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01x08 - Vendetta
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My name is Oliver Queen. For 5 years I was stranded on an island with only one goal-- to survive.

Oliver Queen is alive.

Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish-- to use the list of names he left me and bring down those who are poisoning my city. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become something else.

Previously on "Arrow"...

The company Mrs. Queen invested in doesn't exist.

Tempest purchased a warehouse in Starling City.

Oliver, this is my daughter, Helena.

The Starling City vigilante comes and goes as he pleases, doesn't he?

How did you know?

The minute I saw your eyes.

It's your fault Michael's dead.

Not your father for ordering the hit or me for carrying it out.

That island changed you in ways that only someone like me can understand.

I know it feels like justice, but it's not.

Revenge is justice.

You feel the same as I do.

I know it.

[Dog barking]

[Speaking Chinese]

[Engine revving]


[Speaking Chinese]

[Car alarm]

[Brakes squealing]

Take your hands off me!

What the hell did you think you were doing?

That man was the leader of the Triad.

My father blames them for the recent hits against his men.

These are men you killed.

That's right.

I take out Zhishan and the Triad retaliates.

I have weakened my father's organization to the point where there is no way that he can survive their onslaught.

What, and then you'll have your revenge?

Then I have justice, for what he did to Michael and me.

It's not justice.

And what you do is?

Would you let me show you?

Get you anything else?

No, thank you, Carly.

Where's my brother-in-law?

It's late and this is the Glades.

Shouldn't he be keeping you safe?

She is tougher than she looks.

I haven't been on a second date in a while.

It feels good so far.

Look, um, we slept together, and it was really nice.

And I needed it.

But I'm not looking for anything.

Right. Because you have everything figured out.

I don't think you're one to judge.

I saw you kill people, remember?

I only kill people when it is absolutely necessary.

It's not my opening move.

And the way that you're going, you're gonna get somebody hurt, like my mother or yourself.

I'm sorry about your mother.

That was an accident.

How many more accidents have to happen before you're done getting back at your father?

Hopefully none.

I am not getting back at him.

I--I am stripping away everything that has meaning to him, just like he did to me when he had Michael killed.

What if I could show you another way, a way you could take down your father's organization without putting innocent people at risk?

Thank you for the coffee... and the s*x.

But I'm not interested.

I don't know where the next Olympics are at, but you might want to think about signing yourself up.

So, you want to talk about last night?

Okay. Last time you and I spoke, you were on your way to stop Helena Bertinelli from her one-woman war against the Mafia.

How'd that work out for you?

Nick Salvati, Frank Bertinelli's right hand, was found with his neck snapped along with a few of his thugs.

Was that her or you?

I was with Helena when somebody jumped us.

We didn't have a choice.


She knows, Diggle, about me.

It was my secret or her life.

It's not just your secret anymore, Oliver.

This woman is a killer. She's been dropping bodies all over the city.

Diggle, she's not what you think she is.

3 years ago she was gonna turn her father in to the FBI.

She put everything she had on him on a laptop.

Her father found it, thought it belonged to her fiance, and had him murdered.

All right, listen, that's a heavy thing, man.

But it doesn't change the fact that she is dangerous.

And if Bertinelli retaliates against the Triad or is perceived to, the Triad is gonna rain down hell and innocent people are gonna be killed.


She's lost, Diggle, and whether she knows it or not, I can save her, stop her from doing anything reckless.

That's just it.

You can't save her, okay?

Some people don't change.

I can.

I can help her.

All right.

Maybe you think you're more persuasive than you are, or maybe she thinks she's fine the way she is on her mission of righteous fury.

Whatever it is, either way, all of this, it ends badly.

Either way...

I got to try.

Season 1 Episode 08
Original Air Date on December 5, 2012

Where are you off to so early?

You just got home.

The trouble with traveling overseas for a few weeks is that a few weeks' worth of work is piling up on my desk.

I just want to start digging my way out from underneath it.

Of course.

What is it?

We haven't spoken since you left.

Really spoken.

I know.

Well, I can imagine finding out that I had Robert's yacht salvaged and that he was murdered, it was a lot for you to take in.

Yes, it was.

I just don't want you to feel that you can't trust me anymore.

