01x05 - Love American Style

Previously on "Dexter"...

Think this is our guy's work?

The ice-truck killer?

Laguerta insulted the real killer's intelligence, and now he's getting back at us for chasing after the wrong guy.

It's the guard-- Tucci.

I think he's alive.

Tucci's alive?

The ice-truck killer is keeping him alive to perform amputations.

He's sending me a message.

He wants me to go there.


He was left here so I would kill him.

Just kill me.

I can't kill this man.

Taking Tucci over to County alive.

I don't know who your contacts are, Morgan, but you are my up-and-comer.

You saved a man's life tonight.

The thing that surprises me most about Rita is how much I like being with her.

There's all sorts of things I can do.

What-- what are you doing?

Whatever I want.

My new friend thought I wouldn't be able to resist the kill he left for me, but I did.

I'm not the monster he wants me to be. I'm Dexter.

I like to pretend I'm alone, completely alone, maybe post-apocalypse or plague, Whatever-- No one left to act normal for, no need to hide who I really am.

It would be


Stop grinning like a f*cking psycho and get back to work.

Sorry, sergeant.

I was just waiting for forensics to wrap up before I tear the bed apart.

I'm not the only one who enjoys isolation.

My shadow companion chose this place well.

This was his sanctuary, for a while, at least.

All these people pawing over it seems...

He was here for days, playing with sharp objects.

I'll keep looking, but so far this place is spotless, amazingly so.

The only blood I found belongs to the security guard.

Has he said anything yet?

Mr. Tucci's still unconscious.

Lieutenant, up here!

There's got to be something here. Find it.

The guy's not a ghost. Tony Tucci is evidence of that.

Hey, Dexter, you get all this blood on camera yet?

It's like shooting a Jackson Pollock.

Well, your Jackson Pollock is in the bag.



What was that?

Did you see that?


Damn rats.

We're all gonna get histoplasmosis from all their sh1t in the dust.

We'll be coughing up blood, skin lesions, mouth sores.

Lovely. Can we get the lights, guys?

You ever heard of rat-bite fever?

Masuka, what'd I say about the f*cking rats?

You haven't found anything, won't find anything.

This is a bust, right?

In so many words.

Which means I'm just jerking off till Tucci wakes up.

So take a break. You've been working this thing 24-7.

Or are you still avoiding a personal life?

Oh, f*ck you.

And, yeah, I'm better off just focusing on the job.

Thanks, guys.

It doesn't have to be either/or.

Maybe not for you.

If I found someone, so can you, right?

Yeah, the trouble is keeping them.

Tell me about it.

Yelina? Are you okay?

I'm sorry. I'm fine.

Ernesto hasn't arrived?

I'm sure he'll be here soon.


The coyote wanted more money, and I didn't have it.


You mean the man you paid to bring him here?

He said he sent Ernesto back to Cuba.

But that was a week ago, and no one in Cárdenas has heard from Ernesto.

Yelina, how did you contact this coyote?

...This was his number, but it's not working anymore.

I was supposed to leave him money in a park.

Listen, my boyfriend works for the police. I'm sure he--

No, no, no. We can't go to the police.

He said he'd hurt my family in Cuba.

No, it's okay. It's okay. Dexter will know what to do.

I feel just terrible for her.

And they were supposed to be married after he got here.

I do know someone in the department who deals with immigration issues.

I can talk to him.

That's really kind of you, Dex.

I mean, can you imagine not knowing if your fiancée is dead or alive?

Uh, no.

Every night after work Yelina goes across the street, to the beach.

I've seen her there, just... staring out at the water, willing him to walk out of it.

Have you ever longed for anything like that?

She wants something from me. Ever since the blow job, she assumes we've taken it to the next level.

She doesn't know yet-- I don't have a next level.

Well, when I was a kid, I would have killed for an Atari.

You know?

Cody would laugh at the graphics now, but back then, man...

It always comes to this once s*x is introduced.

Small talk no longer cuts it.

Eventually she'll call me a science project and slam the door in my face.

But when do you think he'll wake up?

Yeah, I did call an hour ago, but there's a killer out there that's into whores and security guards, but I'll bet nurses are next.

Yo, check you, all "MPD Blue".

Shanda, what are you doing here?

You have another lead on the ice-truck killer?

Man, I got bigger worries than that sick sh1t.

Now, I got me a girl on the inside, right?

