01x07 - Contents Under Pressure

Clarke (V.O.): I was born in space. I’ve never felt the sun on my face or breathed real air or floated in the water. None of us have. For three generations, the Ark has kept what’s left of the human race alive, but now our home is dying, and we are the last hope of mankind, A hundred prisoners sent on a desperate mission to the ground. Each of us is here because we broke the law. On the ground, there is no law. All we have to do is survive, but we will be tested by the Earth, by the secrets it hides, and most of all by each other.

Bellamy (V.O.): Previously on The 100

[ Flashbacks ]

( Camera flashes between the scene where CLARKE and FINN are sleeping together and RAVEN as she confronts CLARKE. )

Raven: Tell me Finn didn't make this for you. Tell me you weren't screwing my boyfriend!

Clarke: I can't tell you that.

( Camera pans to CLARKE speaking to the 100 )

Clarke: Life support on the Ark is failing.

( Now we see ABBY making an announcement to the Ark's citizens )

Abby: In twelve hours, three hundred and twenty people will be sacrificed to boost our oxygen supply.

( Officer KANE explaining the process of killing the citizens of the Ark )

Kane: It'll appear to be a malfunction of the Fire Containment System.

( Chancellor JAHA watching the 320 citizens die. )

Jaha: And we hereby commit these souls to the deep.

( We flash back to Earth, and see OCTAVIA BLAKE being grabbed by LINCOLN as she watches ROMA be impaled, then see her being carried by LINCOLN. )

Octavia: Thank you, you saved my life.

( Later in that scene with OCTAVIA in LINCOLN's cave as he attaches her to the wall )

Octavia: 'The hell are you doing?

( She knocks out LINCOLN and we see BELLAMY BLAKE rejoice upon finding her. We see LINCOLN's eyes open and he stabs FINN COLLINS with his knife. Time passes and it is now either early morning or late night and BELLAMY enters camp, carrying FINN's limp body. )

Clarke: Finn? Ohmygod.

( Screen is black and we return to current time, The sky is very dark gray and rain is heavily pouring. We see other delinquents holding up some sort of tarp and screaming commands )

Male delinquent: Hold it back!

( More muffled shouting is heard as the camera pans to CLARKE, standing at the edge of camp, looking into the storm. We hear RAVEN's voice in the background )

Raven: This is Raven Reyes. Calling Ark Station. ( Voice becomes desperate ) Come in Ark Station. This is Raven Reyes. Calling Ark Station. Please come in. ( under her breath ) please, please. ( into radio ) Can anybody hear me?

Female delinquent: Are you sure you have the right frequency?

Raven: ( Forcefully ) Yeah, I'm sure.

Clarke: Raven? ( pauses ) You can do this. Okay?

( RAVEN's voice continues to try and contact the station while camera follows CLARKE as she walks towards FINN and grimaces as she tends to his wound. FINN is lying on a makeshift bed, and appears very pale. )

Raven: Calling Ark Station. Ark station. Please come in. I'm on the ground with the hundred. ( says quietly ) we need you.

( Camera switches to the outside view of the Ark in space, then up to ABBY who seems to be standing up in some sort of court. )

Kane: Thefts of medical supplies. Illegal salvaging. Unauthorised ship launch. Pirating the Ark's comm systems. Each of these crimes is punishable by death, but that will not be your fate today.

( We see ABBY's relieved face and hear radio static. )

Man's voice: What was that?

Kane: Never mind. It was argued, convincingly, that your medical expertise is still required.

Abby: ( Towards JAHA ) Thank you.

Jaha: It wasn't me.

( ABBY looks around, surprised. )

Jaha: The council's vote was nearly unanimous. Apparently Jake's message woke their inner angels as well.

( ABBY motions to sit down. )

Jaha: Not so fast.

Abby: We need to talk about those flares.

Jaha: No, we don't.

Abby: You saw them too. We can't just ignore what we all know it means.

Kane: We don't know what it means.

Abby: It means, that there is somebody alive on Earth. It means that our children might still be alive.

Kane: More false hope.

