01x03 - Earth Kills

Clarke: I was born in space. I've never felt the sun on my face, or breathed real air, or floated in the water. None of us have. For three generations, the Ark has kept what's left of the human race alive, but now our home is dying, and we are the last hope of mankind. A hundred prisoners sent on a desperate mission to the ground. Each of us is here because we broke the law. On the ground, there is no law. All we have to do is survive. But we will be tested, by the Earth, by the secrets it hides, and most of all, by each other.

Bellamy: Previously on The 100…

Guard: Prisoner three nineteen, take off the watch.

Clarke: No. It was my father's. Mom?

Abby: You're being sent to the ground.

Wells: Clarke, I'm sorry I got your father arrested.

Clarke: They didn't arrest my father, Wells. They executed him.

Bellamy: Atom, my sister doesn't leave this camp. Anyone who touches her, they answer to me. Atom.

Clarke: Jasper was hit. They took him. He's alive.

[ Flashback - the Ark, “One year ago” ]

( Crowd cheers and the announcer speaking indistinctly on TV )

Jake: There we go. There we go! Feel that? Feel that? See that? Here comes the momentum change.

Wells: Defense.

Jaha: The defense is there.

Jake: Serve it up. Yeah! Oh! Yeah! Ho! Right here, kid. They're unbeatable.

Clarke: Prepare for crushing defeat.

Wells: It's not over yet.

Clarke: Actually, it was over a hundred and forty seven years ago.

Jaha: A technicality.

Jake: Give it up. You're going down.

Abby: What'd I miss?

Jaha: Your husband and daughter being obnoxious.

Abby: Jake, you better play nice.

Wells: Come on, get down the field, fire.

Jake: Waste of time. Waste… hey, baby.

Abby: Hi. So, I ran into Bennett when I was leaving the clinic and he has that systems analysis that you asked for.

Wells: Ho-ho-ho-ho!

Clarke: This isn't gonna last.

Wells: What was that about momentum? Oh, oh, I feel the momentum.

Jake: Okay.

Abby: What? You're going now?

Jake: Just for a few minutes.

Jaha: Everything okay?

Jake: Oh, yeah. You know this old boat. It's always something.

[ Flashback Ends ]

[ Inside the Dropship ]

( JASPER moans in pain )

Clarke: His pulse is three eighty.

( JASPER continues moaning )

( Camp starts to grow restless as JASPER continues moaning )

Delinquent: Go back to sleep!

Delinquent: Quiet!

Clarke: Don't listen to them. You're gonna make it through this, okay? Promise.

Delinquent: Can he just die already?

Clarke: I'm gonna get clean water. Keep an eye on him.

( JASPER continues moaning )

[ Outside of the Dropship ]

( JASPER continues moaning )

( CLARKE hears a girl screaming and goes to find her )

Charlotte: No! No! No!

( CLARKE approaches girl and gently tries to wake her )

Clarke: Hey, wake up. It's okay. It's okay. It's just a dream. You're Charlotte, right? I'm Clarke. It's okay to be scared. Do you want to talk about it?

Charlotte: It's… my parents. They were floated and they… and I see it in my dreams and I just…

Clarke: I understand. My dad was floated, too. So, how did you end up here?

Charlotte: Well… we were taking my parents' things to the redistribution center and… I kind of lost it. They said I assaulted a guard.

Clarke: I can't say I blame you. See that bright star up there? That's The Ark orbiting above us. I think whatever happened up there, you know, the pain… maybe we can move past that now. Maybe being on the ground is our second chance.

Charlotte: Do you really believe that?

Clarke: I'm trying to.

( CLARKE holds CHARLOTTE close and tries to comfort her; CLARKE stares up at the Ark )

[ In the woods at night ]

Trina: I think this is north. Come on.

Pascal: Really? Because we just came from that way, Miss I-Can-Navigate-With-The-Stars.

Trina: It's your fault we've been lost for two days. Never should've gone off by ourselves.

Pascal: Come on. We'll find the dropship tomorrow.

Trina: That's what you said last night. And I'm hungry.

Pascal: Trina, relax. We're fine.

