01x11 - Trust But Verify

My name is Oliver Queen. For 5 years I was stranded on an island with only one goal-- to survive.

Oliver Queen is alive.

Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish-- to use the list of names he left me and bring down those who are poisoning my city. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become something else.

Previously on "Arrow"...

You told me to stay away from your family and I did.

But your family isn't staying away from me.

Which means something must be done about it.

Where can I find the man in this picture?

Do you not think it convenient you captured me so easily?



Uhh! Uhh!

Do you even know what this island really is?

It's a prison.

What would you do in my position?

[Hip-hop song playing on radio]

♪ Yes, sir ♪
♪ yeah, yeah ♪
♪ yes, sir ♪
♪ yeah, yeah ♪

Whatever you're listening to, it ain't music.

[Changes station to slow jazz]

There ought to be a law.

Well, there's not.

[Changes station back]

Watch it!

[Brakes squealing]

Back up! Get out of here!


Tahitian green or midnight black-- what do you think?

I think that you've been dropping hints all week, Thea, and mom still isn't buying you a car for your birthday.

I could not have said it better myself.

Oliver got a car when he turned 18.

Yeah, but I could back it out of the driveway without hitting a tree.

That's true.

But I do remember you taking the paint off the side of your dad's Maserati.

Yeah, the party planner's waiting.

Sorry to run off like this.

Don't we have a convertible to go buy?

Good luck.

How's she holding up?

Oh, she's okay.

Thea thinks she's actually a little bit too okay.

What do you mean?

Just... behaving erratically.

Shut-in one minute, running the company the next.

Well, her husband is missing and presumed who-knows-what.

If anyone had an excuse to be erratic, it's your mom.

That's what I told Thea.

...he's too busy to comment.

The department has got the same comment about this heist as it did the other two.

No comment.

The SCPD may not be willing to go on the record, but traffic cameras got the entire heist in this exclusive.

The $2.3 million heist is like a scene out of the movies.

That's why you keep all your money offshore.

With all the guys working up top, you might want to think about a side entrance for your, uh, Arrowcave.

Just put one in.

South alleyway.

Something I want to show you.

Finally getting into online dating and you need help with your profile.

Not exactly. But there is somebody I'd like to meet.

Yeah, I read about it.

This is the third truck to be hit this month.

I saw it on the news this morning.

I couldn't figure out why it seemed so familiar.

Then I remembered this.

Kandahar, '09, when the Marines took out a Taliban transport vehicle.

Yeah. Well, there's a reason why it looks so similar.

These guys are running the same swarming technique. Where'd you find this?

I was researching someone.

Bodyguard who works for a private security firm.

Blackhawk squad protection group.

His name is Ted Gaynor.

Oliver, Ted Gaynor was my commanding officer on my first tour in Afghanistan.

Dig...I'm sorry.

Gaynor's on the list.

Gaynor's a few hundred thousand dollars short of making your list.

Well, I never said it was just one-percenters, did I?

Oliver, this guy saved my life.

Received a commendation for it.

I don't care what your book says. He's not a stick-up man.

You haven't known him in a long time, Diggle.

We both kept in contact with each other since we got stateside.

6 months ago he even offered me a job at Blackhawk.

Now, trust me, you don't know this man like I do.

I know in Afghanistan his training specialty was M-32 multiple grenade launchers, the exact same weapon used in these heists and not exactly something that you find at your local sporting goods store.

Two months ago, we found out this wasn't even your father's book, that it was written by whoever hired the other archer.

Doesn't that kind of beg the question what else you could be wrong about?

I could be wrong.

But the list isn't.

Now, I'm gonna have a pointed conversation with Mr. Gaynor tonight.

We'll see what he has to say about it.

I understand if you want to take the week off.

Well, thank you.


[Indistinct voices]

[Indistinct shouting]

[Chatter, laughter]


Different day, same slop.

You new?


Don't worry.

It took me a year to find my way around the island.

Oh, hey, hey. Hey.

I'm supposed to be transporting a prisoner.

A Chinese guy who wears a green hood.

