01x11 - Truth be Told

Previously on "Dexter"...

So if you or that skinny bitch try to screw with what's mine, I swear to God, I don't care who I have to hurt.

Let's face it, Paul.

You've been a problem.

It's time for you to go away.

It's Paul. He...

He violated Florida's three-strikes law.

The cops picked him up totally strung out on heroin.

He's back in jail.

Holy sh1t! They're f*cking fingertips.

He started getting all rough with me until he saw this.

Then what?

Then he changed his tune, got all turned on.

Told me to take my fake hand off.

He takes all my nail polish and paints each nail a different color.


Like cough drops.

I could hear them clicking against his teeth when he...

Son of a bitch loved those f*cking lozenges.

I was confused because I love you.

What did you say?

I love you.

I love you, too.

What happened to your lip?

No, it's -- I had an incident with a tool at the workshop.

I need an ambulance at

1228 Calendar Street.

A guy's been stabbed.

I've never had much use for the concept of hell, but if hell exists, I'm in it.

The same images running through my head over and over.

I was there.

I saw my mother's death.

A buried memory, forgotten all these years.

It climbed inside me that day.

And it's been with me ever since --

My dark passenger.

You should be focusing on me, socio.

Seriously want to get the m*therf*cker that did this to Batista.

I'm just, you know, distraught about Angel.

How's he doing? Do we know?

Still in surgery.

Laguerta's there.

God, I hate feeling so helpless.

What, no jokes about providing gross sexual comfort in a time of crisis?

Our friend was stabbed...

And he might die.

Officer Morgan.

What do you think, Dex?

He put up a fight. There was a struggle.

Attaboy, Angel.

Here, this trail --

Steady stream of drops.

He had a few seconds. Tried to move away until -- till he fell.

So much blood.

What's happening to me?

No way.

You're the one I'm supposed to meet.

In the flesh.

You know, I was just talking to someone about you.

That tickles.

Don't stop.

I wouldn't dream of stopping.

You're so different this time --


Are you gonna try and get all pervy with my stump again?

Actually, your...

...imperfection is what saved you the first time.

Saved me from what?

True artistry.

The message of my work is -- not in the product itself, but rather the presentation.

That wrinkled flesh on your radial carpal joint is far from perfect.

It's quite unsightly, actually.

Hey, you don't have to be an asshole about it.

Hey, hey, no, no, no. Shh, shh, shh.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to offend.


I'm thankful for you.

You're my escape plan.

Escape from what?

The police.

Because of you, I've had to speed up my... project.

I need something to distract them by.

And I always found a freshly chopped-up body always does the trick.

Wait, wait! No!

Don't struggle.

That never helps.

I'm compressing your carotid artery, and that is cutting off oxygen to your brain.

In about 10 seconds, you'll be unconscious.

Hey, it's Rudy. Leave a message.

Okay, I guess you went to bed.

Or you fell asleep on the couch watching "Xena" reruns, which I still think makes you a dork.

Either way, call me when you get this, okay?

Miss you.

He's still in surgery, but I don't know when we'll hear anything.

So I guess you won't be coming over tonight.

No. I mean, I can't.

Alright. I understand.

You need to be there for your friend.

I haven't told the kids yet.

Told them about Angel?

No, about Paul...

Being back in prison?

I hate breaking their hearts. They think so much of their dad now.


You know what?

Focus on Angel. We can talk about this later.


They're actually coming out right now. I got to go.

Angel sustained severe internal injuries.

He lost a lot of blood.

But... the surgery was successful.

It looks like our boy's out of the woods.

I know I should stay, be a part of the group hug.

But I can't focus.

I'm trapped in the clutches of a memory.

I need to know what it means.


What the f*ck is wrong with you?

I have someplace I have to be.

Well, we all got someplace to be.

But you just found out that somebody who was supposed to be your friend is gonna live.

Does that make you feel anything?

Anything at all?

Take your f*cking hand off me.

Just what I always thought.


♪ Deck the halls with parts of bodies ♪
♪ La-da-da-da dum ♪

sh1t. Just what I need.


