02x16 - Suicide Squad

My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal-- to save my city. But to do so, I can't be the killer I once was. To honor my friend's memory, I must be someone else. I must be something else.

Previously on "Arrow"...

When I was in Afghanistan, my unit was tasked with protecting Gholem Qadir.


How is it you think your brother ended up dead?

You shot at a client, you missed.

I don't miss.

You murdered Shado.

Yes, I pulled the trigger, but you, you aimed the gun.

What are you doing here?

Five years ago, I made you a promise.

You cannot die until you have known complete despair.

And you will.

I promise.


[Inhales, exhales]






Mne nuzhno vstretit'sya svami.

[Train horn]

Aleksi. Kak Ty, moy drug?

What can I do for you?

There's no gulags here in Starling City.


Anatoly talks too much.


Eto verno.

I need you to find a man for me.

His name is Slade Wilson.

He's rich, Australian, and he's missing an eye.

I need to know where he sleeps.

First, I need your assistance with my business.

There is a man who owes me a substantial amount of money.

I am not here to trade.

You know how our brotherhood works.

I do a favor for you and you do one for me.

Put it on my tab, Aleksi.

I don't have time for these games.

Make time.

My services are of no use to you unless yours are use to me.

I know exactly how this brotherhood works, and right now, it works for me.

U nas yest' ponimaniye?

Season 2 Episode 16
Suicide Squad
Original Air Date on March 19, 2014

I woke up and you were gone.

Yeah. I wasn't tired.

You should be.

When's the last time you actually slept?

Right before I found out that Slade Wilson is still alive.

Do you want to talk?

I mean...

I know neither one of us are very good about sharing our feelings, but...I mean, I get it.

Slade, and...

And it's a lot, and, you know, it's ok if you're scared.

I am, too.

I'm not scared.

Slade came back to Starling City with an agenda.

First, he tries to mass produce the Mirakuru.

Then he shows up... at my mother's house.

So he wants a fight, fine.

I'll give him a fight.

And this time, when I kill him, I will make damn sure that he stays dead.

I just need to find him.

Ooh, coffee?

Hot cocoa.


What, no marshmallows?

I'm out.

What are you doing here, Dig?

Keeping an eye on things.

Ok. And by things, you mean my neck.

The one you think Slade Wilson's going to break in my sleep.

Yeah, something like that.

Look, I have extra security details on Oliver's mother.

Roy's keeping an eye on Thea, Sara's staying close to Laurel.

So I get you sitting outside of my house like that lacrosse player my freshman year of college.



You know, I had a life before you and Oliver, yeah?

Right. I just want to make sure you're ok, Felicity.

And I love you for it.

But if Slade wants to kill me, he can.

There's nothing you can do to stop him.

So go home. Ok?


Nice jammies.

[Cell phone vibrates]

What took you so long?

What is all this?

A little early for champagne, don't you think?

Not for me.

I just got back from a mission in Pyongyang.

Well, damn.

That was you?

I'm sorry.

That's classified information.

But I missed my ex-husband, new boyfriend.

And A.R.G.U.S. has a standing reservation at this hotel for very important assets.


Can you stay?

Um, well, Oliver and I kind of have a...situation.

Everything all right?

Yeah, yeah, we're handling it.

So you can stay.



Is there a problem, Michaels?

We need to rest.

These women are tired.

We're all tired.

It's a long hike back to camp.

Keep going.

Shall I go explain to the ladies why they want to get back before dark?

They're not allowed to talk to you.

Why, 'cause I'm an American?

Because you're a man.

Five minutes.


Girls in the military.

Can't keep up, don't join up, right?

[Speaking Pashto]

[Speaking Pashto]

Whoa, whoa, hey, what's going on here?

What's going on?

You recognize that face?

You should. He's on the U.S. military's high value target list.

Gholem Qadir.

Opium drug lord and arms dealer.

Wanted alive.

What were you saying about women in the military?

Why didn't we do fun stuff like this when we were married?

And take time out from our busy schedule of driving each other crazy?


Don't look so worried, agent Michaels.

We've all availed ourselves of the Ostrander suite at some point in our careers.

Something's come up, I'll need you to come with me.

