02x08 - Spacewalker

Previously on "The 100"...

Where's Finn?

Looking for you.

Where is the girl who was wearing this watch?

Their clothes are here. They were here!

Nyko: You slaughtered my people. Elders. Children.


Lexa: The massacre must be answered.

Blood must have blood.

Jaha: And as we speak, they are marching on this camp.

Clarke: They're not attacking yet, which means we still have time.

Deliver me the one you call Finn.

Our truce begins with his death.

(Indistinct shouting)

Hold your fire! She's back!

Open the gate.

Byrne: Power up the gates. Roll-out positions.

Stay ready!

You ok?

Clarke: Shut the gate.

You can't be out here.

What did she say?

Is there a chance for a truce?


What's wrong?

They want you.

If we want a truce, we have to give them Finn.

What the hell are you talking about?

That's their offer.

That's not an offer.

It's punishment.

For what happened at the village.

Blood for blood.

That's insane.

If we refuse?

They attack.

Man: Say we give him up!

Get rid of him.

Byrne: Easy, people.

Give him to the Grounders.

Back off!

Hey, Raven, Raven. Raven, listen to me.

Nothing is gonna happen to him.

I promise, ok?

Griff: I'm not dying for him.

Spacewalker burned 3 months of oxygen from the Ark.

He should've floated a long time ago.

Throw him out!

Back off!

Stop, Raven!

Raven: Let me go.

It's the only option.

(Crowd shouting)

External airlock pressure tolerances can be adjusted...

At the manual feed stem.

Ask me a hard one.

You've answered all of these, like, 10 times.

I have to go over this stuff.

You're running fluid dynamic specs while we're having s*x.

I think you've been over it.


So, what do you want to do for your birthday?


I just want to pass.

That's it?

Move up to Zero-G so I don't have to spend the rest of my life trapped inside this tin can?

That'd be enough. Yeah.

Well, I got you something. Made it, actually.


It's a raven.

I thought it might bring you luck.

For your test.

Do you like it?

Hey, man.

Byrne actually gave me a gun.

I guess we really are screwed, huh?

Look, we kicked their asses last time.

We'll do it again.

A lot of people died last time.

Hey. We're reinforcing all defenses.

Doubles on the perimeter.

No one's getting past that wire.

I'll see where they're thin.

No. You should head inside.

B corridor will be easier to defend if it comes to that.

I'm not gonna hide.

Right now, we have to think about keeping you safe.

I'm gonna talk to Lincoln.

Come on.

Bellamy: Finn.

Hey. Any orders for me, princess?

Stay away from me.

Just trying to be helpful.

You were with him at the village.

I tried to stop him.

Not hard enough.

You know, you want to start blaming people, Clarke?

He was out there looking for you.

Clarke: Hang on.

(Lincoln coughing)

He's not a Reaper anymore.

He doesn't need to be restrained.

Yes, I do.

Just tell us. Is there a way to make peace?

Did she leave riders behind?

Two just outside the gate.

They're waiting for Finn.

You don't have much time to decide.

She can't expect us to just hand over one of our own people.

Would she do that?

She wouldn't let the rest of her people die to protect a murderer.

If you don't do this, she will kill everyone in this camp.

There has to be something else that we can offer.

Finn took 18 lives.

The commander's offering to take just one in return.

Take the deal.

How can you say that?

Finn was the first person to come to you to offer peace.

He's your friend.

He massacred my village.

Some of the dead were my friends, too.

But that wasn't Finn.

You know that's not who he is.

It is now.

We've all got a monster inside of us, Clarke, and we're all responsible for what it does when we let it out.

What will they do to him?


Because he killed the innocent, it starts with fire.


They'll take his hands.

His tongue, his eyes.

And anyone who grieves will have a turn with the knife.

At sunrise, the commander will end it with her sword.

But I've never known anyone to survive until the sword.

He killed 18, he will suffer the pain of 18 deaths.

Then we can have peace.

Abby. Let me out of here, please.

It was stupid. I'm sorry.

I don't want to hear it.

