04x19 - Canary Cry

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Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow.
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04x19 - Canary Cry

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Oliver: Previously on "Arrow"...

Oliver: These people, they're volunteers?

Darhk: True believers.

Thank you for your service, your mind, and your belief in me.

Oliver: What happened?

The prisoners were out of their cells.

Darhk: Miss Lance, I want you to give your father a message.



Help! Help in here, please!

And, Ollie, I know that I am not the love of your life...

But you will always be the love of mine.

Doctor: Out of the way!

What happened?

I don't know. She was fine.


Doctor: Time of death 11:59.

A life that hasn't had a chance to fully grow and live out its purpose in this world is a life that has been taken from this earth too soon.

Oliver Queen, whom I'm told is practically family, will be delivering the eulogy.

Mr. Queen.

Mr. Queen, are you ready?

Um, I could probably say a few words.


Tommy Merlyn was--was one of the greatest people that I've ever known.

He was--he was so much more than just...

A billionaire playboy.

I loved him.

I loved him in-- in every way you could possibly love someone.

And so did Oliver...

And I'm sure if Oliver could be here today he would say so...

But clearly, it's too painful.

I don't understand.

I'm sorry. I...



Excuse me. Are you a relati--

Oliver, softly: Doctor, he's her father.

Doctor: I'm, um, terribly sorry for your loss.

These are her belongings.

I'll--I'll take care of those.



We should get you out of here.


I love you, too.

Give that baby girl a kiss for me.

Didn't expect to see you standing there.

Where else would I go?

How's Lyla?

She and baby Sara are at a Argus safe house.

I have an army buddy looking after Carly and Andy Jr.

You worried about your brother?

I don't think he would do anything to hurt my family, but...I don't know.

Clearly, I never knew him.

All right, John.

As the... World's leading expert in blaming yourself, please don't do it.

You warned me, Oliver.

Straight up, you warned me.

If I'd listened to you instead of trusting my brother, Laurel would be alive right now.

You can't know that.

Alex on monitor: On behalf of Mayor Adams and everyone at city hall, I'm very sorry to announce the death of assistant district attorney Laurel Lance.

Miss Lance was conducting a deposition of Damien Darhk prior to tonight's incident in Iron Heights correctional facility.

I'm informed by the Department of Corrections that Mr. Darhk remains at large and is the leading suspect in Miss Lance's death.

I'm gonna get some air.


Smith & Wesson 460XVR revolvers, 50-Cal Desert Eagles, Boberg 9-mil semiautos.

15 large, and they're all yours.

How about it?

[Canary cry]

♪ Arrow 4x19 ♪
Canary Cry
Original Air Date on April 27, 2016

Hi. I didn't know-- you called for the team.

What's going on, Oliver?


Darhk is out there, and he has his magic back.

As much as I'm sure all of us want to climb up inside of our own grief--

We have to get that son of a bitch.

Thea: Definitely, but we haven't even put her in the ground yet.


Uh, Captain?

Page 3. This was last night a-a-after Iron Heights.

This article says that she used a Sonic w*apon against the dealer and--and the buyer.

Guys, CCTV footage from last night's attack.

S-Sara came back.

All the crazy things that we've seen.

Maybe my baby-- my baby girl, maybe she's not gone.

Thea: I--I mean, we-- we saw her...

Quentin: Yeah, but, you know, I mean, ev-everyone thought Oliver was dead when the Gambit went down.

Everyone thought ray Palmer was dead, your brother.

Captain, I know. I know, but this is different.

John's right.

This bag from the hospital was supposed to contain all of Laurel's belongings.

Felicity: Supposed to?

Sonic device is missing.

That explains it. There were people in and out of Laurel's room-- doctors, nurses, orderlies.

Wait. You think someone took it?



Uh, Captain, let's not go there just yet.

Now you don't think that with everything that we have seen, that we have all seen, that there is a ch-chance that Laurel is back?

John: Cisco keyed the Sonic device to Laurel's vocal cords.

No one else is supposed to be able to use that.

Right, right.

What do you think?


[Door slams]


Dr. Schwartz--ahem.

I'd like to thank you for your discretion throughout all of this.

Doctor-patient privilege, and in any case, she, uh, helped this city.

