04x16 - Broken Hearts

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Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed d*ad when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow.
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04x16 - Broken Hearts

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Previously on "Arrow"...

Got an ID on your not so secret but very crazy admirer.

Carrie Cutter. She's former SCPD.

Love is a b*llet in the brain.

My hero!

I'm Cupid, stupid.

And if I don't help you?

I think I made it abundantly clear you don't have a choice.

Are you working for Damien Darhk?

I did what I had to do to keep you safe.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Felicity: And who's William?

He's my son.

Oliver, we need to talk.

I can't do this.


Oh, my God.

Cupid: ♪ I'm in love with you ♪
♪ Let me call you sweetheart ♪
♪ I'm in love with you ♪
♪ Keep the love-light glowing ♪
♪ In your eyes so true ♪
♪ Let me call you "Sweetheart" ♪
♪ I'm in love with you ♪

Whatever you're thinking of doing, you don't have to.

Just let us go.

We won't tell anyone.

No one. Absolutely not, right?

Cupid: Wonderful. Agreement... the mortar that holds together the bricks of love.

So how much do you love each other?

With everything that I have.

And the missus?

How much does she love her mister?

More than anything in the world.

How sweet... and pathetic.

Man: Wh--what?

Love is a b*llet to the brain... or an arrow to the heart.

♪ Arrow 4x16 ♪
Broken Hearts
Original Air Date on March 23, 2016

[Gavel pounds]

Judge Sakow: Please be seated.

First I'll hear the parties on the question of bail.

Fitzmartin: Your honor, the, uh, defendant wishes to waive bail so that the, uh, court can focus its attention on our motion to dismiss.

Your honor, the defendant was apprehended at the site of a child abduction.

Fitzmartin: Because he was being held c*ptive himself. Your honor, these documents will confirm my client's identity as Kenneth Bender, citizen of Markovia.

Laurel: Your honor, this is ridiculous.

The defendant's name is Damien Darhk.

Fitzmartin: According to whom? You?

Oliver Queen? The media? Heh.

Your honor, there's absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest that my client is this Damien Darhk, much less prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed these acts that Damien Darhk is even accused of.

Your honor, we have evidence, and we will present it at trial.

During which time what?

My client just rots in jail?

I mean, fortunately, he's no longer in Markovia, right?

Because, you know, in America, we...

Sakow: We have preliminary hearings to determine whether the state can meet its burden of proof.

Fitzmartin: Thank you, your honor.

Your honor--

Sakow: You say you have evidence, Ms. Lance?

Get ready to present it.

Mr. Darhk or Mr. Bender or whatever he's calling himself is hereby remanded to the custody of the Department of Corrections to be held until disposition of defendant's motion to dismiss.

I worked out a system to maximize the efficiency of the moving process.

The densest, heaviest boxes are put into the moving truck first, creating a solid foundation for the rest of the boxes and providing maximum recovery time during the most physical moments of moving.

There's, um... less chance for injury, too.

I hired a mover.

And I would never want to step on the toes of professionals, but proper distribution of the mass and density of the boxes inside the moving truck could have cost-saving effects for the moving company in the form of improved gas mileage.

OK. Great.

So you're doing great with the--

It's just amazing how much progress you've made in such little time.

Paul must be just a physical therapy genius.

Yes, like a symphony of the talents.

You know, with Curtis and Paul, they're kind of the perfect team.

You know, marrying tech--

Poor choice of words. My bad. My specialty.

It's OK. [Clears throat]

That's fine. I-- it's, you know, it's not like, um, I don't know what it's like.

We were engaged, and now we're not together.

That's what it's like.

Did you cancel the venue? Please?

[Clears throat]

I'm--yes, I will get around to canceling the venue.

Great. Thank you.

And I will uninvite the guests.

[Chuckles softly]


The movers will swing by whenever you want.

Just give them a call.

I'll see you when I see you.

So tonight, hmm?


Yeah. Tonight I, uh--

I mean, I guess we didn't talk about it, but I was a part of the team before we were together.

I just assumed...

Oh, tonight. Like, to--like to-- like every night.


Of course.

You are a part of the team forever and always.

Keep moving.

Reiter: Stop here.

This is it.

Oliver: Now that you've found what you're looking for, you don't need us.

