02x05 - League of Assassins

My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal-- to save my city. But to do so, I can't be the killer I once was. To honor my friend's memory, I must be someone else. I must be something else.

Previously on "Arrow"...

We would like to serve notice to the defense, pursuant to rule of criminal procedure 15.

I would like to have a conversation with you before you seek the death penalty.

Moira, what don't I know?

There are some things that must never be spoken of.

He's beaten me twice, and I don't know how to stop him.


Who are you?

Once you know, your life will never be the same.


Yeah, Dad, college is great.

No, me and my new roommate totally hit it off.

We're like besties.

Ok. Yeah, dad, I got to get back to chem lab.

Yes. It looks like I got a long night ahead of me.

Psst. Get off the phone!

Love you, Dad. Bye.

[Chuckles] Ollie.

You are trouble.

How is Detective Lance?

Ah, he's clueless, as usual.

[Rap music playing]

Guess I was thirsty.


Did you hear that?

1, 2, 3...

It's getting closer.

That's not very scientific.

And what would you know about science, Mr. Ivy league drop out?

I happen to know a lot about science.

I know...


I know...Biology.

♪ I'm tearing up this joint, ready or not ♪
♪ in with my crew and we're turning heads ♪
♪ you play it right, you can touch my dreads ♪

Mmm. Laurel's going to kill me.

She's so going to kill me.

Your sister will never know.

Just come here.



Ok, that one was really close.


We're going to be fine.

[Shrieking and groaning]




[Gasping and screaming]

Help! Help!


Oliver: Sara!


In sports, the international basketball league was busy last night with seven games on the schedule.

The Cavaliers came up with a surprise upset...

Can't sleep?

I don't do well with my eyes closed.

Hey, thanks for letting me stay here.

I know you got a lot going on with your mom.

Thea's mostly staying at her boyfriend's.

So...don't worry about anyone finding out that you're back.

Thanks for understanding.

I don't understand.

You know, not a day goes by that your family doesn't miss you.

Yeah? How do you know?

Because I missed you.

I don't think they'll be as happy to see me as you think.

How can you say that?

I know how hard it is to come home when you've been gone for so long.

I'm guessing my father and Laurel weren't too happy to see you.

[Chuckles] No.

No, not at first.

I wasn't sure if you and she ever got back together.

We tried.

It's too much.

Yeah some things, you know, it's better left in the past.

I'm done waiting for Mr. Queen.

Let's get started.

Sorry I'm late.

There's an old friend...

In town.

I just finished explaining to your mother and sister that Miss Lance will be sitting second chair for the prosecution.

This is a conflict of interest.

Miss Lance practically grew up in the Queen house.

I think you're overstating matters.

Oh, we'll see when I move to conflict Miss Lance off this case.

Maybe there won't be a case much longer.

I come here not just with Miss Lance, but also with a plea offer.

Life, with the possibility of parole.

[Scoffs] No.

We are not pleading out.

Mrs. Queen is innocent.

She aided and abetted 503 homicides.

Under duress from a homicidal maniac named Malcolm Merlyn.

She also withdrew from the criminal conspiracy prior to its execution.

Five minutes prior.

With Malcolm Merlyn dead, a jury's going to want to have to blame someone.

If she doesn't take the deal, then she's facing the death penalty.

Thea: Sounds a lot like blackmail.

Try reality.

And here's some more-- we've subpoenaed over a decades' worth of phone messages, phone records, letters and emails.

I'm willing to bet I find something that crushes your duress defense to powder.

Mr. Donner...

If you don't mind, I'd like a few days to consider your offer.

Of course.

Excuse me.

I'll be right back.


I'll meet you at the car.

You're prosecuting my mother?

I didn't ask for this case.

I was assigned.

So say no!

It's a new job, Oliver.

I don't have a lot of pull.

And what pull I do have, I used to get that plea bargain for your mother.

This was your idea?

Life in prison?

The D.A. is serious about the death penalty, Ollie.

We both know what it's like to lose someone.