I know it's late.

I guess you didn't get my message.

I drove by and saw your car.

I can go.

Get your ass in here.

It's about time you see where I live anyway.

You have no idea how much I needed this.

You feel good.

And cold. You're freezing!

Well, then stay and keep me warm.

This Batista thing has gotten to you, hasn't it?

Angel's daughter was there.

That's got to be rough.

Daughter of a cop --

Just like you.


I remember what that's like --

Kissing your father goodbye, always afraid it's for the last time.

Let's get out of town for the weekend --

Just the two of us.

We need to talk.

I'm sitting right here.


The time has got to be right.


It'll have to wait...

At least till we catch the asshole who did this to Batista.

Let me warn you -- I can be very persistent.

I need to get out of town, and I need you... to come... with me.

What I need is sleep, which is not gonna be easy.

I'm totally wired from all this sh1t.

Well, lucky for you, I have the perfect cure.

My loving arms.


I got a little thing to help you sleep.

That ain't no little thing.

I meant Valium.

It's one of the perks working at the hospital.

Wine and Valium?

I'll be totally helpless.

You read my mind.

Well, as I live and breathe!

You miss me?

You and the bear claws you're hiding behind your back.

This must be important.

Haven't seen much of you lately.

No rest for the wicked.

How's Gene?

Good days and bad.

He just finished his first round of radiation.

Well, he's a good guy.

Not much of a bridge player, though.

Harry and Gene used to get so mad every time Doris and I would take them to the cleaners.

I was hoping you could dig up an old case file for me.

Well, sure thing.

Got a date?

Not exactly.

It's the crime scene where Harry found me.

I wish I could help, but... everything from that long ago is boxed up in the basement at City Hall.

And... as you can see, I'm up to my you-know-what in year-end reports, so...

It's my lieutenant.

Camilla, is there anything you remember?

What I remember, Dexter Morgan, is your father caring enough to bring you into his home and give you a loving family.

I wouldn't keep your lieutenant waiting.

Who found the body parts?

I did.

They were left under the tree.

I thought it was the crew from last night just messing around...

Till I found the head.

I told him not to touch anything, but he never listens.

God, Patty, you're such a bitch.

Did you guys see anything out of the ordinary before you found the body?

There were some broken ornaments by the tree.

Who could do something like this so close to Christmas?

The Grinch.

Oh, you're a f*cking riot, Max!

Like anyone's gonna go shopping down here after this.

There go our jobs.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Oh, sucks to be an elf.

...Get some visual surveillance.

I got here as fast as I could. What are we looking at?

Female victim. Cut up into pieces.

The ice-truck killer? So soon?

Yep. And after the bloodbath at the hotel, can't wait to see how the captain's gonna handle the press on this one.



I need you to walk Dexter to the crime scene.

And will somebody turn off this goddamn snow machine?!

Your sister can help you out.

That a whole sexual-tension thing or am I missing something?


It's the same numbers he left at Marina View hotel.

Any leads as to what they mean?

We've talked to numerologists, mathematicians, code breakers

-- Nothing.

They need more to go on.

First he turns my whole world inside out with a carnival of blood.

Now he leaves me this --

A calming oasis in the desert of my confusion.

It doesn't make sense.

Crime scene's wiped clean.

Another hooker?

Ho, ho, ho -- Another dead ho.

Somebody's been naughty.

Hey, Morgan.

Want to sit on my lap when we're done and tell me what you want for Christmas?

And he's back!

No, thanks.

Last thing on my wish list is a burning sensation when I pee.

This doesn't seem right.

Body parts scattered among the presents.

Broken ornaments.

It's not his usual meticulous style.

It seems rushed...


That would explain why we can't find one of the hands.

What's wrong?

There's something underneath the torso.

Merry Christmas, Miami.

After all this time, why do you think the ice-truck killer has struck again?

Any answer at this time would be pure speculation on my part.

Do you think it has any connection with your department's handling of the Neil Perry fiasco?

