04x11 - A.W.O.L.

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Arrow". Aired October 2012 - January 2020

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Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow.
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04x11 - A.W.O.L.

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Oliver: Previously on "Arrow"...

So my brother's a Ghost?

10 years ago, I found out you were dealing.

Yeah. You convinced me to enlist.

John, voice-over: You saw what kind of man my brother was, what kind of man he is.

He's your family. You said he was a good man.

Maybe part of him still is.

I don't know.

Get down.

Donna: The damage to her spinal cord, it's permanent.

She's never gonna walk again.

If we don't get home soon, the sitter's gonna charge us an extra hour.

We should have taken the car.

Sitter's what, another 15 bucks for half an hour?

It's a bargain at twice the price.


Dear God.


Sorry to crash your evening.

Then don't. Just call like normal people.

I don't have a normal job, and I've been compromised.

I'm not Argus anymore.

Which makes you the only person I can trust.

I need you to tell Waller--

Get down!

[Tires squeal]

You're hit!



[Tires squeal]



Are you ok?

You were right.

We should have taken the car.

♪ Arrow 4x11 ♪
Original Air Date on January 27, 2016

Felicity: Just be careful. Slow down, slow down.

Careful, careful, careful.

Do you want me to be careful?

Oh, this is more Oliver 2.0, isn't it?

You think being cute is gonna distract me?

Mission accomplished.

[Sighing] You don't have to wait on me hand and foot, though I wouldn't say no to a blanket.

The doctor says stick with the two tablets to keep with your current pain management regimen.

You know, I really appreciate what you're doing, but you have a city to save, a mayoral campaign, a freaky superbad who can move things with his mind.

None of which are nearly as important as your recovery.

Thank you.

I think the people in the city that Darhk wants to destroy might disagree.

Well, those people should know that I stand no chance of stopping Damien Darhk without your help.

Well, you might have to.

I have a spinal cord injury.

I might never make a full recovery ever.

That is worst case scenario, and either way, you are still a vital member of the team.

Your superpower is right there.

Maybe my new code name could be Hot Wheels.

Keep pitching on that.

All jokes aside, like you said, what I do bring to the team is my mind, and there's a lot on it.

So talk to me.

I just don't think I'm ready to come back yet, and the last thing you need in a life-or-limb situation is me.

Wow. We are going to agree to disagree on that one for the moment.

What's going on?

John and Lyla were attacked.

Oh, my God! Are they ok?

John was sh*t. It was a flesh wound.

I should go see them.

We should go see them.

Nice try.

Dinner is in the fridge.

Reheat in the oven at 425 degrees.

I love you.

I love you, too.

And they just left you there?

Yeah, but not before leaving me with this.

We are sure that this wasn't HIVE?

These men looked military.

Right, but you said that Chang said he was compromised, and he specifically told you to go and speak with Waller.

Knowing her, she had Alan working on something off the books.

I need to call the sitter.


We need to find Chang before this kidnapping becomes something worse.

Yeah, well, the van didn't have any plates on them, and Chang's phone is Argus-issued, which means it will be untraceable.

We could really use Felicity's help right now.

Yeah. She's not up for it yet.

Laurel: I can have SCPD see if John's b*llet is connected to any open cases.


Thea: I can go check the crime scene for any leftover evidence.

You should go to Starling General and have that looked at.

I'll be fine.

Why? Because eating a cheeseburger is a better option?

This isn't for me. It's for Andy.

Mmm. Mm-hmm.

Hey. What happened to your arm?

Nothing. It's an occupational hazard.

I never pegged you for the masked vigilante type.

Yeah? Well, I guess we're both full of surprises, Andy.

You know what?

You keep coming down here, asking me all these questions, but I never get to ask them back.

What do you want to know?

Uh, how do you end up working out of a basement or wherever we are and fighting crime with a guy who wears a green hoodie?

Well, he's a good man, and we're not fighting crime, Andy.

We're taking a city that's holding itself together, and we are helping.

Don't you remember when that was your mission?

[Radio chatter]

Appreciate you two volunteering for this mission.

Chance to ride with my little brother?

Wouldn't miss it.

Yeah. The Taliban's not ready for the Diggle brothers.

HQ's got eyes on a primo opium shipment that's been funding the local arms trade.

