03x12 - The Number of the Beast Is 666

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Hannibal". Aired: April 2013 to August 2015.
Explores the early relationship between the renowned psychiatrist and his patient, a young FBI criminal profiler, who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial k*ll.
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03x12 - The Number of the Beast Is 666

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Previously on Hannibal...

I can't be with you.

You are becoming and the dragon is your higher self.

There's a family out there who don't know he's coming.

They're not my family.

And I am not letting them die.

You are.

What'd you say to him?

Save yourself. k*ll them all.

Then I gave him your home address.

How's the wife?

(drums and eerie music)

I look at my wife and I see her dead.

I see Mrs. Leeds and Mrs. Jacobi lying where Molly should be.

Do you see yourself k*ll her?


Over and over.

It's hard to predict when brittle materials will break.

Hannibal gave you three years to build a family, confident that he would find a way to take them from you.

And he has.

What's he going to take from you?

Is it important to you that he take something from me?

Hannibal has agency in the world.

Hannibal has no intention of seeing me dead by any other hand than his own, and only then if he can eat me.

He's in no position to eat me now.

If you play, you pay.

You have paid dearly.

It excites him to know that you are marked in this particular way.


Why do you think? (scoffing)

Bluebeard's wife. Secrets you're not to know, yet sworn to keep.

If I'm to be Bluebeard's wife, I would have preferred to be the last.

Is Hannibal in love with me?

Could he daily feel a s*ab of hunger for you and find nourishment at the very sight of you?


But do you ache for him?

Will's thoughts are no more bound by fear or kindness than Milton's were by physics.

He is both free and damned to imagine anything.

Now that he's imagined the worst.

Like ducklings, we imprint on those ideas that grab our attention.

What's got your attention, Doctor?

God, the Devil and the Great Red Dragon?

Lest we forget the Lamb.

Will is the Lamb of God?

Hide us from the wrath of the Lamb.

Who's "us"?

You, me and the Great Red Dragon.

The Lamb's wrath touches everyone who errs.

His retribution is even more deadly than the Dragon's.

It is for you.

The seals are being opened, Jack.

The lamb is becoming a lion.

"For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?"

I'll still be standing.

Is your conscience clear?

As clear as yours.

Righteousness is what you and Will have in common.

"In righteousness the Lamb doth judge and make w*r."

w*r against the Great Red Dragon.

He's not the Dragon, you are.

The Devil himself bound in the pit.

Then that makes you God, Jack.

Yes it does.

All gods demand sacrifices.

(paper ripping)


(theme music)

We don't have anything else?

Eight people dead in a month. We can't play the long game.

You know and I know it's the best way to bait him.

Got me on the hook, now you're dangling me to catch a bigger fish.

It was your suggestion.

And you're thrilled you didn't have to make it.

You once fooled yourselves into believing you were in control of what was happening.

Are you still under that delusion?

The Dragon has a certain abstract curiosity about me.

All psychopaths are narcissists. They love to read about themselves. If you were smart, Jack, you would use Freddie Lounds. She will need to interview you, Will. Take your picture.

I'm in it now. Can't go home as long as he's loose.

So, I really bad-mouth the Red Dragon in TattleCrime.

Give him a sh*t at me.

It's got to be a really good sh*t.

What about the setup?

Something open. Some place where he can get close to me.

It'd feel like a trap to me.

And it'll feel like a trap to him.

Unless you have a professional voice to legitimize what you're saying.

Someone to hide the wire on the snare.

Are you volunteering?


I'd have to be a fool.

Since your commitment, you have written some brilliant articles for The Northern Medical Journal of Psychiatry.

Thank you, Frederick.

I just finished your most recent piece.

Extraordinary stuff.

A particularly good one.

It may be my favorite.

I have seen a lot of hostility.

But this was quantifiably bitchy.

Do you think I am your nemesis?

No. Nemesis? No.

You refuted my entire book.

It didn't hold up to scrutiny.

Of course it didn't. I was lying.

On your behalf.

To save your life.

You refuted your insanity defense.

I went out on a limb for you and you climbed up there and sawed it off.

"Wood burns because it has the proper stuff in it;

"and a man becomes famous because he has the proper stuff in him."

You don't have the proper stuff, Frederick.

I am a best-selling author.

The journals only still publish your writing for the freak value of your byline.

The attention given to you is dwindling since you have been overshadowed by another creature.

That book is writing itself.

I think I'll call it The Dragon Slayer.

All I need is the ending.

Fate has a habit of not letting us choose our own endings, Frederick.

This is the ending fate has chosen for you.

Your teeth will go and your strength.

Nobody will be afraid of you anymore.

After Dr. Bloom's reign, you will be out in the ward.

The young ones will push you around and use you for sex.

All you'll get to read is what you write on the wall.

You have seen the old ones.

They cry when they do not like the stewed apricots.

Oh, I'm just going to leave an extra copy of my book right over here.

Thank you, Frederick.

I've personalized it for you.

Are you here to remonstrate me with "I told you so"s?

That's not why I'm here.