I'm not springing your pimp, if that's what you're after.

Oh, hell, no.

But my landlord's another f*cking story--

Trying to kick me out of my home.


He got no cause, except he's a born-again hypocrite m*therf*cker.

Yeah, and you want me to talk to him?

No, I want you to beat in his pasty, white face.

Morgan. Found this in evidence.

Masuka was gonna grease it through.

A cigarette butt?

Jesus, we could pull DNA off of that, or even a print.

Except it would be your print.

You were smoking on a crime scene.

Not on the crime scene-- like on the way-far end of the park.

The whole area's a crime scene. You should know that by now.

Maybe you ought to just calm the hell down, my brother.

Who the f*ck is that?

Give it a rest, Shanda.

Morgan, go do something useful.

Go sit on that security guard until he wakes up.

And do not talk to him without me!

Believe me-- your maid is not the first one to get screwed.

No, she's a maid. She's not my maid.

So, have you heard of any other Cuban immigrants disappearing?

A few.

The poor bastards. They spend their life savings, get stuffed into a fishhold, puke the whole 90 miles to Miami.

Then they get here, thinking, "I'm an American. I'm free".

Except the damn coyote...

He won't let them go till his family comes up with a surprise release fee.

If they can't pay...

They disappear.

Freedom's just another word for one more way to get f*cked.

Sounds like someone's doing something very bad.

You have any suspects?

Sure, four or five, mostly Cubans themselves, but not enough evidence for a conviction or even a warrant.

If warrants were applied for, their names will be in the database.

Look, buddy... I know you want to help out your maid, but there ain't a hell of a lot you can do.

You'd be surprised.

Jorge Castillo-- number 3 on the department's list of suspects, but the only one even remotely close to the park where Yelina was supposed to drop the money.

They never got enough evidence for a search warrant, but I don't need permission to keep an eye on this guy.

No neighbors, no foot traffic

-- It's promising.

A good place for human trafficking... or worse.

Excuse me. Private yard.

I'm just praying you have a '69

Stingray headlight somewhere in here.

Dave Cutler.

Castillo. I'm sorry, but I don't.

Man, my restoration's almost done. She's a beauty.

I don't do individual sales, Mr. Cutler, but I can give you the name of a Corvette shop I deal with.

I'll be happy to look around myself.

No offense, man, but I can't take my phone orders if I'm watching over my merchandise.

You run this whole place alone?

Yeah, it keeps my costs down.

Hey, I'm sorry you made the trip out here.

You know what? Try Wexler's, out in Tamarac.

That's my vette guy. Yeah.

Must be nice being your own boss--

Get out in the water whenever you want.

I saw that floater on your key chain. I got to get one of those.

Lost my keys overboard twice in the past year.

I do a little fishing. I got a 32-foot Concept. What about you?

I got a rowboat with a hole in it.

A lo major los pescados te encuentran.

I don't speak Spanish, sir.

Sorry. I just assumed you were Cuban.

American, pal, just like you.

Just like me.

He's on heavy sedatives at the moment. I think he deserves them.

I'll wait.


Mr. Tucci.


I'm gonna find this cocksucker.

I swear.

I don't understand America's obsession with cars.

I can just imagine squeezing Rita and the kids into that thing and hitting the open road-- Cramped quarters, public bathrooms, hours of nothing but conversation.

It's someone's American dream

-- my nightmare.

This must be where Castillo locks them up.

But if he's killing them when they can't pay, he's not doing it here.

So where are they?

Dexter Morgan.

Gerard here.

There's a floater down in South Beach morgue.

Could be a match for your maid's fiancé.

She's a maid. She's not my--

Is it all right if I bring her down?

The sooner, the better.

Okay, then. Thanks. Have a good day.

Tonight at the Salsa Room.

You got to help me celebrate my pay-grade bump.

Actually, I have a personal project I'm working on tonight.

Blow it off. I'm buying.

Angel, do you have that list of prioritized witnesses?

I can't deal with

800 anonymous tips.

I'm working on it.

Well, how about you stop talking and earn your bump?


Don't leave me hanging tonight, bro. It's you and me.

I wonder what I did to make him think we're so close.

I wonder if it'd work on Rita.

Dexter Morgan-- I called earlier.

Oh, right, yeah, about the floater.


Hey, Jerry, can you take these guys around back?

Should I?

Nah, I'll go with her. She might need a shoulder.

