02x09 - Resistance is Futile

Previously on Dexter...

You'll notice we have some new faces.

Are we under investigation?

Sloppy bloodwork. I asked myself, "how the hell did that happen?"

Bay Harbor Butcher is one of our own.

Dexter and I broke up.

Does that mean he doesn't like us, either?

Have dinner with me tomorrow night.

I'd love to have dinner with you.

Your past was a bigger mystery than f*cking Jimmy Hoffa.

It's time to make Doakes go away.

Sgt James Doakes is on administrative leave pending an IA investigation.

Are we through?

No, we're just getting...

We're done.

There's my sponsor.

This woman sees me.

I didn't care what you did.

She's looking behind the mask, and she's not turning away.

You a friend of Dexter's?

I'm his decorator. Love the hat.

Help, please!

I need to embrace who I am. I need to kill the man who murdered my mother.

A secret cabin in the middle of the everglades, what more could a rededicated serial killer ask for?

It's kind of fitting, don't you think?

It's just that the door was open and you're the only other one with a key.

Get out of the house. Call the police.

I can't take you with me.

Someone was in this house.

What's going on?

Please, just stay here.

Stay away from Rita.

Stay away from me.

That's what I said.

That I'm always right?

That you were right about Lila. She was bad for me.

And that I'm always right! Hurry the f*ck up!

I didn't realize how bad till last night.

Hey, Vince. How's it going?

She had me fighting with myself the whole time.

All that self-reflection is unhealthy.

Stop reflecting and move.


The fact is I already know who I am, and I'm done fighting it.

So the battle's over. Lila's over.

Clean this mess up! It's a goddamn safety hazard.

Can't leave this sh1t lying around, bro.

Nice: my subconscious isn't even bothering with symbolism.

That's what I get for leaving the remains of Jimenez up in that cabin.

Bad time to get sloppy, with special agent Lundy putting everyone in law enforcement under a microscope.

What are you doing here?

Just wanted to give you that.

You're in the same clothes as last night. You slept here?

Not intentionally.

I just wanted to make sure whoever broke in stayed away.

I guess I kind of fell asleep on the job.


Don't be.

I made a killer robot that eats airplanes. Want to see?

Mom's making pancakes. You want bananas in yours?

Actually, guys, there's something I got to go deal with, so...

Then why'd you come?

Cause you needed one of these.

Alright, guys, Dexter's got work to do, so go eat pancakes.

Add extra bananas for me.

I didn't mean for them to find me here.

Well, it's okay. I think they needed a hug, too.

Take care, Dexter.

Wait. I want to say something.

I'm sorry.


I feel...

Such regret, which is rare for me.

But not that I... don't mess up. I do...

Just never so stupendously.

I had you and them.

And I had us so much to have.

And I just... demolish it, I honestly thought that I was smarter than that.

Rude awakening.

Lila's one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

It means a lot to me, Dexter.

But it doesn't change the fact that you slept with another woman.

I can't forgive that.

I don't expect you to, I just... wanted to say it.

All I can do now is pick up the pieces of Jimenez.

He's one big pile of evidence.

Not that anyone will easily break into that cabin. The thing's a bunker.

Still, I can't leave a kill lying around.

I'll have to call in sick at work.

It's not Doakes -- fbi.

My feeble interview with Lundy might have put me on his short list of suspects.

Left turn to the cabin...

Right turn to a change of clothes and work.

Glad I'm at peace with Harry's code again. It makes decisions easier.

Caution first, Jimenez later.

Announcing the arrival of flight 274

From Santiago, dominican republic, gate 20-B.

Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice-message system.

James Doakes...

Is not available.

To page this person, press 5 now.

You know what? f*ck you, James. f*ck you and your disappearing act.

You didn't just stand me up last night.

You screwed yourself out of a 6 figure security job, which means that being a cop is one of the few options you have left.

So, stop pissing off the people that can help you.