She's here because we need someone who is less concerned about the truth than the best story.

So, Dr. Chilton, you just lay out your theories. Will will aggravate them for the record.

You're making statements no investigator would ever make and no straight newspaper would credit.

You're not a straight newspaper. You sell T-shirts that say, "The Tooth Fairy is a One-Night Stand."

I can get you one, if you like. You a small or a medium?

Small, I bet. They aren't selling so well since you started calling him "The Dragon."

The k*ll's objection to the name "The Tooth Fairy" is likely grounded in the h*m* implication of the word "fairy."

Tedious, I know, but if you really want to piss him off, that's what you should call him.

Very well. Tooth Fairy it is.

The Tooth Fairy's actions indicate a projective delusion compensating for intolerable feelings of inadequacy.

Smashing mirrors ties these feelings to his appearance.

And not only is the Tooth Fairy insane, he is ugly and impotent.

There's a strong bonding of aggressive and sexual drives that occurs in sadists at an early age.

He's a vicious, perverted, sexual failure.

An animal.

The savage acts aimed primarily at the women and performed in the presence of families are clearly strikes at a maternal figure.

The Tooth Fairy is the product of an incestuous home.

This is the child of a nightmare.

Will, I think we need a key sh*t of you here in your "Washington hideaway."

I'd love something of you in a bathrobe sitting at a desk, poring over this artist's conception of the Fairy. Hmm?

I'll stand by the window. And make sure you can see the fountain and the Capitol dome.

The Red Dragon needs to be able to find this place, if he wants to.

Frederick, would you like to be in the photograph?

One for the dust jacket.

(whispered): Let's see, up.

This whole procedure is way too passive for my taste.

We are playing games in the dark of the moon.

He thinks he can do anything. Maybe he thinks he can stop.

If he can hold off until we catch him, maybe we can help him make it stop.

He almost k*ll your wife and son.

Hannibal almost k*ll them.

Alright. Pedestrian traffic falls off around 7:15.

You should go for a walk, say 8:30 or so.

He'll have to cross open ground to get close.

He'll want to get close.

I've got sn*pers with night-vision on the roofs. You'll be wearing body armour.

7 out of 11 times, he's gone for the headshot, Jack.



That's absurd.

That's not what I said at all. Dr. Lecter gave misleading answers in my interviews.

I will refute his refutations in my new book, Blood and Chocolate. Supermarket tabloids love Hannibal Lecter more than alien abductions.

That is his demographic now.

We know who his fans are.



Would you like a blanket?

I'll get you a blanket.

Oh, my back hurts.

Oh, my skin.

Did I get b*rned? Did I, did I get b*rned?

I hope, dear God, I am not b*rned.





You just rest there.

What am I doing here?

Atoning, Dr. Chilton.

(chair creaking)

(exhale) I have not seen your face.

I could not, I could not identify you.

I do not know what you look like.

Do you know who I am?

No. No. I do not want to know, believe me.

According to you, I'm a vicious, perverted sexual failure.

An animal.

You know now, don't you?


Why did you lie, Dr. Chilton?


Do you understand what I'm doing?

No. No!

But I think I have an opportunity to understand.

Then all my readers could understand, too.

Do you feel privileged?

It is a privilege, but...

I have to tell you I am scared.

Man to man, I am scared.

And it is... it is very hard to... uh, to concentrate when you are scared.

If you have got a great idea, you do not need to scare me for me to be impressed. OK?

"Man... (gasp) to man."

You use that phrase to imply frankness.

But you see, I am not a man.

I have become other, and more than a man.

Do you think God is in attendance here?

Are you praying to him now?


We pray to God mostly when we are scared.

And does God help you?


I don't know. I don't know. I do not know.

I do, I do... I ought...

I do not think about it after. I ought to.

You ought to.

I ought, I ought to.

There are so many things that you ought to understand.

And in a little while, I will help you understand.

No, I do not want to see your face!

When you turn around, you will open your eyes and look at me, or I will staple your eyelids to your forehead.
(doorbell rings)

D! It's me!

If you make a sound, I will k*ll her.

I don't like surprises.

I bet you don't, either.

I tried to call you.

May I come in?

I won't be long.

I asked my taxi to wait.

How are you feeling?


Your office said you were sick.

The flu.

You shouldn't be here.

I brought you soup.


I didn't come just to give you soup, D.

I guess I'm guilty of liking you.

Demonstrably guilty.

And I know you like me, too.

I do.

I've learned that withdrawal can be a strategy to avoid pain.

I have a deep vein of cripple's anger in me; while I can't get rid of it, I've made it work for me.

It's fueled my independence.

I'm not so scarred by life that I'm incapable of love.

I hope you aren't, either.

Enjoy the soup.

Do you want to know what I am?

More than anything. I was afraid to ask.


Do you see now?


Do you see?


Do you see?

Do you see?


Do you see?


(strangled sound) - Do you see?


Do. You. See?


Do you see?

Please no.

No what?

Not me.

Are you going to tell more lies about me, Dr. Chilton?