Duty calls.

Yeah, guess so.


I meant both of you.

Diggle: What are we looking at here?


It's a nerve agent.

The apocalypse in the form of a chemical weapon.

And it's about to hit the open market.

A.R.G.U.S. agents uncovered a manufacturing plant in Kahndaq.

All samples were accounted for, except for one.

Two weeks later, this footage was captured in a remote village in southern Qurac.

One milliliter has a kill radius of ten miles.

It only took half that amount to produce these results.

Our sources have traced the sample through Europe to an estate in Markovia.

So send in the army.

We send in the army, we risk an international spectacle our government can't afford.

This has to be off-book.

If you need me to draw up the smash and grab, done.

But John isn't a field agent.

He's not qualified.

Judging from how he and Oliver Queen spend their free time, I'd say his credits transfer.

Hey, look, I don't want this thing out in the open any more than you do, but I'm not sending my boss in on another one of your business trips.

I have no intention of involving the Arrow.

I need you.

What for?

Gholem Qadir.

We caught him.

D.O.D. turned Qadir loose a few years ago.

Who thought that was a good idea?

It's a complicated world, Johnny.

The nerve agent's not the only WMD Qadir's tried getting his scummy fingers on.

Last month, he tried to buy Malcolm Merlyn's prototype earthquake machine.

Thank you for stopping that, by the way.

Fortunately, he doesn't know about your involvement in that.

He remembers you as the man who tried to save his life.

The nerve agent's under lock and key at his estate in Markovia.

He's scheduled to host a fundraiser there shortly.

The two of us haven't exactly kept in touch.

We've got that covered, but our window is rapidly closing.


So I infiltrate the fundraiser, come out with the package.

Sounds simple enough.

Nothing in this business is simple.

You know that, Mr. Diggle.

Follow me.

I don't need you to get the nerve agent out.

I need you to get your team in.

My team?

They're designated "Task Force X."

Man: Give me a break.

This ain't no task force.

Let's call it like it is--

[chuckles] Welcome to the Suicide Squad.

"It's not only prisoners who grow coarse and hardened from corporal punishment, but those as well who perpetrate the act or who are present to witness it."

Oh, please stop giving him books.

Diggle: So this is your unit, huh, Waller?

What, OJ and Charles Manson weren't available?

This is a dangerous operation.

And these men have useful skills.

Should the mission be compromised...

You'll just write them off.

The Suicide Squad.

Yeah, like he would ever make the sacrifice.

Lyla, I can't believe you're on board with this.

Those men are murderers!

And what's the number of bodies between Oliver Queen and Sara Lance?

What they do, what I do, is completely different.

Not really, John.

Don't you see that?

What I see is you letting the man who killed my brother roam completely free.

It's not freedom.

It's work.

It's wrong.

Do you cuties need some counseling?

I'm a trained therapist.

"Do you have previous experience in retail?"

Does shopping count?


I've seen that look before.

On my face in the mirror when Ollie goes into distant mode.

Hang in there.

He'll open up to you when he's ready.


You'd think so.

I started by tracing the donation Mr. Wilson made to Moira's campaign.

All of the money was routed through a series of offshore accounts.

None of which link back to a local address, so I looked into credit card transactions and car rental agreements.


He's got to get around somehow, just not by rental car.

Slade's former ASIS.

He knows how to be a ghost.


Robbery in progress.

5th and Giffen.

We're still in the crime fighting business, right?

Harbinger has eyes on the target.

Light the torches.

Deadshot is a go.

Shrapnel's a go.

Tiger's a go.

This is Mockingbird.

Harbinger, you have a green light.

Freelancer, you're a go.


Got Freelancer in my sights.

Diggle: What's stopping you from shooting me right now?


Can I trouble you for a cigarette, my friend?

I don't smoke, and I'm not your friend.

You know who I am?

What it is I do?

You're dealing drugs, weapons and children.

Play both sides of the conflict.

Make money while your country burns.

I do not have to be the only one.

Let me go, I make you rich.

You trying to bribe my men, Qadir?

If we wanted to make a buck, this is the last place we'd be, moron.


Get down!

Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was--

Gholem Qadir.

