01x05 - We're Not Friends

Previously on "How to get away with Murder"...

It's about the Lila Stangard murder.

Sam knew her.

He was supposed to be at Yale the night she was killed, and I need for you to tell me that his alibi checks out.


Dr. Keating didn't show.

He left the garage at 7:00 p.m., wasn't back till 6:00 the next morning.

His alibi's solid.

You're sure?

He never left, Annalise.

[Bell tolls]

Tell me what's on the phone, Rebecca.

Annalise: Does anyone else know about this?

Only Rebecca and I know it exists.

We can use it, right?

We'll see.

Why wouldn't we? I mean, those photos...

Mr. Gibbins, you did your job.

Now let me do mine.

Why is your pen1s on a dead girl's phone?

[Marching band playing, crowd cheering]

We're Not Friends

Let's just get the hell out of here now.


Hey, hey. Jen cannot find out about this, okay?



[Cellphone ringing]

What was that?

[Ringing stops]

Who's there?!

Can we go?


Why is Frank calling you?


I saw your phone, Laurel.

What the hell's going on?

Laurel, please don't say you told Frank about this.

You people tell me that I can't call Aiden, and you called Frank?

I swear to God, Laurel, if you told him anything...

I slept with him. Okay?

And I didn't call him. He's calling me bec...

W... whatever. It doesn't matter.

It does matter.

Otherwise, how do we know you're telling us the truth?

Why would I tell you? We're not friends.

Wait. So, you screwed Frank while you were still seeing Kan?

I'm a cheater, yes.

And a slut and a bad person and now a murderer.

Judge me if you want.

Just do it while we're carrying the damn body!

Annalise: All people have secrets, Miss Castillo.

Certainly, you take that into account when picking a jury.


In fact, there's been a rise in stealth jurors... people who actively try to get on a jury to sway the verdict.

I know what a stealth juror is.

Your need to show off is something to talk to your therapist about.

[Laughter] Mr. Johanson, can you tell me...

I wasn't showing off.

Oh, yeah, baby, it's on.

I was answering your question...

"how do defense attorneys get screwed by juries?"

Mentioning stealth jurors was me giving an example.

I wasn't... showing off.

Somebody woke up in a mood to fight this morning.

Mr. Johanson...

What's a sample question to ask during your first stage of voir dire?

[Indistinct conversations]

Um... Have you decided what to do with the phone?

Not the time nor the place.

I know, but, um... I was thinking before we turn it over to the police, we can trace the cell number of the guy who sent those photos.

I'm not sure we should turn it in at all.

Annalise: How long did it go on?

Don't you dare say that you were just sending photos, because I know you were screwing her.

So I need to know... how long did it go on?

Just the summer.

She was in my class, started coming to my office hours...

How many times?

I don't know.


Six, seven...



My office.

Her car once.

But you wanted more than that, didn't you?

It turned you on just to think about Lila... touching yourself, taking those pictures.

It wasn't like that.

Then why did you lie to me?!

I was afraid you'd think I hurt her.

But I could never do that. You know me.

[Breathing shakily]

Did you love her?


It... it was her. She was persistent.

She kept coming to me about her family, about her boyfriend.

Annie, she was just lost.

Just like you found me.


That's how you like your mistresses, huh? weak, broken messes that you just clean up.

Okay, this was not us. You were never just some affair.

Tell that to your first wife.

You were the one.


Okay? Annie, stop.


This was just s*x, Annie.


It was nothing else, okay?


I love you.

No. No. You don't get to say that.

You don't get to... don't touch me!

Shh! Annie!

[Muffled screaming]


Don't touch me!

Just stop it.

You get out!

You just get out! Get out!

[Door slams]

Wes: But it's what you taught us that first week... introduce a new suspect.

We have one now.

Do we?

Or does the fact that Rebecca had Lila's phone point to her as the killer?

Only if we don't find that guy.

It's my decision to make, Mr. Gibbins.

Wait. I... I don't understand why you're so...

What you don't understand is not my concern.

Ryan: He didn't drink on the weekdays.

Said it made him slow.

And, being a cop, he couldn't afford to be slow.

Otherwise, he'd make a mistake, or people would suffer.


I mean, the fact he was a cop just made it impossible to get help.

And calling them was only gonna make him come down harder on her later.

And the night your father was killed?

It was normal.

He started yelling as soon as mom walked in, and... I don't know, I guess I just couldn't do nothing anymore.

So I walked into his bedroom... got his gun... and the next thing I remember is the gun in my hand... it was still hot... and dad on the floor.

