01x02 - Honor Thy Father


Oliver (voiceover): The day I went missing... was the day I died. Five years in hell forged me into a weapon, which I use to honor a vow I made to my father, who sacrificed his life for mine. In his final moments, he told me the truth... that our family's wealth had been built on the suffering of others. That he failed our city, and that it was up to me to save it and right his wrongs. But to do that without endangering the people closest to me, I have to be someone else. I have to be something else.


Arrow is standing on the roof as men start running at him.

Marcus Redman: Who's that?

Man 2: Where'd he come from?

Arrow fights three men and wins, while three others watch.

Man 3: What's going on here?


Arrow shoots an arrow at one of the three men.

Marcus Redman: Get the chopper back now.

Arrow shoots an arrow at one of the original four men.

Marcus Redman: Who's this guy?

Arrow shoots another man, and then punches him with the bow.

Marcus Redman: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Please, wait, wait!

Arrow backs Marcus Redman against the edge of the building and throws him to the lower roof, on top of the ventilator fan.

(Marcus Redman SCREAMING)

Arrow jumps onto the ventilator fan next to Marcus Redman and kicks open the grate covering the fan. Sparks explode from the fan.

(Marcus Redman GROANING)

Arrow grabs Marcus Redman and forces his head toward the fan.

Marcus Redman: No? No, please! No, please, please!

Arrow: Marcus Redman, you failed this city.

Marcus Redman: Please! No, please, no! Don't hurt me, please!

Arrow: Cell phone, inside pocket, call your partner. Tell him to give those pensioners back their money.

Marcus Redman: Oh, please don't!

Arrow: Do it now.

Marcus Redman: Okay.

Arrow jumps off of the ventilator fan and walks into the camera.


Oliver walks into the sitting room where Moira Queen is sitting on the couch with Walter standing behind the couch and Thea Queen standing next to the couch.

Newscaster (voiceover): Over the past 15 years, Mr. Redman has withdrawn more than 30 million dollars from the plant's account. Mr. Redman claims refunding the Halcyon pension plan has always been his intent. But sources say Redman was coerced by the vigilante.

Sketch of the Arrow appears on the television with the caption reading MYSTERIOUS HOODED VIGILANTE. Oliver extends his arm in disbelief toward the television.

Oliver: This guy gets more air-time than the Kardashians, right?

Thea: Five years on an island and you still know who they are.

Oliver: I've been catching up. It's nice to see how much our culture has improved while I was away.

Moira: No, the city used to be different. People used to feel safe.

Thea: Oh, what's the matter, Mom? Afraid we're gonna be next?

Walter: Do you have any questions about today, Oliver? It's a simple proof-of-life declaration.

Moira stands up and Walter straightens his suit jacket.

Walter: Just read out a brief, prepared statement to the judge, and then your death-in-absentia judgment will be voided.

Oliver: It's fine, Walter, I've been in a courtroom before.

Tommy enters.

Tommy: Four times by my estimate. You know, there was the DUI, the assault on that paparazzi douchebag, stealing that taxi, which was just awesome, by the way, and who could forget peeing on the cop?

Moira: I wish everyone would.

Oliver: I'd hang, but we're headed to court.

Tommy: I know, that's why I'm here. My best friend is getting legally resurrected, I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Oliver (whispering): Right. Okay. (normal volume to Thea) What about you?

Thea: Oh, I think the first four times of you in court was enough for me.

Oliver: Fair enough.

Thea walks out of the room. Diggle enters.

Diggle: Mrs. Queen? Car's ready.

Diggle, Moira, Walter exit.

Tommy: Walter.



Man: Mr. Queen, can we get a comment, sir?

Woman: ...return to civilization after five years on a deserted island.

Man 2: Can you tell us what happened on that island, Mr. Queen?


Oliver and Sara on are thrown from the bed as the boat starts to sink. Sara screams.


Man: Tell us about the accident, Mr. Queen.


Woman: 5 years on an island.


Oliver watches Sara slide away. Oliver reaches for Sara's hand.

Oliver: Sara!




Oliver: There was a storm. The boat went down. I was the only survivor.


The boat is sinking and rain pours from the sky. Oliver, his Father, and another man are on a life raft.

Oliver: She's out there!

Father: She's not there!

Oliver: Sara!


Oliver: My father didn't make it.


Father holds a gun to his head.

Oliver: No!



Oliver: I almost died, I... I thought that I had, because I spent so many days on that life raft before I saw the island.