I do know what is less likely-- that John Diggle would be clumsy, or I would find him here, of all places.

You like art, my friend?

I know a good investment when I see one.

Out of the military, then?

And in a more lucrative line of work.

What kind of work is that?

The kind you don't get to ask about.

It's good seeing you, Gholem.

Everything all right here, Mr. Diggle?

Yes, he's with me.

So the soldier now has his own security.

In my line of work, when I do a good job, I tend to make enemies.

A good man turns bad.

Bad man turns good.

You changed my life, you know.

Trust me, that was never my intention.

The intelligence I provided your government, it saved many lives.

Now as a free man, I give back when I can.

Of course.

[All screaming]

Get down!

It's all clear.

Deja vu, my friend.

Mr. Qadir!

I am fine.

I do not believe I was the target.

Like I said, when I do my job right, I tend to make enemies.

We should go.

Good job, Deadshot.

You're a go for exfil.

Deadshot: Already in motion.

[Tires squealing]

Except, uh, I'm not the only one.

Shrapnel just bolted.

Find him.

Picking him up, headed east.

Amanda: Shrapnel.

Stand down and return to the rally point.

I won't be conscripted into your moral army.

Stand down!

Final warning.

Especially not while in a country without an extradition treaty.

Very well.

[High pitched shrieking]



What the hell's going on?

Shrapnel just fouled out of the game.

[Door opens and closes]

What the hell was that?

We're going to want popcorn for this.

You said it yourself, John. They're murderers.



They need an incentive to follow orders.

So you rigged their heads with explosives?

There's no danger as long as they play by the rules.

Scheffer didn't.

It's like I don't even know you anymore, Lyla.

Where are we at with Qadir?

Save a man's life once, get a silver star.

Save it twice?

Rent a tux.

I'll await further instructions, sir.

Vashi lyudi nezhnyye.

So is my patience.

This is Starling City bank account number for your Mr. Wilson.

To be clear...

Take this envelope and we are through.

I do not care who your friends are.

U nas yest' ponimaniye?

Relax, it's just me.

What's going on, Ollie?

Hey! Talk to me.

Now is not the time.

Then when is the time?

The Bratva, Ollie?

You're losing your grip.

Ok? Slade's getting in your head.

I need this to stop.

And for it to stop, I need to find him.

Yeah, and until then, how long do you think you can keep this up for?

You're not eating, you're barely sleeping.

And when you do, you have nightmares.

They're about her, aren't they?

Hey, look at me.

You did what you had to do, ok?

Ivo was going to shoot Shado, or me, or both of us.

It was an impossible choice.

I made it, anyway.

But if you had chosen differently, then it would be me haunting you at night.

It still could be, Sara.

That's why we have to stop.

What are you saying?

He's going to use you to hurt me.

Or he's going to hurt you...

Stay away from me.

Seeing as how you haven't brought it up, I'm guessing you haven't got very far with that H.I.V.E. lead I gave you.

Just make this quick.


You're usually so chatty, John.

These problems with your girl, they got you down, huh?

And what about your girl?

The one you have a shrine to in that cell of yours?


Does your daughter know what you do for a living?

She is why I do what I do.



How many enemies can a little girl have?

I wouldn't know.

Everything I make beyond expenses goes in a blind trust.


A girl needs her father.

Nah, not this father.

Best thing I can do for her life...

Not be in it.

[Door opens]

Is it ready?

We're almost there.

You know, we went through all that trouble to get Johnny here invited to this little shindig.

Seems like an awful waste not to use that invitation.

You're using it.

Once you have hands on the nerve agent, pocket it, walk right on out.

[Chuckles] Copy that.

Thank you very much.

Your generosity is much appreciated.

That's not exactly army camo.

But have you given any thought to what would happen if Qadir recognizes you anyway?

Mr. Diggle.

Who is this vision?

His new bodyguard.

Mmm. You will have to refer me to your security company.

I'm glad you could come tonight.

It's the least I could do after you saved my life.


I will see you inside, my friend.


It would seem I didn't have time to get credentials for my associate.

Come. This way.


Gosh, I'm so sorry.

I forgot those were in there.

Enjoy the benefit, Mr. Diggle.