Lundy's people have been trying to reach you.

They just want a hand with the Bay Harbor Butcher case.

James, give it to them.

Show Lundy that you are a team player.

Fake it.

And pick up when I call again.

I'm gonna keep calling.

I'm not giving up on you, James.

Your right eye is a little darker than your left eye.

And you weigh about 50 pounds. I'm gonna have to fatten you up.

Didn't seem to bother you last night...

Or this morning.

So much for taking it slow?

The slow part was nice.

I guess that's the perk of dating a man who's experienced.

Read "old guy."

Read what I said --

Experienced, as in technique... as in mad skills.

Are you always gonna be this touchy about the age thing? That will get old.


This is new territory for me. Dating in general.

Dating someone so young in particular, And dating a coworker especially.

So I'm the more experienced one, cool.

You've dated coworkers?

Not that experienced.

Well, I've seen enough of them to see where they go wrong, And experience tells me that full disclosure is the best way to go.

What, like...

Tell people at work?

I'm an aboveboard kind of guy, And in the history of office romances, sneaking around has never worked.

I don't know.

Things are just so tense around the station right now.

So you're worried about making people tense?

I just think the timing is bad.

Maybe we should wait until we can...


Notify D.C.

Then get Cal to go sit on Mendelsohn until he signs.

And then call the field office and get me more bodies.

Well, we need to move on this now.

What's up?

Not sure.

Something break on the Butcher?

I gotta go.

There's quiche. Eat it.

Wait! Shouldn't we finish talking about this whole... full-disclosure thing?

Lundy's bees are buzzing.

Something has agitated the hive.

My money's on Connolly down in property.

Looks like much ado about something in there.

Lundy's got a suspect for the Butcher, And bro, it's one of us here.

That'... disturbing.

We're not sure Lundy picked someone, but if he has, it isn't one of my people.

Sorry but I confirmed it myself last night.

It's someone in this house.

Who in this house?

I don't know, but something must've broke cause Lundy shut us P.D. out of the task force, brought more feds in.

So he definitely has someone in his cross hairs.

Why not Steinbauer in impound? He's a freak.

I bet it's Wykoff from records.

What about Loring in narcotics?

Or it could be that murderous Morgan in blood spatter.

Maybe I was being watched this morning.

But they'd do more than watching if they had proof.

What's going on?

You tell us.

Why would I know?

You're Lundy's pet.

f*ck you!

Seriously, what's he got, or is he blowing smoke?

I don't know. But if he's got something, it ain't smoke.

He's too good to blow smoke.

Man, no wonder you're his pet.

f*ck you twice!

OK, enough.

If you're not on the task force, you're clearing cases for the day.

Yes, you too.

We've got company.

Yeah, I noticed.

Not there.

In there...

Waiting for you.

Lundy brought in his own forensic techs.

What are they looking for?

Think they'd tell me? I'm just the LFI.

Lead forensics investigator.

Or at least I used to be. Well, f*ck them.

They can have their f*cking title and the acronym that goes with it.

f*cking Indian givers!

In the flesh.

I need your access code for the forensics database.

Walk me through your filing system.

I'll need a breakdown of procedure and protocol.

Something particular I can help you with?

We just need your help navigating the lab.

Your code, please.

May I?

If they're looking for proof, they won't find it. Not here at least.

I may have briefly rebelled against Harry, but I learned my lessons well.

Come on, Dex. Tell me.

Make sure they deserve it.

This is life-or-death stuff. It's that important.

Why do you think I pulled all those strings to arrange this?

Dexter, now, come on! Tell me.

What is the number-one rule?

Don't get caught.

And what are all the other rules for?

So I don't get caught.

You ready for this?

I'm ready.

Why are they looking at us like that?

They don't know why you're here, why you need to see this.

But I want this seared into your mind, son.

The chair?

The chair?

Cross-check our data with Interpol. See where it leads. yeah.

So, bats out of hell move slower than you did this morning.