Oliver (voiceover): When I reached it, I knew...

Oliver crawls onto the island, coughing.

Oliver (voiceover): I knew that I was gonna have to live for both of us.


Oliver: And in those five years, it was that one thought that kept me going.

Lawyer: Your Honor, we move to vitiate the death-in-absentia filed after Oliver's disappearance at sea aboard the Queen's Gamut five years ago. Unfortunately we will not be requesting that the declaration of death filed for the petitioner's father, Robert Queen, be rescinded. The Queen family is only entitled to one miracle, I'm afraid.


Moira: Now, onto the offices. Everyone is waiting to meet you there.

Oliver: Uh, Mom, that was, uh...a little bit heavier than I was expecting it to be. Can we do that tomorrow? Please?

Moira: Of course.

Oliver: Thank you.

Walter and Moira walk away.

Tommy: Last week, you couldn't wait to get to the company.

Oliver: Tommy, I'd just spent five years away from civilization. I wasn't exactly thinking straight.

Oliver and Tommy run into Laurel.

Oliver: I... Hi.

Tommy: Hi.

Laurel: What are you doing here?

Oliver: Oh, they were bringing me back from the dead. Legally speaking. What are you doing here?

Laurel: My job.

Oliver: Right.

Lawyer: More like the D.A.'s.

Oliver extends his hand to Emily, standing to the right of Laurel.

Oliver: Hi, Oliver Queen.

Emily shakes his hand.

Emily: Emily Nocenti.

Laurel: Oliver just got back from five years on an uncharted island. Before that, he was cheating on me with my sister. He was with her when she died. And last week, he told me to stay away from him. It was really good advice. Excuse me.

Laurel walks past Oliver and Tommy.

Emily: It was nice to meet you.

Lawyer: Yeah. Let's go.

They walk past Oliver and Tommy to follow Laurel.

Tommy: Come on, buddy, shake it off. Let's go.


Reporter: Mr. Somers, one question, sir.

Somers: I don't know what I've done to earn this witch-hunt from Miss Lance and her bosses at the CNRI. But I can tell you this. I am an honest businessman, and I will fight this slander to my last dime and breath. That's all I have to say, thank you.


Reporter 2: There's Mr. Queen!


Reporter: Tell us what happened inside, Mr. Queen...

Diggle walks with Oliver and Tommy to the car.

Diggle: Step back everybody, please.

Reporter: Can you give us a couple comments about the island, Mr. Queen? Before you go, sir, please. Couple of comments about the island, sir.

Reporter 2: What happened in there?

Diggle: All right. Everybody step back.

Diggle shoves the reporters away.

Diggle (angrily): Hey man, I'll make you swallow that Nikon! Back!


Diggle and Tommy watch the car leave.

Tommy: This happens to you a lot, doesn't it?

Diggle is obviously frustrated.


Laurel: How much is a life worth? A life of a man, a good man, a stevedore on the docks of the city in which we live.


Somers is standing while two men drag Victor Nocenti toward him.

Laurel (voiceover): A father.


Laurel: A man with a daughter. The plaintiff will prove by a preponderance of evidence that Victor Nocenti learned that his boss, that man sitting right there, Martin Somers, was taking bribes from the Chinese Triads to smuggle drugs into our city.


Laurel (voiceover): And when Victor Nocenti threatened to tell the police,

Man slits Victor's throat. (CHOKING)

Martin Somers had him killed.


Laurel: Mr. Somers is very well-connected, and has friends in the District Attorney's office. Which is why, if Emily Nocenti is to get justice for her father's death, if Martin Somers is to get justice for his crimes, then someone is going to have to do it for them.


Oliver is shirtless, showing all of the scars he had gotten on the island, and starts climbing a thick rope. The camera pans to several green arrowheads on a table.

Oliver (voiceover): Martin Somers. Laurel's targeted the worst of Starling City, so it's no surprise his name is on my father's list.

Camera pans to father's list. Camera pans to Oliver practicing sword skills on metal bars.

Oliver (voiceover): The city's police and the D.A. can't stop him, or won't. Laurel thinks she's the only one willing to bring him to justice. She's wrong.


Somers: You, listen up. The longer this goes on, the more likely the media is gonna crucify me. You shut this trial down, do you understand me?


Man: Yes, sir.





Somers looks around as the light come back on. The two men in the warehouse are lying on the ground, face-down.

Somers: What... What...

Somers is pulled away by a quick rope around the neck.




Camera opens with Somers' upside-down view of the Arrow. Camera flips right side-up.