I mean, the least I can do is help her and you.

At least 12 staffers saw me bring her into the hospital last night.

And they saw the Black Canary, but we operated on Laurel Lance, who I believe was injured during an Iron Heights prison riot.

There was a Black Canary sighting last night.

This person was wearing a Sonic device, the same Sonic device that was taken from Laurel's belongings in her room.

Are you saying--

I have reason to believe that someone walked into her room and took it.

Now can you put me on a path?

There's a frequent flyer.

Frequent flyer? What does that mean?

A patient who pays repeated visits to the E.R.

Now I've treated her a few times, and there's something-- there's something off about her?


Would you give me her name?

Doctor-patient privilege applies to all my patients, Mr. Queen.


Laurel: Oliver?

I'm sorry. I...

I didn't know where else to go and, uh...

Do you want to come inside?

I don't think that it's the best idea.

I'm sorry they didn't let your mom attend the funeral.

It was a nice service.

Tommy would have liked it.

He would have liked it more if you would have said a few words.

I stayed up all night.

I was working on a eulogy, and...

I just filled page after page with...

Stories of us, but then I realized that I just didn't have the right to say any of those things.

What are you talking about?

Oliver, Tommy loved you.

Laurel, I failed him.

I came back from that island with another chance.

It was a chance to help people.

It was...

It was a chance to make this city better...

And I couldn't, and now Tommy's dead.



You can't blame yourself.

You'd blame me, too, if you knew the truth.

What truth?

That was Oliver.

Laurel's still, you know, there.

So he thinks he has a lead on some woman who recently visits the emergency room a lot.

I'm gonna try and cross-reference facial recog with last night's attack with the hospital security footage.


At the hospital, you said that you'd never forgive yourself for what happened.

Andy's working with Darhk, has been the entire time.

He helped him find the idol, helped him out of jail.

Oliver warned me, but I pretty much told him to go to hell.

Laurel is dead because of me.

I don't know what happened. I wasn't there.

I don't know what to say.

There's nothing to say.


Thank you for everything at the hospital.

I don't think any of us were ready to talk to the media.

One of the few advantages of dating a political operative, I guess.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to joke.

Please. I could-- I could use some jokes, anything to keep my mind off of...


Speaking of actually, you-- you never told me why you became a political operative anyway.

Woman: Alex Davis.

[Canary cry]

You work for them!

What are you talking about?

[Canary cry]


Oliver: What's going on?

Alex just got attacked by some girl wearing Laurel's Sonic device.

Do you know where she went?


You're dressed like a friend of mine.


[Canary cry]

Why did you abandon us?

We needed your help, and all you cared about were your friends!

You didn't care about any of us.

What are you talking about?

[Canary cry]

You left us.

You left us at Reddington!

You left us there to die.

You failed this city.

[Canary cry]

It wasn't Laurel, but it was sure like seeing a ghost.

And hearing one. That Sonic device has been modified.

My ear plugs did not do a thing.

The Sonic device is what shouldn't have done a damn thing.

You said Cisco keyed it specifically to Laurel?

John: It should have only worked with Laurel.

Felicity: The crazy part is that this girl is using it at much higher decibels than Laurel ever did.

Oliver: Ok. So who is this girl?

When she attacked Alex, she accused him of working for someone.

Ruvé Darhk?

HIVE. She said the Green Arrow left them at Reddington to die.

What's Reddington?

Reddington industrial is where Darhk held you all hostage over the holidays.

You think this girl is one of HIVE's prisoners.

They weren't prisoners, remember? They were volunteers.

Right, but still, let's check missing persons for a family with at least one teenage daughter who went missing over Christmas.

The Sharp family.

Mom and dad's bodies were found two days after Christmas.

Cause of death hypoxia.

Could be HIVE's gas chamber.

What about the daughter?

Class president, academic decathlete, gymnast, basically a 16-year-old badass in the making.

She never even missed a day of school.

Until her parents met Damien Darhk, I'm guessing.

She said we left them there to die, and we did.

What do you mean?

All those people at Reddington.

There of their own choosing, Oliver.

And we know that HIVE drugs people to make them susceptible to suggestion.

She told me that we failed this city.

She's not wrong.

Thanks for coming.