I know. I'm sorry.

But as you can see...

Something's up.

Something's up. 'Cause I wondered if maybe you were also cheesed about my whole not-disclosing thing.

I don't want you to think I'm unsure or... embarrassed or anything.

Why would you be embarrassed? I'm hot.

Yeah, you got that right.

Look, it had nothing to do with you, except that it made you feel bad, which wasn't my intention. It's just...

Something's up.

Something's up.


I really can't tell you.

Why not?

Honestly, you don't want to know.

It's a ghost from my past.

I wasn't sure I'd be able to find you.

I'm in the phone book now.

Last place you look, hey?

It's good to see you, Leones.

My father-in-law will be happy we have a customer with American dollars.

Looks like you're in the travel business now?

Orbitz, man. It's killing us.

And people only think of Haiti for war and poverty.

But the brave ones still come.

We arrange tours between the islands.

No more sneaking people over the border at night?

My wife would castrate me.

I work only for her father now.

The man is satan on wheels.

I hope the dog will bite him.

So, what can I arrange for you?

Maybe the rosewood resort on little Dix?

Only the best for my old friend.

I was thinking more like the hospital in Dom. Rep.

You are sick?

But I need a... discreet lab.

A relaxing cruise is better.

There's a shuffleboard tournament On the Jewel of the Seas. Big stakes. you were always the one to see, no questions asked, whenever we needed sh1t.

I am not a fixer anymore, And you are not in black operations.

I'm a travel agent, and I like it.

No one tries to kill me or torture me...

... except for him, With his vicious dog and foul breath.

Listen, this isn't dangerous, man.

I just need some blood slides analyzed.

Leones, I need your help.

This is all you want?

The slides analyzed?

And your most expensive tour package of the islands.

Give me the slides. I'll see what I can do.

Confirm the arrangements first. I'll bring them by boat.

Avoiding customs.

Don't want to risk it with biological materials.

Just tell me, James.

Are you in trouble?

But someone else is gonna be.

That takes us through

95's discoverable notes.

Ninety four.

How far back are you looking?

Let's start with knife wounds.

To search by cause of death, go to the upper right-hand...

It's okay. I'm good.

They're wasting their time here. If they had a warrant for my apartment, they'd find blood slides and killing tools.

Got to move those.

Gotta dispose of Jimenez.

Instead, I'm waiting for the fat man to sing.

Why don't I...

I've got it.

It'll be faster...

I've got it!

I think we'll get along on our own from here.

And he sings.

I'm wearing green underpants.

Are you?

But when he bought'em, they were white.

Too much information!

Look who's come out of his cave.

Lila, what are you doing here?

She came to see me, bro.

Angel mentioned he needed a decorator, and, well, a slot just came up, so I gave him a call.

I've always wanted a decorator.

Come here.

She's not really a decorator.

It's not really my apartment that I want decorated.

So, hey, the boys here have persuaded me to go for a drink.

Or 10.

God. Should I be worried?

Yes. you should.

Then maybe you should come with us, because who knows what secrets will come pouring out of me once the drinks start flowing.

I have 2,000 square feet that needs a total makeover.

You got 800 if you count your parking space.

She can do it twice.

I have to get to Jimenez, but a dead man tells no tales.

A drunk, unstable woman very well may.

... but do you call me Paddy the road builder?

No. And me, with my 2 hands, I built the town library.

But do you call me Paddy the library giver?

But you f*ck one little goat...

-Alright. I got one.


What? It's a good one.

Knowing you, it'd be inappropriate in front of a lady.

She just did a goat-fucker joke.

You're such a protector, angel.

I do my best.

Like that time that you came to Dexter's rescue at the bowling alley.

You just ran right towards that mugger, No thought for your own personal safety.

That's my job.

Mine, too.

It is not.

Don't do it, Lila. Don't bring Jimenez up.

Did they... ever catch that guy?

