02x01 - It's Alive

Blood. Sometimes, it sets my teeth on edge.

Other times, it helps me control the chaos.

Last season on Dexter...

Tonight's the night and it's going to happen again, and again.

Open your eyes and look... at what you did!

Please, you have to understand.

Trust me, I definitely understand.

Children, I could never do that, not like you.


I have standards.

You better be a cop.

No, forensics.

They found another hooker.


That's the 3rd one in five months.

There's no blood near the body at all.

It's the weirdest thing you ever saw.

I've never seen such clean dry neat looking, dead flesh.

How does the killer get rid of the blood?

I think this is a friendly message.

Kind of like: "Hey, wanna play?"

And yes, I wanna play.

I really, really do.

What's this sick son of a bitch trying to tell us?

Not us, me.

Interesting hand job.

You think this is our guy's work?

The Ice Truck Killer.

This feels familiar.

When he broke into my apartment, he took some time to get to know me.

My life, my secrets... he knows.

He's not corrupting the happy Hallmark images of my youth.

He's revealing the ugly truth behind them.

Son, there are people out there who do really bad things.

But of course, you have to learn how to spot them, but I can teach you.

The code of Harry, my foster father, is satisfied.

So how the hell was your date with Rita last night?


She's perfect because Rita is, in her own way, as damaged as me.

I want... a normal life.

Yeah, a normal life.

The killer is an artist.

You give me the f*cking creeps, you know that?

Yeah, I know. Sorry about that.

Why in a building full of cops, is Doakes, the only one who gets the creeps from me?

I want you and Rita to meet my boyfriend.

Dex, Rudy's different.

I feel safe with him. I think... I'm falling for him.

I waited a long time to meet you.

Dad's coming home?

If their dad shows up, we'll deal with it together.

Paul Bennett, father on parole.

Are you f*cking my wife?

My heart beats for those two kids, so if you or that skinny bitch try to screw with what's mine, I swear to God, I don't care who I have to hurt...

Let's face it, Paul, you've been a problem.

It's time for you to go away.

He smacked me over the head,

dragged me out of the house probably through the backyard.

All I want is for you to look for a shoe.

It's missing, I'm telling you.

Dexter is not who you think he is.

Do I have the pleasure of your company this weekend?

We've had a major break in the Ice Truck Killer case.

Debra Morgan... will you marry me?

Yes, yes!

Where's my sister?

Took her code 12.

Left about an hour ago.

How did you not know who I was?

I think a real cop would... at least have a sense that she was in the presence of the person she was... hunting.

Where the f*ck are you? I'm here at work, and you're not. I need to talk to you.

Do not see Rudy until you find me.

You're connected to this. I don't know how, but I'm gonna find out, and some of what I find is gonna stick to your ass.

I was hoping you could dig up an old case file for me.

Well, sure thing.

It's the crime scene where Harry found me.

This is what he wanted me to find all along.

He's showing me where to go.

Laura Moser and three others found chopped up with a chain saw.

What is in that report that Harry didn't want me to see?

What he saw in that cargo container changed him.

You were left there for days, starving,

in blood 2 inches thick.

You remember now?

I have a brother.

A real brother.

I didn't even know you existed.

Imagine how I felt when I tracked you down and found out you were exactly like me.

You can't be a killer and a hero.

It doesn't work that way!

Why me, Dex? Why'd he choose me?

You're just lucky, I guess.

I was so scared.

What am I, one of your victims now?

No, you're not a trophy... but you need to be put down.


I drove away a brother who accepts me, for a foster father who betrayed me.

I'm not alone and Harry kept it from me.

Doakes always sensed I was hiding something.

Now, he knows.

My devil danced with his demon, and the fiddler's tune is far from over.


Tonight's the night... and it's going to happen again, and again.

Has to happen.

It's not what I want, for what I want doesn't matter.

This is the only way I know how to survive.

I'm coiled and ready to strike.

Although a spare will do.

Nice. Nice warmer ball.

Now, you can get that. Remember.

Loose arm swing.

Loose. Got it.

Yeah, and keep your mind limber.

I'm doing mental Jumping Jacks.

Don't forget.

Oki, doki.

