall Göring declared himself acting chancellor.

I never heard about that.

That's because Hitler had Göring shot, along with his entire family.


This is different, right?

He chose you.


And because I've been chosen, I must do my duty.

Well, why? You're an engineer.

An engineer. Exactly, and therefore not a threat, unlike Himmler and the others who would kill for this, and very well might, whether the Führer recovers or not.

I will be held directly responsible for everything that is bound to go wrong in the days ahead.

Or maybe they'll thank you.


Ah, the American in you remains so optimistic... and naive, Josef.

I want you to go back there.


Return to New York today.

It is no longer safe for you here.

Please go.

Thank you for coming.

The rumors are true, then?

I need to know if what my father is telling me is right.

Did he ask you to leave?

Yes, he did.

He's acting Chancellor now.

He's in charge.

So you agree with him.

From a political point of view or personal?

How about you just give me a straight answer for once?

Your father is a good man, but that won't save him now.

He's surrounded by jackals, and I'm afraid they will eat him alive.

And if you stay, they will eat you, too.

["Figaro" Overture Playing]

[Knock On Door]

Miss Mills.

Hello, John.

May I?

Why, yes, of course.

Is everything all right?

Take a seat.

I was... hoping we'd have had this conversation by now and that you would have initiated it.

In fact, I'm... you know, I was prepared to just sit and wait until you did so.

But unfortunately, I can wait no longer.

Gosh, I'm sorry.

I don't know what it is you're referring to.

You're very good... in this, uh... this role you play.

The bird with the broken wing.

I'm sure it works... more often than not.

But we both know... you're much stronger than you want people to know.

Don't we?

John, I... I don't know what it is you think I've done.

What I know you've done is withhold information from me, despite the fact that I welcome you into the Reich, into my home, and into the life of my family.

I would never do anything to harm your family.

If you keep secrets from me, you place my family in danger.

I know you met him, Juliana.

Hawthorn Abendsen.

The Man In the High Castle.

I couldn't have told you where to find him.

I know, or you wouldn't have made it out of the Immigration Center.

Well, if you have his name, you... you must have other information.

I only met him once for a matter of minutes, and I was drugged. I don't know what else I could have given you that you don't already have.

What did he say to you?

I didn't tell you because I was afraid you'd turn me over to the kempeitai.

Answer the question, please.

He wanted to know if I...

He wanted to know about the film, the one I gave to Joe.

What about it?

He wanted to know if I'd watched it.


Am I under arrest?

Just answer the question.

Yes. I watched it. Wouldn't you?

Tell me what you saw.

Uh... it shows a bomb, an A bomb, destroying San Francisco, and members of the Resistance being executed in the street by Nazis and...


And one of them was Joe Blake.

But it... it wasn't real.

Couldn't possibly have been real, and I asked Abendsen how they could have faked it, but he wouldn't answer me.

And then the Resistance came back, and they drugged me again, and they locked me in the trunk of a car, and you know the rest.

Thank you.

Is that all?

I'd like you to go about your day, Miss Mills.

No one need know about this visit. It'll stay between us.

Yes. Yes, sir.

[Door Opens]

[Door Closes]

[Vacuum Cleaner Runs]

[Music Resumes]

[Vacuum Off]

Juliana: He knows everything.

He's probably watching us right now.

Dixon: Well, if he knew everything, he wouldn't need to talk to you.

Why am I not sitting in a cell somewhere on my way back to San Francisco?

I don't know. He must have another idea for you.

I've got to get out of here.

Listen, Juliana, we're hearing whispers.

The S.S. is on alert.

They're securing key locations around the city.

They're nervous about something.

And then Smith chooses today to show you his hand?

We need to know what is going on.


He told you to go about your day, right?

So what were you supposed to be doing?

Lucy and I were supposed to go and check on Helen.

Well, then you should.

You've got to be kidding me.

Helen may know what is going on, and if you run, Smith will find you.

Unless you help me.

But we both know you're not going to do that.

You wanted the truth about the films, about Trudy.

And now you have the most powerful Nazi in the country asking about them.

We're close to something.

We cannot stop now.

[Doorbell Rings]

I'll get it.

Hello, Helen.

Julia, hi.

Just thought I'd check on you.

I know Lucy was planning on coming by as well.

Well, that's very sweet, but I am a little tied up here.

You going away?


I got picked by the Hitler Youth to go on a trip to Argentina.

Wow. That's fantastic. Congratulations.

It is an honor.

But Thomas knows he is not supposed to tell the whole world.

People do get envious.

So... when do you go?

Thomas, take your things upstairs, please.

