02x12 - The British Invasion

Previously on Dexter...

I was working on my piece with the blowtorch and it caught fire. I was so scared.

We could always get in the car and pass the time like we used to.

You're giving Doakes to the press? He is not your man!

Your credibility was compromised when you failed to report a call from the subject of a goddamn FBI manhunt.

Who joined who in the shower earlier?

What if I set the alarm 10 min earlier in the future? "Future", I like the sound of that.

A woman named Lila Tournay has filled sexual assault charges against him.

The f*cking bitch!

I could lose everything over this.

Why can't you just let me go?

Because I'm your real soulmate.

Not Rita.

Jesus Christ, you're the Bay Harbor Butcher.

I really hate that name.

What's it gonna be, Morgan? Kill me now or set me free.

Don't worry, I'll send the FBI soon enough.

You're still gonna try to frame me?

- Mission accomplished.

One more nail in Doakes' coffin.

We got him.

So you have a tip, not Doakes.

Parc manager said our target was heading into the Everglades. We will have the son of a bitch in the handcuffs in 24 hours.

Do not ever go to Rita's house again.

Stay away from Rita.

Stay away from me.

Whether you leave on your own or Immigration hauls your sorry ass away, I don't give a sh1t.

But I don't want you to f*ck with the people I care about 1 more day.

Previous destinations.

They found Doakes' rental car.

Did they find him?

Not yet, but the search grid is closing in.

Who's out there? Anybody out there?

You have arrived at your destination.

Somebody in there?

Hello, who's out there?

I need some help!

Just open the door!

I'm being held captive.

Leave the mess for once. Walk away from the mess.

I can't do that.

We need you.

Lundy's mobilizing every agency in 5 counties. We're closing in.

You've a rental car, not Doakes.

God, come on!

I'm only helpful if there's blood.

Maybe we'll shoot him.

You'll need a paramedic, not me.

Are you afraid to face Doakes?

Yes. Of course I'm afraid to face him.

And I have dishes to do.

OK. I'll let you know when it's over.

It's Doakes. You hate the guy.

I used to. I can't even afford to think of him as a person anymore.

Would you get going?

I tried.

If they find Doakes locked inside a cage, it'll seriously undermine my frame job.

I need to beat them to that cabin.

Waiting in the Everglades are hordes of county sheriffs, search parties and ravenous reptiles.

And at this corner wearing dark trunks, the mighty Dexter.

Drive much?

I need a miracle.

There's a switch... right behind you on the wall.

Damn, it's good to see another face.

I never thought I would.

I'm sergeant James Doakes, Miami Metro Homicide.

Who put you in there?

A f*cking psycho.

He could be back any minute.

Grab that key right behind you on the wall.

Who is he?

His name is Dexter Morgan.

I need you to open this gate.

Why would he put you in there?

Because I find out he's the Bay Harbord Butcher!

Please, just open this f*cking gate!

He's the Butcher?

That's I'm trying to tell you.

What's in there?

Exactly what you think it is.

It's evidence.

And I saw what happened.

I really need to get out of this cage, lady.

Poor thing, all alone.

I'm okay. Just open the gate.

Not you.

Hiding such an enormous secret.

What a burden that's got to be. No wonder he is so shut down.

What are you, his accomplice?

I'm his soulmate.

You can't leave me in here like this. You'll be an accessory.

I'm not gonna leave you.

Not like that.

What the f*ck are you doing?

What the f*ck are you doing?

No! Do you understand this is murder?

Open this sucking door! This is a f*cking murder!

Hey. Dexter Morgan, Miami Metro P.D. Forensics.

I'm here to join the search for the Bay Harbor Butcher.

The search is on hold right now until they sort out the confusion.

Confusion, huh?

Yeah, it's a real mess.

Take right at the fork. Park outside the line of fire trucks.

Confusion requires fire trucks?

When something beyond reason happens, it turns skeptics into believers.

Believers in a higher power.

But what kind of power did this?