He was ready to throw Finn out the gate.

And you think I would let that happen?

I don't know.


The only way we're gonna make it through this is if we trust each other.

I'm trying.

She's free to go.

If you do anything like that again, you will be back here and you will stay here.

Do you understand me?

Don't be too hard on her. She's a fighter.

We need fighters.

We need to find a way out of this without fighting.

There is a way, and you know what it is.

No. It's not an option.

We need to consider it.

I said no. I am not sending a child to his death.

We sent 100 of them to the ground.

That was another time and another chancellor.


Bellamy told me you were here.

What are you doing?

I have to go.

Where? There's nowhere to go.

I'm putting everyone in this camp in danger.

There are Grounders everywhere, Finn.

They'll kill you.

Maybe that's what I deserve.

For what I've done.

You were trying to find our people.

Trying to save us.

I was trying to save you.



I'm in love with you.

Everything that's happened, everything I've done.

All that matters is that you're ok.

That you forgive me.

Say something.

Don't leave.


(Indistinct chanting outside)

What is that?

Clarke: This is it.

We have to get you inside.

(Grounders continue chanting)

They're trying to scare us.

I think we should pull back and go inside the station.

No. We need to prove we're not afraid.

What if I am?

Fake it.

Open the gate.

Where's the boy?

We're not giving him up.

We're ready to fight, if that's what it comes to.

Huh, hyah, hyah!

Watch the woods! Watch for movement!


Man: Movement on the tree line!

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!



I was afraid that I wouldn't see you again.

I had those fears myself.

It's good to see this place again.

Can't be out in the open.

We need to get somewhere safe.

It's safe for the moment.

Come on. We need to talk.

I managed to buy us a bit of time.

Man: All right, close it up! Let's go!

Where did they keep you?

Uh, the commander's stronghold, I think.

I wasn't a prisoner, but I wasn't allowed outside, either.

Until they brought me up here last night with a bag over my head.

What is this? What's going on?

Apparently, the chancellor thinks I'm a very dangerous man.

Wait outside.

Guard: Yes, ma'am.

Abby: The former chancellor is being detained for treason.

No offense, Marcus, but I'm keeping the job until this is over.

I would advise you not to fight her on this.

Abby: You bought us time how?

I've gotten to know the commander and I believe... she'd be open to the right proposal.

What kind of proposal?

We offer to put the boy on trial ourselves.

Here. For war crimes.

War crimes?

Abby, if we put him on trial, at least we will have control over the process and his treatment.

So, instead of letting the Grounders kill Finn, we would execute him ourselves?

That's a strong possibility.

Abby, I know this is hard.

But given what we know, given the ferocity of Grounder justice, this could be the most merciful outcome for the boy.

You still want the job?

What's happening?

Bellamy: You were in there a long time.

There was a lot to talk about.

Well, what's going on?

There was a lot to talk about.

Hey. We are not turning him over to the Grounders.

Step aside now.

We're all trying to find a way out of this.

They're gonna give him up.

Man on P.A.: All fighters being deployed, move to section 5.

All fighters being deployed, move to section 5.

Hey. What's up?

Happy Birthday.

Yeah. Sorry about that.

I know we had a plan.

The team got jammed up.

Maybe I'll see you later?

Did they post the scores?

Aced it.

It's the first perfect score since they've been giving the test.

So, when's your first spacewalk?

That'd be never.


I failed the physical.

Some kind of heart murmur.

It's like a trillion to one I'd ever feel it, but they don't want to waste the training on me in case I might kick it, so...

I'm out.

Happy Birthday.

Bellamy: Finn.

You need to get out of here.

Where would he go?

The dropship.


You know that this is the safest place for him right now.

It isn't if they're turning on him.

We can protect him at the dropship until we figure this thing out.

Grab your gear and meet at Raven's gate in 5.

She's already working on cutting the power to the fence.

Ok, but nobody's coming with me.

That isn't up for discussion.

We are surrounded by Grounders.

If we split up, we take the low ground, we'll make it through.

We'll meet at the dropship.

