01x12 - Born Free

Previously on "Dexter"...

I got here as fast as I could. What are we looking at?

Female victim, cut up into pieces.

The ice-truck killer? So soon?

This is what he wanted me to find all along.


Laura Moser...

My mother.

Laura Moser and 3 others found chopped up with a chain saw.

Your father was a decent man and an honest cop, but what he saw in that cargo container changed him.

Angel was stabbed from behind.

You think it's the attacker's blood?

We know Batista fought back.

The samples you gave me were a match.

They're from the same person.

So if you or that skinny bitch try to screw with what's mine, I swear to God, I don't care who I have to hurt.

Let's face it, Paul.

You've been a problem.

I need you to explain to them why you're in this place.

I have no f*cking idea why I'm in this place.

You really don't want to do this.

Effective immediately, you will no longer serve as my lieutenant.

This isn't f*cking over, Tom!

Debra Morgan...

Will you marry me?

Yes, yes, yes.

Where's my sister?

Took her code 12. Left about an hour ago.

She went to dinner? She wasn't supposed to go anywhere.

You made it easy.

So desperate to fall in love.

Where the f*ck are you? I'm here at work, and you're not.

I need to talk to you.

Do not see Rudy until you find me.

I've lived in darkness a long time.

Over the years, my eyes adjusted until the dark became my world and I could see.

I don't have much time -- or, to be more accurate, my sister doesn't have much time.

He wants me to find him, but where do I look?

I can't think.

It's too bright.

Let me know if the tape's too tight.

You know, there's no need for you to be uncomfortable.

Why are you doing this?

Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.

Oh, God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Shh, I'm just checking the supplies, okay?

Things are moving a little faster than I had planned.

This isn't you.

Pretty sure it is.


I know there's more -- I've seen it.

I never wanted to hurt you.

I know. I know.

Does this make it easier for you? Because I can keep going.

Oh, God. Oh, Jesus.

Oh, Jesus Christ! Oh, Jesus Christ!

There's nothing to be ashamed of, Deb. I mean, you're not the only one who bought it, okay?

Your name isn't even f*cking Rudy Cooper, is it?


But he died for a good cause.

Yeah, so will you.

You kidnapped a cop this time, you know?

Not some invisible hooker -- you kidnapped a cop!

It's all part of the plan.

Oh, Jesus.

It's hard to believe it's almost come to fruition.

I mean, this is a lot of years in the making.

We're only hours away.

He wouldn't have taken Deb unless he left me everything a clever monster would need in order to find them.

♪ Born free, ♪
♪ As free as the wind blows ♪
♪ As free as the grass grows ♪
♪ Born free to follow your heart ♪

Seems I have a new screen saver.

I knew he wouldn't leave me stranded, but "Born free"?

Of course.

Thanks to Rudy, now I know where dearly disturbed Dexter was born.

Born free of all that's human --

That's where I'll find him.

She knows.

She knows.

All f*cking night with that.

She knows.

Listen, Angel, we need your help.

Masuka says you were following up a lead on the ice-truck killer when you were attacked.

A hooker with a prosthetic hand.

John painted her nails different colors, but it didn't go nowhere.

Except she was just cut up by the ice-truck killer.

Holy sh1t. Monique was a victim?

Now, we're operating on the theory that he found out you were on his trail.

And if we're right, that means you got stabbed for a reason. It wasn't no carjacking.

How did he know it was me?

No one knew what I was doing except Masuka.

Someone else had to know. Think.

I consulted with Rudy, Debra's boyfriend, the prosthetics guy.

But that's crazy, right?

No, she's been AWOL since going out last night to meet him.

She was supposed to come back and help me canvass, but she never made it.

That's not like her.

Angel, we got to go.

Go, just go.

There are roughly 5,000 cargo containers in the port of Miami.

Finding the one where my mother was butchered took a bit of magic.




Just a second!

I told you he was here.

There some reason you're not answering your damn phone?


What happened here, Dexter?

I couldn't find the remote.

Where's your sister?

She didn't come back to work, and she's not at her apartment.

I honestly don't know, sergeant.


We think her boyfriend Rudy's connected to the ice-truck killer.

