02x05 - The Dark Defender

Previously on Dexter...

What's the big break in the Bay Harbor Butcher case I keep hearing about?

Masuka found microscopic algae inside the garbage bags with the body.

It's all about the rocks, baby.

The rocks?

The algae we found on the rocks.

The Bay Harbor Butcher used them to weigh his bags.

We assume he picked them up where he docks his boat.

October 3, 1973, Laura Moser and three others found chopped up with a chain saw.

A drug dealer didn't appreciate Laura and her friends stealing his cocaine.

Why didn't Harry want me to see the report?

You were left there for days, starving, in blood two inches thick.

This is my mother.


He's hiding something, I'm sure of it.

Did you kill your wife?


Don't make me do it!

Debra, actually.

I'm Gabriel.

You're into the kinky stuff.

No, the last guy I had s*x with tried to kill me.

There's my sponsor.

Really? Where?

Dexter, meet Dexter.

I'm gonna help the two of you get to know each other.

You're going to tell me all your deepest, darkest secrets.3

But the person who did this...

Is a person just like me, Like you.

We're all good, Dexter, and we're all evil.

This woman sees me. She doesn't know it, but she's looking behind the mask, and she's not turning away.

Here's your cappuccino and scone, ma'am.

Can I help the next person, please?

Most people hate long lines.

Can I have a coffee and a danish?

The bank, grocery store, coffee bar.

Not me.


Stand in the way of someone's mocha latte.

It also reminds me that the good people of Miami and I aren't so different.

They have no more idea of what I am than I do.

All I'm saying is these guys had it coming.

So what, just chop them all up?

In my opinion, whoever's doing this deserves a goddamn medal.

That'll be $4.20, ma'am.

Sorry, my wallet's in here somewhere.

I got it.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I insist.

Thank you so much. You're a godsend.

Sweet mary, mother of f*ck, that's good!

You might have broken a commandment somewhere in there.

Burning the late-night oil with the task force?


Till we get the report back on the algae, it's just one big reach-around.

The rocks I used to submerge my victims may eventually sink me, too, but if I'm learning anything in recovery, it's "one day at a time."

Bay Harbor Butcher...

Give me one shot. I'd put a bullet in the fucker's head.

You really feel that way?

He's killing people, Dex.

Dad taught us the value of human life.

Yeah, but I think we had different homework assignments.


See you tonight?

I think I'm staying at Gabriel's.

I thought you were taking it slow.

We are.

No s*x, just cuddling.

My little sister, the cuddler.

I got a scalding-hot beverage here.

Don't make me use it.

Love you, too.

I never really got the whole superhero thing.

But lately, it does seem we have a lot in common: tragic beginnings... secret identities...

Part human, part mutant...


Great way to start the day, huh?

Shouldn't you be moving back into your office, boss?

I'd rather be here.

What can you tell me?

Blunt force trauma.

The blood spatter here on the counter suggests that this is where the initial blow occurred.

Impact spatter is consistent with repeated blows to the skull.

The victim tried to flee to the back door but didn't get far. Who is he?

Denny Foster.

Worked here. Owner said he closed up nights.


There's no money missing from the register.

Something this brutal is personal.

Want to meet your prime suspect?

He has fins.

Should we call the super friends for help?

No, I got it covered.

I found traces of blood here on the base.

I'll bring it back to my lab, confirm it's the murder weapon.

Got a next of kin we can notify?

Denny was, like, a loner...

Who's that?

The Dark Defender.

Denny had this great idea to put a spin on that vigilante serial killer we got running around.

Definitely has a nicer ring to it than the Bay Harbor Butcher.

I'm conducting an interview here.

Denny was trying to set up the Dark Defender as a graphic novel. "Stalker of the night, his blade of vengeance turns wrong into right."

I need some air.

Thanks a lot.

"The Dark Defender."

No, Miami's too hot for all that leather.

The first time I got high, I was 15.

No, that's not right. I was 14.

No, wait.

I was definitely 15 because it was my freshman year.