Quickly now.

He's feeling better?

Much. Thank you.

Listen, Helen, I... I know how difficult yesterday was for you, and I just wanted to say that you can count on me.

[Doorbell Rings]

That'll be Lucy.

Yeah, unless you'd rather us leave you be.

No. No, I'd like for you to stay.

I could fix us some lunch.

If you're sure.



Chief Inspector, a representative from the Nazi Embassy is here.

He's asking to speak with General Onoda.

Who is he?

Oberführer Diels.


Chief Inspector.

General Onoda is unavailable.

Perhaps I may be of service.

He is upstairs in his office as we speak.

I will wait.

What I have to say is for the general's ears alone.

Then I will get him a message if I knew what the purpose of your visit was.

Tell him I am here to defect.

This is lovely, Helen. Thank you.

You make everything look so easy.


Did Alice call you?

I spoke to her, yes. So did John.

She called me six times. Henry was furious.

She kept tying up the phone.

It's been taken care of. More wine?


Might we have the TV on?

I was hoping to catch the news.

I'd figure you'd already know what the stories are like, given Henry's job.

That's why I want to see it.

He was up most of the night.

Why is that?

Actually, we try not to have the television on while we eat or discuss matters better left at work.

I imagine it must be difficult having such important husbands... wanting to be supportive, of course, but then at home there's things they can't talk about, even to you.

It certainly can be difficult.

Actually, a woman's role in the Reich is to run her house and rear her children, and they make the world look like a completely different place.

Every choice that you make is no longer about your future alone.

Everything changes.

You said that you had a serious boyfriend out west.

You didn't want children?

He did.

I was too scared to bring a child into that world.

It seemed... seemed unfair.

Well, thankfully you're not there anymore.

[Phone Rings]

Excuse me, ladies.




Just one moment.


Sorry, honey. It looks like I'm going to be working late tonight.

Okay. Thank you for letting me know.

Is everything all right?

What was all that about Alice?

Helen: I see.

They went ahead with the cremation.


I know.

They burned poor Gerry without Alice knowing it.

They say it was a mix-up, but Alice is still looking into it.

She's still convinced it's some kind of conspiracy.

She wanted a post mortem.


Too late for that.

Do you think there could be something in what Alice is suggesting?

Greater Nazi News Service has learned, in a last-minute change of plans, the Führer will be spending the next few weeks in his mountain retreat in Austria.

Smith: Uh, listen, you don't happen to remember Martin Heusmann, do you?

Joe's father?


I just heard from Berlin.

It seems he's been... promoted.

But that's... that's good news, isn't it?

I don't know.

Yeah. I think so.

It certainly... changes things.

I see.

What does that mean for the trip we've planned?

I think it just means we're going to have to wait a little longer.

We certainly shouldn't pack yet.

No more said, okay?

I understand.

Bye, honey.


[Click, Dial Tone]

Perched high in spectacular Alpine scenery stands the Führer's dominating house frontier.

Just peering up at this magnificent medieval castle fills the viewer with awe.

With so few moments to himself, it is here that the Führer comes to clear his mind and enjoy his favorite pastime.

That's what you've been wanting to see?

Henry was on the phone all night with Berlin.

The Ministry of Information wanted the broadcast service to air footage of the Führer's holiday retreat all day today.

But this is old footage.

They had Henry pull it from the archive.


Why do you think?

When you have to result to old footage, it means you can't get anything new.

Maybe because there'll never be anything new.

That's treason even to suggest it.

Over the next few wee...

I... I'm sorry. I was just... Just gossiping as usual.

I'm sorry, Helen. It was my fault. I... I shouldn't have asked.

No. You shouldn't have.

We should go, I think.

Uh, thank you for lunch, Helen.

Lucy: Yes. Thank you.

Again, I'm sorry.


Something you need to see.

When did this happen?

Within the hour.

No calls.



One moment, please.

You may speak freely, Obergruppenführer.

Smith: Is it true?

General Onoda is personally considering Oberführer Diels' request for asylum.

And, uh, is it likely to be granted?

The Oberführer brought with him convincing evidence that our Crown Prince was shot by Nazi agents.

So... he is one of them.

Obergruppenführer, Heydrich's conspirators could have sent him to defect at any time.

Why do they seek to provoke the Empire today.

I couldn't say.

But one thing's certain, Chief Inspector.

It won't be long before your actions in this matter come to light.

There might be a way I can help you.

Our agreement was to cooperate for the benefit of our nations, not ourselves.

I know.

But, uh... to those that don't understand, your actions... could make you look like a traitor.

Then I will face the consequences.

