02x10 - Survival of the Fittest

Previously on "The 100"...

Lexa: Blood has answered blood.

The body will be given to the people of Tondc.

Only then can we have peace.

Clarke: When it's over, we talk about how to get our people out of Mount Weather.

We want the same things, Clarke.

Peace with the Grounders is the only way we'll survive.

They're being led by a child.

So are we.

We need their army to get to Mount Weather, Bellamy.

What we need is an inside man, someone to be our eyes and ears.

I found something.

That leads to an antenna on the ground.

If we can access the radio, we can send a message over the Arkwide channel, tell them we're here.

Listen to this.

Jasper, on radio: 47 of us are trapped inside Mount Weather.

Please hurry.

You were right.

Without someone on the inside to lower their defenses, turn off the acid fog, an army is useless.

You should go.

I can get you through the tunnels.


So we make it to the intake door without any of the real Reapers seeing us.

What happens then?

I kill everyone, and you slip inside.


Let's go.

We have a lot of ground to cover before dark.

Bellamy: Hey. I needed to know what happened after the intake door.

They remove your clothes, blast you with boiling water, and douse you with something that burns even worse.

From there, we were sorted.

The others were tagged harvest.

I was tagged Cerberus, turned into a Reaper.

Cerberus, 3-headed dog that guards the underworld.

My mom read mythology to us all the time.

Octavia loved it.

You're good for her. You made her strong.

She was already strong.

Hey, I need to ask you something.

You protected my sister before you even knew her.


When I was a boy, I saw a ship fall from the sky like Raven's.

The man inside was hurt, his body broken.

I couldn't get him out.

Suicide by Earth.

I heard the stories in the guard.

I just didn't know they were true.

I brought him food, water.

I didn't speak the enemy's language yet.

So I couldn't understand him, but I wanted to.

So on the third day, I told my father.

He made me kill him.

The world has been trying to turn me into a monster for as long as I can remember.

Let's keep moving.


Parking garage where we found you, it's north, that way.

There's a mine entrance closer to where the Reapers hand us over.

We'll go into the underworld when we have to, not before.

Open the gate!

Thought we'd start with a reception, then move on to training.

We have a lot to learn from each other.

Weapons there, please.

Only our guards are armed here.

Thank you for agreeing to this, Indra.

We're here on the commander's orders.

I agreed to nothing.

Please. We'll begin in a moment.

Well, it's a start.

It's a mistake.

I convinced Abby to release you.

Don't make me regret that.

Let me tell you how this ends, Marcus.

Either we lose and Mount Weather kills us all or we win our new friends do.

I thought you had faith.

This is their land, and believing that they'll let us live here happily ever after isn't faith.

It's stupidity.

You're wrong.

It's common sense.

There's enough here for everyone.

We just need to make them see that it's in their interest to share, and that starts today.

(Indistinct conversations)

Kane: All right.

Quiet down.

Indra, please.

Don't worry. My shock baton has got your back.

How about you stick it up your ass instead?

I know we don't have a lot in common, but we do have a common enemy and a common goal.

For us to reach it, to get our people out of Mount Weather, we need to work together...

Kane: Our survival depends on us sharing your knowledge...

Do you got a problem?

I'm sorry, man. I don't speak Grounder.

Mr. Murphy, apologize to that man.

For what?

He was the one who came at me.

Two days' work detail.

Work detail? I just told you, I didn't do...

Care to make it 3?

You're gonna burn just like your friend.


Murphy, back off! Murphy, stop!

Knock it off.


Stop. People, stop!

Quint: This argument is a waste of time.

It is simple. They can't breathe our air.

Why not just open the door and be done with it?

Let them burn.

Burn them. Burn them!

No, because they have a containment system, multiple airlocks just like we had on the Ark.

Our inside man can shut that down.

If he gets inside.

What if we shut it down from the outside?

You say the dam gives them power.

Let's take that away.

That dam withstood a nuclear war, Commander.

I highly doubt...


All she offers is no.


Apologies, Commander, but the biggest army we've ever had waits for us to give it a mission.

The longer that takes, the more of our people die inside that mountain.

It's the same for all of us.

We've lost thousands.

How many have you lost, girl?

She says she has a plan.

I say waiting for one man to get inside is not a very good one.

I agree with Quint.

We have an army. Let's use it.

We will after Bellamy lowers their defenses, turns off the acid fog.

I don't care how many men you have.

If you can't get to your enemy, you can't win.

You are the enemy.

I'm sorry. Have I done something to offend you?

Quint: Yes.

You burned my brother alive in a ring of fire.

He shouldn't have attacked my ship.

You're very brave under the commander's protection, aren't you?

Quint is right.

Waiting for Bellamy is not a plan.

It's a prayer, one that's not likely to be answered.