Sounds like the guy they took to the east camp.

I'm heading over that way. Come on.

You can hitch a ride.

Let's go. Come on.

Hold up! Hold up!

Units one, two.


That wall over there still has to be taped and textured.

I need you to to grout the hallway floor as soon as they are done with the tile install.

[Cell phone rings]

All right.


Hey, Tommy.

Dad, I am really busy.

Tommy, I know things have been, well, strained between us since...

Since you cut me off and told me that I was a loser?

I was just trying to jolt you into adulthood.

And look at you now.

You've got your first job.

My tough love worked.

What do you want, Dad?

Nothing more than to share a meal with my son.

Dinner tomorrow night?

Laurel and I have plans.

Bring her along.

I think it's time I got to know her a little better.


I've said some pretty hurtful things, and I regret them.

But you're still my son.

And I still want what I've always wanted.

For us to be close.

Let me check with Laurel and I'll get back to you.


Ted Gaynor, we're gonna have a conversation.

You make a move, go for a gun, anything, things will end badly for you.

[Gun cocks]

Put the bow down.

Season 1 Episode 11
Trust but Verify
Original Air Date on January 23, 2013

It's all clear.

You okay?



Well, I gotta talk to my boss, but after... what I just saw, I'd say you're as good as hired.

Hell of a job interview, Ted.

Usually the Vigilante only goes after rich schmucks.

Any reason why he would change his M.O. for you?

You've known me a long time, John.

What do you think?

That he made a mistake.

Got the wrong guy.

I could've shot you.

I could've killed you.

What the hell were you thinking?!

I'm not gonna let you William Tell an innocent man.

Gaynor isn't innocent, Diggle.

You seem to think that mainly because of what's in you're damn book, which you apparently trust more than you trust me.

I trust my father.

And he explained to me that every name on that list has a reason to be there.

I thought you took that book off your father's dead body.

How can he have been so chatty?

A few years ago, I found a message he left me explaining the list.

Oliver, how is that possible?

You were on a deserted island.

I didn't say that I found it on the island.

Diggle, for the past 4 months, I have lied to, hurt, and hid things from all the people that I care about.

Do you really think that I would do all of this if I wasn't sure?

Oliver, listen. Gaynor got me into Blackhawk, and I'm gonna prove he's innocent.

And if he isn't?

If he's not, I'll be the one to take him down myself.

You owe me that.

You owe me at least that.

Were you stationed by the perimeter?


And your report?

Uh, everything's good, sir.

No trouble.

How long have you been stationed here?

Just arrived, sir.

Yes, you do seem rather green.

Although I don't recall the submarine bringing in a phalanx of new troops lately.

Submarine? I thought everybody came into the island on the plane.

Indeed they do.

I think you've tried on every dress in the city.

It's so gonna be worth it.

My friends are gonna freak.

Yes, well, if your father were still alive, he'd freak, too.

Though in an entirely different way.

Like when he saw what I was wearing to my first boy-girl dance.

That poor boy you went with.

Oh, Robert scared him to death.

You know, dad used to say his saddest day would be when I turned 18.

Now he's gone and I'm the one that's sad.

[Cell phone rings]



I need to take this.


Yes, I understand, but I'm with my daughter.

All right.

I'll be there.

I thought you said we were gonna spend the whole day together.

I know.

But, uh, compliance needs to file the 8k connected to my assuming Walter's position in the company and they can't wait.

I'm sorry.

Is everything okay?

You look worried.

Not worried, just...

My father called.


And how did that go?

He invited us to dinner for tonight.



Apparently he wants to mend some fences, but thanks to him, I can't afford a fence, so I can only assume he's got some other agenda.

Well, there's only one way to find out.

Maybe he really is trying to extend an olive branch.

You really do look for the best in people, don't you?

Lucky for you.


I'm sorry to have to pull you away from your family like that.

What do you want, Malcolm?

We have a problem with your friend Carl Ballard.

He's trying to gentrify the Glades.

Carl knows that's not part of the plan.

Which is why you're gonna shut him down.

You're his friend.

He'll listen to you.