Arrow: Martin Somers...

Somers: Who the hell are you?

Arrow: ...you've failed this city.

Arrow lodges an arrow in his bow and aims at Somers.

Somers: No! No, no, no, no, no!

Arrow shoots next to Somers.

Arrow: You're gonna testify in that trial. You're gonna confess to having Victor Nocenti killed.

Camera shows upside-down view of the Arrow.

Arrow: There won't be a second warning.

Arrow shoots an arrow that grazes Somers' right cheek.



Camera pans out and Arrow is gone.



Moira: I hired you to protect my son. Now, I'm not a professional bodyguard, but it seems to me that the first requirement would be managing to stay next to the man you're hired to protect.

Diggle: With all due respect, ma'am, I never had a client who didn't want my protection.

Moira: I hired you. That makes me the client. Now where do you think my son is going on these chaperone-less excursions?

Diggle: Ma'am, I truly do not know.

Oliver walks into the room.

Oliver: And he truly doesn't.

Moira: Then perhaps you'd like to share with me, you know, where it is you run off to.


Oliver: I've been alone for five years.

Moira: I know that, Oliver.

Oliver: Mom... Alone.

Moira: I see.

Oliver: I promise to introduce her if it ever gets to the exchanging first names stage...

Moira: No, I'd rather you promised to take Mr. Diggle with you on your next rendezvous. It's not safe, you've already been abducted once. There is a maniac out there, hunting the wealthy.

Oliver: That maniac saved my life.

Moira: This isn't a game. I lost you once. And I am not going through that again.

Oliver: Okay. Dig's my guy.

Moira: Thank you.

Moira walks out of the room, leaving Oliver and Diggle alone.

Oliver: Sorry to give you so much grief.

Diggle: I served three tours in Afghanistan, Mr. Queen. You don't even come close to my definition of "grief." But I tell you what... You ditch me one more time, no one will have to fire me.

Diggle walks away, passing Thea dressed in a red dress.

Oliver: Where you going?

Thea: Uh... Somewhere loud and smoky. And don't bother trying to pickpocket my stash this time, because I'm gonna go get drunk instead.

Oliver: Thea, do you think this is what Dad would want for you?

Thea: Dead people don't want anything. It's one of the benefits of being dead.

Oliver:I was dead. And I wanted a lot.

Thea: Except for your family. You've been home a week, and all you do is avoid Mom, ignore Walter, and judge me.

(Oliver SIGHING)

Thea: Don't wait up.

Thea walks out of the house.


Quentin, Somers, and a group of policemen are in the warehouse. Quentin is pacing.

Quentin: Well, I owe you an apology, Mr. Somers. We come all the way down to your docks, and it turns out, you don't need the police after all.

Somers: Which is exactly what I've been saying.

Quentin: Yeah. So I guess that 9-1-1 call that we got last night from your stevedore, saying that you were getting attacked by a guy in a green hood and a bow and arrow... I-I guess...I guess that, well... Hmm. Was that a practical joke?

Somers: These guys like to fool around.

Quentin: Yeah.

(Quentin SCOFFING)

Quentin: Well, you know, I'd be very much inclined to believe an honest, upstanding businessman like yourself, except, well, one of my men found this at your docks.

Quentin pulls a green arrow out of an evidence bag and shows it to Somers.

Quentin: You see, there's this vigilante running around. He thinks he's some kind of Robin Hood. He's robbing the rich, he's trying to teach them a lesson I guess. I don't know, I don't know. But the point is... the man's a killer. And nothing, and no one, is going to stop me from bringing him down. But like you said...

Quentin sticks the arrows into a slot in the desk. It's a perfect fit. Somers frowns, obviously hiding something.

Quentin: Hmm! ...clearly, nothing happened here last night.

Somers: Isn't this a conflict of interest, Detective? After all, your daughter is suing me.

Quentin: I'm pretty good at keeping my emotions in check.

Somers: I'm not.

Somers stands up and threateningly gets in Quentin's space.

Somers: You and your daughter don't want to find out what I'm capable of when I get emotional.

(Quentin SCOFFS)

(Quentin SIGHING)

Quentin walks and the other policemen walk out. Somers looks nervously at the arrow in his desk.


Walter walks off of the elevator, followed by Moira, Oliver, and Diggle.

Walter: As you can see, Oliver, we've modernized quite a bit.


Oliver: Ooh. Hi.


Moira: Are you enjoying yourself?

Oliver: Yes, I am.