You were f*cking fast! I just got here and took a helicopter with Lundy.

I broke a lot of speed limits.

After you left, I realized you were right.

I didn't want to miss the action.

What happened?

They think a propane tank exploded.


Do I look like a f*cking fire chief?

Did they find a body?

Just bits and pieces so far.

Was it spontaneous combustion?

Divine intervention?

If you believe that God makes miracle, you have to wonder if Satan has a few up his sleeve.

But when you don't believe in anything, who do you thank at a time like this?

We got a floater.

He got left off.


Gaping areas of... putrefied tissue.

Extensive fourth degree burns.

Big ass f*cking explosion.

What else can you give us?

These linear lines around his eyes are unburned.

He was squinting.

Alive when it happened.

What else?

Teeth are intact. Dental records should give us a positive ID.

Goddammit, Masuka. Is it Doakes?


African-American. About the right length of torso.

Heavily muscled.

I think it's him.

These are the same kind of tools that scuba diving class found.

He'd need them to make cuts that clean.

Those come from the suspect?

No, they belong to a second body.

And whoever he was, he was dead and dismembered before the explosion.

This is where the Butcher did his dirty work.

It's a perfect location for a kill room.

Doesn't get anymore remote than this.

No, it couldn't.

This is good news, gentlemen.

And lady.

Right. All right, we keep the search on until we get a firm ID on that body in the water.

You agree?

The evidence is compelling.

Overwhelming, actually.

I guess we got our man.

sh1t, LaGuerta's here.

I woudn't if I were you.

Is it James?

They don't know yet.

Apparently, miracles are subjective.

I can't exactly feel LaGuerta's pain, but I can appreciate it.

Doakes wasn't so bad in the end.

But the truly tragic thing would be to let his sacrifice go to waste.

There's only one way I can think of to honor him.

I have to embrace my freedom.


What a concept.

I can't believe I actually contemplated turning myself in.

This is so much better than a prison cell.

I can squeeze fresh orange juice.

Savour a fine French roast.

Grab a morning work out.

OK, working out, I could have done in prison, but still.

I'm free.


Hope I didn't scare you.

What are you doing out there?

I figured the kids were still sleeping, I didn't want to ring the bell.

Why are you here?

I figured the kids were still asleep...

I like when you sneak unexpected.

Yeah, I wound up with some unexpected time on my hands.

Like twenty years to life.

I don't know if this is a good idea.

I was just getting used to you from a distance.

I don't know, you've been like a mirage.

I've been right here.

You're the one that run away.

Yeah, I did.

I kinda forgot who I was.

I got it straight now.

Keep it straight.

Or I won't be here next time.

I know that.


It's the s*x police.

How come you're still in bed?

I overslept.

Will you make us pancakes, please?

What's under here?

Are you guys back together?

I guess we are.


Under. Over.


Maybe I should do it myself.

No, I wanna do it.

We're gonna be late.

So what? Case is closing.

We still need confirmation on Doakes's body.

And if it's him?

Then, it's over.

The case, not us, right?

We still have the wrap-up to do: cataloguing, confirming, filing, more filing...

So we've got time?


Time enough for a vacation?

Now you're talking.

Toes in the sand, tequila.

Little tiny bikini.

How about a parka?

A what?

I've had my feel of heat.

No more heat. You'd look great in a parka.

Ever heard of Lake Ipperwash?

Can't say that I have.

Wonderful ice fishing. Very romantic.

Fine. OK.

Let's just go.

Morning, Dex.


I'm not really feeling like donuts today. Know what I mean?

Oh, right.


Hey, are you free?

Vince, you have no idea.

Good. I got a dozen boxes of burned up sh1t from the cabin that need cataloguing.

I was looking more closely at the date of James' Special Forces missions, and...

We have a positive ID on the body.

There may be an additional date which puts him out of the country...

The burned victim is Sgt Doakes.

Dental records confirmed it.

And the other body?