I fear I lack the words to convey the true depths of my sympathy.

To lose a child once is unimaginable, but for it to be both children...

Look. I know you and I haven't always been on the same side of things, but, uh, Laurel, you know, she thought of you as a friend.

Just as I thought of her.

She brought me comfort during a difficult time period, the word will be a darker place without her.

Yeah. Well, not for long.

Ok. I got all her things. What else do I need?

I'm afraid I don't understand.

What else do I have to bring for her when she comes out of this, you know, Lazarus Pit thing?

I would do anything for your daughter, but I destroyed the Pit months ago.

Um, ok. Well, there's got to be, uh, something else.

I am so very sorry.

So you don't want to help me.

Fine. I'll find some other way to bring her back.

Felicity: I've been scouring traffic cameras for Evelyn, but I keep striking out.

What are you doing here?


Which is Oliver-speak for b*at yourself up.

Thought you were reformed from that.

Feels like as good a time as any to bring it back.

Because of Laurel or because of what the girl said?

Bit of both.

I tried to do the right thing, and I came up short.

I came up short for that girl...

And for Laurel.

Maybe I shouldn't feel responsible, but I do.

Yeah. It's going around.

You mean John?

I mean me.


John was looking for someone to absolve him, reassure him that what happened wasn't his fault, and I couldn't do it.

I think for a second I let him blame himself because for a minute it saved me from blaming me.

I should have been there.

I wasn't there with the team in the bunker.

I know I would have just been behind a keyboard.

I know it seems like hubris, but I've made a difference before, and I can't help think that if I was there, you know, maybe she'd still be here.

Do you know why I always blame myself in situations like this?

Because at least it's an answer.

Sometimes, we just need a reason when a situation is completely unreasonable.

[Cell phone vibrates]


Thea: Lyla called asking for John, except he's supposed to be checking in on her.

I'm getting a bad feeling about this.

I have trackers on all of you.

I'll check, and I'll get back to you.

Ruvé: Well, tell those curious that the city has undertaken to do a massive upgrade of the sewage system.

I mean, what happens below ground is simply not their concern.

Why are we stopping?

Get down!

Get out!

What do you think you're doing?

I am the mayor of this city.

I don't care who you are! You're gonna be a lot less if you don't get out of that limo right now!


Can I help you with something?

I mean, I always enjoy spending time with my constituents.

Shut up! You know who I am.

You know exactly who I am, and you know where my brother is!

I don't know what you're talking about.

Stop lying!

Fine. We'll do this your way.

Maybe you can give your husband a message for me and let him know I'm not playing games with him anymore.

Get away from her, John.

Agh! Stay out of my way!

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Trying to find Andy!

By attacking the mayor of the city?

By going after Damien Darhk's wife!

It doesn't matter if she's Darhk's wife.

She is the mayor. She has the media. She has the police.

I don't give a damn! Ugh!

I'm so angry, I can hardly breathe.

I know.

Every minute he's out there is a-- is a--is another minute he can hurt someone I love.


I know...

But this isn't who you are.

I don't know--

I don't know who I am anymore, Oliver.

All I know is, all I can hold on to is that...

I have to find my brother.

And--and--and do what?

Laurel's gone, and finding Andy and whatever you're gonna do to him, it's not gonna bring her back, but if she were here, she'd tell you the same thing that I'm gonna tell you.

You cannot forget who you are, and we...

We can never become them.


Where have you guys been?

Doesn't matter.

Have we had any luck tracking down Evelyn Sharp?

No. I keep hitting dead ends.

Not the best choice of words.

[Alert beeps]

News alert.

Ruvé: Tonight, my security detail and I were attacked by one of these lawless vigilantes who claim to protect this city.

This attack came less than 24 hours after another vigilante named the Black Canary as*ault my chief of staff Alex Davis.

Now these same masked criminals were confirmed to be at Iron Heights when one of this city's beloved civil servants Laurel Lance was fatally injured.

Well, tonight, I say no more!

Tonight, I asked district attorney Wallace to issue arrest warrants for these so-called vigilantes, beginning with Mr. Davis' attacker the Black Canary.

We will dedicate the arrest and prosecution of this so-called Black Canary to A.D.A. Laurel Lance, one of this city's brightest lights.

