01x15 - Dodger

My name is Oliver Queen. For 5 years, I was stranded on an island with only one goal-- Survive.

Oliver Queen is alive.

Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish-- to use the list of names he left me and bring down those who are poisoning my city. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become something else.

Previously on "Arrow"...

Hi, I'm looking for Detective Hall.

I was told he works in Vice.


McKenna Hall.

I live to surprise.

I want to find Walter.

My stepfather.

I'll help you rescue him, but that's it.

That's my offer.



Jerry, you ok?


You look a little peaked, man.

I'm fine. It's, uh, Mrs. Hill wants us to move the Sherwood into the vault.

Now? It's mid-day.

I know. She says it's a security threat.

It's, uh, all the robberies lately.


Right, right.


[Platform whirring]


[Alarm sounding]

[Police radio chatter]

[Alarm continues]

Take this thing off me, all right?

I got it like you asked.


Take it off me!


Were--were you-- were you bluffing? I mean, would the thing have detonated?

Violently. Don't worry, though.

You did exactly as I asked, so it's just unconsciousness for you.


[Electricity zapping]


You might want to take it easy if you plan on taking someone off that list tonight.

This is me taking it easy.

So who's our lucky guy tonight?

Ken Williams. His pyramid scheme stole millions.

People didn't just lose their homes.

Their lives are ruined.

Why don't you call it in early tonight, I'm not expecting much trouble.



Did you just...

Computer override your lock.

Maybe a little.

What are you doing?

I pulled up some information on Mr. Williams.

Did you know he's a widowed father of a 10-year-old boy?

I told you.

I'm only in this to help Walter.

Not to be an accessory to orphaning little kids.

I'm just giving him a warning.

Has it ever occurred to you you could do some real good in the city?

Beyond just recovering people's stock portfolios and their saving accounts.

You're not the only one who knows how to reboot my system.

I made a mistake.

Getting in my way?

I don't disagree.


Signing on with you.

Even provisionally.

[Steve groaning]

Hey. Hey.


That tastes like dirt.

You got to stay hydrated, ok?

Hydration is not my problem.

My problem is getting a bullet dug out of my arm with a dull blade.

Let me take a look.

[Groaning] It's infected.

Go figure.

Yeah, uh...

I got to stop that before it spreads.

When you swing past the drugstore for those antibiotics, you want to get me a copy of "Maxim", or maybe a "Sports Illustrated"?

Yao Fei had these super herbs back in the cave that'd heal anything.

I'm going to go get them.

You're not going to last an hour out there.

Well, I guess you better hope I get back in 45 minutes, then.

Season 1 Episode 15
Original Air Date on February 20, 2013

[Doorbell rings]


It is so good to see you, Frank.


It's been far too long.

Yes. My interests in China have kept me away more than I'd like.

But with The Undertaking approaching, I thought a return to Starling City was in order.


Actually, Frank, it's The Undertaking that I wanted to talk to you about.

I want to get out.

Is this because of what happened to Walter?

[Sighs] With Walter, with Robert.

Last week the Vigilante nearly made my children orphans.

I've reached my limit, Frank.

That's, uh, a lot to confide in me, Moira.

Robert did.

I know he reached out to you; whether I was supposed to know it or not.

He had misgivings.

He sought you out because he knew you did, too.

But then he was murdered.

And that should be a cautionary tale for both of us.

Yes, I know. And I've gone along with this for as long as I can stomach it.

We started this to fix the Glades, Frank.

To cure the city, not lay it to waste.

You got into this because of what happened to your daughter.


What would Amanda want you to do?


Maybe we should come back later.

No, maybe we should wait, Oliver. This is really serious.

What if her next attack of conscience leads her right to the police?

Oh, she won't say anything.

I know I had to make the same calculation when you found out about me.

Mm-hmm. And what would you have done if you were wrong, and I decided to make a call to detective Lance?

I would have put an arrow in you.


Really--really--you really would have done that, really?


I had a bet going with myself on how quickly you two would visit.

Tell me not to reveal your secret.

Looks like I won.

Actually, Felicity, I was hoping that I could get you to change your mind.

I was worked up on adrenaline last night, and I didn't exactly put my best foot forward.

I was hoping you'd give me the opportunity to do that now.

