01x12 - Vertigo


Oh, my God!

Run, run!


No, no, no, no, no!


Oh, come on, man!

I'm just trying to make an honest living!

There's nothing honest about what you do!

Who supplies you with Vertigo?

Tell me now and you live.


They'll kill me!

Whoever you fear...

Fear me more!

Okay, okay!

We call him The Count, that's all I know.

I swear to God!


Get me down from here!

Find what you're looking for?

Took down three Vertigo pushers tonight, Diggle.

Last one finally knew a name.

The Count.

The Count?

That's worse than The Hood.

You're not going back out there.

I'm not done for the night.

Whoever this Count is, he has a lot of blood on his hands, and it is long past time he started paying.

Well, slow down, I think you're missing the point here.



Her hearing's in a few hours.

You think she cares more about some drug lord getting his just desserts, or you being by her side when she needs you the most?

Hey, we should get going.

Judges don't appreciate the value in being fashionably late.

[Chuckles] Got any other tips?

Let the lawyer do all the talking.

They'll give you a pad and paper but do not play tic tac toe.

Judges don't appreciate that, either.


Come on, Speedy.

I know, I know.

Keep on trying to get up and go, but...[chuckles] just don't.

I wish dad were here.

I'm here.

We should leave now, Thea.

Reporter: Ms. Queen.

Thea, over here.

Can we get a comment?

Just one comment!

Thea, are you going into rehab?

Miss Queen, are you being dispelled from Balliol Prep?

Are you worried about the outcome?

Docket ending 1-10-5-6, People vs. Thea Dearden Queen.

Possession of a controlled substance, driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

Counselors, I understand you've reached a plea agreement.

We have, Your Honor.

Given that my client is a juvenile, the people have generously agreed to probation.


Says right here she's 18.

She is 18 now, Your Honor, but at the time of arrest, she was still two days shy of her 18th birthday.

Ms. Queen has no priors.

Well, just because Ms. Queen's family sweeps her priors under the rug, doesn't mean they don't exist.

You get your client off, and you help your boss avoid dealing with the drug that's sweeping across our city like the plague.

Everyone wins, except us, the people of Starling City.

Your Honor, with all due respect--

Ms. Queen, like it or not, you are now the poster child for this menace.

Maybe if people see that the Queen family can't get away with using Vertigo, they'll think twice before using it themselves.

The plea arrangement is denied.

[Bangs gavel]

This case will proceed to trial.

[Crowd murmuring, camera shutters clicking]

They can't do this.

That man cannot send my daughter to prison.

What are our options?

An interlocutory appeal.

But trial judges have discretion to reject plea agreements.

I think you might want to prepare yourself for the possibility that this isn't going to go our way.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Queen.

I'll get to work on the appeal.

Well, so much for the best criminal defense attorney in the city.

Thea, we will handle this, I promise.

Like you promised Walter you'd always stay faithful to him?

I feel better already.

That's enough!

Don't worry.

Sounds like you won't have to be putting up with me much longer.

What, does she not realize how serious this is?

She took drugs.

She drove. She could have killed someone, or herself.

I know.

All that judge is looking for is someone to make an example of.

What does it have to be her?

Maybe it doesn't.

Listen, I have to go do something.

Are you going to be okay?

I'm not the one facing prison.

You working for them now?

Why are you doing this to me?

I thought we were friends.


I mean, why'd you bother keeping me safe if you were just going to hand me over to them?

Just get me out of here.

I can't.

Hey! Don't leave me here!

I came back for you!

Do you hear me?

I came back for you!

Season 1 Episode 12
Original Air Date on January 30, 2013

Hi. Looking for Detective Hall.

I was told he works in Vice.


McKenna Hall.

Hi. [Chuckles]

Here I was, expecting a middle aged guy in a bad suit...

And I got McKenna Hall.

I live to surprise.

Well, I remember.

What was that club that you got us kicked out of?

The Club Deville?

Okay, in my defense, there was no sign that specifically said you had to keep your clothes on.

So, a cop?

I guess you're not hitting the party circuit anymore.

I still go to raves.

I just go undercover now.

And I have to dress slightly more appropriately to hide my badge and gun.


So what do you need with a vice cop, Oliver?


Right. I saw your sister on TV.

I'm sorry.

The judge is trying to make an example of her.

So I was thinking, if you could find the person selling the drugs, it make take some of the heat off Thea.

Easier said than done.

Did some digging and came up with a name.

Um, The Count?

Oliver, we've known about The Count for months.


I wish this was thicker, but we really don't have much on him.

Love to say we're going to catch him before your sister's trial, but it's highly unlikely.