( Radio noises continue, making several council members look up. )

Kane: Abby. those flashes could have been anything. Lightning, radiation in the atmosphere.

Jaha: And in any case, whatever they were, that's a matter for the council to decide. And you are no longer on the council.

( ABBY looks up, surprised, as JAHA gets up and walks towards ABBY. )

Jaha: Abby, your life has been spared. But you've been stripped of your seat at this table, effective immediately. Your pin.

( JAHA holds out his hand and ABBY takes off her council pin, remaining eye contact with JAHA the entire time. Radio noise comes back stronger. )

Male voice: There it is again.

( The camera pans to several of the council members then we see ABBY, looking surprised. )

Raven (on radio): Calling..Ark.. Stat- Could- The Ark Station.

Abby: Raven. She's still alive.

Raven(On radio)Are you there? Please come in.

( ABBY runs out of the room and JAHA and KANE follow. We see a speaker and realize that RAVEN's message is being transmitted to the entire Ark. )

Raven (on radio): Please... Calling Ark Station.. The hundred are alive.

( Camera flashes back to Earth and shows the delinquents huddled around RAVEN as she tries to contact the Ark. )

Male voice (on radio): This is a restricted station. Who is this? Please identify yourself.

Raven (on radio): This is Raven Reyes. I- I'm from Mecha Station. I'm transmitting from the ground. The hundred are alive. Please, you need to get Doctor Abby Griffin. Doctor Abby Griffin. Now.

( Back to Ark, where we see a man talking into a mic. )

Unnamed male (on radio): Hang on Raven, we're trying to boost your signal. ( speaking to people next to him ) Get her off the Ark-wide channel. This room only. Copy?

( Voices heard in background until camera switches to ABBY. )

Abby: Can she hear me?

( JAHA and KANE enter )

Jaha: Have you confirmed the signal's location?

Same Unnamed male: Yes sir, it's coming from Earth.

( Camera switches between JAHA and KANE's amazed faces. )

Abby (on radio): Raven? Are you there?

( Radio static heard )

Clarke (on radio): Mom? Mom it's me.

Abby (on radio): .. Clarke?

Title card is played.

( As radio conversation goes on. Camera switches between Earth and the Ark, depending on the speaker )

Clarke (on radio): Mom, I need your help. One of our people was stabbed by a Grounder.

( JAHA leans towards mic in the Ark )

Jaha (on radio): Clarke. This is the Chancellor. Are you saying there are survivors on the ground?

Clarke (on radio): Yes, the Earth is survivable. We're not alone.

( Camera goes from JAHA to KANE to ABBY's stunned faces. )

Clarke (on radio): Mom, he's dying. The knife is still in his chest.

Abby: Okay, can you patch me through to medical?

Unnamed man: Course.

( Pause as buttons are clicked on a computer. )

Jaha (on radio): Clarke. Is my son with you?

( CLARKE looks up sadly and pauses, before speaking into the radio. )

Clarke (on radio): I'm so sorry. Wells is- Wells is dead.

( On the Ark we see JAHA's pained face. ABBY puts her hand on his shoulder and JAHA steps away and moves towards the door. )

Jaha: ( To ABBY ) Well, Clarke needs you. ( To other man ) Patch her in to me when they're finished.

( JAHA walks away and KANE and ABBY both look solemn. )

Abby (on radio): I'm going to talk you through it, step by step.

( Shelter begins to creak and wind is heard. )

Abby (on radio): Clarke.. just.. find-[unintelligible speech.]

Clarke: What! Raven what's wrong.

Raven:[Panicked] It's not the radio, it's the storm.

( Camera goes back to Ark )

Unnamed man: Doctor Griffin, you should look at this.

( Camera pans to computer screen showing a huge hurricane over the US, especially in Virginia, where the 100 are settled )

Unnamed man: It's a hurricane right on top of them.

Abby (on radio): Clarke, we need to hurry.

( ABBY looks up and runs out of the room. The camera goes back to the dropship and we see the storm is continuing. OCTAVIA walks inside, carrying two canisters. CLARKE takes one and turns towards OCTAVIA. )

Clarke: ( Under breath ) Great.