Trina: Did you feel that?

( The two turn and see a large yellow fog coming at them )

Trina: What is that?

Pascal: I don't know. I don't know.

( The two back away from the coming fog )

( The fog is upon them )

Trina: Oh! I can't see!

Pascal: Let's get out of here.

Trina: Oh, my God, it burns! Aah! Aah!

( Both scream )

( Screen Fades to black, the 100 logo is shown )

[ The next morning with BELLAMY ]

( JASPER moans in the background as MURPHY tries to throw a knife and stick it in a tree )

Murphy: That damn kid, always messing with my head.

Bellamy: He's not gonna last much longer. Better think of a new excuse.

( BELLAMY shows off by throwing his axe into the tree and it sticks )

Bellamy: That's how it's done.

( ATOM and other members of BELLAMY's group approach )

Atom: We searched a half-mile all directions. No sign of Trina or Pascal.

Murphy: Visit your special tree when you were out there?

Bellamy: Atom took his punishment. Let it go.

Atom: Could be Grounders.

Murphy: Yeah, or they could be in pound town. Lot of that going around recently.

( JASPER continues to moan )

Atom: Look, Bellamy, people are scared, and that dying kid, he's not helping the morale around here.

Bellamy: Morale will go up when I find them more food.

Delinquent: And what do we say when they ask about Trina and Pascal?

Bellamy: Now? Nothing. It's possible they're just lost. We'll keep an eye out for them when we go hunting later.

Murphy: Let's go kill something.

Bellamy: You're not going.

( BELLAMY stops MURPHY from following )

Bellamy: I need you to stay here. If the Grounders are circling, we can't leave this place unprotected.

Murphy: Fine. Somebody better tell goggle boy to keep it shut.

[ Inside the Dropship ]

Clarke: The Grounders cauterized the wound. Saved his life.

Finn: Saved his life so they could string him up for live bait. Garden of Eden this ain't.

Clarke: This is infected. He could be septic. Any progress on using the wristbands to contact the Ark? Monty?

Monty: That would be a firm no.

Clarke: My mother would know what to do.

Wells: How's he doing?

Clarke: How does it look like he's doing, Wells?

Wells: Hey, I'm just trying to help.

( JASPER continues moaning )

Clarke: Right. You want to help? Hold him down.

Monty: I'm not gonna like this, am I?

( JASPER continues moaning )

[ OCTAVIA approaches ATOM in the Dropship ]

Octavia: Hey. I could really use a break from this place. What do you say you and me take a trip to the butterfly field? Huh? Am I being too subtle?

( ATOM ignores OCTAVIA's advances and sharpens his weapon )

Octavia: Atom.

( ATOM continues to ignore OCTAVIA and sharpens his weapon )

( OCTAVIA leaves )

[ BELLAMY talks with MURPHY ]

Bellamy: With weapons…

Octavia: What did you do to Atom?

( BELLAMY motions for MURPHY to leave so he does )

Bellamy: Atom's fine.

Octavia: Then why did he blow me off?

Bellamy: Maybe he's just not interested.

Octavia: You can't keep everyone away from me.

Bellamy: Atom had to learn. You disobey me, you pay the price. He paid the price. Now we're good.

Octavia: Now I'm paying the price. So, next time you decide to go on a power trip, leave me out of it.

Bellamy: Atom's fine.

Octavia: Then why did he blow me off?

( JASPER lets out a loud shout, which scares OCTAVIA )

( OCTAVIA leaves BELLAMY's tent, rushing for the Dropship )

[ Inside the Dropship ]

( JASPER screams louder )

Clarke: Hold him still. I need to cut away the infected flesh.

( OCTAVIA comes running in )

Octavia: Stop it! You're killing him.

Finn: She's trying to save his life.

( BELLAMY joins the group )

Bellamy: She can't.

( WELLS stands up to BELLAMY )

Wells: Back off.

Clarke: We didn't drag him through miles of woods just to let him die.

Bellamy: Kid's a goner. If you can't see that, you're deluded. He's making people crazy.

Clarke: Sorry if Jasper's an inconvenience to you, but this isn't the Ark. Down here, every life matters.