So think about it and save your mother's life.

Are you ok?

In case I wasn't clear last week...

I'm done answering that question.

[Canary tweeting]

[Wings fluttering]

[Sara gasping]



Over here!


[Boat horn honking]

Oliver: Sara?


You ok?

How did everything go with your mother?

I ran into your sister.

She's working on the case.

You didn't tell her...


I know a little something about keeping secrets and respecting them, even though I don't... totally understand why you're keeping yours.

Is this-- is it because of what happened on the island?




There were things that I did; things that I had to do to survive.

Things that there's no forgiveness for.

Well, that's the thing about forgiveness-- you can't get it until you ask for it.


[All grunting]

Who are you?

Just a warrior. Like you.

Why are you dressed like Malcolm Merlyn?

Huh? Who sent you?!

Season 2 Episode 05
League of Assassins
Original Air Date on November 6, 2013

I remember the first time I saw this hood.

Shado was wearing it.

This is quite the set-up that you got here.

Where you're launching your one man war for Starling.

I'm not one man.

These are my friends.

This is John Diggle and Felicity Smoak.

Guys. This is Sara.

Welcome home, Sara.

I was happy to hear you're not dead anymore.

I mean, I didn't know you before you didn't die the first time.

I'm still glad you're alive.

Thank you.

We just had an uninvited guest in the Queen mansion.

Trained. Highly skilled.

And he was dressed like Merlyn.

Well, the last I checked Malcolm Merlyn was dead, courtesy of an arrow jammed through his heart.

It wasn't him.

It was a follower, an underling bent on revenge.

Whoever it was...

He knows who I am.

Gee, I didn't get you a bag of dirt.

I found it in the house.

Copycat Merlyn tracked it in.

I want you to analyze it.

Hopefully it'll lead me right to him.

Then what?

If this pretender wants to follow Malcolm Merlyn so badly, he can follow him right into a grave.

Sara? We'll find this guy.

I don't want you to.

What do you mean?

He wasn't after you, Ollie.

He's after me.

Who is he?

He's called Al-Owal, "The First."

And he's a member of the League of Assassins.

Diggle: Wait. Wait. The League of Assassins?

I thought they were a myth.

What's the League of Assassins?

And please, don't say it's a league made up of assassins.

No, it's an urban legend.

I heard about them in Afghanistan from a tribal leader.

He claimed there was an ancient sect of assassins, deadly warriors that killed and vanished like ghosts.

Thought he was smoking what he was selling.

I tried to tell you, Ollie, but you wouldn't listen.

That's where you've been the past four years.

That's where you learned to fight.

You're one of them.

After the freighter, a member of the league rescued me; Took me in and brought me to Nanda Parbatt.

They remade me into what I am.

And I swore them my allegiance.

Why are they kicking down doors trying to find you now?

Because I left.

And there's only way that you leave the league.

Is that why you didn't want to see your family?

A year ago, I was in Guyana.

I was sent there for a man named Suarez.

He was a local diplomat.

And I slit his throat.

In his bed.

And his kids...

They found his body in the morning.

I'm a murderer, Ollie.

You think that my family will be happy to see me?

[Cell phone vibrates]

I have to go to Iron Heights.

Felicity, I need you to find this Al-Owal.

Thank you, thank you.

What were you doing out there?

The boat that I was on, and we got caught in the storm.


Wait, wait, wait!

Wait! I--Robert Queen.

Robert Queen.

It was his boat, and--and-- they're rich and he'll pay whatever you want. Please!

[Sara gasping]

Please, please!

Please, no!

[Gasping and groaning]

Please, please!

Please, don't! No!

You've made a mistake.

Please let me out.

Why won't you let me-- no, please, come back!

Let me out!

Thea: You cannot be serious!

What's going on here?

She wants to take the deal!

Whoa! If this is about the death penalty...

I've been explaining this to your mother.

Even if we ever get to sentencing, you were acting under duress.

I have everything I need to keep them from sentencing you to death.