How about you start with Ken Williams?

Did he also get to enjoy your adrenaline last night?

No, he returned the money that he stole just in time to put his son to bed.

Like I said, Felicity, just a warning...

Woman on TV: At this time, we'd like to remind the public that we are coordinating our efforts with Interpol as the Dodger operates primarily in Europe, and they have advised us to warn the public that he is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

You know, I heard about this guy.

They call him the Dodger because he avoids getting his hands dirty.

He uses hostages to do his stealing for him.


Puts a bomb collar around their necks.

Last year, a guy in Madrid didn't steal what the Dodger told him to, and it took his head off.


And now the psycho's in Starling City?

It's too bad his name's not in your notebook.

You know, not all the people that I target are on the list.

Every once in a while, I make an exception.

A hostage-taking jewel thief, for example.

So, why don't you help us take him down?

He's late.



[Opening suitcase]

I maintain a Swiss account for financial transactions.

Here's the number.


I'll wire you the money.

Assuming I don't misplace the numbers.

My bookkeeping method is a little sloppy.


Clearly you're under the impression that you can have the Sherwood Ruby for a steal.

Well, you're new here in town.

We're not as refined in Starling City.

I'm getting that impression.

[Clears throat]

Don't worry.

Your men are merely unconscious.

In about 17 minutes, they'll wake up with the ability to tell every other fence in this town that I'm not to be trifled with.


What about me?

I don't know.


What about you, indeed.

So to catch this guy, we need to either figure out where he is, or where he's going to be.

Is this really how you guys figure out how to get your target?

Over burgers and shakes?

Sorry it took me so long.

I'm waiting on a bunch of particularly rowdy customers.

You need me to handle that?

I appreciate it, but I'm a pro by now.

I'll be here if you need me.


No, it's my sister in law.


Sort of.

Carly was married to Dig's brother.

And he passed away.

Hmm. Well, looks like she's hot for you.

Ah. Can we get back to crime fighting, please?

Actually, Dig, I was thinking, you probably should ask her out.



I'll do that just five minutes after you ask out McKenna.

Ooh, the detective on the Dodger case.

You have a thing for her?


I don't see you asking Carly out.

Felicity, this guy, he's targeting a very specific type of jewel.

We figure out why, and that'll give us the how to catch him.

I have an idea.


Your crush object with a badge said they were working with Interpol.


Why don't I work a couple of little tech, you distract her with a little flirty flirt, slip said tech onto her phone.

It'll turn into a micro transmitter, and boom, we'll learn everything she knows.


It's not how I typically get my information.

How do you typically do it?

I find the person.

And then I put the fear of God into them until they talk.

But we can try your way.

You know, Carly, I don't want this to, um, you know, to come off weird or anything, it's just...

Would you like to have dinner?

How about tonight?



We haven't waited long enough?


Who knew street meat could taste so good?

I had a feeling you needed a break from the office.

Hank was my first client.

I kept his son from being sent away for a mugging that he didn't commit.

And how did that not score you free hot dogs for life?

CNRI gives low income people access to the legal system.

Without them, his son could have gone to prison forever.

I could have gone to prison, too.

He couldn't afford a dream team of super lawyers.

So I'm supposed to feel guilty because I'm lucky enough to have a rich family?

No. You are lucky.

And hopefully CNRI will show you that.


[Tires squealing]

Give us the purse, and we won't press any charges.


Yeah, you're right.

I really do feel lucky.

This got snagged as he bolted over the fence.

Looks like a chain from his wallet.


I thought you gave up crime fighting.


Well, the business with your sister. I figured...


You'd stay out of police precincts.


Yeah, I...I saw you on the news and I realized that I never thanked you for everything that you did, so.

Thank you.

So you got promoted.

Major Crimes.


And they assigned me to the Dodger case.

He extorts people into stealing for him.

How's that going?



It was nice seeing you the last time that I saw you.

Yeah. It's good seeing you, too.

It was like old times.

Except the PG version.

How do you mean?

Well, you and I always knew how to have a fun time.

Something that's been missing from my life lately.

So how about a drink?

Not now.

Would you maybe--

I'll take you for a-- would you like to have dinner with me, McKenna?

I don't know if you heard, I was on a deserted island for five years and I am totally out of practice with this whole...