I'm on edge.

Thirty eight days, sixteen hours, and... twelve minutes have passed since I killed my brother.

In that entire time, I haven't had a single night to myself.

Sergeant Doakes makes sure of that.

He follows me everywhere now.

My human bloodhound incited by the scent of darkness.

My best hope of losing him is to act relentlessly normal.

Dull. So I bowl.

What's really disturbing is that I'm good at it.

Holes, Dex.

You pictured it, didn't you?

Hey, striker!

We need you locked down, tonight, huh?

We're playing the Alley Cats.

I'm a little tense, Angel.

But I'll try my best not to let the team down.

Try, peso, try.

You gotta think positive, bro.

Cause what we think creates the world around us.

It's all about energy and interconnectedness.

I mean, you gotta think positive.

Angel lost someone too.

When his wife left him.

Now, he's going toward the light, searching for answers.

He found one, on an Oprah rerun.

I wish it were that easy for me.

And we just got to direct it to manifest what we want.


Dude, just bowl a strike so we can go have some fun at the strip clubs.

I want to see a real 7-10 split.

I wish I could have fun.

With Doakes tailing me, my life's been all Jekyll and no Hyde.

No moon-lit play dates, no late night social calls.

Not one.

My brother would be so disappointed.

Don't forget: tell the universe what you need.

I really need... to kill somebody.

Did you even take my advice?

I'm telling you. The universe can be very generous.

It certainly can.

For weeks, I've known who was next.

Who belonged to me.

I just needed Doakes to take a night off.

What do you need?

I need to... curse someone.

What kind of curse?

Death curse.

We don't do that kind of thing here.

You can go down to Little Haiti.

Find all the Hoodoo Voodoo you need there.

You are Jimmy Senseo, high priest, right?

The man with God in his mouth.

I'm not a tourist.

I need a Petro curse and I heard you were the best.

Thank you, for your offering.


A blind man.

Not very sporting, I know.

But I'm not one to discriminate based on race, gender or disability.

What... is... happening?

The only pertinent question is: what happened to your victims.

What are you doing? What do you want?

I can see how this might be confusing for you, Jimmy, but my favorite part's kinda ruined here.

This is where I normally show you the innocent people you killed.

I brought them along, anyway. That's part of my death ritual.

Since you're blind, I'll just remind you.

Emmanuel Azua.

Jean-Philippe Peguero.

Nono Baptiste.

I didn't kill them.

I cast them.

And then a remarkable coincidence, they each die of respiratory failure with fluid in their lungs.

I guess murder is one way to make your curses come true.

Good for business.

What? What was that?

Just the next part of the ritual.

How did you administrate the ricin poison to your victims?

I am the one with the power in these hands.

That's not entirely accurate.

Those who believe in me shall be free.

Knock it off!

How do you poison them?

Not me.

Madulli, The Petro spirit told me, put the powder, in the aguardiente bottles that they buy from me.

And I did it.

Thank you, Jimmy.

My ritual's almost complete.

Madulli curses you!


I'm afraid Madulli's a little late to the party on that one.

Appreciate your helping me out tonight, Jimmy.

I've been waiting a long time for this.

I really needed it.

What the f*ck?

Let that be a lesson to you.

I've always enjoyed my work.

It brings order to the chaos, fills me with civic pride.

But what was that back there?

Not voodoo.

When I picked up the knife, it's like I didn't know who I was.

I come here to dump bodies, not beer bottles.

Now, I'm just a little bug.

What are doing working out in the middle of the night?

I couldn't sleep.

Tomorrow's your big day.

Where the f*ck were you? I was worried about you.


Kinda late for bowling.

Kinda not looking for your opinion.

You said you cleaned the place today.

I did. It got messed up again.

I'll suppose you were looking at apartment rental ads while you were on the treadmill.

If you want me out of here, just...

I don't.

I just had a bad... bowling night.

What I meant was, whenever you're ready to be on your own, I'll help you with the transition, that's all.

Thanks, Dex.

Thanks for putting up with me.

You're all I got.

It's not such a great bargain for you, huh?

I'm not complaining.


It's your turn on the couch.

Could you at least pick up your...

