07x12 - Emerald Archer

Well, I'm... I'm conflicted about this.

I'm not gonna lie to you.

I'm a Police Officer, Duly Sworn.

I don't condone vigilantes or vigilantism.

Once people start taking the law into their own hands, you're on the road to anarchy.

But there's worse things out there than anarchy, and sometimes, as much as I hate to admit it, the police aren't enough to deal with it all.


NARRATOR: "Emerald Archer:

The Hood and the Rise of Vigilantism."




THEA: Look, Star City is a very dangerous place.

If it wasn't, my brother Tommy would still be alive, my mother would still be alive.

If the police can't protect the people, then the people need to learn how to protect themselves.

DIAZ: Vigilantes?

No, they're... they're hypocrites.

They think that they're upholding the law, but they're breaking the law.

They're not heroes. They're criminals.

The only difference between me and them is that I'm smart enough to realize that the only person worth looking out for is yourself.

I've lost a lot, most recently, my dad.

The world needs a protector, someone to keep it safe.

And it doesn't matter if someone's wearing a mask.

All that matters is no one should have to lose their family or anyone they love.

NARRATOR: Villains or vigilantes?

Criminals or heroes?

From Star City to Central City to Gotham City, Americans have debated this question.

Do the ends justify the means?

Does the law have to be broken to uphold it?

Hyah! Uh! Hyah...

- WOMAN: Whoa. Did you get that?
- MAN: Go! Go! Go...

DINAH: Hey! Hey, you're not supposed to be here!

NARRATOR: In December , the Star City Police Department answered that question definitively when they officially deputized Oliver Queen, the vigilante known as the Green Arrow.

Drop the gun, Max!


SIN, VOICE-OVER: I knew them back in the day.

Canary, the Arrow, the whole crew.

Honestly, I don't know where I'd be right now without them.

They helped me out of a couple pretty tight spots.

I owe them a lot.

But I, uh, I saw the toll that it took on them.

Like, people like to debate about the legalities, but for the people wearing the masks, it's... it's not philosophical, it's real.


And it takes everything from them.

OLIVER: It absolutely takes a toll.

I have been doing this in Star City for a really long time, you know?

Nearly... nearly years, but before that, I... I was running all around the world with a hood on, trying to make things right, and...

Now my life has... It's never been better.

I'm... I'm...

I don't have to wear a mask anymore.

And that really makes all the difference.

I'm... I'm doing what I think I'm supposed to be doing in the light of day.

And if I could've, I would've done it this way from the start.


FELICITY: Surprise.

Hey. One minute, please?

Hey. Hey. Come here.

Hey, buddy. Hey.

Kiddo, how are you?

I think I've grown out of "kiddo."

Yeah. Okay. All right.

FELICITY: Well, who gave you permission to grow so tall?

My God.

You must be so excited to be done... midterms.

You finally come home and relax, you know...

What's this?

Oh, right. Uh, Ms. Pedowitz is doing a documentary on vigilantes, and the SCPD and I thought it might be a way to, uh, improve public opinion on the work I'm doing.

PEDOWITZ: I've been collecting interviews for years and, frankly, I couldn't get the funding I needed to finish it until your dad went public.

Well, the timing is perfect.

I mean, what with you working with the SCPD and, you know, um, heh, full transparency.

But this isn't gonna be in the film, right?

We can...

We need all of this edited out.

I don't want my son on camera.

PEDOWITZ: Oh, uh, okay. Guys, cut, please.

MAN: Okay. Mark.

FELICITY: You know, I kind of hate the word "vigilante."

It just feels like such a... disrespectful term.

Call them what they are... heroes.

What? Oliver Queen?
No, that's ridiculous.

Look, first of all, Oliver Queen doesn't even know Adam Hunt.

And even if he did, what do you think he did...

Slip out of his own welcome home party to become Robin Hood?


I missed Tequila!


JOHN: Ha ha! No, look, you don't become successful in my line of work without being really good at sizing people up.

Trust me. Oliver Queen is no one's hero.

Obviously, this particular comment didn't age too well.


Truth is, Oliver is not the same man he was years ago.

He's changed, grown not just as a hero but as a person.

QUENTIN: You really expect me to believe you're the Arrow?

I am the Arrow.

Oliver Queen isn't the Arrow.

QUENTIN, VOICE-OVER: Heh! Okay, I'll bite. Why?

Because Starling City needs what you can't give it...