She senses I'm not a shoulder.

Bad sign-- She's catching on.

I don't know what kind of idiot thinks an inner tube is gonna get him over 90 miles of open ocean.

If you ask me, man, it's Darwin's theory at work.

That must be what love looks like.

The inability to feel has its advantages...


Hey, Dexter.

Hey, Mindy.

Do you need any help?


So, are you gonna go to the spring formal?

Why would I want to do that?

She wanted you to ask her to the dance, Dexter.

That's not what she said.

Well, you have to learn their signals.

Yeah, well, I don't really care about girls.

I just like being alone.

But most normal people don't, and it's important that you seem normal.

Even though I'm not.

Because you're not.

We'll start you off with a temporary prefab and then make adjustments as we go.

Rudy here's gonna put me back together again, good as new.

Half the battle is attitude, and you have a great one.

Well, I'm alive.

I didn't see that happening, but here I am.

Yo, pretty boy, you're stealing my thunder, and I got a hottie waiting on me, so...

I don't know.

I just might have to fight you for this one.

Okay, we'll arm-wrestle later. Now get out of here.

Watch out for this guy. He's a dog.

Excuse me.

I know what you need, guys, but I didn't see much.

Well, any detail will help, Mr. Tucci.

Well... He came up on me from behind, and he wore a mask when he made me put the... the... the things on the ice.

Gosh... I'll get it.

Angel of mercy. Just how merciful are you?

You are a dog, aren't you?

So the ladies tell me.

Can you tell us how tall he was or if he was black, white, latino?

White, I think. I'm guessing maybe average height--

Not fat, not thin, just... average.

I don't know.

And when he started, you know, working on me, I was blindfolded, so...

Did you hear anything?

Did he have an accent or anything?

He didn't talk much, or he'd whisper.

And that's all you heard?

Except the rats.

Sometimes they would crawl up on the bed, and I'd have to shake them off.

Some crap-ass witness I am, huh?

You're doing fine. You've given us a lot.


You know, sometimes when I'm trying to remember something, I close my eyes.


We could even blindfold you again.

...I'm kind of tired right now.

It's okay. Get some rest. Officer Morgan and I are leaving.


No pretending. No hiding.

No time to relax. I'm too close.

Jorge Castillo is bad. That I know.

But bad enough to have killed Yelina's fiancé?

That I have to prove.

Jorge's not-so-humble abode.

Yeesh-- new money.

Normal people dream of this--

A new car, a big home, a boat at the reef shore marina... and a beautiful wife.

Too bad-- I never enjoy making someone a widow.

They're so happy.

She has no clue who she's with.

Maybe that's the secret to a successful relationship.

Mr. Perry, you were on the grounds of the same hospital where we found Mr. Tucci. And you were alone that night?

It was just me and Caesar, my dog.

He likes abandoned buildings. Caesar's a ratter.

What did this guy do?

Why? Does he look familiar?

Yes, he looks like an actor from that John Singleton movie.

What was that?

How about you focus on whether or not he was the man you saw at the old hospital that night, Mr. Perry?

Well, it was difficult to tell. It was dark.

You said you got a look at him.

He had a cap.

Hey, is that KG-230 hooked into a digital CCTB network?

Ooh, you better have a hell of a firewall.

You get better resolution with the 440. Hello.

We're done here.

Give me a minute.

Morgan, thank Mr. Perry for his horseshit and send him home.

Christ on a crutch, he could tell us something.

Sergeant Doakes says he is a looky-loo.

We get dozens like that every time a story hits the news.

Now do me a favor-- Get him out of my precinct. Thank you.

You could try being a little more optimistic.

I mean, if Tony Tucci can be optimistic, I think we can.

You might get more out of people.

How do you know Perry doesn't know anything?

Because I've been doing this a lot longer than you.


This case is getting colder every minute you waste on bullshit like Perry.

And wanting to blindfold a trauma victim?

What the f*ck were you thinking?

Tucci's closed for business now, and you shut him down.

I... I was trying a new approach.

Maybe you should just learn the basics before you reinvent the damn wheel.

Come on. How can you not dance to this?

It's a gift.

We just need some more patrón, compadre.

Another round!

No more for me. I got to get up early-- Killers to catch.

Forget that. The night's just beginning, right, ladies?


Ladies, excuse us. Angel, come here.

Your wife-- She's probably worrying.