We cut them off, the t*rrorists will be left with nothing but rocks and sticks to f*ght us.

Copy that, sir. You ready for this?


Incoming. Stay frosty, boys.

Copy that.



Go! Go, go, go!

Move, move, move, move, move!

We're screwed if they come around the other side.

I'll see if I can buy us some time.

Move, move.

I have to draw them to it.

I got you. I'll cover.

Andy: Come on, come on, come on!

It's in!




Talk to me, man.

You ok?

Did we get them?

You got them, brother. Let's go.

Female voice: Aw. Why didn't I get invited to this pity party?


At least you found the right party favors.

3 pills is a bit much, but who am I to judge?

Ok. Whoever you are, you picked the wrong woman on the wrong night to mess with.

Voice: Please. We both know you're in no position to do anything.

If you did, you'd be back out in the world instead of holed up here.

Oh, my God. What is going on?

What is going on?

Oh, my God. Ha ha!

Oh, my God. I am losing it.

I am completely and utterly losing it.

Agh! Now I'm talking to myself.

Voice: Not exactly.


Laurel Lance, district attorney's office.

What do we have here?

Deceased male, around 35, Asian, multiple lacerations, contusions, and blunt force trauma.

You canvass the area yet?

There could be a witness who saw something.

I don't need an ADA to tell me how to do my job.

Well, I'm sure there's a m*rder out there who appreciates your lack of initiative.


Go ahead.

Private security found him at the start of a graveyard shift.

That's Chang.

Whoever did this took their time.

Multiple lacerations to the knees, a broken arm, at least 3 pulled fingernails.

They were torturing him for something.

Information wasn't the only thing they wanted.

I told you. What Agent Chang was working on is none of your concern, and it's even less of yours.

Thought would change once you found out Chang was mutilated, tortured, and k*ll.

I'm afraid you've overextended your welcome, Mr. Diggle.

Which is Argus-speak for get the hell out of here.

You always were a quick study.

I mean this with all sincerity.

Your presence has truly been missed.

Even if I don't show it, I am deeply regretful for Mr. Chang's death.

Hopefully we'll meet again under happier circumstances.

Of course.

Hey. What was that look all about?

"Ketorolac. Possible side effects include swelling of the hands and feet, increased appetite, risk of infection."

Oh, good, good, good. Hallucinations.

I really thought I was smarter than this.

You are not me, and you're definitely not real.

I used to be you, or you used to be me-- strong, confident, brunette-- but you wasted all that away to go play superhero, and look where that got you.

Thea: Ok. So wait. This Waller person said that she couldn't tell you anything and then gave you that flash drive?

Argus has 24/7 internal surveillance.

She didn't want anyone to know she was giving me what she was giving me.

The question is what did she give you?

Oliver: I've seen that symbol before.

Lyla: It's a logo actually.

Shadowspire is a U.S. army special forces unit.

Argus took them down 3 years ago when they were exposed as w*r profiteers in an Op run by Alan Chang.

What about those other two guys?

They've been reported missing for two days.

If those were the missing agents that were a part of Shadowspire, then-- then the rest of Shadowspire is gonna be on a payback mission.

We need to find the other two agents before they end up like Alan.

John: Hey. I think I found something.

That logo that was on the flash drive that Waller gave you.


I thought I recognized that from someplace.

I ran into alot of those guys back in the 'Stan.

I need to talk to my brother again.

Andy: Who would think the reward for confiscating an opium shipment would be additional duty guarding it?

What you expect, a kiss from the president?

How are my two conquering heroes?

Wet and tired.

We are good, sir.

You gentlemen did good today.

Thank you, sir.

Ever think about your future beyond working in this hell hole?

I don't know.

Personal security, bodyguarding maybe.

You boys are meant for better things.

The 3 of us could make bank if a few bricks of that sweet Afghani powder happened to go AWOL before the morning.

You know, I'm gonna have to decline, sir.

My mama taught me never to trust dirty w*r profiteers.

You should probably watch your tone.

You might end up in worse shape than those Talis yesterday.

As you were.

Well, look at you.

What you talking about?

Back in Starling, you would have jumped at any opportunity to earn a little extra scratch.

This place has been good for you.

I'm proud of you, Andy.

So exactly how many evil organizations are you associated with?

I'm beginning to lose count.

What are you talking about?


Your old army buddies are in Starling City.