Jose Garza, a murder fugitive who's been living under the alias Chris Harlow.

The body was dismembered.

Consistant with our other victims.

Deputy director Adams is closing the case.

I see.

All the evidence points to James Doakes as the Bay Harbor Butcher.


I wanted you to hear it from me 1st.

Thank you.

I am truly sorry.

Don't know why they keep hauling crap from the cabin in here.

We already know what we need to know.

Doakes was a suicidal maniac.

The term is homicidal maniac.

Not that I'm judging.

Whatever. He blew himself up. That's what I'm saying.

I heard somebody saying it was a propane accident.


Doakes accidentally turned on the propane valve, and then the stove.

The stove was on?

It was in the official fire investigators' report this morning.

I mean...

I guess it could be that Doakes didn't realize fire and gas are a bad combo.

But my money's on suicide.

A bad ass like Doakes would rather burn than get burned.

It's a good line for my movie.

I better write it down.

You're writing a movie about Doakes?

Maybe or not.

He'd rather burn than get burned...

I checked and didn't see any GPS device in the minivan, Dexter.

Did you check the glove box? It's grey, rectangular,

the size of a paperback book.

It wasn't there.

I even looked under the seats. You think it was stolen?


Thanks, Rita. I'll see you tonight.

If someone stole my GPS, it would've lead 'em straight to Doakes.

Who do I know with a nasty habit of stealing?

My miracle worker.

It looks peaceful in there.

Doesn't it?

I'm glad you called.

I was afraid maybe you'd left town.

Seems I found a good reason to stay.

Like what?

A new victim?

You mean you?

That's why you asked me to the aquarium?

A public place. You thought I was gonna...

That I would slit my needle into your neck?

Is that how you do it?

It's one of the ways.

You're afraid of me now, aren't you?

Always been afraid of you, Dexter.


From the 1st time I saw you, I could see how hopelessly consumed you were by your need.

You lied to me.

All that time as my sponsor.

You said all you wanted was to help me control my addiction.

Would you control it?

That's not what you really wanted.

Was it?

What do you think I wanted?

To know what it's like to feel something... that deeply.

Anything. That's why you hang up in recovery groups.

You're emotionally color-blind.

You use the right words, you pantomime the right behavior, but feelings never come to pass.

It's not true.

It is, Lila.

You know the dictionary definition of emotions, Longing, joy, sorrow...

You have no idea of what any of those things actually feel like.

You're wrong, I have feelings for you.

You wanna have feelings for me, they're just impulses.


They're primitive responses to immediate needs. You know all the words but you can't hear the music.

Don't do this here.

I'm just like you.

I was down to my last hope.

So was I.

When he told me who you are, I thought that was a secret worth protecting.

Most stuff in my mind.

I wish you could have seen it.

The explosion was... brilliant.

I'm more like my father than I've ever imagined.

I created a monster of my own.

Told you.

We're meant to be together.

Lila, I'm sorry I pushed you away.

I know how frightening it must have been for you.

Me scratching to get in.

But it's okay.

I'm in now.

And I'm not going anywhere.

I am.

And with Doakes gone, I'm starting to think it's too dangerous for me here.

I need to move on, to disappear, I've already said my goodbyes.

Let me come with you.

I was hoping you'd say that.

How long would it take you to get ready?

To close my accounts...

Shut up my business...

Tomorrow afternoon.

Go home and pack. I'll call you tomorrow.

I can't wait to go away with you.

I can't wait.

You're going away with me all right.

In a garbage bag.

But it went all right?

Sure, for an internal affairs investigation.

I spent 2 hours saying "No!" "I did not rape Lila Tournay. "She's bad sh1t, nuts, wacko". I started to run out of adjectives.

I've got a few you can use.

The good news is the department is dying to drop the charge.

They're dodging enough bullets with this whole Doakes thing.


When they find out your so-called victim fled Miami, you'll be reinstated.

Lila went away?

She f*cking better.

Last night, I told her to haul her ass out of town before she's deported.

