02x10 - Blast Radius

My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal-- to save my city. But to do so, I can't be the killer I once was. To honor my friend's memory, I must be someone else. I must be something else.

Previously on "Arrow"...

Time to choose, Oliver.

Who lives and who dies.

Because in 30 seconds, I will shoot them both.

You got what you came for!

I guess you made your choice. Time's up.


If you stick that in me, I'll kill you.

No, brother Roy, you'll kill for me.

Where'd you get the Mirakuru?

It was a gift.

A gift I would use to save this city from itself.

[Tires squealing]

[Revving motor]

[Tires squealing]


Whoa, oh, ahh!

Ahh! Oh!

The man in the skull mask, who is he?!

I--I don't know!

You're the biggest street dealer in Crescent Circle.

You know everything that goes on over there.

Who is he?!

I ain't seen the guy before!

A skull mask, are you freaking kidding me?!

Come on, man, I'm still on parole!

Not anymore.

Reporter: A spokesman for the Central City mayor's office confirmed the lack of any damage or radioactive fallout from the explosion that rocked S.T.A.R. Labs five weeks ago.

Is Felicity not back yet?

She said she wanted to spend a few more days with Barry.

Any improvement in his condition?

Still comatose.

How'd it go out there tonight?

Same as every other pointed conversation I have with these lowlifes in Crescent Circle.

Nobody... has seen a man in a skull mask.

But he's still out there.

Oliver, for the past five weeks, you've pushed yourself pretty hard looking for this guy.

He has the Mirakuru, Diggle!

I mean, you saw what it took to kill one guy that had been injected.

We practically had to drop a building on him.

So imagine ten or a hundred, imagine a thousand.

You said Roy was injected.


I've just never seen you spooked like this before.

That should tell you something.

Season 2 Episode 10
Blast Radius
Original Air Date on January 15, 2014

Shado always told me that I wouldn't die here.

But looking back, I realized that she never once said that about herself.

I just hope she's with her father now.

Here, kid.

She'd want you to have that.

You're the one she cared for.


Hey, Ollie, just give him space.

I can't keep lying to him, Sara.

I need to tell him how Shado really died.

Ivo killed Shado.

He pulled the trigger.

Because I chose to save you.

He needs to know the truth.

Wait, Ollie, he...

Get off me.

He has the Mirakuru in his system now.

What does that have to do with anything?

Look, the Japanese, they experimented on hundreds of men working to develop Mirakuru.

And I read the research.

The people who died?

They were the lucky ones.

The ones who survived, they were deformed.

Either their bones or their minds.

They became someone else.

You summoned me here for a drink?

You certainly look dressed for it.

No, I... have a date.

What are you working on?

Something to do with Sebastian Blood.

Aka the next mayor of Starling City.

Well, maybe he shouldn't be.

What does that mean?

I've just been doing some investigating.

Blood had a connection to the Langford psychiatric institute.

The one that burnt down under very mysterious circumstances.

Do the police suspect arson?


They're saying that it's inconclusive.

But Blood also knew Cyrus Gold-- the man that shot and killed four police officers.

Laurel, where are you going with this?

I don't know.

But I do have to go.

I'm going to be late.

So who's the lucky guy?

Sebastian Blood.

Oliver: So, please, join me in our efforts to send Starling's favorite son there.

To Sebastian Blood.

Sebastian for Starling.

[Cheers and applause]

Thank you, Oliver.

And not just for your support, but also for your friendship.

And thank all of you for coming.

You know, when Oliver calls me a son of Starling City, it feels like the literal truth.

I was a street orphan, and this city raised me as one of its own.

I am the man that I am today because of my Starling City family.

So it's time that I start to give back.

So thank you all for your support.


Nice speech, Ollie.

Who knew you cared so much about politics?

Well, I care about the city, and...

Sebastian has become something of a friend.

He's got a way of doing that, apparently.

That's very cute.

Speaking of which, how's Roy?

Handsome, brooding, usual.

Why is my boyfriend such a topic of interest?

Well, Thea, his idol put an arrow in him, and I just...

Wanted to make sure there weren't any lingering issues.

Oh, my God.

Now that I think about it, you know, he did something completely out of character this morning.


He showed up for work on time.


Thea! Oh, it's-- it's just wonderful.

Proud to my civic duty.

No, I'm the one who's proud.

You've taken Oliver's...hobby, and turned it into a successful business.


Oh, sweetheart.



