02x06 - Fog of War

Previously on "The 100"...

(All cough)

Dante: Welcome to Mount Weather.


So we meet again.

Jasper: Clarke, no! If you pull that lever, these people will die.

Even a little radiation could kill them.

It was a containment breach.


Your circulatory systems developed the ability to filter radiation.

If we were to circulate Maya's blood through your system...

Jasper: It could make her better?

The first human trial was a success.

Why bring them here, if not to use them?

I saw everything.

I know what you're doing to them.


We have to get them out.

We gather intel on Mount Weather and we send a team after Kane.

Where's Finn?

Looking for you.

Where is the girl who was wearing this watch?!


Your friends are not here.

(Shouting and automatic gunfire)

We need to go! Finn!

(People screaming)

I found you.

Bellamy: Ok, tell me again.

Clarke: It's a labyrinth.

We got to the dam through this tunnel.

It's all connected to the mine system.

That's our way in.

Sure, if we can get past the Reapers and the Mountain Men.

I swear to God, if your mom doesn't sanction a mission soon, I'm going by myself.

You won't be by yourself.

(Distant chatter)

Guess the inquisition's over.

How's Finn doing, anyway?

I haven't talked to him since we got back.

I don't know what to say.

He just kept shooting.

We're at war, Clarke.

We've all done things.

Finn: Hey.


Next round's on me.

Mount Weather?

What's the plan?

Still working on it.

Murphy: Ah! Check it out.

Salvaged Monty's still from the drop ship.

Now, I guess, you know, if they could just salvage Monty, huh?

Easy. It was just a joke.

Ok. You, uh, tell her we were cleared?


Well, it looks like our pardon for surviving includes our time on the ground.

Now bigger fish to fry, I guess.

We did what we had to do.

I got to go.

(Murphy whistles) Trouble in paradise?

Just because they pardoned you doesn't mean I have.


Beat it, Murphy.

Well, then, have a good one.

I know why we haven't heard from any of the other Ark stations.

Mount Weather's jamming us.

Show me.

I tweaked the resonator and got this.

(Muffled static)

It's on every frequency.

Long-range communication is totally screwed.

It's also why the range in our walkies sucks.

It's the same signal Monty heard on the black box of the Exodus ship.

Mount Weather crashed the Exodus ship.

Can you get around the signal?

Around it? No.

But if I can get to the tower that broadcasts it, I can make it go boom.

Abby: No one is going anywhere.

Mom, listen to me...

What do I have to do to get through to you?

You and your friends are not soldiers, and continuing to act like you are puts lives at risk.

You don't understand. Raven found something.

Mount Weather is jamming our communications.

Raven: It's true. There could be other Ark stations on the ground.

And more guards. You said we don't have enough people to fight a two-front war.

Mom, we're already fighting one.

Byrne: The Grounder retaliation for the massacre could happen at any time, and when it does, we need every available man to defend this camp.

So let us go.

You're not gonna stop, are you?

Not until my friends are safe.


But I'm coming with you.

Byrne: Ma'am, I just said...

It's been quiet for two days.

Maybe Kane is making headway with the Grounders' commander.

Or maybe he's dead, and they're massing against us as we speak.

Maybe... which is why we need more guards.

Then it's settled.

We're going back to Mount Weather.

Sir, it's been 3 days and Maya's numbers are still climbing.

Tsing: It's too soon to be sure, but I believe she may actually be metabolizing radiation on her own now.

Jasper's blood was 8 times more effective than any outsider we've ever measured.

I'm still running tests, but his system appears to have jump-started hers.

Cage: You're saying that it's a permanent solution?

Maya can survive on the ground?

I'm saying it's possible.

I'll keep watching her.

In the meantime, sir, you have to let me move forward with the rest of the 47.


Dad, I... I agree with her.

I know that the plan was to assimilate them into the gene pool, but this changes everything.

She just said it's not proven.

Tsing: Mr. President, even if it's not a permanent solution, with their blood, we'll need fewer treatments, we'll live longer, and we'll feel better.

Jasper volunteered.

I will not put those kids in cages like animals.

Cage: No one wants that.

If you can convince the rest of them to volunteer, great, but what if you can't?

Every day, you paint the outside, and if Dr. Tsing is right about this, then you might be able to see it again, dad.

Listen to me.

You need to understand this.

If I give the order to harvest those kids, I won't deserve to see it again.

Where are you going?

To find you some volunteers.

(Door opens)


He'll come around.

What if he doesn't?