Shut it off.

Ruvé: Thank you.

She knows Laurel was the Black Canary.

And now she has the whole police force g*n for a scared, frightened teenage girl.

I'll call Alex.

Ok. We need to find Evelyn before the SCPD does.


[Cell phone vibrating]


Mr. Lance's agony is understandable, but its pain is sharpened by denial.

I fear that-- that refusal to accept reality will lead Mr. Lance to take desperate action.

Thank you for letting me know.

I will keep an eye on him.


Are you all right?

Our friend was k*ll at the hands of a man that I am currently powerless to stop, and his wife is dragging her legacy through the mud.

Nyssa, after everything that she's done, after everything that she's stood for, it just doesn't seem right.

I'm glad you finally decided to come over.

Well, it's been a week.

I feel like Tommy would be pissed at me if I didn't eventually come out of my self-pity.

Heh. Yeah.

He loved you so much.

This was right after you won student body president our senior year.

Do you remember how I won?

Of course. You were the most deserving candidate by far.

Well, gift baskets encouraging people to vote for me, that didn't hurt either.

That was Tommy's idea.

No, but seriously, it's easy to buy people off with money that you didn't even earn.

You did all the hard work.

Hmm. We always did make a great team.


You know, I was thinking about what you said in the hallway after Tommy's funeral and wanting to help make the city a better place.

We still can.

Laurel Lance always trying to save the world.

Yeah, but it doesn't have to be just me.

You can, too.

We can do it together.

I'm really excited about the future, Ollie.


There's no one in there.

It's where the League of Assassins hang their black hoods.

No. That's right, but there is no Lazarus Pit and no League in there.

No, but there might be something, just some clue, all right?

Next step on the trail.

There's no trail, Quentin!

Laurel is gone, and there is no bringing her back.

No, no, no. To hell with that, and if you don't want to help me, to hell with you, too!

I am helping you.

No, you're not because you know why?

Because you do not know what it is like to lose a child.

No idea!

But I have lost a father, I have lost a mother, and I have lost Laurel!

We have lost her!

We have.

If there was a way, if there was any way to bring her back, I would find it, and I would do it...

But there isn't for either of us.

You don't understand.

When we lost Sara, when I became a drunk, when no one else believed in me, she did.

She's always been there.

She's my rock!


She was my rock.

I can't do this.

Oh, God. Oh, no.

I can't do this.


Oh, God. She can't be gone.


You got something?

Yeah, an apology.

I never should have let you think that you could have prevented what happened to Laurel, not even for a second.

I was just dealing with my own guilt for not being there.

You have nothing to be sorry about, Felicity.

If I had listened to Oliver and not trusted my brother, Laurel would be alive.

You don't know that.

Oliver keeps saying the same thing, except I keep going through this over and over again in my head, and it-- it's true.

The only thing I don't quite get is how I could have been so blind.

Well, Andy's your brother, you know?

We make exceptions for family.


And I'm the one constantly telling Oliver not to have a blind spot for family.

And here you are taking the blame for something that's not your fault.

You're just one illegitimate child away from a really awesome Oliver Queen impersonation, but just like we tell Oliver, what happened was not your fault, and Laurel would have wanted you to know that.

[Computer beeps]

What's that?

Evelyn Sharp.

Facial recognition picked her up outside of Star City Plaza hotel.

John: What's she doing there?

That's where Ruvé Darhk is.

She's getting revenge for her family.

Well, if she's gonna k*ll Ruvé Darhk, my vote is yes.

It's not just k*ll Ruvé Darhk.

In that mask, in that costume, she'd be k*ll Laurel's legacy.

Keep your eyes peeled.

She's out there somewhere.

I'm on site. There's no sign of Evelyn.

Yeah. So is the anti-vigilante task force, and they have come ready to play.

Oliver: We need to find that girl before they do.


I'm heading in.

Ma'am, you shouldn't be in here.


I was gonna tell you the same thing.

[Canary cry]

[Static and feedback]

The Black Canary is in the building.

I need to get you to a secure location.

Oh, you'll do no such thing.

Let her come.

Let her try.

I found her. Second floor, 200 feet from the Liberty ballroom, Ruvé Darhk, and a lot of a lot of innocent people.