Oh, I am late for my shift.

Well, if you hear of anything about this guy, just...let me know?

I always loved how much you cared about your sister.

But leave the policing to the police, okay?


What did Queen want?

He's an old friend, sister's jammed up.

Anything else, Sergeant?


[Gun clicks]


You need a tailor.

You know about the hood guy.

He just cornered me, man.

The hood guy?

I didn't say anything.

Oh, I know.

You can't divulge secrets you don't know.

[Breathing heavily]

But... examples must be made.


Vertigo, in its purest form.

When injected directly into the bloodstream, it affects the thalamus region of your brain.

Which is where all of the information from your pain receptors is collected.

No doubt you're in excruciating pain.

But actually, you're not.

You just think you are.

I've seen it last for days, until finally the heart gives out.


One bullet left.

Now, you can use that bullet to shoot me and take your revenge, or...you could shoot yourself.

It's your choice.





The Hood.

Coming for me.


I'm learning you're not much of a morning snuggler.

And I'm learning that you don't like to wake up at any hour that ends in a.m.

That's true. Yeah.

So if you're busy being a lawyer all day and I'm managing a night club all night, when exactly do we get to see each other?

[Knock on door]


I got it. Stay.

[Knock knock]



Hey, how-- how is Thea holding up?

She's doing okay.

Thank you.

Um...Actually, I--

I came to talk to Laurel.




Thank you for coming to court yesterday.

Yeah, of course.

But I don't think the judge is willing to move off his position.

Taking a hard line against criminals is a platform for his reelection.

I need you to talk to your father.

He's inside the system, and...maybe he cashes in a chip with Judge Brackett, gets him off throwing the book at Thea.

Oliver, I don't--

Laurel, I am working on something on my end, but...

If it doesn't work out, this is my best chance to help my sister.


I'll see what I can do.

But no promises.

Thank you.




Absolutely not.

Dad, I know how you feel about Oliver.

Then why would you even ask me to do this.

Because Thea, she's only 18 years old.

Which makes her an adult.

She can take her medicine.

It's about time someone in the Queen family did.

What about the Lance family?

A young girl acting out, engaging in reckless behavior, does that sound familiar?

[Sighs] Laurel, don't go there.

Thea, she's just like I remember Sara.

That is not how I remember your sister.

That's because you remember her the way that you wish she had been, not the way that she actually was.

She's not the Saint that you make her out to be.

I know she was arrested for shoplifting and I know you made it go away.

Well, maybe if I let her go to jail, Queen wouldn't have had her on that damn boat.

Dad, you make it sound like he kidnapped her.

For so long, you and I have blamed Oliver for Sara's death, but Sara's to blame, too.

When I look at Thea, I see Sara's potential in her.

And her flaws, too.

Yes, Thea made a mistake.

But she's been through a lot.

She lost a father and a brother.

She doesn't need prison.

She needs help.

So please...

I'll make some calls.

I've seen a fair amount of Cyrillic back in Afghanistan left over by the Soviets.

Is this Russian owned?

This is the not so hidden headquarters for the Starling City chapter of the Bratva.


Whatever I say, whatever goes down, just go with it.


Good to see you.

Long time.

Particularly for Bratva captain.

I was trying to figure out where to put my interests.

I decided on pharmaceuticals.

I don't mean aspirin.

A wise choice.

Mepheodrone would be a good investment for you.

It's the newest thing.

I was thinking Vertigo.

Newer thing.

Tough market, Vertigo.

Only one seller.

I know.

I was hoping you could do me a favor and arrange a meeting.

He's difficult man.

And he does not like new friends.

This is everything the police have on him.

Tell him it's a gift.

I will see what I can do.

Provided you do favor for me.

Vse chto ugodno.

It is unusual for an American to hold such a position of esteem in our organization.

Mr. Queen.

Anatoli Knyazev.

He speaks very highly of you.

He should.

I saved his life.

What did he do?

Something I told him not to.

Now the favor.

Kill this man for me, and I will believe your interest in our organization is genuine.

And then I will arrange a meeting with The Count.


Hey, shut up!


[Speaking Russian]

What are friends for?

I'm out of the gates now. What's going on?

Are we getting out of here?

Where are you taking me?

[Indistinct chatter]


While I admit that bout was particularly one-sided, would anybody else like to give it a try?

The point of these little gladiatorial distractions is to strengthen unit cohesion.

To that end, I think our newest recruit ought to be afforded the opportunity to try his hand.

I can't believe you just killed that guy.

[Scoffs] You really have a low opinion of me.

Whoa! That's a neat trick.

You going to teach me that one day?


What are you doing?