We're working on getting a search warrant right now to search his home.

No. Wow...

Cut the crap.

You know something. What?


I saw him last night, skulking in the lab, ordering secret blood tests.

What kind of tests?

I was looking for a type match on the blood on Batista's collar.

And whose was it?



Knock it off!

He knew all along!

Rudy lied about a cut on his lip.

Angel headbutted his attacker in the face.

It was just a wild hunch.

Why didn't you tell us?

I couldn't destroy Deb's love life on a hunch.

I had to get the facts.

Here are the facts: if he kills her, it's your fault. Now, what else do you know?

That's it.

He's lying.

Give him a break, James. It's his sister, all right?

Well, if he knows what's good for her, he'll sit his ass at home and answer the f*cking phone when it rings.

Call if you hear anything.


Please don't hang up.


The kids don't want to talk to you, all right?

You got to give them more time.

This isn't about them.

It's about how I was arrested.

Yeah, with a needle in your arm -- I know all about it.

Well, I don't.

Listen, I take responsibility for all the sh1t I pulled, but, Rita, I was in the program.

I kicked the hard stuff.

Well, apparently not.

I was clean. I swear on my kids' lives.

It's been driving me nuts how I got -- from your house one minute to the motel room the next, completely out of my mind on junk.

Yeah, it's called a blackout, Paul.

It's called a setup.

Well done.

The last thing I remember was standing in the kitchen, talking to Dexter.

Now, he could have smacked me over the head and dragged me out of the house probably through the backyard.

You really are a piece of work.

I'm telling you --

Dexter is not who you think he is.


This one, I've got to make sure we got about seven copies of these.

I want to make sure it's distributed to everyone, okay?

Okay, his name is Rudy Cooper.

Some of you may have met him.

He was dating officer Morgan.

Now, she was last seen 16 hours ago, driving to meet him at the Miami Beach marina.

So we need to canvass the entire area.

Check boat rentals. You guys know the drill.

I've already sent a team over to his prosthetics lab at the hospital.

The judge just signed off on the warrant for Cooper's apartment.

Well, let's tear that place apart.

Jake, Sergio, Kim, you guys are with me.

Your attention, please.

I want to introduce you to our new lieutenant, Esmee Pascal.

She agreed to put her vacation on hold, come in early, to provide us with some much-needed leadership at this critical time.

Lieutenant, you're on.

I understand we have a new suspect in the ice-truck killer case.

We're on our way over now to search his place.

And you are...

Maria Laguerta.

And we have an officer missing, so we need to move fast.

I thought that sergeant Doakes was running that investigation.

He's out following a lead.

What lead?

He said he'd let me know if it came to anything. Now if you excuse me --

I'll take it over from here. Thank you, Maria.

Who here can get me up to speed on the way over?

I can, I guess.

You're driving.

And feel free to join us when you locate your partner.

Would you like to come with us, captain?

You seem to have everything under control.

Let's go, people.

It's in there somewhere --

My birthplace.

Now what?

No cameras, no patrols, no dogs.

With billions spent on Homeland Security, it can't be as easy as a couple of snips.

So much for the war on terror.

Finding a needle in a haystack isn't hard isn't hard when every straw is computerized.

Reefer yard, plug 4-3-6.

I don't like this place.

Something nameless was born here...

Something that lives in the deepest, darkest hole of the thing called "Dexter."

Get in there!

Somebody else -- Get in there now!

It's all right, little guy. You're safe now.

Nothing will hurt you -- I promise.

Okay, Deb... don't be dead.


Surprise, m*therf*cker.

Are you following me now?

You better have a hell of a reason for being here.

I'm looking for my sister.

In a cargo box?

Yeah, I'm kind of working on a theory.

You forget you work for the f*cking cops?

We love theories. Spin me a story, asshole.

What I do on my time is my business, sergeant.

Yeah, me too, and I'm on my time now.

There's no lieutenant here to save your ass, so don't f*ck with me, Morgan!

All right, you got me.

I ordered some furniture from Thailand.

I was waiting for it to be delivered.

Lab geek -- My ass.