Sir? "You've arrested the wrong man. "Made the world think I'm a rank amateur, "and I'm very, very angry "to answer for your mistakes."

Stop the tape.

What are you doing?

Look at her tears. They're rolling up.

Oh, my God.

b*st*rd's got her upside down.

That's how he bleeds them out. He strings them up like meat.

Please. No, please, no --

All right, turn it off.

I'll have the tape sent to the station for analysis.

Sergeant Doakes, you're on point.

With all due respect, sir, lieutenant Laguerta's in charge of this investigation.

Not anymore.

The fact is we haven't been able to catch this guy, and now he's rubbing our noses in it.

We've got to come up with some fresh ideas.

This is some bullshit. I'll go talk to him.

No, no, no. Do as he says.

The commissioner has his ass in a sling.

He's up for review. Word is he's getting the boot.

So you're just gonna sit back and take this?

Well, if it means being seen as his worthy successor...

I'll be at the hospital.

All right, P.B. and J. inside, cut diagonally, not straight across.

Tastes better that way.

Has dad said if he's coming over Christmas eve or Christmas morning?

I miss him.

Well, I'm afraid your dad's not gonna make it this year for the holidays.

Where is he?

Well, uh...he's --

He's back in jail, isn't he?

Look, I know he wanted to say goodbye, but there wasn't any time.

He loves you guys so much.

I forgot my math book.

I'm -- I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.

We could write him a letter.

It's all your fault.

You could at least pretend you want to be here.

You're the one who had the urgent need for tacos.

Yeah, so we could talk about Rudy.

He's been acting weird lately.

Last night he said we need to talk.

Well, that's never good.

Well, thanks. I feel a lot better.

I've only been obsessing about this all day.

Think you could talk to him for me?

Look, it's Rudy.

I sort of called him.

Dex, Deb didn't tell me you'd be joining us.

Apparently she's had a lot on her mind.

Oh, sh1t.

That's work. I have to go.

Here, take mine. Sorry.

What's with your lip?

Deb catch you with a right hook?

She can be pretty protective with the remote.

I had a little... workshop accident this morning.

Doesn't look like it happened this morning.

The cut's already closing up.

Did I say-- I meant yesterday morning.

I think I'm working too hard.

Anyway, I don't think my lip is why Deb arranged this little chitchat.

My sister is afraid there may be trouble in paradise.

Your sister's wrong.

So this whole "need to talk" thing?

I'm starting to look at the big picture.

She's someone that I could see spending the rest of my life with, you know?

No, I don't know.

But I do know that Deb's falling for you...


You hurt her...

And you'll hurt me.

Something like that.

Angel, se recupera.

Angel va a estar en la casa para la Navidad.

Okay? El es un hombre fuerte y strong.

Y además...

I'm tired of hearing you two gallinas cluck.

Hey, you.

You had us so worried.

If I'd have known that this would get you back in the same room with me, I would have gotten stabbed sooner.

I'm gonna get the doctor.

No, no, no. What are you doing?

No, dejalo.

The doctor said you're lucky to be alive and still have a liver.

That's why I got two, right?

It's a good thing you decided to be a cop.

Tell me that you caught the cocksucker that ruined one of my best shirts.

We don't have any leads.

Did you see anything?


He was behind me.

I just felt the blade go in.

It happened so fast.


How long has Nina been here?

She was the first one at the hospital.

She's been with you the whole time.

Yo no sé porque, pero...

My mother was murdered before my eyes.

Makes sense I'd choose a life where I search for meaning in blood.

The sole memory I have of her is being covered in it.

I need to know more details.

I hope that look means you found something on Batista's shirt.

You should see this.

That's what I drove all the way back from the hospital for?

This drop of blood doesn't match the wound pattern or the spatter from the rest of Batista's shirt, and look where it is -- On the inside of the back collar.

Angel is stabbed from behind.

You think it's the attacker's blood?

We know Batista fought back.

Well, run the DNA.

If this guy's got priors, we'll get a hit on the database.

Already sent a sample to the lab.

All right, let's get this together. Come on, let's go.