Oh no, no, no, no, no.

Why did you tell lies, Dr. Chilton?

No, it was the police told me to. They, they, they said it.

You quote Will Graham.

Graham told the lies.


Will you tell the truth now? About me.

About my work. My...


My art.

Dr. Chilton, is this art?


You said that I, who see more than you, am insane.

I, who have pushed the world so much further than you, am insane.

I have dared more than you.

I am the Dragon and you call me insane?

(whispered): Before me, you are a slug in the sun.

You are privy to a great becoming and you recognize nothing.

It is in your nature to do one thing correctly and before me you tremble.

Fear is not what you owe me.

You owe me awe.

For your journey home.

Ice, we'll need that.

But before we go, I think we should tape for a little while.

Look straight down the lens.

Repeat after me.

Dr. Chilton.

You did very well.

You will let me go now?

I will.

Although... there is one way that I can help you better understand and remember.

I want to understand.

And I've got a very good memory.


(continuous screaming)


(piano music)

Hand delivered.

May I open it privately?

You may not.

Dr. Chilton often offended me, so I certainly understand the sentiment.

Where's the other one?

This one can provide you anything the other one can.

I'm sorry, Jack. The tragedy of what's happened to Frederick has put me in an excellent humour.

Dr. Chilton disappeared yesterday, under armed escort.

You pretended to burn Freddie Lounds in a wheelchair to flush me out.

What were you pretending to do with Frederick Chilton?

He profiled the Dragon.

For Freddie Lounds.

We wanted to enrage him.


You could've provided anything Dr. Chilton could.

That would've been your lip I was tasting.


You publicly discredited Dr. Chilton.

By refuting him, you orchestrated his end by proxy.

You orchestrated his end, Alana.

You saw the hole and let him roll right into it. That's professional discourtesy.

I have had a great privilege.

I have seen with wonder and awe the strength of the Great Red Dragon.

All that I said was lies from Will Graham.

I have blasphemed against the Dragon.

Even so, the Dragon is merciful.

Because I was forced to lie, he will be more merciful to me than to you, Will Graham.

Reach behind you and feel the small knobs on the top of your pelvis.

Feel your spine between them; that is the precise spot where the Dragon will snap your spine.

There is much for you to dread.

From my own lips, you will learn a little more to dread.

(muffled, continuous screaming)

Would you like to talk about what happened with Frederick Chilton?

The divine punishment of a sinner mirrors the sin being punished.

Contrapasso. You play, you pay.

Chilton languished unrecognized until "Hannibal the Cannibal."

He wanted the world to know his face.

And now he doesn't have one.

(whispered): Damned if I will feel.

We are all making our way through the Inferno.

Dante's pilgrims.

No, we're not pilgrims. We're pets.

And the Great Red Dragon k*ll pets first.

You put your hand on Dr. Chilton's shoulder in the photograph.

Touch gives the world an emotional context.

The touch of others makes us who we are.

It builds trust.

I put my hand on his shoulder for authenticity.

To establish that he really told you those insults about the Dragon?

Or maybe you wanted to put Dr. Chilton at risk?

Just a little?

(whispered): I wonder.

Do you have to wonder?


What did you think the Great Red Dragon would do?

You were curious what would happen, that's apparent.

Is this what you were expecting?

I can't say I'm surprised.

Then you may as well have struck the match.

That's participation.

Hannibal Lecter does have agency in the world.

He has you.

(escalating strings)

He did Chilton like it looked like you did Freddie Lounds.

Hannibal said he would, in his own way.

Hannibal told him to.

You OK?

I'm OK.

I had the SWAT team.

Chilton said your name when they brought him into the E.R.

He's trashed.

You ought to get ready for this.


Frederick, it's Will Graham.

I'm sorry this happened to you.

You set ne uh.

You knew it.

You set ne uh.

You tut your hand on ne in the ticture, like a tet.

Can you understand what he's saying?

He said, "You set me up. You knew it. You put your hand on me in the picture, like a pet."

(deep breath)

Did you see anything?

A 'lack woman... and she was 'lind...

"A black woman. She's blind."


The Dragon said her name when he called Lecter.


(door opening and closing)


(continuous ticking)


If I untie you and let you sit up, will you be good?

I, I... (gulping)

I didn't know you cared this much about me.

I'm glad you feel that way, but you scared me with this.

I never hurt you.

I never wanted to.

Let's just be friends and have a good time and forget about this...

Shut up.

I'm going to tell you something.

The most important thing that you will ever hear.

Sermon-on-the-Mount important. Ten Commandments important.

Got it?

Yes, D. I don't...

Shut up.

Some remarkable events have happened in Chicago and Buffalo.

Do you know what I'm talking about?


It's been on the news a lot.

Two groups of people were changed.

Leeds. And Jacobi.

The police think that they were m*rder.

Do you know now?

Do you know what they call the... the Being that visited those people?

The Tooth Fai...



Answer correctly.

(whispered): It's, uh...

Dragon something.

Dragon... Red Dragon.

I am the Dragon.
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