Walter: I remember when your father used to bring you here when you were a boy. You always were so excited.

Oliver: Dad let me drink soda in the office.

Moira: Ah, so that's why you enjoyed coming.


Walter: The Queen Consolidated's success of late is a result of its targeted diversification. We have been making impressive inroads in cutting-edge fields like bio-tech and clean energy.

Oliver: That's neat. (to secretary) Excuse me? Can I get a sparkling water, or something cold, please?

Moira: Sweetheart, Oliver, Walter and I have something to discuss with you. Come, please sit.

Oliver: Mom, it makes me nervous when you ask me to sit down.

Walter: The company's about to break ground on a new site for the Applied Sciences division, and we would like to honor your father by dedicating the building in his name.

Oliver: Nice.

Moira: And we'd like to make an announcement at the dedication that you will be taking a leadership position in the company.

Oliver: No.

Moira: No, your... Your company.

Oliver: No, I don't want to lead anything. Besides, Walter is doing a very good job here.

Moira: You said that you wanted to be a different person. You are Robert Queen's son.

Oliver: I don't need to be reminded of that.

Moira: Well, obviously you do.

Walter: Everyone here understands that this transition is really difficult for you.

Oliver: Thank you, Walter. Which part, though? Everyone fantasizing that I got my MBA while I was on the island? Or the fact that my father's CFO now sleeps down the hall from me?

Moira starts walking away, but turns around and looks at Oliver.

Moira: You know, five years ago, your irresponsibility was somewhat charming. It is a lot less so now.

Moira walks out and Walter goes after her.


Diggle walks out of the building ahead of Oliver to keep him from the press.

Reporter: There he is!



Diggle escorts Oliver through the horde of reporters. They both get into the backseats of a car.

Diggle: The driver will be here in a minute.

Oliver: Okay.

Diggle: You know, I spent the first 27 years of my life in Starling City, and the next five in Afghanistan. You want to know what I learned?

Oliver: There's no place like home?

Diggle: No, just the opposite. Home is a battlefield. Back home, they're all trying to get you. Get you to open up, be somebody you're not sure you are anymore.

Oliver seems to be far away and deep in thought.

Diggle: Or I could be wrong. Maybe after five years alone, you're not as messed up in the head as you have every right to be.


Oliver is lying on the ground.


Oliver: Hey!

Seagulls are swarming around the life raft that had washed onto the shore.

Oliver: Hey, get away!

Oliver starts running toward the raft.

Oliver: Hey!


There is an orange bag holding a body in the raft.

Oliver: Dad?

Oliver kneels by the raft and takes the hand of the dead man. He jumps up and starts throwing up, collapsing on his hands and kneels.


Oliver scrambles back toward his father.

Oliver: Hey! Hey, stay away from him!


Oliver lifts his father's body over his shoulder.


Oliver starts walking away with the body.



Lawyer, Laurel, and Emily are walking together.

Lawyer: Well, we anticipate that Somers' attorney will try and paint you as blinded by grief or looking to make a buck.

Emily: This isn't about the money. I just want justice for my father.

Laurel: Emily, there are a lot of people who don't want this trial to proceed. Dangerous people.

Emily: My mother died when I was a baby, and my father has been the only family I've ever known and they slit his throat. They are going to have to kill me if they want me to give this up.

Laurel: Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Quentin walks into the room with three police officers.

Quentin: And it won't.

Laurel: What's going on?

Quentin: What's going on is that the three of you are getting around-the-clock police protection. Okay? Get used to their faces, because they're going with you everywhere you go. No arguments.

Laurel: I'm a lawyer. I live to argue.

Quentin: I'm your father. I live to keep you safe.

Lawyer: Um, Emily, let's go grab a cup of coffee, okay?

Quentin: Yes, why not do that? Thank you. (to officers) Please, go with them. (to last officer)Stay there.

Laurel: Protective custody? I seem to recall you trying that once I discovered boys. It didn't work then either.

(Quentin SIGHING)

Quentin: This isn't a joke, Laurel. Martin Somers got attacked last night.

Laurel: What?

Quentin: Yeah.

Laurel: By who?

Quentin: It doesn't matter. Point is, you have whipped up a storm with these guys, and until the dust settles you'll be protected, okay? End of discussion.

Laurel: That might have worked when I was eight. But it's not gonna work anymore.

Quentin: End of discussion, Laurel! You're insistent on doing your job. That's great. But this is me doing mine, okay? And not just as a father, but as a cop. These people, they are more dangerous than you are willing to admit. And you've made them angry.