The death penalty doesn't scare me, Jean.

Then why aren't you fighting?

I have my reasons.

Name one.

Because I'm tired of fighting.

I am not confident that I can win over a jury.

And I'm not altogether certain that I deserve to.

That was actually three.


No, seriously, you're just ready to give up?!

Just take your medicine and spend the rest of your life in here.

We still need you.

I still need you.


I--I can't take this.

Growing up...

I didn't think that there were secrets kept between us.

Last year I learned different.

And I've gotten pretty good at knowing when you're hiding something from me.

So, Mom...

What are you hiding now?

Help your sister come to terms with my choice, because it's made.

Sorry if I upset you before.

We all join clubs we wish we hadn't.

It took me a year to get out of that gym membership.


Thank you.

For what?

Not making me feel like what I am.

Oliver's lucky to have you both as friends.

He hasn't always had the best luck in that area.

How'd it go with your mother?

Not well.

Have you found somebody for me to hit yet?

Could be. Spectro analysis of the dirt from your house had trace amounts of aldicarb in them.


It's a pesticide.

Starling City used to have its own aldicarb plant, but per the EPA, it was shut down three years ago.

What's it being used for now?

Nothing. It's abandoned.

But my guess is, it's the homebase to one League of Assassins assassin.

Sara: He will kill you.

Like you, I am not that easy to get rid of.

This is my fight.

He made it my fight when he came into my house.

And when he threatened somebody that I care about.


Such an ineffective projectile.

I find it strange anyone who still fears them.

Oliver: I'll show you why-- if you don't leave Sara Lance alone.

This is your only warning.

And it would be effective, were you to pose a threat to me.

You barely defeated Malcolm Merlyn at nearly the cost of your own life.

What hope would you have against the man who trained him?

Helps that I didn't come alone.

The child of Ra's Al Ghul awaits your return.

I'm not going back.

That's not your choice.

I have orders to return you...

Alive or dead.

You're not going to kill me.

You overestimate your importance.

Regardless, you're coming back with us.


Like you, I did not come alone.

[All grunting]

[Glass shattering]

If you will not return willingly, we'll stay to bury your family.

You're not even flinching when he...

Pain and I came to a little understanding few years back.


The League of Assassins.

Why wouldn't she tell me what happened to her all those years?

Probably the same reason why you didn't tell us what happened to you on the island.

We need to protect the Lances.

I'll take Laurel.

What can I do?

Nothing. You're hurt, and you need to stay here.

What about my father?

I'll go talk to Detective Lance.

Tell him he needs to get out town for a couple of days.

Please don't tell him about me.

I can keep a secret.

Just ask him.

You three are quite the team.


We have our moments.

[Taps on door with key]

Get up.

No, no, please!

Please, please, no!

The more you struggle...

The more it'll hurt.

No, no, please!



Let her go.

You don't give me orders.

No, that would be the Captain.

But he works for me.

Doesn't he?

Help me, please!

Come here.

Laurel, listen, it's your father--again.

Ok, now listen, I know you're still mad at me after what I said when you got pulled over last week, but it's not right, us not talking.

So please, just-- just call me, ok?

Detective Lance!

I knew you'd be getting home around now because your shift has ended.

Which I knew because I kind of pinged your cell phone.

Miss Smoak.

You have cockroaches and they mean business.

Since when did you start making house calls?

Since you're in danger.

I'm not afraid of cockroaches.

Yes, you're in real danger!

You need to get out of town for a couple days.

Listen, I'm in danger every time I put on this uniform, so you're going to have to be a little more specific.

There's an organization called the League of Assassins and three of its members are targeting you.

It... sounded a little less crazy in my head.

I doubt it.

Malcolm Merlyn was apparently a member.

That should give you some sort of idea about the type of people we're dealing with.

Ok, I'll bite.

What did I do to piss them off?


Is a really long story.

You just...

You need to trust me.

You're not safe here in Starling City.

Smoak, nobody's safe, ok?

Especially not us cops.