If you want me to help you with Carl, I want something in return.

Proof Walter's still alive.

My word isn't enough?

What's that saying--

"trust but verify"?

Words to live by.

Two days later, I am still digging regurgitated tacos out of the car vents and he asks me why I won't turn on the A/C.


All right, you win.

Bodyguarding Queen was never that bad.

6 years serving my country, the only thing I'm qualified for is babysitting spoiled brats.

Well, Ted, they're not all like that.

I haven't met one yet that would survive a single day in country.

Sometimes it makes me wonder what I was doing over there.

Specialty of the house.

Thank you, Carly.


Where is my cake?

Tired of listening to you complain about the dry cleaners shrinking your suit.

Oh, yeah.



She likes you.

She's my sister-in-law, Ted.

Not anymore.

Your brother's gone, John.

But you are here.

Car's waiting outside.

Got a client to drop off at the Chaykin Art Gallery opening.

John, you remember Paul Knox?

He was a couple of ranks under us back in the 'Stan.

Good to be working with you.

I'll be outside.

I didn't know Knox worked at Blackhawk.

They recruited him when his tour ended last month.


People change, John.

And everyone deserves a chance to prove it.



[Door opens]

Knocking is not just a suggestion.

I need to talk to you.

Thea, I'm not telling you if mom's getting you a car.

It's not about that.

Remember last week when I asked you if you thought mom was acting weird?


Well, I found out why.

She's hooking up with Tommy's dad.

[Laughs] That's insane.

I just saw them together.

It's happening all over again.

What are you talking about?

A couple of months before you and dad left on the "Gambit," mom and dad were arguing a lot.

About what?

I don't know.

But she was having a lot of these... lunch meetings with Mr. Merlyn.

And now Walter's gone, too, and mom and Mr. Merlyn are back at it.

It's gross.

Mom never would have cheated on dad.

She's not cheating on Walter.

You don't want to believe it because you have this perfect image of mom in your head.

That's not who she is, Ollie.

She's a liar and a cheater.

And you really don't know her at all.

She thinks Malcolm and I are having an affair?

And that it started back when dad was still alive.

Why would she think that?

She says you and dad were fighting.


It's not your concern, sweetheart.

Thea made it my concern.

What was going on?

Robert was unfaithful to me repeatedly.

It made our marriage difficult, to say the least.

I'm sorry, Oliver, but your father wasn't always the man you thought he was.

I know you thought he walked on water, but, you see, that how I wanted you to remember him-- as a good man who loved you.

That's how I want Thea to remember him.

So promise me you'll keep it a secret.

Of course.



Why would Thea think that you and Mr. Merlyn are still sneaking around?

Well, I can't imagine.

Have you seen him lately?


He's been the CEO of Merlyn Global Group for years.

I've been running Queen Consolidated mere weeks.

Yes, I occasionally go and ask for advice.

Is my interrogation over?

See, this is where we, uh, detain prisoners prone to running off before I've finished with them.


[Coughing, gasping]

Prisoners like you, Mr. Queen.

At Christmas one year, Tommy wanted a puppy.

He wanted to name it Arthur, as in King Arthur, because he's a Merlyn.

Well, you used to be so incredibly adorable.

I still am.


My wife would have liked you, Laurel.

I wish I would have known her.

She passed away before Tommy and I became friends.

She was killed, Laurel.

There's no need to be polite about it.

You're just a ray of sunshine today, aren't you, Dad?

Please forgive me.

Talking about my wife has a tendency to make me a little bit maudlin.

And here I was beginning to think my days of being Oliver Queen's personal computer geek were coming to an end.

Is that your way of saying you miss me?

No. But if it works for you, go with it.

Heh. So a friend of mine is running a scavenger hunt, and there's a case of Lafite Rothschild 1982 waiting at the end.

Oh...I love red wine.

But in order to find it, I first need to get through this.

Hmm. Security fob.

It's pin protected.

Challenge response goes back to a company called Blackhawk Squad Protection Group.

Yeah, my friend had his bodyguard set it up for him.