Hey, what the hell's going on over here?!

Security, I need to get somebody down here right now.

Miami metro P.D.

Yeah Is this guy under arrest?

That's a good question.

You're connected to this.

I don't know how, but I'm gonna find out, and some of what I find is gonna stick to your ass.

Let me out of here, m*therf*cker!

Let me out of here!

Let me out! Let me out! Let me out, you piece of sh1t!

Let me out of here, you f*cking piece -- Aah!

f*ck! Let me out!

Sorry, but you were drowning out Fred's radio, and he was kind enough to lend us his wheels.


His happy place, where he kills more than time --

This is where he'd leave me a clue.

Hey, Dexter, better bundle up.

I like the cold.

You know, hypothermia can easily sneak up on you.

Yeah, and so can hypochondria.

And a home setup like this would take years to put together.

He must have hated leaving it behind.

What are you looking for?

A clue, signature or calling card --

Anything that might give us a sense of where he went.

Well, I don't think he was exactly thinking about us when he did this.

I mean, look at this place.

Hey, you were right about the victim at Santa's cottage.

He rushed his work.

He killed that girl to keep us busy so he could escape, but he wouldn't go without leaving us a message.

We just need to find it.

Check this out.

This is where he played with his meat.

Pretty whacked out, huh?

I can think of 101

uses for this table.

Know what I mean?

He has my sister, Vince.


I mean -- I didn't mean -- I'm sorry.


You're Karen, right?

That's right.

You're in charge of evidence -- this entire room -- evidence.

Take photos of every item in its original position: work-kit, packages...

Show me the inventory list when you're done.

Is he in charge?

Guess he is now.



Hi. I'm Bob Hicks.

Can I help you?

I guess Paul never mentioned me.

I'm his Narcotics Anonymous sponsor.


So, having your sponsor do your dirty work --

Which step is that?

See, he's -- he's just concerned for the kids.

No, he's concerned for himself. If you'll excuse me...

I thought he was lying, too, until I saw the proof.

What proof?

Well, the X-rays the prison doctor took of Paul's head --

They showed a skull fracture.

Yeah, which I deservedly gave him.

No. You didn't.

See, after you struck him, the hospital took X-rays -- No fracture.

But in prison, a fracture.

If you know Paul, you'd know he'd bash his own head against the wall to get what he wants.

Well, I do know Paul. I think I know him pretty well.

No, listen, if Paul was attacked, the way that it happened -- that takes expertise, skill.

No first-timer is gonna be able to pull that off.

Yeah, which is why his accusations are ludicrous.

Dexter spends all his time in a laboratory, for God's sake.

So you've been there?


You seem like a nice man, but this is none of your goddamn business.

Okay. Got it.

We traced the name and social of Rudy Cooper to a New Jersey plumber who mysteriously died in '98.

You got to be kidding me. After all this, we still don't have an I.D. on this guy?

Rudy isn't his real name?

You trying to be smart?

Not trying, no.

If you f*cking know his name, you better --

Whatever it is going on between you two, it ends now.

What did you find in there?

Other than the obvious, a lot of trace bloodstains.

It's probably where he killed them all, but I'd like to look at the rest of the apartment before I go.

Yeah, okay.

You mind if I...

Be my guest.

It's perfect -- Right out in the open.

At least he's consistent.

Was there anything else near this record player?

Yeah, a f*cking doll sitting on top. "Home sweet home."

Is he taking me back before the blood, to a place where a boy was born? "Home sweet home", but which "home"?

Down on the floor, please.

It's kind of foolish, Deb.

I don't usually work this way.

Call it an homage to a fellow traveler I greatly admire.

Laura Moser -- addict, dealer --

My mother.

Arrested in '69, again in '71.

Same address listed both times.

1235 Mangrove Drive.

They say home is where the heart is.

Maybe this is where I left mine.


What are you doing here?

White-chocolate mocha -- Your favorite.

I'm gonna have to drink it on the road.

You know, I've never even been here before. I'd love a tour sometime.

Yeah, sometime that's not now.

Dexter, what's going on?

It's Deb, okay? She's in trouble.

Oh, God. Is it serious?