What if they don't volunteer?

Then we'll have to do it anyway.

Octavia: I can't believe they let Finn come.

He's the best tracker we've got.

Don't forget to look up.

The Grounders use the trees.

That's how we lost John Mbege.

You were right to have me bring them.

Don't worry.

Your guards will get there.

I know you're worried about Finn.

Thank you for voting to clear him.

Thought he was rescuing his friends.

The real question is, is he going to be able to clear himself?


Kane, stop.

If they wanted to kill us, they would have done it already.

Oh, two days without food or water.

Jaha: Come on.

How many times on the Ark did we go two days without water?

This... this is not how our story ends, Marcus.

We wind up in the same train station on the ground just to die in it?

We still got work to do.

(Scoffs) How can you be so sure?

(Whispers) My son told me.

Kane: Stop!

We came in peace.

We came in peace! Please!

(Jaha panting)

You speak of peace while you send an assassin into one of my villages.

What are you talking about?

Blood... must have blood.

One of you will die here, today, by the other's hand.

I will hear the terms of your surrender from the man who lives.

(Door clangs shut)

They want us to turn on each other.

Woman: They want justice.

Lives have been lost on both sides.

That's why we need to end this war!

What's your name?



I'm Thelonious... and this is Marcus.

Your commander spoke of an assassin in a village?


Eighteen of our people were murdered.



We have nothing to do with that.

It doesn't matter.

The commander thinks you did.

One of you must pick up the knife.

That is our way.

And if we refuse?

Then the commander will use it to slit both of your throats.


I'd hoped to catch you before you were discharged.

I see I'm not the only one impressed by your courage.

Oh, I just did what anyone would do.

I'd like to believe that's true.

May I walk with you?


After what happened to Maya, I'm sure it won't come as a surprise to you to learn that we're not entirely safe here.

Mount Weather wasn't built to last this long.

Over time, trace amounts of radiation seep inside.

The breach in the dorm is an extreme example.

We have methods for dealing with this, but frankly, those methods pale compared to what we saw with you and Maya.

Sir, I...

I don't think I could do that for everyone.

Of course not, but if you could inspire your friends to follow your example, imagine the difference you could make here.

There. I see it.


It'll be dark soon.

We'll never spot the traps.

We should set up camp here, leave at first light.

We're missing two.

Where the hell are they?

Man: Bellamy! Octavia!

Clarke, we're in enemy territory, and their lives are my responsibility.

They went to find a way in.

A way in. That's not what this mission is about.

It is for them.

Find them.

Bring them back.

Yes, ma'am.

You two with me. Let's go.

I'm going with them.

Finn, wait.

We need you here.

Why? So you can keep an eye on me?

You'd have to be able to look at me to do that.


What do you think I'm gonna do?

Clarke: Finn.

Clarke: I'll go get him.

Finn! Come back.

It was an accident.

(Distant explosion)

What was that?

(Animals screeching)


Acid fog! Take cover!

If you can hear me, use the tents!

My tent! I forgot my pack!

It's ok! We can make it to the bunker!

According to Clarke, before the bombs, there were buildings everywhere here.

I'm guessing some of them had access to the bunker.

So we're looking for ruins, anything that's manmade, ok?

Scott: Hey! Blake!

Let's go, right now.

In case you've forgotten, we're not under your command.

Don't make us do this the hard way.

Come on, Scott, 47 of our people are prisoners in this mountain.

And that's why we're out here.


You're out here to find other stations of the Ark.

We're out here to find our friends.


What are they doing?

(Distant screeching)

Bellamy: Running.

Acid fog!

We need cover! Now!

Deploy the tents! Let's go!

(Bellamy grunts)

Man: Yeah, I got it.

Let's get all the canvas out now.

Bellamy: O! O!

Get back here!

Octavia: Bell!

There's something in here.

Maybe it's the ruins.

Hey! Hey! Over here!

Let's go! Come on! Come on!

Octavia: I found it!

Bellamy: Come on, pull.

Hurry up!


Bellamy: Hey! Quick! Get inside!

Come on, move! Let's go!


Bellamy: Move! It's too late!


Finn: You ok?

Yeah, I'm ok.

I'm ok.

Abby on radio: Clarke?

Clarke, do you read me?

(Radio static)

Raven: We're closer to the source.

It's swallowing short-range now, too.

Clarke, do you read me?

Damn it!

Clarke and Finn know these woods.

She left her pack, and her tent is in it.

They'll find shelter.