Somers sitting at his desk. Woman walks in wearing red dress.

Somers: Thank you for coming.

Woman: Anything for a friend.

Somers: We're not friends. You smuggle drugs, I let you use my port.

Woman: For which you're paid a lot of money.

Somers: I don't get paid enough to have arrows shot at me. You need to take this guy seriously. He is a bigger threat to your operation than Nocenti ever was.

Woman: Except now it's Nocenti's daughter who's the problem. Unlike your friend with the hood, we know where to find her.

Somers: Don't be an idiot. You take out Emily Nocenti, and Laurel Lance will never let this go. She won't stop until she burns you, me, and then the entire Triad to the ground.

Woman: Then we kill Miss Lance.

Somers looks clearly nervous.


Newscaster: Attorney for shipping magnate, Martin Somers,

Oliver walks into the scene. His shirt is off, showing the scars in his back, sides, and arms.

Newscaster: has confirmed his client has no intention of testifying, maintaining his innocence in the wrongful death of Victor Nocenti. Nocenti's body was found four weeks ago. We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Thea walks into the room and sees Oliver's scars as he puts a shirt on.

Thea: Wait, how did you get those?

(Oliver SIGHING)

Oliver (frustrated): Don't you knock?

Thea pulls back his shirt to get a better look at his scars. Oliver frowns at his sister's insistent behavior.

Thea: No, wait... Mom said that there were scars, but... I-I'm... Oliver, what happened to you out there?

Oliver: I don't want to talk about it.

Oliver closes and buttons his shirt.


Thea: Of course you don't. You never want to talk to me about anything. Except for my social life.

Thea starts walking out. Oliver turns to her.

Oliver: Wait! Where are you going?

Thea: Why should I tell you?

Oliver: I'm sorry, Thea. I need to get better at talking about what happened to me there. But I'm not ready yet. Okay?

Thea: Do you have a second?

Oliver: Yeah.

Thea: Good. I wanna show you something out back.


Thea and Oliver walking with the mansion in the background.

Thea: Sometimes, when I felt... Whatever... I'd come here.

Camera shows two gravestones. One says: ROBERT QUEEN 1958-2007 A leader, a husband Thea kneels in front of the gravestone and starts dusting off the bottom.

Thea: About a month after the funerals, Mom stopped going out. Pretty soon, she stopped talking altogether.

Oliver looks at the stones and Thea stands.

Thea: The house got so quiet, so I'd come here. To talk to you.

Thea points to the other gravestone. The stone says: OLIVER QUEEN 1985-2007 A loving son and brother, whose light was dimmed far too soon.

Thea: I mean, stupid stuff. Like what I was doing that day, what boy I had a crush on... And then sometimes, I'd ask you, beg you, to find your way home to me. Now, here you are. And the truth is, I felt closer to you when you were dead. Look, I know it was hell where you were. But it was hell here too. You gotta let me in, Ollie. You gotta let someone in.

Thea walks away. Camera shows Oliver's gravestone again.


Laurel is sitting in a chair, leaning over her laptop.




Laurel answers the door and sees Oliver. She isn't happy.

Oliver: Hi. Are you okay? There are two cop cars outside.

Laurel: How am I supposed to stay away from you if you won't stay away from me?

Oliver: I...

Laurel: What are you doing here, Ollie?

Oliver: My sister took... She pointed out to me that I have been distant since I got back and that... It would probably be a good idea if I let somebody in.

Laurel: So, you thought you'd start with the first person you pushed away.

Oliver: I did that to protect you. And then I saw you yesterday, and I realized that I hurt you.

(Laurel SIGHING)

Laurel steps aside, letting Oliver into her apartment.

Oliver: Thank you.

They walk around the apartment.

Oliver: Wow. This place hasn't changed in five years. (CHUCKLING)

Laurel (frustrated): I haven't really had time to redecorate.

Oliver: I'm a jerk. Before the island, I was a jerk. And now I'm just a... I'm a damaged jerk.

Laurel: What's in the bag?

Oliver swings the brown paper bag in his hand.

Oliver: I thought about many things on the island, but there was one thing that I thought about every day. I actually dreamed about it, and I promised myself that if I ever got a chance to do it again, I'd do it with you.

Oliver holds up a tub of ice cream.

Oliver: Eat ice cream.

Oliver sits on the floor and Laurel sits on her couch eating ice cream. He puts the ice cream on the table.

Oliver: This is as good as I remember. My mother wants me to join the company.