He wasn't yelling anymore.

I was so relieved.

But things are better now...

That he's dead.

Ryan, please don't say...

I'm glad I shot him.

Annalise: We're not just fighting a murder charge.

We're fighting the police.

They've used politics and the media to fuel public outrage and turn Ryan, a boy who spent his entire life witnessing his mother's abuse, into a sociopath who hated his father.

So, how do we win this?

Not based on evidence, but the emotions of the jury.

In emotionally driven cases, jury selection isn't a science.

It's the art of human study.

So how do we ensure the least amount of bias when picking a juror?

Miss Pratt.

By making sure the bias swings in your favor.

For example, men tend to be punishment-oriented and favor the prosecution.

What have you heard in the media about my client?

The short version?

That he's a sociopathic cop-killer.

I'd like to challenge juror 505 for cause.

Juror dismissed.

Beyond gender, what else do we look for during voir dire?

Mr. Gibbins.

Similarities between the juror and your client... any personal connections that will help the juror sympathize.

Are you married?



Happily divorced?

[Scoffs] Oh, lord, yes.

The defense accepts this juror.

When police testimony is pivotal to the prosecution's case, we have to look for jurors who are prone to distrust authority.

What are some of the signifiers of this?

Mr. Walsh.

Number one is race.

There's a larger distrust of police among black Americans.

You don't call the police in my neighborhood.


Every juror you let in that box can decide your client's fate.

Some cops are bad, some are good... like all people.


[Voice breaking] That episode of "NYPD Blue" where Detective Simone died still makes me tear up.


Grace Kelly and I have tea together quite often.

Judge: Dismissed for cause.

Accept, Your Honor.





Excuse, Your Honor.

Accept, Your Honor.

Accept, Your Honor.

Excuse, Your Honor.


12 complete strangers will make or break your case before you've said one word of your opening statement.

I direct you not to discuss the case with anyone, form an opinion, or search out any media coverage of this matter.

Report back at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

Wes: You're making a scorecard?

We finally have a client I don't hate.

Asher: Really?

The guy who shot his dad in the back?

Your Honor, I'd like to file a motion to exclude testimony of the alleged abuse of Sharon Remini.

Your Honor, the prosecution has had weeks to file this motion.

She deliberately waited until after voir dire to undermine my defense.

Judge: Ms. Keating, what evidence do you have supporting the abuse claim?

The testimony of the woman who has suffered the abuse for the last 20 years.

Mrs. Remini is here right now. She could tell you firsthand.

Sharon Remini is the defendant's mother and has every reason to fabricate abuse claims in a desperate attempt to save her son.

In fact, Mrs. Remini never once filed a report with the police.

How could she, when the people that she'd call for help are the drinking buddies of the abuser?!

So, you're admitting you have no actual evidence of the abuse?

I have the testimony of my client, the online diary he's kept for three years that documents the abuse.

It's self-serving hearsay.

I have no choice but to accept the prosecution's motion and block any testimony of abuse, either oral or written, from the defendant or his mother.

Your Honor...

My hands are tied, Ms. Keating.

[Gavel bangs]

Want to grab a bite?

I know a great hoagie place down the street.

You're thinking about a sandwich?

Our whole case just got thrown out.

Ryan's going to prison for the rest of his life, where he will probably become somebody's bitch boy, and that's actually the good option, considering his dad's cop buddies might beat him to death first.

Oh, Ryan. I didn't...

No, it's, uh... I've heard worse.

Just... don't tell my mom.

She still thinks there's hope.

Relax. He'll be fine.

Unless he goes home and shoots himself.

Bonnie: In cases where emotion is currency, we have to cater our defense to the jury, which means knowing the jury... learning to read reactions, body language.

I'm assigning each of you your own pet jurors to watch.


I don't... I don't want this guy.

Oh, not your type? I'll take him if you give me sexy librarian.

How about the two hairy guys? Enjoy.

Can we can track them outside of court, too?

Yes, but absolutely no contact.

Jury tampering is illegal. Don't get us thrown in jail.

This is all fun and everything, but what's our defense?

We picked a jury based on arguing abuse.

If Ryan was on drugs, we can argue diminished capacity.

So, we add drug addict to sociopathic cop killer?

I don't think so.

We need a trojan horse to allow the abuse in, a back door.

Oh. This guy knows how to use a back door.

[Grunts, chuckles]

It's Ryan's blog.

If we could get one of the prosecution's witnesses to mention it on the stand, then everything he ever wrote can be allowed into evidence.