Deadshot and his gear are in position.

Tiger's got the overwatch.

Harbinger to all, fire in the hole.

Shooter at my ten!

[Indistinct yelling]

I got you covered!



All clear!

It's just a kid.

[Classical music playing, indistinct chatter]

And don't you look lovely tonight?

Oh, I think you owe your bodyguard a dance.

I insist.

Deadshot en route to package.


The fate of the world resting in the hands of Floyd Lawton.

It helps to focus on the mission.

Is that what you tell yourself?

I tell myself to see the world how it is, not how I want to see it.

We both operate in the grey.

The only difference is, is I'm willing to admit it.

That's not the only difference between us.

That's true.

I don't judge other people for it.

Lyla, I'm the same man I've always been.

And I'm who I've always been.

You're rigid, John.

You're blind to any viewpoint that isn't yours.

These past few months have been amazing.

But we've done more playing than talking.

Because when we talk, we tend to get divorced.

Don't worry.

It's virgin.

Ugh. Which is why it tastes terrible.



It looks like things with you and Sara are going well.

[Sighs] I'm not sure you're the best person to talk to with all this.

And why is that?

Is it because of the whole cheating, shipwreck, drowning, not drowning, you're back, she's back thing?

Sorry. [Chuckles]

It's brutal AA honesty talking.

I think I preferred it when we were all lying to each other.

No, you just thought you did.

I know you better than almost anyone, Ollie.

I know that you think that you don't deserve to be happy, but you're wrong.

You may think that keeping her at arm's length, you're protecting her, but you're not.

You're only protecting yourself.

It's more complicated than that.

It always is.

I got the address for that account number you gave me.

I'll call Roy and Sara.

No. I'm not giving Slade any more targets.

You can't go out there by yourself, it's suicide.

This started with the two of us.

That's how it ends.

Deadshot's on target.


[Door creaking]


Oliver: I don't know what to do.

He's too far ahead.

I mean, he spent years planning this, and he knows everything about me.

[Sighs] I can't, I...

I don't know how to stop him.

Well, you start by letting people help you.

But he's going to come after you.

You're alive...

Because Shado isn't.

And when he does, do you think it'll make a difference whether or not we're together?


Let him come.

I'm not the girl he knew on the island.

I'm not that easy to kill.



I'm in.

I'll have the nerve agent in my pocket in 30 seconds.


We've got what I would describe as a little bit of a situation here.


Well, I got eyes on the nerve agent, and I'm not going to be able to move it, much less pocket it.

Stand by, Deadshot.

I need to talk to Waller.

Amanda: Go for Mockingbird.

We have a situation.

The package is much bigger than our pre-op briefing indicated.

Stand by.

Deadshot's on target; I need to see what he does.

Activate the camera in his eye piece.

Multi spectrum from Lawton's rig coming in...now.

It's a match.

Tiger, move for extraction.

Deadshot, remain in position.

Harbinger and Freelancer, evac and head to the rally point.

Deadshot still isn't topside with the package.

I only needed eyes on.

Fall back to the rally point.

Wait...You knew that the nerve agent was too large to be extracted?

Amanda: Fall back to the rally point.

Nine is inbound and hot.

Mockingbird out.

What the hell are nines?

MQ-9s. Predators.

Waller's called in a drone strike.

Everyone here is dead inside of ten minutes.

The nines carry the Hellfire missile.

Just one of them can level this whole building.

And your boss doesn't care who's here when it does.

Lyla, we have to get these people out of here.

Maybe there's a house alarm we can trigger.

John, we have to move now.

I have a better idea.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Can I have your attention, please?


In honor of our host.

Gholem Qadir excels at everything he puts his mind to, be it business, philanthropy... or terrorism.

[All murmuring]

Yeah, I guess you could say Gholem is somewhat of a renaissance man.

He dabbles in a little bit of everything.

Arms trading-- did I mention the s*x trafficking?

Or the deadly nerve agent that he's holding just 30 feet beneath this very dance floor.

These are lies!

This man is a mercenary!

[All screaming]


He's not answering.

I have to go help him.

I can't believe I just said that.

You! You were in Afghanistan five years ago.

You and that Judas have been deceiving me from the start.