Yeah, actually, it's very serious, but I just can't worry about you, too, right now.

She knows. She knows. She knows.

...been leaving a trail of dead bodies.

Authorities say their big break came when they found a video of his latest victim.

If she knows, you yapping about it ain't gonna change it. Shut the f*ck up!

The suspect is operating under an alias -- "Rudy Cooper."

We didn't have his fingerprints in our criminal database, so his identity is still unclear to us.

She knows. She knows.

So sorry, Mr. Batista.

We had to take the psych overflow from County, but this one's harmless.

Yeah, don't be so sure.

We never take the violent ones.

They have the arsonists, the rapists, the psycho killers over there.

I tell you -- Those people belong in prison.

Do they fingerprint psych patients at County?

Yes, of course.

Half of them don't know their own names.

Got to I.D. them somehow.

That should take care of him. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

I.D. tech.

Hey, it's, uh, Batista. Can you do me a favor?

I need you to run Rudy Cooper's prints against psych, mental, and institution records.

♪ Ring around the rosie ♪
♪ A pocket full of posies ♪
♪ Ashes, ashes ♪
♪ We all fall down! ♪

Dexter! Dexter!

Where are you, you silly little bear?

I'm gonna find you!

Where can you be?

You silly little goose. I'm gonna find you!

You silly bear. Where is my baby?

Where is my Dexter? Where are you?


Oh, my goodness!

Oh my goodness!

You surprised me, you stinky little bear.

Hey, where could your brother be hiding?

Bynie's right there!

Hey, Bynie.

You weren't supposed to tell her.

You remember now?


You always had trouble saying "Brian."

I have a brother.

A real brother --

None of this foster bullshit.

We're blood brothers, through birth and death.

Watching mom die --

It's amazing that we survived that, isn't it?

The chain saw, the flying body parts, the blood.

You were there, too.

Two days sitting in blood before they found us, but you were young enough to block it out.

I've never forgotten the day that we were...



Where's Deb?

I waited for you before we got started.


She's not in here.



This is not the way I envisioned our family reunion.

Come on, let's just sit down and have a beer.


That was the best wipeout.

You didn't even cry.

Next time you try my skateboard, bend your knees, okay?



Look out!

I didn't want to do it this way.

Okay, let's run his description against Interpol's fugitive list, in case he isn't American.

Rudy Cooper?

His real name is Brian Moser.

Angel, what the hell are you doing here?

I got a hit on his prints from a Tampa mental hospital where he grew up.

He was institutionalized for antisocial personality disorder.

At 21, they said he was cured. They released him.

Run the name "Brian Moser" for credit cards, bank accounts, real-estate holdings -- anything that might tell us where he's got Morgan.

Listen up.

We've triangulated officer Morgan's cellphone.

Last known location --

20 miles off the coast, which means he's got her on a boat.

Lieutenant, we have his real name. We're digging into his records now.

His name's not gonna help us find him in open water.

I want a coordinated search with the coast guard.

Waste of time.

Chain of command.

Flyovers, helicopters, whatever it takes.

Lieutenant, that signal died last night.

By now, he has most likely taken her to his final location.


Let's get busy, people.

Flyovers look good to the press, but they won't find Morgan.

You think the press matters to me?

It matters to Captain Matthews, and he calls the shots.

Look, I know you need to define yourself here and putting me in my place is one way to do that, but one of our own is missing, and we shouldn't waste our time pissing on trees.

I agree.

I can also see why you were reassigned, and it has nothing to do with incompetence and everything to do with the Captain trying to save his job.


Now, I was hired with the directive to not make your life easy.

So you're gonna ignore the lead?

You don't know me very well, but luckily for officer Morgan, neither does the Captain.

Nothing personal.

I swore that I'd have a -- beer with you before we got started.

You made that kind of difficult.


You don't ever have to apologize to me, Dexter.

Not for who you are or anything you do.

Looks just like it used to, doesn't it?

Who does it belong to?


I got it for you, actually.

I'm really more an apartment person.

You're trapped in a lie, little brother, the same lie they tried forcing me into. "They"?

You know...

Doctors, therapists, group leaders --

What a family they were.