(Signal sputtering)

(Garbled voices speaking)

What is that?

I don't know.

It sounds like they're jamming every frequency but this one.

You hear that?

This one's clear.

That sounds clear to you?

Will be once I crack the encryption.

Ok, English, Raven. What does that mean?

It means... we'll be able to listen in on Mount Weather.

Bellamy: Let's go.

Scott: Where are we?

Looks like a garage.

More like a tomb.

Look, I'm sorry about your man, but we need to find an access door to Mount Weather.

Hey, not so fast.

Sir, that fog could keep us pinned down for another...

We'll split up. Be back here in 15.

Be safe.

Let's go.


I'm sure they're fine.

Everybody had tents.

So first you can't look at me, and now you're looking at me like I'm the enemy.

I'm not looking at you like that.

Well, you don't look at me the way you used to.

I've been waiting for the right moment to give you this.

It's starting to feel like that moment might not come.

I know how much it means to you.

Where did you get this?

It was around his neck.

Jasper: Guys, think about everything they've done for us.

I mean, they gave us shelter, clean clothes.

They kept us safe from the Grounders.


Miller? They saved your life, right?

Dude, you puked for 3 days.

That was different.

The normal treatments wouldn't be as bad.

So they say.

Miller: So what, then?

Only puking for one day?

Nah. I'm out.

Harper: Sorry, Jasper.

I'm out, too.

Come on!

They gave us cake!

I got a sign-up sheet. Dude.

What are you doing?


When did you start working for them?

You know what?

Never mind.

Now that you're better, I'm going after Clarke.

Of course. Right on time.

Hey, guys. Jasper.

I'm so glad to see you're feeling better.

Thanks. I am.

You look, um, rested.

Hey, it's pizza day. Heh! Who's hungry?

Maya: We don't have much time, but we can talk freely here.

Jasper: What the hell is going on?


I'm sorry.

About what? What?

What do you mean, it wasn't an accident?

Monty: She means they exposed her to radiation on purpose.

I'm betting it was to get you to agree to be her blood brother.

I knew it. Clarke was right.

Monty, be quiet.

Did you know about this?


And why would they do that to you?

Because the standard treatment sucks compared to you.

That's what Dante said.

What's the standard treatment?

Through there.


Oh, my God.

Are those...

All Grounders?

Monty: Wait a second.

Why are you showing us this?

Because I'm afraid.

Of what?

That you're next.


Who else knows about this?

Everyone, but nobody talks about it.

We learn not to ask questions.

Look, without the treatments, we'd die.

What are we supposed to do?


We have to get out of here.

Dante said we could leave, right?

He was lying. (Scoffs)

He knew I'd be too scared to leave, just like he knew I'd do what had to be done to save Maya.

So we don't ask.

If Clarke got out, we can, too.

You'll never make it. Ever since Clarke disappeared, security all around the mountain has been increased.

We have to try.

We're not leaving.

I won't leave the others behind.

That means they end up in there.

What choice do we have?

We volunteer.

Abby: What's taking so long?

I've almost got it.

They're using a type of audio modulation here, like a feedback loop.

I just need to pinpoint the origin of the loop, hone in on the pure transmission.

(Signal sputtering)

I just need to find the right...

Cage on radio: ... side and report back. Over.

You did it.

Man on radio: Copy that.

Checking the Western boundary line. Stand by. Over.

No signs of life. Over.

Cage: Has the veil lifted yet? Over.

Negative, sir. Coverage is still 90%. Over.

Keep searching.

When they pop above, hit them again. Over and out.

"The veil."

They're talking about the fog.

It's a weapon.

Which means they attacked us.

Sergeant Porter?

Porter: Yes, ma'am?

Build your bomb.

When that fog lifts, take the tower down.


I copy, ma'am.

What's wrong?

We're listening to the enemy.

Blow the antenna, and we won't be able to do that.

Don't blow it, and we won't make contact with any other Ark survivors, and we need those reinforcements, Raven.

Tough call.

I know what Clarke would do.

(Cockroaches skittering)

Man, I hate that sound.

(Glass shatters)

Check this out.

(Women vocalizing on a Christmas song)


Who's that?


That you, Blake?

I don't see anything.

(Distant shouting)

(Singing continues)

♪ Ding dong ding dong ♪
♪ ding dong ding dong... ♪


Are you there?

(Whispers) Bell, what's that?

(Distant, hushed voices)

Octavia: Reapers.



Take this.

(Cocks gun)


It's Lincoln.

Octavia: Lincoln.