Thank you so much for your kind words.

I'm just speaking the truth.

Oh, forgive me, a friend just walked in.



Glad you could come.

Sebastian invited me.

Yes, I hear the two of you have been spending a lot of time together.

We're just friends.

Does he know that?


What's holding you back?

Sometimes I feel like I don't know the real Sebastian.

He reminds me a little of you that way.





Long have the people of this city suffered under the shackles of a corrupt government...

Slaves to self-interested politicians and their lobbyist puppeteers.

I declare war on them all.


Anyone in the building?

Cleaning crew and a group of bankers working out a late night deal.

Can you patch me into police and fire?

I'm on it.



Hey, man, this is not my thing.

Man: It's too hot.

We're falling back.

Second man: You've still got people on the 5th floor.

It's too hot.

We're pulling back.

[Indistinct police radio]

[Coughs] Help!

Gary's still back there.

Get to safety.

[Both groaning and grunting]

Give me your hand.

Thank you.

[Sirens in distance]


You ok?

Where you going?

To the plane, to get geared up.

For what?

Ivo is still out there.

I'm going to find him, and when I do, I'm going to cut pieces of him.

You can't. Ivo has a ship full of men, of killers.

And I don't care what you did before, you can't take them all out.

Your only play here is to find safe ground and wait him out.

Well, of course you would say that.

You were working for Ivo.

You're probably still working for him!

Hey, hey!

She's not.

Get out of my way, kid.

Look, let's just take it easy--

I said...

Get out of my way.


You ok?

Long night.

Yeah. News report said the bomber didn't steal any money.

I think this guy just wants to make a statement.

That went online an hour ago.

His manifesto. 300 pages of anti-government hate.

You think this psycho's any way connected to our psycho in the skull mask?

[Exhales] This guy has a completely separate agenda.

He's a lone wolf, but we need to find him before he finds his next target.

I'd start with the bomb.

Everyone's unique.

Maybe we can get some kind of signature on the guy.

But the bomb residue is with the SCPD.

Fortunately we have an in with one of the officers at the department.

I thought you were staying in Central City for a few more days.

I got a news alert about the bombing.

Caught the first train out this morning.


We need you here.

How's Barry?

Ah, he's still sleeping.

I prefer sleeping to coma, 'cause coma sounds, you know, not fun.

I'll reach out to detective Lance.

[Knocks on glass]


Did we have a lunch today?


I was just in the neighborhood.

Thought I'd stop by.

But if this is a bad time, I mean, I can always come back.

Oh, no, not at all, they're still setting up out there.


This is pretty impressive for a street orphan.

Are you suggesting I spread it on a bit too thick last night?


It's just...

Laurel, if there's something on your mind, give it voice.

I don't bite.

I promise.

You know my father's with the department.


He said the suspect that he was investigating when he and his partner were attacked was a man named Cyrus Gold.

Cyrus Gold... was a preacher at the orphanage where I was raised.

Cyrus was a very good friend to me-- like an older brother.

Or even a father figure, to be honest.

He was the first person I said a word to, and this was after a month of not speaking at all.

You talk a lot about being an orphan, but you don't talk about your parents.

Did you know them?

My father was a very unhappy man.

One night he came home soaked in whiskey.

He lost his job again, so he broke her arm.

I tried to stop him, but he threw me off.

And the next thing I saw was my mother holding my father's gun in her hand.

And I watched her shoot him.

She panicked.

Ran and was gone before the police even arrived.

It was the last time I saw my parents.

I'm so sorry.


I don't know...

Why Cyrus' life took the turn that it did, I'm sad to say.

All I know... is that he helped a very young, very frightened boy find his voice again.

[Knock on glass]

Ahem. I'm sorry.

More later?

Didn't hear you come in.

Yeah, sorry, I--

I got here early.

I just want to get these crates unpacked before lunch.

Are you ok?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Just...I haven't been sleeping much lately.

I got a lot on my mind.

You want to talk about it?

Talk about what?

Whatever's been going on with you the last five weeks.

Look, I'm fine.

Ever since the Arrow shot you, you've been acting really weird, Roy.

With me, with everything.

This isn't about the Arrow.

Is it me?

Is it us?

Look, I really just want to get through this, ok?


Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

[Sighs] Thea.

You do help.

Every day.

And honestly, right now you're the only thing that's keeping me together.

[Exhales] I do what I can.

How did I get to be so lucky?