Hmm. Well--well, dinner would be nice.

In fact, I can make myself free tonight.



So I'll grab you at eight?

That's perfect.

All right.


I'm lingering. I'm going to go.


[Birds squawking]


Who's there?!

Help me.

[Phone dialing, line ringing]

Detective Lance: Lance.

McKenna: Sergeant, it's Detective Hall.

I have an update on the Dodger case.

A body was found in an art gallery shot point blank.

There were three other men there, all rendered unconscious by a highly focused electric current to the heart.

Same M.O. as that guard at the museum.

Got an ID on the vic?

His name is Cass Derenick.


Who's Cass Derenick?

Arrest, possession of stolen goods.

Arrest, conspiracy.

Conviction, attempted sale of stolen goods.

This guy's a fence.

The Dodger's looking to unload the Sherwood Ruby.

Which means he'll be in the market for a new fence.

One he hasn't, you know...killed.

So we find the fence and we find the Dodger.

Anyway, I saw online that you sell a chain wallet with an eight ball on the chain.

I was wondering if you could give me a name of one of your customers if I gave you a description?

Yeah, sure, you can call be back.

Like every other used clothing and leather good store I've called today.

What was that about?

What's up with the fancy fancy?

What? Oh, um, I have a date.

Contrary to popular opinion, I do have a life.

Then why do you seem so nervous?

Is it obvious?

Just be your charming and brooding self.

I mean, the girls seem to dig that. [Sighs]

This girl is different.

She knew me before the island, before I was...

[Cell phone rings]

That's CNRI.

I've got to take this.

I'm working on a very important purse snatching case.



Yes, I called you this morning.

Yeah, he might have been wearing a red hoodie.

Kind of Abercrombie-looking.

His face, not the hoodie.


You wouldn't happen to have his name?

Thank you so much.


Hey, Laurel.

Does your dad still like arrest people?

I found the dirt bag.

His name is Roy Harper.

I can't remember the last time I was here.

It's so beautiful.

Yeah, this was the place to take a girl in high school.

Hmm, I was never lucky enough to experience that.

I had braces and terrible bangs back then.

[Both chuckle]

I'm sure you looked amazing.

I'm glad we finally got around to doing this.

Me, too.

You know, Andy set a pretty high bar when it came to first dates.


You know, he'd face down armed gunmen for a living but I've never seen him as scared as he was before that first date with you.

Ohh, Carly, I'm sorry.

That wasn't good first date etiquette, was it?

Bring up Andy when we are having a romantic night?

Probably not.

Look, Carly, this is difficult and complicated.

It's not like there's a manual, you know?

You know...

For a moment, I--I felt like a girl who likes a boy, and nothing else mattered.

But if this is too hard for you, or too complicated, then please, just get out now, because I've already been hurt too much.

Carly, listen, I'm sorry--

Can you just please take me home?



No, no, no, no, it is not possible for something to be this good!



So you must have missed soufflés.

What do you mean?

Five years on an island, away from civilization.

Ah, what did you do?

What did you eat?

Where'd you sleep?

How did you make it?



Didn't mean to drill you.

It's ok.

It's just I haven't had a conversation with a guy in a while without it resulting in me reading him his rights.

So. Yeah, but those years, they must have changed you.


From a guy I used to party with to who you are now.


Because I had to make some tough choices.

You're right.

It changed me.

What kind of tough choices--

I don't want to talk about those experiences, McKenna.

[Cell phone rings]

Saved by the cell.


Ok, put what the C.I. told you in the warrant application.

I'll be right there.

It's work, I got to go.

Felicity, listen, please.

I need you to activate the bug in McKenna's phone.

I think the police just got a lead on the Dodger.


Who are you?

My name is Alan Durand.

I'm an exchange student.

I was on a fishing excursion with my class.


We got lost and our boat caught fire.

It was some mechanic malfunction.

We had to jump ship.


Two days ago.

It was awful.

I thought I was going to die.

Where are the other students?

Where's the boats crew, huh?

I think I'm the only one who made it.

I managed to get to shore.

I thought I was lucky, but...

What? Somebody found you?

Soldiers, or...



They had these masks on and they attacked me and beat me.

They left me here!

Who are they?!