DINAH: Well, he fights for justice, and he cares about the city, which is no different than any other officer here, as far as I'm concerned.

He just dresses in green leather and runs around with a bow and arrow.

Which sounded a lot better in my head.

Can we, uh, can we... Can we do that again?

There have been two murders in the past week that strike me as odd.

Throats slit on both of them.

We should cross-reference the victimology with any open cases.

Way ahead of you.

Uh, working for the police is different.

I always thought I was gonna work on my own, or that was the plan... "My crusade is my crusade."

But, you know, life doesn't work out that way.

Next thing I know, I'm leading a team.


I'm not... I'm not entirely sure I'm meant to be a leader.

Made a lot of mistakes.

MAN: Here they come. Rolling.

Shots fired at the parking garage on Nutter and Winter.

Possible vigilante sighting.

And vigilantes are still illegal in Star City.


MAN: Captain Drake, are we clear?

Clear. Establish a perimeter.

OLIVER: Is this a false report?

I think it's more that we're just too late.


MAN: Go.

OLIVER: Rene...

I need a bus at Nutter and Winter!

Officer down!

They respond faster that way.

Medics are on the way, buddy. It's gonna be okay.

I'm fine. I got a vest on.

Just got the wind knocked out of me. But they took...


Who'd they take?

The new Green Arrow.

MAN: Who's he talking about?

PEDOWITZ: I don't know. Just stay on them.

Hey, turn that off...

I told you to turn those cameras off.

You promised me full access.

Hey! Keep rolling. Follow him.

What do you think you were doing out there?

Same thing you do.

I'm doing good, by the way.

- Thank you for asking.
- I'm glad you're okay.

I'm glad the FBI made your immunity permanent, but being a vigilante is illegal in Star City.

Well, that's easy for you to say.

I mean, you have a cute, shiny new badge.

Thought about giving one to anyone else?

First step would probably be not being so reckless.

- You or me?
- Try to guess.

I nearly lost my job giving Oliver a badge, and pollard is still looking for ways to take it from him.

OLIVER: You said they took the new Green Arrow.

What happened out there?

We were handling a routine drug bust.

DINAH: I'm sorry, Rene.

Are you still working with the new Green Arrow?

Because I'm pretty sure we've been over this.

Not for nothing, but crime stats have skyrocketed ever since we've hung up our masks, and they've gone down ever since nga showed up.

Oh, we need to come up with a better name immediately.

Okay. Who was it who attacked you guys?

Another mask, some sort of exosuit.

Looked military.

OLIVER: All right, we need a full forensics sweep of the abduction point.

I need to know where they could've gone.

On it.

POLLARD: What is this circus?

Public relations. Oliver thought...

I don't mean them. I mean what I've been hearing about a vigilante being abducted tonight.

I thought you didn't care about vigilantes.

Believe me, Captain Drake, I'm anything but sanguine, but your little stunt of deputizing Oliver Queen has set off a firestorm.

That's funny. I think that's actually a different superhero.

You're doing your damage control.

I'm doing mine.

I'm holding a town hall on vigilantism.

In the hope that firestorm will burn Oliver, get him to resign?

Your friend Oliver, he's gonna have to stand in front of the city he lied to, a city that's afraid of him, and justify his continued existence as the Green Arrow.

You can't force him to.

Oh, I'm the mayor. I'm pretty sure I can.

You guys get all that?


Take it off.


The worm or virus

or trojan horse you put on my tablet.

Take it off right now.

I didn't put anything on your...

I found a firewall breach with a Bluetooth incursion.

It had to be you.

Okay! Whoa.

I programmed a virus so that it would infect anything that tried to log on to our WiFi for security purposes.

It wasn't personal.

Take it off right now.

Okay. Whoa. What is going on with you?

I haven't seen anybody this unhappy to be home since I had to go back to Vegas after my first year of MIT.

I'm just pissed about my tablet.

You were pissed a long time before you found my virus, which is for your protection, by the way.

Really good job on finding it. I mean...

- Do you want to talk?
- No.

That wasn't so much a suggestion as it was more one of those "mom" things where if you don't talk now, you're grounded. So...

Why didn't you let me come home for Christmas break?

Oh, well...

Trust me, things here were very complicated.

I was the only kid left at school, and then when I come back here, dad's in the middle of making some movie.

It's a documentary. It's...

I'm sorry. I thought you'd be happy to be home.