I wasn't lying to-- to hurt you, but to keep you safe.

I haven't changed, Walter.

I'm still the woman you fell in love with and married.

Do you see that?


Of course I do.

I just want us to agree to be honest with one another, moving forward.


Yes, of course.


Will you give me a lift to school?

I like to mix it up sometimes and actually be on time.

That would be my parental privilege.

Or, you know, you could just buy me a convertible and then we could avoid this.

What, and miss out on all those wonderful conversations we have in the car?

I don't think so.

I'm so sorry, Frank.

The last thing you need is me crying on your shoulder all night.

I just can't believe that Nick is gone.

Dina, look, you and Nicky, you're like family to me, okay?

And in my family, we take care of our own. Okay?


I'm sorry for your loss.

Nick was like a brother to me.

Hey now, come on.

We'll talk to you soon. Okay.

I'm gonna find the son of a bitch who did this.

And on my life, I'm gonna make him pay.

[Doorbell rings]

You know, that girl's always forgetting something.



Sorry to drop by unannounced.

No, no, no, come on in.

It's all right.

Come on in. Um...

Look, I know, uh, I know we've been working on that construction deal, and I'm sorry for my dropping the ball.

We've had a death in the family.

I'm terribly sorry to hear that.

Thank you.

Actually, though, I'm not here to discuss business.

Oh. Okay.


Well, this is, uh... this is one merger I won't stand in the way of.

Excuse me, sweetie.

A father knows when he's not needed.

Was I not clear that I wasn't interested in talking?

You don't have to talk.

Who was she?

Somebody I knew a long time ago.

I--I was dating her sister, and it was getting serious.

But back then, I did not do serious well.

But I was excellent at screwing things up.

I started sleeping with Sara.

I started sleeping with my girlfriend's sister.

I brought her on the yacht and she died.

Right in front of me.

And I hurt--

I hurt her family...

I just didn't care.

Before the island, I wasn't a good person.

I was...

Selfish and thoughtless and awful, and it affected-- really affected people.

People I loved.

'Cause, Helena...

You're on an island, too.

Oliver, I...

I want to let you in.

But...Michael was the last man I opened up to.

I can't be hurt again.

I'd never hurt you.

I would never hurt you.

I promise.

Uh-uh. Relax.

Relax, relax, relax.

Now, pull back gently.

You need all 3 fingers to come off the bowstring at the same time.

Relax. Breathe.

And release.

[Clatters on floor]

This is a waste of time.

I'm trying to teach you something.

What, the least effective way to shoot people?

No. Control.

To use a bow and arrow requires patience and discipline.


I can do this all day.

It's kind of fun.

I love a man with stamina.

Our crusades have something in common.

Mine started with my father, too.

He left me with a list.

People who need to be reminded that Starling City isn't theirs for the taking.

Anthony Venza is in here.

He works for my dad.

He deals illegal prescription pills.

Diggle, this is Helena.

Diggle's my, uh...


Well, any associate of Oliver's is--

Absolutely nothing to you, ma'am.

I'll leave you two "associates"...

She knows my name.

That's lovely.

You can trust her.

Except I don't.

You sleeping with this girl, Oliver?

Well, I don't think that's any of your business, Diggle.

It became my business when you brought me into this.

And when I signed on, I told you I was gonna keep your head straight.

Well, Oliver, you're lonely.

Lonelier than you want to admit.

And that's why you think you can change this girl, because you need to think you can.

You're like a dope fiend who thinks he can deal with his own addiction by making another addict go straight.

Oliver, what you do is dangerous.

And getting confused about who's good and who's bad is a good way to get yourself dead.

You done?

Yeah, I'm done.

With this.

Everything else, I don't know.

I don't know, Oliver.

You tell me.

[Telephone ringing]

I hope you don't have plans tomorrow night, because I just got us a rez at that new restaurant, Table Salt, opening night.

Isn't that place ridiculously expensive?

Everywhere worth going is.

Ah, you have the cutest crinkle in your forehead when you're worried.

Tommy, stop.

This is serious.

I thought you were going to live more frugally.

Yeah, I know. Everybody is grown up except for me.

Even Oliver has a job.