Bellamy: Take a look at him. He's a lost cause.

Clarke: Octavia, I've spent my whole life watching my mother heal people. If I say there's hope, there's hope.

Bellamy: This isn't about hope, it's about guts. You don't have the guts to make the hard choices. I do. He's been like this for three days. If he's not better by tomorrow, I'll kill him myself.

( BELLAMY turns to leave )

Bellamy: Octavia, let's go.

Octavia: I'm staying here.

( BELLAMY leaves )

Monty: Power-hungry, self-serving jackass. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. No offense.

Finn: Yeah. Bellamy is all that. But he also happens to be right.

[ Flashback - the Ark, in ABBY and JAKE's home ]

( ABBY stares out a window at Earth, a door opens, JAKE walks in and sits down )

Abby: How'd it go?

Jake: Hey. Well, I told Jaha it's definitive. The Ark's got a year of oxygen left, maybe two.

Abby: You'll fix it.

Jake: Not this time. I've tried, Abby. This isn't a glitch. It's a system failure. People need to know.

Abby: No. They'll panic.

Jake: You sound like Kane.

Abby: Because he's right.

Jake: No. We can't avoid the truth. We have to let everyone on the Ark put their minds to a solution.

Abby: What, and risk anarchy? No. It's too dangerous. Promise me that you'll obey the council's orders, that you'll keep it quiet. Promise me.

Jake: I can't.

Abby: For Clarke. Do it for Clarke.

Jake: I am doing this for Clarke.

Abby: They'll float you, Jake.

Jake: If you do this, I won't be able to stop it.

( CLARKE is shown listening in on her parents' conversation )

[ Flashback ends ]

[ Camp ]

Finn: You're mad.

Clarke: I'm not mad. You want to think Jasper's a lost cause, go ahead. You're wrong.

Finn: I hope I am.

( CLARKE plays with the red substance on JASPER's poultice )

Clarke: Whatever this stuff is, it has to have had antibiotic properties.

( WELLS approaches )

Wells: Let me take a look. Before you refuse my help, remember who aced botany in Earth Skills.

Clarke: The Grounders used it as a poultice. I'm thinking a tea might be even more effective if we can figure out what it is.

Wells: I know what it is. Seaweed. Look… no root structure.

Clarke: Right. Well, then there must be a water source nearby.

Wells: Yeah, it would have to have a slow current, lots of rocks. The water would probably be more red than green.

Finn: I know just the place.

Clarke: All right. Let's go.

Wells: Hey. I know what this stuff looks like. Do you?

( CLARKE, WELLS, and FINN walk through the woods to find the red seaweed )

Wells: You know, you should, uh, really rethink this whole hating me thing. It's not just the Grounders. We're surrounded by criminals. We need each other. We're gonna be friends again.

Clarke: You got my dad killed. Not possible.

Wells: This is Earth, Clarke. Anything's possible.

Finn: I'd let it go.

Wells: Yeah. Well, I've known Clarke her whole life better than you ever will, so, I'll decide when to let it go.

Finn: Yeah, I can tell you guys are close.

( FINN steps on something that makes a loud bang )

( FINN steps on it again and gets a loud bang, he then starts to uncover the object )

Clarke: What is it?

Finn: Uhh… Ha! It's an automobile.

Clarke: Come on, guys. This thing's been here a hundred years. All right? It can wait. Jasper can't.

( CLARKE turns away from the automobile and the boys, continuing on )

[ In the woods with BELLAMY and the hunting party ]

( The boar oinks oblivious to the boys )

Bellamy: Shh.... She's mine.

( A twig snaps behind BELLAMY and the hunting party )

( BELLAMY throws his axe behind him, hitting a tree, narrowly missing a little girl who had stepped on the twig )

Delinquent: Get him!

( BELLAMY's hunting party goes after the boar, while BELLAMY looks at the little girl with ATOM at his side )

Bellamy: Who the hell are you?

Charlotte: Charlotte.

Bellamy: I almost killed you. Why aren't you back at camp?

Charlotte: Well, what with that guy who was dying, I just… I couldn't listen anymore.