So we can just--

No. This isn't the end, Mr. Queen.

It's the beginning.

Of what?

Reiter: I grew up in a small village in Africa. a country whose named has changed a dozen times over the years.

One day, bandits came to my village.

They wanted water and gold and women.

Once they left with them, the only thing remaining of my village was ash.

My home and everyone I loved was wiped from the earth.

And I was helpless to stop it.

And I swore I would never feel helpless again.

So k*lling all the people you're holding hostage is gonna help you not feel helpless?

How does that make you any different than the people who destroyed your village?

Oh. It makes me very different.

Let me show you.

How'd it go out there tonight?

It was quiet.

Yeah. The City hasn't had a quiet night in 4 years.

Diggle: Yeah. I can't believe HIVE is silent just because Damien Darhk is in jail.

Laurel: Not for long.

What are you talking about?

The law's pesky need for evidence.

The ghost who took William also took their cyanide escape plans.

There's no one to testify against Darhk.

What about my brother?

You mean the one that was declared legally d*ad 5 years ago? Oh... should be fun walking him into court.

Uh, what about us?


Damien kidnapped us over the holiday.

We're all witnesses.

Actually that's good.

The fiancee to the City's beloved mayoral candidate, it makes for a compelling story.

What's wrong?

Oliver and I aren't engaged anymore, um, or living together or together together.


It's fine, which is universal code for "I don't want to talk about it."

The pieces of Darhk's idol. Yeah.

How you holding up?

Felicity tell you guys?

How are you holding up?

Is this about your son?

The fact that I lied to her about him, yeah.

Yeah, well, you got a kid, man, that's a whole lot to handle.

But don't worry. She'll come around.

Give her time.

I mean, she wants to stay on the team.

That's a good sign...

I think.

Thea: Hey, Lance just called.

It's trouble.


Said it was an old friend.

[Indistinct chatter]

Lance: Uh, you guys take five.

Hey. You OK?

You're a little-- little more grim than usual.

You said, "We know who did this."


Look familiar?


She's supposed to be in custody at ARGUS.

Yeah? Tell that to them.

What was there?

Left a note for us.

"Love is d*ad."

So is nobody else gonna say it?

It's Cupid, stupid.

Lance: Well, she's changed up her MO a little:

"Love is d*ad."

Felicity: Oh! Maybe she's not so insane after all.

Thought she was locked up in some ARGUS sub-basement.

Yeah. Not anymore. I just talked to Lyla.

Turns out Waller was serious about prisoners like Cupid working their way off of Task Force X.

She's out.

Then we start with her victims.

Did CSU ID them?

They're running prints.

Thea: Like, seriously?

None of your crime tech guys read gossip web sites?

Lance: Uh...heh heh. Let's assume they don't.

This is Blaine, and this is Shannon.


Really, guys? Come on.

It's the wedding of the decade.

Felicity: Why would Cupid want to ice Star City's most high profile couple?

Well, we figure that out, we figure out who her next targets might be.

Lance: How do we know there's gonna be a next target?

I don't think that Carrie Cutter has changed that much.

We got to get to court.

I'm gonna stay here, work up some leads on Cupid.

Diggle: It was an Oliver Queen campaign holiday party.

There was g*n.

The security that we had onsite was k*lled.

And then he walked in.

Laurel: Let the record reflect that the witness is pointing to the defendant.

And why did the defendant walk into Oliver Queen's campaign office?

He was the leader of the g*n.

He took myself, Thea Queen, and Felicity Smoak hostage.

Laurel: And while you were held hostage--

Diggle: Damien Darhk-- or whatever he calls himself-- was there calling the shots the entire time.

Pass the witness.

[Fitzmartin clears throat]

Fitzmartin: This, uh, holiday party, were you, uh... were you there as a guest?

No, sir. I work security-- personal security for Mr. Oliver Queen.

And I have been for the past 3-plus years.

Even after Mr. Queen lost his job as CEO of Queen Consolidated?

I mean... [Scoffs] how much does he pay you, 10 cents an hour?

Laurel: Objection. Relevance?

Sakow: Sustained. Move faster, Mr. Fitzmartin.

Fitzmartin: Of course, your honor. All right.

Well, let's, uh, talk about your alleged co-c*ptive, Thea Queen.