Have them to thank for this.

They tortured and k*ll an Argus agent and abducted two others.

Look. I have nothing to do with them anymore.

After I got discharged, they cut ties.

They only want enlisted men.

How the hell could I not see this?

You were with me the entire time!

Because you saw what you wanted to see.

Look. You wanted to believe that the army had straightened me out.

Look. I'm your brother, but I'm not built like you.

I didn't take to the military like you did.

You saw the world as something to be fixed.

I only saw it as broken, so I made sure I had enough to survive in it.

So you pretended to be a completely different person around your own brother?

It spared me the look that's on your face right now.

But maybe some good could come out of this.


What are you talking about?

The two missing agents-- you still think they're alive?

I can hope.

And I can help.

Look. I know how Shadowspire operates.

If they're consistent, they'll use the nearest freeport as a base of operations.

The best place to hide illicit things is right next to legitimate ones.

John: It's called a freeport it holds commodities while they're in transit between international destinations.

Pretty low-end.

Thea: Looks like somebody upgraded their security system.

Motion sensors, laser tripwires, digital locks.

I think I know somebody who can help.

[Cell phone vibrating]

Not gonna get that?

Smart move.


Oliver: I'm out in the field actually.

We've come up against some tech, the kind that you typically eat for breakfast.

Now I know that you said you're not ready to get back in the saddle, but we could really use your help.

You're not really falling for that again, are you?

Where are you?

Pacific Freeport. It's a-- security's down.

That was amazing.

All you need to do is get back in the game.

I thought vomiting inside my mouth was just an expression.

I'm inside their security system.

I got eyes on 7 very menacing-looking fellows guarding a bunch of holding containers.


Felicity: I'm reading infrared on one of the containers.

I'm working on opening that lock.

Go for the hostages. We'll take care of Shadowspire.


Container's open. Should be 10 feet in front of you, second container on your right.

Got it.

[g*n continues]

Laurel: We found the two Argus agents.

They're both dead.

Get out of here then.

What about you and Spartan?

We got this. Go!

Felicity, what's going on?

I don't know. I, um--

I must have tripped some sort of failsafe.

The system's overloaded with too many requests.


You hear so much about these vigilantes, but I've never seen one in person.

Wish I could say the same about a cold-blooded m*rder.

Have we met before?


All right. Let's go.

I've got Spartan. We're good!

No thanks to you.


You ok?

That depends.

Is John ok?

John's fine, but you seem to think that what happened tonight is your fault.

Well, I'm pretty sure I was the one who couldn't stop the security doors from closing.

And I'm the one who pushed you to get involved when you signaled pretty hard that you weren't ready.

I wasn't signaling...

That hard.

I'm sorry that I pushed.

I just thought that if you got behind a keyboard again that things would just start to feel normal.

I love how playing superhero is what we consider normal.


But there is no going back to normal.

You know what I mean.

I know what you mean.

What I mean is that I can no longer be a part of the team.

Because of your injury?

You can't let that stop you.

Except it has.

Look at me, Oliver.

I've spent the last week and a half stuck in this loft.

I can't...move. I can't drive.

I can't walk down the street and get a cup of coffee, and if tonight is any indication, I can't do the one thing that I'm supposed to still be able to do.

You just need to give it time.

Hey. Talk to me.

Go ahead. Tell him.

Tell him you're hallucinating.

That should go over like gangbusters.

Oliver: I'm not going to pretend that I understand...

Come on, Felicity. Tell him. Tell him...

What you're going through, but you are the strongest person that I know...

That you're no good for the team anymore, that in addition to having legs that don't work, you've got a full on case of the crazies...

And we have your back the same way that you have our back.

We don't stand a chance to take down those guards last night-- seeing visions...

Just shut up!

I didn't mean that.

I didn't mean to upset you.

No, no, no. It's not you, it's not you.

Can I just be alone for a little while?
Andy: You know, I guessed I hoped by giving you Intel on Shadowspire you would, um, let me out of my cell, but this isn't what I had in mine.

Hey, Lyla. It's been a while.


Waller: Mr. Diggle.

I'm the director of Argus.

Those 3 dead men were my agents.

I want to debrief you on your relationship to Shadowspire.

John: Which is interesting because you couldn't even say Shadowspire last time we met.