Atom: There's Grounders out here. It's too dangerous for a little girl.

Charlotte: I'm not little.

Bellamy: Okay, then…

( BELLAMY pulls out a knife and hands it to CHARLOTTE )

Bellamy: But you can't hunt without a weapon. Ever killed something before?

( CHARLOTTE shakes her head, “no” in response )

Bellamy: Who knows? Maybe you're good at it.

[ By the river ]

Clarke: So, what does this seaweed look like?

Wells: Like that. Hey, that thing that bit Octavia, how big was it?

Finn: Big. We could rig this into some kind of a net. Find something to lower it into the water.

( CLARKE walks straight into the water )

Finn: Or we could just do that.

( CLARKE starts grabbing the red seaweed and then walks back to shore with it )

( A large flock of birds squawk in the distance and comes flying right for the group, they duck to avoid injury )

Wells: Let's get out of here.

( A horn bellows in the distance )

Clarke: Grounders?

Wells: It could be a war cry.

Finn: Or a warning.

( The group sees a large cloud of yellow fog )

Finn: What the hell is that?

Clarke: Run. Run!

[ Flashback - the Ark, WELLS and CLARKE ]

Wells: You're up. Clarke.

Clarke: Sorry.

Wells: Well, if your strategy is to lose really fast, that was a great move. What's going on?

Clarke: Nothing.

Wells: You can talk to me.

Clarke: My dad found a problem with the oxygen system. I'm not supposed to know.

Wells: They've had other malfunctions. They always figure out a way to deal with it.

Clarke: No. This one might not be fixable. The council doesn't want anyone to know.

Wells: The council meaning my dad?

Clarke: Yeah. And my mom and others. I think he's gonna go public anyway.

Wells: Clarke, he can't. He'll get floated.

Clarke: I know. But what if he's right? Don't people deserve to know the truth? You can't tell your dad I told you. You can't tell anyone.

Wells: Your secret's safe with me. I promise.

[ Flashback ends ]

[ Running through the woods with CLARKE, FINN, and WELLS ]

( A horn bellows in the distance )

Finn: Clarke, run!

( The horn continues to bellow in the distance )

( WELLS and FINN start coughing )

( FINN opens up the automobile and everyone climbs inside )

Clarke: It's getting inside.

Finn: Seal any openings.

( FINN continues to cough as they seal the automobile )

( A horn continues to bellow in the distance )

[ BELLAMY and the hunting party running in the woods ]

( BELLAMY and the hunting party run through the woods )

Bellamy: Come on! There are caves this way.

( A horn continues to bellow in the distance )

( BELLAMY and CHARLOTTE get separated from the others )

( BELLAMY reaches for CHARLOTTE )

( ATOM follows close behind but trips )

( A horn continues to bellow in the distance )

( The fog engulfs ATOM )

( A horn continues to bellow in the distance )

( BELLAMY and CHARLOTTE manage to find one of the caves )

Atom: Bellamy!

( BELLAMY starts coughing )

Atom: Bellamy!

( The fog forces BELLAMY into the cave, leaving ATOM outside )

[ Delinquents start filing into the Dropship ]

( Delinquents start coughing )

Monty: What's going on?

Delinquent: Air got thick, everybody's skin started burning.

Octavia: Monty, my brother's out there.

Monty: He'll be fine. We'll all be fine.

[ Inside the automobile ]

( FINN cleans off the window and sees the fog outside )

Finn: It's still out there.

Clarke: Look, we should just make a run for it. Jasper can't wait much longer.

Finn: Us dying in a cloud of acid fog isn't gonna help Jasper.

( FINN jimmies the glove compartment on the automobile, it opens )

( FINN looks down to see his prize )

Clarke: Is that…

Finn: Booze. Hooch. Rotgut.

( FINN opens the bottle and drinks )

Clarke: Well, careful. Finn, it could be…

Finn: Whiskey, I think. Better than the moonshine on agro station.

( FINN offers the Whiskey to WELLS )

Wells: Alcohol's toxic.

Finn: This is Earth. Everything's toxic. Plus, it's a time-honored rite of passage.