I don't know what she'd think of your new friend.

She don't mind who I flirt with as long as I bring home la pasion.

La pasión?

Yeah, it keeps the relationship alive.

What about... communication, trust?

La pasión.


What if she wants something more?

Then you reciprocate-- You know... La pasión.

No, I meant what if she wants something more emotionally?

Don't go down that emotional road. Just go down on her.

It's easier, and she'll be distracted.

Come on. Let's dance, Angel.


What do you want to do now?

Dance with her, Dexter. Be polite.

Get her punch. Open the door for her.

And if you find yourself alone with her and things get romantic--

Dad, I've kissed a girl before.

You have?



I don't know, it was okay.

Dexter, women are different from men.

We've had this talk, dad.

I'm saying they have a whole different experience of things.

When they're with someone, physically, they feel connected.

And they know when you're not.

They can sense it because you're very exposed.

Yeah, you're naked.

I mean emotionally.

Son, this is going to be very dangerous for you.

I can fake it.

Buddy, you can learn to fake a lot of things.

This is a tough one.

Is this it?

Angel, I've only been here one time. I don't remember.

Wake up.

Your wife's gonna love me.

The problem with acting normal is normal people get into stupid situations like this.

You scared the hell out of me.

Sorry, Nina.

I'm Dexter. You remember? I work with Angel down at the station.

What are you doing here?

It's funny. We were out celebrating Angel's pay-grade bump.

He got a raise?


Well, as you can see, he...

...had a little too much to drink, so I gave him a ride home.

He doesn't live here anymore.

We're separated.

So... good night.

Oh, okay.

Good night.

La pasión.


Angel, we're really late for work, amigo.

I guess I had one too many, huh?

And then about 10 more.

How did I end up here?

You don't remember?

So you live here, huh?

I live here.

You're kind of neat, aren't you?

Bad habit instilled by mom.

We better get going.

Pressure's on with this ice-truck-killer situation.

Yeah. You go ahead. I'll lock up.

I have to stop by home anyway.

My wife's gonna be worried. She gets so hot and bothered, you know women.

No, I'll just wait, and I'll drop you at your car.

Where's your bathroom?

Somehow it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one pretending to be normal.

I found hair on this one that doesn't belong to Tucci--

Rat hair.

I probably picked up a parasite just--

Don't test me, Masuka.

You see all that shredding?

Half of this sheet must be lining their nests.

They took evidence away from the crime scene?


So we check their nest.

Wild goose chase, without knowing what we're looking for.

We could talk to Tucci again.

He knows more than he thinks, and my gut tells me he can take it. 'Cause you got the instincts of a veteran on the force.

Masuka, run the sheet. See if we can trace it to manufacturer.

I've got court in the morning, so call me on my cell--

All right, I get it. I'm a newbie.

But you are old and tired, and you need new eyes on this.

So when you're ready to let me do my job, you let me know.

And don't you f*cking say a word, Masuka.

How do you get rid of the ones who don't pay out?

You drop them in the middle of the ocean, tell them to swim for shore?

You can't hide for long, Jorge.


Dexter, it's me.

Look, I'm sorry I haven't talked to you since that place.

The morgue.

Do you think they'll be able to catch whoever did this?

I'm sure he'll get what he deserves. How are you doing?

Still a little shaky.

I have some late-night work I have to do, but I could stop by earlier... if you want.

Maybe we could rent a movie.

Yeah, I'll pick up a DVD--

Something light.

Maybe if I don't blink, my eyes will tear up.

I hate this.

I'm questioning every move. It's exhausting.

I should just break it off already, unless I can pacify her, give her something, Reciprocate.

La pasion.


I'm sorry. I...

I was just...

You were so generous with me.

I was gonna... return the favor.

No, that's very sweet, but...

Sorry, I'm just not in the mood for... that.

That you, Dex?

Yeah. Sorry I'm late.

It's okay, son. You must have been having fun.

No, I pretended to.

That's good, Dexter.


Do you think that maybe one day I'll... you know, feel it... for real?

I hope so, son.

I really do.

Alone, I'd be better off.

Relationships are too confusing.

But this I can figure out.

This I do well.

Jorge Castillo's boat. If he's a killer, then there's proof.

There's always proof, and I'll find it.

Happy and in love...

The perfect couple.

I wonder if Rita and the kids would like fishing.