You can untie me at any point, by the way.

Nice place you have here.

Oh, thank you.

Tell me.

Does every fence in this town hire muscle?

[Chuckles] I did as soon as I heard about what you did to Cass Derenick.

Oh, yes, Cass.

God rest his soul.

He wasn't a very nice man.

He tried to steal from me.


I've heard that you have a better sense of judgment.

And that you have no trouble in moving this.

Well, it's only a recession for some people.

I take a 15% commission off the top.

Let's call it at 12, shall we?

Obviously I don't have to remind you about what what happened to the last person who tried to screw me over.

SCPD! Grab the floor!


[Arrow whirring]

Come quietly!

I'm afraid I'll have to decline.

Then I'm afraid you won't be going to jail.

[Device beeping]

Felicity: I heard on the news the Dodger got away.

Hopefully the night wasn't a complete waste.

Your dates.

How'd they go?



You two suck at lying.

The police and I busted it up before the Dodger could get himself paid.

Don't change the subject.

Is your hacker chip still working?

[Sighs] You two are no fun.


Still getting a strong signal.

You should pull up the police records.

Everything the Dodger's stolen so far.

What are you thinking?

We know the Dodger has a taste for a very specific type of antiquity.


These all look like they're from the ominous decade.

The last ten years of King Ferdinand's reign.

[Scoffs] And she says we have no lives.

Are there any other places that sell or display items from the ominous thing?


Not really.

I guess people in Starling City prefer the Elizabethan era.

The Starling City Cancer Society.

It says right there they're holding a fundraising auction tomorrow night.

We could lure him out into the open.

With what? A fake?

No. The Dodger clearly has a trained eye for this sort of thing.

He's not going to fall for anything less than the genuine article.

[Chuckles] Where are we going to get our hands on a rare Spanish antiquity?

You really have no idea how rich his family is, do you?

Roy William Harper Jr.

Where's senior?

Norris cemetery.

Sorry to hear that.

You and an army of bookies.

Can I go?

No. You've been IDed as a suspect in a purse snatching.

It's quite a résume you've compiled here.

Petty theft, B&E, robbery, petty theft.

Stolen car. Well, it's nice to change things up once in a while.

And petty theft.

You got something against banks?

Well, it is hard to run with one under your arm.

Well, maybe you'll learn a few new skills in prison.

Look, I don't want to steal.

Ok? I don't have any other choice.

My mother, she...

She has a problem.

Yeah, her son's a moron.



She got hooked on Vertigo last year.

She kicked it, but I guess she'd done enough that...

It messed her up.


She hasn't been the same, and her medical bills-- look, I'm...I'm just trying to help her get out from under.

Look, we're not privileged enough to have as much as other people.



Let him go.

It's just a damn purse, right?

They'll meet with you.

It has been arranged.

Thank you for this.

There's one more thing I need you to do for me.

Malcolm's the only one who knows where Walter's being kept.

I just...I just need a clue.

Some lead to follow.

If our plan works, I can't let it damn Walter to hell.


That's the fate that's in store for us, I'm afraid.

[Indistinct chatter, laughter]

The police are here, too.

Your bait's attracted them, at least.

That's not exactly who I'm looking to catch.

So I'm getting a good signal from the GPS I put in your family's broach.

I can track it on my phone.

Speaking of, have you given any thought to what might happen if this doesn't work and the Dodger absconds with your family jewels?

I'm sorry, that came out very wrong.

Let's just keep our eyes open, Felicity.

Hey, isn't that...

You can just follow him over there, ok?

Mm-hmm. I would rather take my chances with a deadly jewel thief.



That broach was donated by the Queen family.

If you want it, you're going to have to bid.

Actually, love, I thought I'd just take it.

Maybe I should check out front, see if the security guards had any problems.

That's a good idea. I'm going to go check on the bait.

I think I have a problem.

Get away from me!

If this thing blows...

Not going to happen.

The Dodger said if I called the police, he'd--

I'm going to get decapitated, aren't I?

The tracker's on the move.

If I find him, I can get him to disarm it.

Talk me in. Stay calm.

Too late.

Go. Just go. Go, go, go.

Talk to me, Felicity!


Heading towards Adams and O'Neil.

At the clip he's going, he's got to be in a vehicle.