Wells: We'll pass.

( CLARKE looks over at WELLS, angry that he spoke for her )

( CLARKE reaches over and grabs the bottle from FINN )

Clarke: Far be it for me to stand in the way of tradition.

( CLARKE drinks the Whiskey and coughs )

( CLARKE sighs )

[ Inside the cave with BELLAMY and CHARLOTTE ]

( BELLAMY lies on the ground sleeping while CHARLOTTE sleeps and has a nightmare )

Charlotte: No!

( BELLAMY awakes and tries to wake CHARLOTTE )

Bellamy: Charlotte, wake up.

Charlotte: I'm sorry.

Bellamy: Does it happen often?

( CHARLOTTE sighs, giving BELLAMY his answer )

Bellamy: What are you scared of? You know what? It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what you do about it.

Charlotte: But… I'm asleep.

Bellamy: Fears are fears. Slay your demons when you're awake, they won't be there to get you when you sleep.

Charlotte: Yeah, but… How?

Bellamy: You can't afford to be weak. Down here, weakness is death, fear is death. Let me see that knife I gave you.

( CHARLOTTE hands over the knife )

( BELLAMY grips the knife tightly )

Bellamy: Now, when you feel afraid, you hold tight to that knife and you say, ‘screw you. I'm not afraid.'

( BELLAMY hands the knife back to CHARLOTTE )

( CHARLOTTE grips it tightly with both hands )

( CHARLOTTE timidly repeats BELLAMY's words )

Charlotte: Screw you. I'm not afraid.

( BELLAMY gives CHARLOTTE a look, telling her she can do better )

( CHARLOTTE, with a little more confidence, repeats BELLAMY's words )

Charlotte: Screw you. I'm not afraid.

( BELLAMY smiles and gently pats CHARLOTTE )

Bellamy: Slay your demons, kid. Then you'll be able to sleep.

[ In the automobile ]

( CLARKE drinks the Whiskey )

Clarke: It's been hours. Jasper…

Finn: Is in good hands. Octavia will take care of him.

Clarke: While we're on the subject, why is it that everyone thinks me wanting Jasper to not die is a bad thing? Like I'm such a downer. I can be fun. Yeah. You think I'm fun. Right?

Finn: Oh, yeah. Among other things.

Wells: You're fun. You remember that time…

( A drunk and upset CLARKE looks over at WELLS )

Clarke: Remember that time you betrayed me and got my father executed? Yeah, I remember. Where were we? Fun.

Finn: Yeah.

( CLARKE focuses her attention back on WELLS )

Clarke: Well, since you brought it up, and I didn't, because I don't want to talk about it, what were you thinking?

Wells: I made a mistake, Clarke.

( CLARKE's not satisfied with his answer )

Clarke: I made a mistake, Clarke.”“

( CLARKE's close to tears )

Clarke: Not good enough.

( CLARKE grows angry at WELLS )

Clarke: You know, I bet you couldn't wait to run to daddy. Tell him everything so that he'd finally believe you were the perfect son he always wanted.

( WELLS gets angry with CLARKE )

Wells: What do you want me to say?!

Clarke: I want an explanation.

Wells: I can't give you one. I thought I could trust him.

Clarke: Well, I thought I could trust my best friend. Guess we were both wrong.

Wells: I'm still your friend.

Clarke: No, you're not. If you were my friend, you would walk out into that fog and never come back.

( FINN tries to calm things down )

Finn: Okay, how about we just… take it easy.

( FINN takes the Whiskey from CLARKE )

Clarke: I have no idea how to do that.

( WELLS takes the bottle from FINN, sniffs and then drinks )

Finn: So, we having fun yet?

( Silence befalls the three )

[ Inside the Dropship ]

( JASPER continues to moan in pain )

Delinquent: That kid's driving me crazy.

Delinquent: Can't take this much longer.

Delinquent: Someone needs to shut that kid up.

( JASPER continues to moan in pain )

( MURPHY, unable to sleep or take any more of JASPER's cries, decides to end JASPER himself )

Murphy: That's it. I'm ending this.