Stay up all night. Take notes.

Know the blog inside and out before tomorrow.

There are like 800 entries.

Then you better start reading.

Barker: As Ryan's english teacher, did you ever suspect he had negative feelings toward his father?


Ryan... was a troubled student.

Everyone at school was aware he had problems with his father.

Why is that?

He performed a song at the talent show once.

The lyrics were... disturbing.

Can you remember what they were?

"I'm gonna put some hot lead in my daddy's head."

No further questions, Your Honor.

The talent show... get the date.

You've got something?

I think so.

Ask about the date.

The talent show that you just referenced... when did it occur?

It was this spring... april, I think.

So April 2014?

That's correct.

Got it.

Mrs. Medick, are these the same lyrics of the song that you just stated for us?


I'm just corroborating the facts presented by the prosecution's own witness.

Overruled, Ms. Barker.

Sit down.

Yes, they're the same lyrics.

Your Honor, these lyrics were first published on Ryan's blog in January 2014, three months previous to the talent show.

Therefore, all entries are open to testimony, including the entries where he describes his father's physical abuse against his mother.

Objection! Your Honor already ruled...

That was before you walked the abuse into this courtroom with your own witness.

I need to see this blog, Ms. Keating.

Of course, Your Honor.

I'll allow it into evidence... and, therefore, the abuse.

Barker: Your Honor... rule number 106 of the evidence code, Ms. Barker.



Well done.


[Knock on door]

Rebecca: Yo, Rudy 2.0! Open up!

Oh, yes! Knew it.

I could smell the pepperoni through the wall.

There's no food in my place.

Every time I leave the house, somebody screams "psycho killer" at me.

[Muffled] Oh, my God. It's so good.


I've been staring at the wall for like three days.

I need company.

Otherwise, I might go all redrum on your ass.

Although something tells me you might be into that.

So, uh... about the phone...

Annalise doesn't want to use it yet...

I know.

You talked to her?

Yeah, she called me this morning, wanted to make sure I was okay... which is more than can be said for you.

No. I-I-I just didn't think you'd want...

I'm kidding.

I get it. I'm your client.

You have to keep it professional.

Or you think I did it.

Lawyers don't ask their clients that.

You're supposed to say, "of course I don't think you did it."

God. What kind of a terrible lawyer are you?


I'm not a lawyer at all, actually... something you were very happy to tell those cops in jail, if you remember.

Yeah, well... I barely knew you then.

You still don't.

I know you've got issues.

What kind of a person lies his way into jail for his potentially murderous neighbor?

I didn't do it.

I just like making people feel uncomfortable.

Makes me feel better, for some reason.

So I'm not the only one with issues.

Clearly not.

Thanks for the slice.

[Visuals' "Slowed Down" plays]

[Door closes]

♪ I rewind
♪ and the best is a midnight mile ♪

[Cellphone vibrates]

♪ The lights, the lights, the lights ♪


♪ Thoughts unkind


There was nothing going on with me and that girl.


I was afraid you'd think I hurt her.

♪ Slowed down
♪ it all slowed down
♪ slowed down

[engine shuts off]

♪ It all slowed down

[car door closes]



This again.

What are you doing here?

I don't know.


I just...

I just wanted to see you.

You're seriously gonna pretend like you didn't get me fired?

What are you talking about?

You told my boss about us... that I was investigating Sam.

No. I would... I would never...

Come on. Enough with the lies.

Nate, please, you have to believe me. I...

I don't believe you.

To be honest, I don't even care.

You want to sleep next to a killer, go for it.

Oh, that's right. I lied, too.

Sam wasn't away at Yale the night Lila got killed.

Now, see, he left New Haven and drove back here to Philly.

You two have a lovely night.

[Cellphone ringing]

Connor: That Frank again?

Guy's whipped.

You should answer.

He's the last person I want to talk to right now.

It strengthens our alibi, moron.

He'll hear the bonfire in the background.

She's right.


Where the hell are you?

The bonfire. Stop calling me.

Laurel, wait.

Let me explain.

Explain what, how you lied to me just so that you could screw me, add me to your list of student conquests?

I messed up. I know that... real bad. I just... I'll do whatever I can to make this right... anything. Just... just don't shut me out like this. I can't just... I... [Sighs] I'll do anything. Please.

It's too late.

We just need to know more about the jurors.

That way, we can argue a defense that speaks to them personally and will make them acquit Ryan.

And you think they should, even though there wasn't any imminent threat to his mother's life in that moment?

