09x02 - Just Can't Get Enough (Part 2)

Degrassi Season 9, Episode 2
Just Can't Get Enough Part 2
Aired 10-4-09 on CTV

[Peter's apartment. He's playing a video game. The video game says "Mission accomplished"]

Peter: World domination! [Mia comes downstairs] Morning gorgeous.

Mia: Ugh, jungle breath. Did you sleep at all last night?

Peter: No, [picks up Duck Hunt style gun] but I'm the master of toxic conflict.

Mia: Performance enhancers, awesome.

Peter: I told you, it was like an accident.

Mia: Yeah, you thought the meth was just coke. So much better. You know you're lucky my mom bought the “Peter ate bad oysters so I had to stay over” story.

Peter: Yeah, at least it made Declan's snobby party more fun. I needed something.

Mia: So any time you feel insecure or embarrassed, you're just gonna snort stuff. Nice escape hatch, Houdini.

Peter: It was a one time thing.

Mia: Newsflash! Peter, lots of meth addicts got their start as “one time things”

Peter: Hey, whoa! [grabs Mia's shoulders] I am not a meth addict. Don't freak out. I'll be fine.

Mia: Moving to Paris does freak me out, and if you're gonna come with me, I need you to be good. Please?

Peter: Mia, I promise. Let's just go to school [scratches chin frenetically. Peter walks away and the bag of meth falls out of his jacket. He looks at it pensievely, but doesn't throw it away]

[Degrassi. In the Media Immersion room, Peter is applying for a passport]

Riley: Planning a quick getaway?

Peter: Yeah, I gotta stop French guys from macking on my girl, so I'm going with her.

Riley: Yeah right. What are you gonna do in Paris?

Peter: Play my ax, eat crescent rolls, maybe go to French school.

Riley: Learn the French word for crescent rolls?

[Declan walks in with an iPhone type device]

Declan: Ugh, WiFi here blows...Peter! [To Riley] This guy sure made his mark at our little do yesterday. Haven't seen somebody slurp that many oysters since Mardi Gras.

Peter: Yeah, last night was fun, but right now: not so much.

Declan: Oh yeah, the crash. Meth'll do that.

Riley: Meth?

Peter: It was a mistake. It's not a big deal. Declan, do you ever-?

Declan: No sir. I come by confidence naturally. Tory's the one with the pharmacy in her purse. You two didn't...?

Peter: Oh, no. I'm with Mia.

Declan: Ah, well you dodged a nasty bullet there, sir. My cousin Vickie was a ballerina and now she just tweaks out and hooks up with random guys. It's a shame really. This could be you in six months [pulls up a webpage with before and after pictures of meth addicts]. Bam. Don't lose that pretty smile.

Riley: [To Peter] Uh, are you okay?

Peter: Dude, if you knew how I felt right now...Never gonna do it again.

[A classroom. Mrs. Kwan is talking about some play. Blue and Holly J aren't paying attention, because who pays attention to Mrs. Kwan?]

Blue: Psst [hands Holly J a scrapbook]. I made you something.

[It's a scrapbook of news clippings from Holly J's hostage crisis aversion. With a drawing of her as “Super Holly”]

Anya: Where's the J?

Holly formerly known as J: Blue just calls me Holly.

Anya: I thought you hated that.

Holly formerly known as J: This is amazing, Blue. Thanks.

[The Shep's office. He's talking to the collective Joneses]

Shep: So Mrs. Jones, we'll be seeing your daughter's face on billboards, huh?

Mrs. Jones: I am very proud of her. But, [glances at Mia] school comes first, right?

Mia: Yeah mom, that's why they have a tutor.

[Peter walks up]

Peter: Hey Mrs. Jones. [To Izzy] Hey cutie.

Izzy: Peter, you look sick

Peter: Yeah, I gotta lay off the seafood.

Mrs. Jones: We'll pack tonight after your shoot, okay?

Mia: Okay. Bye mom. Bye Bells [kisses Izzy on the cheek].

Shep: Congrats.

Mia: [To Peter] What's that?

Peter: Transcript request.

Mia: Mmm, how very official of you.

Peter: I also got this rush passport thingy online, so I'll probably be able to be there by, like, Tuesday.

Mia: So you'll help me move in?

Peter: Sure. I'll make sure the Euro Fresh people put us in the hippest hood in Paris, the 20th [looks down at sheet and mumbles something French sounding]. Think about it, we're gonna have like five months of us time before your mom and Izzy come.

Mia: You know, if you keep this up, I might even let you mooch my tutor.

Peter: Ooh la la.

[They kiss]

Mia: Bye


Holly J: [To Blue] Where am I supposed to find 50 bags of sand, palm trees, and a straw hut?

Sav: Hey are we getting a hot tub? That'd be killer.