On it.


[Men groaning]

Oliver: Don't!

Don't go in there.

Get away.

I can't do that.

You can't do this.

Now I know you want revenge on HIVE for what they did to your parents, but this isn't the way.

It's the only way I have left.

[Canary cry]

[Guests screaming]

Oliver: Evelyn, don't!


You failed this city!

I understand that you're trying to make things right.

That is not how you get justice done.

What did you know about the real Black Canary?

What did you know about what she stood for?

She was there that night.

I saw her.

Then you saw what kind of person she was.

She was a hero.

Now maybe you are wearing that mask for a reason, but right now, I need you to ask yourself what would the Black Canary want you to do?

Come on.

Arrest him!

I've seen this movie before.

[Glass shatters]

Felicity: No sign of Evelyn.

Kid must have found out I was tracking her.

Thea: Really missed her out there tonight.

In a way, she was out there.

In spirit, I mean, not in a Lazarus Pit kind of way, and ultimately, she made the right choice.

I think Laurel would have liked that she inspired someone.

How can you say that?

Evelyn Sharp just destroyed Laurel's memory out there tonight.

Now the Black Canary's only gonna be remembered for whatever Evelyn's done.

Evelyn's not the Black Canary.

Well, to every reporter and person with a camera in the room tonight, she was.

Ruvé Darhk's gonna make sure everybody sees that footage.

As far as the rest of the world is concerned, the Black Canary is now a g*n-toting, would-be m*rder.

I'm not gonna let that happen.

Oh, Quentin.

I never thought we'd be here again.

Me, neither.

I figured we were punished enough first time around.

We were.

Oh, at least for a while, and then Sara came back to us.

I don't think that's gonna happen this time.

How can you say that?

Our girls always come back to us, Quentin.

Yeah, maybe before but not this time.

I'm sorry, Dinah. She's gone.

She's never coming back.


Minister: Mr. Queen has requested to say a few words.

This, uh...

This doesn't seem right.

Uh, I knew Laurel Lance for...

Almost her entire life.

She was my friend, and I loved her.

Before she died, I was--I was lucky enough to hear her tell me that she loved me, too.

Laurel Lance became a lawyer to help people who may have appeared helpless.

She wanted to give a voice to the silent, but just being a lawyer wasn't enough.

She wanted to do more for those people and for this city because she loved this city so much.

By now, everyone knows that Laurel was k*ll in the Iron Heights prison riot, and while it's true that she was an assistant district attorney, that's not what she was doing there that night.

Before she died, Laurel told me the truth.

Laurel Lance was the Black Canary.

In the past few days, I have had to sit and listen to people try and paint the Black Canary as a criminal.

She was not a criminal.

She was a hero.

She was a hero in every way that a person can be, and if Laurel were here, I know that she would expect all of us to live up to the example that she set.

She'd want us to save our city.

Oliver, voice-over: Dear Laurel, I wrote this letter because I don't have the courage to see the disappointment on your face.

I know you're gonna go on to do amazing things, to help people, and to raise this city up because that's who you are, that's who you've always been, and that's why I have to go away.

I would only hold you back.

You're the hero, Laurel.

Maybe I'll come back eventually, but for now, I have to spend some time alone.

I hope someday you'll understand my decision.

Never doubt my love for you.

You've always seen the best in me because you've always been the best of me.

All my love, Oliver.

I'm sorry I missed the funeral.



There was a time I would have thought this was my fault, that I brought this darkness upon us, but now I know it's not my fault.

It's my responsibility.

Responsibility to do what?

To end it.

I'm gonna k*ll him.

Is there anything I can do?

I want to be left alone.

Are you ok?

Are you?


You know what you have to do, right?

You have to k*ll the son of a bitch.

I know.

I don't know how.

Because of his magic.

His ma-- it's too strong.

I've seen it before, back on Lian Yu, and it is not just magic.

It's darkness, and whenever I have come up against it, I have gone nowhere.

It-- he feels unstoppable.

I refuse to believe that.

And I refuse to let you believe that.

If Darhk wins, Laurel died for nothing.

I fell in love with you for many reasons, and one of those reasons is is that you always find a way, and you have to find a way now for Laurel, for the city...

For all of us.
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