Excuse me. Who's to say there wasn't?

One wrong punch, and she could've ended up dead.

Which is not a legal argument you can use in court.

I came here for you to make me feel better, not worse, thank you very much.

Look, this case is about emotion, which means the only way that you win this is if you get the jury to reject the law and acquit regardless of the evidence.

Jury nullification? Mm. It's illegal.

To tell the jury about it, yeah. It's not illegal for them to do it.

What, so you think I should tell them?

What would Annalise Keating do?


No, no, you should not... you should not tell them. 'Cause if you do, you go to jail, and that is not cool with me.

[Man clears throat]

My bad.

Bonnie: You need me?


If this is about the fight you and Sam had the other night, we don't need to talk about it.

That's not what this is about.

I know how you got Rebecca's confession tape.

Detective Lahey illegally searched through Mr. Keating's car last night.

The confession tape... now.

I didn't tell you because...


Because you know I'd never let you air my dirty laundry to the police?

I thought you had enough on your plate.

Don't you dare say that you were doing this for me, 'cause we both know what person in this house you did it for, and it wasn't me.

I'm sorry.

I should've told you.


But thank you for protecting my husband, though.

Now go.

Miller: I always liked Sharon.

It's just that it's hard for me to believe what she's claiming about Anthony.

I worked by his side for eight years.

That's just not the guy I knew.

Barker: To your knowledge, were there ever any complaints about his service?

He prided himself on being by the book.

Are you seriously looking for s*x right now?

We made fun of him for it.

There are a lot of hot guys around here.


Do you believe that Officer Remini could ever have harmed his wife?

No. The opposite, really.

He was very protective of Sharon.

She was... fragile.

He called her every day, several times, just to check up on her.

Does anyone else think that sexy librarian's a lesbian?

I mean, she just stares at Annalise's boobs all the time.

They are great boobs.

Can we all focus, please?

Okay, look, your emotional scorecard is cute and pointless, like a dumb blonde.

They need to vote on evidence.

Yeah, and my study group needs this outline by 8:00 a.m.

Honestly, I've got like six guys on my jock, so I kind of need to focus.

You're sexting six guys right now?

Are there apps like that for straight people?

What happened with the hacker, anyway?

He finally get sick of you using him?

Aw, you think that we're friends, that we'll chat about our boy problems?

The only one with boy problems here is you.


We're gonna lose unless we tell the jury about nullification.

It's illegal, and if we got caught, Annalise gets disbarred.

You know this family, Frank.

We need to help them.

I know that, and we are.

Why the hell are you so worked up about this case, anyway?

Unless your father beat you. [Scoffs]

My father did not beat me, okay?

I just...

I want to feel like we're doing something good for once.

Why is that so hard for everyone to understand?

It's not.

[Cellphone beeps]

Connor: Oh, my God.


[Chuckles] Lumberjack just messaged me.

That's what you've been doing on your gay-sex app?


I've been stalking him on humpr, waiting for him to out himself.

And he finally bit.

What'd he say?

Judge Lee: "All cop killers deserve to fry, especially little bitches who don't know how to respect their daddy."

Did you write that message to a gentleman called "Eightisgreat" on this dating app?

What's your screen name mean?

I can show you.

Even after I specifically forbid any talk about the case outside this court?

Oh, dude.

I did.

Very well.

You have proven bias against the defendant.

You are dismissed, facing possible penalties.

Alternate juror number one, you are called upon to fill the vacancy.

See? Sexting pays off.

What's your scorecard say?

Uh, at best, we have half of them.

Okay, so maybe there's a rat's ass of a chance we pull this off.


Sharon: I'm stupid, worthless.

Everything that comes out of my mouth is a lie.

That's what Anthony would say when he'd accuse me of sleeping with a customer, my boss, a bag boy.

And then what would happen?

He'd... beat me.

Slap me, punch me.

Uh, one time, I came home a little late 'cause I was covering for this pregnant girl I work with.

[Voice breaking]

He kicked me in the stomach, said he'd at least make sure I'd never be able to have a baby again.

Did you ever think about leaving him or pressing charges?

Preggers felt that in the baby maker.

He said he'd kill me if I did.

He said he'd get away with it 'cause he was a policeman and no one would believe it if he killed his wife.

He told me no one would protect me.

But someone did.

My son saved my life, and you all keep saying he's evil, all because he had the courage to be the man my husband was supposed to be.


He shouldn't go to jail for that.

Thank you, Mrs. Remini.