Debra can't sleep in an empty house anymore.

In fact, she can't sleep much at all.

I guess that's what happens when your fiancé

tries to slice you up into small bloodless pieces.


Did you see that?

Nice shooting, Dex. We need to talk.

Those boars won't stand a chance.

Hope one charges me.

No, you don't.

That thing got massive stopping power.

Slow down.

I got bad news.

They need me to take a shift at work.

Right now?

What about the boar hunt?

We'll plan another trip.

I waited two weeks for this trip.

You can wait another one.

No, I can't!

If you read the books, you know that psychopaths like me have a low tolerance for frustration.

Dexter, enough... with the psychopath bullshit.

You're in control of your urges, not the other way around.

You don't understand, dad, I need this.

It's not just a sport to me.

I'm sorry, son, I have responsibilities at work.

Now, come on.

I'll drop you off at home. Give me the gun.

There's cheese in that donut?

Oh, that's a Danish.

Look, they forgot the frosting on this one.

Some people like donuts, plain, no frosting.

I can't even get donuts right. What's going on here?

Sorry guys, I was in a hurry, I just ordered a dozen pastry-buffs, like you two deserve better than this.

Thanks, Dexter.

We're gonna go visit my dad in jail today. Wanna come?

Afraid I gotta work, buddy.

Thanks for getting here so fast.

What's the emergency?

Hip-Hop Harry is on.

We're good for fifteen minutes.

I know we're supposed to have dinner tonight, but I just had this urge.

I'm all for satisfying urges.

I just wish I knew why I couldn't satisfy mine, last night.

Is everything okay?

It will be. Just keep going.

Any minute, now...


No, it's my fault, I shouldn't be springing this on you.

No, I'm just feeling... a little pressure at work.

I'll be okay.

I follow the code. The stalk was good.

I'm just a little rusty since killing my brother.

Or maybe I took pity on my victim.

I mean, sure, he's a heinous killer, but he also bumps into walls.

Hey, Sergeant.

Thank for supporting the bowling team.

f*ck you!

Where's my blood report on the Maynard victim?

So what's that? A titty site?

Caught me.


What the hell were you really doing in here?

The tits are right there.

But in ten years, you've never rented a single p0rn title.

How would you know?

Call me an office crazy, but your humbling interest in my personal life could be misinterpreted as harassment in some circles.

So, report me.

I could think of easier solutions.

Nice tits.

James, you got any misdemeanor A-form?

Filed in the filing cabinet.

Can anybody tell me where the goddamn misdemeanor A-forms are kept?

I've got some right here, Lieutenant.

OK, alright, move along.

Nothing to see here, just another f*cking day at work.

Welcome back, Morgan.



A tour boat guide called in a body down at the Breakwater.

I want you to take Doakes and a support team. And take Morgan.

I want to get her back out on the field today.

She's not ready. Shouldn't even be here.

What's it been, five weeks, six?

Appreciate your concern, but according to her psych evaluation, she's ready to get back out onto the field.

You just gotta look her in the eyes to know she's not right.

You put her onto the field, she could melt down, freak out.

She hugged me.

Alright, you partner with her today so you can keep an eye on her.

That's... not a request.

Put Doakes with Batista.


I know that it's difficult for you to take orders when you feel that you should be giving them.

And I really appreciate your professionalism.

Thanks. Thank you.

You don't like roses?


Let me know what you find out about that body.

Okay, guys, listen up.

Heard your sister's back on the job already.

Is she in any kind of shape?

Well, you know Deb, nothing gets her down.

No, I mean, did she pack on any pounds while she was gone, cause last time I saw her, she was tight.

We got multiple chop wounds, pretty much head to toe.

Alright, you call it. Heads or tails?


Hey, I didn't flip yet.

You said "call it".

Damn, I always get the ass end.

Here you go, Sergeant.


I got sharp force trauma here.

Heavy impact, parallel wounds.

Maybe an axe.

No, the defense wounds on the forearms are long and linear.

I can make out bevelled margins. A machete did this.

The machetes are weapons of choice of the 29th St. Kings.

The victim was in the gang judging from that tattoo.

We think the body was carried from a nearby location.