Excuse me. I need some air.

The mountain has many eyes between here and the tunnels.

From now on, details must be exact.

What if we run into real Reapers?

Won't they wonder where you've been?

All they see is the red.

Once you take it, nothing else matters, just how you'll get more.

How much do you remember from when you were on it?


Turn around.


Not so brave, are you now, Sky Girl?

(Arrow releases)

Ahh! Uh! Uh!

Impressive, aren't they?

What doesn't kill them makes them stronger.


I am.

We're supposed to train together, right?

Only warriors train here.

I saved your life.

And now I'm saving yours.


Oh, Byrne, thank God. Quint...

Save yourself.

Save your bullets for the Grounders.

Jaha: I take it you don't approve.

(Gunshots continue)

I asked you a question.

Who cares what I think?

I do...

Or I wouldn't have asked.

I think the Grounders can go to hell.

I got you off work detail.


You knew my son...

And I'd like you to take me to his grave.

Now that there's a truce, it's safe for me to go and say good-bye.

Well, then you can get someone else to take you.

I'm told the graves are unmarked.

You can show me which is his.

You can hold the mop...

Or you can hold the gun.

(Mop handle clatters)

(Gunshots continue)

Kane: Easy. Control your breathing.

Squeeze the trigger. Don't pull it.

Sir, we got an audience.

Hold your fire.

Keep a solid stance.



Would you like to try?

Kane: I could teach you. Your enemy has guns.

So should you.

It's all right.

I offered.

We don't need your weapons.

Back to training, all of you.

Kane: Guns could keep them alive.

It's like they're afraid of them.

They are.

Legend has it, if a grounder picks up a gun, even to shoot another grounder, Mount Weather will wipe out their entire village.

Can't have your blood supply defending themselves, right?

If we don't arm them, we can't win.

Like hell, we can't.

We don't know enough about these people.

She sure seems to.


For my brother.




Thank you.

Where's your guard?

He killed her.

The kill is yours, Clarke.


What is that?


Aah! Aah! Run!

Aah! Aagh! Ohh!

(Roaring continues)

Uh! Yaah! Aah!


We need to hide. This way. I found something.

(Roaring continues)


Clarke: What is this place?

Lexa: It's her feeding ground.


Let's go.

(Roaring continues)

(Snapping and rustling)



(Thump thump)







Uh! Leave me!

No way.

(Roaring continues)


Ok. Hold on.


Give me your sword.

It's extraordinary, isn't it?

Oh, just give it a few days.

I may not know everything that happened before I got down here, but I do know something about what you're feeling, son.

Don't call me that.

I'm nobody's son.

You made sure of that.

I remember your father.

Yeah, right.

Alex Murphy... convicted of theft of rationed medicine.

He stole it to take care of you.

I remember them all.

We're here... home sweet home.

Graveyard is this way.

(Rain falling)

Come on. Let' do this.



You about done?

We got to be heading back.

How well did you know him?

Well enough to be hung for his murder.

Clarke sugar-coated it for you, didn't she?

What happened to my son?

12-year-old girl stabbed him in the neck with the knife she took from me.

Why would she do that?

She couldn't kill you.


So you got a lot of blood on your hands, Chancellor.

Every single one of them, including your son, would still be alive if you hadn't sent us down here.

If I didn't send you, they would have died on the Ark with the rest of us, and we would have never known that Earth was survivable.

Their sacrifice is why we are here.

Good can come out of even the darkest acts, John.



Camp you is that way.

We'll rest at the dropship for a while.

Suit yourself.

(Warriors shouting)

Time for one more?

Step aside, Sky Girl. We're hungry.

Make me.


Give this girl what she wants.



It's all right.

Let it go.

Let's do this.

Hey, are you gonna give up that easily?

Indra: She wants more, oblige her.

Indra, stop this.



Uh! Uh... ohh!

Uh! Aagh!

Uh! Ugh!




I got you.

Huh? Oh.

I got you.

What are you trying to prove?



What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

You should've left me behind.

Now two will die here instead of one.

I'm still new to your culture, but when someone saves your life, my people say thank you.

I'm serious, Clarke.

To lead well, you must make hard choices.

Hard choices?

You're telling me that?

I've seen your strength... it's true... but now you waver.

You couldn't kill Quint, couldn't leave me to die.

That was weakness.

I thought love was weakness.

Mockery is not the product of a strong mind, Clarke.

You want to know why I saved you?

Because I need you.

God forbid one of your generals becomes commander.

You may be heartless, Lexa, but at least you're smart.

Don't worry.

My spirit will choose much more wisely than that.

Your spirit?

When I die, my spirit will find the next commander.


That's how you became commander.

How are your leaders chosen?



It found us.

Don't be afraid, Clarke.

Death is not the end.

We are not dying here.