Isn't it true that 5 months ago, you helped her buy $74,000 worth of cocaine?

[Observers murmuring]

Fitzmartin: And before you answer that, you should know that I have a signed affidavit from Ms. Queen's dealer right here.

Which means nothing because it is irrelevant.

Well, it goes to credibility, your honor.

Oliver Queen publicly slandered my client by accusing him of ordering a t*rror1st drone strike.

Now, if--if Mr. Diggle can work for Mr. Queen for free to help Ms. Queen buy illegal drugs, I mean, is it really that much of a stretch to believe that he'd also perjure himself in support of Mr. Queen's campaign of character assassination?

You watched me swear an oath.


And then I saw you break it.

No further questions, your honor.

Diggle: I don't have a law degree, but I don't think that went well.

It could have been worse.

If Fitzmartin kept pulling on those threads, then everything that we've done for this city could have been exposed.

Oliver: It'd be worth it to put Darhk away.

Lance: Except it wouldn't put him away.

Thea: Vigilantes don't make good witnesses?

Laurel: No. But they make excellent inmates.


OK. So where does this leave us?

We can't just let Darhk walk.

Laurel: Well, unless they come up with a witness who Fitzmartin can't tear apart, then that's what's gonna happen.

Then put me on the stand.

I don't have a secret identity, and I could testify about Darhk and his connection to HIVE.

And spend the rest of your life in jail.

If it's a cell next to Darhk, it'd be worth it.

No. We'll find another way.

It's Felicity.

Ah. [Clears throat]

Put her on speaker.

Felicity, we have the whole team here.

What's up?

Good news is I got Cupid's location.

Diggle: Good. Where is she?

That's the bad news.

Looks like she's kidnapped another celebrity couple--

Allison Lee and Robert Joyce.


Can you track the GPS on their phones?

When I said I had their location, how do you think that I got it?

Diggle: OK, Felicity, what's next?

Where are we going?

They're on the move, headed towards Pennytown.

Got it.

I'd suit up with you, but--

No. What you're doing here is more important.

Get Darhk.

Get Cupid.

Till death do us part.

Don't worry. You won't have to wait that long.

Wedding crashers.

Hold on tight.

[Tires screeching]

Diggle: Thea, look out!

She's in the center.

Ugh. I'm OK.

Stay with Speedy.

Let them help you.

I got Cupid.

I'd say enjoy the afterlife, but we both know that's just eternal nothingness.

I was in love with the Arrow, but you're not him, although I do like the sleeveless.

Got her.

Guess you didn't have her.

Thea: Really brings a whole new meaning to crazy ex-girlfriends.

And you didn't even get to enjoy the fun parts.


Well, Cutter really fell for Floyd Lawton last year.

Lucky guy.

Diggle: She was heartbroken when he was blown up.

No, Thea's right, though. Cutter is... pathological.

I mean, targeting happy couples? Come on.

Well, it makes sense if you look at it from her perspective.

Love betrayed her.

And now she wants to go to w*r against it.

Thea: And--and that's making sense?

Makes sense to her.

OK...she's not just targeting regular couples.

Thea: Yeah.

She's targeting celebrity couples.

Probably to bring attention to her anti-love crusade.

Lance is getting the word out.

He assigned a protective detail.

I'm gonna run forensics on this.

We're gonna hit the streets, see if we can get a line on Cutter.

Diggle: OK. You want to talk about the other obvious problem?

Thea: Yeah, the, uh, elephant in the room.

Felicity and I are fine.

[Diggle scoffs]

Yeah, well, if you were listening to her little asides, you would know that was not true.

John--heh heh--you were the one who told me to give her time.

OK. Do you want to get back together with her?

I do.

Then tell her that.

Diggle: Even if you fall on your face, Oliver, she needs to know where you stand.

She needs to know that you are willing to say the words.

I am willing to say the words.

Diggle: That's good. So what's stopping you?

Taiana: Why did you do that?!

Reiter: Don't. Let him die.

Reiter, you're insane.

The difference between insanity and belief lies only in the number of believers.

[Victim groaning]

This is the power of a single life.

Above us, I have dozens under my control.

Man: Prisoners are gathered topside.

The men are in position.

Tell them to sh**t.

Hey! Come on! Go! Go! Go! Go!


So how did the rest of the day in court go?