I found a real good blood trail coming down from the road.


Just make sure we check the dock's lifts for criminal records.

It's possible this victim was killed by one of these boat owners out here.

Or maybe it was just an easy-access spot to dump a corpse at night.

No light poles, and the freeway exit ramp is just a block away.

He's got a point.

Yo, Dex.

You're supposed to preserve the crime scene, asshole.

What's the matter with you today?

Just a little off my game. I'll get it back.

What time did you find the body?

Seven o'clock.

I start prepping the Banana Boat every morning at seven o'clock for Miami Banana Tour.

Banana Tour?

It's a Calypso journey through Miami's inner harbor.

And you should try it.

I'll think about it.

Ain't that the Ice Truck Killer's babe?

She was in the paper. She's f*cking hot!

Did you see anyone else out here?

No, not this morning.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'd have given him a brochure.

Hey, Mrs. Ice Truck Killer!

Oh, God. Hang on, hang on.

Just turn around, look scared for the camera.

Well, if you think of anything else, you have our numbers.

And you have mine. Can I pass these on now?

Knock yourself out.

Thank you.

Just look over here, look scared for the camera.

Thank you.

What, you need help with something?


Where is Rafael?


Grab her!

Somebody stop her!

Goddamnit, Morgan, grab her!

Can we please secure this motherfucking crime scene?

What did she say?

That's her son.

She says she knows who killed him.

Some guy named Little Chino.

Felt like she was asking me something.

She was.

She wants you to find Little Chino and kill him like a dog.

That look...

I know that look.

Like her mother, she wants someone to do something.

And next stop on Matchie the matchbook's magical journey down the rainbow path is... the dreaded chocolate swamp.

Why is it dreaded? I love chocolate.

Because the chocolate swamp... is the home of a goopey gooey nightmare named Glappy who turns children to Fudgsicles and eats them...

What does Matchie do?

Well, luckily, Glappy was sleeping, so Matchie goes straight to Candy Castle where he becomes King Candy, who can turn everyone into sweets with a wave of his royal gum ball staff.

Cool story, dad.

But next time, can we play the actual game?

First chance I get, I'll talk to the warden about finding some of those missing game pieces, okay?

Gotta go, kids.

Alright, say goodbye to your father.

Jump, jump!

What's wrong with your lip?

Well, I was biting it, cause I was excited to see you.

So come back real soon, okay?

Rita, one minute?

Go wait by the door.

I need your help, my lawyer's gonna file my appeal tomorrow.

But I don't stand a chance without that shoe.

There's no shoe. How many times I have to tell you that?

Anything, any evidence to support the fact that I was set up.

You mean that Dexter set you up.

Somebody set me up.

Rita, I'm not doing real good in here, okay?

It's a federal prison.

Hardcore. I don't belong here.

Will you help me?

I need to go. See you in a couple of weeks.

Will you please take Eva's statement?

Set up her daughter Marissa with some crayons.

Sure thing.

That girl's gonna need more than crayons to make her world right.

Killing Little Chino could restore my world too, but only if he satisfies Harry's code.

I see you've been benched?

LaGuerta is just jealous the Ice Truck Killer f*cked me instead of her.

You chipper.

I'm just happy to be back on the job.

What do you want?

I'm just working on my blood report from the crime scene today, I wondered what you found on the suspect.

Cocksucker's guilty as they come.

He's an inforcer for the 29th St. Kings, East Side gang, intensely violent.

He's been linked to 9 murders in the last five years.

So far, so good.

I just hope he's not blind.

Has he ever been tried?


But the witnesses in each case were murdered.

We think by Chino himself.

Now, people are just too afraid to come forward.

Come on, Chino! Right this way.

f*cking beef bus!


I'm okay, Dex.

I've told you never put your finger on the trigger unless you're shooting!

Are you okay?

Jesus! That was close!

My heart's beating out of my chest!

Let me feel!

Feel what?

Your heart!

That's amazing!

A challenge.

A mountain to climb.

I need this one.

Little Chino came to me front door.

He ask for me son Rafael.

Rafael did not want to go with Little Chino.

But he was afraid not to.

What was he going to do?

My brother was living in Georgia.