Sorry to hear... You know, about Matthews taking you off the case.

Last gasp of a desperate man.

Things are gonna change around here.

And I won't forget your help. "And I'm very, very angry." "Oh, God, no! No, please!"

I can't watch this again.

I know it's tough, but just keep your eyes on the monitor.

Wait -- What was that?

The camera tilts up right before he hits the off switch.


That, my friends, is a monster refrigeration unit.

He needs it cold to preserve the bodies. We knew that.

But check this out.

Look how much space there is between her feet and the ceiling.

This room is way bigger than your standard commercial freezer.

Most likely it was a custom build.

So we should focus our search on commercial districts.



You think he built this in his own place?

He picks up hookers, right?

I worked Vice.

The smart girls know not to go near a factory or a warehouse unless you never want to be seen again.

How do we know he didn't knock out his victims or drug them, then take them back to a warehouse?

None of the other victims showed any signs of head injury or narcotics.

Besides, what better way to trap a victim than to get her to walk into your own home?

The escort service said she was meeting her client at the corner of Brickell Avenue and Coral Way.

And her body was found at Santa's cottage, which is on Biscayne mall.

We'll map out grids.

We'll focus on private residences drawing large amounts of power near those areas.

We catch a break...

We'll catch this son of a bitch.

Wait! Where the hell are you going?

I need to do some research on a case.

You were supposed to call me after your lunch with Rudy.

I've been freaking out!

He sent me this text message. "Cum sail away with me?"

He misspelled "come."


This is no time to joke.

This is good, right? A romantic weekend?

What did he say to you?

Oh, wait, no. Don't.

Don't tell me.

Maybe he wants it to be a surprise.

Unless I should know. Should I know?


Tell me.

You know, no. Don't. "We need to talk"?

Who says that unless you're getting dumped?

I don't think that's what this is about.

He probably wants me out on the water in case I make a scene.

You know, I always do this.

I put myself out there. I set myself up to get hurt.

He wants to be part of the family.





I have to get to the library before it closes, but we'll talk about this later, okay?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

I was never one to dwell on my past, always content to leave it a mystery.

No details --

Just a blur of images rushing by.

But my friend out there wants to bring those memories into focus.

So do I.

This is it for the Metro News for 1972 through 1973.

The Tribune's archives...


1-0-3 -- Same as the hotel, same as Santa's cottage.

This is what he wanted me to find all along.

Close your eyes.

Don't look.

Laura Moser...

My mother.

No wonder I felt so disconnected my entire life.

If I did have emotions, I'd have to feel... this.

October 3, 1973.

Laura Moser and three others found chopped up with a chain saw.

Apparently a drug dealer didn't appreciate Laura and her friends stealing his cocaine.

First officer on scene was Harry Morgan.

You've been busy.

A crime that big and yet there's no record of the case file at City Hall, that seems a bit odd. Don't you think?

It's a long time ago.

What is in that report that Harry didn't want me to see?!

Why was there no mention in any of the newspapers about a 3-year-old boy at the crime scene?!


Damn it, I need to know. I need that file.

I can't give you the file 'cause it no longer exists.

I destroyed it the day your adoption went through.

You did what?

Made a promise to your father.

Why, to protect him?

To protect you.

Harry had a code.

He'd never ask you to destroy evidence.

Your father was a decent man and an honest cop, but what he saw in that cargo container changed him.

You were left there for days, starving, in blood 2 inches thick.


Dex! Cody's run away!

Are you sure?

Yeah, I've looked everywhere.

Well, call the police. I'll be right there.



I need to know the truth.


Leave this one alone.

I can't sit here like this.

I should be out there doing something.

Rita, the police said you need to stay here in case Cody comes home.

The neighbors are helping. We'll find him.

Yeah, but one squad car for all of Miami?

What if some crazy person picked him up off the street?

It's all my fault.

Honey, what are you talking about?

I should have heard Cody get out of bed.

I'm his big sister.

Hey. Hey, look at me.

It's not your fault, okay?