You...stole my purse.


[Both chuckle]


Thea, are you ok?


Oh, your arm...

Um, that looks really deep.

It might need stitches.

Um, I'm going to go downstairs and get the first aid kit, ok?


You know, most cops, they meet their informants in the backseat of a cruiser or maybe a coffee shop or something, but...

What's with the mask?

Gift from a friend.

You got friends?

Did you bring me what I asked for?

That's a sample of everything the CSU collected from the blast.

There's melted glass, multiple explosive fragments, and trace residue, and it looks like nitroglycerine.

Which means that we're dealing with more than just a basement nutjob.

Someone with training.

Thank you, Detective.

I need a favor, too.

The son of a bitch who killed my men, my partner...

He's dead.

And whoever tipped him off, told him we were coming, he's doing just fine.

What do you need?

Cell phone records for every cop in my precinct.

You think there's a leak in the department?

I think those phone records are the only way to know for sure, and your blonde friend, she's pretty good with computers.

I'll ask her--


DC-52 to Central, 10-80, downtown!

He's hit again.

Diggle: Starling City municipal building.

Oliver: Give me a location.

I'll give you one better--

I'm checking the surrounding cell towers.

There was a GSM spike of 3,800 megahertz two seconds before the blast.

That frequency's way outside the approved frequency for U.S. carriers.

Signal's moving.

I think he's mobile.

Give me an intersection.

[Tires squealing]

Right in front of you, 400 meters.

I see him.

[Tires squealing]

Turn left on 67th.

[Tires squealing, horns honking]

Oliver: Felicity, I've lost him.


Me, too, hold on.

Got him. Bank left on Gerrard Street.

You're almost right on top of him.

[Engines revving, horns honking]

It's not him, Felicity.

You picked up the wrong signal.

What? I thought-- he must have scrambled the signal.

It doesn't matter.

He's gone.

What happened?

He's using cellular technology to detonate his bombs.

Clearly, his expertise extends to obscuring that signal.

Felicity, your expertise was supposed to trump his.

Excuse me?

If you have something to say to me, Oliver, say it.

People are dying. So I would like you to pull your head out of Central City and get back in the game.

Sure, right after you get yours out of your ass.

Excuse me?

All right.

Maybe we should just take a breath here.

No, wait, I want to know, what exactly was that crack about Central City meant to imply?

When the first bomb went off, you weren't here.

And when the second bomb went off, you sent me the wrong way.

After you didn't catch him in the first place!

Don't blame me because you didn't have it tonight.

I need some air.

At the risk of me getting my head knocked off...

Playing the blame game's not going to help us catch this son of a bitch.

Neither is doing things halfway.

Is that what you think's going on here, Oliver?

You think she was distracted?

She wasn't giving it her all?

She almost ran me into a bus, Diggle.

What do you think?

I think you didn't have a problem with Felicity's performance until she met Barry Allen.



I'm sorry.

Sara: You're not well, Slade.


It's the Mirakuru.

It's messing with your head.

It's going to be dark soon.

We should make camp.

What's going on?

You ok?

Yeah, it's just, arm still hurts when it's cold and I lost the pain meds that the doctor gave me.

How's yours healing up?

Ah, you know, good days and bad.

I'll see you later.


Pretty crazy.

Yeah. You doing all right?

I thought I could use your help, if you have a second.

You being at the DA's office now, it's almost like you joined the family business. Come on.

I'm trying to find someone named "Maya Resik."

I searched the Internet, the DMV records, social security...Nothing.

Why are you looking for a ghost?

Sebastian's paying her bills.

A woman who doesn't seem to exist; I find that suspicious.

Thinking that your boyfriend's up to no good, that's typically more my thing than yours.

Oh, he's not exactly my boyfriend.

Well, that makes digging into his life a little less fun, then.

Hey, Laurel.

If I bring you something back, you know I'm going to want to know why.

Of course you are.

Sebastian: Over the last few days, our resolve has been tested.

But all of you continue to prove that the only way we keep on...

Ah, you're just in time to see the show.

What's he doing?

Bringing the city together.

And if I'm not mistaken, campaigning.

Tomorrow night, I am holding Starling's first ever unity rally at City Plaza.

We are going to show the world that the people of this great city will not back down to terrorists.

He's committing suicide and he just invited the entire city to join him.

Sebastian's your friend.

Can't you talk him out of this, Oliver?

But that ends now.

Well, he won't listen to me.