We're so happy that you're home.

We missed you.

Then you shouldn't have sent me away.

That is not fair.

Yeah. Neither is getting shipped off

to boarding school.




Felicity's having trouble locating the new Green Arrow using surveillance and keyhole satellite technology, but I think we both know

A.R.G.U.S. has satellites off the books.

Oliver, you come in here with guns blazing, asking for satellite access you shouldn't even know about!

I'm simply asking if I can have your help on this one.

Well, Oliver, yes, but, look, I need a little bit more information.

I'm quite sure you're not this animated because this missing Green Arrow copied your hood.

She was abducted, John, and I need to find her.

How do you know he's a her?


Because she's my sister.


I have another sister.

My mother wasn't the only one who had an affair.

Who'd have known that wearing a hood and carrying a bow and arrow runs in a gene pool?

Look, will you... will you please help me find her?

Of course I will.

But I have to ask...

How long have you known about this?

- A month.
- A month.

I didn't keep it from you.

I don't do that anymore.

I mean, you have to admit, we haven't exactly been running in the same circles lately.

Lately. Lately's been nearly a year, Oliver.

But I get it.

We have not been looped in.


But, look, you should know something.

You rang, boss?

I did. Oliver needs access to the Black Watch satellites.

Is he supposed to know about those? You know about those?

You've met my wife, right, Curtis?

Great point.

Uh, what are we looking for?

Not what. Who.

JOHN: Area's clear.

OLIVER: You sure this is the place?

It's been closed over a year.

Curtis saw movement off the Black Watch satellites at the new Green Arrow's last location.

Her name is Emiko.

Sounds like you two have had a conversation.

It's not going too well so far.

My father abandoned her.

My mother didn't help any.

Still, shows a lot of respect for her to put on your hood and quiver.

Not quite sure why she's done that.

Looks like someone's been fixing up the place.




Looks like Rory Regan's...

And Rene's.

John, that's Helena's.

And this is Emiko's.

What the hell is this guy doing?

He's hunting vigilantes.

I've been on more than one side of the law.

I was a vigilante, and now I'm the district attorney.

So, I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm qualified to talk about whether vigilantes can operate within the bounds of the law.

They can't. They shouldn't.

I know that. And guess what. They know it, too.

Because if what they were doing was right, they wouldn't hide behind a mask.

RORY: Yeah, and I stopped hiding behind a mask.

But I didn't stop doing good because people need help.

It's just that simple.

Is that all?

RENE: I keep going out there because I love my city and I'd do anything to help it.

To me, I'm risking more sitting on my hands doing nothing, just letting the world get worse.

Yeah, the mayor, the politicians.

They might care about the city, but they don't seem to give a crap about the people in it.

So, are you really so surprised when people decide to do something about it?


CURTIS: Um, Oliver's a complicated person.

You know, we haven't always seen eye to eye.

He's no saint.

But he doesn't have to be for what he does, for what he is.

That's a hero.

So it looks like I'm the director, right?

That's awesome.

I didn't just... I... I messed it up? Sorry.

Oliver is an interesting guy. Um...

Unbelievably damaged.

I hope he won't mind me saying that.

I don't mean... well, all I meant by that was just that he's...

He's lived through a lot of darkness.

And all he really cares about is trying to make sure nobody else has to go through what he's gone through.

No, no, no. I didn't know he was the Green Arrow until he turned himself in. I mean, and...


Whoa, obviously, big surprise.

I mean, you think you know a guy.


CURTIS: And bingo was his name-o.

I found Chimera.


Yeah. Chimera. We gotta call him something.

I thought "Chimera" sounded cool.


Okay, do I look like Cisco?

Uh, who are they?

JOHN: Curtis!

I need you to focus. How'd you find our target?

What? Oh, yeah, uh, sorry.

I managed to track it using the security footage from that abandoned athletic club.

After that, I was able to pinpoint the trajectory using the Black Watch satellites, which I never said, because they don't exist.

DINAH: Okay. Where was he headed, Curtis?

Federal Street. It's an abandoned building. Probably a secondary lair.


Yeah. Why?

It used to be Adam Hunt's building.

Who's Adam Hunt?

You know, either way, suit up!

They're already suited up, though.


PEDOWITZ: Hurry up. Get this, get this.

MAN: Okay, yeah. Huh! Not anymore.

DINAH: It's a big building. He could be anywhere.