He's working on that new night club.

You have thinky face.

Why do you have thinky face?

Have you ever thought about asking Oliver for a job?

Not even once.

This isn't a quality that I love most about you, but you do know the club scene and how to have fun.

You make some very valid points.

Look, I'll take care of it.

I'll talk to Ollie later and we'll see what he thinks.

He is gonna think it is a great idea.

How was your trip to Australia?

I've always wanted to go.

Down under. It's just--

I have this thing about kangaroos.

More of a phobia.

They wig me out.

They look evil, and I'm sure their picture's up on like everything everywhere in that country.

You had something important to tell me, Ms. Smoak?

Yes, I did.

It's about Tempest.

Your wife's mysterious LLC, the one she diverted company funds to.

I appreciate your diligence on this, but, uh, it was a simple misunderstanding between my wife and I.

Everything's been resolved.

No. See, it hasn't.

There was something about the money transfer that felt hinky to me.

The money your wife withdrew from the company, I wasn't the only one who tracked it.

She was being shadowed by another entity, and whoever it is, they're good.

NSA good.

But, as you know, I'm good, too.

So even though they left almost no trace of their presence in our system, I did manage to find one thing.

Well, one image.

Does that symbol mean something to you, sir?


What means something to me is one of my employees prying into my wife's private business without authorization.

And should it happen again, I'll have you suspended.

Is that clear?


Where's your friend?

Just the two of us tonight.

Oh, really?

And what did you have in mind?

An object lesson.

We're going after Anthony Venza?

Yes. But we're doing it on my terms.

Your father loses a piece of his organization, but no innocent people get hurt in the process.

What is it?

I explained to you that guns were weapons of emotion and unpredictability, but since you are far from an expert at archery, this will have to do, for now.

I like it.

You can't go out like that.

Why? You got a spare hood?

Does it come in purple?


I like purple.

This isn't crack.

Anyone can sell crack.

All you need's a street corner and a hoodie.

This is pharmaceutical grade Oxycodone.

It is caviar.

It is champagne.

And you sell this with fancy houses, at parties with rich kids have got money to burn.

[Electricity crackling]

Check it out!

[Grunting, thwack]

Whoever you are, you really think you're gonna get out of here in one piece?

I was thinking the same thing.

Anthony Venza...

You have failed this city.


Uhh! The door!

Please...just don't hurt me.


How about just a little?


[Sirens, indistinct police radio]

Millions of dollars' worth of illegal drugs confiscated, a massive blow to your father's criminal proceeds, and nobody had to die.


What do you think?

I think this feels good.

And not just the justice part.

TV: Anthony Venza was arrested last night.

The police confiscated a warehouse full of illegal prescription drugs with a street value estimated in the millions.

Several unconfirmed witnesses reported seeing the Starling City vigilante leaving the scene with another unknown accomplice... [Glass shatters] possibly a woman.

[Hits bar]

Bad year?

The scotch, I mean.

Yeah. Sorry.

Another business setback.


You look beautiful.


Oliver Queen?


Oh...It's nice to see you happy again.

It's been too long.

[Cell phone vibrates]


Yeah. Yeah, I heard about Venza.

Yeah, I know where that leaves us!

I'm sorry to rush out.

I have this impromptu Board of Directors meeting with the Starling City Modern Art museum.

I don't know much about art, but I do know how to pay for it.

No worries.

Whip them into shape.

Yes, sir. I'll see you when I get back.

[Loud music, chatter]

Well, it's only been 30 minutes.

That's not too bad for an opening.

If they don't seat us soon, I'm going to write a horrible review online.

Let me see what I can do.

Hey. I'm loving the Cavalli.

Uh, look, I'm Tommy Merlyn.

Is there any way that we can go to the head of the class?

Is there?

[Clears throat] Let us know when our table's ready, okay?

Maybe you can eat some of those fancy peanuts from behind the bar.


Hi. It's the two of you.

Tommy, Laurel, this is Helena.

Nice to meet you.

My pleasure.


You look beautiful.

Thank you.

Mr. Queen, your table is ready.

When is our table gonna be ready?

When it is.

Why don't you both join us?

No, no, we're just gonna have a drink and--

We'd love to.