Could you go get Dexter some water?


I should have seen this coming.

Cody was so upset with me when I told him that Paul was back in jail.


Today's Thursday, right?


I think I know where Cody might be.


Need a push?

Today's the day you meet daddy in the park, huh?

He'll be here.

Oh, baby, I'm so sorry, but he's not coming back -- not for a long time.

Look, we'll talk about this when we get home, okay?

After all the lies Harry left for me to uncover, I'd love to run away, too.

He won't even look at me.

I'm not the one in jail, and yet I'm still the bad guy.

Well, you didn't tell them the truth...

About their father.

I told them Paul was back in jail.

Well, right, you told them where he is, but you didn't tell them who he is. He's still the same -- drug-using, wife-beating redneck he always was.

They should hear that.

You're not a parent. You don't understand.

You do anything to protect your kids.

Rita, wake up. You're not protecting them.

You're protecting Paul.

Well, I -- I got to get them home.

Somebody's in a good mood.

The commissioner and the review board did not look happy this morning.

They've been in Matthews'

office for two hours.

You thinking his ass is about three shades of red right now?

I don't care what color it is as long as it's on its way out the door.

Tell me that did not just happen.

It's who you know and who you blow.

Probably picking their f*cking tee time.

Maria, watch your back.

He's gonna be gunning for you now more than ever.

Let him try.

My man Juan, hook it up.

They didn't have "Road and Track" so...

That better be a bag of applesauce.

Okay, Juan, at this point, you should go save yourself. Go.

You got to be kidding me!

Two double-meats?

A man's got to eat.

You're so cute when you're annoyed.

You know, your mouth makes those little O's.

God damn it, Angel, do I look like I'm being f*cking cute with you?

Well, not now you don't, no.

Why do you always do this -- make light of things that matter?

Okay, I'm sorry. Okay?

When I come home, I'll eat anything you want.

No jokes, no complaining -- I promise.

When you come home?

I thought the way things are going with us...

I thought you'd forgiven me.

Well, of course I forgive you.

I forgave you a long time ago.

Okay, so let's fix this.

This could be a second chance for us.


Look, you did what you did.

It was hard.

But it got us to face the truth.

We were miserable... for years.

Do you really want to survive this and go right back to being unhappy?


What if I do?

Look, you will always be Jorge's father.

I will always care about you.

I'll always be here for you.

But our marriage is over.

Why, yes, by all means, Tom, please, come in.


Let's you and me have a talk.

Congratulations on the review. I hear it went well.

You must be thrilled.

But now, if you don't mind --

Let me get right to the point.

All our mishaps these last few months --

Failure to bring in the ice-truck killer, mishandling of Tony Tucci...

Even Neil Perry --

Neil Perry was your fuck-up...

Not mine.

They're all the result of a bad command structure, and that's my failure.


I'm glad to hear you say that.

Takes a big man to admit his own mistakes.

So this morning, the commissioner gave me the go-ahead to restructure the division.

Effective immediately, you will no longer serve as my lieutenant.

I'm sorry. I know this must be difficult for you.

Please, it's ridiculous.

You really don't want to do this.

Because of your status in the Cuban community?

I'm a f*cking hero to this community!

You think they're just gonna accept it?

Your replacement has already been selected.

Her name is Esmé Pascal, a transfer from fort Lauderdale --

A real up-and-comer.

Pascal, the Haitian-American?

The one who got shot last year in the line of duty.

Turns out she's an actual hero.

You think I'm gonna stay quiet for this, you're out of your mind.

I did warn you, Maria.

I'm gonna need you to clear out this office tonight.

Expect a call from my union rep.

You want it, you'll always have a place in the bullpen --

And my f*cking lawyer, too!

...with all the other detectives.

This isn't f*cking over, Tom!

You goddamn... son of a bitch!

Oh, you got to be kidding me.

How are you?

How the hell do I look?

I can barely remember how I got here.

Look, there's something we need to discuss.

If you came for an apology, you wasted a tank of gas.

Sit. I'm not finished.

f*ck you.