Yeah, Dex, did you ever file a report? I can still look into it.

I'm sure he's long gone by now.

Anyway, I'm gonna go to the loo.

The loo?

How cute is that?

It's... right?

What the hell do you want?

I'm concerned.

When someone quits their sponsor, it means they're using again.

Quit the sponsor bullshit.

I'm done with it and you.

Did I not make that clear last night?

It's out of order.

There's still work we can do together.

No, there isn't. I am who I am, And I don't want you coming anywhere near me or my addiction.

Do you understand?

Oh, I understand... how lonely you are.

Those friends of yours, they didn't even know you.

They just see the mask, but I see it all.

I can see how upset you are.

No, really?

It's more than just me that's eating at you. There's something else.

You don't have to handle it alone.

I can help.

I know how heavy that mask is, how tiring.

I'm the only one who can see behind it, and it doesn't scare me.

It's like looking in the mirror.

It's why we belong together.

Hey, asshole, it's ladies only.

My mistake.

He giving you trouble?

A little.

But I know he'll see I'm right.

I know you will.

You are not driving.

f*ck you.


Can't live with her. Can't kill her.

She's not going away.

Neither is that undercover car.

So much for paranoia.

Those feds are real.

Lundy found my slides.

It's over.

You're out of shampoo.

Sorry. Yours is better than mine.

What are you doing here?

My new place isn't ready. I don't wanna make a habit of staying at Lundy's.

What if people find out? It'd be a new reason to disrespect me.

They may already know. They keep assuming I've inside intel.

They're always asking me what Lundy knows.

What does he know? Tell me.

f*ck! I'm talking about my feelings. What the f*ck is your problem?

I know he's old, and it's complicated and whatever, but I feel like he's someone I can... count on.

Good. You should have that, 'cause I won't always be...

Who the f*ck is that at this hour?

Deb, don't.

What the f*ck?

Special agent Lundy wants to see you.

Please come.


Lundy didn't say anything about this to me.

I'm sorry, Deb.

I'm on the f*cking task force. I demand to know what...

I'm right behind you. They're calling us in. I'm right behind you.

We got him.

I should be panicked, terrified, but Lila was right.

The mask has been heavy.

I won't need it in surrender. I can let it go.

The pain will come when Deb finally understands who her brother really is.

Rita's horror, the kids' tears.

My old friends, here to betray me.

Please sit down.

I'm sure you heard we have a suspect in the Bay Harbor Butcher case.

Put them on.

We now have the evidence to back it up.

We need answers, now.

Open it.

Explain it to us.


That's what I thought.

What happens now?

I know this will come as a shock to you, Morgan, but our primary suspect is someone you know well...

... Sgt James Doakes.

He was the lead case investigator on 4 of the Butcher victims, which put him on my radar.

We looked into his background. It turns out his father was a butcher and abusive. Doakes was also a trained assassin in special forces.

That along with his on-the-job shootings and excessive-force citations...

He fits the profile.


He has a need to dole out personal justice.

Yesterday, Doakes walked out of an interview and disappeared.

This morning, we were alerted he boarded a plane out of the country.

That enabled me to get warrants on his apartment and car.

He had the slides?

Carefully hidden in the trunk of his car at the airport.

It all makes so much sense.

Everyone else in the precinct was beyond shocked when I told them.

What exactly is Sergeant Doakes'

problem with you, Morgan?

I kill people, for one.

But what was it Sergeant Doakes said about me?

I've always sensed there was something... off about him...

Like he's hiding in plain sight.

I never concealed my doubts.

So he attacked you.

Well, he might try it again.

Particularly when he finds out he's our prime suspect.

Yeah. That should piss him off.

We've tried to keep an eye on you from a distance.

The undercover cars.

Not undercover enough, obviously.

I'm sorry for the abrupt pickup tonight, but from here on out, we'll want a protective detail on you at all times.

That could complicate my life.

Dexter, it will keep Doakes at bay.