Are you sure?

I'm sure I'm hungry.

That--[Clears throat]

That'll be great.

That sounds great.

There you go.

I had forgotten that you filled your parents' pool with beer.

How many cases did that take?

Roughly a thousand or so.

You know, his father was so pissed, I thought he was actually going to drown you in it.

Yeah, well, death by beer, there's worse ways to go.

Right, Helena?

Well, there are no good ways to die.

So, uh, how did you and Tommy meet?

Actually, we've all known each other since--

We've all known each other forever.

You 3 have a lot of history.

Sometimes a little too much.


So, how's the night club coming along?

Slower than I expected it to. I've, uh, I've been busy.

Well, then you must be happy to have the extra help, then.

Laurel, I'm sure that Oliver what do you mean?

Doesn't want to talk about work right know.

You didn't ask him?

Ask me what?

Tommy wanted--Tommy said that he was gonna talk to you about working for you at your night club.

[Oliver laughs]


Sorry. I didn't think that you wanted any responsibility at all.

Oh, yeah, who'd believe that?

You've always wanted to get into business with Tommy.

I mean, don't you remember when we went to Aspen and you wanted to open a ski lodge?

The only thing that I remember from Aspen was your father being furious we shared a room with one bed.

Wait, um...

So you two were together...

And now you're dating his best friend?

Yeah, we're just prime for a reality show, aren't we?

Tommy, you working for me, that could be fun.

I don't feel so good.

I'm gonna step outside.

I should probably go check on him.

Helena, it was very nice to meet you.

Tommy, why are you so upset?

Why did you have to say something to Oliver about the job?

You were supposed to talk to him.

Well, I hadn't.

Okay, I didn't realize.

I was only trying to help.

No, you were trying to get Oliver to help.

It's typical Laurel.

Always running to a white knight.

It's Oliver and Laurel.

It always has been.

That's not gonna change.

Oliver and I are over.

Oh, really? Because you seemed awfully bothered by his new girlfriend.

What, am I supposed to like her?

I do not want to be Oliver's charity case, okay?

To every day be reminded that I can't give you everything he could?

You know, losing a fortune I think is going to be easier than losing you, so why don't we just stop now.

Hey. I'm sorry.

How am I supposed to know it's gonna get so weird in there?

No, I'm sorry.

Sorry I ever listened to you.

Helena, what-- you know what I've been through.

I told you I couldn't be hurt again.

I'm not trying to hurt you.

So, making me have dinner with the love of your life is what, Oliver?

Laurel was the girl things were getting too serious with, the girl whose sister's grave you used to manipulate me.

I saw the way you looked at her.

That kind of love doesn't die.

You still love her.

I don't.




Don't touch me.

I am done talking.

I came to apologize.

I know you were just trying to help.

I guess I wasn't ready to face reality.

This is just so new, you and me, and I didn't want you to see...

I'm scared.

I'm almost 30 years old and I've never been given an ounce of responsibility in my life.

You, you are driven and intelligent.

You're a million times too good for me, even before I was broke.

And now I have absolutely nothing to bring to whatever this is.

I never cared about the money.

And truth be told, billionaire was your least attractive quality.

I am so sorry if I pushed you too hard on the job with Oliver.

I just--I thought you working for him was a good idea because he's your friend.

And it's okay to ask a friend for help.

You won't lose your street cred.

I'm happy to lose my street cred.

I just don't want to lose you.


I'm not saying that it's gonna be easy...

But I'm here for you if you need someone to lean on.

That's what people do when they're together.

Together like boyfriend-girlfriend?

Mm. Do not ruin this moment.

It was going so well for you.


Didn't expect to hear from you tonight.

Something happen?


I think you were right.

Okay. About which part?

All of it.

I should have listened to you.

Oliver, you said you wanted to help her change.

The thing is, she already did change.

When her father killed her fiance, she changed into something dark and twisted.

You see that now, don't you?

It's not that I--it's not that I couldn't see it, Diggle.

I didn't--I didn't want to.

I'm living a double life, and to do that, I'm taking all these people that I love and I'm putting them at arm's length.

I'm giving up a lot, so maybe-- maybe I thought the universe owed me one.