Lincoln, it's me.

It's Octavia.




Get up. Get up.

We need to get somewhere safe.

Jaha: This has gone on long enough.

There has to be some other way to resolve this... something that we haven't thought of yet.

There isn't.

Kane: She's right. They're not budging.

(Whispering) We can offer a trade.

These people are primitive. I've seen how they live.

Our technology, our medicine.

All we'd ask for in return is peace.

(Whispering) If we truly want peace...

He told us how to get it.

Through murder?

Through sacrifice.

Jaha: Marcus, what are you doing?

If we don't make a choice... then we'll both die.

And the killing won't end.


There's only one way out of this.

You have to kill me.

You have to do this.

It's our only choice.

Kane, no.

They respect strength.

Let's show them ours.

I said... no.

Jaha: You did not order the massacre.

Not that one.

Marcus, you don't need redemption.

The choice we made on the Ark was about survival.

We did what we had to so that the human race could survive.

The human race was already surviving.

Then we did it for our people!

Yes, and now we must do this.

It's the only way.

Not gonna happen.

You're a good man, Thelonious.

I won't let you die for me.

Marcus, no!


Come on. Help us. Please.


Come on. Please.

Thank you.

I told you, we didn't come all this way to die.

Kane: Thelonious! No!

I choose to live.


(Whispering) He's a Reaper?

How is it even possible?

He just looked right through me.




Did he see us?

I don't know.


(Glass squeaks)

Shh. Just listen to me.

We'll get him back. I promise.

Take off these chains.

Kane: Thelonious, please, she's just an innocent girl.

(Grunts) Ok.

You're the commander?

I've learned much about you.

It's clear your intentions are honorable.

Your desire for peace is true.

Later we will talk.

In the meantime, your friend will be used to send a message.


Kane: No. No.

Don't look at him. Stop!

Kane: Stop! Stop! Please!

The massacre must be answered.

Blood must have blood.

You sure you're ready for this?

Ok. Draw him in. I'll do the rest.


(Metal clanking)

Octavia: Lincoln!

Can you hear me?

I'm sorry.

Bellamy: Hey!

(Lincoln groaning)

(Panting) Now what?

Now we take him home.

(Birds chirp)

The fog has cleared.


They were unarmed.

We have to go.

I don't even know who you are anymore.

Neither do I.

What have we become?

Tsing: And you're all set, Monty.

The general anesthetic will take effect shortly.

You won't feel a thing.

(Equipment beeping)

How high are you right now?

Oh, I almost don't care that there's a 6-inch spike in my neck.


Ohh. (Door opens)

(Door closes)

I must say I'm impressed, Jasper, and deeply grateful.

These are just the first, sir.

More will come.

I have no doubt.

You saved us, right? It's the least we could do.

You see, Doctor?

That's our future.

You just have to have a little faith in our shared humanity.

I hope they're all this compliant.

Don't worry about her, dad.

Dr. Tsing isn't big on admitting when she's wrong.

But I got to hand it to you.

We're getting the most effective treatments we've ever had, and it's all because you asked nicely.

You think I'm stupid?

Tell me you weren't behind the breach that almost killed Maya.

I wasn't.

Dad, I wouldn't... I wouldn't do that.

I love you, Cage, and there's been a Wallace in this office since the bombs, but if I find out that you're lying, there won't be one after me.

Am I making myself clear?

(Overlapping chatter)

(Music playing) Check it out.

(Sighs) I love this song. (Turns up volume)

♪ Come fashion all the ♪
♪ I know... ♪

Ok, it's safe to talk.

We bought ourselves some time, but we're gonna need to recruit some of the others, only people we trust.

How much more time are we talking about buying here?

Monty: Exactly.

Long enough for Clarke to break us out.

We don't even know if Clarke's still alive.

She has to be.

Miller: Well, then she better hurry the hell up.

Bellamy and Octavia?

They know to rendezvous here.

Have you tried to radio?

Still jammed.

You didn't blow the tower.

Raven figured out a way that we could listen to Mount Weather.

If we took out the antenna, we wouldn't be able to do that.

What about the other Ark stations?

We don't know if they made it.

What we do know is that 47 of our people are being held prisoner on that mountain.

We're gonna get them out.

I'm sorry.

We all have battle scars, Finn.

Suck it up...

And build a brace for yours.

Man: Help!

Stay here, Chancellor.

Man: Help me!

Show us your hands.

Jaha: Stand down.



I have a message from the commander.

Leave... or die.

We have two days.