I was taking an understandable precaution in light of a potential security breach.

The two agents you found tonight were assigned to safeguard a shipment of confiscated g*n.

Andy: Heh.

But that was a completely black assignment, so I'd be very interested to know how Shadowspire knew about it.

John: Amanda, you don't see the bigger problem here?

Those things fire off electromagnetic projectiles.

Just one of them could take down a building.

Your point?

My point...

Is that if Shadowspire's looking for that type of ordinance--

I'm far more concerned with a catastrophic security breach in my organization, Mr. Diggle.

Andy: It doesn't matter.

Shadowspire's not after g*n.

And what if you're wrong, Andy?

Lyla: We thought you weren't hooked up with Shadowspire anymore.

I'm not, but I know the way they work.

Shadowspire's all about misdirection.

An elite military unit?

A cover for a criminal organization.

A heist of a shipment of g*n?



They're after something else.

[Breathing sharply]

You want to talk about it?

What is there to talk about?

Felicity's upset, I don't know how to help her.

It seems entirely straightforward.

As the only other person here who's had the privilege of dating you, a piece of advice.


Don't be so hard on yourself.

Everything that's happening is my fault.

I knew you were gonna say that.

Last month when we went up against Vandal Savage, Barry traveled through time and changed things.

Uh, what?

Barry can travel through time, and he warned me that when you change the past the past fights back, so for the past month, I have been tortured by the idea that what happened to Felicity might have happened because I wouldn't listen to him.

The only person who is responsible for what happened to Felicity is Damien Darhk.

[Cell phone vibrates]


We're on it.

John thinks Shadowspire's going after a shipment of g*n.

Can you call Thea?

Got it.

Hey, Oliver.

Felicity--she makes her own choices, you know.

I'm sure that's one of the reasons why you love her so much.



"The Shining."

Not sure if I should be flattered or insulted.

Oh, my God. Die. Just go away already.

Since I'm you, that could be a little difficult, don't you think?

Fine. I'm here, you're here, so why are we here?

Do you have anything the least bit interesting to say to me besides the little jabs you keep making?

Those jabs are just to get your attention.

So what do you want to tell me?

I'm not here to tell you anything.

I'm here to show you.

The last time we looked like this, Cooper had just fake died.

What does this have to do with my ex-boyfriend?

The day we thought he died, you broke out the hair dye, ditched the contacts, and decided you weren't gonna rely on anyone else for help ever again.

It was just going to be you against the world, and that was going to be your armor.

Guess I should have chosen Kevlar.

Stop it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop pretending!


Pretending that this is the real you-- the blond hair, the glasses, the sensible fashion.

People wear masks for a reason-- to hide who they are-- just like you have been doing for the past 5 years.

First, you decided to sign up for being the world's most overqualified I.T. girl, and then you decide to try being a hero, and look what it got you, a ringside seat to the rest of your life.

You thought you were such a badass.

Oliver: Waller says the shipment of g*n is in the back of that truck, moving out in less than an hour.

What does Shadowspire want with a whole shipment of g*n?

Absolutely nothing good.

Waller: It's nice to have you back, Agent Michaels.

Feels like old times.

What feels like old times is you keeping secrets that get good people k*ll.

Did it ever occur to you that Alan and the other two agents might still be alive if you hadn't tried to keep your anti-Shadowspire operations off the books?

Of course it has, but the ugly side of our business is that sometimes security has to be paid for in blood.

Thank you. I was wondering why I'd left.

I don't know what you're worried about, man.

Your team's not seeing action tonight.

And I'm not with them because I'm here babysitting you.

Where are they?

Something's wrong.


There's no movement on the g*n ship--

Amanda, it's been ages.

Lieutenant Joyner, wish I could say it was a pleasure.

Andy: Oh, man. Stop moving.

You are making me dizzy.

Oh, my God.

I told you, John.

The g*n were a distraction.

Argus is the endgame.

If this is retribution for the work Agent Chang and I did crippling Shadowspire, clearly it didn't take.

Joyner: Vengeance and retribution are useless pursuits.

For one thing, they don't pay.

I'm here for Rubicon, and you--you're gonna give me the codes to access it.

You know I can't do that.

I do. That's why I kept all these people alive.

I'm gonna give you 20 minutes, and then...

I'm gonna ask you again.

Damn it!