You did that for me?

Of course. For you and for Dex.

You 2 window lickers needed somebody to snap you out of it.

It's good to know somebody's pulling for you when you're down.

Okay, I get the point.

Are you sure Lila got the message?

Yeah, totally.

I made it pretty clear.

Excuse me. Donations can be made directly to me.


For sergeant Doakes' memorial service.

You got to be kidding.

That's what we do for a fellow officer.

Thanks again, Morgan.


Excuse me, lieutenant. I... was wondering...

Checks payable to cash.

Actually, I wanted to offer my support. some sympathy or... whatever. If you wanna talk...

Thank you, Morgan. I can manage.

I'm not so sure...

You're collecting money to honor a killer.

I'm not honoring the Butcher. I'm honoring James Doakes.

Respectfully, Maria, that's denial.

So it is.

You're choosing to be in denial?

Conscious denial.

But the case is closed. I won't pursue it.

But I knew James.

I knew him.

As a partner and as a friend.

And I have to keep on believing that is who he was, because...

If he could hide all that over f*cked up sh1t, then I don't think I could ever...

Trust anyone again.

That's right.

Or yourself?

I'll leave a check in your office.

It's strange to have a creation out there.

A deeply mutated version of yourself, running loose and screwing everything up.

I wonder if this is how parents feel.

What the f*ck?

What're you doing here?

I came to make sure Lila left town.

Me too.

And if she was still here you're gonna what? Wrestle her? Jesus!

What have we here?

The door was open.

I just stepped out to buy some snacks for the road trip.

Come to say goodbye.

We came to see that you cleared out.

Now we see you're on your way, we're good to go.

Have a nice f*cking life.

You're not coming with me, then.

My God!

What did you do to make her so pathetically crazy for you?

Does your dick dance?

I better be on my way, then.

I think that's my bag. I left it last time I was here.

I'm pretty sure it's mine.

I can open it up, so you can check for yourself.

No, it's my mistake.

Goodbye, then.

Have a nice flight.

Don't forget your broom.

Hello, this is Lila. Leave your name and number. I'll ring you back asap.

Lila, where are you? I'm ready to hit the road.

Hope you're not mad about that thing with Deb. Had to lie.

I don't want her to know we're running off together.

Call me right away. I miss you.


What're we doing home in the middle of the day? She asked, hoping for s*x.

You're packing already!

Good thing I got my touque.

Lake Ipperwash or bust.

Slow down.

Wait! I got a parka.

Do you know how hard it is to find a parka in Miami?

When do we leave?

Not "we". Me.

I just got a call from D.C.

A pattern of bodies was identified in Oregon.

My flight leaves tonight, at 7:00.

You gotta be f*cking kidding me.

I wish I were.

But it's too soon. I mean...

If you're leaving, we gotta work out logistics.


Yeah. We got a lot a sh1t to figure out.

Weekend visits and red eye flights and frequent flyer plans.

Let me get my calendar.

Do you honestly want to go down this path?

You're right. I don't. Long distance relationships never work out.

Not even in the movies.

f*ck it!

What're you doing?


Taking in a leave of absence.

You're not thinking this through.

What's to think about? I'm going with you.

It's just a job.

It's more than that to you.

Okay, I love my job.

But not as much as I love... being kin with you.

Just... do me a favor.

Take the afternoon and think about this.


You do me a favor and buy me a goddam ticket on your flight.

I'm going home to pack and I'll see you at the airport.

That was delicious.

What did you like better, the nature stew or the mud pudding?

I want worms on toast. Can we have worms on toast for a snack?

Go wash up asap.

No running in the house, please!

Yeah, real mature!

Captain, you called for me?

Hey, Dexter.

I received a phone call from a woman saying she's a friend of yours.


She wouldn't give her name, but claims to have vital information on the Butcher.

Any idea who she might be?

English accent?

That's her.

I think... she might have a personal issue with me.

It's the same woman that tried to railroad Batista. Avoid her.