Come on, let it rain, hairy guy.

Let it rain.

Were you under imminent threat when your son shot your husband?

Um, what do you mean?

Would you be dead right now if Ryan hadn't killed your husband?

Did he have his gun aimed at your head, for example?



Because your son, Ryan, was holding your husband's service revolver in his hand.

He pointed it at your unarmed husband's back, and he fired a shot that killed him.

Isn't that what happened?

Yes, but he...

No further questions.

My engagement ring is gone!

Michaela, it's gonna be light soon.

We still need to get rid of the bags and...

[crying] I'm not leaving until we find it.

Are you sure you had the ring on when we left the house?

I already told you, yes!

Oh, my God, what if we don't find it?

I guess you'll just have to cancel the wedding.

Wes: Stop!

We still need her to return the trophy to Asher's.

There's no way she can do that.

Look at her.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

We all had to do things tonight that we didn't want to do.

This one is on her.

I'll do it.

And how the hell are you gonna do that?

I don't know. I'll figure it out.

Annalise: There are cases that speak to evidence, and then there are cases that speak to our humanity, begging our hearts to decide.

What is right is what you feel and what you know in your bones.

Discovering what's happening behind closed doors of a marriage or family is shocking, which is why this case...

Is not about the secrets of a marriage.

This case is about the law.

Ryan Remini protected his mother when no one else would.

In that moment, he had to act, regardless of the consequences.

There was no imminent threat to Sharon Remini the night Ryan shot his father.

For years, he turned away, hung his head in shame whenever he heard his mother's cries...

The law is clear.

The power of judgment does not lie in the hands of a 17-year-old boy.

As she was beat, slapped, kicked by Anthony Remini, a man who tortured his wife and terrified his son.

A police officer sworn to protect his community.

Annalise: Don't send this young man to prison for doing the same thing you would have done for someone you loved.

You would protect them, and that is not a crime.

Don't make it one.

Wes: What's the tally?

Optimistically, we have nine.

So, a hung jury at best and a conviction next trial.

Told you. Psycho boy's off to jail.

It's late, and your jury is out deliberating.

Come on, let's, uh... let's get a beer.

I have a bunch of other work to do, but I'll call you when I leave.

[Door closes]

[Indistinct conversations]

What did you just do?

[Sighs] You don't need to know.

You idiot.

I have to tell Annalise. You know that.

Fine. Go ahead.

Tell her I was showing off.

Annalise: Which one was it?

Not sure.

I just know someone let a juror know about nullification.

Just say you know but you don't want to tell me.

But don't lie to me, Frank.

If one more man lies to me, I swear to God...

Annalise, I'm not an officer of the court.

What you don't know you don't have to report.


That's exactly what you're gonna do... report it to the D.A.


You heard what I said.

Let her know that the jury's been tampered with.

Barker: We received an anonymous tip that someone informed the jury as to how nullification works.

Clearly, it was a member of the defense team.

Based on what evidence, Your Honor?

We all know who benefits from this act.

Again, where's the evidence?

Stop. Bring in the jury.

Has anyone spoken with or contacted any of you about this case in any way, including a discussion of the concept of jury nullification?

Lying is a criminal act for which I can hold you in contempt.

It was me, Your Honor.

I found information that we have the legal right to vote our hearts.

I shared it with the rest of the jury.

In the case K7439080, I have no choice but to declare a mistrial.

[Woman gasps]

Jury is discharged. [Gavel bangs]

[Clears throat]


Bitch, please.

Well, it seems we've done irreparable harm to the public opinion of Ryan.

Due to the abuse defense, the D.A. no longer thinks he's a sociopath.

Therefore, they've bumped the charge to juvenile court.

You're looking at probation, community service, and counseling.

[Voice breaking] Did you hear that?

You're gonna be okay.


I mean, is this happening?

It's happening.


Thank you.

Thank you.


Oh, my God. Are you crying?

No. [Sniffles] Allergies.


[Lock clicks]

[Keys jingling]



You won your case?


Were you at Yale when Lila when murdered?


She was upset when she called me... said she was gonna do something to hurt herself.

So I skipped my lecture, came back to see her, but I couldn't find her.

She stopped answering her phone.

So I drove back to New Haven.

I was back in my hotel by morning.

So you were here in Philadelphia at the exact same time she was being killed.


I know.

You didn't do it.

I don't know what to say here.

I'm sorry I slept with her.

I am sorry I lied about it.

But I didn't kill her.

Rebecca Sutter's on her way over.