We get shot at for a living.

And my shift?

It just ended.

Detective Lance!


Wait, you need to listen to me!

Good night, Miss Smoak.

So I guess this means you're not leaving town?


I should have said this earlier, but it's not appropriate for us to be discussing your mother's case.

Actually, I was in the neighborhood, so I thought that I would swing by and see if I could give you a ride home and maybe get a bite to eat.

It's been a long day.

I don't need an even longer night of you trying to talk me out of your mother's plea agreement.


I promise, this has nothing to do with my mother's case.

You've had a rough couple of weeks.

You really going to tell me you couldn't use a friend?

Come on.


How'd it go?


He either didn't believe me or didn't take me seriously.

In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have led with League of Assassins.

What do we do now?

What are you doing?

Oliver told you to stay put.

I thought you didn't want your father to know you're still alive.

I don't. But it's better than him not being.

Where do you think you're going?

With you.

I'm not going to let you go out there without any back-up.

Dig, you may be a three tour Special Forces veteran, but I was trained by the people that make the Special Forces look like a kindergarten class.

So step aside or get put down.

It's your funeral, Sara.

It wouldn't be my first.


[Kids giggling, dog barking]

[Exhales, chuckles]

No, it can't be.

It can't be Sara.

It's me. It's Sara.


It's ok.




[Speaking Chinese]

[Speaking Chinese]

You speak Chinese now?

Picked up a couple things in the past few years.


Why didn't you let us know that you were alive?

I mean, your mother and I, we...

We missed you.

And your sister did, too.

You know that, right?

I know you got divorced.


But it wasn't your fault.

That was on me.

Because of me.

I'm sorry.

It's all right.

None of that matters now. You know why?

'Cause you're home, sweetie, you're home.

[Glass breaks]

[Sara gasps]

Are you in trouble?


No, Dad.

You are.

You sent Felicity Smoak to warn me to leave town.

You know the Arrow.

You're the girl in the mask.

You've been kicking the crap out of creeps in the Glades.

You've been home for weeks.

Tell me something-- if these assassins, if they hadn't shown up, would you have ever let us know that you were alive?


Felicity said that these guys were part of a league of something.

What do they want with you.

What all assassins want-- to terminate their objective.

Oh, this is crazy.

Dad, we have to go.

No, we are not going anywhere.

Not until you sit down and you tell me exactly what you've gotten yourself into.

You are an amazing cop and you are strong and decent and honest.

But these men, they will cut you down before you can lift a finger.

Now please.

Come with me.

I'm afraid it's not much, but, uh...

It's home.

Why did you lock the door?

No, no, no, no.

It's not because...

It's just a habit. My shipmates aren't exactly the nicest bunch.

Please, come in.

Have a seat.

[Sara gasping and crying]

My name is Ivo.

Dr. Anthony Ivo.

And you are?


Nice to meet you, Sara.

Why do you keep those people down there in those cells?

It's my work.

I need them.

What work?

I'm going to save the human race, Sara.

Maybe you can help me.

I noticed you didn't have a drink at dinner.

No. I didn't.

So will you now admit that you and my father overreacted last week when you thought that I was becoming a drunk?

I am prepared to admit that I care about you.

Is that why you insisted on walking me to my door?

You know me.

I just wanted to make sure you were safe.

This is safe.


We shouldn't.

Then why did you come all the way up here?

I'm really sorry if I was sending the wrong message.

No! No, no, I got the message.

I get it loud and clear every day.


Run, run away from Laurel, run as fast as you can.

Laurel, come on.


She got on "The Gambit" with you.

My father, he-- he climbed into a bottle.

My mother, she--she climbed into her car and she drove away, and then Tommy...

What is so wrong with me that everybody leaves?

I will never leave you.

Until you do.

I thought I locked that.

Stay here.

Laurel: Ollie?


All good.

I have to go.

Listen, I'm sorry about what I said--

Don't be.

Just stay here.

[Door closes]

Felicity, Al-Owal was at Laurel's place.