Delinquent: I heard Bellamy gave him till tomorrow.

Murphy: Yeah, well, Bellamy isn't here, is he? The kid's dying anyway. I'm just getting it over with.

( MURPHY gets up )

( MONTY races to and up the ladder first )

Monty: Murphy's going to kill Jasper!

( MONTY tries to close the hatch as MURPHY tries to enter )

( OCTAVIA runs over to help and begins kicking at MURPHY )

( MURPHY is forced back down, allowing them to close the hatch )

( MURPHY continues to try and force his way in while MONTY holds the hatch down )

Monty: The lock's on the other side.

Octavia: Don't let him in!

( OCTAVIA looks for something to lock the door )

Murphy: I'm gonna kill him, okay? Let me in! Let me in, Monty! Uhh!

( MONTY sits down on the hatch as MURPHY tries to open it )

( OCTAVIA tries to pull a pipe from the Dropship loose )

Monty: No rush. I'm fine here.

( The pipe comes loose )

Octavia: I got it! Move it!

Murphy: Both of you better open up this hatch right now!

( Screen Fades to black )

[ Flashback - The Ark, JAKE and ABBY's home ]

( JAKE GRIFFIN records a message )

Jake: In this time of uncertainty, we will come together as a people. I'm telling you this because you must know the truth and because I want a future for my child and yours. Be strong.

Clarke: You're gonna disobey the council?

( CLARKE walks into the room )

( JAKE tries to hide the truth from CLARKE )

Clarke: Dad, I know. I heard you and mom.

Jake: Okay, you know. I've been thinking about this a long time. The people have a right to know. Your mother doesn't understand.

Clarke: What's the plan?

Jake: You don't need to know the plan.

Clarke: You're making a video, so, what? You're gonna break into the communications mainframe? Making you either suicidal or incredibly dumb.

Jake: Wow. You are picking a fine moment to start behaving like a typical teenager.

Clarke: I'm gonna help you.

Jake: No. No, Clarke, you're not.

( JAKE gets up from his chair and walks over to CLARKE )

Clarke: But I can…

Jake: Absolutely not. No. No, baby.

( JAKE hugs and comforts CLARKE )

( JAKE kisses CLARKE's cheek )

Jake: You get that stubborn streak from your mother, you know. One of many things I love about both of you.

( The door to the Griffin home is opened )

Guard: Jake Griffin, you're under arrest for treason.

Clarke: Dad? Dad?

( The guards arrest JAKE and pull him away from CLARKE )

Clarke: No, no, no, no.

( The guards restrain CLARKE )

Jake: Get your hands off of her.

Clarke: Let me go!

( The two guards let go of CLARKE and she hugs her father )

Jake: Ohh.

Clarke: I'll warn them. I'll find a way.

Jake: No, Clarke, no, listen to me. Do not… do not do that.

( Two guards restrain CLARKE as JAKE is pulled away )

Clarke: Get off of me! Let me go! Let me go! Dad! Dad!

[ Flashback ends ]

[ The automobile ]

( CLARKE opens up the automobile door )

Clarke: The fog's cleared. Come on. Let's go. Jasper's waiting.

( CLARKE, FINN, and WELLS walk through the forest )

( FINN approaches WELLS )

Finn: Last night was pretty intense. You and Clarke ever…

Wells: No. Not like that.

Finn: So, help me out. Your best friend tells you something fairly explosive. You seem like the type of guy that'd keep it to yourself.

Wells: You don't know me.

Finn: Why'd you do it?

Wells: I don't know. Why do you care?

Finn: You knew what the rules were on The Ark. You had to know her dad would get floated.

Wells: I made a choice. If she hates me for the rest of my life, I made the right choice, and that's all you have to know.

( WELLS walks away )


( BELLAMY walks out of the cave with CHARLOTTE close behind )

Bellamy: It's all clear. Anybody out here? Jones?

Jones: We're here!

( BELLAMY and the others meet up )

Bellamy: Lost you in the stew. Where'd you go?

Jones: Made it to a cave down there.

Bellamy: The hell was that?

Jones: I don't know.