JOHN: Let's start from the top, work our way down.

You really shouldn't be in here with us.

DINAH: He's right.

The guy we're going after is dangerous.

We knew what we were getting ourselves into when we agreed to this.

DINAH: Suit yourself.


- JOHN: Oliver!
- MAN: What the hell is that?

Get them out of here!

Keep looking for her!

JOHN: Go, go, go! Get down, get down, get down, get down!

MAN: Okay, just go.

Aah! Uh!



Get out of here now!


You all right?

Yeah. I knew you had my back.

DINAH: Oliver!


She's hurt bad.

It's okay. You're gonna be okay.

He's... he's coming.

He's coming for you, Oliver.

Hey, hey. You hungry?

We've still got half a pizza left, and somebody's gotta eat it.

- Thanks, dad.
- Of course.


Who's that?

It's probably your aunt Dinah coming here to lecture me about something.

I swear, she treats me like a kid or something.

Well, if you just listen to her.

If you take her side, I take back that pizza.

Hi. Is Zoe home?

Yeah. Yeah, she is.

I didn't know you were back in town.

Just for a few days.

Your folks know you're here?

I'm not .

Hey, will. Dad, I totally forgot.

I texted will about my geography homework.

He said he'd come over to help.

Is it ok if we work in the living room?

I didn't realize that you two were...

Ahem... you know.



Felicity set up an encryption scheme so I could text Zoe while I was away.

I didn't know that. Why didn't I know that?

- How come you didn't tell me?
- It's just texting, dad.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, yeah.

Um, you guys can have the living room.

I'll be in the next room...

Cleaning my gun.

Don't worry about him.
How's it being back home?


Guys with cameras are following my dad and Felicity everywhere.

And that's what's bothering you?

We've only got about minutes before my dad finds an excuse to check on us.

What's wrong?

You tell some girl you have a crush on her and she didn't like you back?

Sort of.

Cool. What's her name?

It's not that.

Then what is it?

I don't know.

I think you do know.

You just don't want to tell me.

Maybe it's not the worst thing.

My dad and aunt Dinah fight instead of talk.

Promise me we'll never be like that.

You got it.

Mind if I hang here for a few hours?

I really do not want to go back home.

Okay. We should probably open that geography book.


Get up. Go.

CURTIS: What's that mean, "He's coming for you"?

Well, this Chimera...

I'm really glad that name's catching on.

Hey, he's hunting vigilantes.

So he's like an anti-vigilante vigilante.

JOHN: More like a predator or a lion trying to take down the biggest in the jungle.

DINAH: That's quite a leap.

Tell that to Rene, who was nearly cut in half, had it not been for the Kevlar, or Rory or Helena, neither of which we can get in contact with.

Oliver and I came across this collection of masks in chimera's underground lair.

He had them all on display, almost like trophies.

Any word?

OLIVER: Best guess is that she has a concussion and a couple of broken ribs.

They're having Dr. Schwartz examine her discreetly.

DINAH: Did she give you any intel on Chimera?

Is that what we're calling it?

I can only hope. I mean, it'd be nice. Heh! Ahem.

No, she was in too much pain to speak.

- OLIVER: Meanwhile.
- JOHN: Meanwhile...

You're next on Chimera's list.

So I can't think of a worse idea than going out as Green Arrow during pollard's town hall.

Except maybe showing up in the first place.

Maybe you should tell Pollard that you're not coming.

I think that's Dinah's job.


SCHWARTZ: Excuse me. Uh, where is she?


Your green-hooded friend.
She's not in her room.

OLIVER: Oh, for God's sakes.

Well, did we really expect her to stick around?


It's just me.

What are you doing here?

Captain Drake told me you bailed at the hospital.

I just came to check up on you.

Let me help you with that.

I can manage on my own.

You are so stubborn.

You sure you and Oliver aren't related?


Actually, we are.

He's my half-brother.

Ha ha! That's funny.

I'm not joking.

Robert Queen was my father.

So when you told me about your mother, you kind of left out a pretty important detail.

Robert was out of the picture long before.

I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to risk changing things.

Changing what things?

You and me working together.

Why would it?

Oliver's got his thing, and we've got our thing.


Yeah, we do.

All right. All right. Thank you, Ms. Mayor...

For nothing.


We have a new problem.

Don't we always?

Dinah, before we get to that, there's something that I need to speak with you about, something I've been keeping from you.