Rafael was going to leave me with him.

That's why he kill him...

I know...

*never ** leave this!*


Are you willing to testify that Little Chino picked up your son on the night of his death?

Come on, don't back down now.

I want him to pay.

Got him!

Oh, that's discouraging...

With a grieving mother as a witness, Little Chino will never reach my cutting courtroom.

Hey, Morgan.

You wanna see something swell?

Come a little closer.

And the token has spoken. Good to see you too, Vince.

I heard we captured Big Foot?

Behold! The 8th wonder of the world.

Am I speaking clearly?

Then, answer my f*cking question, Chino!

What time did you pick up Rafael, last night?

Last night?

I didn't see Rafael last night.

OK. So, why would Rafael's mother make up that story, Chino?

That puta's into the devil's candy, man. f*cking heroin.


She was probably high.

You're telling me that Eva Raines is a junkie?

If that's true, Pasquale and LaGuerta are gonna have a piss party.

Eva Raines, two pops for drug possession.


No f*cking way the D.A. puts a drug user on the stand.

That chulo's gonna walk again.

But not very far.

We'll both be vindicated soon.

OK boys, today's our day.

If we find that galley, it'll bring back gold!

There's an aberration on the sea floor.

The crevice's at 65 feet.

It has to be where the Santa Rosa went down.

The crevice's 30 to 40 yards straight ahead.

Crevice should be 25 yards ahead. Baring 1-1-4.

I need your help.

I know how much you were looking forward to going out, tonight, but I think Deb could use you more.

Dexter, this isn't about this morning, is it?

No! I swear. This is for Deb.

She had her first day at work, today, and LaGuerta was kind of rough on her.

Dexter, unlock the door!

Hold on.

Hold on!

Dexter, come on!

Open the f*cking door!

See, she's yelling at me, now.

Look, I'm no expert, but I think Deb could use some girl time tonight.

I won't lie...

I'm a little disappointed, but I know your heart's in the right place.


OK, whatever you need, Dexter.

Thank you, Rita. I will make this up to you.

I'm gonna have Deb pick you up in a half hour, okay? Bye.


I double booked when I made plans to go out with Rita tonight.

I forgot that I had promised to sub for another bowling team.

Why are you so happy about it?

I like bowling, what can I say? Look, will you take Rita out for me?

She hired a babysitter and everything.

No way, I need to work out.

Actually, you need to stop working out. It's getting unhealthy.

You should go out for some hard liquor instead.

Sorry, bro.

Deb, please!

When do I ever ask you for anything?

You bung hole. Why did you have to put it that way?

She's expecting you in half an hour. You're a life saver!

Tonight's the night.


Harry would prefer I take more time, but my life is falling apart.

Whatever stopped my knife before won't stop it again.

Hey, there!

I'm gonna work on my release, tonight.

Practise, practise, practise!

Lane's open till midnight. You wanna join me?

f*ck it!

There's nothing else to talk about! You are a liar!

You lie!

Would you stop?

You gonna act a lot better!

If you want me to act better, then you treat me better!

You got these things all mixed up in your head!

Listen to me, I love you.

Alright? It's all about you!

There is nobody else!

Is that why you sent me three dozen f*cking roses?

Get out of my sight!

There's noboby else!

I sent you flowers, baby, because I love you.

Get out of my sight! I've got nothing else to say to you, until you decide to man up!

Please, go.



I'm sorry you had to hear that.

That was my fiancé.

We are having some problems.

Well, that happens.

I called his house 3 nights in a row and he says he's working. He didn't return my phone calls.

And then he comes home and he says he's tired.

He is tired because he's out there f*cking some bitch.

I can smell it on him.

Don't worry about washing their hair.

And read to them before bed.

Okay, got it.

You've a collect call from Paul Bennett.

Will you take the charges?

Yes, I'll accept the charges.

Excuse me.

Rita, do you have a second? I need to talk to you.

What do you want?

I'm not gonna make it, in here.

I don't have time for your bullshit right now, Paul.

It's not bullshit!

I'm not like these guys, I don't belong here, Rita.

Can you help me?

Help you? What?

Just... Can you look for the shoe one more time?

I found the f*cking shoe, okay?