I remember now because I was... dating Susie Mitchell.

We broke up 'cause I called her by her sister Sharon's name once.

She hated when people did that.

What she didn't know was that I had a thing for Sharon.

Sharon didn't want anything to do with me, so...

Don't you hurt my baby!

Don't you dare!

Don't look.

Close your eyes. Mommy loves you.

Don't you hurt my baby!

It's okay, mom.

You're safe.

That's hot.

Where did you drift off to, anyway?

I was having this bizarre dream... about my mother.

Say no more.

Oedipus complex, explains a lot.

So, what were you doing to your mother in this dream?

Saving her life.

She was murdered...

When I was a boy.

I was there. I saw it happen.

I've never told anyone that before.

Come on.

Have you thought maybe you weren't saving your mother in this dream?

Maybe you were saving yourself.

That's not what happened.

Don't be so sure.

When I got clean, all the seriously fucked-up reasons I used in the first place began to surface.

This could be where your addiction started.

I hope whoever did it got the bloody chair.

There were 3 men.

I don't know what happened to them.

If these guys are behind bars, you need to confront them.

If they're dead, hell, go piss on their graves, but you need to do whatever it takes so you can get closure.

How else do you expect to get better?

I never expected to get better.

My meth lab's in the sock drawer.

This looks bad, doesn't it?


The cute panties help.

I'm trying to get to know you better...

By rifling through my stuff?

I'm retarded.

And you've been so great.

You know how I told you the last guy I had s*x with tried to kill me?

Well, that was kind of true.

He was the Ice-truck Killer.

Who is he?

Not f*cking funny.

Come on, Deb. I never heard of him before.

Stop it. Don't screw with me.

I've been in El Salvador visiting family for six months.

I just got back.

You sound like every other jackass out there who thinks...

I'm a trophy f*ck.

You had no idea who I was when you hit on me at the gym?

When I hit on you at the gym, it was because I thought you were hot.

Good answer.

So, what's hot about me?

It's in the corner! Don't hurt it!

Dexter, be careful.

Use a broom. It might have rabies.

Oh, it's right there! Get it!

Watch it!



He got it!

My hero.

Alright, kids. Show's over. Come on. Let's get dressed for school.

So, any armadillos in Michigan?

We didn't have any in Florida.

Now it's like an invasion. "Armadillos attack!"

You think you're charming, don't you?

I'm sure it probably works for you most of the time. It did for paul.

I know what you are.


I found these in a drawer.

Tell me, why would Rita print out narcotics anonymous literature if Paul's dead?

Because recently I entered the program.

I knew it.

I would never hurt Rita like Paul did.

I'm not gonna give you that chance.

It's just a matter of time before you pull her under just like he did.

Have you discussed any of this with Rita?

No, but I will if you don't do the right thing here.

If you truly care about this family like you say you do, you will let my daughter and those sweet children go.

The algae on the rocks was exposed to both zinc and lead.

There're only 3 marinas near Bay Harbor which have restricted water flow that would account for such high levels of these specific pollutants.

Turkey creek, sunset keys, and coral cove.

Anyone familiar with these marinas?

Coral Cove is where my dad kept our family boat.

My brother uses the slip now. I'll bet half the force has boats out there.

It's one of the few marinas left that's affordable on a cop's salary.

Morgan and I will take that one.

Sodoquist and Lee, Turkey Creek is yours.

And, Hill and Ramos, you've got Sunset Keys.

The rest of you, stay here with detective Batista.

When the team reports in, relay the information back to me.

If our killer's boat is out there, let's find it.

Sorry it took so long. Couldn't find any other crime scene files.

Probably lost in storage somewhere. That's what I was able to dig up.

Just one file?

There were 3 men arrested for those murders.

One's deceased, one's doing life without possibility, and that's the only one that's still an open case.

Santos Jiminez.

Why's it an open case?

Jiminez turned state's evidence, went into witness protection.

There's a business address in there for him.

I guess after 34 years, he figures all the people who want him dead are long gone.

He figured wrong.