Well, that is par for the course with you, Oliver.

That's a fair point.

In this instance, I just... I needed some time to process the information before I shared it with everyone.

What information?

The new Green Arrow is my half-sister.

She's the product of an affair that my father had.


Ha ha! I wasn't expecting that.

I really hope you can appreciate why I needed some time with this.

Sure. Yeah.

I have lots of questions.

I have a lot of questions, too.

I have been trying to connect with her, but she is not very trusting at the moment.

Sounds like your sister, all right.

Okay, what's our new problem?

Right. Pollard is insisting you go to the town hall tonight.

What? You explained to her...

Yeah, of course I did.

But she actually thinks that we made up Chimera as an excuse to get you to not face the city.

If I had a problem being scrutinized, Dinah, I wouldn't let a camera crew follow me around.

I know. I explained that to her.

But if you ask me, she sees this town hall as a chance to publicly crucify you, and she's not gonna miss that.

I'm not exposing hundreds of people to what could potentially become a war zone.

Pollard cannot force me to.

I will tell her.

Thank you.

Mm-hmm. This should be fun.

Hey. You got a minute?

Of course.

I know you don't plan on doing this town hall meeting thing, do you?

I just told Dinah to tell Pollard that.

I'm thinking maybe you should.

It might be our only shot at catching chimera.

Curtis will find him again.

Yeah, well, the trail's gone cold.

But, Oliver, I have a plan.

I'm all ears.

So are they.

Sorry, guys. Private party.

CAMERAMAN: Ugh. Damn it.

I enjoyed that.

You know I know what you're gonna say, right?

I do.

Best way to stop chimera is by drawing him out?


Not with hundreds of people there, John.

This guy's taken down vigilantes.

He is out of the SCPD's league.

Yes, he is...

But not Team Arrow's.

What? No. No.

There's no world in which Pollard will allow Dinah to deputize all of you.

And I'm certainly not going to risk you going to prison for violating the anti-vigilante law.

Come on. Even if I was willing to take that risk, there is no Team Arrow anymore.

But there is.

Oliver, there is.

It's just changed.

We may not have been Team Arrow when you were in Slabside, but we had each other's backs.

Just give us a chance, man, to have yours.

You could go to prison.


You did it for us, which never really sat right with me.

And the reason why is because it wasn't right, Oliver.

We have fights, disagreements, recriminations, but it doesn't matter because we are a team.

And nothing's going to change that.

John, I made a lot of mistakes.

We all did.

That's why they're called mistakes, Oliver.

You learn from them. You move forward.

We... we get better.

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our town hall discussion on vigilantism.

We're about to get started.
Please take your seats.

POLLARD: Thank you for coming.

You made it pretty clear I didn't have a choice.

Well, it's my hope that once the pittson pavilion opens, your services will no longer be required.

The police can keep this event and the city safe.

The SCPD is gonna rebuild into a remarkable police force, but if they were enough, the city wouldn't need me, now, would they?

It doesn't need you.

That's exactly the message I intend to convey tonight.


Mayor Pollard.

All right, buckle up, kiddies, because Overwatch is back in the house.

Well, not actually in the house.

I mean, I'm working at A.R.G.U.S. remotely, but I'm on the comms, you know.

We know what you meant, Overwatch.

Cool, cool, cool. So I am tapped into the Venue's CCTV, and I am very proud of this one, the documentary crew's WiFi, so everything they see, I see.

Copy that. Standing by.

I swore I'd never wear this suit again.

Come on. It's got to feel good to be back in the saddle.

I just wish Dinah was here with us.

She's doing her thing with SCPD.

That anti-vigilante law's crap, man.

No argument from me.

Let's do this!

Over the past years, Star City has suffered through a weapon of mass destruction, an actual army of soldiers, and nuclear weapons...

What happened years ago, I wonder.

Now, Mayor Pollard, I fail to see your point.

years ago, you started zip-lining through the city.

Your activities as the hood and then the Green Arrow prompted the very same dangers that you claim to have saved us from.


Everyone clear out of here!


DINAH: Come on! Let's go!

Let's go. Let's go.


Hyah! Hyah! Hyah...


Too bad you don't wear the mask anymore, but I'll settle for the hood.

You want a mask?

Here's .



Okay, I'm analyzing the armor.

It's Wayne enterprises, military grade.

I'm just figuring out how to disable it.



Get as many of these people out of here as you can.

What about you?