Holly J: Impossible

Sav: Bummer. We still getting tacos? [Holly J nods] Yeah!

Blue: Impossible?

Holly J: Okay, maybe not impossible, but I have a shift at The Dot which leaves about two hours to turn Degrassi Gym into Santa Monica Pier.

Blue: Watch this [stands up on table]. Who wants to help Holly set up the Beach Bash? [Murmurs of dissent] There'll be hot tubs [everyone cheers]. [To Holly J] See, you have fans. Since the incident, everyone knows you're a changed woman.

Holly J: So being taken hostage was a good thing?

Blue: Sometimes bad situations allow a person's inner light to shine...Come on, you can do this.

Holly J: Well I guess now I'm going to have to.

[Sav and Peter are walking down a hallway]

Sav: So we gonna practice at your place tonight?

Peter: Oh, I can't, I have plans tonight.

Sav: Come on dude. This could be the last time we play Degrassi before Studz takes off. I want us to be tight.

Peter: It could be the last time we play anywhere. I'm moving to Paris with Mia.

Sav: You're gonna ditch the band?

Peter: I'm not gonna let another one slip away. Can you imagine if Anya was leaving?

Sav: Wow. So you're moving to France? I'd be so freaked out. How do you even, like, ask for directions?

Peter: I don't know, hand signals? It'll be fine.

Sav: Are you sure? I mean, Mia's gonna be busy. Man, I could never date a model. If Anya was half naked in all those magazines, I'd be jealous-

Peter: Sav! Shut up man. You have no idea.

Sav: I guess not...So I guess we're gonna have to find a new singer, huh?

Peter: Dude, there's no Studz without me. Those songs are mine. Don't they teach you about that in copyright class?

Sav: Whatever. If tomorrow's our last show, then we better rock it [holds up hand for high five]

Peter: Yeah, rock it we shall [leaves Sav hanging]

[Musical montage of Peter falling asleep during a science lab. Johnny takes his mp3 player. Then he throws something in his beaker that explodes, waking Peter up]

[Gym. The gym is being decorated for the Beach Bash]

Holly J: Wow, look at all these people.

Blue: I told you, you've got fans.

Black kid who we will later learn is named Dave: Holly to the J. What up prez?

Holly J: I'm sorry, you are..?

Dave: Dave. Future grade nine class rep.

Holly J: Future rep?...Okay, what can I do for you?

Dave: Okay, I was thinking we need a toga day next week, for fun.

Holly J: Uh, I'll look into it? [sneers]

Blue: Don't worry, she'll make it happen.

Dave: Toga! Toga!

Holly J: [rolls eyes] Toga day, seriously?

Blue: I've heard worse ideas.

Holly J: All right, [writes on her pad] Toga...day. Happy?

[Modelling agency. French photographer is babbling at Mia in French. Peter shows up with some take out food]

Peter: Mia! Break time.

Mia: [says something French to the photographer]. [To Peter] I'm sorry, hun. We're running late. I don't know if I'll have a break.

[The snooty French photographer shoves Peter out of the way. Peter knocks over an umbrella and some lights]

Peter: Hey, show some respect or whatever, dude.

Photographer (who can magically speak English now, but in a comical French accent that I will try to reproduce): Wee-set! Get thees keed away!

Mia: I'm sorry, it was just an accident.

Photographer: Thees ees your boyfron, seeously?

Peter: Yeah, and she's on break! [puts his arm around Mia]

Mia: Careful, my hair! Look, maybe you should just go.

Photographer: Leesten to your girlfron, Garsonne. Vee both know that she can do a lot bettair.

Peter: I'm not going anywhere, guy.

Photographer: I beg to deefer, guy. Securitee!

[Security guy comes and escorts Peter away]

Security: Come on man, don't make this harder than it is.

Peter: Hey man, let go of me! Mia!

[Peter's apartment. Peter is dancing around to loud music, apparently tweaked out again]

Mia: [walks in the door (man does Peter ever lock his apartment?)] Peter! Peter!

[She turns off the music and Peter looks around, confused]

Mia: Hey, sorry about Jean-Luc. Photoshoots can get really tense sometimes.

Peter: Well then let's just stay here. We can still go to school, still hang with our friends, I can still play in my band. It'll be good times [He says this all very fast].

Mia: Don't worry, I...wait you haven't even started packing yet? [Peter scratches his face and runs upstairs] You're serious?

Peter: Oh come on Mia, this whole modeling thing makes you crazy.

Mia: I'm crazy? Look, it's not up for debate.

Peter: [Runs back downstairs] How come you get to decide what happens, huh? What about me?

Mia: Peter, calm down.

Peter: You're so selfish, Mia [grabs her]. It's always about you, you, you [falls onto couch].