( she smells one of the canisters )

Clarke: Ugh. Monty's moonshine?

Octavia: Pretty sure no germ could survive it.

( Storm grows and gets louder outside. Both CLARKE and OCTAVIA look towards the door. )

Clarke: Storm's getting worse. Monroe, close the doors.

Monroe: But we still have people out there.

Octavia: Monty and Jasper still aren't back yet. Neither is Bellamy.

Clarke: It's okay, they'll find somewhere to ride it out.

( RAVEN makes noise to get CLARKE's attention then holds out a needle. )

Raven: One stitching needle.

Clarke: Great, I still need something to close the wound.

Octavia: There's so wire on the second level. I used it for the tents.

Clarke: Let's see it.

Raven: Stay away from the blue wires that run through the ceiling. I rigged it to the solar cells in the roof. ( Loudly ) That means they're hot! You got that?

Octavia: Yeah, I got that.

( OCTAVIA walks upstairs and RAVEN and CLARKE turn to face each other. )

Raven: Tell me you can do this.

( CLARKE looks at RAVEN, not answering. Camera pans to entrance of the pod. )

Female voice: Hey! They're back!

( BELLAMY walks in as OCTAVIA lowers herself on the ladder from the second level. )

Octavia: Bellamy!

( Camera zooms out and we see BELLAMY in front of his group, with two boys in back dragging LINCOLN's unconscious body. LINCOLN is dropped on the ground and OCTAVIA walks up )

Octavia: 'The hell are you doing?

Bellamy: It's time to get some answers.

Octavia: Oh you mean 'revenge?

Bellamy: I mean 'intel'. ( To boys who carried LINCOLN ) Get him upstairs.

( CLARKE walks up to BELLAMY. )

Clarke: Bellamy, she's right.

( BELLAMY looks at her, angry. Radio noises are heard in background. )

Abby (on radio): Clarke, okay we're ready. Can you hear me?

( BELLAMY looks up, surprised at the Radio noises. CLARKE looks away too, with a bothered expression. )

Clarke: ( To BELLAMY ) Look, this is not who we are.

Abby (on radio): Clarke?

( Camera pans to CLARKE, BELLAMY and OCTAVIA's faces. )

Bellamy: It is now.

( BELLAMY walks away, leaving CLARKE's worried face. )


Clarke (on radio): The blade is at a sharp upward angle. Between his sixth and seventh rib.

( the camera switches between ABBY and JACKSON in the medical room on the Ark and CLARKE by FINN's body on Earth, depending on the speaker. )

Abby (on radio): Okay, how deep?

Clarke (on radio): Well I can't tell how deep it goes.

( ABBY and JACKSON share a worried look. )

Abby (on radio): That's alright, just don't remove the knife yet.

( On Earth, RAVEN is pacing by FINN. CLARKE hands her a canister. )

Clarke: Hey, here, sterilize your hands.

( RAVEN takes the moonshine and drinks a large sip, before pouring some on her hands. )

Abby (on radio): Clarke, do you see any fluid?

( Voices are heard in background on Earth. )

Clarke (on radio): Wha-

( Voices are louder and CLARKE turns towards the people in the room. )

Clarke: Damn it! ( To RAVEN ) Clear the room.

( RAVEN nods in comprehension, then walks towards the delinquents )

Raven: Everyone! Upstairs! Now! Let's go!

( Camera switches and we see ABBY and JACKSON looking at each other, while they hear RAVEN's voice on the radio. )

Clarke (on radio): He feels a little warm.

( RAVEN turns around and rushes towards FINN. )

Abby (on radio): That's alright, fever sometimes accompanies a trauma. Clarke, I need you to tell me if there is any fluid leaking from the wound.

Clarke (on radio): Ah..

( Clarke examines wounds )

Clarke (on radio): No.

Abby (on radio): ( Under breath ) Pleural membrane's intact. ( To CLARKE ) That's good. That's actually really good. You got lucky.

( RAVEN smiles and looks at FINN, sounding out of breath )

Raven: Hear that? You're lucky.