He wants a vigilante?

I'm gonna give him one.

Okay, good news, bad news time, guys.

The suit is powered by an exolithium cell.

He can't move without it. The only problem is...

It's electromagnetic shielded, which means you can't disable it remotely.

All good.

Oliver, Dinah, team's in position.

We've got this.

DINAH: On your call.







PEDOWITZ: Please tell me you got this.

OFFICER: SCPD! Don't move! Freeze!

RENE: What the hell is this?

Maybe you all were too busy being unconscious, but we just saved everyone in here.

POLLARD: Illegally.

The anti-vigilante law stands.

My hands are tied.

Your honor...

I'm sorry. The law is the law.

The mayor can't make exceptions.

Take them into custody.


NICK: His name's Kevin Meltzer, recently released from roth psychiatric hospital.

Imagine that.

Apparently, the hood saved his life years ago, and he's been obsessed with vigilantes ever since.

OLIVER: So he just attacks them.

Says he just wanted the masks.

Fans have a strange way of showing their affection.

Where are the others?

Interrogation room.

We're not all on board with this.

Yeah, that's cute.

Hey, get that camera out of my face before I give you an enema with it.

Well, this is another fine mess you all have managed to get yourselves into.

JOHN: We were aware of the risk.

All of us.

I think I know the answer to this, but is there any way for us to avoid sharing Oliver's old cell?

As the district attorney,

- I can decline to press charges.
- Great.

But by going out tonight, we violated the AVL.

Not so great.

We don't have a lot of good options here.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I never should have let all of you go out there with me tonight.

You didn't let us do anything.

It was the right thing to do.

In more ways than one, Oliver.

It felt good.

It felt right, like being heroes.

Being a team...

Even if it was for the last time.


COMPUTER: Disarmed.

Hey, kiddo, what's up?

I saw what happened on the news.

Where's dad?

Oh, he just came across a very unexpected...

Completely expected setback.

But he will be fine.

It's actually... you I'm worried about.

- I told you...
- That you've been lying to me.

I went to go check your midterm results online, and I came across a very convincing and very fake version of your school's website.


And I didn't come across any test results because you didn't take the exams.


Because I got expelled.


What's this?

My resignation.

I won't captain a department that arrests my friends.

I made you captain because I believe in you, Dinah.

And yesterday I learned you've been lying to me all along.

Oh, it's a party.

To what do I owe the pleasure, Mr. Queen?

After speaking with my family, I'm here to turn myself in.

If you're gonna send my friends to prison, you're gonna have to send me, too.

That's funny because Captain Drake just stopped by to offer her resignation.

Your team really sticks together, huh?

Yes, we do.

I had no idea you were one of them.

Black Canary, huh?

That's right.

And I suppose because you saved my life, it's supposed to melt my cold heart, but I wouldn't go that far, exactly.

DINAH: Well, how far would you go?

The anti-vigilante law is still in effect, but the district attorney's office will not be pressing charges on your friends.

And tomorrow, you will issue one of these to each of them.

They'll each be deputized like Mr. Queen.

So you're changing your mind?

I am absolutely not.

Like I said, I believe in you.

I respect results.

And as much as it pains me to admit it, we couldn't have made it through yesterday without the help of vigilantes.

Consider this your chance to prove me right.

Just watch your step, please, guys.

There's still glass on the ground.

CAMERAMAN: That was awesome.

What happened here?

Ricardo Diaz and his crew happened here.

They couldn't stop us.

We're coming back here.

We'll rebuild.

Gonna do it better this time.

PEDOWITZ: Sounds like you have regrets about how you did it before.

Too many to name.

A friend of mine recently told me that's why they're called mistakes.

You learn from them, move forward...

Be better.


Where did you get that?

I stole it.

Yeah, Mia, that much I figured, but wasn't this documentary banned?

I thought every copy was destroyed years ago.

Not this one.

It's total pro-vigilante garbage, but even garbage can be useful.

Useful for what? A break-in?
You know what?

Actually, the less I know about that, the better.

Trust me, Connor. You are going to want to come with.

CONNOR: So you found this place by watching that documentary?


Oliver told them not to reveal the location, but there's always clues.


God. It's dusty down here.

Yeah, well, that's what happens when a place sits empty for a while.



Okay, this is actually pretty amazing.

It almost feels haunted.

It probably is.

Vigilantes were the death of Star City.

And they got exactly what they deserved.