Laurel smirks.

Oliver: Yeah. Take my rightful place.

Laurel: I can't exactly picture you as master of the universe.

Oliver: You know, after five years, I have plans. I have things that I have to do. I can't do that if I'm... I don't know... Attending board meetings and stockholder briefings.

Laurel: Oliver? You're an adult. You can say no.

Oliver: Oh, I tried. Didn't take.

Laurel: Well, then don't tell her. Show her. Be the person that you want her to see you as. Trust me. I have plenty of experience with disapproving parents.

Oliver: I have been on the receiving end of your father's disapproval.

Laurel: He blames himself more than he blames you. He thinks that, you know, maybe if he and Sara were closer, she would have told him about the boat trip. And he could have stopped her from going with you.

Oliver: I am sorry.

Laurel: You apologized already.

Oliver: And it'll never be enough.


Oliver: Did you hear that?

Laurel: What?


Oliver takes a butter knife and stands up.

Oliver: There's someone on the fire escape.

Laurel: Wh-What?

Oliver grabs Laurel's hand and starts running with her.

Oliver: Hey, come on... Come on!

They run toward the door and a man breaks through the door with a machine gun into Laurel's apartment. Oliver pulls Laurel the other way.



Another man crashes in through Laurel's bedroom window.


The woman from the warehouse enters and puts her fists up for a fight.



One of the men with guns is shot. The woman runs. Diggle enters and shoots another man. The woman knocks the gun from Diggle's hands and they fight.


Oliver is struggling with whether or not to help or keep his skills secret. Oliver leaves Laurel and runs into the kitchen for a knife. The woman pins Diggle and raises her hand to stab him. Oliver throws his knife and knocks the woman's knife away. The woman gets up and runs out of the apartment.

Laurel runs into Oliver's arms. Diggle stands and gets his gun.

Diggle: Are you hurt?

Oliver: No.

Diggle (yelling): Are you hurt, Mr. Queen?

Oliver: No! No.

Diggle: This is why it's a good idea to have a bodyguard.


Oliver (softly): Hey, you okay?



Several cops and medics are in the apartment. Diggle, Laurel and Oliver stand watching. Quentin walks in. Quentin and Laurel hug.

Laurel: Daddy!

Quentin: Oh, thank God. Thank God. Are you all right?

Laurel: I'm okay. Those cops that you put on me...

(Quentin SIGHING)

Quentin: They...

Diggle: I went outside to ask for a light, and they were both dead in the squad car.

Laurel covers her mouth in tears.

Quentin: It's okay. Mr. Diggle, thank you. Feel free to run as many red lights in the city as you want.

Diggle: I was just doing my job, sir.

Quentin: No, your job is protecting him. (to Oliver) It seems like whenever you're with one of my daughters, people die. You stay away from Laurel, or I swear the next time you disappear, it will be permanent.

Laurel: Dad!

Quentin: No, Laurel...

Oliver: It's okay. I understand.

Quentin: Yeah. Laurel.


Oliver tosses a towel to Diggle and starts walking away. Diggle stands and walks after Oliver.

Oliver: I'd say thank you, but I don't think that would cover it.

Diggle: Well, like I told your cop friend, I was just doing my job. Besides, I think it should be you that I'm thanking.

Oliver stops and turns around with a fake confused look.

Oliver: What for?

Diggle: The knife.

Oliver: The knife. I got lucky.

Diggle: That was a kitchen knife. It wasn't even weighted properly, yet you threw it with accuracy across a 10-foot room.

Oliver: Exactly. I got lucky.

Diggle: I'm not the kind of man you want to take for a fool, Mr. Queen. You understand me?

Oliver: Yes.

Diggle: And I think I'm just beginning to understand the kind of man you are.

Oliver: Shouldn't take you very long. I'm shallow. And very tired, so... Good night.

Diggle (smirking): Good night, sir.


Oliver is dressed as Arrow in his warehouse. He is putting on his gloves.

Oliver (voiceover): I wanted to give Martin Somers the chance to confess and face a court's justice, but he chose to go after someone I care about instead.

Arrow puts on his belt and quiver. Arrow flips on his hood.

Oliver: He's still going to face justice.

Arrow opens a crate and takes out his bow.

Oliver: It'll just be a different kind.


Somers is packing files with another man in the room.

Somers: Triad bitch screwed up the hit on Lance. Now, the Triad is gonna erase every ounce of evidence of their smuggling operation, including me. Except that's not gonna happen. Tell Wallace to get the boat ready. I'm leaving tonight.