Not a chance.

Now this case is closing, I can't afford any loose ends.

She said she was coming in?

Within the hour.

And she mentionned my name?


Stick around. We'll sort this thing out together.

If Lila plans to turn me in, why drop my name to the captain and give me a chance to intercept her?

It doesn't make sense.

Unless she wants me here so she can hurt me some other way.



Where're the kids?

I can't remember.

I got your message. What's going on?

The kids are missing.

Sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep.

We have to call the police.

Call Deb. She'll have the entire force looking for them.

See if any neighbor saw anything. I'll drive around the area.

I promise we'll find them.

We're going to terminal 7, Miami International.


It's Rita.

I'm getting in a cab.

Cody and Astor are missing.

You called the police?

Dex said to call you.

Sit by the phone, I'll take it from here.

All right.

Could you wait?

You don't wanna go to the airport?

Of course I do.

I just said "wait".

For Christ sake, make up you mind.


Why do I have to make up my mind?



Hi, Dexter.

Hi, Dexter.

Hey, Dex.

Hey, guys. Having fun?

Super fun. Lila's so nice.

Where is Lila?

I'm over here.

Could've had it all, Dexter.

Stay on the bed. Don't move!

Look away, both of you.

Astor, you first. You're gonna help your brother.

Go! Run! Find help!

Come on!

I can't fit.


What do you remember from before?

Before we took you in.



Because what happened was too strong.

Son, it got into you too early.

And it's gonna stay there. It's gonna make you wanna kill.

And you won't be able to stop it.

So I'm gonna be like this forever.

You gonna be okay. I got you.

I'm so sorry about all of this.

It's over now.

They're safe. You're safe.

It's all that matters.

You two.

Secure a perimeter and have the fire chief come to see me.

Put out an APB on Lila West, aka Lila Tournay, suspected arsonist.

5'7", black hair, pale like a f*cking corpse.

f*cking corpse, got it.

You're wasting your time. She's not coming back. Not after this.

Yeah, I wouldn't bet on it.

She won't.

She's a survivalist.

How'd you know the kids were here?

A neighbor saw them walking with a strange woman. Wasn't much of a leap.

Lila's gone after everyone that's close to you.


Pretty impressive. Not too long ago, I was taking care of you.

I like it better this way.

I can see that.

Why's this man not on the way to the hospital?

I'm fine.

No, your eyebrows are singed.

How can you be so relaxed?

I'm good at compartmentalization.

You're a little weird, Dex.

That's not gonna change. I'm gonna be this way forever.

I can live with that.

Just smarten up, OK?

I passed through the flames and rose from the ashes.


I've never put much weight onto the idea of a higher power.

But if I didn't know better, I'd have to believe that some force out there wants me to keep doing what I'm doing.

You wanted to be close to me. This is the most I have to offer.

I cannot feel my...

My legs and my body.

Good. I chose a spinal epidural instead of a tranquilizer.

I've got a plane to catch. And you don't need to feel this.

You killed an innocent man.

I did it for you.

You tried to kill the kids for me, too?

Don't do this.

You told me to accept what I am.

And to trust in the one thing I know with absolute clarity.

Thank you.

Not long ago I had a dream that people could see me for what I am.

For a brief instant in time, the world actually saw my bodies of work.

Some even cheered.

But as it turns out, nobody mourns the wicked.

Sorry, James.

I think Harry knew that from the start. That's why he gave me a code.

It cost him his life, but it kept me alive through incredible trials.

The code is mine now, and mine alone.

So too are the relationships I cultivate.

They're not just disguises anymore.

I need them.

Even if they make me vulnerable.

My father might not approve, but I'm no longer his disciple.

I'm a master now.

An idea transcended into life.

And so this is my new path.

Which is a lot like the old one.

Only mine.

To stay on that path, I need to work harder.

Explore new rituals, evolve.

Am I evil?

Am I good?

I'm done asking those questions.

I don't have the answers.

Does anyone?