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01x06 - Legacies
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My name is Oliver Queen. For 5 years, I was stranded on an island with only one goal-- survive.

Oliver Queen is alive.

Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish...

Make it home.

Right my wrongs.


To use the list of names he left me and bring down those who are poisoning my city. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become... something else.

As Kanye says, get 'em high!


You better move! Move!

Nobody lift their head, nobody gets hurt.

Get down!

Get on the floor right now!


You can't jackhammer into the safe.

It's too thick.

Shut up!

We're through!

3 minutes.

Make it 2!

[Whispering] Are you trying to get us killed?

Don't worry.

I'm a cop.

Please don't do anything.

I don't want to die.



What the hell's going on?

He was a freakin' cop.

Enough throwing shots.

[Siren] you hear that?

Someone triggered the alarm!


That's it. Let's go.

Starling City police department.

Lay down your weapons and come out with your hands up.

Everybody keep down!

Nobody lifts their head, nobody gets hurt.

You stay down!

Hold your fire.

These are hostages.

You take the hostages.

All units, move in!

Move in!

Come here. You shot a cop.

This is not how we do things.

Me getting killed isn't how we do things, either, is it?

Is it?

Get in the van!

Anchor the rear hand, Diggle. Come on.


Uhh! Uhh!

Variable acceleration.

Most fighters work at the same pace.

You switch it up, you throw your opponent off his game.

[Groans] That was nice.

Where'd you learn that?

His name's Yao Fei.

He give you those scars?

One of them.

And the others?

You know, one of these days you're gonna be straight with me about what really happened on that island.



But not today.

Still some pretty sweet moves.

Yep. Tonight I'm gonna use them on him.

Scott Morgan runs water and power in the Glades.

Jacks up the prices when people can't pay, shuts them down even in the dead of winter.

Which is at least a month away.

Look at this.

These guys started at Keystone 3 years ago, then began moving west, hitting banks along the way.

This morning they hit Starling City Trust.

Shot an off-duty cop.

He's in a coma and the doctors are saying it's a coin toss whether he'll make it.

If he's a cop, SCPD will be all over it.

Overwhelmed? Underfunded?

Listen, these guys don't hit one time.

They hit 2 or 3 banks per city, which means right now they're planning their next job.

I think you have the wrong impression about what it is I do.

You take out bad guys with a bow and arrow.

I don't fight street crime.

That's a symptom of what's wrong with this city.

I'm trying to cure the disease.

CEOs and crooked entrepreneurs. I get it.

Listen, Oliver, I'm just saying, maybe you can make a difference if you think beyond the scope of those pages.

I'm sure your father wouldn't mind.

No, you don't get it.

My father died so that I could live.

Live and make a difference by fixing the city that he and the people in this book ruined.

Every name that I cross off this list honors that sacrifice.

There's more than one way to save this city.

Not for me.

Crime happens in this city every day.

What do you want me to do, stop all of it?

It sounds like you have a narrow definition of being a hero.

I'm not a hero.

[Gasps] Dad?

Season 1 Episode 06
Original Air Date on November 14, 2012

Please tell me that this is a nightmare and I'm about to wake up.

How can Stagg Industries pull out completely?

They're our largest donor.

It's like they say--

"It's the economy, stupid."

No, it's the stupid economy.

Ok, without Stagg, how long can CNRI keep the doors open?

It depends.

What time you got?

I have fiesta time.

Or is it siesta time?

Which one means a party and which one means a nap?

Tommy, as much as I would love to relive intro to Spanish with you, today is not a good day.

Of course not. Working in this tiny brick office is intolerable.

Now, you know where is a spectacular place to spend the day?

Coast City. Here's what I am thinking.

Sunset flight on my private plane, dinner at Broome's, I'll have you home by midnight.

Or maybe in the morning.

What is this?

This is what we talked about.

This is you getting to know the real me.

Tommy, so you don't misunderstand, CNRI just lost its largest single donor.

Which means all of the hard work and sacrifices that I have made to help this legal clinic survive, it may have been for nothing.

Maybe another time.


I mean, haven't you noticed she's been acting a little down lately?

What am I saying?

Of course you haven't.

Well, who are you to judge?

Since when do you pay attention to how mom's feeling?

Since our stepfather suddenly decided to take a business trip halfway across the world.

I think when someone at Walter's pay grade takes a business trip, it's always sudden, Thea.

I wouldn't worry.

Ah, guess who I just hung up with.

Janice Bowen.

Carter's mother.

Both: Oh.


Carter Bowen.

The perfect son.

Is he perfect?

According to you.