Man (on radio): Wallace? Wallace, you copy? Wallace?

Arrow (on radio): Wallace isn't here. But I am.

Somers: We need to move, now. Move!

Man: Sir, we've got six men up there.

Somers: It's not enough. Move it!


Quentin: You're gonna go back into that courtroom tomorrow, and you're gonna recuse yourself from this case, all right? Or drop it. Either way, you're done.

Laurel: If you think I'm gonna abandon Emily Nocenti, then you don't know me all that well.

Quentin: You don't know me well, young lady. I will lock you in a cell if that's what it takes.

Laurel stands up.

Laurel: Well, I guess that's what it's gonna take then.

Quentin: Damn it, Laurel! I thought after what happened with Sara, you'd stop being just so reckless.

Laurel: It's not about being reckless! It's just the opposite. I'm trying to make this city safer, just like you.

Quentin: Sweetie. You're my only daughter, Laurel. You're all I have left to live for.

Laurel: But what you want from me isn't living. Having cops around, not being able to do my job.

Quentin: Your job is not going after people like the Triad or Somers.

Laurel: My job is to use the law to fight for what is right. Just like you taught me.

Quentin: Well, that's dirty: using me against me. You can't do that.

Laurel: Well... Maybe I picked that up along the way, too.

(Quentin LAUGHS)


Quentin (into phone): Lance.

Man on phone: Sir, we got a report from the warfside, Somers Imports.

Quentin: I'll be right there. (hangs up phone) I gotta go. Something's going on at the docks.



Arrow shoots an arrow into a man. He jumps along the high metal beams and jumped to the ground, crouching. Arrow shoots another man. A third man rounds the corner with a machine gun and Arrow jumps over the side of a fence in the warehouse. Arrow shoots another man and runs toward a fifth, shooting him. He runs down stairs and nocks another arrow. He shoots another man, who falls off of a ledge.

Arrow sees Somers run into a different warehouse.

Arrow: Somers!


(Somers PANTING)

Arrow enters the warehouse.

(Somers YELLING)

Arrow shoots an arrow into a wooden crate next to Somers' head.



Somers (yelling): Oh, God, no, no, no.

Arrow: He can't help you.

Arrow shoots another arrow onto the other side of Somers' head.

Arrow (yelling[i]): I want the truth about Victor Nocenti.

Somers ([i]stuttering): I can't. The Triad will kill me.

Arrow: The Triad's not your concern right now.

Arrow shoots another arrow between Somers' legs.


Somers: All right, all right, all right. (shakily) It wasn't me that killed him. It was the Triad.

Arrow: Acting on whose instructions?

Arrow shoots again above Somers' head.


Arrow (yelling): Whose?

Somers: All right, all right. It was mine. It was mine, all right? Nocenti said he was gonna testify against me.

Arrow turns around and sees the Woman that attacked in Laurel's apartment.

Woman (in foreign language): Move away from him.

Arrow (in same foreign language): Make me.

Arrow and the Woman fight. They both are very skilled.



Woman knocks Arrow to the ground.

Policeman (over megaphone): This is the police. Drop your weapons.

Arrow and the Woman run in opposite directions.

Policeman (over megaphone): You are surrounded. Come out with your hands in the air.

Arrow runs outside and climbs over a storage unit. He starts to run and stops at the click of a gun.

Quentin (pointing gun): Freeze! You twitch and you're dead. Bow down, hands up.

Arrow grabs an arrow from his leg sheath and throws it at Quentin. Quentin drops his gun.



Quentin stumbles back and looks around to see no trace of the Arrow, other than a blinking arrow holding his gun to the storage unit. Quentin presses a button on the blinking arrow.



Somers: All right, all right. It was mine. It was mine, all right? Nocenti said he was gonna testify against me.

Quentin (looking around): You son of a bitch.



Arrow puts his bow away.

Oliver (voiceover): Laurel was right. I can't be the Oliver my mother wants me to be and still keep the promise I made to my father.

Arrow starts taking off his outfit.

Oliver (voiceover): I have to be the person I need them to see me as.


Tommy: Oh! Excuse me, ladies. (walking up to Laurel) Okay, this is a surprise. Did you show up here by mistake?

Laure: By invitation. Oliver invited me last night.

Tommy: Last night?

Laurel: Is that surprise or jealousy I'm hearing?

Tommy: Look, I just don't want him to find out anything, okay? Oliver has been through a lot.