You were never put up for adoption.

Afraid not.

You were 3, a little bird with a broken wing.

First cop on the scene -- Harry Morgan.

He wanted to make you all better.

But me --

I could see it in his eyes.

All he saw was a fucked-up kid --

They all did, so they locked me up.

I didn't even know you existed.

Of course you didn't.

Harry wanted to keep you all to himself.

And while you were being raised by the Morgan family, I only had the memory of a family.


Mom always told me to look after you.

Imagine how I felt when I tracked you down and found out you were exactly like me.

I don't have to imagine.

I know what you've been going through all these years --

The isolation, the otherness, a hunger that's never satisfied.

Well, you're not alone anymore, Dexter.

You can be yourself with me -- your real, genuine self.

Takes the breath away, doesn't it?

I think we're ready for Debra.

I've prepared her just the way you like.

This time, we'll do it together.

Does it have to be Deb?

It's the only way.

But she's my...

Fake sister I know.

Tell me something...

Your victims --

Are they all killers?


Harry teach you that?

He taught me a code...

To survive.

Like an absurd avenger?

That's not why I kill.

You can be yourself around me.

Who am I?

A killer...

...without reason or regret.

You're free.

You can be that way, too.

What about the code?

Damn it, Dex, you don't have a code.

Harry did.

And he's been dead 10 years.

You can't keep him sitting on your shoulder like Jiminy f*cking Cricket.

You need to embrace who you are now.

I don't know who I am.

Of course you don't.

You've been away from your family since you were 3, but I'm here now. I can help you.

We can take this journey together.

I can't.

Not Deb.

Oh, no. Don't -- Don't say that.

I'm very... fond of her.

You can't be a killer and a hero.

It doesn't work that way!


Cover the yard! We're going into the house!


In the garage!

Through that door!

Cover this door! Cover the door!

Come on. Stay with me. sh1t.

Maria, stay on the door. He's trapped inside. I'm breaking in.

Cover me, man.

Get in.


Chopper 1 to command --

We're broadening the search to a 5-mile radius.

Any headache, dizziness?

I'm fine. I just want to go home.

I'm afraid we have to transport you to the hospital --

Standard procedure.

You're saying Rudy called you?

Why would he do that?

I think he wanted me to try to talk him down.

He said he was having second thoughts about killing Deb.

He seemed to feel like we have some kind of connection.

He's not the only one.

He said he'd kill Deb if I didn't show up alone.

Well, you almost f*cking got her killed.

I'm gonna request an immediate suspension when we get back to the station.

You're gonna what?

Morgan, you shouldn't be out here.

Are you questioning Dexter?


Back the f*ck off my brother!

He just saved my life! He's a f*cking hero!

Want each of you to treat him that way, god damn it!

Way to go, Deb.

I thought you were gonna burst a frontal lobe out there.


Stop. You're gonna dislocate it.

Oh, God, get it off me. I'm gonna be sick.

Relax. Here.

He's still out there.


And he didn't get what he wanted.


Think he'll try it again?



I'm gonna talk to Captain Matthews about getting us an officer stationed outside your hospital room tonight.

No, I'm not staying in a f*cking hospital.

There's nothing f*cking wrong with me.

Well, you're not staying at home.

Well, I'll just crash with you.

Let's just wait and see what the doctor says, all right?



Why me, Dex?

Why'd he choose me?

You're just lucky, I guess.

I was so scared.

I was so scared, so scared.

I know.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Dad would be so proud.


It's me.

Paul, this is harassment.

Just tell me if he's acting weird.


Dexter --

He hasn't been himself lately, has he?

How could he be, after what he did to me?

All right, that's it. I'm done.

Call again, and you can forget about seeing the kids this weekend or ever.

I am not gonna subject them to your insanity.

Fine, if that's what it takes for you to listen to me.

I just want to know that they're safe.

Why are you doing this, Paul?

You want me to be miserable and alone like you? Is that it?

All I want is for you to look for a shoe.

A shoe?

Could be in the kitchen. Could be in the backyard.

It's missing. I checked, and it wasn't in the items that they got from the motel room when I was arrested.