( CLARKE looks visibly uncomfortable )

Man: Whoa! He's awake.

Bellamy: Tie him tighter.

The last thing we need is this b*st*rd getting free because you screwed up.

Man: Octavia, get out of here.

I told you he was protecting me.

You didn't have to do this.

This isn't about you. I'm doing this for all of us.

You did that for all of us?

I did that for Finn and Jasper and Diggs and John and Roma.

It wasn't even him.

You don't know that! We need to know what we're up against.

How many there are and why they're killing us.

And he's gonna tell us right now.

No, Bellamy, please.

Miller, get her out of here.

I was there! I-- Hey, get get off of me! I don't even think he speaks English.

He won't understand you.

Oh, I think he will.

( Banging )

( Beep )

Hello, Mr. Chancellor. I just need a moment.

If you're here to talk about Abby's council seat, now is not a good time.

Trust me, you need to hear this.

I remember these quarters being bigger when I was chancellor.

What do you want, Diana?

We need to talk. My people are angry and confused.

Your people?

Yes. The workers. They're coming to me with dangerous questions, Thelonious. Many of them lost loved ones in the culling. The belief that your administration let people die when there was another way has taken root.

I don't suppose you're trying to convince them otherwise.

If you don't get in front of these rumors, things are gonna get ugly fast. ( Sigh ) That's what I would do in your position.

You're not in my position, Diana.

My people voted you out.

You've activated project exodus? Congratulations.

You will forever be remembered as the man who brought us back to the ground.

You know I can't talk to you about that, Diana.

It's true. We've had our differences. But I'm here as an ally.

The decisions that you now must make implementing project exodus are unimaginably difficult.

The Ark needs unity now more than ever. I hope that you can trust me enough to let me help you with that.

I think we have a problem.


If she's just a hair off, she could lacerate the aorta when she extracts.

Ok, Clarke, firm grip on the knife. You're gonna need to angle it upward and to the left very slightly to the left as it exits the rib cage.

How very slightly?

Any less, too.

Wait, what was that?

You dropped out.

Clarke, 3 millimeters.

Got it?


Ok, I got it.

Here goes.

Abby: Steady hand, Clarke. You've assisted me on trickier procedures than this. And once that knife is out, the hard part is over.

( Rumbling )

All right.

Extracting now.

Woman: He's waking up! Uhh! Hold him still.

Finn, I'm gonna get that knife out of you, ok?

Good plan.

Finn, you can't move.

You got it?


Ok. Here it goes.

Abby: Nice and slow, Clarke.

Clarke: Finn, do not move.

Almost got it.

Hold still.

( Groaning )

( Bang )

Man: No! Woman: Aah! Clarke.

Woman: Aah! Second woman: All right? Abby: Clarke.

Clarke? What's happening? Clarke, can you hear us?

Abby: Clarke? It's out.

She did it.

What the hell was that? We under attack or not?

Storm damage.

We're ok.

We're gonna try this one more time.

What's your name? Where's your camp? How many of you are there?

Miller: Hey. Check it out.

What is all this stuff?

Hell knows with these people.

( Clattering )

Think we found something he doesn't want us to see, Miller.

These aren't bad.

It's our camp.

I'm guessing if I counted all those marks, it would add up to 102.

That's how many people we've lost.

They've been watching us ever since we got here.


I'm done.


Do you have anything to cover the wound? We'll make do, like always.

Should he be this pale? Warm, too.

Abby: He's lost a lot of blood, Raven, but if your boyfriend's anywhere near as tough as you, I'm sure he'll be fine.

Wait, mom, she's right.

He's feverish, and his breathing's uneven.

Abby: You need to give him some time to recover.

Let me know if he gets any worse, but I think I think he might just be out of the woods.

Well, down here, there's nothing but woods.

I need a break.

Clarke? Clarke, wait.

Raven could you give us a few minutes?


No. No.

Stay with Finn.

Drew: What the hell is that thing?

Bellamy: Friend of yours?

Get the hell out of my way.

It's ok. Let her through.