If one of these matches the contact number for Ernesto's coyote, you're it, Jorge.

He drowns them here, then dumps them out there.

If they wash up, it'll be chalked up to another inner-tube mishap.


This I do well.

Think about his shoes.

Did he walk with a limp?

Did he move smoothly, like an athlete?

Try to remember, Tony, for me.

I would if I could, hon.

You're a sweet lady, and smart-- using your charms on me.

No, no, I don't mind.

It's probably the last time a woman will flirt with me, looking like this.

It's okay, Tony. Maybe later.

We should try the blindfold.


I.. don't want to do that.

I'm sorry, Mr. Tucci.

I... can't even begin to imagine what you've been through, but it's our job to make sure that nobody else goes through it, too.

So, Morgan, you're up.

He was hard to hear. I never knew where he was.

So he's agile. That's good, Tony. What else did you hear?

Rats. Always those damn rats.

Try to focus on him, Tony.

What did you hear? What did you smell?



Yeah, like cough drops.

He cleared his throat a lot. You know, like--

He unwrapped them.

I could hear those wrappers, that crinkly sound.

And he sucked on them.

I could hear them clicking against his... teeth when he...

The son of a bitch loved those f*cking lozenges.

Nothing in this nest.

Well, check another floor. They're all over this dump.

f*ck this.


We got another one over here.

Promising. Several fragments from the sheet here.

These rat bastards were repeat customers.

Who had garlic for lunch?

I'm gonna punch you in the neck.


I think you're gonna French me.

...2934. I like being right.

I usually am, about these things. "Be prepared"-- It's my motto.

The boy scouts and I have that in common.

Of course, there's no merit badge for tonight's outing.

What are we looking at?

They found the ice-truck killer's lozenge wrapper, thanks to your sister.

Lozenge wrapper?

Hey, after two months of finding f*ck all in this case, a lozenge wrapper's the damn holy grail.

My favorite serial killer is a lozenge eater.

How human of him.

We have a partial.

Partial print-- A partial f*cking print!

Proud of you, sis.

Hey, it's a celebration here. Where are you going?

Crime scene.

Excuse me.

What's, uh-- What's going on?

We've got our first piece of tangible evidence on the ice-truck killer.

A partial f*cking print.

You run it through AFIS yet?

It doesn't even matter if we get a match.

He gets pulled in for something, anything, we got him.

We get it photoed before we scan it.

And I want Label to ID the point of comparison before you do the AFIS hit.

Masuka, I want that being swabbed for DNA.

And let's keep working the old hospital site, people.

You never know. We might get lucky again.

It wasn't luck. Good work, Morgan.

Afuera, va. Muevanse. Come on.

Come on! Entrar, entrar.

God bless America.


Where are you?


Honey, you in here?

Iderrito a mi familia!

Get back in there, you Cuban piece of sh1t!

f*cking animals.


They're even better matched than I thought-- True partnership.

You know, I rarely deviate from a plan, but I just didn't have the heart to split up such a...

...perfect couple.

You two... have quite a lucrative... operation going.

You're a really good team.

It's clever, too.

No one questions another drowned Cuban man or woman... or child.

So, which one of you thought this up?

They get freedom. We free them.

They thank us, for God's sake!

For drowning them and dumping their bodies in the ocean? Please.

We can pay you. We have money.

That's what it's all about, right?

I love you. I love you so much.

I love you so much.

I'm gonna ask you a question. I want you to answer me honestly.

No more bullshit. Do you understand?

How long have you been married?

12 years.

How do you love each other?

You're like me, and you make it work. How?

We want the same life.

We both-- We want the same thing.

You share the same dream.

Yes, exactly, yes.

Yes, that's it.


...helpful. Thank you.


I like doing things properly, but I'm out of time, and I still have to dispose of them.

Valerie got short shrift.

But all in all, it was a very good night.

I like this place.

A lot of memories are buried down there.

Deviating from the plan may have been ill-advised.

But sometimes you just have to take a risk.

After all...

...isn't that what relationships are all about?

Do you have a dream...

...for your life...

Your future, I guess?

Of course. Do you?

It might sound weird.

I want to someday be content and just feel...

...comfortable, like everyone else.

I want...

A normal life.

Yeah, a normal life.

That's all I want. Just that.

No fame and fortune? Excitement at every turn?

No, I've had enough excitement. Thank you.

Now... I'll take boring.



That's weird, huh?