If you can't find what you need, there's audio tapes referenced with this file.


Yes. See that notation?

There was a criminal informant working a cocaine bust from the inside.

I'll take those too.


Harry always said, "never make things personal, "it clouds your judgement."

But I've been living in a fog way too long.

Today is Friday, September 28, 1973.

This is detective Harry Morgan.


- Case file...

I can't f*cking do this anymore!

I have to know when the next shipment's coming in, Laura.

Laura Moser... my mother.

I can't take this anymore.

Harry, I'm so scared.

Everything's going to be OK. You just need to calm down.

I took the cocaine as evidence, just like you asked, isn't it enough?

If we want Estrada and his men behind bars, we have to catch them in the act at the shipyard.

He's gonna find out, and then he's gonna kill me.

Harry, listen to me.

I think someone may have followed us to the park.

If we were followed, I would have noticed.

I just need you to hold out a little longer.

This will all be over soon.

I need to pick up Brian at school.

I won't let anything happen to you... or your boys.

You have my word.

Harry broke his word.

He wasn't called to that crime scene by chance.

It was his case.

Laura Moser was his informant.

Harry knew my mother.

Our suspect is 6'2", 380 pounds, Hispanic, drives a 1971 Ford pickup.

Circulate his DMV photo.

I've got good news.

Me too.

Turns out our vic, Foster, he had a blog.

He was in some online geek flame war with a guy calling himself "corndude."

The D.A. finally signed off on your review.

There won't be any charges.

This corndude's real name is Benjamin Alvaro.

Anyone in the shoot team talk to you about counseling?

Why the f*ck would I need counseling? 'cause you shot a man last week, James.

That's two shootings in less than 6 months.

Come on, it's got to take its toll.

I'm fine, but thanks anyway.

The sushi place next door has a security camera that covers the parking lot.

You know, department's Chaplain's got a good ear.

Can we stay on the goddamn point? The camera caught the license plate of a green-and-white pickup. It belongs to Alvaro.

Timecode puts him here after the shop closed.

So send some units to stake out Alvaro's house, and you and I'll take where he works.

It's OK. I've got Simms and Giles on it.

I got backup.

Come on!

It'll be like old times.

Nina, I just got a call from my attorney.

We need to talk about this visitation bullshit.

Can you just try Dexter's office again?

Miss, he's not picking up.

Call me when you get this.

Excuse me. Are you a friend of Dexter's?

I'm... his decorator. Love the hat.

Terrence, give her a visitor's badge. I'll take her up.

Angel Batista. I'm Dexter's best friend.

Nice to meet you... Angel Batista.

My work requires me to be an expert in analyzing patterns.

Now a pattern keeps emerging from my past that's all too familiar.

Harry lying to me.

No wonder he destroyed the file on my mother's death.

It wasn't to protect me. It was to bury his own guilt.

Look who I found.

Listen, when you're done with him, maybe you can come over to my place.

It's a mess. Needs a woman's touch. Yeah?

What did you say to Angel?

Dexter, these are amazing!

Lila, you can't be in here.

Did you find out what happened to the men responsible for your mother's murder?

Dead or in prison, except for one.

He cut a deal. Now he lives in Naples, Florida.

He runs a tavern.

And what are you gonna do about it?

Not sure yet.

And you're not the least bit pissed off that this man got away with murder?

You sure?

Maybe a little.

Then go and tell him.

Healing is all about focusing your rage on the person that's hurt you.

Naples is, what...

Two hours away? We could go tonight.

Pick me up after work?


Can I have one of these?


What is this stuff?

It's corn syrup and dye. It's my own recipe.

Not bad.

Thank you.

Who doesn't fix something like that?

You alright?


So, I'm thinking we're assuming our killer owns a boat, but what if he...

How do you stand this Miami heat?

Makes my toes swell up.


Anyway, I was thinking, what if the killer's renting a boat?

I can cross-reference some names...

You like cucumber sandwiches, officer Morgan?

I don't know. Anyway, we have some of the dates of when the victims went missing.

It's all about the cream cheese.