Carter Bowen just won the national chess championship.

Carter Bowen is anchoring the debate team.

I'm sure I didn't make that big of a fuss.

Oliver, Carter just got accepted into Harvard and Princeton.

Well, that's because Carter got a perfect score on his SATs.

Now, how did he manage to study and cure cancer?

All right, all right, all right. I get it. I get it.

Well, they're coming for brunch and I expect you to be there.

I have plans.

That's fine.

Brunch is tomorrow.

Hmm. Inches from a clean getaway.

Well, you, too, Thea.


Nobody says that anymore.

What? Mom.


I can't actually go.

I haven't seen the Bowens in years.

So whatever it is that you have planned, I'm sure the two of you can make the sacrifice just this once.

We'll be there.

I hate you.

[Cell phone vibrating]


You know your friend Scott Morgan from your father's list?

He tried to kill himself.

Maybe he was afraid of getting a visit from you.

How fast can you make it to Starling General?

On my way.

Hey, just the man I wanted to see.

I just picked up a new sports car, and I'm thinking we can open her up, pick up a few speeding tickets--

That sounds great, but something's come up. I gotta jet.

Oh. Uh, okay.

Nice talk. Thanks.

He moves fast, doesn't he?

It's ironic, really, since you're the one we call speedy.

Oh, please.

For the love of God.

But if you need somebody to talk to, I'm here.

You know, maybe you could help.

There's this girl that I'm interested in.

And I am really not sure how to pursue it.

Have you tried using your usual lines?

Hi, my name is Tommy Merlyn and I'm a billionaire, but I don't look like Warren Buffet.

Yeah. She is aware of that, and she doesn't care.

You know, money really isn't a big deal to her.

Why don't you just tell her how you feel?

Well, I've--I--

I've known her for a long time, and I'm not sure the direct approach is really the right way to go.

Maybe you just have to figure out what's a big deal to her and make it a big deal to you.


You are amazing.

Love you.

You sure?

Scott Morgan doesn't seem like the type who would try to kill himself.

True, but it's the best lie I could come up with on short notice.

Mr. Diggle, I can't thank you enough for arranging to move my husband from County Ward to Starling General.

Now I know he's getting the best care available.

You really should be thanking this man, Oliver Queen.

He's paying the bill.

Jana's husband Stan is a police officer, who happened to have been making a deposit at Starling Trust Bank.

The bank that was robbed.

I was so sorry to hear about your husband.

Is he gonna be okay?

The doctors say the next 24 hours are crucial.

He should have just kept his head down, you know?

I've known a few police officers in my day.

Always willing to help others even if that means putting themselves at risk.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

You lied to me.

You asked me to work with you, not for you.

And when you did, you said it was because you understand the kind of man I am.

Well, Oliver, I'm the kind of man who doesn't walk away when there's a chance to make a difference.

And neither does Stan Washington.

Oliver, I'm not finished talking.

Where are you going?

To go make a difference.

Let's catch some bank robbers.

See that guy right there?

He's got a temper.

And he shot Officer Washington.

That's right.

College ring.

Or high school, more likely.

That ring will get us an I.D.

Yeah, but even with photo enhancement, you're gonna have a problem getting a clear shot of that ring.

No, but it left an impression the police would have photographed.

It'll be in evidence lockup.

Please tell me you're not going where I think you're going.

Diggle, why do you even ask?

Are you kidding me?

I don't want to hear this.

Don't tell me about red tape.

One of our own's been shot.

Tell them to find themselves a pair of scissors.

So, where are you gonna take me today?

Monte Carlo?

Actually, I was just telling Jo here that the Merlyn Global Group is looking to expand its local philanthropy, and I thought that we could start by sponsoring a benefit for CNRI.

Thank you, Tommy, but I think we can manage without your family's finances.

Laurel, a word?

Come on.

What are you doing?

He's not interested in throwing us a fundraiser.

What he wants to have is the first annual attempt to get back into my pants gala.

Who cares why he's doing it?

We need the money.

Not like that we don't.

We really do. So you're gonna listen to your best friend's advice.

You are gonna go over there and say, "Thank you, Tommy, we'd be honored if you'd throw us a fundraiser." Hmm?

Thank you, Tommy.

We would be honored for you to throw us a fundraiser.

The bank manager Ace punched, his ring left a mark.

Larchmont High.

High school.

I cross-referenced his height and relative age with a list of students and alumni.

Still, that's a pretty long list.

It was. I dug a little deeper and found Kyle Reston.

Right before Kyle's senior year, not only did he drop out, he dropped off the grid.