( BELLAMY looks over the group )

Bellamy: Where's Atom?

( JONES shrugs )


( FINN walks beside CLARKE )

Finn: Trapped in a hundred-year-old car by toxic fog. Whew. Last night was pretty… What's the word? Fun.

Clarke: It wasn't fun. It was irresponsible. We should've left the second the fog cleared.

Finn: Even if the fog cleared, we'd never make it back through these woods at night. You were kind of rough on Wells.

Clarke: Hardly.

Finn: He's a pretty straight-up guy. And he loves you. You know that, right? But every time your dad comes up, he won't give you a straight answer. Makes me think he's hiding something. So, I gotta ask you. How sure are you that Wells is the one who turned in your dad?

Clarke: A hundred percent. All right? He's the only one I told.

Finn: Is he the only one who knew?

( CHARLOTTE screams in the distance )

Clarke: Who was that?

[ CHARLOTTE screaming ]

Charlotte: Aah! Aah!

( ATOM lies on the ground seriously injured )

( BELLAMY comes running and finds CHARLOTTE staring at ATOM )

Bellamy: Son of a bitch. Atom.

( BELLAMY rushes to ATOM )

( BELLAMY looks over ATOM's wounds, unsure of how to help him )

Atom: Kill me. Kill me. Kill... me.

( ATOM gasps from pain and lack of oxygen )

( The others show up behind CHARLOTTE )

( BELLAMY stands back up )

( CHARLOTTE walks towards BELLAMY )

( ATOM begins to choke )

Atom: I… can't… breathe.

( CHARLOTTE reaches for the knife BELLAMY gave her )

( CHARLOTTE gives BELLAMY the knife )

Charlotte: Don't be afraid.

( BELLAMY looks up at the hunting party )

Bellamy: Go back to camp.

( The hunting party leaves )

Bellamy: Charlotte, you too.

( CHARLOTTE leaves )

( BELLAMY bends back down )

Atom: Kill... me. Bell...a...my... pl...ea..se.

( CLARKE approaches from behind )

( ATOM continues to choke )

( CLARKE walks over and kneels next to ATOM )

( ATOM notices CLARKE )

Atom: Plea...se.

Clarke: I heard screams.

Bellamy: Charlotte found him. I sent her back to camp.

( CLARKE inspects ATOM )

( CLARKE looks up at BELLAMY and shakes her head )

( BELLAMY looks down and nods )

( CLARKE takes a deep breath )

Clarke: Okay. I'm gonna help you, all right?

( CLARKE reaches over and runs her fingers through ATOM's hair and begins humming )

( BELLAMY looks over at CLARKE )

( CLARKE takes the knife from BELLAMY's hand )

( BELLAMY realizes CLARKE is going to do what he couldn't )

( CLARKE pierces ATOM's neck with the knife )

( BELLAMY looks up at CLARKE )

( CLARKE continues to hum )

( ATOM chokes on blood )

( BELLAMY doesn't take his eyes off CLARKE )

( ATOM dies )

( CLARKE continues to hum while BELLAMY watches )

( CHARLOTTE is shown to be watching in the distance )

[ Night time, Camp ]

( Indistinct camp chatter )

( Camp gate opens, FINN, WELLS, CLARKE, and BELLAMY return )

Clarke: We've gotta get to Jasper. I'll need boiled water to make the medicine.

( CLARKE and FINN leave )

( BELLAMY hauls ATOM's body into camp on a gurney )

Bellamy: Get Clarke whatever she needs.

Wells: I better go get this grave dug.

( WELLS leaves to dig ATOM's grave )

( OCTAVIA exits the Dropship and approaches CLARKE )

Octavia: It's about time. They're gonna kill Jasper. Did you get the medicine?

Clarke: Yeah. I… I got it. Come on. Let's go talk.

( CLARKE tries to pull OCTAVIA towards the Dropship )

( OCTAVIA ignores CLARKE and heads for BELLAMY )

Bellamy: Octavia, just stay there. Please, stay back.

( BELLAMY tries to stop OCTAVIA from seeing ATOM's body )

Octavia: Why?