You need to arrange a new identity for this guy.

Get him out of the city.

Right, so your Ruskie pal draws out The Count, vigilante takes him down.

No, Diggle, because then the Bratva would know that I used them, and that relationship is too valuable.

I do the meet with The Count as myself, let him leave, then we follow him to his hideout.

Just that easy, huh?

Well, I will still need my trust bodyguard.

Fantastic. Looking forward to my new and exciting career as a drug dealer.

He's a captain.

And he has money.

Are you interested?


Let's say...yes.

My father was able to get Judge Brackett to back off his hardline stance.

Your father hates me.



My father hates him.

Look, nobody asked you to get involved.

I did.

The judge has agreed to a sentence of 500 hours of community service and two years of probation.

Provisional on the appointment of someone to act in loco parentis.

In loco what?

It means that the court will appoint an individual to assume responsibility for you.


I say thanks, but no thanks.


You don't actually have a choice.

Oh, actually, I do.

See, I'm 18 now and I can make my own decisions.

So I decide not to be your ex-girlfriend's office monkey.

Well, if you change your mind, then.

Thank you.



You're in real trouble, and rightly so.

Doing drugs and driving?

It is beyond stupid. That is a good deal that Laurel got you.

Why aren't you jumping at it?

I already have a mother.

So... you're going to go to jail and it will ruin the rest of your life.

No. [Chuckles]

I want to ruin mom's life.

She's a liar and a cheat.

I mean, deal with, Ollie.

You can pretend all you want to that she's a saint, but I hate her.

And she betrayed dad.

So you're just--you're going to go to jail to spite her?



Mom didn't cheat on dad.

He cheated on her.

Is that the best you can come up with?

Dad wasn't the man he said he was.

On "The Queen's Gambit" right before he died, he admitted to me that he failed us.


Me. And mom.

That he wasn't the man he said he was and that he just wished... he wished he had more time to right his wrongs.

I don't believe you.

Yes, you do.

Leave me alone.

How dare you.

She was old enough to know the truth.

Oliver, the Russians called.

The meet is set.

It's tonight.

You know why they call him The Count?

When he was developing this drug, he experimented on the homeless.

Prostitutes, runaways.

The police would find their bodies, puncture marks on their neck, like a vampire.

[Brakes squealing]

You should not be in such a hurry to meet this man.

Thank you for this.

But I'm not overly concerned about the SCPD.

Now, I understand you gentlemen wish to participate in the feel good business.


And why is that?

Well, I am opening a nightclub, and I'd like my customers to have a little... something extra.

Well, as it happens, I'm looking to expand my brand.

A good wine's value is measured by its vintage.

The number of years it took to ferment.

Vertigo is measured in lives.

56 people died to perfect this high.

Believe me when I say that they did not die for nothing.

[Tires squealing]


The cops!

We've been set up!

Let's get out!

Go! Go!

SCPD! Put your weapons down!




No witnesses.


[Tires squealing]

Get out of the car!

Keep it.

Yeah, we got to go.

Steps. Let's go.

[Grunting and groaning]




[Indistinct yelling]




How you feeling?

I feel like I'm getting the worst hangover of my life.

That coming from a guy who spent most of his twenties in a hangover, that's really saying something.

You think you can uncuff me?

Not going to kill you.



You're standing.

That's pretty impressive.

The Count only got you with half a dose, but you still sweated out a small swimming pool coming down.

[Sighs] The Count.

Any chance our friends in SCPD took him down?

None at all, but we did manage to get this.

Think we should analyze it.


Listen, Oliver, maybe you need to give it a few hours.

A near drug overdose isn't something you just walk away from.

Neither is Thea.

What's wrong?

Is everything okay with Thea?

This isn't about your sister, this is about you.

Last night we got a call from a C.I., busted up a drug sale between a big time dealer and the Russian mob.

"We"? I thought you worked Vice.

Joint task force. Vertigo's got everybody holding hands.

Like I said...

Last night, drug deal gone south.

An eyewitness put you at the scene.

Whoever he is, he's mistaken.


I saw you, Oliver.

Is this true?

I was checking into The Count.

He's the guy who sold drugs to Thea.

And I figured if I could find out what he looked like, then I could give your sketch artist something to go on.

So I paid a low-life with a Russian accent an obscene amount of money to arrange a meeting.

And? Did you get eyes on him?


All right, are you pressing charges against my son?


You get involved in this again, you'll see the inside of a cell, and unlike last time, you will not see the way out.


Thank you very much.

Thank you for what you did for Thea.

My daughter asked me for a favor and I did it.

And that's the end of it.

Hope you don't think I sold you out.