But I looked in her eyes tonight, and I can't stop her from going over the edge.

She's--she's already past it.

[Cell phone rings]

[Cell phone vibrates]

[Cell phone beeps]

[Speaking Chinese]

[Caller speaking Chinese]


Aah! Aah!

[Speaking Chinese]

I don't speak Chinese, so I'm just gonna assume you said good-bye.


Tell your mistress Frank Bertinelli sends his regards.


You wanted to see me, Mr. Steele?

Did I mention, it's almost Christmas, and many of the suicides this time of year are due to sudden and unexpected joblessness?

I want you to find out all you can about that notebook.

Where it was made, how it was purchased.

And what it could mean.

Yes, sir.


I asked Josiah Hudson, our head of security, to look into the same subject matter.

He died the next day under questionable circumstances.

What I may be asking of you, this mystery, are you sure you want to do this?

I hate mysteries.

They bug me.

They need to be solved.

[Cell phone vibrates]

It's Dig.

What's the situation?


Boss, we just got word-- somebody hit Zhishan.

He's dead.

All right. Then we know what's coming next.

Tell everyone to strap up.



[Speaking Chinese]

Ricco's not answering his walkie. Check it out.



Frank Bertinelli-- this is for Zhishan.




Ohh! Oh!



What is this?

Payback for Michael.

I know you had him killed.

Salvati told me.

I did that to protect the family!

I had to take everything away from you because you took everything away from me.

You finally know what it feels like to find out, your own blood is responsible for the death of your entire world.





[Indistinct police radio]


Helena, easy. Easy.

You were lucky.

Am I supposed to be grateful?


He's a monster.

A criminal.

Why would you save him?

I didn't save him.

I saved you.

You think that because you've killed, you understand what it's like to have blood on your hands.

You don't understand.

You don't understand the toll that it takes on you, especially when it's your father.

I'm not going to stop.

The police have him in custody.

He's going to jail and then on to prison.

They don't have any evidence on him.

They do now.

The laptop.

He's going away, Helena, for the rest of his life. justice.

Then I guess you were right.

I'm more interested in revenge.

Stay out of my way, Oliver, or I'll make sure your secret doesn't stay secret.


What I did, everything that I've done, I've done because I care about you.

Too bad I can't say the same.

Hey, you.

Thanks for the call.

What are ex-sisters-in-law for?


Chili cheese fries with jalapenos. Hmm.

That's a cry for help if I've ever seen one.


I don't know what hurts worse, this or getting shot with a curare-laced bullet.

Been there, done that.

Definitely the bullet.



You know, Oliver, I'm no expert at this, but...

I don't think love is about changing or saving a person.

I think it's about finding the person who's already the right fit.

One day you will.

I think I burnt that particular bridge.

Napalmed it, actually.

So things didn't work out exactly as you planned.

You did save Frank Bertinelli's life.

He'll be doing time for a while.

Justice wins out.

Helena doesn't see it that way.

You opened up, took a risk with your heart.

The Oliver I met a few months ago would not have been able to do that.

And when you meet the right person, you'll be ready for her.

[Both laughing]

What are you doing?

It needs to be dark in here for me to do this.

If I had had more time to think of that sentence it wouldn't have sounded so dirty.


I don't see anything.

I got these from applied sciences.

They're able to pick up the subvisible variations in the UV spectrum.

Now look at the book again.



Now, look, I'm sorry about last night.

It just--I let it get too far sitting at the same table.

That was... that was stupid.

No. I was stupid.

I haven't been entirely honest with you.

My dad cut me off.

He froze all my funds.

I am living on fumes.


Why didn't you say anything?

Embarrassment, shame, jealousy, probably a few other emotions I'm not used to feeling.

Tommy, my trust fund is your trust fund.


That is the easy answer.

And believe me, I have loved easy answers.

What I need is a job.

I'm trying to change.

Not sure into what yet, but...

I don't want to be what I was anymore.

It just so happens that I have a general manager position that is available.

You're probably the guy for the job.

Will I be getting dental?

This smile wasn't cheap.

I'll look into that.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

You okay?

I will be.

Something happen with Helena?

We had a falling out.

But I have a feeling that I will be seeing her again.

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