( The siblings scuffle )

Octavia: Stop.

( OCTAVIA pushes BELLAMY's arm away and approaches ATOM )

( OCTAVIA lifts the jacket off of the body, revealing ATOM )

Octavia: Atom.

Bellamy: There's nothing I could do.

Octavia: Don't.

( OCTAVIA cries )

( OCTAVIA covers ATOM's face with the jacket )

( OCTAVIA gets up to leave )

( BELLAMY tries to explain )

Bellamy: O... O... please.

Octavia: Don't.

( OCTAVIA leaves )

( MURPHY approaches BELLAMY )

( BELLAMY sniffles )

Bellamy: Lose anyone here?

Murphy: No.

Bellamy: Jasper?

Murphy: Still breathing. Barely. I tried to take him out, but your psycho little sister…

( BELLAMY lunges at MURPHY and shoves him )

Murphy: Bellamy…

( BELLAMY pulls MURPHY, by the collar, to him )

Bellamy: My what? My what?

Murphy: Your little sister.

( MURPHY shoves BELLAMY off of him )

Bellamy: Yeah, that's right. My little sister. Got anything else you want to say about her?

( MURPHY, impassively, studies BELLAMY's face )

Murphy: Nothing. Sorry.

( BELLAMY, still angry, sizes up MURPHY )

( BELLAMY turns to JONES )

Bellamy: Get him out of here.

( BELLAMY gives one last glare at MURPHY before he leaves )

( ATOM's body is taken away )

( MURPHY, still angry with BELLAMY, flings his knife at a tree, finally getting it to stick )

[ Flashback - The Ark, JAKE ]

Jake: Hey, baby. You have to warn them, Abby.

Abigail: Oh, Jake, stop.

Jake: Oh, the Ark's dying. There's no choice.

Abby: Yes, there is. There's Earth. We'll at least have a chance.

Jake: Here. Hang on to that. And… give this to Clarke and tell her that I…

Clarke: Dad!

Jake: Clarke, you shouldn't be here, honey. You don't want to see this. It's okay.

( Crying )

Jake: It's okay. It's okay. Here. Keep that for me.

Abby: Jake, it's time.

( Kiss )

Jake: I love you, kid.

Clarke: I love you.

Jake: Okay.

Clarke: Oh, my God. [Crying] I'm so sorry.

Abby: Sweetheart, it's not your fault.

( Swallows )

Clarke: I'm really sorry about Atom.

Octavia: I guess we're gonna have to get used to people dying down here, aren't we? But not you. You hear me? You're not allowed to die.

Clarke: Wells? I know I probably don't deserve it, but I need to know the truth. It was my mom. Wasn't it? She's the one who told your dad. I didn't want to believe it. I… I couldn't. I blamed you because my father's dead and it's my mother's fault. Isn't it? Wells… Please. I knew how you would feel. I wanted to… to protect me. So, you let me hate you.

Wells: What are friends for?

Clarke: How can you forgive me?

Wells: This is already done.

( Crying )

Finn: Smooth. [Coughing]

Octavia: [Swallows] “Disgusting. Love it.

Jasper: Can I, uh, get a hit of that?

Octavia: Jasper!

Monty: Let's start with the soft stuff.

Finn: Welcome back, buddy.

Jasper: Was that a dream or did I get speared?

Clarke: You'll have a very impressive scar to prove it.

Jasper: My savior.

Clarke: Thank you for not dying. I don't think I could've taken that today.

Jasper: I'll try not to die tomorrow, too, if that's cool. Oh, hello.

( Crickets chirping )

Charlotte: Hi.

Wells: Couldn't sleep?

Charlotte: I never can. You on watch?

Wells: Join me.

Charlotte: I had a nightmare.

Wells: Hmm.

Charlotte: I… I have them every night. But… I think I found a way to make them stop. I'm sorry.

Wells: No! [Groaning] [Coughing] [Choking]

Charlotte: Every night, I see him. Your father. He kills my parents and… and I see his face and… and I wake up and I see yours. And the nightmare never ends. The only way to make it end was… was to slay my demons. I had to.

( CHARLOTTE humming )