No. Just doing your job.

What on earth were you thinking?

I was trying to help.

By running around with the Russian mob and a murderous drug dealer?

Are you out of your mind?!

[Scoffs] Mom, look, the real reason that you're upset is because I told Thea the truth about dad.

She never needed to know that.

Yes, I did.

I'm old enough to know the truth, Mom.

It wasn't about your age.

It was about preserving your memory of your father.

He loved you.

No matter his faults, he loved you.

I said that I wished you had died instead of him, but...you still didn't say anything.


One day, I hope you're lucky enough to have a daughter, and you'll know why.

I'm so sorry for what I said.

I know, I know.

Now what?

Like you said, we analyze the Vertigo.

It's in liquid form, which means it contains water.

So maybe we can trace back to where in the city The Count is... cooking up this garbage.

[Speaking chinese]

Hey, we need to get you to a hospital.


Oliver, God knows what was in that drug.

It could be causing permanent damage.


Hey, they said you'd be up here.

You look like something the cat dragged in.

Not that there are cats in this building.

Well, once a cat did get in, but a guard tazed it.

It smelled like fur and static in here for like a week.


Would you mind stepping away from the window for a moment?

I have a little bit of a hangover.

Sounds like you need a bloody Mary and a pretzel, not the I.T.


Actually, my buddy Kevin is starting an energy drink company.

He says it's fantastic for curing hangovers, but I am very particular about what it is I put in my body.

I've noticed.

I said, not noticed.



I'm trying to find a secret recipe.

Could you please do a spectroanalysis of the sample and find out exactly where in the city it's made?

If it's an energy drink, why is it in a syringe?

I ran out of sports bottles.


Your B.S. stories are getting worse.

I'm well aware.

Looks like Felicity came through.

The solvent used in the Vertigo sample was run off water originated within a ten block radius of where East Glades meets the bay.

Nothing there except for an old juvenile detention center abandoned about three years ago.


You can't go out there, though, Oliver.

You're still suffering the after-affects of the Vertigo.

Did you hear The Count?

He's taking this drug citywide.

If we don't stop him now, this becomes an epidemic.

I can stop you from leaving.


Oliver, you hit this and you can leave.

I'm glad you came to your senses.

You should always remember one thing, Dig.

What's that?

I don't need the bow.


[Crickets chirping]

[All grunting]


[Tires squealing]

My C.I. swears this is the place.

Bring your men up on the flank.

Okay, this way.

Follow me.

He's here!

He who?

The Hood!

[All yelling]

Looks like we're not the only guests.

You should have stuck to your depraved elite.

I am merely providing people with what they want.

I am providing a public service!

So am I.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Freeze! Put down the needle!

Or I will shoot you!

Put down the syringe.

He deserves this!

Not according to the law.

The people that think you're a hero, people like my daughter, if they could see you now...

You're no hero.

You're what I always said you were-- a killer.

Get him!

Get me an ambulance. Now!

Juvenile delinquent reporting for duty.

Since you lost your driver's license, I'll pick you up at 5:00.


We have a lot of work for her to do.

Well, then, let's say 7:00 just to be safe.

Is it too late to choose jail?



I need you to go through these files and pull out all the documents dated March 2007.

Do you think you could do that?

I think I can.

I know I messed up.

I really appreciate this, Laurel.

We are going to make an upstanding citizen out of you yet, speedy.

Thank you.

And this will be good for her, having a role model, somebody better than me.

Oh, you're not so bad.

And besides, it'll be nice to have her around.

[Cell phone vibrates]

I got to take this.

Excuse me.


McKenna: We got The Count.

Bust up his lab, got him on everything from drug trafficking to homicide.

He'll be gone for a long while.

That's great, thanks.

It was great seeing you, Oliver.

You, too.

See ya.

He's still critical.

I've never seen anyone OD on this much Vertigo and live.

There's just no way of knowing what kind of damage has been done to his brain and nervous system.

Or if its irreparable.




[Gasping and coughing]





Thanks for meeting me.

I was...nervous to come to your house.


The thing is, I've been debating whether or not to share this with you for weeks.

Can I trust you?

[Scoffs] I'm not an idiot.

You've dropped some fairly ridiculous lies on me, and...yet I still feel like I can trust you.


Why is that?

I have one of those faces.



You can trust me.

Then I have something to show you.

Have you ever seen this before?


Where'd you get it?

From your stepfather.

From Walter.


Well, where did he get it?

He said he found it in your house.

That it belongs to your mother.

Walter thought she was hiding something.

Something more, and...

He wanted me to look into it, but then he vanished.

I think this list might have cost Walter his life.