And why would it be here?

I was trying to figure out why my ankle was so bruised.

Now I'm thinking it got banged when Dexter dragged me out, when my shoe was knocked off.

Good night, Paul.


Screw you.

What did I just do?

I drove away a brother who accepts me, sees me, for an adopted sister who'd reject me if she knew and a foster father who betrayed me.

That's what it was -- A betrayal.

The most important single fact about me --

I'm not alone -- and Harry kept it from me.

What do I really owe him after that?

Mr. Morgan?

Mr. Morgan?

That's me.

Your sister has a few bruises, but no major injuries.

Still, you should keep an eye on her.

I'll write a prescription for a mild sedative.

But she's okay, right?

She can go home with you tonight, far as I'm concerned, or we can keep her here at the hospital -- it's your choice.

Don't worry. The sheets are clean.

We aim to please here at "Chez Dex".

I'll be sleeping on the couch with a spring in my side just to make sure you're safe tonight, but...

We're gonna have to talk tomorrow about a long-term plan, after you get a good night's sleep.


Good night, sister.

I stopped by your prosthetics lab after I left Deb at the hospital.

Your work's so good, you even fooled yourself.

Sweet dreams, Bynie.


You weren't supposed to wake up.

I guess not.


Police recorded all your knives as evidence.

Took a while to find your dinner flatware.


I keep it for special occasions.

Which you are.

I can give you more tranquilizer if you want.

It's a service I don't usually offer.

What am I -- One of your victims now?

You going to collect a little sample of Bynie's blood for your slide collection?

No, you're not a trophy...

...but you need to be put down.


Because of your code?

The safety of my sister.

She's not your real sister.

She's a stranger to you, and she'll always be one.

I tried to help you by killing her.

I know that!

You should know this isn't easy for me.

You've done more to deserve my knife than anyone.

You're the only one I ever wanted to set free.

You're the one that needs setting free, little brother.

Your life is a lie.

You'll never be what you --


I can't hear any more... 'cause you're right.

How did you know he was here?

A neighbor saw the door open.

We got his fingerprints on the knife, a note on the fridge, and a single incised wound to the neck.

Slight upward angle.

Even a stigmata of hesitation in the stroke.

Looks like a clear suicide.

He does himself the same way he did the hookers.



Look at him

-- He's dead.

The ice-truck killer always flaunted his kills like he was untouchable.

By taking his own life, he's preventing us from ever catching him.

I don't care why he did it.

I'm just glad he did.

Decaf mochaccino, nonfat, no whip -- your favorite.

I got your message.

How's Debra?

She has all her limbs.

Thank God she's alive.

That poor thing must be a mess --

Falling for a serial killer.

What are the odds?

What about you?

What about me?

Are you all right?

Oh, yeah.


I've been through a lot lately.

I could use a little more time with you -- and the kids.

We could, too.

I'm sorry I've been so --

Next time, could you just let me know what's going on?

I mean, when you didn't return my calls, I -- started to get a little paranoid.

I can be better about that.


Who knows?

You might even find I can handle the truth.

I wish that was the case.

The reality is, there's nobody left alive who can handle my truth.

Doakes always sensed I was hiding something.

Now he knows.

My devil danced with his demon, and the fiddler's tune is far from over.

Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like for everything inside me that's denied and unknown to be revealed.

But I'll never know.

I live my life in hiding.

My survival depends on it.

Dearly damaged Debra --

She's here to face what's left of the monster, spit on his carcass, mourn him.

She's in hiding now, too.

Harry's daughter will be damned if she lets anyone see what she's suffering inside.

That's her tragedy.

My tragedy is that I killed the one person I didn't have to hide from.

And I'm the only one who mourns him.

Everyone else would probably thank me if they knew I was the one who drained him of his life.

Good job in there, Dex. You sliced him up good.

In fact, deep down, I'm sure they'd appreciate a lot of my work.

Way to take out the trash. Thanks, buddy.

All right, Dexter, protecting our children!

This is what it must feel like to walk in full sunlight, my darkness revealed, my shadow self embraced.

Yeah, they see me.

I'm one of them... in their darkest dreams.