So we could cross-reference those dates against the rental logs, and maybe the same names will pop up.

Did you hear anything I just said?

Not one word.

It's 1:00.

I always stop and eat lunch at 1:00.

You'll learn that about me.

Why don't you sit down?

You're welcome to consider it an order if that helps.

The shoes, too.

Shouldn't we be...

I don't know, investigating the area?

You're very fidgety.

Anyone ever tell you that?

Yes. My father.

You applying for the job?

Just an observation.

Sorry. I'm confused. Are you criticizing me for wanting to do my job?


It's 1:00.

Look, the last time I was around boats, a killer was kidnapping me, which might explain why I'm living with my brother and snooping on my new boyfriend.

So forgive me for being a little fidgety, but if it's lunch we're talking, I'm gonna eat a fat pork sandwich, and I'm sure as sh1t not gonna eat it here.


This isn't a commercial marina.

I haven't seen a single rental ID on any of these hulls.

But I can see the upkeep on this place is dismal.

Unsecure perimeter, poor lighting.

Come out here at night, no one'd know what the hell you're doing.

That's why I'm going to order 24h surveillance on this marina and the two others. As soon as I finish my lunch.

I finished my spatter report, put in for a personal day, left word with Rita.

Naples, here I come.

I can't really focus my rage on the man who killed my mother, not with Lila along for the ride.

But I can prepare for the day when I do.

Where are you off to so early?

Getting out of town for the night.

Don't wait for me.

In the middle of the week?

Thought I'd take the minivan out on the open road.

Who are you?

You'll have the place to yourself if you want to tie up Gabriel again.

Yeah, that one never f*cking gets old.

Call me when you're back. I wanna talk to you about coral cove.

What about coral cove?

The algae on the rocks sent us there.

If I were you, I'd really consider moving your boat.

Security out there sucks ass.

That's kind of the point.

This little green algae may as well be kryptonite.

If it's ever traced back to me, I'll be helpless.

Is this a rental?

Nope, she's all mine.

So your minivan's a she, is she?

Your girlfriend must be jealous.

Is she cool with you doing this?

I didn't tell her.

Rita's mom found out I'm in recovery.

She wants me to leave Rita and the kids.

She could be right.

I can't abandon them.

So, what about what you're gonna say to this guy when you get there?

I'm sure I'll think of something.

Why don't you practice on me?

I'd... rather not.

Just try.

Out loud.

I feel like...

... you stole my life.


I'm not the person I'm supposed to be.

It's like I'm hollow.

That's good.

Go on.

I hide in plain sight...

... unable to reach out to people...

Close to me.

I'm afraid...

... I'll hurt them.

Like I've hurt so many others.

This is what he made me become.

Then that's what you should tell him.

What do you remember most about your mother?

She had long hair.

Soft... like her hands.

That's all.

Yup... Just like old times.

You live for this and you know it.

We could always get in the car and pass the time like we used to.

I'm not going down that road again.

Code 1, suspect's vehicle spotted -- one on board.

Headed your way.

Copy that.

I'll take lead.

I got it.

We don't want this guy to do anything stupid in a crowd of people.

That's what you out here for, to babysit me?

I'm here because I worry about you.

How many f*cking ways do I have to tell you that I'm fine?

That's what worries me.

You're fine with killing two men? You're fine?

Been more than two.

This isn't the army, james This is my department.

I need to know you are fit for duty. That's my job!

That's all you care about is your job, even if it meant doing pascal's man to get it back.

How did you know about Bertrand?

I didn't for sure until just now.

I know you, Maria.

We rode together for 2 years. When you want something, you get it.

Pascal was in your way.

We're not talking about this.

You all up in everybody else's sh1t as long as it ain't yours.

There's Alvaro.

Wait til he gets out of the car.

How long you be wiping my ass?

Until I see my old partner again.

On my go.

On the ground!

Hands where I can see, Alvaro!

Remember, this is about you.

Not about him.

It's alright if we get there and you can't go through with this.

I know. 'Cause we can come back another time.