They must have jammers in here.

No cell or Wi-Fi service.

Uh, would you like to share with the rest of the class?

These monitors work just like TVs, receiving broadcast signals on the 700 megahertz band.


I have a friend who's into this kind of stuff.

Occasionally, I listen to her.

If I can just switch the chipset into transmitting mode, I should be able to contact my team.

Oh, man. Lyla does not have time to wait on your team.

We've got to do something.

Yeah? Well, you're not doing anything, Andy.

Look, man. Your wife is in there!

Now's not the time to not trust me.

Come on, come on, come on.

Son of a bitch.


You were just putting on a little show for me, huh?

Get your hands off me, man.

What's wrong with you?

I see you buddying up with Joyner, talking to him, thick as thieves.

Would you relax?

We were talking about Blackjack.

I was telling him about the card counting technique you taught me.

Really, Andy?

Yeah, really.

Ok, man.

Because I can't have you backsliding, all right?

Man, I agreed to go through this whole army thing, and I kept my end of the bargain.

Now I need you to keep yours, and I need you to start treating me like a brother and not like a criminal.


I'm sorry.

You're right.

John, Shadowspire never made a move on the shipment, so whatever their next move is, it-- it's not g*n.

Just call me when you get something new from your brother.

All right.


I am so glad our new lair has elevator access.


Curtis has anointed himself my personal chauffeur.

Fancy. It's a good thing he didn't ask too many questions about coming to your campaign office in the middle of the night.

What are you doing here?

Well, I was at home, feeling more self-pity than I have in my entire life when it hit me.

This is who I am.

I wanted to come along on your awesome superhero adventure because I wanted to help people, and the old me was so angry at the world, but that anger never accomplished anything.

It just created more anger and some seriously bad personal style choices.

I wanted to do some good in the world.



That was a good speech.

I thought you'd be a little more impressed.

It was a good speech, but-- but--how did it go again?


"If I know you"-- and I do-- you're probably thinking what happened was your fault."

I'm here to tell you that it's not and that it's not mine either.

It's the fault of only one man, and he has an extremely on-the-nose and alliterative name.


And we're going to stop him, not out of guilt or vengeance, or regret.

We are going to stop him because it's what we do.

That's who we are.

That was a good speech.


I'm very happy to hear it.

[Computer pulsing]

Uh, we're gonna need to get some ramps.

Argus has been compromised, and Lyla's being held hostage.

I found this in your office.

Hope you don't mind.

Lieutenant, we picked up an unauthorized comm out of the detention area.

Take someone and look into it.

Go on.

You might not get the chance to enjoy it again.

It's been 20 minutes.

Am I gonna have to downsize your organization yet again?


Well, that's rather cold-blooded.

You really don't know her that well at all, do you?

Ms. Michaels is one of my most trusted agents.

She knows better than anyone that I'm perfectly capable of watching you execute every person in this room, and I'll still never give you the Rubicon access codes.


Is that right, Ms. Michaels?

It's right.

It's why I left.

Amanda Waller doesn't make decisions based on the value of human life.



Well, Ms. Michaels, most trusted agent, looks like you now have 20 minutes.


Oh, my God. No. No!

John, John, John.

John, please! He's gonna k*ll her.

You can't afford not to trust me.

Overwatch, we're on site.

Excuse me?

Well, I thought that it was time you got a code name.

What do you think?

It's perfect.

Was gonna go with Oracle, but it's taken.

Felicity: Shadowspire's got the entire area around C&C in lockdown.

You guys are the only game in town.

Can you get us inside?

[Beep, latch clicks]

Like that you mean?

Well, it's about time you guys came looking.

Who the hell are you supposed to be?

Sergeant Andrew Diggle, 52nd regiment, 5th battalion.

What are you doing locked up here?

It's a long story, shorter version being my brother's a jerk.

Lucky for me, though, your CO and I go way back.

If you're serious about Lyla Michaels giving up the Rubicon codes, you will get on the radio and tell Lieutenant Joyner the guy that taught him how to count cards is here and, uh, wants to help him out.

Andy Diggle? You look pretty good for a dead man.

Here I thought I put on weight.

What are you doing at Argus, much less alive?

Amanda Waller brought me in because of my former association with you guys, but, uh, small world, though.

Your friend Ms. Michaels-- she's my sister-in-law.