Along with his family-- father, mother, younger brother.

There are two other guys involved in this robbery.

And a woman.

Aside from Stan Washington, there were 22 customers and employees that came out of the bank.

9 men, 13 women.

Inside the bank, 9 men, 14 women.

They put a ringer in.

The mom. The police are looking for a crew, we're gonna look for a family.

Speaking of which, I'm incredibly late for mine.

Well, I'm sorry Walter couldn't join us.

Oh, yes, well, the Australian trip came up suddenly.

He sends his apologies.

Where's Oliver?

He's not out of town, too, is he?

Oh, I'm sure he's just--

Stuck in traffic.

One of the things I didn't miss on the island--

Sunday drivers.

Sorry I'm late.

Thank God you're here.

It is so good to see you.

Mm. We all thought you were--

Oh, well, we are just happy he's home.

Hmm. And returning a celebrity, too.

How do you mean?

Billionaire scion, castaway for 5 years.

You know, there is a bidding war for the rights to your life story.

At least that's what my agent says.

Agent? I thought you were a neurosurgeon, Carter.

I know.

It's crazy, right?

One minute I'm publishing this book on how long-term potentiation initiates the creation of a slow-moving protein synthesis, and the next, there's an agent trying to make me the next Dr. Oz.

Why would he want you to be a wizard?


Oh, Oliver.

For all our sakes, start ready "Us Weekly."

Well, the truth is, I just feel it's our duty as Starling City's more fortunate to help those most in need.

Oh, of course.

Wouldn't you agree, Oliver?

You're the hero, Carter.

Quick and clean, and try not to shoot anybody.

So now that you're back, what are your plans?

Will you be taking a job with Queen Consolidated?

I'm opening a night club.


Sir, your liquor distributor's on the line.

First Bank of Starling was hit two minutes ago.

Sorry. Business.

If the Restons' M.O. holds, they'll make their escape underground.

First Bank of Starling is located right above the water treatment tunnels.

The entrance is located here.


Where are you going?

Something's come up.

I'm really sorry.


SCPD! Don't move!

Enough! What are you doing?!

Let's get out of here!

Forget it!

The cash!

Let's go!

All right, let's move!

It's vigilante.

Who the hell was that guy?

The local vigilante.

Usually goes after rich guys.

Well, clearly he's branching out.

Things have gone sideways for us lately.

That hood guy showing up, Kyle shooting a cop.

You were the one who warned me he was a cop.

So you would take his gun, not shoot him.

Your mother has a point.

Maybe this is a sign we need to hang it up.

Head for Mexico, retire.

We don't have enough.

We always said that we wouldn't quit until we had enough to set ourselves up.

The kid's right.

We need to hit another.

We'll be okay. We can make do with what we've got.

I didn't spend 5 years risking my life and my freedom to just be okay.

No. Set for life.

That was our deal.


One more.

And then we're out.

I should add "personal Internet researcher for Oliver Queen" to my job title.

Happily, I mean.

His name is Derek Reston.

We were close before I... went away.

And I want to get back in touch.

I guess you didn't have Facebook on that island.

Nope. Not even a MySpace account.

It was a very dark time.

Well, there's not much here that's recent.

No credit activity.

No utility bills.

Well, I guess you guys must have met at the factory.


What--what factory?

The Queen Steel Factory.

Derek Reston worked there for 15 years until it shut down in '07.

Derek Reston worked for my father?

You weren't really close friends, huh?

It looks like Derek was the factory foreman until your dad outsourced production to China.

About 1,500 employees got laid off.

Looks like the finance guys even found a loophole in the union contract, so, they didn't have to pay severance packages and pensions to their employees.

They all pretty much lost their homes.

Including your friend.

You died.

I asked you, I begged you to survive.

But I don't think you can.

There's still one bullet left.

But, Oliver, my death is made meaningless by yours.

I'm starving.

I'm gonna die anyway, and I just want it to be quick.

I want it to be quick, like yours was.

You can survive this.

No, I can't.

I'm not as strong as you think I am.

And I'm sorry.


The Restons just got home after 5 years of being away.

Those factory guys hung out at a bar after work.

I'm going down there.

Hopefully Derek Reston wants to take a stroll down memory lane.

And if by some miracle Reston's there?

I'm gonna give him the chance to do the right thing.

Oliver, he already had his chance to do the right thing.

It's called not being a criminal.

This is happening because of my father.

Because of my family.

No. You're worried about the wrong thing.

It's not your fault.

The Restons aren't the victims.

My family stole from this city.

They hurt the people in it.

And I am hell-bent on making that right.