Mia: [Picks up the bag of meth] Is this it? Peter! You promised me you would never do this again this morning!

Peter: My own girlfriend watches me get dragged off her stupid photoshoot. What am I supposed to do, huh?

Mia: Your drug use is not my fault.

Peter: Yeah, what about being supportive?

Mia: Of a meth head? [Peter scratches his face again] You are not going anywhere with me. [Throws the bag of meth at him] Get some help, Peter.


[Outside Degrassi. Peter is hopped up again and is jumping back and forth on and off the sidewalk]

Peter: Cool! Sav, check it out. The sidewalk [jumps] makes a different sound than the street [jumps again].

Sav: That's great, Pete.

Peter: [Grabs Sav] Oh, come to my house, we gotta jam!

Sav: Now?

Peter: Yeah, I wrote a sweet new song. We gotta jam it out.

Sav: Why? I thought you were going away.

Peter: Oh. Mia broke up with me, right, but it's okay, 'cause they always do, right? [Grabs Sav again] Come on! Studz lives man!

Sav: Are you okay, man?

Peter: Nooo, Crap! I forgot my guitar!

[Peter runs away, almost running over a kid. Sav looks around like, “Did that really just happen?”]

[Degrassi halls. Holly J is selling Beach Bash tickets]

Holly J: [To some girl] See you there. Don't forget to wear your beach clothes

Connor: Hey, we heard you were taking requests. Okay, 'cause we have a request.

KC: We were wondering if athletes could cut the caf line? So we can make it to practice at lunchtime.

Connor: We're on the Junior Basketball Team. We're athletes.

Holly J: I'll add it to the list. [To Anya] I'm a walking suggestion box, and the idea that any random niner can come hassle me? So not my style.

Anya: You're never gonna be happy.

Holly J: What's that supposed to mean?

Anya: Everyone used to hate you. Now you've got Blue, you're super popular. Where's the problem?

[Hallway. Sav is talking to Danny about Peter]

Sav: He's like, “She's gone. They all leave me.” And then he took off.

Danny: Seriously? Mia dumped him? Super harsh. That'll mess a guy up.

Declan: Don't tell me Mr. And Mrs. High School are on the rocks.

[Sav and Danny exchange a look like, “Who is this kid”]

Sav: Um, Mia smashed his heart into a million pieces. He was freaking out, like he wasn't himself or something.

Declan: Uh, you sure it wasn't the crank?

Sav: What?

Declan: Guys, your lead singer's taken a fancy to crystal meth. He made a pretty big ass of himself at our party. It wasn't pretty.

Danny: [To Sav] You better call him.

Sav: Yeah

[Peter's sleeping on his couch and his phone rings. He picks it up and tosses it across the room. Then he goes back to sleep]

[Musical montage of Jenna singing at the Beach Bash. KC is staring at her and Claire hits him to get his attention. The members of Studz, minus Peter, walk into the gym. Outside the gym, Blue is talking to Holly J]

Blue: People love the hot tubs. I knew you could do it.

Holly J: Yay, me. I'm so ready for a nap.

Anya: Here, I brought you some snacks.

Holly J: Thank you. I haven't eaten all day. Is that an avocado?

[Connor walks up]

Connor: I'd like to file a complaint.

Holly J: you already have your front of the line privileges. Now what?

Connor: Bruce cut the lunch line, and football season's over.

Holly J: So? What am I, the Caf Police?

[Dave walks up]

Dave: So, uh, when exactly is toga day? Monday? Wednesday?

Holly J: Not now, Darryl, okay?

Dave: It's, it's Dave.

[Claire walks up]

Claire: Hey Holly J, there's this really weird smell coming from the girls' bathroom.

Holly J: Maybe because it's a bathroom? What's next? Is the sun too bright? Your allowance too small? Why don;t I just do something about global warming while I'm on it?

Blue: Sorry, she'll get on that. [To Holly J] You're really having trouble prioritizing, huh?

Holly J: Actually, Blue, I know exactly what my priority is right now: this taco. Got it?

[Stage, Studz is getting ready to perform sans Peter]

Sav: Man, this is bad. Like, really bad.

Spinner: Yeah. We're on in like T minus ten seconds too.

Anya: [To microphone] And now, fresh from their Hollywood movie shoot, the one and only, the amazing Studz.

[Everyone cheers]

Sav: Guys, who's gonna sing?

Danny: I don't know the words.

Spinner: I'm a one-armed drummer.

[Sav goes up to the mic and begins to play the “Whoa” song. We cut to a montage of scenes of Peter going into an alley and buying meth, and dancing around the alley after he snorts, and walking into the gym at Degrassi while they are playing]

Peter: Hey! That's my song!

[Peter grabs the mic away from Sav]

Sav: What are you doing?

Peter: What are you doing? There's no Studz without me. You guys suck.