If it went well, I wouldn't be here still doing this.


Listen, I was thinking, what about all the rest of the people at the holiday party, right?

'Cause they all saw Darhk.

Yeah. That's probably why they're all too frightened to testify.

Well, you could subpoena them.

I did that this afternoon.

One lied, one in jail because they refused to testify, and one actually tried pleading the fifth.

Well, I told you there's one guy willing to take the stand.

Dad, I went to my boss, and I asked him to give you immunity from prosecution.

He said he'd prefer to be reelected.

I don't care about immunity.

But I do.

Dad, I'm not gonna let you incriminate yourself.

You--you wouldn't be doing anything.

It'd be me, and it'd be right.

I'm the one that got into bed with Darhk, right?

I made those decisions.

And I should pay the consequences for 'em, honey.

And, listen, it's the only way to bring him down.

[Inhales, exhales slowly]


If we do this, you will also testify that you acted under duress, that Damien thr*at my life.

Yeah. 'Cause that way, I get to say on record how much I love my baby girl.

Thea: Felicity Scissorhands.

Oliver: We struck out trying to find a line on Cutter.

What's this?

I couldn't exactly fit the entire sleeve into the gas chromatograph.

[Device beeps]

Speak of the devil.

The sleeve contains fibers from at least 60 different types of white silk lace.

White lace, like in wedding dresses?

That would be ironic.

And also traces of acid-free polypropylene.

What do they use that for?

Long-term storage of fabrics.

Well, maybe Cutter's holed up in a spot where they store wedding dresses.

Colao Wedding Dress Services is the only long-term storage facility in the City that uses polypropylene.

28th and Hamilton.

That's 2 blocks from where she posed the first 2 victims.

[Heavy sigh]

The only movement I'm tracking in that building is you guys.

Oliver: Stay alert.

Got something.

She does love her shrines, doesn't she?

Now we know how she's picking her targets.

The first 2 couples, they both recently got married.

Oliver: Carter abducted the second couple after their wedding.

Yeah. But Blaine and Shannon--"Blannon"-- they had a secret wedding 48 hours before they were k*lled.

Diggle: Now we have to figure out what celebrity couple in the City's getting married next.

I think I found one we can rule out.

So by calling off the engagement, we took ourselves out of Cupid's crosshairs.

I knew there had to be at least one silver lining.

Thea: Well, she keeps on targeting high-profile weddings.

So we just got to stake out whatever the next one is.

It's a big risk to run with an innocent couple.

We're not gonna take that risk with an innocent couple.


We need to get married.

How romantic.

But it's--Felicity, it--

This is the worst idea you've ever had.

Actually, it's not the worst.

Et Tu, John?

We lost our lead on Cutter, Felicity, and this might draw her out.

Oh, so she can k*ll me. Pass. No, thank you.

OK. Now, John and I will have your back.

Oh, I guess it's too bad I already sent out all those un-invitations.

Clearly not if you guys spent any time on the gossip sites.

OK, look, these bloggers love nothing more than a private secret wedding.

I leak the news saying you guys wanted to keep it under radar. Uh... it becomes the top story on their website.

It's catnip for Cupid.

OK, look, we have to do this quickly, OK, so Cupid doesn't change her MO and start k*lling more innocent couples.

Can we do this tomorrow?

Tomorrow will work.

The venue still has our deposit.

They'll be able to move up the date.

I thought you said you were gonna cancel that.

I did say that I was gonna cancel, and I am gonna cancel, but I haven't canceled yet because when I picked up... when I pick up the phone to do that, it means it's over.

It is over.

Hey, Taiana, wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Well, I think we lost them.

Look, Reiter is not gonna issue a k*ll order if he doesn't have that thing nearby.

You grabbing it, you saved us.

If that's true, then we should destroy the damn thing.

No, wait--

Reiter: Oliver Queen.

We took his radio?

Reiter: I know you're still down here, Mr. Queen.

You should have studied those maps more closely.

The only way out of these tunnels is back the way you came, which means going through me.

You can either return of your own accord or you can force me to come find you.

But don't bother trying to fight your way out of this.

After all, I'm the only one of us who has men and g*n.

Well, last August, Darhk asked me for the vacation plans for the chief of the f*re department.


Darhk. Bender. Whatever he wants to call himself.