Good point.

What happens now is we need you to analyze and match these slides immediately.


I'm keeping the forensics in-house.

The public needs to see our strength now.

Their trust in us is about to take a major ass-fucking.

I make you 1st forensic tech in the chain of custody with these slides.

I figure you have more motivation than most to see Doakes brought to justice.

So I know you'll be thorough.

The TSA is circulating Doakes's photo to all major airports.

Sergeant Doakes...

He peeked behind the curtain. He saw who I am.

But it only put him in the line of fire.

There's an APB out on the eastern seaboard.

I still don't believe it.

-'Cause it's not true.

I don't know...

Don't, Vince.

Just don't.

I didn't know.

I swear Lundy didn't tell me.

I believe you.

Big f*cking manhunt mobilizing out there.

We'll get him, Dex.

And when you do, my story has to be stronger than his.

Don't worry, I'll be with you every step of the way. Me and this.

I have an even bigger favor.

Name it.

Move into that new apartment of yours.

If you got in the middle of this and you got hurt...


I'm a f*cking cop.

You're my sister, and I'm gonna worry like a brother, not a coworker.

Don't. You have enough to worry about.

I can't help it.

The best thing you can do for me is to get me and my protective detail a wide berth.



I f*cking hate it, but I get it.

One less pair of eyes to worry about.

You just can't get rid of me, can you?


You know I didn't do this.

You know me, Maria. That's not me.

Yeah, but they don't.

What do they have on me?

They found something in your car.

Oh, sh1t.

The longer you stay out, the worse it gets

The only way I can help you is if you turn yourself in.

No one will listen without proof.

Of what?

I don't want to pull you into this.

The next time you see me, they'll be no doubt.

Until then, you won't be able to contact me.

Don't you disappear on me.

Maria, I have to do this.

God damn!

Listen to me.

I want you to know that you meant a lot to me, more than you know, and...

I just want to thank you for that.

What does that mean?


Looks like I won't find any prints or DNA on this box.

I can chalk it up to how careful Doakes is.

Harry had strict rules about not hurting the innocent, and for all his fury...

... Doakes is innocent.

But there's also the n°1 rule: don't get caught.

Still, he'll fight this, and I'll have to disprove him.

He could win...

Or he could end up paying for my crimes.


Mr. Morgan?

Special agent Lundy thought you might need our help.

Please come in.

Sorry about all the secrecy yesterday.

We were reviewing sergeant Doakes'cases, and, well, you understand.

I need you to do the liquid extractions and centrifuging on these samples.

The cells just started digesting.

Then we'll come back in 12 h.

The samples should be watched at all times.

Don't let anyone in or out of the lab, and don't let the incubator dip below 37°.

And please, don't touch anything.

You understand.

That was satisfying.

Are you okay, man? This sh1t with Doakes is crazy.

Yeah. I have to go.

Hold on.

Are you pissed or something about Lila and me?

Oh, yeah. That.

I don't want it getting between us.

If you still want her...

God, no. Lila's insane, destructive.

A naturally occurring disaster.

So you don't mind if I go for her.

What? No.

Look, Angel, here's the real truth.

Lila's just using you to get at me.

So what? "So what"?

No one's used me for good or bad reasons since my wife divorced me.

Damn sure no one as hot as Lila.

You may be missing my point.

Look, first it was the divorce, then getting stabbed was no picnic. And now this thing with Doakes?

Dark days, my friend, too dark.

Man, I need a light at the end of the tunnel, and Lila's it, alright?

Alright, then.

Angel just doesn't get it. Lila's no solution.

She's a problem...

Shall we?

... just like my little groupies.

I couldn't tell you.

Even with my brother at risk?

We had him covered.

It would've forced you to divide your loyalties, plus, I didn't want to appear to favor you.

They all think you favor me anyway.

Maybe because I do.

You think they know?

Not until you tell them.

Special agent Lundy?

You give Doakes to the press?