Man: There he is.

You are gonna get us killed.


Bellamy: Anyone else?

Bellamy's right. We have to go.

I thought we were meeting in the mess.

I thought this would be better on an empty stomach.

Happy Birthday.

Uh, you're a week and a half late, and you've already given me something.

Open it.

Do you like it?

It's a piece of tape with my name on it.

It goes with this.

I borrowed it from the maintenance bay.

There's external repairs scheduled all month.

The crew knocked off at 6 and no one in monitoring will be paying attention to an open airlock in that section.

No one will ever know.

So, you want to go for a walk?

Decom sequence complete.

Is that everything?

Purge recycle tanks.

Uh, open the refresh valve.


Finn: Ok. Done.

Here we go.

Have fun.

The commander accepted this agreement?

We haven't made the proposal yet.

But I think she'll be willing to consider it.

I need to know. If we put Finn on trial ourselves, is your commander going to accept the outcome, even if we decide he belongs in jail?

Even if she wanted to accept this deal, she'd be dead by morning.

She'd know that.

Your people would kill their own leader for being merciful?

For being weak.

Finn killed innocent people.

If death has no cost, life has no worth.

That's how we live.

I spent time with your commander.

She's a visionary.

And that's why you're all still alive.

If it were up to some at her table, you wouldn't be.


She leads those voices, yes.

She's dangerous, Abby.

Abby: If she's the one that's standing in the way of an agreement, I need to speak to her face to face.

There's nothing you can say.

Maybe not. But I can show her we understand her pain.

Maybe that will be enough.

Hey. You see anything?

I thought we were splitting up.

Not a chance.

What do we do after the dropship?

Where do we go?

You think the Grounders will just leave when they find out I'm gone?

Is this the best way to help our friends inside Mount Weather?

We will figure this out.


Finn: Look out!

I don't want to shoot you.

Go! Get out of here!

I checked again.

Still no sign of them.

Where are they?

We shouldn't have split up.

Someone's coming.

Ooh, hey, hey, hey.


What are you doing here?

I believe I was invited.

I thought we could use an extra gun.

Might be a good idea.

Raven: Finn should've been right behind you.

Don't worry. The spacewalker's gonna be fine.

(Static on radio) Finn: This is Ark Station calling birthday girl.

You're hitting Eva Max. Time to come back inside.

Are you reading, birthday girl?

Received, Ark Station.

On my way.

Closing the outer doors.

(Doors closing)


How was that?



(Alarm blaring)

Woman on P.A.: Warning. Outer door breached.

Airlock pressure failing. Initiate emergency protocol.

What happened?


I don't know!

What happened?

A Grounder hit her on the head.

Put her here.

I need a bandage. A rag. Anything.

Got it.


Hold her head.

Bellamy: Clarke, can you hear me?

Bellamy: Clarke.

Bellamy: You're gonna be fine. You just need to rest.

Hey. It's just a bump on the head.

Clarke's gonna be ok.

Are you?

We'll figure this out.

That's what she said.

Right before I almost got her killed.

Why have you come, leader of the sky people?

To talk. Leader to leader.

We've both seen too many of our people die.

No. You came to lie.

We have seen your killer in the forest.

You ordered him to run, and then you came here to distract us.

I'm just trying to keep my people alive.

Same as you.

You told our riders you were ready to fight.

If we don't find the boy soon, you'll get to prove that.

You kill one of ours, we kill two of yours.

That only helps the Mountain Men.

There has to be a way to end this without bloodshed.

You have courage... but courage isn't justice.

Only the boy can die for what the boy has done.

Still nothing?

Just give her a little time.

I never meant to hurt you.

I know.

Truth is, things change.

Maybe that's for the best.

Don't let me off the hook so easy.


We'll always be family.



Raven: Hey.

Told you she'd be ok.


How's your head?


When you went down... I thought you were dead.

Because of me.

I'm right here.

I've killed so many people.

Finn, the things that we've done to survive... they don't define us.

What if you're wrong?

What if this is who we are now?

Bellamy: We got company! Get out here.