Astor and Cody are in the other room.

Jesus, you brought them here?

Look, I know this will be difficult, but I need you to explain to them why you're in this place.

I have no f*cking idea why I'm in this place!


Fine. You want to be in denial? Go ahead.

You will never see your kids again.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Rita, wait, wait.

I fought so hard to win those kids back, especially Astor.

If they see me here like this, I'm gonna lose them forever.

Paul, the one good thing that came out of our marriage are those kids.

And I know you love them.

But if you want to have any kind of real relationship with them, it has to be with the father they have, not the father they wish they had.

Now, you cheated on me.

You broke my heart, you broke my bones, and I took it so those kids wouldn't have to.

But I am giving you the chance to make it all right.

But not for me, for them.

I... wouldn't know what to say.

Tell them you're paying for your mistakes.

It's a valuable lesson.

It's one you never got.

So what's it gonna be?





All right, this won't take long.

There was a drop of blood on the back of your shirt that wasn't yours, so I need to check the back of your head.

Just so long as it's only my head you're checking back there, bro.

How are things with you and Rita?

Not so good, actually. We kind of... had words. I think I really upset her.

That's rough, man.

Maybe I'm not the right person for her.

Some people are meant to be alone, right?

Dex, socio, alone sucks.

Hijo de puta!


Teeth marks.

You definitely wounded this guy.


I hope I broke his f*cking nose...

Or at least gave him a fat lip.

Angel, have you ever met Deb's boyfriend, Rudy Cooper?

Yeah. I went by his office a couple of days ago.

Nice guy.


At lunch, Rudy said he'd hurt his lip that morning.

He was lying, and I was too distracted to care.

But he's got my full attention now.

Hey, you here tonight?

Yeah, we're tits-deep in the ice-truck killer.

Might be onto something. It's gonna be an all-nighter.

So that text message you got from Rudy about going away with him -- you're not gonna do that?

Tragically, no.

I was all psyched to meet him at the Miami Beach marina but this bullpen's my home till we finish this.



I'm working on a theory that Rudy was gonna propose, and now he can't -- Why is that good?

No, I meant good that you're making progress here.

Yeah. We're getting closer.

Fingers crossed.

At least I know my sister is safe tonight, which gives me time to check out my own theory on Rudy.

We've defined the area for the residential search.


So we'll start canvassing tonight. You take the --

That him?

Yeah, how'd you know? 'Cause you got that stupid-ass grin on your face again.

Go ahead. Answer it.



Hey, Supercop.

What's the word?

I'm kind of in a thing right now.

Got it. I'll be quick.

You never answered my text.

Do I have the pleasure of your company this weekend?

Yeah, about that --

Come on, Deb, it's only two days.

I know, I know. It's just --

We've had a major break in the ice-truck-killer case.

I promise, as soon as we catch this douchebag, you and I are gonna spend a whole week together in bed.

You are not gonna be able to get rid of me.

Okay, okay but --

How about dinner?

Oh, my God, you are persistent.

Well, you got to eat, right?

So why not eat dinner with me... on this yacht I'm on?

Where the hell did you get a yacht?

I rented it.

I thought we'd have a nice couple days together, but we could still have a nice night.

And there is that thing we need to talk about...

Okay, well, maybe I can take an hour for dinner.

I can work with an hour.

I mean, a real hour, not one of your "let's stretch this out till 2:00 a.m. you might as well stay and have s*x" hours.


Real hour. No fakey hour. Got it.

All right, I'll get out of here as fast as I can.

I'll see you soon.

Thinking Rudy attacked Batista doesn't make any sense.

He's a loving boyfriend.

He spends his life helping people in need.

He brought me steaks.

Well, that's just rude.

Why would loving and helpful Rudy need an industrial-grade lock?

And a security camera?

How do I get his DNA now?

At times like this, I wish the truth was more easily accessible, and less -- ripe.

But Harry taught me to trust my gut. "People lie all the time," he said. "But your instinct will never fail you."

Some blood from a cut lip, perhaps?

[f*ck me!]