Well, if he didn't hate us before, he does now.

Who cares? How's Finn? Alive.

His people will care.

How long until they figure out where he is? And what happens when they do? I mean, when they come looking for him? They will, Bellamy.

Relax, princess. No one saw us take him.

He was chained up in that cave the entire time, and thanks to the storm, we didn't see a soul on the way back.

( Thud )

Ok. In case you missed it, his people are already killing us.

How many more of our people need to die until you realize we're fighting a war? We're not soldiers, Bellamy.

Look at him. We can't win.

You're right. We can't. If we don't fight.

Raven: Clarke, he's seizing!

Clarke: On my way.

He was fine, then Get my mother on the radio now.

Raven, now! The radio's dead!

Raven: Interference from the storm.

Please don't let him die.

Man: Is that Kane?

( Indistinct chatter )

Marcus, you shouldn't be here.

You're wrong, mom.

This is exactly where I should be.

Ridley: You've got some balls coming here.


You're standing where my wife took her last breath.

I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry.

Ridley: Tell me she didn't die for nothing.

If I did I'd be lying.

Then it's true? You knew those kids were on the ground?


That the earth is survivable?


Woman: You were supposed to protect us.

Say something!

Jaha: Enough! Stand back! I don't need you to defend me.

Man: Murderers! Put that away.

Don't make this any worse than it already is.

Woman: We want answers.

We want our people back.

The least we can give you is the truth.

Sound the signal for a general assembly.

With the station representatives.

What are you doing? No more secrets.

( Indistinct chatter )

Jaha: Give us room.

You've been drinking? If I'd waited a day, two days they'd still be alive.

You didn't make that decision alone, Marcus.

Maybe not.

But I pushed.

I was I was so sure.

I swore an oath to protect and defend these people.

Instead I killed them.

Pull yourself together, Kane.

And then get your ass to the mess hall.


It stopped.

Quick, help me get him on his side.

Raven, there is fluid in his lungs.

He could choke.


( Grunting )

He's burning up.

Raven: Fluid in his lungs.

Does that mean the knife hit something? This isn't blood.

It's something else.

I did I did everything she told me.

I've seen this before.

Shortness of breath.



It's poison.

Clarke, you sterilized everything.

I watched you do it.

Not everything.

Stay here.


They locked the hatch.

( Pounding )

Hey! Open the door!

( Pounding )

Get out of my way, Miller.


What's on this?

Bellamy: What are you talking about?

He poisoned the blade.

All this time, you knew Finn was gonna die no matter what we did.

What is it? Is there an antidote?

Octavia: Clarke, he doesn't understand you.


It's gotta be here.

You'd have to be stupid to have a poison around this long without an antidote.

Clarke: Which one?

Bellamy: Answer the question! Show us.


Which one? Our friend is dying down there and you can stop that.

Bellamy: I'll get him to talk.

Bellamy, no.

He wants Finn to die.

Why can't you see that? Do you want him to live or not? Clarke, you even said it yourself.

This is not who we are! He was protecting me.

He saved my life.

We're talking about Finn's life.

Do it.

Just tell us!

Bellamy: You're gonna show us the antidote or you're gonna wish you had.

Octavia: Bellamy, no.


Oh! Please.

Which one's the antidote?

Clarke: Just tell them.



Jaha: You are the station reps of The Ark, and I don't blame you for losing faith in me.

I kept The Ark's oxygen crisis from you.

I lied about sending the hundred to the ground.

But you can tell your stations that the deception ends here.

You now know the whole truth, but there is one truth that stands above all the rest.

Earth is survivable.

The 320 souls who sacrificed their lives in the culling gifted the rest of us the time that we need to make it to the ground.

Mankind is going home.

( Indistinct chatter )

Ridley: How do we know that's everything? How do we know you're not still lying? To cover up for the culling? This afternoon, I declassified the minutes of all council meetings.

Is that supposed to make us feel better? All those people died for nothing.

Please We're all in pain.

Ridley: No, you don't get to do that.

You pushed the button that sucked the air out of my wife's lungs.