I want to meet him tonight.

This isn't art. This is cottage p0rn.

That's Rita.

Say no more. I need to take a shower anyway.

Don't[i] leave without saying goodbye.

[i]It's so good to hear your voice. I was starting to get worried.

You still on the road?

No, I just got in.

Well, you said you'd call.

Where are you?

I decided to look up someone from my past.

That's what suddenly came up?

Dexter, what's going on?

Well, after this morning, I figured it'd be better if I kept my distance.

What happened this morning?

Let's just say

your mom isn't a big fan of men in recovery.

Oh, sh1t.

Look, this means nothing.

I'm gonna take care of this.

Now, when are you coming back?

Tomorrow morning.

Promise me you'll stop by the house 1st thing.


I'm so sorry about this, Dexter.

See you soon.

Why are you not in the shower?

I know. I'm just checking some e-mails.

We have to be at the restaurant in half an hour.

Sure you don't want to join me?

You stink.

Thought you liked it dirty. "Ice princess"?


You son of a bitch!

Deb, what did I do?

You lied to me! You're a writer!

I'm trying to be, yeah!

I saw all of those e-mails you sent to those publisher.

The ice princess!

You went through my e-mail!

All you wanted was to get close to me to sell a book about me and the Ice-Truck Killer!

That's crazy. Those letters...

f*ck you! f*ck you!

What can I do you for?


Beer. Whatever's on tap.

Una fría, coming up.

Way to ditch me.

You were in the shower.

So, are you there?

Do you see him?

He's staring at me.

You gonna say something?

I don't know what I'm gonna do yet.

I should go.

Well, call me when you figure it out. All right?

Three bucks.

You had no right!

He's an addict, Rita. he is no good for you!

He's already got you smoking again.

You turned your back on me and your grandchildren.

That was not my fault.

I tried to warn you about Paul, but you ran away with him anyway.

I wasn't running away with Paul.

I was running away from you.

Do you have any idea how much it hurts me to see you make the same mistakes again?

I've had my fair share of mistakes.

And guess what -- you were right about Paul.

He was a terrible man.

But for the first time, I feel safe and loved.

And that's because of Dexter.

I can't talk to you when you're like this. I'm going to bed.

This is my life, mother.

If you can't be happy for me, then maybe you shouldn't be here.

If you want to abandon me and the kids again, fine.

That's your choice.

But Dexter is not going anywhere.

Last call was 30 minutes ago.

You hear me?

I need you to finish that up.


I'm avoiding going back to my motel room.

I'm visiting from Miami.

You ever been there?

I can't say that I have.

How long you lived in Naples?

Oh, a few years now.

You like it?

All right, coño.


Okay. This is gonna be awkward.

I need to tell you how I feel.

No, what you need to do is leave because you been eyeballing me all night.

You really shouldn't do that.

I said get out of my bar.


Just let me say what I need to say, and I'll go.

You stole my life.

What the f*ck? You are really beginning to piss me off.

I'm not the person I'm supposed to be because you took someone from me.

I will beat your f*cking head in if you don't walk out that door right now!

I tried Lila's way.


The port of Miami!

A shipping container!

A chain saw!

Laura Moser!

You remember now? You remember now?

You got me confused with someone else!

I know exactly who you are!

You made me into what I am!

Okay! I-I killed her.

I had to!

Did you? Did you have to?

Did you have to saw her into little pieces?

Did you have to leave 2 little boys soaking in a pool of their mother's blood?

Estrada would have killed me if I didn't.

You slaughtered her like an animal because she stole his precious cocaine.

No. We found out she was a snitch for a cop.

She was f*cking him.

Which cop?

I didn't know his name.

I followed them to a park.

My mother and Harry? That's what got her killed?

I'm not done with you yet.

Isn't this what heroes do -- Avenge lost loved ones?


Everything okay?

Dexter, what's wrong?

I thought I could resist.

Jesus... are you using?

No, but I'm about to.

Tell me where you are and I'll get in a taxi and I'll come get you.