Personally, however, I think it's cheating. But whatever.

This is a military-grade cryptographic security protocol.

Your friend really went to all this trouble?

The idle rich are hard to entertain.


You get through it and one of those bottles of wine is yours.

This has been lovely, Mr. Merlyn. Thank you.

Thank you for joining me.

It's been wonderful getting to know you better.

And if Tommy doesn't mind me mixing a little business with pleasure, I could use your signature on these.

You want to shut down mom's free clinic?

It's not hers anymore, Tommy.

That clinic meant everything to mom.

You were 8 years old.

I don't think you were in a position to know what was important to your mother.

I just need your signature--


This dinner was never about getting to know Laurel.

It was about this.

You haven't changed and you never will.

It's about time that I learned that and stopped letting you disappoint me.

We're leaving.

This clinic was his mother's.


And his mother taught him a lesson I've been trying to, that the world is a harsh and unforgiving place.

And when did she teach him that?

When she was lying dead in the street with a bullet in her head.

Good night.

Management keeps things running smooth, which is nice.

Better than going to war with the army you got, right?



So, Ted, are you the reason Knox is working for Blackhawk?

Look, I know you don't like the guy.

I wasn't his biggest fan, either, but jobs are hard to come by for everybody these days.

And guys like us, when all anyone thinks you're qualified for is shooting at people-- if I hadn't gotten Knox this job, chances are he'd be out knocking over liquor stores or robbing banks.

[Cell phone rings]

What did you get?

I think your friend's bodyguard gave him the wrong security fob.

Why is that?

Well, once I got past Blackhawk's authentication system, there wasn't anything about a scavenger hunt.

Just a directory and...

Well, I think you stumbled onto, or got me to stumble onto something pretty illegal.

Define illegal.

Oh, you know.

Robbing an armored car with grenade launchers and tear gas.


Someone at Blackhawk was using their system to store detailed routes and schedules for each of the city's 7 major armored car carriers, including the 3 that have already been hit.

Mr. Queen, I think we should provide this information to the police.

With it, they should be able to predict the next heist.

Hold on. Felicity, I don't want to get you in trouble with my friend, so do me a favor.

Forward that directory on to me and I'll get it to the police personally.

Thank you.

So, no wine, then?

[Brakes squealing]

Uhh! Uhh!

Knox, he's hurt!

[Indistinct shouting]

Let's go! Let's go!

[Loud dance music playing]

Aah! Oh, God, check it out!

Check it out! Convertible.

You must be so surprised.

Oh, isn't everything absolutely perfect?

Except for dad's not here.

If dad were here, he'd say you look beautiful.

Oh! Excuse me a sec.

[Indistinct chatter]

I heard the Hood foiled an armored car heist this evening.

Gaynor wasn't running the rocket launcher.

I know. I was with him the whole time it was going down.

It looks like you were right.

Listen, if someone at Blackhawk is involved, I'd put my money on Knox.

He started right before the heists began, and he has military training.

Okay. I injured one.

He was bleeding pretty badly when they made off in their van.

Okay, so if any of Knox's blood is in one of the motor pool vans, I'm going with you.

We'll know for sure.

No, no, no, listen.

You have this party.

And I told you I would handle this.

If there's any problems, you're just a phone call away.


Head on a swivel.

That's the way I was born, man.

Happy Birthday!

I'll miss you!

We have a special birthday gift for you.

It's called Vertigo. It's supposed to make you feel all floaty.

Uh, if my mom caught me with this, I wouldn't make it to 19.

I'm gonna go put it upstairs, and then I'll be right back down.

♪ Come on down Moira, I have a little something for you.


I did as you asked.

Now it's your turn to do as I asked.

I'll take care of it.

Thank you, Moira.

At my party.

Right here in front of me?

No, Thea, you don't understand.

Walter hasn't been gone two months and you're already cheating on him.

Just like you did on dad.

Thea, I never cheated.

Like I would believe anything you say.

No. I wish it had been you that was on that boat.

[Gun cocks]

I had a feeling you'd show up.

Yeah? Why is that, Knox?