Laurel: Tommy, we've all been through a lot.

Walter: Good afternoon. And thank you all for coming. Welcome to the future site of the Robert Queen Memorial Applied Sciences Center.

Everyone applauds.

Walter: Now, this is a building that will stand as a monument to the man whose company and vision are his greatest legacies.

Oliver: Whoa! Whoa!

Oliver walks over and takes a drink of champagne.

Oliver: What about me? Right? I'm a legacy. Hey! Thanks for warming them up, Walt. (grunts and gets onto stage) All right. Ow! Fine, fine shovel. I got it.

Oliver takes the shovel from Walter and almost drops it.

Oliver: Whoa! Ow!

Woman: He must be drunk.

Oliver (whispering): I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I got it. I got it.

Oliver leans into the microphone.

Oliver: Some of you may not know me. My name is Oliver Queen. Watch some television, read a newspaper, I'm kind of famous right now. Mostly, though, I'm famous because I'm Robert Queen's son. Uh, but as Walter, who's my new dad... Huh? Who is... Sorry. As Walter was saying, I'm not much of a legacy, per se.

Walter: Oliver, you don't have to do this.

Oliver: No, sit. Sit! Gosh. See, I was supposed to come here today, and I'm supposed to take my rightful place at the company. Prodigal son returns home and becomes the heir apparent. But I'm not my father. I'm not the man he was. I'm not half the man he was. I never will be. So, please, stop asking me to be.

Oliver sticks shovel into dirt and walks off stage. Thea watches in shock and Moira puts her head down. Diggle follows Oliver away.



Laurel, Emily Nocenti, and Lawyer watch the news report.

Newscaster: Martin Somers, the CEO of Starling Port, was arrested last night for the murder of Victor Nocenti. He is also being accused of accepting cash, including over $10 million in bribes.

Lawyer turns off TV.

Lawyer: Well, we can pursue the civil suit if you want, but the D.A. now has no choice, with Mr. Somers' confession, to prosecute him.

Laurel: He's going to jail, Emily. For the rest of his life.

Emily Nocenti: Thank you so much for fighting for us.

Laurel: Well, thank you for being brave enough to let me.

Emily Nocenti walks away and Quentin enters.

Quentin: Hey.

Laurel: I thought I didn't need police protection anymore.

Quentin: I thought I didn't need a reason to see my own daughter.

Laurel: You don't. Hmm. You look tired.

Quentin: Yeah, I was filling out reports on the shootout at the port last night and getting grilled about how I let that archer get away.

Laurel: I have to admit, I'm kind of glad he did. He brought down Martin Somers.

Quentin: He hurt a bunch of people doing it, okay? He is no hero. He is an anarchist.

Laurel: Yeah, well, whoever he is, it seems like he's trying to help.

Quentin: The city doesn't need that kind of help, okay? It's like I always told you, you don't need to go outside the law to find justice. Now I believe that. All right? And I promise you, when I catch this guy, (voiceover) he's gonna believe it, too.


Oliver sits at his desk with his father's book. He crosses off "Martin Somers."


Oliver carries his dad's body over rocks.



He lays his dad's body on the ground and sees the book in his dad's pocket. He opens the book to see blank pages, aside from a circular design on the inside of the front cover.



A limo pulls up next to a silver car. Moira gets out of the car and into the limo.

Moira: Well, you saw for yourself. My son knows nothing. Robert didn't tell him anything that could hurt us. And he has no idea that the yacht was sabotaged.

Camera shows the other person holding a book with the same circular design.


Oliver looking at gravestones with two workers behind him and Diggle standing by the car. Oliver kneels in front of his father's stone with the book in hand.

Oliver: All that time on the island, plotting my return, I didn't realize how hard it would be. To reconnect with Mom, Thea, Laurel. Okay, I didn't... I didn't know how painful it would be to keep my secrets. You asked me to save the city. To right your wrongs. I will. I swear. But to do that, I can't be the Oliver that everyone wants me to be, which means that sometimes... To honor your wishes... I need to dishonor your memory. I'm sorry.

Oliver stands and sighs, walking toward the car.

Oliver: Take it down.

The workers walk toward the gravestones.

Diggle: Will you be going out tonight, sir?

Oliver: Definitely.


Oliver picks up a rock and puts it on the grave he made for his father.


A handmade arrow goes through Oliver's right shoulder.



Oliver looks around and sees someone in a green hood standing on the rocks by the water. The person puts another arrow on their bow and aims.

Oliver: No, no...