Oliver, voice disguised: Sebastian Blood...

This rally tomorrow night, you need to call it off.

The Starling City vigilante paying a visit to wave me off.

I'm flattered.

This event, Mr. Blood, you might as well be painting a giant bulls eye on your chest.

This city needs to come together.

And I need to show them how.

You won't be able to show them anything if you're dead.

Every night, you risk your life for the people of this city.

How can you expect me to do any less?

And what about the lives of the people coming to your rally?

This rally is about Starling City standing up and declaring with one voice that living afraid isn't living.

I won't send a contrary message to people telling them to stay home, to stay scared.

I've made my decision.

That's the thing, alderman... whatever happens tomorrow night, it's not up to you.

♪ I wake up and she's not there ♪

Ah, Mrs. Fazekas.

The train set for your nephew just came in.

He's going to love it.

Oh. You are a miracle worker, Mr. Scheffer.

How much do I owe you?

$50 even.

Forget the sales tax.

Going to the alderman's unity rally tomorrow night?

I wouldn't miss it.

Gathered here despite the rash of bombings that have plagued the city, some have called Sebastian Blood's unity rally a cynical and dangerous PR stunt for his mayoral campaign.

But the crowd continues to grow.

Tried to get him to stand down.

He seems as stubborn as you when it comes to fighting back.

Or everything.

Hey, is this how it's going to be with you two from now on?

Maybe we should just head down to the rally.

Maybe we won't have to.

I analyzed the bomb remnants we got from Lance.

The design's identical to the bombs used by an anti government militia group called the Movement.

Lucky for us, they have a very active and hackable message board.

One of their most prolific fans has an IP address right here in Starling.

Tell me.

The computer's in a local souvenir shop.

The whackadoo in question goes by the username Shrapnel.

You want back-up?

No, I need you at the rally.

Cover our bases.

Is this all for me?

No, for me.

SCPD phone records.

Why are you going through the department's phone records?

Um, so I checked up on your not exactly boyfriend.

And? Did you find anything?

Yeah, it turns out he's a hell of a guy.

Covers the expenses of his dear aunt... your Maya Resik.

If Sebastian has other family, then why was he placed in an orphanage?

Well, maybe 'cause Aunt Maya is nuttier than a Snickers bar.

She's a patient at St. Walker's Hospital.

It's a mental institution, it's the kind you don't check out of.

Now, listen, you going to tell me what this is all about?

Something about him just seems off.

Laurel, there is nothing sinister about a guy who is covering the expenses of his only living relative.

The truth is, it's kind of nice.

Listen, I gotta get to City Plaza.

Pike wants all hands at this unity rally.

You're not going, right?

No, I need to look into this more.

Laurel, he seems like a good guy and you deserve good.

Ok, so stop looking for reasons to talk yourself out of it.


Alderman Blood, is this not dangerous?

I'm afraid so.

Why are you gathering all these people here to be targets?

Please, I'll get to all of your questions later.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Bell dings]


You're dead.

Or will be if you take one more step or move a single muscle.

And then you'll miss the show.

Candidate Blood's unity rally.

Already rigged with 50 pounds of RDX high explosives.

Not unlike what's packed inside the drywall of my store.

This city thinks Sebastian Blood can keep them safe.

Tonight, they learn that the only thing politicians care about protecting is their jobs.




Did you get him?

No. He said he rigged the Plaza with an explosive device.

Oliver, it's crazy-town there.

That bomb could be anywhere.

I can narrow that down.

Get me Diggle.


Shrapnel said he ringed the perimeter with rdx.

I'm on it.

You're heading to the Plaza, too, right?

Not yet.

I need you to pull me up anything you can on the store.

Blue prints, permit schematics, anything.

What's going on?

Shrapnel left behind a surprise.

Said he packed the drywall with explosives, but the trigger needs to be--

Would need to be hooked up to some sort of power supply.

That's assuming that the detonator's connected to the store's electricity and not something independent like a car battery.

I know, not helpful.

You sure you want me doing this?

My head might not exactly be in the game.


The building was built in the seventies.

That's good news.

The wiring in a lot of construction back then is defective.

So if you sever one wire, it will blow fuses in the entire building and shot off power to the bomb.

Hold tight.

I see a fuse box.

Oliver, be careful.




It's all right.

I'm all right.

Get to the rally.

Help Diggle.

I'm on my way.