Point being, her husband is crawling around these ventilation shafts right now.

If you put a g*n on him, she'll tell you whatever you need to know.

You son of a--


Turning on your own brother.

That's ice-cold.

Well, you know better than most.

John and I never saw eye to eye.

Gentlemen, check the facility's ventilation shafts.

Oliver: Overwatch?

Felicity: C&C, 3 floors down, northeast corner.

Well, give us a few minutes.


[John grunting]

The other Diggle brother.

Isn't this quaint?

I get out of these cuffs, and you'll see how quaint you think I can be.

It's a shame you can't be more like the little Diggle.

His pragmatism has proven to be quite the asset.

Now if your brother's right, you should be able to convince your wife to give me what I want.

Lyla: Johnnie, if Rubicon ever got out in the open--

Joyner: Ms. Michaels, in 5 seconds, it's your husband's brains that will be out in the open.




Do it.

Do it, Lyla.

It's all right.



Felicity: If you've run out of guys to punch, Spartan needs an assist, two assists actually.

Oliver: Tell us what to do.

Shadowspire's getting the access codes for a secure vault in the sublevel.

I'm trying to stop the codes from working, but I'm going to need Canary and Speedy as my insurance policies.

Where do you want me?

This is taking too long.

Something's wrong.

Someone's locking me out of the system.

Go away.

I'm not you anymore.

I haven't been for a long time.

I can't get in.

I have all the right codes, but someone on the outside is preventing me from entering the sublevel vault.

That's extremely unfortunate.



[Grunting stops]

You ok?


You ok?

Yeah, we're fine.

Good job.

It was like you said.

It was the only way to get us both in here.

Just remember whose idea this was.

Eh, what were you expecting, a kiss from the president?

Lyla: To Amanda Waller?

To Amanda Waller.

Felicity: You remember that time that she tried to take down the city with a drone strike?

Good times.

Hey. Thanks for the assist tonight.

I'm just glad to be useful.

Good job jury-rigging the security system, though.

Just trying to make you proud, Felicity.

You did.

Laurel: What are you gonna do about Andy?

Still haven't made a decision on that.

You mean, even though he just saved you life?

Yeah, well, you guys had a whole lot to do with that, but you're right.

This is the first time in 8 years I've seen shades of my old brother.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Already got my cut.

Eh, it's a token of appreciation from the boss.

Traded the opium for something else.

Like what?

Ask him yourself.

Thank you for your assistance, Mr. Diggle.

Lieutenant Joyner sings your praises.

Happy to help.

What did you get for the opium?

Legend speaks of a place of immeasurable power.

Many have disappeared searching for it, so much so that the locals simply refer to it by one word--


I thought we were totally unpacked.

Just humor me.

Ahem. What am I getting?

Ah, yes. The white box.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Ahh. You ready?


When you said that you made some bad personal style choices, you weren't kidding.

This is the old me, a rebellious brunette hacker who didn't listen to anyone else's rules but her own.

You're not that person anymore?


What you did last night was amazing.

I was really badass.


Though the old me probably would have stolen the plans for Rubicon and released them as some sort of political statement.

The old me would have snapped Joyner's neck.


We've both grown.

Thank you for always being on my side.

No place I'd rather be.

Hand me that garbage can and this lighter.

Ahem. How much medication are you on?

Absolutely none.


Just want to make sure that my past stays the past, you know?


One more thing from me.

The doctor said your condition is permanent, and I don't think that it's healthy or productive for either of us to live in denial, but...

I have seen people speed and shrink and fly.

We watched a friend of ours come back from the dead.

That is the world we live in now...

And I will not stop searching it until we find a way to make you walk again.

Andy: Hey.

Are you sure about this? Because I'm not.

Better than being in that cage, right?

You might want to wait outside. I have it from here.

Make yourself comfortable.

Lyla's cooking something.


If this is about reconnecting with Carly and Andy, as well, I, um...

I get it, Andy.

Step by step, right?



I'm making pork roast.

Johnnie said it's your favorite.

Yeah, yeah, it is.

I got another surprise for you, man.

Just a second.

Hey, Lyla. I, uh-- not a word.

John and I both agreed to this.

She's excited to meet you.

This is your niece...



And that's your uncle Andy.



She's got mom's eyes.

Welcome home, man.
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