You what?

That's great! I'll call the lawyer in the morning!

Look, why does it matter?

It's just a shoe, it doesn't mean anything.

You were probably high on smack when you lost it at my house.

Whatever, I'll let the court f*cking decide that!

It's a good news!

If you send a lawyer to my house, the shoe won't be here.

I'm not gonna let you drag Dexter into this!

I'm in a healthy relationship.

Finally! And I'm not gonna throw it away to bail out my abusive ex-husband!

It doesn't work that way.

Look, I gotta go!

No, you don't! Rita, don't hang up that f*cking phone!

Stop blaming other people for your problems!

You're in prison, now, Paul. Deal with it.

Some gangs earn teardrops of blood by killing.

I understand. We all need our keepsakes.

One man's tattoos are another man's blood slides.

All I had to do was call the gang task force, ask where the 29th St. Kings get their tattoes, and wait for my prey to show up.

What the f*ck?

What the f*ck! Get the f*ck off me!

f*ck! Get the f*ck off!

f*ck that sh1t!

The scene of the failed crime.

No better place to try again.

I have it on good authority the owner fled town.

Plus it's a much quieter working environment now without the chickens.


You and Dexter come here a lot?

We love the Hot Wings.

Look, I'm sorry if I'm such bad company tonight.

Paul called right before we left.

Yeah? What did he want?

Who knows?

Make me feel bad he's in prison, I suppose.

I'm the one that answered that domestic dispute call way back when, remember?

That prick deserves to be in prison.

I know, I know.

I'm just...

I can't believe I still let him get to me after everything he's put me through.

Oh God... I'm such an idiot.

What you went through is so much worse than my problems.


My psycho killer fiancé? Please.

I've had worse.

At least, he paid for my meals.

I can't believe you moved on like that.

I wish I could be more like you.

I mean Paul was... so horrible to me.

Really horrible.


And don't tell Dexter, but...

Sometimes, I find myself missing the good parts of him.


Not him.

Not him. It's not him that you miss.

Because what he had to offer wasn't real.

The way he made you feel about yourself...

That was real.

Hey, are you okay?

Need a refill?

Can I get another draught, please?

Excuse me?

Don't I know you from somewhere?

Haven't I seen you on television?

Are you that girlfriend...

What the f*ck are you doing?

Debra, what happened?

He grabbed me!

You saw him, right?

He grabbed me.

I think you broke my nose!

He f*cking grabbed me!

All I did was touch you!

You saw it! He grabbed me!

He wasn't easy to get here, but here he is.

And here I am.

Ready. Willing.



There's not enough tape! Perfect!

39 days, 22 hours and 18 minutes since I killed my brother.

I am cursed.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

What were you doing?

I don't know.

What were you thinking?

I don't know!

Whatever you're going through, killing yourself is not the answer!

You don't get points for dying!


Dad, I don't wanna die!

I'm just trying to figure out some way to feel alive!

I don't normally seek human contact in times of failure.

But then, I don't normally experience failure.

Right now, all I can think about is the smell of Rita's kitchen.

The breathy cadence of her sleeping children.

The warmth of her flesh.

What's wrong?

The prison called.

Paul's dead.

He died in an inmate altercation.

It's a fight.

He was angry, and he got into a fight.

Now, I have to figure out how to tell my children their father's dead.

And I could have helped him.


How could you have helped him? He was in prison.

That's right, Dexter.

It happened in prison.

Paul was in prison.

That was his own fault.

Was it?

You okay? Rita said you got in a bar brawl tonight.

You gotta see this.

Mount Pleasant, at 81 and Salem...

They've been playing it on the news all night.

Two treasure hunters made a ghastly discovery today, when they stumbled on what appears to be an underwater graveyard, in a crevasse, off the coast of Miami.

There's bodies in those bags.

The butchered bodies were submerged inside these heavy duty garbage bags.

Authorities have located at least 30 bags so far, but around the clock salvage efforts are still underway.

Did you hear that?

Thirty bags! Do you know what that means?

There might be a new mass murderer out there, way worse than the Ice Truck Killer.

Maybe I can finally get some peace!

Isn't that great?

It's amazing!