I need your spirit to stay where it is.

Then get ready to fight. He's coming in.

Maybe we let it in.

Over here.




(Roaring continues)

Let's go.





What do you want?

You fought like a child today... all aggression, no thought, no defense, always leaving yourself exposed, revealing your next move before each strike.

Ok. I know. I got my ass kicked.

That should make you happy.

It does...

Because you did not give up.

Strength of spirit like that is rare.

It must be guided.

Do you know what a warrior's second is?

An apprentice.

I can make you a great warrior, Octavia of the Sky People, if you're willing to do what it takes to become my second.

What's in it for you?

First lesson... never question me.


I'm in.


We'll start tomorrow.

(hatch opens and closes)

You sure? You must be hungry.

No one gives anything without expecting something in return.

That's a cynical way to go through life, John.

You pull me off work detail. You offer me food.

Why are you being so nice to me?

Everyone deserves a second chance.

That's why we sent the 100 to the Earth in the first place.

What a load of crap.

You didn't give a damn about us.

You still don't.

That's why you're not fighting for those kids in Mount Weather.

I have to think of everyone.

I know you don't want to hear this, but sometimes you have to sacrifice a few to save the many.

Like I said, good can come out of even the darkest acts.

Then you can take it from me that no good has come from any of this.

I was pardoned, slate wiped clean.

I'm still treated like dirt.

You made mistakes.

So have I.

Well, I'm nothing like you, Chancellor.


We both should've died several times over.

We both have suffered at the hands of the Grounders.

We both have been betrayed and imprisoned by our own people.

So there's no place for either of us, then. Great.

Thought you were supposed to be inspiring.

There is a place for all of us.

When I first landed on the Earth, I met a woman who spoke of a place beyond the dead zone, a place where everyone is accepted... a City of Light.

Heh. That sounds like a fairy tale.

Or a second chance.

You don't even know if it's real.

You're right... I don't... but I believe.


Well, that's good for you, Chancellor.

(Pat pat)

Very good.

I'm gonna find it, John...

And once I do, I'm gonna come back and lead my people home.

Why are we stopping?

(Breathing deeply)

You ok?

A soon as they open the intake doors, we attack.

Do not let it close.

Once they're all dead, you go in.

I'll make it look like you escaped.

Once you're inside...

I know.

(Distant conversation)

Another Raider party.

What are you doing?

We have to go back. It's the only way.

Go back? No way.

There's 3, maybe 4.

We can fight our way through.

We'll never get a better chance than this.

I thought I could do this, but I can't.

It's over.

No. It's not.

We can join them.

Listen to me.

When they bring out the red, you grab it, and you run like hell.

The Reapers will go nuts, the Grounders will run, and the Mountain Men have to deal with it.

No one will be looking for a grounder running into the mountain.

I said no!

Rrgh! Fight back.

They'll think I'm trying to escape.

(Both grunting)


Get strong.

Only then will we win this war.

Thank you.

Man: Yeah. Yeah. Let's line up.

Let's line up right here.

Woman: Yeah. Sure.

You did this.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Don't blow it.


The boar put up more of a fight than you.

I see you're making friends.

What do you want from me?

What do you think is gonna happen once we get your friends back?

For now, we have a common goal, but one day, this war is gonna end.

What then?

Just get to the point.

We know so little about them.

You've earned their respect.

I need you to be my eyes and ears.

You're asking me to be a spy?

I'm asking you to look out for your people.

I am.

(People talking indistinctly)

Jaha: We're glad you could make it.

Thank you.

Glad you could make it.

What the hell is this?

We're going to the City of Light.

You're going now?

There's a million ways to die out there.

Well, if it's not your time, nothing can kill you, but if it is your time, it only takes one.


You even have a map?


Then how do you know where you're going?

We don't, but I will not be ruled by fear.

You want to stop being treated like a criminal, then you have to stop thinking that that's all you are.

Take this leap of faith with me, John Murphy, and let me show you there's so much more for you than this.

(Distant roar)

It's ok.

You're safe.

How's your arm?


(Roaring continues)

We should go.

That cage won't hold forever.



I was wrong about you, Clarke.

Your heart shows no sign of weakness.

(Roaring continues)

The cage won't hold.

I think I know how to take Mount Weather.

We've been trying to get inside, but they've already let us in.

What are you talking about?

Your army is already there locked in cages.

We just need someone on the inside to let them out.


You have faith in him?

I do.

I hope your faith is well-placed because if he can't get inside, we can't win.

He will.

Lexa, this is gonna work. Come on.


Stay back, or you won't get your dose.


First dose up.

(Syringe whooshes)


(Syringe whooshes)




(Syringe whooshes)


Come on. Next.

What's the holdup?

(Syringe whooshes)

Harvest them all.

Come on. Let's go.