[Indistinct chatter]

Thea, I really don't think coming here was a good idea.

It's gonna be fine.

Let's just go find Roy.

[Cheers and applause]

Please, please.

You're the ones who deserve an ovation.

8 months ago this city survived a devastating attack...

But we rose up.

You rose up and banded together, just like we are tonight.

Dig, I'm on site.

I'm on the east side.

Think I found the trigger.

And prove to the world that we cannot be broken.

[Cheers and applause]

That the people of this city are too strong.

And that no bomb and no earthquake is strong enough to tear us apart.

Oliver said that the whole place was ringed with explosives.

It's in the sound equipment.

And this is the trigger.

Shrapnel activates it by cellular transmission.

Listen, we don't have to disarm it, just disable it.

I can do that.

I think.

I hope.

Listen, you be careful.

He probably put in a safeguard.

Tampering with it will set off a deadman's switch.

That's a really depressing term.

And a little bit sexist.

Step away.

Or we all know how this ends.


[People screaming]

[Tires squealing]


[Glass shatters]


I'm ok.

I'm ok.

[Sirens approaching]

[Engine revving]



Drop the bow.

I've got charges planted all over Starling.

I drop this stick, they all blow.

Did you just hear what I said?


[Bow snaps]


How's your mom?

She's fine.

Just a little shooken up.

You saved her.

I got lucky.

That wasn't luck.

That was impossible.

You know those stories of mom's lifting cars to save their kids?

Things you can do when adrenaline hits.

It was...

It was one of those.

Your arm.

There's not even a mark.

It's...I heal fast.

It's fine.


I'm kind of tired.

It's been a long night, you know.

I gotta go.


With you dropping fewer bodies, Starling City should probably build a bigger jail.

Another night of skull mask hunting?

Not exactly.

How's your shoulder?

Oh, just a through-and-through.

Walk in the park.

Still, Diggle, you should go home and get some rest.

I'm sorry.

Are you apologizing to me or were you talking to your quiver?

I didn't snap at my quiver.

You kind of more than snapped I know.

And I'm sorry.

I understand that this Mirakuru thing has you freaked out and I have been in Central City a lot.

Felicity, it's not that.

When you are there, well, it just made me realize how much I need you here.

In the beg...beginning, I was just gonna--

I was gonna do all of this by myself.

And now with you and Diggle...

I rely on you.

Does that mean I have a shot at employee of the month?


Because you're not my employee.

You're my partner.

Barry's gonna wake up.

And when he does, you will be there.

I finally have a guy who's interested in me and he's struck by lightning, ends up in a coma.


[Both laugh]

Well, maybe he's dreaming about you.

You know, actually there's conflicting cases about whether coma patients can in fact dream normally or they're more like hallucinating.

Thank you.

Ivo over radio: Sara.

Sara, I know you're listening.

Answer me.

This is very simple, Sara.

I know you and your new friends have the Mirakuru.

You know I will lay waste to this entire island to get it.

Get Slade.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

All I want is the serum.

In exchange, I'll promise you and your friends safe passage off this island, I promise.

Within 10 days, you and your new friends could be making port in Shanghai.

The alternative is I send my men into the jungle to take the serum from you.

They'll be under orders not to kill any of you.

Instead, you'll remain alive enough for me to indulge my scientific curiosity.

Think about it, Sara.

He's gone.


Slade's gone and he took the Mirakuru with him.

You can ask all the questions you want, but I wouldn't count on getting anything back.

She probably won't even know you're there.


I'll be down the hall if you need anything.


I'm here to talk about your nephew.

Un buen Chico.

Maya, my name's Laurel Lance.


I'm here to talk about your nephew.

Un buen Chico, un Chico listo, un Chico hermoso.


Maya, que Chico?

Que Chico? Sebastian?


Yes, yes.

Sebastian Blood.

There will always be those who seek to harm us, but it will not weaken us.

It will only make us stronger.

Well done, alderman.

Thanks to you.

Still a very big risk to take.


Tonight we both stood up for Starling City.

You and me, we can save this city, if we work together.

Maya, can you talk to me about Sebastian?

It's ok.

You can trust me.


Sebastian is my friend.

Sebastian is the devil.

He's the one who put me here.

He made everybody think I'm insane.

But why would he do that?

He killed his father.

And I was there.

I saw it.


Oh, my God.

Sebastian isn't your nephew, he's your son.

Don't trust a word he says.

You can't trust Sebastian Blood.