As you wish.

Good luck, Chief Inspector.

To us all, Obergruppenführer.

[Line Ringing]

Dixon: Yes?

Have your people worked out what's going on yet?

Because I have.

I'm afraid you have the wrong number.

Listen, if they want to hear it, you better get me in front of them right now.

I'm sorry. I don't know what you're talking about.

This is Mr. Willet.

Maybe you're looking for the Springs.

They used to live here.


I told you not to use that number unless it was an emergency.

It is an emergency.

Did you set the meeting or not?

Follow me.

Where are we?

Right here.

[Jazz Playing]

Used to be part of an old subway station.

The Nazis actually allow a place like this?

Well, there's nothing illegal about a little booze and music.

Well, maybe this music.

But if the Nazis show up... they break into a polka.

Bandleader: Thank you.

We'll be back after a beer.

[Blues Playing]


Hello. Who are you?

George said you have something to say that I need to hear.


I'll give you what I have, and then I'm done.

Your bargaining position depends on the value of the information to have.

Hitler's dying.

He's been dying for at least the past decade, dear.

Tell me something I don't already know.

The broadcasters were told to put old footage of him on the news today.

And Helen Smith snapped when Lucy Collins let it slip.

That would explain the security alert and Smith coming to see you this morning.

Today of all days, unless you think that's a coincidence.

If this is true, it's time.

We'll have to move fast.

Hang on a minute.

I gave you the information.

I'm done playing house.

We'll see.

What the hell is she talking about, George?

Something we've been, uh, waiting for, preparing for, for a very long time.

Hitler's death is a trigger.

For what?

An uprising.

What if this is how it happens?

What are you talking about?

What I saw happen in the film, George... the end of everything.

What if I just started it?


Dixon: This is a bad idea.

I bypass the surveillance on this end, but the Pons can hear every word.

[Line Ringing]



It's Juliana.

My God, where are you?

Listen, Arnold, I don't have long.

Whatever you believe in, if you truly love Ma, you get her out of that city right now.

Oh, Jesus, not this again.

Please listen to me, and you tell Frank, okay? And Ed.

Arn, it's George.

Dixon? Dix, what the hell is going on?

Everything she's about to tell you is true, so listen to her.

Hello. Are you there?

I'm here.

[Speaking Japanese]

Good morning.

You've eaten our nazuki.

There's more.

Oh, I'm... I'm not hungry.


Juliana is a special woman.

Yes. She is.

You met her in college?

You already know this story.

Uh, yes.

Please, tell me again, We were in college, but we, uh... [Chuckle]... we met at a rally.

Protesting your government.



She, uh... ah, she stood out.

She was so bright... so together.

And brave.

In some ways she's very Japanese.

That isn't why I fell in love with her.

I wasn't suggesting...

Look, Dad, I'm not trying to forget my heritage by being an American.

But this is America.

It's a world where you can be both.

You do understand that, right?


I'm happy for you.

And I'm proud to call her...

There's something I've been considering, and... well, what I'm trying to say is this.

I think that we... uh, the three of us, you, me, and Frank...

Well, here it is.

I think we make a pretty good team.

I thought you hated us.

It's true that, as house guests, you leave much to be desired.

You're incredibly uncouth, and, as you've discovered for yourself, I do like my privacy.

There's a "but" in there, right?


You've shown some promise as a salesman.

Great promise, in fact.

And Frank is a real talent.

His forgeries have more wu than many actual artifacts I've come across.

So you put those qualities alongside my contacts and my reputation, and the fact that we're no longer under the thumb of the Yakuza, think of the profit we could make.

Are you asking us to become partners?

I am suggesting a very limited business venture within clearly defined parameters.

You're asking us to become partners.

Frank: Ed.

Can I talk to you for a second?


You mind giving us a minute?

I beg your pardon?

I need a minute.

I'll ask him.

By all means.

It's his place, Frank.

He'll get over it.

I don't even know you anymore.


Because I don't sit around with you waiting for things to just change?

No. Because you used to be a nice guy who looked out for me and Jules, but now you're just an asshole.

She left, Ed, with another guy.

Yeah? Well, maybe she was right to.

I don't want to argue. I need your help.

We... We need your help.

"We"? I told you, Frank.

I don't want anything more to do with the Resistance.

The Pons are building an atomic bomb right here in San Francisco.


We're going to do something to stop it.


With the explosive we've recovered.

Are you listening to yourself?

Come on, please, stick with me.

You're all I've got.

There's a gentleman here to see you, Mr. Frink.

Who is it?

I've learned some time ago not to ask.