Right after Gaynor got you hired, someone hacked our system.

First person to ever make it through our firewall.

You want to tell me how you did it?

I'm not really sure.

He didn't think you'd be very cooperative.


Hey, John.

Ted, you're part of this?

No, not part of.

My men. My mission.


This isn't Afghanistan.

Oh, don't I know that.

Over there we were trusted with millions of dollars in weapons and personnel.

We were conquerors.

Now we're nannies with tasers.

So that gives you the right to steal, to kill innocent civilians?

I'm not gonna convince you I'm right.

I am gonna convince you to join the team.

[Scoffs] Yeah, now I know you're crazy.

Earlier tonight was supposed to be our last score, but because of the Hood guy, we struck out.

Now we're down a man.

Good thing you're qualified to take his place.

Ted, I think your convincing is gonna have to be a lot more convincing.

Copy that.


[Door opens]



You son of a bitch.

Kill her.


Don't! Don't! Wait!



[Muffled screams]

You both can die tonight, John.

Or once we do this, we're on a plane and she can go home to your nephew.

It's your call.

[Tires screech]

Well, you shouldn't have done that, Dig.

Now you gotta watch us kill your pretty little girlfriend.

No! Please don't!

You're forgetting one thing, guys.

Oh, yeah, what's that?

I'm the one with the grenade launcher.

Carly, get out of there!


[Arrow whooshes]

[Both grunting]



Drop it, Ted, or I swear...


You're not gonna do it.

You can't.

I can see it in your eyes.

[Arrow whooshes]

You're late.

You knew I was coming?

Next time you plant a bug on someone, be more subtle about it.

I wish you trusted me, though.

I trust you, Diggle.

But them, never.

[Sirens approaching]

You should get out of here.


[Tires squeal]

Carly. You okay?

Turn around and put your hands where I can see them.

[Music playing]

[Turns volume up]

[Tires squeal]



[Indistinct P.A.]

Oh, Thea.

Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine.

I'm just headachy, really.

The car--is--is it--

Thea, the car isn't important right now.

Do you remember what happened, sweetheart?

You go away.

Thea, please.

I said I'm fine.

Now, when Larry shows up tonight, you gotta show him and Janet that he doesn't--

[changes channel]

Your father's even beginning to call me now.

Don't waste your minutes.

Your father is a jerk, but he's still your father.

[Football game plays on TV]

[Changes channel]

They're broken up.

They're not gonna get back together ever.


I think in his own way, I think he sees himself as protecting you somehow.

Yeah. He is really good at using my dead mother for an excuse for being a jerk.

You never talk about your mother.

I was only 8 and I don't remember much about what happened.

But after...

My father completely shut me out.

And then he went away.


He was gone for maybe a year or two.

I was 8 and he left me.

That is who my father is.

He only cares about himself.


Cops give you a hard time?

Nah. I explained to them to me and Gaynor were old war buddies.

He tried to rope me in...


When I refused, he kidnapped Carly, everything else happened under duress.

I screwed up, Oliver.

Obviously Gaynor wasn't who I thought he was.

I was wrong.

Yeah, but... you were right, too.

When you told me that I trusted the list more than I trusted you...

Diggle, the truth is, after what happened to me on the island...

It's difficult for me to trust...anything.

But you do.

And that reminded me why I chose you as my partner.

It's because you see the best in people.

I learned something, too.

Until you tell me, I'll never want to know what other names are in this book.

She promised me she's not cheating on Walter.

Like I would trust anything that woman says.

Miss Queen!

Thea Queen?

Is there a problem?

We received a call from your doctor.

In the event of a vehicular accident, they're required to report to result of the driver's tox screen.

Miss Queen tested positive for a narcotic called Vertigo.

The drug they're using in the Glades?

Thea Queen, you're under arrest for driving under the influence of narcotics.

Do you know why my men wear balaclavas, Mr. Queen?

Because it masks everything but the eyes.

In a man's eyes, one can always find the truth.

You risked everything to save your friend.

Someone I warned you about, yet you trusted him.

But that trust was misplaced.