What? Is she ok?

She's fine. Looks like he moved out before we got there.

But if Laurel's not his target...

He's after Lance, and I need a location now.

Well, I can't believe I didn't think to look for you up here.

It's a good vantage point.

You can see the whole city.

[Sighs] Like a bird on a wire.

Where I was, they have you choose a new name.

I chose ta-er sah-fer.

It's arabic.

For Canary.

I bought you that Canary when you were ten.

I was as far from home as you can get, but I never forgot where I came from.

You know how they say the first thing you forget about somebody when they're gone is their voice?

You can remember their face, and the way they move, but you can't hold on to the way they sound.

I never forgot your voice, Dad.


We're out of time.

So, this is where you wanted your father to die.

What the hell, Sara, who are these guys?

Associates of your daughter, Officer Lance.

Well, she always did have the worst taste in friends.

Did you really think we weren't going to find you here?


I knew you would.


You should be mindful of your surroundings.

[Sara groaning]

[All grunting]

Guns are a coward's weapon.

What are you without your side arm?

A guy with a spare.

You think because you are the beloved you will be granted your freedom?

There's only one freedom.

Let me grant you yours.

Oliver, voice disguised: You don't have to do this.

It's over!

Not yet.

Sara, baby, don't...

Tell Ra's Al Ghul that my family is off limits.

His quarrel is with me.

I'm sorry you saw that.

I can't imagine what you must think of me.

I think you're a survivor.

I think you're one of the bravest people I've ever known.

You're my daughter.

It's time for you to come back home.

I can't.

Why not?

They are never going to stop looking for me.

I'll protect you.

We'll protect you.

Tell her it's safe to stay.


If they hurt you or Laurel or mom, then I really would die.

But they need to know.

They can't. They can't, Daddy.

Why not?

You know why! I came back to make sure that my family was safe, and you are.

But if they knew I was alive, Laurel and mom, they would never stop looking for me, and that could get them both killed.

I can't let you go.

I can't let you go!

I have to--Dad, I have to--I have to go.

I love you.

Keep them safe.


She's right.

You have to keep her secret.

It's already the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

How do you live like this?

I never mind getting a visit from my children, but I know why you're here.

We just have one more thing to say.

Oliver, we've already been through this.

I am not going to change my mind.

This is about me changing mine.

Because I thought that you didn't want to go to trial over...a secret.

Then I caught up with an old friend, and I watched as she struggled to tell her family hers, because she was afraid...

That they wouldn't love her if they knew the truth.

Whatever you are worried about, it will not make us love you any less.

You don't know.

Who do you think you raised?

You taught us to be strong.

That we could overcome any obstacle that we faced; to fight.

Do you really think that we are going to scare that easily?

Whatever comes out...

You won't lose us.



I'll instruct Jean to reject Mr. Donner's offer.

[Laurel sighs]



I know I owe you a phone call.

I have a lot of work. Can we-- can we do this another time?

I just had to see you, Laurel.

Did something happen?

Are you ok?

One day, honey, when you have a daughter of your own, you'll understand that being a parent, it means you just never stop worrying about your children.

Dad, I'm--I'm sorry I didn't call you back.

I've--I've had a really long week, and--and I'm tired.

Are you all right?

I don't know.

I wish that there was-- there was something, a...

A sign that it gets better.

It does, honey.

It gets better.

How do you know?

I wish I could tell you, sweetie.

I wish I could tell you.

[Taps glasses]

Where's Sara?

She left.

You cool with that?

I didn't have much of a choice.

An old friend gave this to me.

Said I would know when it was the right time to drink it.

And now's the right time?

I'm not sure.

But I need a drink.


Hmm. That's...

So you were right.

Yeah, I usually am, Oliver.

[Both chuckle]

About what, specifically?

No matter how hard I try, Diggle, my past...

It doesn't want to stay buried.

I don't want to try so hard anymore.

The five years that I was gone...

I wasn't always on the island.



How are you--


Prisoners do not speak.