You're gonna do a psych evaluation on her.


At least that's what we're telling her.

Whatever it takes to figure out what Lila told her about you or if she shared any pictures of you... of your face.

Annie, this... this is not a good idea.

[Knock on door]

Game face on.

Rebecca, this is my husband, Sam.

He's gonna be helping us out tonight.



[Sighs] Can we get this over with?

So, would you describe yourself as depressed?

Do you ever worry that you might harm yourself?

I have a high I.Q., a wide range of generalized neuroses, and a slight tendency towards paranoia.

You've been evaluated before.


You want to know if I killed Lila, right?

No, no.

This is a standardized psychological test.

It just helps present you as a credible witness.

All right, Rebecca, let's just talk about how you knew her.

We met at the bar.

She was a spoiled sorority girl who wanted a thrill, so she asked if she could help me deal.

Who was she selling to?

Other students, mostly girls at Kappa Kappa Bitch.

So, how did you end up with her phone?

She left it at my apartment the night before.

Said she was done dealing.

Did Lila ever share any details about the relationship she was having with this man?

Just that he was married. She called him Mr. Darcy.

She thought it made her sound smart and not like every other dumb girl obsessed with Jane Austen.

And is there any reason you think that Mr. Darcy had something to do with her death?

He was some sad old man, bored with his marriage, excited to be doing a hot, young piece of ass.

She probably got sick of it and broke it off, so he killed her.

Do you have proof of that?

Or could that be, as you said, your "slight tendency towards paranoia"?

There's a pen1s pic. Isn't that proof?


So, she never said who he was, what he did for a living?

Annalise is trying to find him.

Well, I wish she found him already.

Then I wouldn't be here talking to you.

Hey. Uh, how was it?

Like being strip-searched with words.

[Sighs] Bathroom?

Yeah, upstairs, end of the hall.

So, she doesn't know who you are, Mr. Darcy.

That's it?

That's all you have to say to me?

Am I forgetting something?

I need to know if you believe me.

You're a liar.

At this point, that's all I know for sure.

Sleep on the couch.

[Door closes]

I'll do it.

[Knock on door]


I'm not supposed to be here.

Frank: So, what?

We finally gonna talk this through?


Then why are you...

You said you would do anything for me.

Did you mean it?


I need to know for sure.

Yes, Laurel.

Why? What's going on?


I need your help.

[Door opens]

What the hell?

You didn't tell her, did you, that I was the one who messed with the jury?

You think you'd still be working here if I did?

Why didn't you?

I mean, 'cause did you ever think I wanted her to know that we won this case because of me?

We didn't win anything.

It got us a mistrial, which was lucky.

No, it was smart, but thank you...

I mean, if that's what you're looking for me to say.

Thank you for picking me, making me Frank's girl.

Thank you for watching over me, for saving poor, little Laurel.

I wanted to believe you were something else, not the clichee little girl who went to Brown.

Oh, right, because you knew she would never screw you.

Like I'd ever want to screw you.

[Both breathing heavily]

I have a boyfriend.

[Door opens, closes]

[Chuckling] Hey! Did you get a verdict?


That's great!

♪ Look at me
♪ what have I become?
♪ I am lost, I was once a gentleman ♪
♪ But the thief came out
♪ in my London town
♪ so I must leave you now
♪ but I will remember the ups and the downs ♪
♪ Goodbye, my friends
♪ goodbye to the money
♪ adieu to the...


♪...that think that it's funny ♪
♪ I just wanna turn the lights on ♪
♪ In these volatile times
♪ I just wanna turn the lights on ♪
♪ In these volatile times Where are you?!

Did you know?

That you were going to skip bail?

How was I supposed to know that?

No, that they were in on it together... did you know?!

What are you talking about?

[Breathes deeply] I don't know if I believe you.

I want to, but I don't know...

Rebecca, I don't know what you're talking about.

Just tell me where you are. I'll come get you.


You have to trust me.

Wes, you can't trust Annalise.

What happened?

The wallpaper, Wes.



♪ Goodbye to the money Look at the wallpaper.
♪ Adieu to the...


♪...that think that it's funny ♪
♪ I just wanna turn the lights on ♪
♪ In these volatile times
♪ I just wanna turn the lights on ♪

[Gasps] What the hell are you doing here?!

You lied to me.

What are you talking about?

The wallpaper. The picture on Lila's phone. It was taken here.

♪ I just wanna turn the lights on ♪

Your husband's Mr. Darcy.

♪ I just wanna turn the lights on ♪