[He tries to wrestle away Sav's guitar]

Peter: Okay, okay. Shared Custody. One, two three four! [singing] Shared Custody, Shared Custody, Shared Cust- [trails off and grabs Sav]

Sav: Are you tweaking?

Peter: What? No.

Sav: We know about the meth.

Chante: [videotaping] Peter, what happened? Tell the fans on the video blog.

Peter: [knocks the camera out of Chante's hand] Get out of my face! [Runs out of the gym]

Blue: [To Holly J] Holly, it's defcon four in there.

Holly J: Boy band breakup? Boo hoo.

Blue: Aren't you going to do something?

Holly J: Blue, I'm not actually a superhero. I deal in raffle tickets, not drama.

Blue: What about all your friends in there?

Holly J: They're not my friends. I don't even know half of their names.

[Holly J sighs and rolls her eyes. Then she starts counting money]

Blue: You know, you should really put all the heads on the money to one side.

Holly J: That's it. First of all, you are not Student Council President, and I did not become President so I could make friends and have people love me. I did it so I could do things my way. So just leave me alone.

[Cut between Studz packing up their band gear and Peter in the middle of a street, freaking out. We get Peter's point of view in blurry meth-o-vision]

Danny: He's still not answering.

[Riley's phone rings. It's Peter]

Riley: Peter? What? Slow down. Guys, it's Peter.

Sav: Where'd he go?

Peter: I think I, like, OD'd or something.

Riley: Where are you?

Peter: I, I don't know. I'm between two roads! Please, just come and help me. Come find me!

[Spinner jingles car keys]

Spinner: Guys, c'mon.

Riley: Okay, we're coming. Where are you? What do you see?

[More meth-o-vision of blurry, distended cars going by, and Peter tweaking out. The guys show up in a car. Man, they found him pretty quick given all the streets in Toronto. Maybe Spinner's bullet wound gave him super locating powers.]

Guys: Peter!

[Peter tries to cross the street, but almost gets hit by a meth-o-vision semi. The guys all come over and hug him]

Sav: It's okay. You're gonna be okay. We're here now.

[They give him a blanket]

Peter: Thanks, I'm freezing

Riley: You're gonna be all right.

[Peter's apartment. He's sitting on the couch still wrapped in a blanket, rubbing his nose. The guys are all still there]

Danny: We should go. Curfew. Take it easy, buddy.

Sav: Call if you need anything.

Riley: We'll make sure you're okay.

Peter: Thank you. I hate this stupid loft. I'm alone all the time.

Spinner: Not tonight dude. [Hands Peter a glass of water] Here dude, chug this. You're probably dehydrated.

[Peter downs the glass of water]

Peter: I'm, like, messed up guys. [He shivers and hands Riley the bag-o-meth] Can you get rid of this?

Riley: Are you sure that's all of it?

[Peter nods]

Spinner: Need to make a call, dude?

Peter: Yeah, long distance.

Spinner: You know it's like 4AM in Paris?

Peter: I'm not calling Mia. [On phone] Hey, mom, it's me. Yeah, I'm fine, well...not really. Can you come home please?

[The morning after. Holly J is sweeping up sand from the Beach Bash. Blue runs up behind her and covers her eyes]

Blue: Guess who? [Holly J looks annoyed] You had a hard night, but I still believe you can change. So if you're ready to apologize, I'm ready to listen.

Holly J: Apologize? For what? Look, Blue, I have lots of sides. You can't just pick the ones you like.

Blue: But I wanna let the Holly I know shine through.

Holly J: No you don't. You wanna turn me into someone that I'm not.

Blue: -and that's never gonna happen.

Holly J: No. Sorry, Blue.

Blue: Me too. Bye Holly.

[Blue walks away. Holly J sighs]

Holly J: It's Holly-Freaking-J

[Peter's apartment. He's talking to Mia on Skype]

Mia: And they give you these hot towels in first class, and a limo picked me up, and Annemarie from the agency has been so helpful.

Peter: That's awesome, Mia.

Mia: How are you?

Peter: You mean, how's my drug problem?

Mia: I'm worried about you, Peter.

Peter: Don't be. I begged my mom to come back from Regina.

Hatzilakos: [Something in French to Mia]

Mia: Hi, Miss H. [To Peter] Peter, even though we broke up, I'm really happy that you're not alone...I gotta go, but, keep in touch, okay?

Peter: Bye, Mia.

Hatzilakos: I never should've left you.

Peter: It's not your fault, mom.

Hatzilakos: I know I can't make your choices for you, but just promise me-

Peter: -It's over. I promise.

Hatzilakos: Because, Peter, you can't control this drug. One relapse, just one, and it's straight to rehab.

[Peter hugs her]

Peter: Thanks for coming home, mom.