I told him where Chief Reynolds was staying.

The next day, the place blows up.

Objection. Conjecture.

Sakow: Something you're free to challenge on cross-examination.

Continue, Ms. Lance.

What else did you do for the defendant?

Lance: He wanted me to give him access to the SCPD computer network.

I did it.

He wanted me to give him the departmental patrol schedules.

I did that.

He wanted me to break in to a federal server farm to install a computer virus. And I did that.

He wanted me to give him information on the City's leadership.

And I...I did that.

And 3 days later, the City leadership were all d*ad.

You did all of these things for the defendant?

The defendant and the organization he works for.

He called it HIVE.

Objection. Your honor, it's hearsay.

Statement against interest, your honor.


Captain Lance, why would you do these things?

At first, I didn't know his intentions, like with the f*re chief.

But then when I confronted Darhk about it, he told me that if I didn't do everything he asked-- everything he told me to do-- he'd have you k*lled.

[Observers whispering]

No more questions, your honor.

Mr. Fitzmartin, your witness.

Captain Lance, have you ever personally witnessed my client commit any illegal act?

Well, I'm pretty sure that thr*at the daughter of a police captain isn't legal, counselor.



You know, the fact of the matter is, I've seen your client in his little hidey-hole with his little men.

Ghosts he calls them.

And I've heard him say repeatedly how he wants to destroy this city and that if I didn't help him do it, then he'd k*ll my daughter.

By saying all these things, I'm setting a match to my career and maybe my life.

So why would I be doing that if everything I'm saying isn't true?

[Observers whispering]

In position.

In position.

There's no psychopaths here other than paparazzi.

Tapped into security cameras. All clear.

Everything OK?

Yes. Yeah.

You look perfect.

I'd like to assure you, I won't breathe a word of what goes on here to the press.

Just thrilled to be part of your day.

Thank you.

Can we get this over with?

[Felicity chuckles weakly]

Can't wait to be married to this guy.

In that case, I know you've written your own vows.


The vows.


OK, um...

[Chuckles softly]

Oliver, you have many qualities... many astonishing qualities.

And I, for one, cannot wait to move on to the next chapter.

All right.

Uh, Oliver?

Felicity... before I met you, I had a plan.

I had a way that I was gonna be.

But then you walked into my life.

Or, I--I...showed up at your cubicle and... you changed everything.

I was in darkness.

But with your kindness, your generosity, your compassion, your intelligence, your wit, and your trust... you brought me into the light.

You let me know... that I deserved it.

You were that light.

And I don't know if I still deserve that trust... if I deserve you.

I probably don't.

But whatever has happened, whatever will happen, the way that you make me feel is the best part of my life.

You can ask me to say that I don't love you... that I will never lie to you again.

You are my always.

And I just want the chance to be yours.



Hello, lovers.


We have eyes on?

Copy that. I'm here.

Yeah, we got that. Hold tight.

Your little speech, it was only off by a little.

You see, she isn't the best thing in your life.

Because that means you love her.

And love means you're soft.

And soft means death.

Here. Let me show you.

Oh. Sorry. I didn't check your gift registry.

Was an expl*si*n that would bring down this whole building on your list?

[Starts beeping]

Cupid: Your engagement, that horrible sh**ting, your miracle recovery-- it was all just a fairy tale.

Camelot in Star City.

Thank you.

But once Camelot dies, everyone will know my truth-- that love is a b*llet to the brain.

Oliver: No. No, it's not.

Kevlar under the tux.

My bodyguard insisted.

What was his plan for C4?

That's a damn good question.

You know, you don't have to do this.

I do.


The 2 words that start every marriage: "I do."

True love. People need to see it.

They need to know what a joke that is.

It's not.

Cupid: I have loved 2 men in my life with all my soul.

They're both d*ad now.

No matter what, love always ends in death.

That's why it's in the vows.

I'm just cutting out the middleman.

Love is death.

Felicity: It's not.

You saw all those people outside, right?

They're out there because love is real, because love is life itself.

And if I die tonight... it'll be OK because I was one of those people lucky enough to have experienced it.

From the moment he walked into my life, everything changed.

I became a person that I didn't even know I was capable of becoming.

I became the very best version of myself.

That would never have been possible without our love.

Our love gives my life meaning.

It gives my life purpose.