For Derek Reston, that means giving him the chance to make it right.

Hey, don't fade on me now.

We have about 10,000 more decisions to make.

Now, cake-- chocolate or mocha?


Are you sure about that?

Because Bugs Bunny hasn't RSVP'd yet.

Tell me, why the full-court press?

Asking me to Coast City, the fundraiser-- why now?

You know, I was in a bar last week, and I was talking to this girl, and things were progressing, if you know what I mean.

No. You're too subtle.

Anyway, we finally go back to her place, and I realize all of a sudden--

[clears throat]

That I'd been there before.

Been with her before.

Two years ago.

Just... didn't remember.

So I left.

You know, I remember some of the mornings when you and I were together and I made you omelets.

And I'd be in your kitchen and I would think to myself, this isn't just fun.

This is more than fun.

This is... this is different.

I never felt that way with anybody else.

And I miss it.

Not mocha. Carrot.


♪ imagination ♪


Ok, fellas.

Thanks for playing.

Ahem. Mind if I sit in?

Oliver Queen.

The prodigal son returns.

I didn't figure you for someone who would hang out in the Glades.

My father used to bring me here after we visited the factory.

There was a Pac-man machine in the back.

I had the high score for two months.

The last time I saw your dad, he was making a speech, telling my crew not to believe all the gossip, that there was no way Queen Consolidated was moving production to China.

A week later, they closed the doors.

I didn't even get the two weeks vacation pay due to me.

My father made mistakes.

He hurt people.

When people are hurt, people are in trouble, they tend to make the wrong choices.

Right, Derek?

But those choices don't have to define you, they don't have to define who your family will be, because there's always one moment when you can turn it all around.

If my father had another chance...

♪ ...imagination I think he'd do things differently.

But... time ran out for him.

How poetic.

That doesn't help me get my house back, now, does it?

No, it doesn't.

No, all I can offer you is an apology and a job.

Queen Consolidated has subsidiaries all over the country.

I make one phone call, you start next week.

So what do you say?

How about I still have some pride left?

I don't need charity from the son of the man who screwed me over.


If you change your mind...

You and I have one thing in common.

We're both dealing with the consequences of our fathers' actions.

What he did then, that's on him.

What we do now, that's on us.

I've been thinking, baby, maybe you were right.

Maybe it's time to hang it up, retire.

But Kyle says we do one more or he'll go out on his own.

Well, if that's what he wants to do, that's his right, but you and me and Teddy, we're out.

I want to quit, too, but I am not leaving without Kyle.

What's this?

I dropped a bug in Derek Reston's jacket.

I thought you were going to give the man a second chance.

That's what I believe in.

I also believe in covering all my bases.

Derek, we can't abandon our son.

After all this time, we wants to end up a winner.

Set for life.

Otherwise what was the point?

All right.

One more.

Now what?

We take them down.

♪ You and I go hard at each other ♪
♪ like we...

Monitor the Restons with this.

When you get a line on their plans, we move.

And you're gonna do another abrupt exit?

I'm getting better at it with practice.

[Song continues, indistinct]

Honey, keep the alcohol flowing.

I can't--wow.

You look just really lovely.


Well, it's nice that you've extended your vocabulary from words like hot and mega hot.

You can just say thank you, you know.

Thank you.

You know?

You're welcome.

♪ Well, I cross my heart and I hope to die... ♪


This is wonderful.

It means the world to us.

Oh, God. Excuse me, just for a second.

Excuse me.


You were right.

Thank you for coming.

Thank you for inviting me.

Well, I figured the entire Queen family and their checkbooks should be present.

Oh, right. And how is that going for you so far?

It is going amazing.

And all thanks to you.

Thea Queen, the unlikely voice of reason.

Little old me?

What did I do?

You gave me that great advice.

I thought about what the girl was interested in, and, uh...

And you did this for Laurel.

And it's working.

Thanks again, sweetie.



♪ So I cross my heart and I hope to die ♪
♪ yeah ♪
♪ then I'll only stay with you one more night ♪

Oh, Tommy, do you remember Carter Bowen from high school?

Oh, yeah, sure I do.

So glad you could make it.

It's so great to see you.

You look amazing.

I gotta say I'm so impressed with the work that you and CNRI are doing.

Thanks, Carter.

You know, I've actually been thinking about starting a free clinic down here in the Glades.


Can we grab a couple drinks and I'll tell you what I'm thinking.

That sounds great.

♪ But I'll only stay with you one more night ♪

[Indistinct conversation]

[New song starts]


Excuse me.