Uh, he says he'll think about it.


What the hell are you doing here?

How did you know where I was?

I called Ed's grandfather.

I figured if I could find Ed, I could find you.

Is Anne all right?

She will be.

Frank, I just came here to tell you that we're leaving today.

I didn't think your employer allowed you to take time off.

I don't work for them anymore, and I'm not talking about any kind of vacation.

We're leaving for good, and I was asked to come here to suggest to you that you should do the same thing.

Oh, yeah? Why?

Frank, Hitler is dying, and when he goes, there's going to be a Resistance uprising, not to mention a very good chance that this entire city's going to be wiped off the planet by an A bomb.

Who told you that?

You don't think I'm crazy?

Who, Arnold?


She called me.


But how did she...

Yeah. Yeah, her Nazi boyfriend.

Hold on. Wait a minute. Frank.

She is in the Reich, but she's not with the Nazis.

She's working with the Resistance.

No, she's lying to you, Arnold. She's been lying...

It did not come from her, Frank.

It came from an old war buddy of mine and the kind of guy who would give up his life for you.

He wouldn't lie.

And did he know about your day job?

All right.

[Scoff] Frank, that's fair.

I wouldn't expect you to understand what I did for my family, but do not call my daughter a liar.

She never betrayed you.

She never betrayed any of us.

And I'm here today because she asked me to come and tell you and Ed to get the hell out of this city... because she still cares about you.

So I did it.

The rest is up to you.

Change of plans, Frank.

We're moving up our time table.

Because Hitler's dying and there's going to be an uprising.

How would you know that?

Is Juliana working with the Resistance?

Did you know?

Of course not.

How could you be okay with that?

Not my call.

You f*cking manipulated me.

You let me believe Jules was a traitor.

Because she is, and when she's done being useful to our people, she's going to get what she deserves.

What the hell's that supposed to mean?

This is war. It's bigger than all of us.

So stop making this about your own personal bullshit, Frank.

I know.

I really thought she ran off with him.

This whole time... we were fighting for the same side.

It wasn't just you, Frank.

I doubted Jules, too.

You never hated her, Ed.

You know, I actually hated her.

Well, now that we know the truth, what are we going to do?

I don't know.

You can't let them hurt her.

They're not going to listen to me.

They think she's a traitor.

We never had to pay the Yakuza.

We could use that money to buy two plane tickets to New York.

I'm part of something now.

I can't just leave.

Because it's more important to you to get revenge for Laura and the kids.

No. No, that's not the reason.

You're about to bomb the building where they killed them. Of course that's the reason.

It's bigger than I am.

That's your pal Gary talking.

The same asshole who wants to kill Jules.

You don't owe the Resistance anything, Frank.

Come with me.

They gas people like me in the Reich.

Then I'll go.

Heck, they gas people like you, too.

I'll risk it.

You don't even know how to find her.

We can't just do nothing.

This whole time, I convinced myself I was the one saving her, but it was the other way around.

She can take care of herself.

She's stronger than both of us, Ed.



[Baby Cooing]


Josef, what are you still doing here?

I'm not leaving.

Josef, you must understand that...

That I could get myself killed by staying here.

I know.

The girl I lost died for me because, for some crazy reason, she believed that my life mattered.

And I think, being here with you, maybe it can.


Don't send me away.

[Airplane Flying Overhead]

[Alarm Blaring, Buzzing]

Obersgruppenführer, if you will please get dressed, we must evacuate you immediately.

[Alarm Continues]

Please forgive our hastiness, Obersgruppenführer.

We don't afford to take chances with your safety at a time like this.


I don't speak for myself.

What is this?


Please hear me out.

I know it's too late for me.

I accept that.

But I ask you to bear in mind that I was just a soldier... a loyal soldier... doing his duty.

Am I to believe the Führer is dead?

I ask you one thing.

Will you give me your word that you will spare Helen and the children?

How do I know this is not a deception?

I wish it were.

One hour ago, San Francisco was flattened with an atomic blast.

I won't presume to tell you the details, but our invasion of the Pacific States is underway.

And then I receive an order from Berlin demanding your immediate release.

You won, Reinhardt.


You won.


You had your chance, John, and now... you are on the wrong side of history.

When the Japanese are eradicated, we will have a better world.

A world, sadly, you will now never see.

Do I have your word that you will spare my family?

That is up to the new Führer.

It's not you?


It is someone with a much grander vision.

Heil Heusmann!

Sieg heil!

All: Seig heil!



Yes, John.

Thank you.


Cancel the film.

We're too late.

[Monitor Beeping]

[Rapid Beeping]