And it... brings us more joy than you can ever take away from us.

And it's worth living for.

All of it.

You really know how to make a girl believe in love again.

You all right?


[Excited chatter]

Cupid: Thanks for giving the rest of us hope.

You OK?

Uh, yeah.

About what you said in there to Cutter, maybe we could meet up and talk about it tonight or...

No, not tonight.

I think we're both exhausted from whatever that was.


Thea: Hey, guys, Laurel just texted.

I guess Judge Sakow is holding court late.

And she's making her decision.

Well, I should probably change.

This outfit is a bit of a focus puller.

Not for nothing, Oliver, but I heard what, uh, Felicity said in there.

Nobody likes an "I told you so," John.

I'm just saying, she needs some time.

Watch it. It could be a trap.

They just left it behind.

Why would they do that?

Drop the w*apon.

Maybe you should radio Reiter.


Now we have g*n, too.

The standard of proof for a preliminary hearing is much less severe than one for a trial.

Even so, the evidence against the defendant is exceedingly thin.

There is no forensic or circumstantial evidence that points to the defendant's guilt.

But I found Quentin Lance's testimony to be particularly compelling.

His credibility is bolstered by his status as a police captain.

But the fact that he was willing to incriminate himself to see justice done makes his testimony especially believable.

On the strength of it, I am denying the defense's motion to dismiss and bounding the defendant over for trial.

Mr. Darhk will be held without bail or possibility of release.

[Pounds gavel]

[Observers murmuring]

All right. Next step, convicting this son of a bitch.

Next step. Right.

Are we OK?

I wasn't exactly pulling punches on the stand.

No, I'm glad you did. Because of that, Darhk's defense is blown to shreds.

He's gonna spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Hey, Quentin, you have a minute?


Lieutenant Pike, if I could just talk to you before--

It's all right, sweetheart.

We both know this was coming. Frank?

You're being suspended pending an IAB investigation.

I'm gonna need your badge and your w*apon.


Sorry about this, Quentin.

I'm sure your union rep will make it clear to IAB that you were acting under duress.

Yeah, I'm good either way, Frank. Truly.

It's a temporary setback.

I'll represent you in front of IAB.

You just focus on nailing Darhk to a cross, all right?

I'm proud of you, baby.

[Heavy sigh]

Reporter: We have the results of the high-profile preliminary hearing against purported Markovia...

Felicity: Hi.

Kenneth Bender...


Reporter: also known as Damien Darhk.

Darhk had previously been implicated...

I thought you'd be asleep by now.

Oliver: Oh, I can't sleep.

What are you doing here?

I just came to pick up a few things. You know.

Reporter: In other news, Star City's favorite couple, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, had an unexpected crasher...

Oliver: That's not exactly how I pictured our wedding day.

I don't know. Being kidnapped by psychotic criminals has sort of been the theme of our relationship.

Reporter: ...at the private ceremony at the Hochman Hotel. Armed with explo...

[Shuts video off]

Um, I want you to know that... what I said today during the ceremony... well, I meant every single word of it.

I love you... with everything in me.

But what I said doesn't apply to us.

I can't be with you. I can't marry you.

Yes, you can.

Yes, you can because that's what both of us want.

You know, things can be different.

I could be different.

And I am promising you, I'm swearing to you, there will be no more lies.

You know, no matter how much you love me, there's always gonna be a part of you that defaults to the man who was on the island alone... who came back to save the city alone.

And sooner than we both think, you're going to be stuck in a situation where you have to make a decision that requires you to hide things from me again.

See, you can't know that.

I do know that, and you know that.

That's this life.

I'm sorry.

You know, 5 months ago, I convinced you that we could have it all, we could come here to this job and have each other.

I was wrong.

And then I thought that we could just go back to the way things were before we left for Ivy Town.

But, God, that was as crazy as Cupid is.


So what does that mean?

It means that it is, um, too hard to be here with you every night and not be with you.

That's not fair to either of us.

You told me how you worked some tech magic to return all the money that Adam Hunt swindled out of people. You... you don't need me.

You'll be fine.

You don't give up.

You know, that's what makes you a hero.

But there's no fixing this.

We have to let each other go.

I want you to keep it for good this time, please.

Oliver: I don't want to let you go. I don't want to let you go.

But I'm already gone.
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