Well. I'm surprised you made it tonight, given your hectic schedule.

Mom, I messed up with the Bowens yesterday.

I made you a promise.

I couldn't keep it.

Well, it's nothing new for you, Oliver.

I know you and I have had our difficulties, but despite all my many mistakes, I always thought that you and I had a connection.

So can you imagine...

Just imagine, after being granted the miracle of having my child returned to me...

That you seem to have little or no interest in being with me or telling me the truth.


Redwood United Bank.

Gonna try a nighttime hit.

I have to go.

I'm sorry.

No, don't bother apologizing.

Honestly, Oliver, there are times when I wonder why you bother coming home at all.

3 minutes.



You hear that?

I'll check it out.


Kyle Reston.

I came prepared.




[Distant siren]

It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.


[Cocks rifle]

No, hey, I got this.

Drop your weapon!




Call an ambulance. Now!


Kyle! Kyle.

He's okay.

He's just knocked out.

It wasn't his fault.

I turned my son into this.

[Gasping and groaning]

[Click click]

Of course it doesn't work.

I'm hallucinating.

Or I'm dreaming.

But if you weren't...

You betrayed me, Oliver.

I died so that you could live, and you threw that gift away.

You made that sacrifice empty.

I'm not you.

I'm not.

I'm not strong like you.

I never was.

I told you, I'm not the man you think I am.

The things I've done.

What I was about to do.

Dad... Dad.

What does that mean?


I don't know what that means.

I told you.

I begged you.

Right my wrongs!

This is your responsibility now.


How do I do this?

I can't even get off this island.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you the truth about me.

But I hope... hope that you know that I love you.

[Sirens approaching]

[Music playing, indistinct chatter]

Did you know that as a doctor, I was able to diagnose myself as a giant tool?

How about a dance, handsome?

Hey, uh, I thought that we agreed that you were going to call me before you did something stupid.

You're no fun.

I'm going to show you how to have some fun.

Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?

You said I was amazing.

Yeah, you are amazing, but you're also like my sister.

My baby sister.

Well, I'm not a baby anymore.

Thank you for noticing.

[Chuckles] Laurel doesn't even like you.

She doesn't understand you.

I do.

Why can't you just see that?

Thea. Thea, it was a mistake to talk to you about girls and stuff.

It was inappropriate, and I think it may have confused you.


Yeah, the rejection?

It is pretty clear.

Even if it wasn't, between my mom and Oliver and everybody in my entire life, I'm pretty much used to it by now, so...

Whoa, whoa.

Ok, let's go, let's go, come on.




Is Thea okay?

Oh, yeah, she just ate some bad crab cakes.

Are you sure it wasn't something she drank?

Ahem. Don't worry.

I got this.

You can go back inside.

Keep having fun.

Looked like you were having a nice little do-si-do with the good doctor.

Tommy, I'm going to let you in on a little-known secret about Dr. Carter Bowen.

The man is a gigantic ass.

And the only reason why I danced with him is because he wrote a massive check to CNRI.

Why would you think anything else?

I guess when it comes to you, I tend not to think straight.

Can you call me a cab?

Absolutely not.

I am taking you home.

Get in.

I apologize for making such a scene.

Just feel better, okay?

Hey, Tommy.


I owe you a dance.


You earned it.

Please don't hate me.

No, no.


What went down wasn't your fault.

I didn't say it was.

Oliver, it wasn't your fault, man.

You gave Reston a chance.

That was more than he deserved.

I'm not so sure about that.

Well, listen, I'll tell you this much.

You say going after the guys on that list is the way you honored your dad?

Well, if your dad could have seen you this week, the way you cared about the people he had hurt, the way you stepped up to try to help them, I'd say he'd be pretty damn honored.

So maybe there is more than one way to save this city?


By the way, Stan Washington woke up.

He's going to be fine.



My responsibility.

I promise, Dad.

I promise.


Well, I thought it might help me.

I--I don't sleep well alone.

I'm sorry about what I said tonight.


You were being honest.

No, not entirely.

The truth is, with Walter being gone, I'm...

I'm lonely.

You know, you and I used to talk.

I used to know what you were thinking.

But now, even when you're home, you're somewhere else. I...

I guess I just miss my son.

I miss you, too.

And I wish that...

Are you hungry?

Thank you.


All right.

Mmm. Mom--[Chuckles]

It's okay to get your hands dirty every once in a while.

For me. Please.

All right.





That is a great burger.

Thank you for this.


You know, I'll bet Carter Bowen doesn't know where to find the best burger joint in Starling City.

So I have one thing on him.


You have everything on him.

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