I believe your rule specifically prohibits such action.

Did you do all this?

In fact -- I did.

You like?

I like.

I like so much that it makes what I have to tell you that much harder.

Oh, please tell me you're not leaving.

I'm sorry.

I hit traffic. It took me 30 minutes to get here.

I have to turn around and go right back.

Oh, my God. Hold on.

Hold on. Wait!

Well, you're sort of forcing my hand here.

I wanted to wait until we were out in the water, but...

Here it goes.

I know this seems fast...

But I feel --

I feel that I waited my whole entire life for you.

And now that you're here, I don't want you to leave.

Debra Morgan...

Will you marry me?

I knew it! I f*cking knew it!

Is that your version of a "yes"?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, but --

No, no, no! Stop at "yes." "Yes", I like that part.

Yes, but let's slow it down, you know?

Like, let me savor this. I want to be with you.

I want to enjoy it, you know? So it's a "yes," but --

Okay, I get it.

You do?

No, not really, but I can work with it.

Good, good.

Oh, God, I can still wear the ring, right?

Yes, but...

There's a condition.

I know you have to go to work, but...

If you're gonna wear the ring, we need to celebrate.

One glass of champagne. That's all I ask.

Rudy, I --

I mean it.

You can't leave your sort-of fiancé

on a yacht with a cold meal and an unopened bottle of champagne. It's kind of cruel.

Just one glass of champagne... to celebrate.

And then you can go back, saving Miami from the ice-truck killer.

I can live with that.

Hey, I need these two tested against each other.

It's kind of a rush.

Excuse me, hi.

Hey, these two -- Tested against each other right now.


It's Deb. Do it.

Hey, I know you're working, but let me know when you come up for air. I need to talk to you.

I'm in the building.

This yacht's amazing.

I didn't know you went for stuff like this.

Well, you have a whole lot to learn about me.

Was that just the phone ringing?

Yeah -- Big brother.

I let it go to voice mail. He can wait till we're done here.

Good. I want you all to myself.

So... let the toasting begin. To... what comes next.

You're not drinking?

Tastes like menthol, which, it turns out, is not that sexy.

What's the matter?


Just bad memories.

That's right. That was the -- the one clue the ice-truck killer left behind, right?


Wait. How did you know that?

I don't often make mistakes, but when I do, they haunt me.


Your champagne's gonna get warm.

You know the one thing I've been dying to ask you?

How did you not know who I was?

You're a cop.

This isn't funny.

I think a real cop would... at least have a sense that she was in the presence of the person she was hunting. Right?

You're hurting me.

I didn't show you the best part of my loft.

Built it myself.

Stop it!

The refrigerated room.

Oh, God, why are you doing this?!

You know, the tricky part was getting you on the boat.

The other women I could just pay.

But at the end...

You made it easy.

So desperate to fall in love.


Dude, you got to see this.

The autopsy on our Santa's cottage victim? Check it out.

One arm was shorter than the other. So that got me thinking.

I mean, our guy isn't sloppy.

He's precise.

Not now, Vince.

Her left wrist was 2 inches shorter than her right.

I mean, why? Why cut off more on the left side than the right?

Because our girl...

Our girl was a f*cking amputee.

I looked up her medical records.

She had a fake left hand. That's why we couldn't find it.

The killer cut off that extra piece of wrist so that we wouldn't see the stump.

Let me see that.

That night Batista was stabbed, he was following up on a lead he got from a one-handed call girl.

Guess what the lead was about.

The ice-truck killer.


You sure?


The samples you gave me were a match.

They're from the same person.

Hey, you all right?

Where's my sister?

Took her code 12. Left about an hour ago.

She went to dinner? She wasn't supposed to go anywhere.

Dispatch, this is Dexter Morgan.

I need you to raise officer Debra Morgan on her radio.

Sorry, sir. She's been out of range for the last half-hour.

It's Deb. Do it.

Where the f*ck are you?

I'm here at work, and you're not. I need to talk to you.

Do not see Rudy until you find me.

Call me when you get this.