Good timing.

Got tired of waiting for my invitation.

[Alarm sounding]

Tsk, tsk.

Disobeying orders, John.

Behind you.

That's two you owe me, junior.

We have to go.

Waller told me to stay here.

There's an incoming drone strike.

[Scoffs] How contemporary.

Get your team clear.

You are on my team.

And it's time for you to go.

Yeah, that's right.

It is time.

And this is my way to go.

Suicide Squad, remember?

I'm expendable, John.

Even got the damn bomb in my head to prove it.

This way, at least I get to go out doing something honorable.

You don't get to die that easy, Lawton.


Why don't you give me even just one good reason why not, huh?



What about the nerve gas?

Believe me--

Waller's already got that covered.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

The drone shifted course.

It's following us.


Do you find that funny?

The wall.

What a woman.

How do you think she knew where to send the drone, huh?

And I mean, the precise coordinates.

The implants.

Bomb and GPS.

Pretty clever, right? The drone ain't targeting Gholem's house.

It's targeting me.

Whoa, hang on, do I get a say in this?

Turn around.

What are you doing?

Look, I think I'd rather get blown up!

Hold still.

This is going to hurt.

The Markovian government is threatening retaliation following an unprovoked drone attack over a no-fly zone.

Just the attention we wanted to avoid. Well done.

I'm not the one who sent that drone.

It was cloaked.

An explosion atop a chemical weapons cache is easy to explain.

Instead, there were witnesses and we had to send in a SEAL team to clean out the estate.

I guess you'll think twice before dragging me in to do your dirty work, Waller.

Somehow I don't think it will be an issue.

Good day, Mr. Diggle.


Kind of uncanny.

How Diggle knew exactly where Lawton's implant was.

Still, it exposed an obvious design flaw.

We'll be putting in the implants in their spinal vertebrae now.

Have Lawton and the others prepped for surgery.

Waller said in a few years, you might even get a pardon.

Don't worry, John.

We both know I'm not going to be around that long.

You still employed?

People with my security clearance aren't that easy to get rid of.


What about us, Johnny?

Last night, the man who killed my brother showed more character than the woman charged with protecting the world.

[Inhales and exhales]

Good and bad is not so clear to me.

One thing I do know for sure, black and white...

Is that I can't ever lose you again.


Something we agree on.

Well, there goes another terrorist-turned-ally.

By the way, I put you in for a commendation for saving Qadir's ass.

You owe me a beer.


Yeah, well, kill a kid, get a medal, right?

When someone's shooting a Kalishnikov at you, he's not a kid.

I see things differently.

It's a complicated world, Johnny.

Is it ok if I call you Johnny?

I don't think I caught your first name, Michaels.


It's really good to meet you, Lyla.

In international news, a United Nations inspections team was called to a chemical weapons manufacturing facility hidden beneath the Markovian estate of humanitarian Gholem Qadir.

Closer to home, mayoral candidate Moira Queen stumped for an initiative to revive inner city after school swim programs.

Oh, I remember how much my children enjoyed swimming when they were young.

I couldn't get them out of the pool. [Laughs]

We need--

Sara: I thought you hated swimming.

I detest swimming.

So does Thea.

My mother sometimes--ahem-- enjoys a casual relationship with the truth.



Thank you for being there for me.

You mean for not letting you push me away?

I'm going to stop doing that.

Yeah? Good.

You'll be wasting your time, anyways.

Laurel: It looks like you took my advice.

Thank you.

Helping me with Sara, I know that that... can't be easy.

Helping two people I care about?

There's nothing easier.

I came by to take Sara to dinner.

Would you care to join?

I'd love to, but I need to go see an old friend.


Amanda: Hello, Oliver.

Hello, Amanda.

Still mad at me?

Lucky for you, you've been pushed down that list.

Really? Who do you want to kill more than me?

Slade Wilson is alive.

You killed him.

It's not possible.

Everything is possible where Slade is concerned.

And I need your help to find him.

I might have something.


There's a new player we've been tracking-- mercenary.

He's left a trail of bodies from Macau to Istanbul to Lisbon.

A trail that leads right here to Starling.

We've been calling him Deathstroke.