You caused our pain.

You know nothing about how we feel.

I lost my son!

I didn't know that. I'm sorry.

My friends, please.

Chancellor Jaha has sacrificed as much as any of us. But his loss, just like all of yours, is not in vain. The Chancellor's son died finding out that earth is survivable.

And because of your wife's sacrifice, your daughter will get to come down to the ground.

That is not in vain.

Ma'am, we can't trust them.

Ridley: I'm sorry.

Then trust her.

As of this morning, there's an open seat on the council.

Mine to fill until the next election.

We need unity now More than ever.

What do you say, Diana? Uhh! Aah!

Please stop!

Raven: Clarke! He's getting worse! We're running out of time.

Which one? Which one is it? If you tell us, they'll stop.

Clarke: Please tell us which is the antidote and they'll stop this.

If that doesn't work, maybe this will.

Clarke, you don't have to be here for this.

I'm not leaving until I get that antidote.

Last chance.

( Grunts )

( Grunts )

Clarke: What's taking so long? He stopped breathing.


He started again, but next time, he might not.

Clarke: He won't tell us anything.

Want to bet?

Bellamy: What are you doing? Showing him something new.

( Electricity buzzing )

Aah! Oh! Aah! Aah! Which one is it? Come on!

( Electricity buzzing )

He's all I have.

( Electricity buzzing )

No more! He's letting Finn die.

Bellamy: Octavia, no! He won't let me die.

Octavia, what the hell did you Good.

Thank you.

Don't touch me.

How do we know if it works? We'll know when he wakes up.

He'll need water when he does.

Do you mind? Sure.

( Crying )

I can't do this without you.

Abby (on speaker): Hello? Clarke? Clarke, can you hear me? I'm here.

Oh, thank God.

Abby: The the storm is passing.

How's Finn doing? I think he'll be ok.

Oh, that's thanks to you.

I'm so proud of you.

Clarke, your father would be so proud of you, too.

Don't talk about him.

Clarke Baby, I know something else is wrong.

Please tell me what it is.

Dad's dead because of you.

You turned him in.

I know it.

Wells told me everything before he ( crying ) He let me believe that he did it, so that I'd hate him instead of you.

( Sighing ) Clarke Clarke, I want you to listen to me.

That was never supposed to happen.

( Sigh ) Jaha was supposed to talk him out of it.

I'm done talking to you.

( Static )

( Crying )



( Crying )

( Crying )

You haven't done that in years.

It's healing.

Don't you agree?

( Crying )

( Softly ) I don't know who I am anymore.

You're my son.

I've done some terrible things.

God will forgive you, Marcus.

The question is, will you be able to forgive yourself? ( Sigh )

Clarke: Uhh.


( Water dripping )

Octavia: Hey. Look, I need to clean this.

( Sigh ) Here. Let me try.

I never wanted him to get hurt, Octavia. You have to know that. I just wanted to save Finn.

For the record, you didn't save Finn. That was me. But whatever you want to tell yourself to feel better.

( Water dripping )

I'm so sorry.

You saved my life and look-- look at the thanks you get.

I never wanted any of this to happen to you.

Thank you.


He just say something? No.

You know your brother doesn't want you up here, Octavia.

Let's go.

( Water dripping )

( Groaning )



Good save.

It wasn't just me.

She needs you, Finn.


He's awake.

He was asking for you.

I thought I lost you.

We'll get it cleaned up.

I wish this was our only mess.


Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things.

What are we gonna do with him? We can't keep him locked up forever.

If we let him go, he'll be back, and not alone next time.

It's not easy being in charge, is it? I, Diana Sydney, do solemnly swear to uphold and defend the laws and the people of The Ark.

Then, welcome back to the table, Councillor Sydney.

Thank you.

( Applause )

As a former chancellor, no one knows more about project exodus than you do.

The good news is that we are going to the ground.

The bad news is not all of us are.

It's a problem we were supposed to have.

What problem?

There are 2,237 people on this ark and there are only enough dropships to carry 700.

We are on the "Titanic" and there aren't enough lifeboats.