Best way to bring him in.

If you publicly accuse him...

I'm not accusing anyone.

Doakes is wanted for questioning, that's what my press release says.

It'll still destroy him.

He's doing a fine job of destroying himself.

He's not your man.

He is, however, my prime suspect.


I'm willing to work with you on this, but only if you let me take lead with the media.

Lieutenant, I am not letting you anywhere near the media.

He may be your ex-partner, he may be your best friend.

What he is to me is a suspect.

So you deal with that however you need to. and you will give me your complete cooperation, or you may find yourself out of a job.

It's mine.

Hey, it's me.

I wasn't sure I should call.

I'm glad you did.

It's probably best I move on, but the kids were so happy to see you

yesterday, and I wasn't...

... you know, unhappy.

Well, that's good, right?

I just... I need to know one thing.

Is it over with Lila?

Yes, absolutely, completely over.

If I never see her again, it'll be too soon.

I have feelings for you.

I have feelings for you, too.

I'm not gonna fight them anymore.

I think we should get together and talk.


That would be great, really great, but tonight's...

No, this... is a bad idea.

No, Rita, it's the best idea you've ever had.

But we've got a big break in the Bay Harbor Butcher case.

Things are kinda intense around here.

Did they catch him?

Someone's gonna go down for it.

But tomorrow would be really great.


I'll look forward to it.

We're getting together tomorrow.

Communication's the key.

The light at the end of the tunnel.

All clear.

We'll have a man stationed at the front and side doors and 2 in the parking lot.

Just give us a yell if anything arises.

Nothing's gonna arise, certainly not me, not until tomorrow morning.

I'm exhausted.

Don't let anyone near this door for any reason.

Shoot them if you have to.

No problem. Sleep tight.

Sleep would be nice, but there's too much to do.

The good news is my new friends will keep Doakes away.

The bad news is they make getting to Jimenez difficult...

But not impossible.

Fortunately, a car isn't the only way to reach the Everglades, and my new marina's only a 20-minute walk.

I'm on my way, Jimenez.

Don't decompose just yet.

I'll be against the current on the way back.

With bagging, cleanup, and detour to the Gulf Stream, tight, but I should be home by daybreak.

It's time to get you out of my life once and for all.

You gotta talk to Lundy.

About what?

Get him to hold off on putting Doakes on the news.

Maybe you should talk to Lundy.

You're one of us. Doakes is one of us.

He deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Look, Lieutenant, I know he's your friend, and we're all pretty f*cked up about this, but it is Lundy's ballgame.

But he listens to you.

You're his right hand.

Right hand? Just say it.

f*ck the euphemisms. And OK, I may be sleeping with him, but it doesn't mean he tells me sh1t or listens to me about anything, so stop asking!

You're sleeping with Lundy?

I'm sleeping at your place again tonight.

Just one more trip.

Ahead of schedule.

That's right, m*therf*cker! It's over.

How'd you find me?

GPS tap on your boat.

Jesus Christ, Morgan.

Jesus f*cking Christ! You're the Bay Harbor Butcher!

I really hate that name.

Jesus christ, man.

You said that.

I knew there was something with you.

But this sh1t?

What can I say? You were right about me.

I never held it against you. I don't now.

My buddies thought I was crazy for becoming a cop.

I had skills. I could have written my own ticket.

And lately, I thought they might have been right, but this...

This makes it all worth it.

I'm happy for you.

Shut the f*ck up.

Let's get this over with.

Put them on.

Morgan, you're done. Give it up!

Would you in my position?

I wouldn't be in your position, you sick f*ck!

You sure about that? You might wanna chat with Lundy.

You shoot me, who'll prove your innocence?

Maybe I'll just kneecap you.

Alright. Nice and slow.

Back the f*ck off, Morgan!

I'm just following your lead.

Slow down.

You're gonna have to kill me, Morgan!

You're gonna have to f*cking kill me, Morgan!