Hey. I need your bike.

Are you kidding me?



I'm mobile.

Where is he?

Talk to me, Felicity.

Come on.

First time anyone's ever been grateful for traffic cameras.

He's one block from your position.

If you cut through Harris Plaza, you'll end up right behind him.

Where is he now?

Got it.

I got him, I got him.

Gray sedan driving north.

At the light ahead of you.

Ok, hard right.

[Horn honking]

[Tires squealing]


Don't do anything stupid.

I had the foresight to collar up a particularly inquisitive blonde.

I assume she's a friend of yours.

Touch one hair on my head and she loses hers.

You've got quite the choice to make, don't you?

Not this time.

Your median nerve's been severed.

You couldn't push that button if you tried.

[Collar beeping]

[Gasping] Oh, thank God.

Why are you doing this?

I'm exactly like you.

I only steal from the rich.

[Electricity zapping]

[Sirens in distance]

I'm not Robin Hood.

I don't know when these men are coming back!

You have to believe me.

Untie me, please!

What, do you think these men, they planted me here, some kind of trap or something?

I...Well, why'd they tie you up like that and then just leave you?

Huh? Why not just kill you?

They were going to!

They got called away at some--some altercation somewhere else on the island.

If they come back, they will kill both of us.

Please! You have to believe me.


All right, turn-- all right, turn around.

Thank you.

[Sobbing] Thank you.

I'm sorry...

But I can't.

What? Why?!

Why not?

Because I don't know you.

Are you out of your mind?!


You can't do this!

You can't just leave me here!

You know, last night all I could think about was how pissed off Andy will be; how hurt he'll be if he saw us together.


But that's nothing compared to how he'd be if I did something to hurt you, Carly.

Believe me when I tell you that war is easier than dating.

In a war, you act or you die.

No time to think, no time to second guess yourself.

Maybe that's your problem.

With me, you're thinking.

Not feeling.

You're right.

[Dog barking]

[Siren in distance]

[Knocks on door]

[Dog barking continues]

How did you know where I live?

A little thing called the Internet.

Look, could we not do this with a door between us?

So I guess you're not pressing charges 'cause you feel like-- you feel like you can change my life?

And so you can run and tell your rich prep school friends what a Saint you are and how you're helping the disadvantaged?

[Scoffs] You don't know a thing about me.

Thea Queen.

Trust fund brat.

Totaled her car, which she got as a birthday present.

Loves designer labels and is usually in the tabloids for partying too much.

Did I--did I leave anything out?


Dead father, missing step dad, damaged brother, and almost served jail time for that car accident.

Plus, she really wants her purse back.

You know, you showed some real sack coming down here, the Glades in the middle of the night.

You must not know the value of a vintage purse.



Don't worry, it's all there.

Except for these. Ahh.

You know, it's a really filthy habit you got there.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Hey, can I give you some advice?

First, stay out of the Glades.

And second?

Don't fall for every sob story a guy like me tells the police.

You have a great evening now.


Do you ever take time off?

I do.

In fact, last night I went on a date.

The guy was kind of a jerk.


He might have had a reason.

McKenna, I didn't just lose five years on the island.

I lost the part of me that enjoyed...

Being alive.

Listening to music and, uh... eating a soufflé with a beautiful girl.

It's the easy things.

But when you asked me about the island, it reminded me of all the hard things and the hard choices that I had to make that still stay with me.

Made me question how I can trust, and even if I'm worthy of... being with anyone.

You are.

Mmm. Hmm.

Can I take you to a dinner?

That I promise not to cut short.


Throw in a soufflé and you're on.


Glad you're still here.


Mr. Lance.

Actually, I was just leaving.

Is everything ok, sir?

Yeah. I'd like you to, uh, work with me on the Vigilante investigation.

Thank you, sir.

Well, don't worry, we'll bring him in.

Oh, yeah.


Ah. Ready to go?



Ahh. It tastes like an ashtray.

But it does the job.

I owe you one.

You didn't get into any trouble out there, did you?


No. Not a bit.

Frank Chan recommended you.

He said you could help us with our problem.

He appreciates you agreeing to meet with me.

Anything for a friend.


How can we be of assistance?

Malcolm Merlyn.

I want you to kill him for me.