Bellamy: Get down. Grounders.

We're surrounded.

(Alarm blaring)

Woman on P.A.: Airlock pressure. Approaching red zone.

I can't open the inner door!

We must have blown a seal.

The doors won't open until we're equalized!

Woman on P.A.: Airlock pressure now critical.

The door!


Raven: Manual override.

Woman on P.A.: Emergency override authorized.

Unh. Shut the door.


Are you ok?

(Breathing heavily)

Woman on P.A.: Emergency support teams to airlock B-17 immediately.

We gotta get out of here.

It was a breach.

The section doors are sealed.

Take off the suit.

Take it off and give it to me.

Finn, Finn, that breach lost a lot of oxygen.

That plus an unauthorized spacewalk, it's a capital crime.

I'm still 17.

I'll go to the skybox for a couple months, then I'll get a review.


I'll have a chance.

A good one. Raven, you're 18.

You'll get floated.

Take off the suit.


Man: There he is.

Am I gonna get in trouble for this?

They're not moving any closer.

Staying out of range.

Probably waiting until it's dark.

If we hit them now, at least we'd take them by surprise.

We don't even know how many of them are out there.

I'm not hearing any better ideas, Clarke.

We'll give them something.

All they want is Finn.

Finn wasn't the only one at the village.

What are you talking about?

Raven, hold on.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Raven, I came here to protect him.

You were the one who wanted me to come. You... that's why you asked me to come along.

Enough Grounders saw him at the village.

They'd believe he was the shooter.

Sick bitch.

Raven, you don't mean this.

You know what they do to people.

They want a murderer, we'll give them one.

(Cocks gun) Drop your gun.

Go to hell, Raven.

Put it down, Raven.

Like it or not, he's one of us.

I said drop it.

Stop! Stop!

Finn: We're not doing this.

They've got us surrounded.

The only thing we can do is stay.

And defend this place.

I'm with you.



Go upstairs. Watch the rear.

I'll take the lower level.

You three, take the front gate.

That's the plan. All right?

Hey. We got this.

May we meet again.

We will.


Be careful.

You, too.

See anything?


Raven: Someone's coming.

Raven: There.

Clarke: Finn?



Sinclair: Reyes!

Yes, sir.

How's that supply line coming?

It's a piece of crap.

Sir. But I'll get it working.

No, you won't. I'm pulling you off duty.

You got your Zero-G certification. Congratulations.

But I failed the physical.

Yeah, I saw your test scores.

I overruled the rejection. You're in.

Now, get moving.

(Door opens and closes)

What is that?

It's for Finn.

They want us to watch.

We're gonna get him.

We'll get in close and we'll hit them hard.

Kane: Son... there's thousands of them.

Even if we could kill hundreds, they'd still wipe out this camp and your friend would still die.

We have to try.


Raven: Abby, we have to do something.

No, Raven.

Take this.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna talk to the commander.

What else do you have to say?

I don't know.

I don't know.


Give me your hand.

If she won't let him go, kill her.

Things'll go crazy, and we'll grab you and Finn.

Clarke. You have to help him.

I owe him my life.

(Indistinct shouting)

Clarke. What is she doing?


Abby. Gotta let her try.

Raven: What is she doing?

I'm here to talk to your commander.

Let me through.

Lexa: Let her pass.

You bleed for nothing.

You cannot stop this.

No. Only you can.

(Grounders shouting indistinctly)

Show my people how powerful you are.

Show them you can be merciful.

Show them you're not a savage.

We are what we are.

Then I'm a killer.

I burned 300 of your people.

I slit a man's throat and watched him die.

I'm soaked in Grounder blood.

Take me.

But Finn is guilty.

No. He did it for me.

He did it for me.

Then he dies for you.

Raven: Come on, Clarke. Do it.

Can I say good-bye?

Raven: What is she doing?

I love you, too.

I'm scared.


You're gonna be ok.


You're ok.

Thanks, princess.


(Grounders shouting indistinctly)

Lexa: It is done.


No! No!

No! No!