I have to do this.

No, you don't! Just tell me where you are.

You'll be too late.

Don't you bloody do this.

You are stronger than that.

I'm not!

Yes, you f*cking are.

You've come this far.

If you turn back now, you'll go right back to the way you were...

Hollow, angry,


I will get you through this. I swear.

Just come back to me. Okay?

Are you all right?

It's okay.

I didn't...

It's okay.

I don't care what you did.

It's okay.

It's okay.


It's okay.

What are you still doing here?

Making sure our marina surveillance is in place.

You forget something?

I'm working up rental logs... on the other two marinas.

You don't give up, do you?

Do you?

I'm wide awake anyway. Dexter's out of town.

I don't really sleep when I'm by myself.

What about the new boyfriend?

We sort of broke up.

I broke up with him.

Guess you won't be needing this, then.

What's that?

Background check.

You said you were snooping. Just thought I'd help.

You ran a background check on my boyfriend?

What's it say?

Gabriel's clean.

Well, except for those parking tickets.

Just because he's not a criminal doesn't mean he's not an asshole.

I went through his e-mail.

I know, but it was worth it. I mean...

He was using me to shop around a book about the ice-truck killer.

Do you know what kind of writer Gabriel is?

Children's books? "The Ice Princess" is a children's book.

How could I be so f*cking stupid?

When my wife met me, she was convinced I was a spy.

Connie didn't know it, but she was actually right.

You ran a background check on her?

No need.

Must be nice... to just know like that.

She died... two years ago.


I'm sorry.

That's how I lost my mom.

I should go.

Let me ask you something.

That boyfriend of yours, Did he ever give you a reason not to trust him?

But I don't think it matters.

I mean, I went insane on him.

He'll never forgive me.

Any broken bones involved?

Facial contusions?

You'll be fine.

Do you want to know how I got into the program?

I'd used for years.

Binge, crash.

Thought I had it under control.

Then I met Marco.

What a sh1t.

Thought he was my boyfriend, but he turned out to be my dealer.

b*st*rd had me so strung out by the time he left, nothing mattered.

Nothing was left... but rage.

One night...

I was so f*cked up, God.

I went to his house, and I burned it to the ground.

What I didn't know was that Marco was passed out inside.

They blamed the fire on his drugs.

But it was me.

He died because of me.

That night, I went to my first meeting.

Seeing that side of myself was terrifying.

That I could possibly do that to another person.

Did he deserve it?


Then you didn't do anything wrong.

Hey, you.

I wasn't expecting you this early.

I didn't hit any traffic.

You're just in time for breakfast.

Where's your mom?

Oh, I doubt she'll be joining us.

She's been in her room all morning.

My guess is she's packing.

Maybe I should go.

No, you're staying right here because you're a part of this family.

Are you sure? I've put you through so much lately.

I'm here for you, Dexter... No matter what.

What's this?

The patch.

I have some quitting of my own to do.


Is that anything important?



Morning, Dexter.

Hi... Gail.

So, Rita assures me that you are committed to getting better.

I am.

Then I wanna be here to help.

In fact, I've decided to stay in Miami.

I e-mailed the school board my letter of resignation this morning.

What about your house?

I'll put it on the market.

Sweetie, I thought about what you said last night.

I haven't been here for you, and I want to change that.

My sister's looking for a new apartment. I'm sure we can help you find one, too.

Well, don't be silly. I'll be living here.

Dexter, be a dear and pass me the cream, please.

Thank you.

Harry taught me to lie and keep my darkest secrets from those around me...

Which is why I need to make sure there's not a trace of blood left on my boat.

He also taught me not to rush to judgment.

Things aren't always what they appear to be... including Harry.

And what about me?

Am I the twisted Bay Harbor Butcher...

Or the valiant Dark Defender?

Only time will tell.

Funny thing is I've met someone who doesn't care what I am.

I suppose every hero needs a sidekick...

Every villain, a partner in crime.

All my relationships have been built on not knowing.

But that may be changing.

Imagine that... a life with no more secrets.